Ruler ++

3.4 (814)
17.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fapps World et Cie S.E.C.S.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ruler ++

3.39 out of 5
814 Ratings
3 years ago, COLife1
Too many ads
I understand this is supported by ads, but when you can’t even use the app for 5 seconds without an ad coming up makes it useless.
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3 years ago, Killer_Fang0982
Watch out for the ads.
I needed help measuring something, so I installed this app, not seeing any of the reviews. I was nearly 3 seconds into it when I got slammed with an advertisement. I was frustrated, so I continued measuring, then about a little more than HALF A MINUTE later, the ads came to haunt me. The app doesn’t even take up the full screen for iPads, so it was extremely difficult to try and figure out the lengths. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP. Is is so annoying and greedy.
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1 year ago, Iam JATS
Seeing the difference
I am a visual person. I don’t visualize things in my brain. I found this app quite useful to comprehend how things can fit.
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2 years ago, MetroJerry
Not accurate
The size of the ruler on the screen depends on the device. That is, if you use a tablet, 1” on the screen is more like 2 1/4” in reality. The image on an iPhone is smaller than on an iPhone Plus. The app needs to adjust to the size of the device. It would be worth the 99 cents to have it ad-free if the app actually gave useful measurements.
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3 years ago, ranbbber
It’s okay but not that good.
You cannot use the app for like more than 7 seconds becaus then it will give u a annoying add with a option to skip, but the skip button won’t work. 🙁
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3 years ago, hdhdhdbs7dbfbybd
Do not get
Horrible app, only shows six inches of space, so hope you don’t need to measure anything huge. Also, I kid you not, it has adds every ten seconds (yes I literally counted) which is the last thing you need when measuring. Pleae, as a professional app rather/YouTube app rather with 10 years of experience, do not get this.
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5 years ago, Reg0r
Horrible app
Can’t use it for more than 5 seconds before an obtrusive full screen ad with annoying music takes over the app and renders it useless. No close button. Have to quit the app and try again...for 5 more seconds until another terrible ad takes over yet again. Trash.
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4 years ago, Faydruh
Not remotely good
Besides the full screen non close-able ad that plays after a few seconds, the marks between 3 and 4 aren’t even right. The 3 1/2 has 5 sections of 1/8th. 5/8ths isn’t 1/2. It’s like the person making the PICTURE didn’t even care to make sure it was consistent.
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4 years ago, #Xxnanacooljacket!!
It’s a useful tool for school but it needs to fit the screen
I mean its a good useful tool and it’s good for school and all but it needs to fit the screen now bai!!
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3 years ago, galadrielrose
Accurate on my iPhone, but not on iPad Pro
I do not recommend using iPad version. Iphone version is great. Very accurate!
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2 years ago, ozarian
I measured something
I used this to measure something I found out it’s 5 inches but L ads
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5 years ago, I hate this ruler app
So bad it made me want to review it
I’ve never written a review for an app, but it is so bad I feel others should be informed. This app is like the Transformers movie series, it offensively shoves ads in your face and has no value. This app is the Pizza Hut of ruler apps. This app should make an app with a ruler to measure how terrible it is at being an app. Don’t download it.
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3 years ago, Jlh050965
I tried this app out, soon as i opened it a ad came on, then i didn’t even finish measuring, another ad came on. Not worth the space on my phone. The number of ads that cane up, it will take you forever to do one measurement. Plus there is not any mm.
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6 years ago, Ezequiel Vasquez
A scam?
I was just looking for a measuring tool like I’ve done before and found this one. There was no price for this app but then i was suddenly charged $6.28. I came to the reviews for an explanation and found some that say it’s $1 which I assume meant 99¢ like they usually are. I’m about to go get my money back.
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2 years ago, 82mari19mari38
Not accurate
When you open it in App Store it shows an accurate measurement, but when you download the app the measurements are wrong. Not sure if it’s because part of the screen is taken by an add and that makes the ruler smaller.
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2 years ago, ffffffffgfgfff
Can’t even see the end of the ruler because of adds, can’t measure anything longer than 4 inches because there is no way to know where to move it when there is an ad in the way
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4 years ago, Woody McStiff
I have needed to measure small items countless times. Done!
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4 years ago, cmgreenw
Had low expectations, and worse than I could have expected.
I just needed to measure something small. This seemed perfect. But seconds into opening the app a full page ad comes out, completely covering the ruler. It’s impossible to use.
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2 years ago, Lopkhj
Does not scale properly on an iPad
Too large
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3 years ago, JollyJoseph
Works for about 5 seconds then ads
This is just horrible! You cannot use this app for more than about 5 to 7 seconds when it bursts out with loud ads that you cannot dismiss quickly. Really useless to measure more than 4 inches.
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3 years ago, a1k2222
I understand that adds for how some of these developers make money. But there are just way too much. And even on the ruler itself there is an add making it difficult to even use it
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4 years ago, lollyhoopingsoredunker555
Pretty Terrible
Comes on and looks useful, but before you can refer to something you want to measure it gets taken over by a stupid game ad. And if you click cancel it starts more garbage. Pretty terrible creators I guess
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3 years ago, Matthew123454321
Ads constantly popping on screen
Because the ads, in this app, or appearing every few seconds It is impossible for me to take a measurement. I am uninstalling this app immediately.
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6 years ago, Old Man Brad
Only ads. Never a ruler
Had it installed less than 5 minutes. Every time I tried to actually use the ruler an ad came up for another app. Possibly the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Was never able to actually use the ruler.
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3 years ago, Alesh Houdek
Not for iPhone mini
What a joke. Not only do the ads make it unusable even for evaluation, this doesn’t know different phones have different sized screens, so the scale is completely wrong!
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3 years ago, jjjj wwww
How could you have gotten this so wrong?
Not only is the whole image inaccurate, the half inch line is clearly in the wrong place between 3 and 4. That’s after you shoo away the ads.
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1 year ago, Truspeak
Measurement seems off
On my iPhone 14pro your ruler is off. When I put a physical ruler in comparison to your app, 1 inch is actually 1 1/8 th inch.
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4 years ago, Ms Anita
Impossible to use; too many ads!
Ads pop up every second and stay on for longer than it would have taken to use the ruler = waste of time.
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5 years ago, girl0945
An add with a hint of a ruler function
You can’t even measure anything without an ad popping up that quickly links you out of the app to buy something unrelated/whatever they’re slinging. Can’t even use it!!!
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2 years ago, micari
Ads Ads Ads
Can’t measure anything because the whole screen immediately turns on some loud useless ad every time you open the app.
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4 years ago, hahshsmd cjekf
Too many adds to be useful
I know it’s free but you can’t even use the entire screen because adds start to take over.
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1 year ago, VictoriaAmoroso
So handy to have on my phone!
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4 years ago, Rundryhxafh
Spam garden
Spam garden. Spent 5 seconds using the app. Spent 45 seconds in the app viewing ads. Spent an additional 30 seconds trying to get back into the app from safari and App Store locations the app sent me to. Deleted immediately
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5 years ago, PurellHandSanitizer96822
Spam App
Can’t use for more than second without an ad popping up and can’t get past that screen without inadvertently pressing on something that downloads the advertised app.
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3 years ago, drsmith26
Adds are too frequent
To many pop ups make this very annoying to use.
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1 year ago, macike
Do not use
This has not been updated for four years and does not account for new size of screen. Does not work with iPhone 14
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2 years ago, DeanSerenity
Ruler - Too Many Ads
You get about 5 seconds before the ads start, and you can’t get out of them. Don’t use this, even for free it is a waste of your time.
Show more
1 year ago, yellowkhan47
Why are y’all using this
Show more
4 years ago, Lovely Rita
Ads Hell
Would be great if I could use for two seconds without an ad popping up. They are hard to get rid too and take you to different sites, so careful when you download.
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1 year ago, Drama74
Measurement is not correct scale to a real tape or ruler. Tried to use it for plumbing pipe. After going to store to purchase item. Got home and realized size was incorrect! 3 inches on the app is actually 3.5 inches on a measuring tape. Useless!
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3 years ago, 0customersupport
Ruler is worthless if you cannot use it for more than 3 seconds without an add popping up and obscuring the whole window.
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3 years ago, bluetortilla
Absolutely useless
App takes you right into a gambling app. I hated this thing so much I (fill in with curse words) Seriously Apple why don’t you that pieces of crap apps like this?
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3 years ago, Kate McKae
This would serve my purpose no problem except I can’t ever get to the ruler it’s bombarding me with idiotic video games it wants me to get. I don’t play games I just want the stupid ruler.
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3 years ago, ghrhrgecygbey(behu
Stupid app
I tried this for the first time, bad idea, if had the chance would rate this 0 stars. Don’t try this app, a waste of time and energy
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4 years ago, JohnnieSpotster
Do not download this app!
It will only display a ruler as big as an iPhone, even if you’re on an iPad Pro. Also it plays a wildly obnoxious ad after only a few seconds of use.
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6 years ago, papasito 62
Need fixed
First is very difficult to use due every time you need to much comercial , and after you never have completed messure in my iPhone X is 3 1/2 inch no fit all my screen
Show more
2 years ago, Fuzzy Turtles
Way to many adds
Almost unusable because of the adds.
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2 years ago, kucdey
Pop ups
Non stop pop up adds make this completely useless
Show more
3 years ago, Dienliv
Straight to Ads
Unusable. Upon starting the app an ad fills the entire screen, cycles on repeat without a way to close it.
Show more
2 years ago, Shelltoe17
Ads within seconds of the app opening
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