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6 years ago
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User Reviews for Run!!!

4.69 out of 5
36.6K Ratings
2 years ago, cali is concerned
5/5 stars!
This game was introduced to me by my cousin. I was pretty bored at the time and had nothing to do until I saw my cousin playing this game. We started taking turns and when I got home, I downloaded the game on my iPad. I don’t regret it one bit! It was a really fun experience doing the first few levels and figuring out how to control the game. I really liked it. The only thing I really do have to say is… In not only my opinion, but a lot of others. I think this game should add more levels, and challenges. I know, I know, it’s fun already. But why just the same old game over and over and over again? Things get boring overtime and makes people not want to play anymore. The same thing with a bunch and I mean a BUNCH of other games and movies and tv shows. Other then that, this game is a really good game. You can play it on a computer at school or even at home. It’s pretty addicting and you can play it for hours on end without noticing. I totally recommend it if you are looking to download something fun to play on the App Store.
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9 months ago, chariot requiem
Stop reading critical reviews and download it
Stop reading critical reviews, it’s a great game. The mobile support is a little dicey at times, mainly with some people having issues with crashing, freezing, etc. but that’s mostly dependent on the device. I, myself, have some issues, like the ad placement. The ads are few and I don’t mind them, but going from one level to another and getting an ad in between breaks the immersion. Then again, idk where else you’d put them. Then there’s the crashing problem. for me (exclusively in infinite mode) if I die and choose not to continue it quits the app. Don’t know why, but I’m pretty sure It’s just me, so fault doesn’t fall on kongregate for it. Anyway, download the app. or else. Oh yeah, I do have one complaint. You need batteries to buy characters, some objectively better than others, but the only way to get them is with achievements (that’s fine), and infinite mode. Now, the problem with infinite mode is that the batteries (don’t worry I unlocked permission) are really sparse and each one only counts for, well, one battery. This is all fine and dandy until you see the characters that cost 25,000. There’s one other way to unlock some characters, that being by getting achievements in some of Kong’s other games, which is stupid. Stop plugging other games in your games, game devs. It’s annoying
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4 years ago, GageRecker
SUPER GOOD!!! Little something though
This game I give a 5 star rate because some levels are challenging and some are easy. It’s also a good game 😀 because there are different modes you can do and earn stuff if you don’t want to do the levels. It also gives you something to do when your done with all the levels. Now that’s where I go into the little something. I think 🤔 that you should add more levels to the game or make another mode that can go super fast or slow and challenge other people maybe. Just and idea 💡 but otherwise I really love this game. You can play it at school on your computer or at home because it is a appropriate game and is easy to learn and do. I recommend this game for all ages and girls or boys. I hope you guys find this game interesting like me. 😎😀🙂
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4 years ago, xXLil~Miss~CookieXx 🍪🍪🍪
Well, it's fun, but...
This app is fun. I play it every day during class on my computer. But I don't think it was meant to become a game on the iPhone. No offense, but the controls are kind of bad. When I go to slide left or right, it ends up making me jump (and when I slide left and right, YES I do hold down.) I hope you consider my reviews and update the controls. Edit: Alright guys alright. I may have been too harsh at first (read above) and I rated it as soon as I downloaded. I made a fuss about the controls. You have to press the downright area to jump and then hold down on the other sides to move around. But I do have another complaint. This game freezes when I play like 2 levels, and then I have to exit out, and play again and then after 2 levels it freezes again. It's not my iPhone, because all my other apps don't freeze, and my internet is never lagging, so I know it's this game. Other than that, its pretty decent and a good way to spend time when you are bored. Please consider my review to put into future updates. I am still gonna keep it at 3 stars till the freezing stops though because it is annoying. (Sorry for the long review) Thanks!
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3 years ago, LucaRocks1658
I love this game! Just one problem,
I remember several years ago when coolmath games was a thing. We used to sneak run 1 and 2 on our chrome books. I was so excited when run 3 game out as I love the soundtrack and gameplay. Then our teachers blocked coolmath games. I remembered this game the other day and decided to download it again. It is exactly like I remember! (And I’m still good at it too!) But there is one problem. I’m fine with ads in games because it’s the main way that developers get money. But when you stick them at random in between levels it just gets really annoying. That is my only problem with this game, but it’s annoying enough to give it 4 out of 5 stars. If your reading my review and thinking oh no I guess I won’t download this then..... please download this game. It deserves way more players. It has awesome gameplay, a great soundtrack for sections of levels, and different modes and characters to play with. So try it out!
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3 years ago, Kjw860
I love this game
I love this game because it Just makes you want to continue playing this game. I just got this game like today and I’m already on level 30! I’m playing this game like nonstop and I just love it. This game is a great for all ages. I have been playing this app for like 20 minutes!! I would rather play this game then watch tv. And that is really rare for me. I love tv but, I love this game better. For me when I play I feel like all my emotions just go away and all of a sudden I’m so happy and I start to smile. I really enjoy this game and I hope you do to. I also just want to say that this game makes me so happy and if you get this app you will feel what I feel. Who ever made this game is a genius because this is an awesome and amazing app!!!! I hope you really enjoy this app!
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2 years ago, Thepupfan546
Amazing!!! But one little bug…
Run is AMAZING!!! I play it on my laptop and now my phone. I have started playing today and I’m already on level 40!! And the game is really fun and exciting. But there was a bug when I was about to go on level 35. I was already on the platform to go to level 35 but then it froze. I closed and opened the app. After that the game kicked me out. So, I went in again. When I started doing level 34 (AGAIN!! Which really frustrates me) it froze again. The game kicked me out again. And then, it suddenly started working again, which is kinda weird. If you can, please fix the bug. But other than that, if you are reading this, you should get this game. I totally recommend it! ❤️😊
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3 years ago, the real RPPB RPPB
edit: fixed?
I have been playing this game for many years and after a while it got like really hard but that isn’t my concern that makes it fun but the reason I am giving 1 star is because after like3 seconds or when I jump the game crashes and music stops and I can’t even go in infinite mode without this happening please give me a solution or fix this bug Edit: the app has been crashing a lot less than before and yesterday I played with no interuptions except for me wanting to play another game, it still crashes a lot and it is pretty annoying that the only way I know to stop the crashes for a while is to uninstall and redownload but keeping data still because I am not deleting just offloading and redownloading but until the crashes become mostly gone to 100% gone this is staying 3 stars, not as good as before but still good for now, this is my rating
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3 years ago, 0bellagonz0
When i sit in my room, when i’m studying for school, when i’m talking to people at work, it’s there: a faint feeling in my fingers, a magnetism in my mind pulling me-dragging me to this game. I cannot open my phone without the desperate need to open this app and mindlessly run and run until a different distraction pulls me away. I’ve completed every level and obtained every character so why? Why do i still play on infinite as if a new adventure awaits hidden amongst the pixels? Will I ever close this game permanently? Will I ever be able to hang up my boots and leave the levels to lay still and collect dust? I don’t think so - but then again i don’t want to. This game is comfort. This game is familiarity. This game is apart of me now. This game is mine.
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1 year ago, Aidan Walsh- Aimy
Fun & Challenging Game!
I came across this game in the App Store and it looked good, and ever since I started playing it I loved it! There are so many different levels and paths to choose from. I also love how each character has its own unique charm! Like, The Angel gives you a extra boost of speed, and The Lizard jumps higher than any other character. But when you play infinite mode, as soon as you fail, (without using a respawn) the game crashes. I don’t know if this only happens to me, but it would be nice if you could do something about it. Anyway, it’s a an awesome game and I love to play it. Keep up the good work! 🤩🤩😁😁
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7 years ago, Fox857
Unsaved High Scores
I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and it was very good until now. The reason why I give it 3 stars instead of 1 is because of Explore Mode. It is a huge factor and a very fun portion of the game. The reason why I give it this rating is also because of Infinite Mode. In this update, if you fully close out the browser, which will probably happen a lot, your high scores are not saved. I just got 3400 on infinite and when I fully closed out my browser and went back in, the score was not there, and it still showed my highest that I got on my previous times before the update. Please fix this so where your high scores on Infinite will be saved no matter what. Also, I mean that it does not show my high high scores on any of the Local, Daily, and Weekly leaderboards.
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3 years ago, FANPJ
Great game!
This game needs a one of my favorite games I have on a mobile device. I can just pop out my iPod Touch and boom, I’ve got a good game to play on long trips. One thing you should add is controller support for the game. That would make it a lot easier to navigate in the game, but other than that, there is no problems at all (at least not that I know of)! Another thing would be to either add a feature in the app to play older Run games, since this is simply a mobile port of Run 3, or make different apps for Run and Run 2. Anyway, thanks for reading this entire review, and I hope you make/add the things I mentioned, but if not, that’s fine. Bye!
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8 months ago, hrhdbdidbd
Very nostalgic for me..
So in fourth grade I was the only girl in this group, we were well know . And we would play cool math games and play this. And my friend hosted torments, we’re when we go home we play and then come back to school; to meet up underneath the slides and see who got the highest level. I got third place 🥉. The reward was 5% of the losers chore money. One of my friends got first place 🥇 and shared the monkey with the gang. Fortunately our social studies teacher was good with it and agreed not to tell the principal who is the biggest Karen ever. Anyway I hope you have have the best day or night and you matter❤️
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2 years ago, Nikkiegame
Ridonculously fun! But 2 problems
I’ve played Run 3 before (awesomely fun) and this is just like the original game! But, there are two problems and this is why it’s a four star. First, the controls were hard at first, but I soon adjusted. So, if you’re reading this, don’t undownload it because it’s hard. But the ads! SO ANNOYING! (Sorry all caps) That makes the four stars. It’s so annoying to be in the zone then an ad pops up and you lose focus! It may be how the company makes money, but maybe put them on the side of the home screen? I think I lost some levels because of them before. So, try it out, very fun game, but watch the ads, Kongregate...
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4 years ago, Lemon icing
Love it!
I love this game. I first found it on coolmath playing with one of my friends while we were goofing around in class. I wanted to see if it was an app I could download on my iPhone because I thought it would be more fun playing on there. I was so happy there was an app so I downloaded it and started playing. Its pretty addicting. I just started playing and im already on level 30. This game has had a few glitches now and then, and sometimes it wont move on the tap of my fingers. Im not sure if its my phone, but i dont think so because this is a brand new iphone x. I hope run reads my review and is able to solve my problems, but overall i think this is a pretty good game!
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7 months ago, Corells12
One of the best
I’ve played Run since my childhood and it’s always been my favorite flash and mobile game. The gameplay is smooth, the characters all have their own personalities, the story is good and there’s loads of achievements. The only problem is this game is still unfinished with its last update being 5 years ago, which is tragic because I love this game so much and want it to be completed. But I get being a solo developer is hard so I’ve accepted that it will probably never be updated again. But if it ever does I’ll be the first to return to playing it!
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4 years ago, FJwhhsgsgshshshshhshsjsj
Great game, but needs more levels
This game is great! It needs a lot more people playing it, and if you’re going on a long car trip it’s a must buy. (Notice how I use “buy” when it’s free (because it’s a saying).) I only have one problem - it needs more levels. I’m still rating it 5 stars, just because gameplay and story are amazing, but I think that more levels would be a good idea, even if it’s just 6 levels or something for right now. Also, once while I was playing as the Gentleman in Infinite Mode, I managed to glitch through the level from outside of it. Which was a good thing.
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6 years ago, bizi lizi
Well I LOVE this game. My friend introduced it to me on a computer and then I downloaded the app to see what it’s like. When I started playing it, it was challenging but it made me feel great to pass the levels and once you get past some levels you can go to a different levels like the Winter games. This is a really fun game because you when you die it just resets and doesn’t like do something bad to you in explore mode. Also I like those little alien cartoon things it’s fun to collect them and they’re adorable. thank you for reading my review this truly was a good game.
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5 years ago, DaveN925
Highly Recommend It!
This game is very fun and helps me when I am bored. Explore Mode is packed to the brim with fun levels. You can unlock characters by installing other games made by Kongregate. OR you can unlock them for power cells. Power cells are earned by installing free apps, completing achievements, and buying them for very low prices! Also, you can get characters by completing other tunnels. In Infinite Mode, you can go until you drop! You can also earn power cells by collecting them in Infinite Mode. In conclusion, please download this game. You will love it. Guaranteed to.
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5 years ago, QueenAri01
First off, this is my favorite game by far, but there are some things that need to be tweaked: 1.) High Score and Level Saves- everyone loves to have their stats saved after they play a game, but with this game, there is no way you can make an account so that your stats are saved. This is one of the major things that need to be tweaked. 2.) Jump Glitching and Glitching- almost every time I play this game, whenever I push space or tap the right side of my screen to jump there will be this glitch. Also, when I use a computer and I go onto the crumbling tiles, there will be this like lag or glitch, whatever you want to call it, and it gets on my nerves. That is also one of the major things that need to be fixed- BAD! 3.) Level Changes- every time I play this game, there will be a level change and it gets on my nerves because I study the level almost all night and then I log on to my computer and I do it all for nothing. These are the things that need to be fixed. Thanks Much, Arianna Holmes
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6 years ago, piano tiles lover❤️❤️
Love this game!! Just one small problem
This game is great and I love to play it’s just the fact that I don’t know how to get any new characters besides the 3 I already have and why are they so expensive? Like the next character after the green lizard is 2000 power cells? And I can’t get free power cells unless I get an app that I don’t even want just to get some stupid power cells. Now I know you can get power cells by playing infinite mode but to be honest I HATE infinite mode because you have use your power cells any ways. So I suggest fixing that problem.
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12 months ago, Acstrongfgftre
Very epic 😎😎
Dis game very cul and fun 🤩 I think that there should be emotes and military guns to absolutely destroy the empowered people in life Get in there head and extinguish the competition 👻 And also goofy ah Ohio sound effects with Chinese government program in forse at all times to remind us of our god/ ruler 📏 📐 Also actually according to my calculations there should be little aliens that are trying to murder you but you but you have a ray gun to shoot them and with a little pew pew sound effect. IF THAT WASS IN THE GAME IT WOULD BE TOTTALY TUBULAR 😎😎😎✅✅✅✅✅💀💀💀🗿🗿 And also really cool music in the back round In addition ➕ I have another idea 💡 that there is a small present chance that at anytime you could no clip into the backrooms and it would be similar to temple run it would be an awesome idea 😎😎👏👏😻😻👍👍👍👍 Those are my thoughts 💭 I expect this to be in the game in a week and if it’s not I’ll be very bery sad 😢
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5 years ago, Ambria B.
At a very specific time on this game, the game would freeze out of nowhere. I tried and tried to restart, but not even buttons would work on the phone. So, I decided upon getting a new phone and downloading the game on there. Absolutely nothing changed. I am assuming that it is probably just a bug, but either way it should be taken into consideration. Overall though, the game is extremely good, and brilliant to play in your spare time. I enjoy it, because it has an actual objective and you earn new characters along the way. 9/10 would recommend.
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4 years ago, Alexa_Loves_Games
It’s a really good way to challenge yourself
I first started playing this game on computer and I just got addicted it so I decided to download it on mobile so I could play it anywhere at anytime. I love it gives us other ways to earn most characters and I personally like earning badges as a way to challenge my self and it’s become my way of relaxing and letting stress go. If you are looking for ways to buy your characters all you have to do is earn power cells in infinity mode and just earn enough to buy your character.
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1 year ago, D̶h̶d̶h̶d̶d̶
The best obby I’ve ever played
It was really fun even I’m already on three level on now. I mean level 30 but it’s actually pretty fun. It’s like an obby but totally different so I’m actually pretty happy about that. It’s not one of those games you don’t like said they also have it on Poki if you don’t really want to download on your phone, let me personally wanna download it on my phone just because I mean I really want to have it on poki I mean just ashes me though I would recommend getting the game
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5 months ago, Roboguardian578
My childhood
So In my class, one of my friends played this on their Chromebook and I tried to remember that game when I was younger and I did. It was so different back then. So I played it on my Chromebook and after a while, I got to a high level. Then I switch to my pc at home. The next grade for me at school, I found out that it was available on the App Store. So after school, I downloaded the app and it was good! I’m now on level 30. I highly recommend this game!
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5 years ago, Coach Allyn
I like the real one
I love this game on my laptop, and I’m glad that there is a mobile version. But there are a few things that I don’t like on the mobile version. For one, there were no ads on the real version. But in this version, when I’m about to go on the next level, it shows me an ad, and takes forever to load and get back to the actual game. Then I have to close the app, go back in, and redo the level I was on before. The other thing is, I don’t really like the controls. They are not as fast as I would like them to be. But in all due respect, I understand that it is hard to make a mobile version of this game.
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2 years ago, Ed4567
Fix ads and duplicator/pastafarian
The most glaring issue is the ads. Make it so ads do not play during bridge building, and angel missions, (It’s makes some of the bridge building boxes impossible to get, because the ads crash the game) And also, don’t play ads directly after infinite mode runs, because you don’t earn your power cells if the game crashes. Last, It’s really hard to get the duplicator and pastafarian, because they cost 26,000 power cells, and the achievements to unlock them without power cells are both broken.
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4 years ago, Tasha1233113
Love it!!
Absolutely LOVE this game it's SOO addicting! However, I don't like how when you select your controls you want to use, it resets to the default (button controls) every time. I have gotten used to the slide and don't like the buttons but suddenly mine started automatically going to buttons. One other thing is I would love another update soon! I have currently finished all the levels and collected all the boxes. Now all I have left is infinite mode which I don't find as fun. 10/10 would recommend! Plenty of challenging levels and interesting storylines to follow. Great game!
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3 years ago, IzPech
Fun but buggy.
The game is great and just like I remember with new thing s added! The problem lies in the bugs and ads. I have nothing against the ads but they come on after you finish levels and get stuck if you skip them to where you have to restart the game and sometimes redo the level. If you lose Internet connection the game freezes again and refuses to work until it can play ads again. They should ad the ability for buying the online nice at least. Overall lovely game, a couple things could be better though.
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4 years ago, i like free34
How it started from a game, to a whole class addiction.
So in December of last year before the holidays, one of our classmates introduced this game called run 3. We’ve heard about it, but we really didn’t care about it back then. Now it’s a while different story. Every time the teacher let us play on our computers, we hurry to turn on our computers and login to play the game. We play and help each other and even ask other people what level they’re on. It’s an amazing game ✨
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5 years ago, Alphanixy
Love this game
So I’ve been a big fan of this game series since elementary school and I’m almost finished the entire explore mode. The only problem I have come across is the controls. Since you’re watching your character quickly jump from platform to platform, the smallish buttons cause my finger sometimes to barely miss them therefore causing my character to not go in the desired direction. This gets very frustrating. The other option is swiping which I’ve found causes a slight delay which isn’t beneficial for fast turning.
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2 years ago, pierogielover
Pretty good a little...
I give it a four star rating because it is a pretty great app and I think it should be only a laptop game because I play it during class all the time! It really does help me not be bored but it is a lot harder playing on an iPhone then playing on a laptop or computer! That's my complaint I hope you don't take offense with all this! I'm editing My review and realized it's super easy but maybe add a little more to it and add understandable things! And I think there should be a button that teleports you to Run 2 because I've never played it and I can't get it I'm Not Allowed my dad would let me play it if I could teleport to it from the game. I'm even already on level 36 it's so easy! Please add that, it would make these games and boredom and life get better and easier, thank you! Don't take offense! Have a great week! Bye.👋🏼😊
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3 months ago, Critterbug5614
10/10 ev day
So here is the story so when I was in 3rd grade (which I am in 4th now) little me was watching everyone play run and I was like mmmmm how do I get in the group and one day November 2022 I was playing with 2 girls on our computers/laptops and I asked one of the girls Hey do you mind if I play that game? She said “yeah” and i started playing that game every single day beacause how good it is. Thanks to the creator of the game pls tell my how you think of this review From phoenix🙂🙂🙂
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5 years ago, StoneColdSteph
I don't play very often
I don't play this game very often. My niece showed it to me and I thought it was pretty neat so I downloaded it. It's still on my phone because I'm the fun tia that lets her nieces play the games on her phone. Buuuut I will not lie I can get caught up in the game for a few minutes. It's a fun game because of how quickly you die. You end up having to prove to yourself that you got this girl!! Not many ads if any,..I don't play often, loads's easy..yet's fun. I would give three stars personally but my fam likes it soo..
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1 year ago, mdmdmdmdm⚡️😃💫😄💫
my opinion
when I first saw this game, I thought it looked cool! I ended up plating this game, im a very picky person especially at rating! But I had to give this a good rating! There’s some changes you could make, maybe you could add avatars, the more higher your level is the better outfit you could get! This is just my opinion! Also, maybe you could change some of the music! i really hope whoever made this game seems this! Amazing game by the way, but keep expanding the game!!
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2 years ago, SpicyIka
Really fun!
This game has always been one of my favorites! I used to play it all the time on school computers haha. My only real gripe with the app (and the reason I rated it 4 stars) is that the controls aren’t as sensitive as I feel they should be; it’s difficult to make precise movements on this app, which are unfortunately necessary to beating most levels. I feel like making sensitivity toggleable, or having different control options, would make this game just a tiny bit better!
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8 months ago, Shelly atine
Your game is awesome I just spend my bored/break time playing and it’s like the best game I ever had! 5 STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ or I can just put a million stars! Your game is so cool! And sometimes I fail and it might be a little hard… I tried my best and I decided to never delete on my iPad and keep on going just to let you know again… this is the best app played! Oh! I forgot to tell you one thing before I send, your colors and music is amazing!
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5 years ago, MPandG
This Game is Great!
Ok, now this game is fantastic! I love how just simply running can become such a fun concept for a Mobile and PC game! And the thrill of unlocking new characters along the Story Mode is just fun! While the computer version does not have a Story Mode just 4 separate games you can still have a fun experience! I recently downloaded it from the App Store, and I’ve had fun while it’s lasted! And with my leaving remarks I give this game 5 Stars and a 10/10 rating! This game is just great!
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5 years ago, ihntigjigij
Great game I strongly suggest it
This game is a good game and you should get it in as you feel good when you pass levels that are hard and it makes you feel good about yourself and you should get it because the first time I got it I was amazed but I also suggest that you should go to the settings and change the movement into something else because every movement is really hard to control to make the ones that are good not bad so it’s a good game so you should get it
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7 years ago, Josiguy
Amazing game
I love this game, it's so fun and addicting, there are tons of levels, tons of characters to unlock, and more. I have had this game for years and still love it, I play it all the time. The game doesn't need wifi so you can play it on the go. And for people who don't like the controls, you can actually change them in the settings. But honestly, this is one of my favorite games, I love it, and anyone thinking about getting it definitely should.
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3 years ago, werehawk
Great game but
This is a game that I absolutely love, however when I’m playing bridge building it is hard, but then I learn that after part 2 it is supposed to save your progress but for me whenever I stop on part 5 or 6, it resets me. I can’t play for the hours it would take me to beat all the levels, and on others videos I can see it travels them past part 2, so i’m mad at the time I have to spend, which I haven’t done yet, to beat bridge building. Please fix this
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3 years ago, Dude so cruel
Oh so sweet memories!
This game has been the game that followed me anywhere I went since I was little. I cant fully express how much i enjoyed this game. I love that all you have to do is run and avoid with cool background music making you feel like youre in an action film! This game mixes moving objects with a plain stationary background and makes you feel like youre running towards something. I absolutely enjoy that some of the levels i remember playing several years ago are still there and the game is mostly untouched and remains the same. This game challenges your reactions and reaction time to the fullest. I really enjoy the little story that was added to it. Its something I didnt see when I was little. I want to say thank you for not changing it a bit until this moment. Sincerily, Ku
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3 years ago, Hamster girl 27
I’m so glad it’s on the phone!
Hello, I am so happy that I can play this game on the phone. I used to play it in first grade on the computer, and when I saw the gene on the phone I didn’t even think it was true! I am so happy this is a phone game and that I can give it 5 stars! I play this game every day and I am so happy. No complaints here, this is a amazing game. I love the aliens and the music. The music especially. So please don’t take this game down and please keep it. The game is amazing! Bye!
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1 year ago, cow yay 123
This game is awesome!
I seen videos of it and I’ve been looking for it for two weeks and for like two days I thought it was just PC but I was wrong this game is awesome and I want you guys to have an update keep up the good work you can create more games👾 tried to create a pixel game PLS that game would be awesome i’m sure keep up the good work👍 don’t give up on it🧌you guys are awesome probably the best Company out there💪 see ya
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4 years ago, GoreMagician
Pretty good. Just one thing tho
I’ve only played a bit so far and it seems to be a good one-for-one version of the pc original, but the left and right controls should be a standard circle pad instead of the left and right arrows. It’s really finicky to control and sometimes it’s hard to change directions because I stop instead or when I’m trying to stop I go the other direction instead. If you could fix that then I would like this version a lot more.
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5 years ago, Bieberlover7777777777777777
This game is really fun but I’ve been having problems with it glitching, and I don’t think it’s my phone because I just got it less than a year ago and it’s an iPhone 8 Plus. Another thing is sometimes when I complete a level it doesn’t save it and it makes me do it again, and I looked on the map to see if I could go to the next level since I completed it but I had to do that level over again. Lastly the controls are a little bit confusing but overall it’s a pretty fun game and I would recommend it!
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1 week ago, Hello130585
Really good except…
Really good except that the phone is weird, I mean the controls are fine too me, but the main problem is that when your in infinite mode and you lose you just get out of the screen which is annoying and time wasting if you are trying to grind power cells, still an amazing game on computer 5 stars on computer, 3 1/2 on phone
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7 years ago, Tygggfagilgu
Good game, but controls need to be more sensitive
The game is super fun, but I would much rather play on the computer. I wish the buttons could be seen instead of them just being spots on the screen. I have had little problems with the jump button, but the move slider hurts my thumb from having to press so hard. I wish it had a higher sensitivity level so that is would slide responsive and gracefully. I would love to see this fixed in a future update. Thank you.
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4 years ago, patrick star248
They never finished...
I played this when I was a 8 and I got it back this year (2020). I played it until I got to the point where there were no more levels. I thought there would be more but they aren’t coming any more. PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS. ~anãny-mõus Edit- so, I kept playing infinite mode. Someone told me that there would be more levels in July. So, I’m waiting and I see it was last updated TWO YEARS AGO!!! IM SEETHING WITH RAGE!!! Please bring it back. Edit- please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Edit- ...............................................................................please?... Edit- what is so HARD about finishing it UP! Edit- sorry I was so harsh. Buuuut HURRY UP! Edit- if you are planning to. If not I will stop playing all kongregate apps. If you do. I will stop playing kongregateapps except RUN!
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