4.3 (9.1K)
232.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kinkajoo Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rummikub

4.28 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Jrice21
When it works it is ideal...however there are issues.
I actually purchased and set up a tablet for my grandmother for the sole purpose of being able to play this game with her grandchildren during this time since we are all socially distancing from her. Had it all set up and working and got one game in before we encountered the same issue that multiple other people in this thread have mentioned about a lack of connectivity. It is sporadic and unpredictable in when it can and can’t connect. While I understand that servers face and incredible load during this time, it is difficult to do remote tech support for someone who has a very specific set of instructions to follow on how to play a game and now feels like they are just simply doing it wrong, when in fact it is a developer issue that I hope can be addressed in the near future. I am understanding of the greater issues at hand in the world and won’t let yet another negative element ruin this quarantine period, but I am greatly disappointed that something I looked forward to greatly improving this time only led to further complicating it. I wish that I had looked further into the fact that this has apparently been an ongoing issues for months and not wasted the time, money, and effort that I did. Just taking the time to share so that perhaps others will take that into consideration.
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2 weeks ago, Grezai
Loving this game more and more
I watched so many adds to collect enough coins to enter the tournaments. Right now I’m at 2,100,000 coins. My first Tournament was like 5,000 coins to enter and I tried to stay on the top 10 won 8 th place and won 80,000 coins I notice instead of getting 100 coins by playing the add I was getting 1, 000. Then went on my second tournament. Entry fee was 50,000 coins so I went for it stayed in the top 10 won 7th place and it gave me 800,000 coins and now by watching adds it’s giving me 10,000 coins per add. Some ads are only 5 seconds, how amazing it’s that. I think it’s better playing tournaments because even though if someone leaves the game and a robot continues and wins …I notice who ever won the second place gets the win. I went for the third tournament too late and I’m not even close to any the top places. But the win it’s now 5 million coins. I’m still watching ads and I’m up to 2.1 million coins. I love tournaments more because you don’t loose all your coins. The only thing I don’t like it’s when players don’t have a move at the beginning of the game and take the whole 30 seconds and do nothing it’s frustrating. Sometimes you get 3 out of the 4 playeras doing the same thing. And it gets boring. I love when all of us players love the tiles fast. It’s more exciting.
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5 months ago, MamaMoosicorn
I love this game! Except 2 things…
1: There’s not enough time to leave a game before it starts without losing tokens. I don’t like joining games with a 500 token fee! I try to leave as fast as possible, but I still lose tokens often. I see two options: 1. Increase the time to join to allow people enough time to leave once they see the join fee, or 2: give people the option before joining. For example, after clicking Play Now we could have the option of joining a 100 token fee game, a 500 token fee, or whatever other fee levels are available at the moment. 2: Having ALL the tiles removed from the board if even one tile is out of place. Only invalid tiles should be returned. It’s maddening playing a bunch of tiles, trying to place the last tile only for it to not go into place for some reason (the play mechanics aren’t perfect for tile placement), having the timer run out, and then ALL the pieces being returned despite the one tile out of place being from my hand and could easily be returned to my hand while leaving a valid board. 3: This doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the game, but I would like to have more time increments when making a custom game. Increments in 5s, 10s, or even 15s would be preferable to 30s.
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3 years ago, buffnrub
Easy to cheat, a lot of ads, but great aside from that
UPDATE: UGH!!! The cheating I mentioned in my first review is becoming much more rampant. I’m starting to wonder if these people think that this is how this game is actually supposed to be played?! Whether it’s cheating or people think that’s how it’s played, what’s the fun in that? It’s no fun to play people who save the Wild tiles until the very last round to ensure that they win. This would never happen in an in-person game. It’s become so common now that I no longer wish to play this app. So sad as I really love this game. —————————————————————————————————- Possible solutions - Remind players that that’s not how this is played. Allow players to block players who choose to play this way. Otherwise, I won’t come back. Deleting the app now. Feel free to respond to this review if you make these changes. —————————————————————————————————- I love Rummikub, have been playing the in-person game for years. This game is well done, no issues, except that I’d love an option to opt out of ads, such as paying 3.99 or something. Also, it’s easy to cheat, with no repercussions whatsoever. Twice in a row just now, 2 different players saved their joker tiles for their very last play in order to win. Ugh. In a real life game, they’d totally get called out on that and would not be allowed to win. This is an extremely frustrating part of the game and I don’t know how it can be remedied. Surely there must be a way though?
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2 years ago, Pfunkin77
I have been playing Rummikub the actual hands on game in my family for decades, we love it! It is fun makes you think and use strategies but this online game as MANY MANY others have pointed out is anything but fun! I have contacted the developer over 10 times about the app stating “connectivity issues” which will freeze the app, throw you out of a game losing what ever place you were in and now my biggest issue and concern is that when I have purchased coins to play my purchase is processed just fine apple and says the purchase is complete, I hit ok and the app does nothing stating that it is “Processing purchase please be patient” only to have the app shut down and when restarted my purchase is no where on my profile. I understand growing pains with such a popular game but today it happened again; so that makes it twice and my purchase is no where to be found! The customer support for this app by the developer is useless and next to impossible to get any real response from. This first few or 20 times the app stated there was connectivity issues and kicked me out of my game losing my round and coins used to enter it I emailed the developer and got a very stunted and rude reply of “this is what you get when playing an multiplayer virtual game”! I have reported this app and developer to apple and caution anyone to not purchase anything from either the free or paid app until this developer gets their act together!!
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3 years ago, Awolphyone
Game Cheats!
So done with this game cheating! Computerized players (and don’t tell me these players making 30 moves per 30 second turn aren’t a computer) should be limited in the number of moves it can make in a turn. The computer shouldn’t be able to make more than an actual human who has to think about what they’re doing can make in a turn. Algorithms put human players at a severe disadvantage. Tiles I am in the process of dropping when the timer goes off end up being tossed back and all my moves undone, but yet other players can lay tiles down after I hear the timer for the end of their turn sound. I’ve lost games over this and it’s not fair play. And don’t try to say it’s a connection issue because it’s happened in multiple places, on different connections and happens to friends who play as well. Special sound for giving someone a Joker should be stopped. It’s no one’s business who has the jokers or when they get them. The current rules do not say when a Joker has to be played by. If they did, the game could automatically prevent that player from making any other moves until they play it, but it doesn’t. Players should not be allowed to arrange melds they don’t play on the make the board pretty. It’s called cheating. If one can’t play on a disorganized board, they should take up another game. You can’t move stuff when playing the table game, so same should go on the computerized version.
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4 years ago, Supersonic ad scam
Some design issues
It’s a fun game with the classic graphics so I gave it 4. but I don’t know why it doesn’t let you decide how much to bet. Sometimes you have a lot of coins and it bets the minimum. Other times you maybe don’t feel you want to risk half your coins on a big bet and it does it anyway. Second problem is that on iPad the emoticons your opponents make cover up the top of the screen so they maybe are trying to hurry you but it makes it harder to finish if they block the tiles repeatedly. Unless it’s meant to let you do that as a strategy to mess someone up from seeing the screen. Once in a while my screen didn’t move the pieces where I did it or ended my turn by misregistering my moves. And last criticism is that the ads it forces you to watch before you can play the next game sometimes are 5 seconds , 30 sec , none requires and other times they freeze and you have to exit the game and restart.
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3 years ago, JB1kenobi
Stimulate your mind!!
The beauty of this app is that unlike the physical game, you get the chance to throw caution to the wind and try different melds & strategies. And if they don’t work, just hit the undo button and try something else! I bumped up my practice sessions to allow 2 full minutes to play my tiles, and only wish you could increase it to 3 minutes or more. I also wish there was a way to slow down the laying of your opponents’ tiles during practice sessions, and maybe even see your opponents’ tiles, for better learning opportunities, even if it meant you would forgo any points being earned. Lastly, it would be great if the practice games had a “hint” option or maybe a “coach” mode so you could see if you have a viable move to make or not, something as simple as highlighting a playable tile. As you might guess, I’m using this app to make myself a better player when I play the physical game using tiles. One small complaint is that I’ve experienced an advertisement that I couldn’t close so I’ve had to force close the app. But overall, great app!
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2 years ago, Disappointed111ZZZXXX
Rampant Cheating via Jokers
Still having the same major problem with this app, which that it allows players to mis-use a joker tile that has been previously played to get an unfair advantage — i.e., to CHEAT! Others have complained about players holding on to jokers until the end (which is also bad for the game), but I can understand not wanting to play your joker tiles with the way this app allows others to rampantly break the rules in order to win! Rules clearly state that a joker tile must first be REPLACED by a player’s previously unplayed tile that satisfies the same meld, followed by the same player using other previously unplayed tiles to form a NEW meld with the joker. In reality on this app, the rule is being properly followed less than 10% of the time. Players actually following the rules and not abusing the jokers are almost guaranteed to lose every time. I was still hopeful that the developers would fix this glaring problem, but it seems that will never happen. It’s a shame because otherwise it’s a great app with fun online game play against other players at the same skill level…… when they’re not cheating.
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4 years ago, TriciaWB
Good game - customer support is fantastic
I love playing Rummikub with friends and I was very excited when I found this app. Because I like playing on my own time I choose the Practice game, which is against the computer rather than against live people. That way if I have to leave in the middle of a game or get interrupted I can close it and reopen it at my convenience. To play any game you need coins. I initially bought coins for $2.99, but even in the Practice mode you can earn more coins by watching videos or winning so many points. I don’t feel that I will need to purchase coins again. Twice when something didn’t work quite right I contacted Customer Support and both times got an immediate response and they quickly resolved the issue. Sometimes the game seems to lock up (where it’s stuck on one of the players), but I usually exit the game and come back in and it gets resolved. This game is very close to the real thing, although when I play with friends we have stricter rules.
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3 years ago, Boomerang!
Love this game! Hope to see one change!
I love this game. I love the original, so I was excited to find it! The only thing that is tempting me to delete it is- I only play custom games, 30 seconds is not enough time for me. But as soon as someone leaves, the computer takes over and changes the whole board and usually goes out 1-2 turns. Maybe we could just disqualify that person and throw the tiles back in or something. It pretty much disregards the “win stats” as you advertise since you’re not playing a human. It’s pretty much every time someone leaves the game, the whole game is over anyways. I did see someone else mention the set up for iPhone. It’s kind of a pain when you try to move tiles closer to your board, it says you’re trying to put them back on your board and if you click to high it pulls down notifications and has to reload. However, it’s a small inconvenience I can work with!
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5 years ago, Mrjombi
Game now refuses to open
I’ve been playing this for some time and although I think my level dropped after doing an update I still played. Overall it’s the best rummy tile game out there. My gripe may have to do with the latest update offered. I did not choose this one because of the reviews pointing out that it simplifies the game by sorting tiles for players for best play. I do not want this, as it steers away too far from how you would play at home. So I avoided the update. However ever since the game on my tablet refuses to open fully. I get the first screen then three seconds later it blinks out. This is new and I know it’s not my tablet causing it to crash, I suspect it’s not opening because it requires me to play with the new update. So sadly I delete it. Please stop simplifying the game. If a player can’t sort his own tiles or see the best play that’s his problem, not yours to watch over his or her shoulder and suggest them. At least have an off option for those like me who hated seeing my tiles auto sort by runs or sets. I think I am capable of doing that myself.
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5 years ago, Pat0269
Playing single player is a joke
The game is very good. Tiles are easy to see. A tap of a button arranges them in pairs or runs saving time on the clock. My biggest gripe is that when playing single player against the computer two thing consistently happen. The first and most irritating is that I will have two tiles and the computer 23. And the computer goes out and wins. This isn’t rare. It happens constantly. The latest game I had was down to the final move. I had both jokers and refused to play them. The computer was hoarding all the tiles and never making a move so I had nothing to play on. The last move it was able to make numerous moves a human isn’t capable of in 60 seconds. This is way too aggravating to be able to enjoy the game when you know every time the computer will hoard tiles till it can go out. I’ve begun leaving games till an actual human comes on to play. Which is rare. Another is that it seems to get stuck on a loop. Doing the same moves over and over again then taking them back. I’ve often thought of leaving the game because it’s just stuck. Maybe five or eight times later it finally completes a move.
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12 months ago, zsgnnkifs
Timing and Jokers
This game does not allow you to play for the whole time allotted to you. When you have about two or three seconds left of your turn, you can no longer interact with the board. This is not just a fluke. This is happened at least 10 or 15 times to me. There have been so many times I could’ve one if I’ve been allowed to use my full turn. Also I’ve noticed sometimes my opponent is not cut off a few seconds early. I love this game, but there needs to be an option to play without jokers. Opponents hold jokers till their very last move, which while being within the rules is so far against the spirit of the game. This is meant to be a game of skill and having a magic joker that you hoard guarantees a win by default, and this turns into a game of luck rather than skill. I recognize that there is no rule against this, but playing an opponent who hoards one or both jokers is so frustrating, as like I said it negates the spirit of the game. I understand some prefer to play this way, so if an setting existed to play without jokers, we could both enjoy the app more
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3 years ago, Mad sally fan
Could be five star if not for glitches
This game could be 5 star if it weren’t for the glitches. Mid game I get kicked because of “connectivity issues”. If I’m lucky I get to stay in the game and miss a few turns. I received a message after a glitch that I was kicked due to not moving for two turns, but I’ve been in games where a person hasn’t made a move for about 3 turns and they don’t get kicked. In addition sometimes my pieces magically jump off the board and I have to replace them. If I’m lucky only some of them come off. The real kicker is when a players clock reaches 0 and stays there; sometimes the clock will start over. Playing on the iPhone is annoying because taking a piece from the bottom of the board will trigger the menu sliding up. Other than the above glitches, playing against the computer hasn’t been an issue and you won’t have people sending you angry faces and asking you to make a move when it’s out of your control.
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5 years ago, soda5000
Good game if you remember it is an APP
Reading reviews and I am confused. Do people really think playing an APP game is going to be the same as with people? First I have been playing this APP on and off since it’s inception. It is way better!! I did like being able to opt for different times, only 30 sec can be tough but makes the game different, more exciting. Also I prefer the computer taking over for lost players. I don’t notice it playing better, sometimes I lose sometimes I win. I just like playing. Yes, it steals coins sometimes, yes it glitches, yes it only lets me play 500 cost sometimes, yes there are ads.... hello it is FREE. Running out of money? let it run ads and you will have plenty... I usually win enough that I have plenty to play a few games each day. If someone starts poking for me to play fast, I can ignore them, because it is an APP. Relax, enjoy and have some fun people!
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2 years ago, loganus.boganus
I’m tired of playing with bots
The app itself is pretty good, I like that I can play Rummikub online with my fam for free. (The only thing that really bugs me about the app itself is how it’s difficult not to close the screen and disconnect from the match whenever you take one of the tiles from your bottom row). What really bothers me is always playing with bots outside of private matches. And I don’t mean the ones that take over after someone quits out of a game, that’s understandable. I mean the ones that are bots from the start of a match, they usually show up when playing custom games. Always moving tiles at superhuman speed and making 10+ manipulations in a 15-second turn and putting 8 tiles down at once. I wouldn’t mind waiting longer for other human players to join a match if it meant no more bots. If not, it would be great to have a little note next to each bot so I know from the start and can quit out of the match. It just isn’t fun.
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10 months ago, Taac25
Fun but too many ADs!
Ok, overall this is fun to play. However, I cannot believe how many ads there are.. Every time I switch I switch a screen or between every single game another ad comes out. It gets very frustrating. I understand they need to run them, but I’ve never ran into a game that had this many before before. Also, I got a little frustrated at one point. I was playing multiple games with the hundred coin entrance fee. And I decided to buy some coins, did not change any of my settings, and the next game I played, was preset for 500 coins with no notification. So I had to play that game. So I don’t even want to click on play again. I just go into the custom games. Also, sometimes I really feel the computer is playing instead of individuals. Some of the moves are way too fast in the matter of 1 1/2 to 2 seconds for it to be an individual to be moving the tiles so fast, way too fast for an individual.
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3 years ago, Chipocrite
Fun but not perfect
Great game, seems to pretty accurately recreate the experience of playing Rummikub. I agree with a lot of the things mentioned in other reviews... sometimes it does seem unrealistically and disproportionately difficult to win, but I guess that could just be random. The ads can be annoying but hey, it IS free. Biggest problem though — and the entire reason I’m writing this review — is the bottom of the tile rack is too close to the iPhone swipe area. Every time it interrupts my timed turn, it feels incredibly unfair, and trying to be extra careful to avoid it happening is a waste of precious time. There has to be some way around this. Please figure out a way to not have the rack so close to that area so when I try to swipe tiles, I can do it with confidence that I’m not going to exit the game and mess up my turn. Other than that though, the game is fun and a pleasure to play. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Solarbear16
Computer has unfair advantage when it steps in
I love Rummikub (the original tile game), and have been playing this version for quite a while. The rules are different, which is okay as long as you know that. My huge complaint is that apparently if there aren’t enough live players to quickly form a game, the computer steps in and plays. I can tell because there is no possible way a human could put tiles down that fast! The tiles are fidgety, and often don’t want to stay where I (and other live players) put them; they jump around for no apparent reason, and often don’t connect up with the tiles they’re placed with. That’s super frustrating. However when the computer plays, they always go right in place, one after the other, nonstop during that turn. Moreover, I’ve seen the computer play two sets of three tiles AT THE SAME TIME - that is not possible for a person! That all gives the computer’s player a huge advantage, as it can play far more tiles within the allotted time. Basically if that happens, there’s little chance a real person can win. If they need to have the computer step in and play sometimes, they should at least slow it down so it doesn’t have such a huge advantage. Also I now seem to be mainly put in games with people who are far above my experience level. But even that isn’t as bad as when the computer plays!
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2 weeks ago, LostKhan9134
Tiny FIx
I think there could be a reward set where you get coins every time you win a game you have to pay coins for. You could also have a daily rewards thing if you didn’t do every time you won. Other than that I think this game is amazing. I love this game out of the box, but to be able to practice while driving in the car. I am young so to be able to practice and get my mind ready for the day online. I am happy y’all included an ad to be able to get coins whenever you are out… that’s a life saver for me! I bought this when I was out of town because I played with some friends out of the box and just had to have it on my IPad. Overall I would give a five star review, but just the coin deal.
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2 months ago, Beckyrrrrr
Way too many ads & far too many statistically unlikely long waits to get an initial hand
This is a favorite family game, but the app is unfortunately such a money grab and could use some trouble shooting. First, there are so many ads! It forces you to watch for 30 seconds just to play a game -- on top of the "payment" of "coins" you have to buy, win, or (you guessed it) watch more ads for. Second, there are clearly problems w/ the "random" draws. Just playing a couple of games this evening and I've twice had to draw 28 or 29 times just to get an opening play. At that point, the game is literally over (since, w/ 4 players, you only have half a dozen tiles left to draw). Developers, please fix this! It would be so easy to tweak the algorithm to make it more likely that everyone at least has a chance to play the game after all that waiting. Just make it slightly more likely to draw something that will match w/ something in the hand already after the player has accumulated say 20 tiles.
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4 years ago, bresilver
Really addictive but has some flaws
I really like this game. It is challenging and very addictive. I do have a few problems with it. 1. It costs money to play. You get free coins, you can buy more, and you when coins when win your game. 2. There is a buy in on each game and the more coins you have the higher the buy in. The only way to pick the buy in amount is if you create your own game. I’ve tried this and it snagged and I was never able to play the game I created. 3. It is nearly impossible to win. You play against other people (not sure about all but most) but it seems that the higher the buy the higher my chances of losing. I won more when I had fewer coins and the buy in was $100 than when I bought coins and the buy in jumped to $1000. Buy in was $100 I would win maybe 1 in 5. When the buy in is $500 or $1000 I’m lucky if I win 1 in 10. It seems completely disproportionate.
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3 years ago, kmdgrfx
Good game. Has some issues.
I’m playing this game on an iPhone 12 pro max, and the very same spot that you have to swipe up to exit the game also starts a new game. I have lost countless games that I joined without realizing I did because I was actually trying to exit the app. At the very least, they could position the exit bar on the top side instead of the bottom side of the screen where the play button falls. Massive design fail. My other gripe is the fact that if you’ve played this game long enough, you come to realize that the game lets you get hot for very extended stretches, and then murders you for the same stretch in the opposite direction. There is no randomness to the assignment of wild cards. You’ll play 20 games where you get both of them and then you won’t see one again for 30. Randomizing this a bit more would make game play much more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Resetrt
My only suggestion
Very cool app. My girlfriend and I play together and I’ve come to really like this game. We have the classic board game as well, and of course I’m when it’s just the two of us, it doesn’t matter either way. During the app, my only suggestion, when we hit Play Now and start a random game with whoever, I can not decide how much I want to play for coin wise. If i pay 1.99 for 10k coins, I don’t want to play for 1000 coins per game. If coins are involved, and I pay for them, I should be able to decide how much I want to play for. Just like adjusting the time. Definitely a 5 star game. Adds are 5 seconds. Adds for free coins. No need to have in app purchase to have a good time with this app. Overall, very satisfied. But I won’t be buying coins if I can’t limit how many I play for.
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5 years ago, No crs
I started playing this because my friend and I get together for board game day and she suggested Rummikub. I had no clue how to play this game, so I downloaded the App to practice and also paid for some coins. I wanted to learn the game quickly and didn’t realize at first that I could earn more than the daily amount. Anyway, I love playing it and once my husband saw that, downloaded and now it is his go to game also. There has been a couple of glitches (which might be from playing on 2 iPads and an iPhone?). I lost a lot of coins and contacted support. Within a few hours both times, the coins were added back. I am retired and worry that I may get dementia because I am not exercising my brain as much as I should. This App certainly helps to keep my brain active now.
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4 years ago, Pacific Grove
Getting Better
UPDATE: This still hasn’t been fixed after being ensure the first time posting this that it would “be fixed with next update.” Well I haven’t seen an update to fix this and I’m sick of losing games because I can’t grab the tile I need. Please, FIX THIS!! Downgrading to 2 stars until fix for lack of follow through on reports. I notice less glitches occurring over time, however there is on persistent annoyance that is extremely problematic. On iPhone X/XS, interacting with the tiles on the bottom row of the rack invariably summons the touch home button or whatever it’s called. Basically the screen slides up and you’re shown the other apps you have open, and then to go back into the game requires several seconds to reconnect. On a 30 second turn, this can and often does cost me the game. There’s got to be a work around implemented for this. This has got to be affecting a significant chunk of users. Otherwise keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Jyoung434
Fun game, lots of little issues
I love Rummikub, and this is a great version of it, but there are several issues that need to be fixed. First, the way the screen is laid out, when you’re playing on an iPhone 11, if you try to move something on the very top of the screen or from your bottom rack, the phone thinks you are either swiping up to get to the home screen or activating the pull-down menu. This causes you to lose connectivity and it takes several seconds to reconnect, which can sometimes cause you to lose your turn. Second, it freezes A LOT. I’ve had ads freeze, and I’ve had the game freeze at the end of someone’s turn. The only way to fix it is to close out the game and restart. Not a big deal when you are playing a 50-coin game, but when you’re playing a higher-entry game, it’s super frustrating to lose those coins. But overall, a fun game.
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7 months ago, Bulldawgbaby
Great app
I’m always on the lookout for new (to me) games. If you like rummy or gin, this is a great game to get into! It’s the same run/set series but on steroids. Very fun and will get you competitive. Highly suggest doing several practice games before starting with real players. Set up your own game settings for longer periods for you to lay down your hand because it will go quick! I’ve seen some complaints about connectivity but I’ve not ever had an issue, I use it on my phone and have even played while riding around town. I also don’t recommend doing that though because I feel like I need to concentrate on the game when I play due to the pace of the game! Lol. Overall great fun strategic game play! I’d give it more stars if it let me :)
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4 months ago, mizz_sarcasm
It’s a classic
Playing this game in person is wonderful and when I first got this app, I actually enjoyed playing the online version too. However, I’ve noticed a trend lately that really wasn’t there that much when I first started playing. More and more players have opted to play the “I’m gonna stack my tiles until there’s none left” strategy, and then just dump them all at the end. I just played 2 back to back games wherein I was literally just playing by myself…so while I’m struggling to make plays with what I’ve got, the other 2 clowns just kept stacking their tiles until the end. It gets extremely boring and obviously frustrating, all the fun of it goes out the door. I’m not sure how the developer can fix that, but I don’t imagine I’ll be keeping the app much longer if I continue to run into games like that…
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3 months ago, Cindy051106
Ads ads ads
Coins in this app are meaningless. The more you have, the more participation fee you have to pay. Let's say you have 2k, fee is 500; when you have 10k, fee is 5k. Can't set a limit, can't leave(it lets you leave, but you still lose the coins) So it's really NOT worth it to spend actual money for coins. Because you could buy whatever coins, then lose half of them in just one game. Ads! My connection is not strong enough to play the game with other players, but it's enough to play your ads??? Really??? Also, I probably have had more than 20 games that I couldn't even have the first move because I didn't have 30 points and have no jokers. Just had to watch them win. Conclusion: it's a good app, love it, but still... very disappointed and frustrated. Other people who have played this game would know what I mean. 2 stars is more than generous.
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6 months ago, BillyCantWin
Good game, nice looking app but gameplay is flawed
Hundreds of games in and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a game because of the mechanics. I try to drop a tile and the app moves them all around and won’t meld to obvious runs or sets. Sometimes the unnecessary splitting of these runs or sets changes the layout of the entire board, tossing sets up or down and reconfiguring the board. I would prefer manual placement to automatic melding until they figure this out, it’s not nice to spend all that time setting up your win only to have the app freak out and cost you a game. As far as the complaints about players holding on to tiles, at least you’re losing to a player and not because of clumsy game mechanics. Finally it would be nice to have the option to vote a player off if they time out for multiple consecutive moves.
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3 years ago, SCC 5716
Needs certain issues fixed
So mostly this game plays just like the original game but the app allows illegal joker moves which really needs to be fixed. Joker is supposed to be replaced with a tile from your own rack and must then be used with to make a meld with two of your own tiles. Incomplete runs are also supposed to penalize players by making them draw three tiles which doesn’t happen. However, Pressman keeps changing the official rules for this game so I imagine it’s hard for the app developer to know which rules to follow. For example, some rule books will say you have to play two tiles with the replaced joker and another one will say you only need one tile. I think it’s makes the most sense that you need to use two of your own because you should have to make a full meld with your own tiles after using your own tile to replace the joker. One thing that definitely could be fixed, which has nothing new to do with rules, is that playing on an iPhone is difficult because your rack is so close to the bottom of the screen that many time when you try to grab your tiles it will swipe out of the game and even if you come right back, the app has to reload your game which causes you to lose valuable time.
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2 years ago, Nade2000
I love this game BUT!
After reading a couple reviews it is clear this game has a serious flaw when playing in practice mode. While it’s obvious you’re playing against the computer it’s not a realistic playing mode. I’ve lost games while having as little as two or three tiles, the computer having 10 or 12 tiles. It is not realistic that the computer wins with that many tiles, moving the board tiles all around to empty the tiles it has thus winning the game. We humans don’t have enough of time to even see if we could put down 10 of 12 tiles so why does the computer have an unfair advantage? I bought this game to get ride of the ridiculous ads and now regret wasting my $7.00 on it. I’ve dumped money on other games with regret. This game is the last time I dump any of my money on cyber space games. If I can’t open it and set it up on the table I won’t buy it.
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6 months ago, DamiDH
Coin issues
The game allots very little time for you to leave a high rollers match. I have now lost 3k in coins (that I purchased) leaving 1k fee matches before tiles are out yet they still charged me the coins. I’m sad because the app is pretty cool otherwise. If they allowed you to choose the kind of fee room you’d like to enter, gave you more time to decline a high rollers room or at very least didn’t take your coins it would be 5 stars. Because this way it just seems like game is cheaply taking your coins. I didn’t even know there were 1k rooms until I paid money for coins now almost all the rooms are 500 or 1k vs the 100 coins they were before. I get that some folks like to gamble big but I just want to play more rounds haha not bet a ton. Hopefully I hear back from support about my coins.
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9 months ago, allison914
Fun game, easy to use app
It seems like many of the issues in earlier 1-star reviews have been resolved. I paid the 3.99 to have an ad free experience and it makes it more enjoyable, but you don’t need to purchase that to enjoy this app. I don’t like how many moves the computer players make per turn in practice mode, but I can often avoid them destroying me if I reduce to 2 or 3 player mode and then turn my turn time limit to infinite. I rarely have connectivity issues and I have only seen a few issues with online play but none that have affected the turnout of the game. A solid choice if you love Rummikub but can’t convince your family to play all the time.
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2 weeks ago, Mpalmerbbi
Choosing Amount For Each Game, Etc.
I normally buy the $9.99 package where I get 40,000 coins. I find that when I purchase this amount, the game determines the amount of coins for the game and of course it’s like 5k or 1k, very large amounts right after the purchase. I don’t know if there is a way to determine how many coins you would like to play each game (would be a great option if it is not). I guess this is a question… am I playing against a “computer” when I “Play Now”? I can’t tell. I know the practice uses a computer generated person(s). Not “fair” if I am playing against a computer and using my hard earned money. Other than that, I loved playing the game. Last thing I do before I shut my eyes each night. 😉
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3 years ago, aigodaria
Fun to play. However, I hate it when I accidentally swipe up or down, which brings me out of the game and shows a pop-up that says ‘resuming the game’ when I return. The reconnection takes so long that when I come back, either my turn is already over or I’m out of the game because there have been two rounds of the game while I was reconnecting. Here are some things to suggest: 1) please fix the above mentioned reconnection issues, 2) move the board tiles a little bit up so they don’t overlap with the bar in the bottom for iphone users, and 3) make some empty space at the top so players are not at risk of bringing the notifications bar when they try to make a move with a tile located at the top
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4 years ago, iPhoneGameNerd96
Great game when it plays realistically
This game is a lot of fun and I really get into it when I feel like it is being fair and realistic. However, there are times that the game feels quite “rigged” against individual players and it stops being fun at times. The first issue is the seemingly regular occurrence of drawing out to 25 to 30 tiles before being able to play. Understand that it can happen in real life, but it seems to happen too regularly here. The second issue is the computer player takeover, where the automated players are able to play rapidly and win from large numbers of tiles (just lost a game with less than 5 tiles and computer player had 17). These take away from the realism at times and make the game frustrating.
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4 years ago, Eric290
Leaves a lot to be desired
I noticed that through the actual game, you can only rate the game 5 stars. I went to the App Store to rate this because the game leaves a lot to be desired. In single play mode, the mode you might choose to just get more familiar with the game, after your turn, the game quickly moves through the other computer generated players. If you’re trying to learn the game and think of strategy, this is useless. You never really see the other moves as they’re happening. Worse yet, you might study the board and then see the position of all the squares quickly change. So perhaps there was a line of numbers at the bottom of the board. Now, it’s on the side and everything that was on the board is now in a new position. This makes playing a timed game almost impossible since you have to restudy the entire board. The game is very disappointing.
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4 years ago, Valensghost
Great game
Love the game. You can play for free, if you run out of coins you can watch a short ad to get more if you don’t want to pay. I don’t understand the participation fee. How they figure out what it is or if I get anything additional when the fee is high. When I started it was alway 100. But after I played for awhile and accumulated coins, sometimes it would be 500 and occasionally 1000. But usually still 100. And if. It’s 500 for a couple games it seems to drop to 100. But once in awhile it then goes back to 500. I’ve never played twice the same day if the fee is 1000 so don’t know if it stays that high for the second game or not. No where in the FAQ does it explain the participation fee.
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3 months ago, PlainlyJane1960
Not a perfect app
First the pros: Fun to play , especially in “custom mode”. Able to learn a lot of rules of the game. Cons: Game often goes off line during play, thus kicking you out if you miss two moves because it was logging you back in. It’ s only this app that does this no matter the internet i am using. How to improve app: stop kicking us out after two missed turns. Allow us to block obnoxious players that hoard every tile until there are no More tiles , and then they go out all in one move. Do NOT allow people to play with no names, or allow game to repeat names. I have people with #35 using “new player” . “It’s me”. Was the last tile hoarder I played. Names should be names, not filthy messages. Please fix this so filthy words cannot be typed out as names!!!!
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7 months ago, CassAlivee
Used to be my favorite game
This used to be my favorite game. The app runs smoothly, its easy to play, i love that i can play with friends or randoms or by myself in practice mode. The coins are fair though ive had so many for so long i dont even think about it anymore. I wont play this game anymore though because of the other user's. They hold onto all their cards so that no one else can utilize them and then in one turn drop them all and go out. Its not fair to have the other players unable to go because that one person has all the cards they would need, but the person hogging cards can use everyone elses. Its selfish. It seems like those people who hog cards actually want to play by themselves. The app owner needs to put something in place that disqualifies people from doing this. So many people are agrivated by it because it says so in their name header.
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5 months ago, Vintage Bride
Beyond Frustrating
When I first started playing this game it was a lot of fun. Now I play maybe once a day or not at all for a few days because it is just a frustrating game due to unfair playing ethics. People it is just a game so why do you feel the need to hold on to the wild tile? Are you afraid that is the only way to win the game or are you afraid to use your brain. DEVELOPERS why don’t you develop a penalty for players who hold on to the wild tile for more then two turns? You kick players out if they miss two turns, why not take the wild tile back and replace with a new tile as a penalty! I have read more than a few comments on this exact issue so it is not just me being a poor sport. The sad thing is I really like playing this game whether it’s using the app or physically playing the game with family and friends.
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4 years ago, LauraLou1011
Tiles move erratically at times.
I really enjoy Rummikub but it’s hard to play with just me and my husband. I was happy to find the app! My only negative about the game is that the pieces jump automatically when you place a tile, which most of the time is very helpful, but when the game is getting towards the end and there are a lot of tiles on the board, they jump in ways I’m not intending. It’s usually impossible to get them back where you want them or where they started in the short amount of time allowed. I have lost more than one game this way. It’s a really bad problem on my phone but is still a problem on the iPad. If I click the reset it resets the whole turn and I just need the last move corrected.
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3 years ago, terrterrr
Stealing coins
Kind of a scam.... Say you start a custom game for four players with a 1000 coin wager each. The game starts normally and moves along...all of a sudden the computer takes over for someone (assuming this happens if someone quits or gets booted for some reason) and an opponent that seemingly had no chance at winning swoops in at the last second and wins the whole pot. You can tell it’s a computer by the way it human eyes and fingers could pull off reorganizing the whole board to drop 17 tiles in 30 seconds. This is annoying enough when your watching ads to participate...I WOULD BE LIVID IF I HAD SPENT REAL MONEY FOR COINS TO PARTICIPATE IN A WAGER MATCH AND AI SWOOPED IN FOR THE WIN.. fix this please...dumb down the AI to level the playing field or maybe if someone quits or gets booted just put whatever tiles they are holding back into the tile pool.
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3 years ago, spcountrygal
Am I playing against real people?
I have been playing this app Rummikub game for more than 3 years. I really like it for the most part but am getting more and more frustrated because, although I'm supposedly playing against real people, that often doesn't seem to be the case. I play custom games with 15 seconds of playing time and quite often a "player" will place 15, 20, or more tiles in that 15 seconds, including a wild or two to win the game. Is it really the computer playing with only the best tiles at it's disposal? If it happened only on occasion, I'd be fine with it, but it's a regular occurrence. Can we be given the option to only play humans in custom game mode? If I want to play the computer, I'll do practice mode.
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4 years ago, Naplesgal
Crashes Frequently & Bets High Amts of Coins from your Bank
This APP is frustrating. The Crashes sometimes won’t allow the APP to start, Sometimes it will Crash after you have started a game, therefore you have lost your Coins. Also it Bets what ever it feels like betting. Once you have over 1500 coins in your bank it automatically bets 400 for the next game instead of 100 and knocks down your bank. It also will boot you from a game in the middle of a game for no reason. The comments from other players are annoying. They are displayed in the play space and take up space in the field of play. Some players are rude and harass other players who take the whole 30 seconds of their turn. These comments should be taken away. It leads to poor sportsmanship.
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4 years ago, WJCCO
More frustrations than it is worth
Lots of players have written reviews complaining about the computer taking over the game when someone doesn’t play or appears to have left the game mid-game. I am one more player complaining. You have little to no chance of winning a game once the computer takes over. Why don’t you just keep drawing tiles for them and let the game play out? Another annoying flaw is when games require 500 coins to start. I try to leave every game that requires 500 coins before I am charged. 50% of the time I lose 500 coins trying to leave the game before it starts. This is ridiculous. I don’t want to play games that require more than the minimum 100 points. I will probably delete the app. It isn’t worth the frustrations.
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2 years ago, hvhjdnskdjcj jens slak
Decided to try bc it’s not expensive. It’s a shame bc it could be a good game but won’t let you customize much, like I would prefer to play against only the computer but have unlimited time to choose my move. Only being able to choose between 30 and 60 seconds is pretty stupid, when there is a lot on the board and the computers just laid down 30 tiles and moved everything around, 60 seconds is not enough time to figure out your move and rearrange the tiles, and if you try something out but part of it doesn’t work out, you either have to undo by hand which takes too long, or hit the undo button which un-does everything and then try to get your tiles back on the board in time. Plus, very annoying when the computer tells you to hurry up. Why even include that functionality?
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