Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

4.1 (2.3K)
29 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grymala sp. z o.o.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

4.13 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Patrickzx23
One of the most useful app!
The app does what it promises to do. It can measure any object with a single picture or measuring it on the screen. The app is very handy and is one of those app that you must have on your phone. The measure is pretty accurate you cant even note it. It brings a friendly interface and a cool design, the most useful app on the store!
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5 years ago, JBS-1
Novel, Accurate, Easy, Free w/adds, and not broken
Waisted so much time with promises of ruler apps for 6 plus (no built in AR). They are either broken, totally inaccurate, ad crazed, limited to 21” tape or less (come on, I can eye ball 21”s, who needs an app for that. Finally a free tape measure app that actually works, super accurate, and so intuitive. Several methods for measuring in this app. I was so impressed, just had to take time to do a review. Also love the auto-magnification when you are setting the object’s end points - great idea. Only weird thing is, when the app downloads, it called PrimeRuler - so not sure it’s exactly the same as the advertised and previously review app show here, but similar.
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6 years ago, 非人洲爸爸的
Finish your app
THEN upload it.,Like so many others, the steps that I have to go through to log in are first: open the app and look at a green logo screen for about 60 seconds before it crashes once. Then second: open the app a second time an log in again, even though I have used the app within the last 10 minutes and am definitely already logged in. Really, this app is constantly updated with 'new features.' Why can't you fix the absolute MOST BASIC FEATURE: LOGGING IN? Please finish developing your app, then
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5 years ago, Delta Hayes
This is hands down the worst app I’ve used, and not because it doesn’t work, but simply because I can’t use it due to the excessive ads. If you use the app with ads the ads will pop up so excessively you can’t actually use the app. They’ll never stop popping up long enough for you to use any of the tools. Sorry, but I refuse to buy an app before I at least try it out first to figure out if I even can use it and justify paying. After 3 solid minutes of clicking out of ads I figured out that to continue with ads meant scamming you into paying for their app. Just make it a paid only app in that case. All this did was annoy me into deleting it.
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4 years ago, kjkhlite
Does its job
Dont understand why the other popular ruler app has so many more downloads while making you pay money to measure in inches. This one isn't fancy and it has some ads, but it lets you do pretty much anything you would want to (in inches!) for free. Also has a nice slider system to accurately measure a small object that you place on the screen. Its a winner for me
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7 years ago, Chengruoo
I love it!!
Today, I suddenly need to know the length of a thing, but there is no scale around, in desperation, in the app store to download the app, which accounts for very small memory, the function is very powerful. The only drawback is that there is advertising. I think developers can develop a pro version, we can pay to advertising. Very useful a software, thank you developers!
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6 years ago, Claudia Michaud 843327
This app suks!
I really did not enjoy this app I believe it was hacking me I feel like it was just really not good and it said something but that was not for filled by my comment was not for filled and so that is why am giving it a terrible review and I am also writing this long paragraph essay about how much I do not enjoy this app this app was a ruler app trying I was trying to measure how tall I am but instead he didn’t he just asked me how tall I was but that’s what I was asking it so therefore I do not do this app and I feel feel like and I believe that it should be removed from the App Store and not be accessible to anybody else.
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7 years ago, ihavepineapplewee
Instantly able to start using like a pro and to make design photos easy and to read with measurement and construction notes! Highly valuable for Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors! Gives the client a good visual of work space and scope of work. Also useful to use on the road, in showrooms, or anywhere trying to find products for the space!
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6 years ago, St. Regis
Worst app of all time
This is hands down the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Ads on a ruler app? Are you serious? And every single time I open it I have to sit through multiple loading screens and be prompted to purchase the full version? Incredible. On top of that, I was utterly unable to figure out what measurement it was giving me. The numbers did not make any sense despite triple checking my units. Maybe I was missing something but I have a bachelors in engineering and plenty of experience taking measurements. I gave up trying to measure something after a couple minutes.
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6 years ago, Js2000a
Now it is a great App-revised review
The developer had updated the app removing some of the great functionality of the previous version. I complained and maybe some others did too. The developer must have listened and restored the functionality that I missed having. Thank you!!! This app is now the best measuring/ruler/AR app on the market! So many great features . Great app!!! A+++
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7 years ago, mylove240493
Good app
Ruler app is an interesting way to expose kids to early measurement skills. Kids will like taking photographs of objects, and the visual comparison of two lengths is a great way to build visual-spatial skills. p Measure every length with beautiful on-screen ruler. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find size of all curious objects around you. And all this for free.
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6 years ago, 呵1哒11111呵111
Just a place for official accounts to spam
I used this app for over a year and it was doing just fine until recently. All I was getting constantly was spam messages from “official accounts”. It was ok until one of the accounts sent me a pornographic video link and it was a “line official account”. I am removing it.
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5 years ago, Jmfx
Ruler measurements are gibberish
I downloaded this for a ruler function (with AR measurements as a bonus), but the “ruler” feature is complete nonsense garbage. It doesn’t matter what unit you select, the numbers make no sense whatsoever when you adjust the orange slider or box for 2d. The video shows you accurately measuring a US quarter, but when I stick a quarter on my screen, it measures “-16 x -16” in inches??? Switched to a different ruler app (that actually displays a ruler) and it’s very precise. ALSO, I LOVE THE 5 STAR REVIEWS SAYING HOW HORRIBLE THE APP IS! People aren’t realizing that the in-app feedback option only gives you a 5 stars option....
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6 years ago, 老凶很婆
Can’t open it!
I’ve been using LINE for over 4yrs and have loved this app but after the recent update, I can’t get through to it. I put my finger on to open it but it freezes and gets disconnected automatically. I keep getting the notices for new msgs but can’t read them :-(. Why is this happening? So annoying.
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7 years ago, eagle2251990
Excellent app!
My mom needed me to measure the wall where we were going to hang a picture, and I couldn't find a ruler. I looked and looked, but there wasn't one anywhere. It was a crazy idea, but I searched the App Store and I found this app. I was happy to be able to help my mom, and she was happy that we got to hang our framed picture!
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4 years ago, QueerSpaceCadet
Does what I need
This app is free with minimal ads. Honestly worth the download even if you only need to use it once. It helped in a pinch when I needed to measure something small and did not have a ruler on hand. I almost always have my phone and I don’t carry around a ruler. Definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, ando mn
Measurement is off...
The whole reason to get a ruler is to be accurate however on an iPhone 6+ this ruler app is scaled wrong. A standard business card on the screen was measuring (2 5-16”x4”) and should be 2”x3.5” and I know my business card is not 1/2” longer than normal. I have not tried the photo measure feature yet but I did pay the $0.99 ad remove fee after playing around with the app and was immediately regretful when I discovered it wasn’t accurate on screen.
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7 years ago, adamleitenant
Super handy
I use this all the time and it really comes in handy. Most of the time I just need a general idea of the length of something I am measuring so I found if it was super accurate and it's great for my needs so far. I've had no problems with glitches or anything. Thanks for making this handy, helpful app
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7 years ago, beataudio1993
nice app
Applications many features and built-in applications. Beautiful interface and tools are arranged logically, making use becomes easier. My favorite features: arrow, angle, square. Can I add other images from my library equipment. Widgets offer practical and well-optimized for mobile devices.
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5 years ago, Mobile Surfer
So handy!
Who would have thought such a simple app could be so handy, or even possible given varying screen sizes. For smaller items you can slide the bars to each edge and the screen will show the size in inches or centimeters. Quick, easy, always with you... love it!
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6 years ago, 霸恶李
Please Fix Line on iPad
I like using Line, but it is annoying to not be able to use Line on my iPad and it a new iPad too. So it very frustrating to have to log-in every time... so please fix this in future updates for usage on iPad. If not then I might as well change to “Discord” permanently.
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6 years ago, Pizza Cones
This application is exactly what I need, which is why it’s even more frustrating that it doesn’t work. When I set the scale to the custom value it should be, the measurements made are completely off. I know because if I make a measurement arrow right next to the scale arrow and drag it to the same length, the measured value is less than half of what the scale value is. It should return the same number. This happens every time, no matter what I do. Please fix.
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7 years ago, legendary31012017
nice application
This App is a tool to support the daily work for me and everyone. Includes many features like calculating measurements, units of measure conversion. The interface is quite professional, offers convenience, ease of use. Applications designed to bring compact, essential features and importantly, very stable operation.
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7 years ago, DragonKnight1
very handy app for learning and life
The app can help me a lot measuring objects with high accuracy. I can measure the exact distance of all things, the app is very useful and convenient for life that I do not need to bring those bulky size. I enjoyed applications and will introduce more people to know about this application together
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5 years ago, johnny hoff
Don’t get unless your willing to pay
The app doesn’t allow you to get past the menu screen without popping up an ad and it takes you right back to the main screen whenever you click on something it takes you to an ad and then back to the main menu screen no matter what you do you’re gonna go back to the main menu screen and will not be able to accomplish doing anything because it is the stupidest app ever and less you pay.
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7 years ago, hungman1989
Good app
This app is designed to accurately determine the size of any object by either taking a picture. It allows you to measure things that as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional ruler or tape measure. It is advised to use the base item which is closest in size to the object you wish to measure. It is really useful and convenient.
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6 years ago, conte、nnoe
Can’t connect with data
I like this app but with the recent update it doesn’t work when I’m using my data. All my other apps connect ok and line works when I’m on WiFi but it’s annoying inconvenient when I can’t use it with my data
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6 years ago, khcaver
Not impressed ditching it after one hour.
Couldn’t figure out how to use this app. It couldn’t recognize things I wanted to measure. I had to practically stand on my head to get whatever angle my phone wanted me to have. Getting the perfect measuring point to show up where you intended it to be was difficult because I needed to hold the phone dead still, level, parallel, all while trying to see where the spot is. I hope you have better luck with it than I did.🍀
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7 years ago, sasahellimate
My physics teacher surprised us one day with a project and we could only use items on our person. Since I had this app, I was very well prepared and was able to measure my things, when no one else was able to.
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7 years ago, Coolpretty1234
excellent app
Application is a powerful tool for my day-to-day work. I can use it easily, from the available functions, as well as the unit converter. With a smart and modern interface, it is possible to set parameters suitable for the object to be measured. Very impressive and worth to use.
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7 years ago, Pokemon1994
useful this app
Application is new stuff so I can measure the size of toiletries easily. Modern interface and many new features: angle, square, text, arrow. On the other hand I can choose to add an image from my device. In summary, the application will offer useful and handy.
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7 years ago, Taloha72
Great useful tool
My teacher was trying to teach something in class, but she lost her ruler. I knew I could help out, and I quickly got out my phone and ran and gave it to her. She was very grateful, and we were able to learn what she was teaching us!
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6 years ago, 小鱼个小个一
Why doesnt app work off lte
Right now my app doesnt send or recieve any messages, is like is not even working off LTE but the app will work on wifi fine, I beraly have wifi now and i cant text or see anything off my line app bc it doesnt work on LTE or normal data unless WIFI. P L E A S E F I X!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Adam_Lesak
Great tool
My world changed when I found this app. I realized that if simple things like a ruler could become digitized, many other things could as well. It's amazing to see where technology has taken us today!
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7 years ago, issac90
Simple to use it
If you're on a trip or anything and you need a ruler, this app will solve your problem. No one takes one with them that often, but they do take their phone.
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5 years ago, The_blue_shoe
When I got this a couple years ago it was good. Now it’s bogged down with ads and they make you put up with a circus of offers, loading screen, etc to get to the ruler in hopes that you’ll pay $8 for the premium version. Idk if this is less of a hassle than just carrying a 6” ruler in your car, which would be a longer measuring tool than the phone screen.
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7 years ago, Scheretss
Good app
Whenever you're out on the go, you almost never carry a ruler with you. This app makes it possible to measure something, in case you need to when you least expect it.
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6 years ago, Lysander Spooner 2
Basically useless unless the surface is flat and uninterrupted.
The system won’t register the plane of a door frame, so I can’t measure the space, even along the top edge. It identifies the plane of the surface quickly when I point the camera at the floor, so if you want to measure things like that t works fine. Unfortunately for me, yet another AR measuring app that falls short and is being uninstalled.
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7 years ago, Zinnel Jack
Good app
When i download this app I just though it a junk app because it very hard to measure without ruler but this app do that good. The only thing you have to do is keep your phone stable like when you shoot photo.
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7 years ago, trunghieu0912hp
Good app
I do not always hold their rulers to measure the size, distance. The main application is the solution for me. It's very handy, diverse units to measure. Some simple operation, beautiful design and intuitive, but also fully functional. Thanks for the app has helped me a lot
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7 years ago, clanktt1996
So good
Ruler App helped me a lot at work. It helps me determine the exact size of the objects in the family from which they can arrange a reasonable way. Fortunately when my Iphone App ownership. I will share it to friends and family
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4 months ago, Idk what to put here tho
It didn’t even work it’s just…. Ads, and videos where you can’t get to the ruler part.
I can’t even measure anything you need to making your app better. Just let us have some fun measuring, and other stuff. It didn’t even let me measure anything you’re just in a thing where you always see “videos on how to use it”, “ads”. This is literally a piece of trash.
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7 years ago, hoa cho duong
Verry good
everything becomes easier. I stay happy if people would all know this useful app. so I would recommend to those who are familiar to the experience this wonderful thing.
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6 years ago, 豪华口可
App fix app bug
My iphone 5c cant open the line app anymore since that update where you said you fixed start up bugs for other devices.
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7 years ago, applepen1234
excellent app
Ruler app is a good software, a full range of functions needed in daily work put my measurements. External interface design is quite nice and fit on the phone. Otherwise I might convert measuring units easily, be built. Hopefully, ruller app will grow.
Show more
7 years ago, Hoangphjho
Great app
you can know the size of objects by shooting, incredible. but completely bogus bird just download this app you do not need to measure the window frame, side cabinet .. just shooting the app will tell you the size you need to measure objects
Show more
7 years ago, Gaming_Fanatics
I really found this useful!
I used this app last week for the first time. I was in need of measuring something and I didn't know what to do. Thank goodness I decided to search the App Store and I found this app.
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7 years ago, abbymariiie
Handy features
I can see this app becoming much more widely used within the next few months. It has been useful to me, and I believe more people will find it so.
Show more
7 years ago, Crazanbento
This app is much better than an actual ruler. It has several features that cannot be found anywhere else except this application.
Show more
7 years ago, Fab4u
So Handy!
Just the other day my brother was scrambling around trying to find our ruler box. After a while, I decided to help him out and show him this app. I don't think he'll ever go back!
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