Rubik's Cube Solver

4.4 (30.9K)
48.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Felipe Braunger Valio Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Ltda
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rubik's Cube Solver

4.42 out of 5
30.9K Ratings
4 years ago, CrannyAssasin
Good app...but it has some difficulties
Okay, so I download this app so I can solve my rubix cube. Before I solved my own rubix cube, I used this app to solve a rubix cube that has been scrambled online. To my surprise, it worked. I used my own rubix cube that I had scrambled so many times and couldn’t find any way of solving it. When I did all the steps, it said that it wasn’t able to solve it. So I decided to scramble mines again to make it a little bit easier. Didn’t work, but when I used another app, it worked, it only took about like 84 moves. Or something close to that. Can you fix the app so that it can solve any cube whether it’s 20-25 moves or greater.
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2 years ago, medsupport
Solves your Rubik’s cube but has some difficulty
My nine year old granddaughter used this app to solve this Rubik's cube that her brother messed up. “At first, I wasn’t sure if this app was going to work, but in the end, it did.” She says. However at the beginning it was a little difficult for her because you had to select a the colors for each square on each side. She had to do it very carefully, because the app can also identify some mistakes you made if you made any. The app itself was free, and the 3x3 feature and the instructions were free, while I think a lot of the other features were not free. It automatically generates instructions after you put what you Rubik’s cube looked like. You just need to find the right column. But overall, if you do it carefully, you’ll end up with a perfect, fixed Rubik’s cube and you won’t have to worry about anybody messing up your Rubik’s cube again! Also this whole review was written by my nine year old granddaughter under my permission.
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5 years ago, Mackenzie M. T.
This app works s’well!
My first try out with this app, I was so very puzzled with my Rubiks cube. I wanted to figure out a way to figure my cube out. This app came up first so I wanted to try it. To show your cube and what it looks like on the color panel is easy. I must say it works every time! The directions are clear with steps you can do with at any pace. This app is truly remarkable and I would never imagine an app (for free) That works so well! I like to experiment with rubiks cubes, but I am always scared that I will lose my place and forever have my rubiks cube scrambled. But now I don’t need to worry because I have this app that will always be able to help and succeed, every time! If you find your rubiks cube to be messed up, you can use this trust worthy app to always have your back. Sincerely, Mackenzie
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4 years ago, I cymath user
This app is great! But something happened....
Hey I’ve used this app a lot and I really appreciate being able to show off to my friends that I can get my cube solved the only problem is that in the last update everything was screwed up! When I go to solve a cube and the “steps” show up they are in a totally different layout than when I first purchased this app(which was not to long ago a month or two at the most)that layout is so confusing and doesn’t do a good job at telling you what to do.... the little pictures telling you which way to move the cube are super small and unable to see without clicking on them (which is horrible when trying to solve a cube fast and/or effectively). Anyways what I’m trying to say is that this is an amazing app and totally worth the 3.99$ premium but this update has made the app unusable and y’all need to fix this issue. Thanks! -a cube silver
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2 years ago, Puppylover#23
10/10 would try again
This app is AWESOME I have never been able to solve my Rubik’s cubes (yes it’s plural) I am so happy I have never been able to solve anything that fast but I have a 2x2 and it costs money so I don’t really think you should have to pay for that but other than that this app is PERFECT It doesn’t even have adds!!! I did delete this game and I don’t know why but then I was it and I was like I’m definitely going to download this again bc it’s awesome I literally have NEVER been more proud of myself in my life I recommend you to download this app if you have a Rubik’s cube!
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6 years ago, Baddest bitxh in here
👍🏽great app
This app is a wonder app to solve your Rubik cube,I had trouble solving mines so I ended up searching games apps to help me and I came across two of them so I downloaded them, this one was the best one. Didn't think it will work but I did. Is all I could ask for,for those who are saying that it “take the fun away” and anything related to that, will this app is only to help you solve it if you having trouble and giving up. So that way your rubik cube won’t be unsolved and it’ll be solved, and then you can go on trying your self but if you are having trouble you can use this app again to help you.
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2 years ago, Mia ✨❤️
This app is the best to solve your cube
This app is very helpful when I first started it said that it didn’t work or I didn’t put the corners in right. I got so confused and then a few days later I tried it again and it still said that I tried scrambling it up again and then it said it again I was so confused. Then I kept trying at this point. Then when I tried it the sat time it worked and showed me how to solve it and really did solve my cube. Thanks to this app again. I thought I would never be able to solve my runic cube 😅
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2 years ago, Kristina941
Nice but one suggestion…🧐
This is an awesome app and i really like it one thing is when it says solve and learn it just shows a lot of steps and how to do it. I was thinking instead, put the end result then, show how you do it in a different way like what would you do if you had a rubies cube and you want to solve it without the app. Again this is an amazing app. A fact is that I’m 9 and most people can solve a cube in my class and grade (4th) and without hesitation. I want to do that but this app stops from learning and more to solving. Again and finally this app is awesome.
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1 year ago, I just love it so much :D
When I got my Rubik’s cube I was just playing around with it and then I wen’t on the park with my sister then when I was playing with the cube I messed it up and I felt upset then we went back home and I searched up “rubiks cube solver” then I saw this app and when I tried it I did not have enough time because my sister called me for food and then when I was finished I started playing this app and when I was done with the Rubik’s cube I finally got it this app helped me so much download this app if you are having trouble solving your Rubik’s cube it is so good!
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4 years ago, CJ/Bendy
Ok so I got this app thinking it would work as well as magic cube solver (mannn that app worked sooo good) and well vertical lines worked as instructed, however, chessboard. Ok so I have a Rubik’s cube that has its logo pointed at yellow so it goes like this when solved, turn right is orange turn right again is yellow turn right again is red turn right then up or the other way is green turn down down is blue yea basically the white and orange got mixed up so I suggest for every pattern (even the not free ones) it should have you do a layout even on 2x2 4x4 or others/the not free rubik cubes if added then 5 stars
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2 years ago, Kevin51525256161
Great Game, definitely would recommend!!
This game is really amazing and it helps me it’s everything that I need help with. Despite all of the problems on the reviews, the game is fixed and amazing. You have to pay $6.99 to use 2x2 cubes, 4x4 cubes, 5x5 cubes, and the triangle cube. With that money, you can also use the Learn How To Solve button instead of using the fast button that just tells you what to do. The Learn How To Solve button gives you tons of information about the cube, algorithms, and how to solve it.. This app is the best.
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2 years ago, DBL0812
Almost solved to a five
Ok I have used this so many times to solve my cube and it works fine. The problem I have is that all you get is the 3x3 and only the option to solve it quick, now I get for a small app like this you want people to end up spending their money Instead of learning and not spending their money. But the thing is if you have 2x2 and 4x4 you would get more people and they might want to spend their money. Also if you want people to pay for patters you could have added it to this one you know
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7 months ago, DZack123
This really works! But…
So when I first got the app I was very excited to find out how to solve my Rubik’s cube, along with my 4x4. After finding out how to solve a 3x3, I didn’t need the app for it. But since I cannot solve a 4x4 (yet), I use this app. For some reason, when I click solve fast, it lets me configure the cube. That’s the normal part. But it says 10 moves to have it solved, when I complete all of those 10 moves, it is still not solved. Even on the app the picture of the cube isn’t solved. Please fix this bug so I can solve my 4x4.
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6 years ago, Marisab_16
Takes the fun away
First, I will start by saying that before I could actually solve a 3 by 3 I used this. This app does it’s job, it can solve a Rubik’s cube, for that it gets 3 stars. But once use you solve it using this app it just isn’t as much fun as when you legitimately solve it by yourself. A solution to this could be to include videos or pages teaching you how to solve it, or have an option to solve it using algorithms and people can observe those algorithms as they use the app to solve it. This app shouldn’t be just an app that lets you blindly solve your cube, it should let people get into cubing, and help them along the way. That’s just what I think though.
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5 years ago, bsnsnNsnd
It’s a great app but sometimes it says there are errors in my faces and I keep check over it and there are no errors and then I have to change the cube faces so that it will except it . Also it will trick me by having the solve page load and it will say please check you cube for errors it’s important that they are right and like I said again there are no errors but besides that it’s a great app in generally but could you please get that fix because I want to enjoy this great app.
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4 years ago, FV DBCDR ES IYG
Why you should download this app
If your siblings or you scrambled it and can’t figure it out down load. My baby brother got my Rubin cube and scrambled it and I had to figure it out but I couldn’t. So I looked for a app to help me and that’s when I bumped into this app. You have to show how your Rubik’s cube look and it gives you steps them wha la. You may get confused but if you get lost go back to the home and put how your new Rubik’s cube looks. It will tell you if you you accidentally put to much red, blue,white,orange,green, or yellow.
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5 years ago, #ThugLifeCamillaC
PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!
The other features (such as: Awesome Patterns 3x3, Solve And Learn, and the rest) should be made free because the app is kind of boring without those features and it is a waste of money to buy the features because you can find them online for free. I trust these apps more than the online tips and tricks so please look into this suggestion. This app is great otherwise although sometimes it says there is an error when there actually isn’t. I have already sent you feedback on unlocking the features for free and please look into this problem. I have tried almost all your other apps and they are just as great. Thank You!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, pubgamazing
Good app + why it’s not working
First off it works most of the time and if I doesn't work the first time try again. As for the corner thing it’s because during a solve or a mix you probably turned a corner you can easily fix this by either trying to find the corner and put it back or if you can take it apart you can put the cube back solved and it will be fixed Thx 🙃/:
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3 years ago, BaileyMottwr
This app works amazingly and efficiently, I am surprised at how easy it was. My younger brother got a tunic cube from the dentist and mixed it all up, which to a person with OCD, is really bothersome. So I wanted to fix it, after 13 minutes of trying, I still wasn’t even close. So I remembered that a long time ago, my friend had this app that he used to help him fix his cube. I downloaded the first one I saw and, VOILA! This app has worked and I definitely recommend this.
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3 years ago, ibispaintx L O V E R
I have had my Rubix Cube for almost a year now. I got it on my birthday by my friend. We were all making tiny movements, one by one and fixing it. Then one girl, messes it up forgetting what moves she had done. Im angry, of course. But since shes my friend i dont scream. I had never thought of using an app to fix it. I keep scrambling it up, then I find Cube Solver! My 3 by 3 cube is solved in a minute! I find it, unbelievable! Im so happy, and now i get 10 bucks from my dad. Thanks so much!
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7 months ago, littel lev 321
Good app but…
Who made this app good for you but I got this app to see if it actually worked and did, but the next day I tried with another of my 3x3’s , I have tried to reconfigure it about 17 times “ and that isn’t a exaggeration “ and every time it has a move that I have to do and then it won’t be on there and I’ll be like what the heck so if you could please make it that it won’t give people moves that aren’t on our Rubik’s cubes Thank you!
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4 years ago, S@0 F0r3v3r
Theres been a glitch lately
They app is amazing it always got the job done but then something happened it is possibly a bug because every single time I been trying to solve the cube it always showed a screen saying something is wrong and I should double check it once I did I press solve again the same screen pops up the glitch has been going on for months if it won’t be fixed I will change my rating to a 1 since it doesn’t work
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1 year ago, Robloxian512523301
Why I picked 2 stars
My first try said that I had more than 9 colors and I was like IT DOESNT MATTER! ✨✨but this app absolutely kills me, maybe it did not support my cube. Not even a single person know. Not to mention the app has bad ideas creators have, it is pretty relatable 90% of the best they could do is at least not talk about it’s more than 9. For the creator it is not related. So, If the creator is reading this, I know this review does not make any sense. But please just please for the one with the more than 9 colors just please change it, And with that being said the app for me is rigged. Kinda
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9 months ago, mmanthony
Great at solving!
I downloaded this app because I didn’t know how to solve a cube, it is a great app and gets your cube solved fast. But there is one thing to look out for, when you are configuring the cube (typing the colors in) the Rubik’s symbol in the middle of the cube, must go on the starting side (sorry if I didn’t explain well). Well it is a great app and I think everybody with a cube should have it!
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4 years ago, Roster256
Actually works
Have you ever been so ungodly frustrated at solving a rubix cube? This app lets you easily solve any 3x3 for free! Just insert the corresponding colors your current rubix cube is in, put them into the squares, and press solve. Vualá! You got your solution. Just follow the steps and you’ll have your cube done in no time. No more shedding tears over the fact that you can’t solve your rubix cube. With this app you now can and have a beautiful smile on your face like mine :)
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5 years ago, J.CASSEZZA
Well, despite trying every possible orientation when “setting up” the cube, I could never get it to accept it, even thought it matched the physical state of a real cube exactly. Then I noticed, by trying the “random” feature, it would often put two sides together that are not actually next to each other on a real cube, and I realized there’s no way it could accurately do anything based on that. Maybe if the app better explained which is the top, bottom, and four sides, it would help toward a more successful experience. Great idea for an app (learn the algorithms step by step) but wasn’t living up to its potential, at least for me.
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8 months ago, CharlesMagnoX
Doesn't work. The app always says that there's a mistake with orange color
It's not working. I would like a refund but apple says that this purchase is not eligible for that. The app says there's a n error with orange color and no matter how many times I change the cube and try again it always says the same. EDIT: The app was 100% correct. My cube had 2 pieces changed colors.
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4 years ago, Hanyneuly
It’s all thanks to this app.
Here’s a little backstory. My brother hates the Michigan Wolverines and he doesn’t want the blue and yellow cubes (MI colors) touching. He told me to separate the blue and yellow before going to the pet store with my mom. I was like “What am I going to do!?” I tried turning the cube but blue and yellow were touching. I downloaded this app and it made me feel so good. I entered in the cube colors, followed the steps, and voila! I solved the cube! I honestly thought this app wouldn’t work. -Sincerely, Neuly and Hany
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4 years ago, Slappel
I liked it but...
When I first got the app I was so excited to use it, and after I solved I would scramble it again to play with it. Well it’s been I don’t know a year maybe science I’ve had it and when i put the colors in the correct way it doesn’t accept it even though all of them are correct. I tried clicking randomize and it worked! But it wasn’t the same pattern which meant I couldn’t solve, so I would recommend getting it if you have trouble solving your cube but be prepared for some annoying issues.
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2 years ago, B awesome7
Great App Works Amazing
I know what you all are thinking these are probably I generated reviews maybe some are but this is not so this is now my actual review, It is such a great app it helped me solve my cube in under a minute,but there is one problem, they make you pay except for the 3x3 Rubix cube and it is annoying to have to dark with that, but otherwise it is a great app.
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3 months ago, love drawing 101
Amazing game
I love this game I have spent days trying to get to solve this cube untill I found this app I downloaded it and I tried to solve it and it worked the service is good and there is barely any ads but one little problem. If your trying to solve a 2x2 you have to buy premium which is 4$ but thats the only problem thank you rubiks cube solver
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4 years ago, Joe0012
Amazing app
So usually I mix up my Rubik’s cube and then I can’t solve it. So I go over to my friends house so he can solve it for me. Then I went out of town for a week and mix it up. He could not solve it because I was out of town so I tried solving it myself but I just mixed it up more. Then I tried downloading Rubik’s cube solver apps and found this one. It solved my 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in less than 5 minutes. This is an awesome app.😃😃😃
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4 years ago, isaacdabomb
This app is great, believe it or not but somethings need to be fixed. I have come across one of those things. So i was just trying to solve my 3x3 in this app but for some reason it wont show me how to solve it. I would try for 10 munites and it still wouldnt work. This is all i wanted to say. I love this app because it helps new cubers get in to the cubing community. Thanks for reading this and helping new cubers!
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6 years ago, FlyGuyBry
Best app ever
Omg guys get the app my friend told me dude it works I’m like no way so I got the app and all my life trying to solve a Rubik’s cube was like nope no way to solve it. Until I got this app! The creator is a world wide genius!!!!! Get the app now I swear it will surprise you only thing is the part of the 3 by 3 square is the top one on the screen is really the front of your cube not the top. Watch out for that but overall it’s the best!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, M i l k w e e d
Im a bit disappointed
So, my friend from school was using this app to solve his Rubix cube and it worked well. I asked him what the app was called and I got it. I was exited and I even left my among us game for this. But, I set it up the exact same way it is on my cube, but it either says that [this color] can’t have more than nine appearances, or, it says that these pieces seem to be out of place. I check over my cube, and all the colors are correct, but I can’t solve it. I wish there was a way to say no, it’s correct, or be able to take a picture of your cube. I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my cube, or the app its self. I really want to solve it and not depend on my friend to solve it for me. Plz find a way to fix this, -A VERY DESPERATE PERSON WITH A CUBE AND LEFT AN AMONG US GAME FOR THIS.
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1 year ago, Merla2007
It’s great but I hate that it cost money just for a few things
I’m really happy that I found an real working app but what I dislike is that you have to pay for the other options younger kids would probably dislike that so all I’m asking for is for the developers or developer to make more options free.
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4 years ago, MIT7oj3k
Does what it is suppose to
This app solves a normal 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube for free just like it is suppose to. It is easy to use and easy to get the hang of. However, in order for any other rubiks to be solved or to be able to learn how to solve a rubiks you must pay money. There are no annoying interrupting adds like most free apps which is a bonus. Highly recommenced for beginners wanting to just solve their cube!!
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5 years ago, ur mum gay UwU
Amazing! Works every time!
This app perfectly solves my cube! Easy steps, and all you have to do is download, and choose your cube! Fill in the spaces that match your mixed up cube and then get to work while following along with the instructions that are easy to learn! (Make sure to turn one of the sides twice if you see this in the bottom left corner (2x)) Anyway, I love this app! Very helpful!
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4 years ago, ❤️🦄lol
This just made my world better. I am so happy it actually worked I had tried this for hours sometimes I would get close but this time thx to this app I finally got it and I am ready to show my friends what I have accomplished this app certainly deserves a 5 star review thank you to the gods of the game you really made my day
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2 years ago, NYC mom dad and kids
Not too bad!
My sister had a Rubik’s cube and she’d learn how to solve it. Luckily, my sister and I got this app! We’d always scramble the cube and solve it with the app. My cousin has a pyraminx. (sorry if I spelt it wrong) My sister got a 2x2 and 3x3 cube for her bday. I’d give this a 5 star rating because this app made my sister learn how to solve cubes so fast! Whoever is reading this, must get the app!
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5 years ago, Maxisourous
I used an old cube and it worked perfectly well, I was able to follow instructions easily and solved it in 40 seconds! However, I recently bought a new cube an tried to plug in the pattern into the app, yet it said something was wrong. It didn’t even point out that I had too many colors or that some angles were off. It just said that it didn’t seem right. I checked many times and all the colors were right. That’s really it. Otherwise it’s a great app. I
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5 years ago, JEFF21GamingYT
Love this app
It helped me identify someone messed with my cube and added extra colors and took original off and no I have like 3 orange and blue I think anyways great app teaches you well might get tricky but if you mess up means u have to look at colors and sometimes turn cube but other than that best App there is only problem is you need to pay for other feature......BUT ITS WORTH NEED TO GET ME AND APPLE CARD
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6 years ago, XxParkourMxX
Just how
Iv been wanting to solve a rubix cube for my whole life and when i got this it worked firt try. It is so easy and it takes like 2 minutes for the whole proses. The only bad thing is you have to pay 2 dollars for all of the patterns but that really does not matter to me by the way it allows ypu to solve mutiple types of rubix cubes 2-2 3-3 and 4-4 and one more i just forgot.
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3 years ago, thereisnothingtowritehere
Helps A lot!
I’ve used this on my real Rubik’s cube and my app and it works on both! One downside is that I really don’t like the premium thing, because on my app I can solve other Rubik’s cubes and I can’t solve them fast with this app because of the whole premium thing. Over all I recommend you should use this app if you wanna get your Rubik’s cube done quickly!
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1 year ago, Feeaz
3x3 Help
i once bought a rubiks cube when i was once playinng with it then i accidentally scrambled it. its been a whole 2 months since it hasn’t been fixed so i downloaded this app called “Cube Solver” and surprisingly it took at least 3 tries to help me solve it and surprisingly it worked! definetly recommended.
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5 years ago, MegaCharMast1
A glitch happened
The app is great and everything but the thing is I bought the all cube solver but then I go back on the app and it took what I paid for already and I go to restore the purchase and it took forever to load and it wants me to pay again for so I was wondering if u could see what happens or try to restore the purchase I made
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1 year ago, hevyjskdcu
The mistake app
Today I was having a very bad day so this is definitely not help my day. My sister was messing with my Rubiks cube so I got mad because it was already fixed. I downloaded the first app I saw did not even look at the reviews. I got on and I would literally do everything correctly but it would say something was wrong. I probably have done it about like 15 times but it said it was wrong every single time. I definitely would not recommend this app to anyone who gets frustrated easily especially children.
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5 years ago, _bread_
This app is decent
This app is pretty decent I just hate the fact that you have to pay for some of the features. Like solving the rubix cube and learning how you can solve it. It’s just really annoying. And I wish you can just scan your rubix cube instead of having to enter every single color! I definitely would get this app if you don’t mind doing things that take a while. And sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the steps. Well that’s it.
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3 years ago, storyfellcharasans
Would give 10 stars
I ruined my Rubik cube I tried everything move and twist vids were to hard to understand stand I tried out an app I did not work so I tried this I had doubts once I did it it work! First try now my worries went away and ocd lol love this app! Btw it works try it recommended if your struggling with your Rubik cube it works on a speed cube too
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2 years ago, roblox its good game
Don’t get it
What did you try to post it do button so I could solve my Rubik‘s cube it’s healthy that the corner‘s messed up even though they showed that the corners are right on other Rubik‘s cubes The corners of my Rubiks cube all right this is not even fair to me. It’s impossible how did the the person who made this didn’t realize this mistake. I hope he finds out the mistake is finally found because this is really annoying to me. I’m gonna try to find a new one that actually works it doesn’t say my Rubiks cube is broken and dismantled
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