3.8 (5.1K)
125.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for RuneScape

3.84 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Trevor4evor
Great game, good mobile experience
This game is fantastic. The free experience offers hundreds of hours of content, and opting into the membership will expand that to thousands of hours. There’s a wide variety of things to do, from quests to boss fights, and over 25 skills to train. Most of it offers players the freedom to engage as much or as little as they want, with obvious benefits to those who choose a more active approach. Progression feels incredibly rewarding and is the main reason I’ve stuck around with this game for so long. The main problems come from the fact that this is originally a PC experience that’s been transferred to mobile. It’s a point-and-click style of game, which sounds great in theory. However precision is quite difficult on a mobile device, especially on my phone which is fairly small. The UI is complex on the PC experience, and transferring that to mobile was done about as well as you could hope; but it still isn’t perfect. Many of the buttons are quite small, although this would likely be dependent on the size of your mobile device. But from my experience, I often find myself clicking on the wrong things accidentally, which is a minor annoyance. Overall I’d recommend this game to everyone, but the mobile experience has some clear limitations. Unless you’ve got a big phone or tiny fingers, I’d suggest doing some of the simpler content on mobile, and move to a computer for anything that requires complex and precise inputs.
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3 years ago, killyhefly1
Great but….no room for abilities/items
The game is fantastic. Mobile experience is great as well but… there is a lack of screen customization. Mobile is very cramped. And unfortunately there are not enough screen buttons for all necessary abilities. I believe you are given only 7 or 8 slots on each side. A couple prayers, + defensives, food, restore, shield and weapon for quick switches. And you easily run out of buttons on your screen. There is room for more buttons!!! Mobile players are at a huge disadvantage in bossing because we can’t macro our abilities to a keyboard. This you really really really need to add more buttons that we can drop abilities/items to on our screen for bossing. There is plenty of room!!!!! And even better just add a plus 1 button feature and let the player drag it anywhere on the screen and lock it. So he or she can add as many buttons as they want and wherever they need on their screen. Yay I can now have all my prayers, my freedom, shield, reso, weapon switch for nex, my food, my super restore, and yay room for a couple thresholds so I don’t have to be a full revo noob. And maybe room for a switch. Wow! I can finally play almost, and barely like a pc player. Until then. I can’t do jack crap on mobile for hard bosses. Huge let down.
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1 year ago, Rithela
Game is great but the mobile app could use some work right now.
This game is really good especially as something to do while watching stuff. The skilling is afk friendly which is nice most of the time. This is my goto for idle skilling. If I want tediousness I’ll play OSRS. Subscribing gets works for both games on one account which is great. I enjoy them both. Anyway Runescape is a pretty unique MMO and I definitely suggest trying it. You can play a nice chunk if the game for free. The game can be pay to win if you play on a standard account. I HIGHLY suggest playing ironman on this version of the game. With the smithing and mining rework it’s a lot easier to self sustain in this version than it is in OSRS. Anyway definitely give it a shot. Lately the mobile app has been being very odd. It will overheat my phone really bad even if I have the framerate on 35. It will overheat and then crash. Not sure what’s going on but I’ve never had that issue until the latest update. The audio also gets stuttery which is a new issue too. Not sure if it’s crashing because it’s overheating my phone or if it’s a memory leak issue or what. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.
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2 years ago, Matthew0320
A Dated Game Trying To Stay Relevant
RuneScape has been around for at least 20 years and though it can be fun it brings its age-old issues with them; old jarring models clashes with newer graphics; quests are clunky and a HUGE chore (even in OSRS). Combat is fun AT FIRST, but later on (even with max skills and gear) you can still have a hard time on enemies that are below your level making you wonder why even bother 99 some skills. The goal of RS is leveling but for some skills like Farming and Runecrafting it’s frustrating because despite the features to level LATER ON the first 20 levels are frustrating to get to with a clunky learning process that can shoo new users away. The world is big but is at war with itself as the game evolves. As RuneScape try’s to modernize major cities, key NPCs and enemies as well as weapons and armor REALLY show their age, which wouldn’t be a problem for a retro feel but with micro transactions and seasonal events that reward cosmetics then you start to wonder why the developers would focus on that instead of fixing their world and NPCs at the very least the player avatar. The games unstructured in a lot of aspects, but it’s still fun. There ARE better MMOs and older players with rose-tinted glasses will say “the grinds part of it” but for those who value their time and don’t want an overly grinding experience look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Jedii40
Good game, Meh experience
I’ve been waiting for the RuneScape app to be put on the IOS store for a long time. I felt like RuneScape makes sense on a mobile device and I think it’s the perfect place for RuneScape to grow its user base. There are however a couple of things I think need to be worked on. The most important thing right now is the clicking of buttons in the game. It’s VERY difficult to click buttons in the game. The game experience suffers as a result. It’s difficult to do much of anything the game needs you to do. Things that should be simple like messaging friends, navigating menus, or simply even closing a few of them are incredibly tedious and rage inducing to have to deal with. I understand there needs to be some compromises in this mobile version of the game but it genuinely feels like I’m fighting to play a game I normally enjoy relaxing with. The old school runescape app handles much better and I think I would prefer playing that over this on a more consistent basis but if this game can manage to fix some of its UI issues I can easily see myself playing this much more and I think I could get more friends to play this RuneScape version too. I hope those issues are resolved because I really do wanna give this a 5 stars but cannot in its current state.
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3 years ago, JobanyOhio
A game without an identity of it's own
Ask someone one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of RuneScape and one of the first things they'll mention is the crude, iconic graphics. Well, RS3 ditched those for a style that's unrecognizable, hackneyed, and in it's most recent iteration, mimicking fortnite. A game is more than it's graphics, but one of the second things people remember about the game is the D&D style combat where you roll for hits and damage. That too is gone in favor of a convoluted combat system that STILL suffers from walls of confusing ability text and a mess of action bars that no tutorial explains how to use. The point is that RS3 is absolutely nothing like the game you remember and if you're here for the nostalgia bug then you'll want to d/L OSRS. RS3's shameless mtx promotions , lack of style, and toxic community leave a lot to be desired. Honestly far from the worst thing you can play on mobile, but that's not saying much. Ability bars are annoying enough to use on PC let alone mobile, so doing anything other than AFK skilling is essentially impossible due to the clunky controls. It's worth a shot if you've never played the game before, but don't go into it expecting much and forward all concerns/complaints to Reddit because that's the only way to actually get a hold of customer support.
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3 years ago, Rigbones
This is one of the greatest MMOs out there. To finally see it come to mobile is a joy for me, as so many people overlook this game now because of its development. This game has come so far since the release of EoC and the departure from the Old-School format. EoC was a big point of issue for a lot of players in the past, but the Revolution update completely streamlined the combat again and made it much more enjoyable in both afk combat and more challenging encounters. Not only that but this game has had new skills, locations, bosses, quests and all kinds of content added in over the years. For old players; If EoC was the reason you quit back then, give the game a try now and you might find it can scratch that itch that Rs2 combat used to scratch. For new players give this game a try because it’s an amazing and fun MMO that you can find many hours of adventure in. This is already a game you can sink a lot of hours into, but if you want a real challenge, give Ironman mode a go and really see what it’s like to journey to max level! Don’t forget this game is on Steam as well as its own Client!
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3 years ago, Jamesh160
I’m happy the game is finally out. But…
I’m really glad that this game is on mobile now for IOS. And I actually love it for the most part. But trying to private message people is really tough. Whenever I tap on someone’s name on my friends list. The chat box doesn’t even show the persons name I’m messaging. So then when I look at the “All chat screen” , it’ll show me that I sent the message to the wrong person. So then I have to go back to my friends list and hold on to someone’s name and then select to message the correct person. But still when your typing in the chat box. You can’t even tell who you’re messaging until you send the message and check the main chat screen afterwards. I can’t even imagine what boss fighting would be like when someone is trying to private message you. Also I like that it’s easy to tap locations. But when you’re trying to tap icons, the game thinks your trying to tap a location instead. And that can be pretty annoying. Also I feel like the currency pouch should be in a better location below the inventory or maybe somewhere else when you’re actually walking around and playing the game. I hate having to search for things on my screen through icons trying to find the currency pouch. I also feel like it’s hard to tap locations on the mini map. So instead I have to zoom out on my actual game screen and tap on locations in front of me. Overall though I like that it’s on mobile now. But yeah some of those things are really annoying.
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9 months ago, Cyrwusmatt
The recent transparency from the development team felt like a nostalgic Time Machine back to when I first played this game when it was still run by the Gower brothers. The release of the new Necromancy skill was a blast and the community was being listened to. Or so i thought… That lasted for a month and then the predatory monetization activity started again. The release of the “new” Hero Pass is a slap in the face of the players who have put up with an increasingly hostile environment over the past decade at a minimum. This sets a dangerous precedent of directly selling game altering benefits if you’re willing to pay enough. Jagex has made it clear that they would rather have this complex MMO compete in the P2W mobile gaming space than cater to the characteristics that made it a unique and lovable game for decades. It’s a shame to see the continued evolution into exploiting the last remaining players through MTX. The player count has been declining since EOC and the players that stuck around have been treated like frogs placed in a pot that is slowing being brought to a boil. With the most recent hero pass update it would appear the boiling point has finally occurred, but unfortunately for Jagex the frogs were able to feel the change and are now jumping out of the pot.
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3 years ago, MiindTriick
Wow it.. it doesn’t work.
I have been a long time old school RuneScape fan, and the mobile version runs fantastic! But uh.. this.. this was disappointing.. I figured “hey it’s new.. so it’ll have a few bugs, but they should have most of them out since it was a preorder. They will make sure you can atleast play right? Wrong. It’s like a hoarders house, bugs everywhere! Sure maybe if you don’t tap exactly on the arrows to talk, it won’t register, but it takes like two seconds after pressing the arrow, and if you slightly miss the mark it cancels the conversation and that fat mayor loves to talk in one string. Combat, let’s kill the trolls! Just let everyone have about 5-8 seconds of practice swinging before anyone starts dealing damage or before the troll even notices you. But none the less, I did it. I inspired the city to run the trolls out! Weehee!!! Who are you stranger? No one, Mayor… no one.. because after I made my character as cool as I could, but I guess I was too cool for RuneScape. It was stunned! I was looking so cool the [Done] button would do absolutely nothing. So I gave it a moment to collect itself, and closed out and opened back up the app. You ready for me yet game? 😂 hahahaha.. No. don’t give our hopes up with a date when you can’t have it ready.
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9 months ago, SynNightmare
Goodbye for now RuneScape…
I’ve been playing this game since 2006 and I just got 120 necromancy the day before this hero pass came out. As someone who has personally dabbled a tiny bit in treasure hunter keys/bonds and quickly realizing they aren’t really worth it, I largely ignored mtx in this game and just really did the freebie keys, proteans and daily challenges. I will not be renewing my yearly membership when it expires in the next 2 months. I know this isn’t the fault of the jmods and more an issue with the higher ups being greedy. But this update completely ruined the game for me being a long time player. Yes I tried it and played the game today. But the daily mission xp you get does not translate well into much of a reward. I get this is a long term reward plan being a battle pass but I’m already level 50 in this battle pass and all I’ve seen so far is maybe 50k worth of xp lamps and already being half way done with this hero pass? Something’s wrong here…. And then you have the audacity to charge to skip levels it the battle pass… do yourself a favor and if you like this game please speak with your wallet and they will quickly realize the mistake they’ve made. Until then I’m not going to be playing the game. - Syn Gates
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10 months ago, faythymns
Missing items glitch (Update)
I’m at a loss for words. I just started the mission with Death who took me to the underworld to become an apprentice necromancer, after the tutorials of my new powers there was a treasure chest jumping in front of my character so I clicked on it. It opened up a window saying underworld bank. I deposited a few items and all of a sudden all my inventory and my gear went into this “bank” and disappeared. I walked over to my Necromancer trainer and clicked on the chest next to him which opened up the same window, but none of belongings were there. I submitted a bug report and since I can’t recall the names of any of my gear and vaguely remember my inventory I’m at a loss unless the devs can somehow locate what I had and return it to my character. Other than that, I really do not want to play this game anymore and it hurts mentally to make that decision since I’ve been playing for years. **UPDATE** My missing items were at the physical location at the bank in the underworld.
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3 years ago, mattlombardi
Love this game, mobile needs work
I have been a die-hard Runescape fan for 15 years now. I was incredibly excited when I found out that it was going to be put on mobile, and figured I’d be spending countless hours playing this in bed when I didn’t feel like sitting at my PC. Unfortunately, I am not playing it as much as I expected, simply because of the fact that it just doesn’t perform well. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are just as great as they are on PC and the gameplay is amazing, but clicking buttons in this game takes NUMEROUS attempts before it actually works, particularly on menus. It can become extremely tedious and annoying, especially when you are trying to look at the map or look at quest details. It pains me to give Runescape 4 stars instead of a solid 5, but the mobile app really just needs more work. I just get too annoyed playing it, and much rather play on my PC. Please, Jagex, try to fix this! I want to be able to play more on my phone, and come back to give you the 5 stars.
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3 years ago, eminercy
Great game overall
I’ve played a form of this game for the majority of my life. The best version I’ve played is this version (technically RuneScape 3), notably ON IRONMAN MODE. The issues that come with this game primarily come from microtransactions and over-the-top promotions. However, Ironman mode lets you play the game the way you want to, only limiting you from trading on the global market, which makes everything you earn feel much more rewarding as you’ve earned it by your own work. Also, avoid the subreddit community for this game. It’s really bad. There are some issues with this game that they address that are fair, such as some slow bug fixings and weak bans for exploits. However, the subreddit makes every little issue out to be the end of the world. The game is improving over time and there’s literally thousands of things you can spend thousands of hours on in this game. Let the official wiki help you out, and reach out to players since overall the actual players in the game are very kind.
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3 years ago, Cat the game review
Overall review Updated
Old review > 1) The controls are poorly made with no ways to change them it’s tap where you want to go and the game auto attacks for you i seen many MMORPG's with much better controls even the pay to win MMORPG's have better controls then this game 2) Game crashes a lot i am unsure why maybe it’s the servers could be something else but it’s really annoying and needs to be fixed 3) voice acting is ok couldn’t get far sense the game keeps crashing so i can’t speak for the mid and late game voice acting 4) Final thoughts for a company to make a game this well known so badly for mobile shows how little thought and work was put into the mobile version and it’s sad sense it will make people whom never played Runescape to view it poorly i do not recommend this game until it gets its problems fixed that being the controls and lack of ability to change them and the constant crashing. New review > Ok good news is they updated the game it runs much better there’s still things i would change but it’s improved.
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3 years ago, kevinifly6
Clearly RuneScape, but mobile is a second-class citizen
RuneScape is an old game. It's interface is also joined at the hip to the mouse and keyboard. Jagex has done an admirable job transmuting that point and click interface into something useable on a phone. But the phone is not what RuneScape is meant for: the buttons are too small, menus too complex, interactions too numerous to be easily reduced to a tap. In the interface, there seem to be three or four kinds of taps (single tap, medium tap, dragging tap, and long tap) all of which have no clear explanation or guidance. You must discover it on your own. That is not to say Jagex has done a bad job or to say the game is bad. Both the port and the game itself are good (and it seems also well). But the phone is not where you should be playing this game. And its input deficiency makes it a second class citizen.
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2 years ago, kaliomega jr
Problems I have
I love it the graphics are better then the old school RuneScape but when you have a pet while playing mobile it’s a little annoying because sometimes I try to click on the ground to move it sometimes ask me about the pet emote maybe if you have to tap your pet twice to do a emote now that’s out of the way it’s a little annoying for starter about I think the zamorak lumbrige and berathoe maybe the jagex can put some thing like when they enter a lumbrige the word Lumbrige and which god it follows because when I started I got very confused about the the two types of lumbrige one that is near berathoe I got confused about it so much and one more thing dawn zamorak witch or something is too powerful so maybe if dawn can’t heal her self when you respawn because when I fought her she was too powerful and it took a very long time to defeat her because I had get up to adment armor and weapons.
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3 years ago, Chino Phoy
Gamebreaking Mobile Bug
Don’t waste your time or money. I was playing for the first time on mobile today and opened up my internet browser to assist in locating where I can mine a specific type of ore. Upon swiping back into the RS app, I was stuck at a black screen that said “Loading..” I closed the app and logged back in, and to my surprise my account was banned due to Macroing which is an unappealable ban... I understand taking security seriously, but your app needs fixed if it thinks that using Google for mining locations is cheating. Good thing I haven’t spent money on the game in a while. I submitted a ticket on their website, but this literally broke my ability to even try the app. Would not recommend. *Edit: Dear Jagex, I’ve already submitted the only ticket I’m able to, as your system doesn’t allow me to submit a ticket for the type of ban I received for switching apps. Your app registered a google search as cheating, which is so ridiculous the Jagex representative doesn’t even believe it happened. Obviously they’re unaware of what could cause this, thanks for making a broken mobile version that cost me my account.
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3 years ago, Mdawth
Poor mobile experience
I see how this game can get very deep and interesting but the mobile experience has been poor for me. Trying to click the small menus and prompts in the interface range from annoying to flat out frustrating. I had to restart the dialogue with turiel at one point for the combat quests 7 or 8 times because I didn’t click the perfect spot, causing me to restart the entire dialogue. The screen is also completely cluttered with a mass of menus and options that is difficult to navigate and manage. It feels less like an immersive rpg and more like an incremental clicker with all the button clicks and distractions. While I was hoping for a bit of a nostalgia trip with this game(I played back in high school) this mobile version left me nothing but frustrated. I think the pc version would probably be worthwhile, but this mobile version is very disappointing for me.
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3 years ago, SecondGameSucks
Crashes every five seconds
On ipad gen 5, which is the minimum requirement of an ipad to run Runescape. Would be less frustrating if you just prevented gen 5 ipads from downloading it, rather than being able to play five seconds at a time before crashing. Runescape isn’t worth the time it takes to boot up the PC, but I’d happily play it on mobile. If you’d quote proper requirements for it, anyway… Reply to dev response: “Check for updates, lol” was the equivalent to what was said. Ah, yes, my bad, it MUST be my fault your game crashes and is poorly optimized. Let me just check for updates as you requested… oh wait, I was competent enough to check for updates AFTER multiple crashes but BEFORE commenting here? Huh. Interesting. Yeah, doll, that’s generally the first action taken before complaining. To add to the list of garbage, subbing changes your task Yak Track Task! So after subbing to get to higher level runespan to complete this GARBAGE task, I find you’ve now CHANGED my current task and reset the progress! Y’know. The whole reason I subbed. To complete that garbage task. And now you’ve screwed me. But you’ve got my money, right?
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3 years ago, TheGlobfather
One of the best mobile experiences
This has to be one of the best mobile game experiences you can have right now. It’s a shame how few quality games are made for mobile even now that mobile has been around for so long and gained so much popularity. This is one of the first times I felt like I got a full experience out of a game. The devs really made sure everything feels and works just as it should. It is just as enjoyable for me to play on my phone as it is for me to play on pc, that is really impressive to me. They did a great job with the Ui as well. The only thing I would say is that prices for memberships and cosmetics are a bit expensive IMO. That’s just my opinion. I definitely won’t be maintaining a membership to RuneScape for 10$ when I can basically pay for my FFXIV membership with that much. Like I said though, maybe that’s just me.
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3 years ago, Jim Groves
Ok, but point-click is not for us
I don’t have anything especially negative to say about RuneScape. It looks fun and casual and I like the mobile aspect of playing a MMO where I want. In regards to what I’m about to write, me and my wife are new to Runescape, and apparently there is some history about my critique. We just didn’t enjoy the click-to-move controls. At all. Especially with a lot of menus, but also just because it doesn’t work for us with the sort of game. It’s fine with Diablo, for example, but this is not that sort of game. I even logged in on my PC to check for WASD or controller support. I kept moving the camera when I tried to walk around. I’ll even go so far as to say the pathfinding works good, but the controls make it no fun to play. When I googled Runescape and “point and click controls” I found out this has been a frequently mentioned issue for many years. Sorry to say, my wife and I both cancelled our free trials. If a touch joystick were available, we would reconsider.
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2 years ago, Fsgdgdn
Needs better right click options, iPad M1, and magic keyboard support….
At first I was really happy being able to play RuneScape 3 virtually anywhere which was a dream of my childhood. The longer I was playing on my iPad Pro M1, the more I realized the limitations of the mouse and keyboard settings. I was happy to find that an usb c mouse works flawlessly but there’s really no point because there’s only 1 click option. This makes tasks that are very click intensive, very difficult as to pick up or select specific drops or items you have to click and wait until the right click menu options become available. Another thing I was really sad to see is magic keyboard complete lack of support. I cannot even use the arrow keys to rotate the map, or the enter/return button to initiate a chat in the chat window. When using the magic keyboard and iPad Pro M1 on RuneScape 3, it feels like I’m just playing on my iPhone just a bigger screen. Please get us an API for the magic keyboard and get us more keyboard and right click options when a mouse is connected.
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3 years ago, 3_peckered-moose
Selling your personal info to third parties scammers
Soon after downloading and playing RuneScape. I began to receive annoying scam marketing phone calls from all over the world around the clock to my home phone and pornographic texts to go to pornographic websites to my kids cell phone. Turns out that Jagex sells your personal information to anyone. If you try to opt out from this on Jagex’s website, the process is broken and unable to complete. The website is rigged to not allow you to finish opting out which is illegal in EU law and in US law. I have deleted RuneScape in hopes that the unsolicited, annoying and pornographic scam communications will end. It is a shame, RuneScape had great potential. But a company that will sell your information to scammers and solicitors of pornography so they can contact underage children to lure them to their website is disgusting to say the least. Had I known Jagex sold my information without care to scammers and pornographers, I never ever would have let my kids play this game. I would rate this game 0 stars if I could just for this.
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7 months ago, Richteddy144
RuneScape is amazing.
I have been playing RuneScape since elementary school in 5th grade. I did not even know what a computer was until my friend in school talked about it which then my mom told me we had a computer. I was so excited my first time making my account doing the tutorial and making my very own character come to life. I am 28 years old now. And still play this game. RuneScape is apart of my childhood and the fact that it still remains today….That can’t be said for a lot of things. this world changes often. RuneScape can be simple and easy. Or extremely complex and strategic. It’s a game of preparation and timing… if you want it to be. It’s up to you how you play RuneScape. And that’s what makes this game beautiful. I love RuneScape and I will continue to play for many more years to come.
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3 years ago, theonedudenamedian
Wonderful game
As far as mobile goes, I think maybe there are some optimization things to work on. As far as the game goes, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. There might be some issues as mobile is initiated but jagex pays a lot of attention to reviews of players and improve the game constantly based on what the player base wants. This game is like the most in depth and long running game of dungeons and dragons I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly complex, and a huge open world where you can do anything you want. Great distraction for people with adhd to have going on in the background so you can focus on work or homework without getting distracted elsewhere. The app will only get better with time, and the game will be the same level of amazing that it has maintained since before y2k
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3 years ago, Brirrrri
Very Excited
I am so excited to see RuneScape on my phone now!! It’s perfect to just hold in my hand and play for a relaxing evening. It’s just as convenient as playing with my Switch on the go, but more so! The controls are super mobile friendly and it’s easy to pick up, even if you’ve never played. I’ve been wanting a good mobile RPG, so what’s better then RuneScape? The only issue I have is a lot of the time the screen touches aren’t responsive. I’ll press on the screen to interact and it takes quite a few touches to get it to work. Also, the character movement is a little slow. All in all I am very happy and would like to thank the developers for making this happen. I understand there are still kinks to work out, but it runs pretty beautifully on my iPhone 12 Pro.
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3 years ago, Disgruntled Key
Long time player
Let me say as someone who hates mobile gaming and never thought I would play RS on anything other than PC. But color me surprised after a rough first day the app works like a dream, it works better than the PC client for me. I use a small device so clicking can be a little bit of a pain and the player owned ports interface needs a little work, but I reported it and they responded immediately that they will look into it. I am not sure if I feel comfortable doing more intense activities like high end PvM but clues, quests, and general skilling absolutely. It’s the perfect companion piece to the browser game and with a little work I will probably switch to mobile full time. Give it a shot and don’t let those 1st day reviews scare you, was it rough yes but what is important is they resolved it quickly and communicated it effectively.
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3 years ago, Mart48484
Loading-please wait.
Stuck on loading screen for 10 minutes now but I’m here for this, I love it. Nostalgia and pking at your fingertips. Can’t wait to play. >iPhone 11 Pro< Update: sigh… what happened to you Jagex? I started playing RS 15 years ago so you could see why I was excited for the mobile release. Now, Im disappointed; at first it was the major, and i mean MAJOR delay when tapping on the screen, many times not even registering the initial tap. Which reminded me of dial up, *shudders* still it was tolerable for me because i assumed [incorrectly] Jagex would have it patched up. Days after release— nothing. Except now 2 updates later, my game crashes so I can’t even play. Disappointing. Please patch it up guys and gals I renewed my membership to fully enjoy RS mobile but i cant even play.
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3 years ago, Lonely LGBT
Worth the wait, but not the hassle
I’ve been playing RS since OSRS transitioned to RS3 and then came back by itself. I’m happy that RS3 is finally here, but there are some things I’m not too thrilled for. As far as reading chats go, I never thought I’d have to read from the bottom to the top instead of top to bottom like all game chats go. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this too, but I had a problem seeing equipped items in my hand on the normal laptop client these last few months. Sheathed weapons show up, but not when I unsheathe them. I thought this would be resolved once mobile launched but it hasn’t. I submitted a bug report in the laptop client and to my knowledge have not gotten a response. If you venture into the mobile world, this version is best played on a tablet. Otherwise it can be a hassle to tap to where you need to go in the game from your phone screen.
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3 years ago, SSJ_Nanda
Worked well on previous model over data
Unfortunately upgrading from a SE (2020) to a 13 has caused this to be unable to load over mobile data. Swapped between 5g and LTE to no avail. Perhaps there is spaghetti coding preventing, I have yet to find a solution otherwise. edit for developer response : yes it is compatible because it works on WiFi. It is an iPhone 13, brand new top of the line, the previous one I used was an iPhone SE (2020) and it worked fine on the same service and carrier. Edit for developer response: redownloading did not work either. A mod on the mobile discord suggested using cloudflare to load up and then turn off the game, and it worked flawlessly. So something in the packets likely blocked or miscoded or not being fully transferred to the data carrier. I gave this 3 stars because shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get it to work innately #itjustworks
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2 years ago, fyryfyfgfg
It’s okay
I mean it’s better than the original with better armor looks and the whole ability thing is cool. there’s waypoints which makes traveling around the world a lot easier and more enjoyable in my opinion. It’s easier to make money I’m in the level 30 range and I have over 1m. My only problem with the game is I got that weird bolt looking currency and I bought the flaming head cosmetic which makes my head look like ghost rider but even though I used my bolt looking currency and can’t use it without being on a member world but I’m not a member so i wasted my time and money that I earned in the game so if the devs read this please make it to where if I buy my cosmetics from the marketplace I can use it please and I will rate game 5 stars and recommend to some people I know.
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3 years ago, kyd dress u see in s
Love the game
Really brings back some childhood nostalgia. I missed playing but didn’t have a computer and once I found OSRS on mobile I was instantly hooked again, like 12 year old me was. Then once I saw that RuneScape 3 was coming to mobile I had to have it. So, I signed up for early access. I have to say that the interface for mobile was a little overwhelming at first but once I played for a while it became very easy to navigate. I do have one issue I would like more infor about. Why can I not use mobile data to play? OSRS let you play on mobile data so I was wondering if something had changed or maybe I need to swap some game settings. Hopefully you at Jagex can get back to me with some info. Thank you for bringing this awesome game to mobile -Anthrenorr
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3 years ago, Smithcondrillas
WARNING! App got me a ‘macroing’ ban
I love RuneScape and have played on and off since 2003 on multiple characters. I decided to hop back on with the mobile now working. I logged on and for one day started to fish. I was power fishing trout and salmon. Skill leveling has always been my favorite, even the dry stuff (I know it’s sick). I caught the fish, dragged and dropped them and kept going. I, MYSELF was doing this. I got a message the next day saying I was banned for macroing. I appealed the ban and got a swift response saying they reviewed it and thought they made the right decision. I’m not that upset because it was a newer character and all my old ones are long gone. Also I had just started to see if I was gonna catch the bug and switch from my current MMO. But if I had time invested, I would be very upset. Again, I love RuneScape and always have. But I would be very hesitant to use the app to train skills. Simply, they just got this wrong and I’m curious how many other innocent gamers have been affected.
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2 years ago, Pvzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxz
Only one problem
Literally no problems with RuneScape Mobile at all besides on World 79 the incandescent divination spot causes the game to crash on and off like every few minutes or every few hours but it’s bound to happen at some point when I’m on Mobil at the div spot. Iv recently been spending all my time their and I know their is 500+ people in a 10 tile radius but it’s getting pretty frustrating. Crashes on my iPhone pro max 13 with all graphic settings cranked down and same with my iPad 7th gen. It seems to mainly crash when I get a full inventory of energy instead of when the mass horde of people go to convert energy witch I find weird but that’s the only problem iv found with RS Mobile otherwise this game is flawless on mobile :)
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3 years ago, Aaronghzjjxbbzbdvvrjdb
Impossible to play in an I-Phone
The redeeming factor of this game is the overwhelming amount of content available to the player. The glaring issue however is the UI. I know that there is likely work being done to fix it - I would argue that the game is not prepared for release for mobile devices. The search bar is clearly untouched on the map widget - designed for kepboard and mouse. The UI can take up over half of the screen without anything substantial showing. Things are just so tiny that you end up spending most of your time trying to click on the perfect spot to get what you want. Additionally, be prepared to only play when plugged in. This game is a GAS GUZZLER. My phone often overheats and lags out around 10 minutes into playing. These are some serious things that should be fixed before I can seriously consider playing this game.
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2 years ago, anonymous0x1echo
persistent crashing when joining citadel
fix your app. The app constantly crashes every time you try to join your clans citadel now since your latest “ performance update”. I have tried everything to resolve this and nothing works. It doesn’t matter whether you “ quick join” to travel to your clans citadel through the portal or use the text dialogue to enter. your update broke the clan citadel. I last capped at my clans citadel 7 days ago, everything was fine, however only sometimes the app crashed when joining citadel. Your “ performance downgrade” was released 5 days ago, do the math. You broke being able to visit your clan citadel. Literally crashes the client every time now. I have tried over 30 times after trying multiple different things to possibly fix the bug. Please fix. Not sure if this is affecting all mobile users, or only ios users, or only certain versions of ios or certain ios device models. fix it
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9 months ago, dies often
Once great but not worth the time investment
I have thousands of hours in the game, and historically it’s probably a 4/5 for a review. The MTX has increased time after time, and finally it’s at the point of a cheap mobile game. It’s around $150 a year in the monthly subscription, which is a decent chunk. On top of that, they’ve had loot crates, buyable instant kill boss, etc that you can pay for. Annoying, but fairly easy to ignore. Now the battle pass addition (can’t opt out), is very invasive to everything you do with messages, pop ups, etc. Its too close to a free iPhone game now that relies on MTX, while also costing $150 a year instead of being free. If you’re considering starting anew, it’s not worth it at this point. Anyone still playing has a bit of sunken cost issue, since they’ve likely spent $1000 and thousands of hours playing. If you want this style of game, consider old school RuneScape instead - similar but significantly more popular for a reason.
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3 years ago, Jameel165
About time you on ios
Took a while to get you on ios. Been playing RS for years game looks great works fine. I did have a bit of an issue the day it was released during character creation but I would imagine that was due to heavy volume of people trying to play at the same time. I would’ve given it a five star but there’s one issue for me. And that is the clicking. I don’t know if it’s me or if I have sausage fingers or it’s the game itself but whenever I try to click for example the bag or something smaller like a conversation bar and you click the continue on it my end up clicking slightly above or below it which causes me to miss click and walk somewhere and I have to redo everything again which is annoying. Overall good Job.
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2 years ago, Lord_Khufu
Cache loading and performance issues
So i'm playing on an iPad Air 2, probably the least powerful device that is supported by the game and of course i'm facing some issues. First, cache loading stuck at 98% despite the cache has reached 3712mb(which is the maximum amounts shown), i wonder does that mean i didn't have the extra performance from caching because it's never finishes or something ? Because my game feels no different in term of performance once the cache is full. Second, performance is terrible ! Especially stutters, even turning every settings in the advanced menu down to minimum stutters still present and if leave textures on my game stutters even worse and crashes very frequently, this seems like a low vram issue and it's probably is, so game definitely needs more optimizations or just listed iPad Air 2 as unsupported because experience isn't the greatest and the most bearable. Back to osrs for me i guess.
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2 years ago, azoteth
Great game…when it can actually load
I’ve played RuneScape since 2003, I was excited for the announcement it was coming to mobile. I own an iPhone XS Max with straight talk as my phone service provider, and I have not once been able to load the client while on data without immediately crashing. I am restricted to using wifi, which is okay but defeats the purpose of being mobile if I can’t play without being in range of a router. If any developer sees this, please be advised not all iOS users can play on data. Please fix this. Thank you Update: Boosted to 5 stars. I have to run cloudflare app before launching RuneScape. Works fine now. Any IOS users that are having similar issues please advise.
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3 years ago, krispyt0@st
Great adaptation!
I’ve played RuneScape for the better part of 17 years, on and off. The mobile version is definitively taking a LOT on. A very ambitious task all in all. I can definitely say it’s serviceable and gives me the experience of RuneScape but it does have its flaws. The icons are a little difficult to tap, some of the interfaces don’t flow as well and high end combat is much more difficult. For daily playing, checking on auctions and other skilling, I think it’s great but for an all around experience, it definitely has a ways to go before it would be a seamless transition between desktop and mobile platforms. The team is listening to feedback to improve but I can’t help but think that new player experience could be improved upon. Tons of new players constantly asking what they should do because there’s so much content thrown at them all at once. This is how the game survives. On top of the poor new player experience, the pushed micro transactions also drive away would be players. If Jagex could work on these things, RS3 mobile could definitely be a top app on google and Apple for a long time.
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3 years ago, Thatxjguy
I’ve Waited 10 Years for This
I was once a teenager hoping to bring this game along with me on the go. I’m no young spry anymore, but here we are. Jagex finally came through. The mobile gam runs like butter whether you’re in Wi-Fi or cellular. It plays so smoothly on modern hardware whether it’s an iPhone 12 Pro Max or an iPad Pro. With various graphical settings, it’s easy to find the sweet spot even for older and less capable devices. This app lets you do AFK skilling on the go, and if you’re really feeling brave, you can enjoy some combat too. This isn’t a watered down RuneScape for mobile… no… it’s the real thing hands down. Highly recommended, and get yourself a battery pack while you’re at it, because you’ll need it.
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3 years ago, Belladopdoe
No sound
I actually enjoy playing this game however it is NO SOUND. I’ve sent a email and I’ve looked all over google to fix this issue and I haven’t had any luck so I’m rating this game one star until this issue is fix I want to continue playing this game but I refuse to play in silence. I am playing on IOS and no my phone is not on silent mode when the game first starts there is music when I get to the next screen to login there is music but as soon as the game starts there is absolutely no music it’s quiet and that is just weird please fix this problem. Edit: will keep one star due to game not being able to play sound due to data it should be a option to use sound while using a data connection I have unlimited data so I could care less about that this you really shouldn’t have a game out with no sound deleting until I get some sound with or without wifi but thanks for the response
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3 years ago, Healstorm57
Wow, the devs fixed issues in real time!
(No matter what the game glitches at character creation. Unplayable. Your just staring at the character you just made, and that’s about it….) The above was my original review. I was extremely disappointed because I really looked forward to this game. I got on the Jajex website and the devs where posting updates on solving the issues every half hour. Not only that they where actually answering players questions and addressing concerns. Now the game is running smoothly and I’m having a great time. I’m extremely impressed with the way the developers handled the situation. Due to the professionalism I witnessed this gaming company is deserving of a 5 star rating in my opinion.
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2 years ago, ZacharyTxyz
Why are we going ahead with increasing the cost of membership and bonds when we are fully aware there are glaringly huge issues that are yet to be addressed? How can we justify this as being required when reporting record-breaking profits? Bots are running rampant in-game, RWT continues to be a huge problem, our support offering is sub-par at best when compared to our competitors, our game worlds lag consistently, and at times our login servers are unavailable or the worlds just disconnect players and we are yet to materialize on many of the account security improvements promised from 2019. Would it not be in our best interests to make good on promises we've already made time and time again before expecting our customers to pay more for less? Are you aware of how poorly our players speak of Jagex as a studio due to these broken promises? I’m not renewing my membership until this is addressed.
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3 years ago, JDM012
Made for mouse
My first impression of this game so far is that it is clearly made for mouse and keyboard computer play. Of course this makes sense because that is how this game has been played for years. The transition to iPhone and iPad is not a smooth one. I am playing on an iPhone 12 Pro so the experience is the best that one could get. The tap to move response is extremely delayed, The character movement is very sluggish, and the menus are very hard to navigate on such a small screen. I have also tried to play on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. This solved the real estate problem on the screen, but the touch responsiveness is still unplayable. I know this is the first iteration of the game and I hope the developers learn and adapt. It is very clear that this is a computer game ported for the “i” device. I hope they take a lesson from the developers of league of legends who made a game that was designed for a touchscreen device. (I do not work for LoL) I understand they made an entirely new game, but at least it’s playable. This game in its current state is not enjoyable and I will have to wait to see if later versions improve gameplay. I look forward to see what’s to become of this game.
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1 year ago, Va Smu
The Story of MoMo
Once upon a time momo charged through lumbridge with the determination of Bandos slaying all the innocent elven defendants outside of the ghoul gate to the great beyond. One Day a black knight challenged him, determined not to loose she clothed her argonian brochure in dragon with the talons of death, being armed with only a bronze axe and a shield, having just a net the black knight challenged him to a fight of honor sitti by on the edge of there seats the Olympian Gods and Goddesses met them at the village as MoMo waited for the night in the war zone She pelted her with the net covering the Dragon MoMos eyes as she slid her bronze axe across her throat it began to shift through the elements of the great beyond becoming marked with blood as a symbol of victory, to this very day no one has figured out Medusa is momo
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3 years ago, Tilden Thorne
I am not a fan of the graphics, the character naming is just all screwed up (I have a couple of names I use in every MMO and they are unique enough to ALWAYS work, not here), control is a bit wonky, and it was released on iOS just after another, more polished MMO. I really wanted to like this game, bet in the end it just hit me like… Meh. It is not a bad game by any means, I just really want something new, different, and this is not it. Seriously, game designers, name uniqueness is should not be a requirement. I have seen plenty of MMOs with none unique naming (you know, like the real world). It gets even weirder when you know for sure know one is already using a name. Did this version of RuneScape keep names and profiles from previous editions, because I am really confused about this one…
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3 years ago, Dongleattack
As of right now “ not that good “
Jagex, has proven they can do it with OSRS on mobile, but this version doesn’t really have the touch yet. The whole time I feel as if I’m playing on a streaming client from another PC, massive input lag, weird fumbles where I might tap something but it registers multiple taps. Every time I open the UI the UI seemingly has to load for a good 20 seconds before I can actually interact with it. The NPC dialogue seems to be an issue too where I keep trying to proceed to the next line of dialogue but suddenly the text will cancel out and I have to start all over again. The game often also freezes entirely after exiting the UI elements end I have to close the game entirely. I think it can get there considering they have done it before, but it’s currently not there right now.
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