Rummy 500

4.6 (11.9K)
477.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
North Sky Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rummy 500

4.57 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Eagles and Ravens
Great game. Couple of thoughts.
I love this game and find it to be addictive. Highly recommended! But I have a couple of thoughts on it. The UI is a little confusing. Swapping between online and single should have a more defined button rather than lumping it in among all the other buttons. Also, I can’t figure out to play a game to 500 despite the game being called Rummy 500. All games online are to 250. I would also like an improvement in the timing system. Playing online can be frustrating because opponents have a long time to take their turn and some do. I thought I would alleviate this by earning enough coins to purchase the Speed Rummy package. It turns out Speed Rummy wasn’t a version with more limited turn time but instead is a game in which you play against the AI for one turn instead of a point total. I would also love to see the 4 person online version. I earned enough coins for the 4 person version only to discover it’s against AI. Despite these issues I still whole heartedly recommend this game. I suggest buying a coin package early to rid the game of the ads. I understand why they’re there but the ads almost make the game unplayable. For a reasonable 2.99 they were gone.
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6 years ago, Ranman451
Good Game But Could Be Great Game
I really like the game, and the commercial set up isn’t bad at all... you periodically have to watch a commercial before starting a new game or can choose to watch one for extra experience points. HOWEVER... My only problem is that I do not feel that cards to the computer are always random. I realize any combination of cards could be dealt; however, too frequently the computer has extraordinary runs or the card I lay down is exactly what it needs. At the same time, as a recipient, I seem to have similar experiences where what I’m dealt is fantastic and every card that comes up is golden. Another scenario is that virtually every card I receive is horrible, and every card the computer receives is golden. The problem is that these unusual runs both for the computer or for me happen more than in real life, enough so that it creates a downward spiral of frustration at times - and in turn because of the periodic inequity of the game, the the ads become frustrating. Just when I think I want to purchase the game to remove the ads, the inequities pop up again, and I think, “Why bother?” I realize a deck of cards is limited, but I think the randomization of cards can and should be improved. So, because there aren’t a lot of 500 Rummy options, and I really like 50” Rummy, I put up with it and keep playing. It’s not all bad. It has runs if fairness where I win some and lose some.
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7 years ago, ANickNameNoOneElseHas!
Great game!
Very fair and challenging. I see some complaining the game is predictable. No kidding! It's a card game that uses 52 cards! Patterns are bound to show up whether you play with a computer OR a human. It is not in usual for cards YOU don't need at the moment to be needed by your opponent so YEAH, the bot is going to pick up a lot of your discards, THE SAME AS ANY GOOD HUMAN PLAYER WOULD. I swear most, if not all, bad reviews of this app are coming from people with little to no experience playing Rummy 500 with real people and a real deck. I've played for over fifty years (since the age of five) and this game is no more predictable than the real thing. It's also just as fair as playing real people. Well worth downloading.
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2 years ago, Hippy231
Fun for what it is.
I’ve always enjoyed rummy and like to be able to play on my phone, when I can’t play in person. I’ve been playing this app for over 2 years now and I can say that there has been improvements but let’s just say this. You will lose more than win, no matter your strategy. If you want to watch your opponent go out in one hand, before you have even a chance to play. This game is it lol. I’ve never enjoyed playing 3 of a kind, I find it to be lazy and not fun. When I play in person, we play straights only. Makes rummy more challenging and last longer. Obviously this is not an option for this app. So most people throw out those 3 of a kinds within seconds of the game starting. And if it isn’t that, the card distribution is odd. 9/10 my opponents gets most cards they need and go out fast. It’s worse when it’s the computer. I say out of 10 games. I’ll win 4 of them and the rest I lose. And when I mean lose. I mean get clobbered. It’s not a very even game playing app. But nonetheless, it’s a decent app for online rummy playing. There are times when I’m the opponent that gets the cards they need and go out fast. I do enjoy that lol. I would also say out of 10 games, 3 of them will be an even/close game. I like when that happens too. When we both are just playing a real rummy game and the computer isn’t leaning towards one player. It’s fairly even throughout.
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1 week ago, Mayor Baka
Why cheat???
I can’t believe how many cheaters there are in this game. What’s the fun of buying jokers, just so you can win a game? Why play if you have to cheat to win and what’s the point of winning when you cheated by buying jokers. It takes a fun out of the game when you play with somebody who slips a card out from their sleeve and it lights up and gold on the playing field. Pointless pointless pointless to cheat. Also there’s so many people there that get in a panic, they think they’re gonna lose and so they shut the game down so they get to play against the computer. Thinking their odds are gonna be better. Why can’t you just play a regular game against regular people and win or lose fairly. It’s only a game. You don’t have to win. If you don’t cheat and you don’t quit, you might improve your skills, I’ve never bought a joker or quite the game without finishing it, because I’m afraid of losing and I still have over 24 million points. My only complaint about the game itself is that they sell these jokers in the first place. Why some jokers need to buy jokers so they can win at a little meaningless game, that’s just for fun is beyond me. I guess they only do it for profit because stupid jokers are gonna buy them. Don’t waste good money, trying to win a game. It’s only a game.
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9 months ago, Danielle311
Great app, a little uncompetitive
I love gin rummy. My dad taught me how to play growing up and I loved playing with my grandma. I’ve played a few gin apps over the years and they’ve all been disappointing. I was so happy to find this one for gin rummy 500. It’s really fun and I love that it’s free unless you want to add more variations of the game. My only complaint and why I dinged it one star is that it feels a little uncompetitive. I started off winning a few rounds in the easy game, but then went about 0-20. I’m not a sore loser, I know how to play the game, but the computer would get 3 melds before the first card even landed and would beat me by ridiculous scores. I want the game to be competitive, but when it’s clearly so heavily bent to the computer, it makes it feel pointless. More randomness would be good. Otherwise I really enjoy playing!
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3 months ago, kaszoey
Boss Battles and Rummy
Recently launched Boss Battles. I cannot win unless I have hoards of joker cards to use and even that doesn’t guarantee a win. They’re some issues wrt playing off the cards, meaning sometimes a suit is claimed, yet shouldn’t be. Other times it doesn’t. I’ve tried 34 games and cannot figure out how to stop “the Boss”. Wish there were more instructions (eg if I load my cards so a spade isn’t showing where one could not be taken, it doesn’t matter). The regular 500 game finally got to a place around this new Boss Battle game where one does not get hammered all the time or see predictable favoritism to the computer. I rarely play online as it seems people have quite a bit of jokers. The programer is easy to contact. One star for Boss Battles, 5 for the 500 game.
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4 years ago, 5863ghfs
Very good interface, terrible AI
AI plays jokers very oddly (poorly). I'd like to see a more advanced AI. UPDATE: the AI is actually quite flawed, making ridiculously bad plays regularly (for example, using both wildcards to play a single regular card, usually a small one, or using a wildcard while simultaneously playing the same actual card in an unneeded spot, using a wildcard on the end of a meld that has more than 3 cards, using a wildcard and then discarding the identical actual card on same turn). Honestly, the fact that the AI wins at all is pretty strong evidence the deck isn't random. Update : the AI had gotten better it seems. Unfortunately this has exposed just how ridiculous the card distribution is. AI very often starts with 3 large melds. I occasionally start with 2, almost never with 3. It seems sometimes the AI just decides to win, and just hammers you relentlessly through a few short hands to victory. I'd like to see a true random card generator.
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2 years ago, WINBINDY55
I would have given 5 Stars but for the fact it has become frustrating to complete a game as it should be played. Multiple times while playing the choice pops up to play against “computer” or take the game as a “DRAW.” This because the CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST. This issue is definitely on the end of the developer’s because I do not experience this with any other APP. Also, it has been obvious the same selection of cards are dealt after a round with slight variations. Coupled with this the distribution is, at times, lopsided meaning, a player has an almost perfect round for a player and an extremely poor round the the other player. Maybe a little more development of the algorithm will keep the playing fair. Just a thought.
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6 years ago, ddd61
Great game!
I agree with the review written by “ANickNameNoOneElseHas”. It’s fair and challenging—-does it have a few problems—-of course it does—-BUT—-for the most part, it’s a really good 500 Rummy card game. I do wish it had an “undo” button for those times when "we", yes, I said "we" accidentally, very lightly, drag our fingers across our cards as we approach the discard we have our eyes on. Since the developers have not fixed these concerns, try being especially careful not to drag your fingers across the keyboard. This works for me and I hope it works for y’all! But, like I said earlier, THIS IS A REALLY GOOD 500 RUMMY CARD GAME!!!!!
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2 years ago, Mustard workshirt
Super addictive but buggy
Love this game. Very satisfying. Few issues: -preference:When playing online in 2 or 3 player mode it’s only to 250 vs 500 points. When playing against computer it’s to 500. The games are too quick when only to 250. -preference: doesn’t appear to be a 4 player mode unless I’m not doing something right. Wish that was an option. -bug: when in 3 player mode, it sometimes misnames the players. For example it’ll have you as player 2 and player 2 tally will actually show your score so even when your cards win, the game thinks player 2 won and you don’t get your coins. -bug: leaderboard never loads and the countdown until prizes for the leaderboard is frozen -bug: doesn’t stay synced with game center or other login. I have to keep signing out and back in for it to recognize my game center. Not a big deal as the win and defeat tallies/metrics stay the same but still buggy. -other little glitches and lags. Overall super engaging and a little addictive actually. But an update to polish it up a little would be welcome
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5 years ago, JaninneG
Good but could be better
I like this game a lot. However I don’t like that when I organize my hands the computer changes it. I don’t like that I can’t reorganize my hand until I pick a card. It annoys me because it doesn’t have a button to change from run to sets. Another thing that bothers me, when I pick up a played card not the last one I always have to put it down. But the computer doesn’t. Sometimes it with pick up example: a 2, 5, j. But it lays down a meld that may or may not include the 2. I always have to play it he farthest in card in this case a meld that includes the 2. Other then that I like the game a lot. I have purchased it so I only get an ad when I need a new daily challenge.
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6 years ago, Adrienne.bergan
Good Game But Has Issues
From the jump let me say I like the game. It’s a game in real life I play with my mom, aunts, and grandmother. I even taught my husband how to play. The issue I have is unless you buy the expensive coins, you can’t really unlock anything. Getting coins through playing the game itself takes a very long time and to unlock the different ways to play you need 500 coins. I[m sorry I don’t want to pay $5 for 500 coins and only be able to unlock 1 other game option. I feel if I need the coins to unlock different ways to play then they should be different prices and I should be able to win enough coins by playing to unlock the other game plays. Also, can we get like an online or play user option so I don’t always have to play the computer???
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5 years ago, Fogfffhgcfg
Good game but annoying ad features
The game is good but the ads irritate me to the point that I don’t play this game often any more. The app has adds like most apps... no big deal right... lots of games have 10-15 seconds of ad. Except for some reason the app has ads that over ride my phones volume. when I have the sound off the ads still play with sound and some have no way to stop the sound. This is really annoying when I’m trying to play in public or when Im trying to play at night and my so is trying to sleep. So I turn the volume all the way down and hope that I remember to turn it back on when I’m done or else I might not hear my alarm for work. Or sometimes I choose to play a different game all together because the ad sound is so irritating. Honestly if it weren’t for the ad sound playing this game would be rated higher. Please fix this major problem!!
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2 years ago, Stoptakingmynicknames
Update - Serious problem
[Update] While I appreciate the new paid app to get rid of ads, there’s a very serious problem. When I open the app, it says “Rummy 500 pasted from Notes”. They are literally stealing our data. This feels criminal, and I’m going to look at filing a lawsuit. This is wrong, and if it’s not explicitly illegal, it should be. [Original] This game used to play an ad before every game, and it drove me up the wall. The developer has improved the app significantly in that respect. Now the ads are less frequent (+1 star), but there's still room for improvement. Specifically, the game respects the phone's mute button setting, but the ads do not. The ads still blare at full volume even if the ringer is set to mute. Fix that, and offer a completely, totally, and forever ad-free version at a reasonable price, and it'll be a five-star app.
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4 years ago, nuttyservice
I read the first four reviews and could just ditto every one of them. Computer does cheat. Ends game while both still have couple cards, plays two of same card in a run and counts both, takes my turn, I could go on. First hand will score double or more what other scores and that tells me who will win this one. Computer often lays down melds or runs containing all but one or two hand cards. Sometimes when computer has won two in a row I am fed the cards needed one after another so I win this one. Maybe you don’t work on quality of this game because I, as others say also, think this is better than other 500 rummy games available. I would like a challengeing game please!
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3 years ago, EODTIRO
Needs team playing
This would be more interesting for players and more of a reason for others to invite their friends to download the game so that they could play together. You should add that. And speaking of add, let me add the fact that last days are now and Jesus is coming. Repent from all sin and believe the gospel while there is still time. Jesus saves sinners from sin. He removes sin from them making them a holy child of God who sins no more. This is salvation and it is the only way you’ll see heaven. Everything else is fake. Sin has to go and Jesus is the remedy. No sin and holiness is the requirements or you won’t see heaven. Last days are now. Call on Jesus while there is still time
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2 years ago, Nedward_13
Super duper fun!!!! BUT…..
I absolutely love this game. No complaints at all! I just wish there were more options when it comes to playing others. I’d love to see a simple in game/during game chat. Just emojis for like, thumbs up, thumbs down, a laughing face, mad face, etc. You get the drift I’m sure. Also, maybe a way to add people as a friend that you come across or are playing, and when they are online, we can request to play. There’s been a few matches that have been super fun and would love to play them again. Just a thought! Thank you
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5 years ago, ErinJ29
Not Just a Game App, My Favorite Game
This Game I love playing, not just for the Challenge, but Because when I was a child my grandmother would teach my brother & I how to play and we would be those children who enjoyed playing 500 Rummy with my mom and grandmother, when I play and winning I think of my when she like one card, just waiting for that hitter, giving all these points to me, or how even now I seem to lose to the three people challenge. But the game relaxes me after a long day at work. And I enjoy playing on a rainy day, which like I was a child, age 41 never too old for 500 Rummy!
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5 years ago, Lilybugosaurus
I wouldn’t recommend this game, looking for a good rummy app? Sadly this isn’t it, and here is why... Ads are obnoxious and seem to happen at the most random times. Funny it has so many adds considering how much money they charge you to remove them, but I guess you can’t have a good game without something to ruin it! This game definitely isn’t fair considering you can pay to win, and before anyone decides to download none of the features are free. Wanna play the cool different variations of rummy, well be ready to give up $5 so you can! Also it seems the more you spend the better odds are in your favor, friend bout the “no add” special for a whooping $9 and guess who has been getting more wins 🤔 Oh and I’m not just talking about with me, whether it’s against hard mode CPU or random matches their amount of victories is steadily increases.
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2 years ago, nalax3
Love this game
I absolutely love this game I put way too much money and time into it. Only feedback I have is I wish the game would give you coins more often. It takes forever to save them up. Also I don’t like how some players can take forever to take a turn. I noticed if the opponent im playing has a bad hand they just restart the app and don’t lose anything. Win or lose I always follow through. Only other issue I have is the game is called rummy 500 but yet you never play till 500 online it’s only 250
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5 years ago, Grovetown87
Not bad
I like the way the game is played. It’s a little different than I learned how to play a long time ago but it’s fun. However the biggest flaw is that you have to play a close to 500 games and complete many challenges to get enough tokens to unlock just one thing. 500 tokens for every unlock is just ridiculous seeing how each challenge is worth a measly 5 and level upgrade is 10. Won’t spend money on this game because it’s not worth it to me especially since rummy is best played with three people anyway. Interest fades fast since unlocking new games takes forever. Maybe 200 tokens for each unlock would keep it intriguing enough to keep playing.
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1 year ago, laine5343
Great game! It needs a minor tweak…
My only complaint is when I log into a game and sometimes it freezes…not a big deal, usually just refresh it and start over. However, it still takes my buy in from the game, even though I never played. I’m sure the system thinks I’ve forfeited, but in reality the game was stuck loading and the only way to fix it on my end was to refresh and start over. I’d like to keep my money from games that get “stuck”, if that makes sense. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Nina~la~Pinta
Fun but frustrating
I’ve been playing this game for several months, I’m somewhat addicted, but it’s super frustrating at times... the app will apply your card to the wrong category and not allow you to undo or fix it. Let’s say you have 3 aces already in play on the board and you swipe a fourth ace out along with a king and queen you intend to play.. a lot of times it will just take your fourth ace and add it to the other 3 aces in play, and then your stuck with the king and queen that you now cannot use. Please extend the “undo” option to these instances as well to allow the user the fix the app’s incorrect application.
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5 years ago, Chapstick cap
Completely unrealistic
This is fine to pass the time but the computer program to control the game is ridiculous. I win my fair share but I have to work. But when the computer wins, it starts out with 3 or 4 runs. I have only had that once. Plus, I have had 2 wild cards twice when the computer has had it multiple times. It just takes the fun out of the game when you can figure out where it’s heading after 2 drawls. Not a big fan of this set up. Edit: I just played 4 games after this review and every game the computer started with at least 3 runs and both wild cards. Sorry, but this is not random and it’s insulting to say it is. Deleted this game and hoping to find a truly random one out there.
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3 years ago, Bffcshkv
Love the game but wish there were a few things updated. For instance playing or editing the rules: I don’t usually play with jokers so having the option(despight how they help) to play without them. Next, with “playing with a friend” why is it that when I play with a computer it’s to 500 and friends 250? I love playing to 500 so I wish we could also change that. Also wish you could arrange your cards on your own in your own way too. Finally just out of curiosity when someone goes out and I needed a certain card I’d like to see the next card I could’ve picked up if they hadn’t gone out of that makes sense. Other than that great game!
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6 years ago, S-/:456)$&87
Like the game, no ads worth it
I like the game. It provides multiple difficulty levels for you to improve your skills, the interface is nice, easy to use, and I haven’t seen any glitches in game play. The only glitch I do see is that have already paid for no ads but keep getting asked to pay again. I just ignore it but it would be nice not to see that. I find it tough these days to find apps I like without subscriptions so I am glad it doesn’t use a subscription model. I paid to remove the ads and am glad I did.
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4 weeks ago, pinkypeenut
Amazing game!
I love rummy, it’s one of my favorite card games. But it is definitely hard to play on the go especially since it requires a lot of table space. So having a digital version is great for playing on the go or if my friends just don’t really feel like playing. I also love the option to play online with friends too if you want to play with an actual person. I’ve had this game for a year and It’s the only mobile game on my phone
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3 years ago, mollysrunguy
Generally good, including playing with friends.
I have not found a rummy app that is better. I like the rules and methods of playing. Playing with a particular friend works decent. But the app does have quite a number of minor quirks, and the help text and website is insufficient. I do not know how the app determines the game winner when playing with a friend (i.e., it does not go to 500). The coin payment is confusing. Sometimes there are huge delays. I highly suspect the levels of play is rigged. How to eliminate ads is confusing. The 4 stars is so high because the other apps are so bad.
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2 years ago, tummyn
Multiplayer does not work. You can’t pair up with random people around the world. It only lets you play multiplayer if your opponent knows the title the game makes you put, how is a random person supposed to join when they don’t know the name. Also when your trying to join someone’s game (seems like the only two options to be able to play multiple which is ridiculous) you need to have their title, you’re not going to know a random person’s game title. This game said it was multiplayer they should’ve made it where you can join people around the world and people can join you around the world. This game lies just to get more downloads. I highly do not recommend this game.
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5 years ago, ProGoodGames
Not very realistic
Easy mode is way too easy, the computer lays down playable cards and like magic - the card you need magically appears when you draw. Switch to medium and computer goes out in the first play. It just doesn’t seem very realistic, but it is the closest thing to how we played Rummy as kids and it passes the time. Haven’t tried playing others online. I downloaded it to play offline. UPDATE: Deleted the app... maybe I’ll download again when it’s more realistic. There should not be different levels based on how much the computer cheats. It should 100% be based on random shuffles and player skill.
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2 years ago, Morey481
Many versions of 500 Rummy with this one among the best
Excellent version of Rummy 500 that's been around for many years. Easy to play without too many distractions. The addition of ads, however, between each game session is new and disconcerting. Fortunately it's not so bad that you just stop playing. Eliminating ads would be a nice upgrade for a couple dollars. Highly recommended otherwise
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2 years ago, renee61573
A little unfair
I love this game, it’s addicting and there are very few ads. The problem is that the computer side always lays down at least 2 melds with its first turn and many times picks up every card I discard making more melds. More often than not it has at least one joker dealt to it and often both while I rarely get one. I play the computer because sometimes I have to stop and take care of stuff so it takes a bit before I get back to the game, that doesn’t work for online play.
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2 years ago, Meeks146
Too many glitches!
What happened to this game??? I’ve been playing this for so long and once I got up to saving hundreds of thousands of chips, things got wonky. First of all, Most of the online games against strangers are not real players unless they have a creative name. I just want to play against real people, not AI. There are so many strange glitches like cards being exposed face up during a hand, games ending suddenly, and simply connecting to a game on the first try used to be so easy. Now I try multiple times. Why cant I trade chips into coins? Why cant I compete on the leaderboard sometimes? I clearly have too much time on my hands.
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7 years ago, Thelma18235
Loved this a first, however after playing 27 games on "medium" there is a definite pattern. You try to build your strategy on the opposite end of the pattern. I find myself talking to my IPad, "go ahead, pick up the card"...... and it does. (Easy to detect the pattern) I also don't like the fact you can't reorganize your hand while the other person is playing. You can when you pick up a card, but then sometimes depending what you draw it'll go back to the way it was. Irritated with it now. The computer lays 7-8 card runs and I have nothing.......constantly...... Or 3-4 sets.......and I still have nothing Aggravated enough now to lower my review to 2 stars
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2 months ago, Cheyizzle:)
Wide variety
If you know how to play, then this is a great app with a wide variety of ways to play rummy, even against a boss. I also enjoy the ability to earn coins to buy new decks of cards. I would have rated it 5 stars if there was more options for the online mode. It would be more enjoyable if you could play more than one other player online, or atleast be able to play a full game up to 500 points, rather than 250 points. Also the ads are annoying.
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5 years ago, Mcspinner
Great game, one suggestion
Like the game. Another reviewer felt that the game “cheats”, but I’ve had some of those extraordinary runs too! The suggestion I have is that I wish it were easier to organize my hand. I org by runs and sets both. I can org my hand but only after I have drawn a card. And frequently when I complete my turn my carefully organized hand gets shuffled. Frustrating! For game play, it’s pretty easy and fast. I have learned how to organized my hand in such a way as to not accidentally throw away a card I wanted.
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1 year ago, Ebobman
Computer Cheats, but It’s Still Fun Enough
I’ve noticed on several occasions the computer happens to have the cards necessary to make crazy runs. This last game I just played that brought me to write this review, the computer just happened to be holding on to a wild card as its last card for several rounds and waited for the Ace and three of clubs to be put down to end the round. If it really had a wild in its hand it could have ended the round at any time. I’ll still play though. It’s not bombarded with ads like other rummy apps are.
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3 years ago, Virgadean
Could easily be 5
I like the game and it isn’t money grubbing like most games now. The only thing I don’t like that keeps it from being 5 stars is that the cards aren’t always random. On the easy level once you beat the computer a certain amount of time the cards that are needed always go to the computer and not you. On the easy level you can’t win, which makes no sense. I find that ignoring the game for several weeks restores a sense of normalcy.
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6 years ago, MOOCHZILLA
Great game but...
Great game if you like playing from behind all the time and you enjoy losing in BS ways. In the expert level be ready for the AI to use every card you discard, have a play for almost every card it picks up, AI play most its cards from the first play, ends most rounds with an ace, plays the fourth ace every time you play three and the kicker is when the AI is holding cards at the end it 99% of the time 2s and 3s. So if you enjoy frustrating AI play, this the game for you. I would delete it but it’s the only rummy app I like. Developers why don’t you have a AI show it’s cards at the end of each game, so the AI can choose what they are that allows the game to win?
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5 years ago, What's happenin now
Great game, but...
Love this game a lot. Spent good money on it also only to get disgusted at the amount of commercials after every win (ads DO NOT cease or get less) after spending money! Also, the amount of time that is given to players in between every card is insane! No one needs that kind of time for EVERY DRAW! There needs to be a way to separate the slow or new players from others! If things don’t eventually change I doubt I’ll stick with this version! It’s too bad because I really enjoy the game overall!!
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5 years ago, Yourmothersass
Hate love relationship
I love Rummy but this game is rigged to keep you around a 50/50 ratio when playing online. I had 16(I was up in the wins by 13)games today where the other player was delt nothing but melds and set me each hand to make me lose. Disappointed that skill can’t keep you in the wins. 9/26 updated So now that I have left a bad review I have more losses than wins and after every time I win it gives me a pop up to submit a new review. So it’s like they are basically saying give us a better review to get wins. Also I am never get to go first when this is supposed to be online versus other people. Very disappointed in this game
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4 years ago, JayhawkLand
Decent, but you never see your opponent’s hand
I enjoy playing this. However, I've watched more carefully as I’ve gone on and I’ve seen it not subtract for the computer’s cards. I know, because I went out on the first deal and it scored 0 for the computer that round rather than a negative number. And many times the computer has 5 or 6 cards left when I go out, but only subtracts a few points - not possible. Better accuracy and the computer revealing its hand if I win would be a big plus (and you had more than a split second to see it.)
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1 month ago, Upelaine
My go to card game.
After having problems with my fav gin game I have been searching for another one. I like to play online and having side challenges. Starting with playing against the computer I liked the game. I am pleased to see that there are a number of different games that I can try. Still learning about my options. Definitely now my go to game.
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2 years ago, Skeletobot
AI is psychic
This game can be fun. Unless you want a challenge. First off, I’ve noticed that Medium difficulty is harder than Hard. Second, the AI is unrealistic. It miraculously knows exactly which cards you have when playing a joker. The computer always seems to know to play the one card you have to prevent you from adding to a meld. Instead of playing a more difficult AI, you just get crappier hands to start with. So while the computer seems to have all the right cards, you’ll be dealt exactly the wrong cards, or you’ll get 2 4 6 or 3 5 7, so its impossible to meld. Its not a challenge when you don’t have a chance to being with. Short story long, the developers need to work on the algorithm so that it is more realistic. Otherwise their players will continue to throw their phones at the wall in frustration. Side note, the constant barrage of ads for games doesn’t add to the prestige of this game.
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3 years ago, Wade551
Game is rigged
I’m not sure why there are levels in this game other to entice the player to purchase coins so they can open other options. The “harder” the level, the less fair the hands are being dealt. In the expert class, the house gets a great hand right off the bat a majority of the time, while the player (you or I) get practically nothing and even worse draws just as often. Why not just deal each hand randomly and play the game as it should be? No easy, hard or expert levels needed. The better you understand the game the more you win. That simple.
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4 years ago, Jaelovebeau
Could be better
I really like the game. I especially like that I can play a friend! However, I do not like the fact that you have to BUY tokens to unlock other features of game playing. ALSO I wouldn’t mind paying for a ton of coins if I could share my coins amongst my friends. I would love to play 3 way Rummy, but each player would have to pay close to 8 dollars EACH! The challenges are great, BUT ONLY 5 tokens?!? Really?! Either make it cheaper to purchase tokens, allow sharing, or make it easier to achieve actual tokens through play!
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5 years ago, AceSpadez89
Correct me if I’m wrong, but changing the difficulty setting can only mean cards aren’t dealt at random. The CPU can only be more difficult if it was to get dealt better cards more often than mine. Besides that I noticed how hard it is to gather gems to unlock other game modes. You get maybe 3 gems after you rank up, which takes about 50 completed games, and everything costs 500 gems... I would probably have to play about 1,000 games just to unlock a new game mode
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4 years ago, Mmiller68
Good Game but awful AI that makes no sense
This game is really good for starters. My issue is on Hard mode I win too often as the AI will make silly mistakes but then on Expert mode, it is ridiculous how often the AI gets just the right card or holds the exact right card. This happens so much it just isn’t realistic. Sure you can “read” what the other player may have or need but this is crazy. I don’t get it why game makers manipulate the odds / winning so much with “difficulty” settings. It’s a card game!! It’s supposed to be random. Why can’t they leave it this way.
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9 months ago, Muffy2508
Only issue
The only issue with this game is occasionally people will play very very slow if they start to lose in the hopes that the other person will forfeit so they can get the points. The 30 seconds is fine but there needs to be a way to warn users if they continue to play very very slow after a certain amount of time then they will automatically be forfeited and lose.
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