Running Fred

4.4 (1.5K)
186.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dedalord S.R.L.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Running Fred

4.42 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Nessid
Good game, but c’mon guys
This game makes me feel a lot of nostalgia. I would play it on my dad’s iPad in the mornings, the music was catchy, it was satisfying to collect gold medals and Grimmy Idols. However, there’s a huge problem and I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. After I spent hours collecting skullies to buy the Danger Caves map, I collected all the Grimmy Idols so I could try out the Iron after avatar. I selected it, selected survival mode, and then it crashed instantly, before the game started. I didn’t think much of it and I pulled the game up again, changed my avatar selection because I thought that was the only problem, but it crashed yet again. I can’t get on adventure or survival without the game crashing as it loads, even if I don’t have the Iron Fred avatar selected. I tried to look up how to troubleshoot this problem, but there were no results, so I thought I was the only one. Upon reading the reviews and learning that this has been happening for quite a while, it’s an even bigger problem than I thought. Aside from Falling Fred (which isn’t even available for the device version I’m using) none of your other games give me that same amount of satisfaction and nostalgia as Running Fred. C’mon guys, you gotta get this fixed.
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6 years ago, Spider boy01
We need a sequel
Currently, the newest game you guys at Dedalord have made is football Fred, and I kind of find it as an unoriginal game. I was really hoping that you make a sequel to this game, because I’m sure that would probably be your mostly downloaded game, and because I also love this game, but can’t play it due to it crashing every time I start playing it. I hope you read this, Dedalord, because I think it will be a great idea for a new game to start working on. I know for sure I would love a sequel to running fred. Also, make sure gameplay stays exactly like this one, because I don’t want a clicker or a sports-related title, just running fred, but improved and better to play.
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2 years ago, Travis Delselva
Amazing game but please update and fix the issues.
I loved this game for so long and it’s truly amazing and it’s still amazing I used to play it all the time On my kindle fire tablet the best times of my life. Always waking up in the morning and playing running Fred with my brother the best time ever. Anyways many years pass by and I still play it although I got it on my iPhone and played it for a long time but one problem was when I unlocked the character “Iron Fred” I used him before and he’s pretty cool but on iOS and since it hasn’t been updated for a while the game has been crashing and sending me to my home screen. I thought it was a one time thing and I kept on trying and waiting till later and a few days to check if it works but it does not at all. For this reason millions of players cannot play the game. Deadalord, please I hope you can at least update for fix this problem. It won’t let me play the game what so ever I want to keep playing it and I really hope you can fix it.
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5 years ago, SkySkyler121121
Iron Fred Glitch
This game is really good! I always used to play it when I was very younger, and I downloaded it again just because I thought it would be cool. The game was going great until I downloaded the character “Iron Fred”. For some reason, I can not get into adventure mode, survival mode, or any mode when I unlocked the character. I can’t get in even when I am not using the character. Please fix this issue, because this game is amazing to play. I do not want to stop playing it. I also do not want to uninstall and reinstall the game because all of my progress will be gone. Edit: So it’s been a couple of months later and it still doesn’t work. I tried uninstalling and installing again but the game keeps my progress, which means I still have the Iron Fred, which means that I STILL can’t play. Can you please fix this glitch, there are many fans of your game who can’t play because of it. I really want to play this game because I love it sooo much, but I can’t. If you can’t fix the glitch, can you or somebody help me delete my progress at least so I can play. Your fans including me have been patient.
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7 years ago, What what123445
Oh back in 2012 or 2013 me and my two sisters would all play this game on our iPads, we would have so much fun on the car trip each playing it I forgot about this game for a while but the other day were were all in the car again and playing the same game, I got deja vu and remembered when we used to play this game, I asked my sister "what was that game with the guy that ran around in that dungeon or something?" She said " ohhh ya, I think it was called running Fred." This set me on my quest to find this game and write this review to tell you that this game has sentimental value and made me so happy when I saw it was still here on the AppStore, thanks for making this game, you inadvertently made me this very fond memory.
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7 years ago, Mirtx
Problem with ads
Great game really love it. I have been playing this game since the beginning and have unlocked everything there is and have gotten big high scores on the endless runs. But now you have added ads which I hate because I get annoyed by them. Well I have recently gotten the game on my phone and now every time an ad pops up it then makes “Fred” go to the left and then fall to his death or get killed by an obstacle. Also I can’t get all of my purchases transferred to my phone. So it would be nice if you if you could tell me how to get my purchases transferred to my phone and hopefully it will get rid of the ads.
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4 years ago, albertfanngirl
This game is awesome
I played this game for almost 3 or 4 years and it’s really cool my friend was playing it on the computer and it looked really cool and I looked at the title of the game and I played it on my computer then I realized that this game was the best game I ever played and then I downloaded this on my phone and it is one of the best games I ever played and when a few years went by I started to play other Fred games like skiing Fred,clicker Fred, football Fred and those games was awesome and I still play it till this day thank you fo this game and I hope more people play this game cause it is really a good game and I think you should try it
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5 years ago, itsyaboychrisb
Blocking me from playing the game
I absolutely love this game and always play this game when I want to play a game on my phone but recently I unlocked a character called Iron Fred. After I was able to unlock him with 20 grimmy idols, I wanted to try him because I thought that he would be like the jet pack Fred. But, when I pressed the survival mode icon, it sent me back to my home screen. I thought it was just going to be that one time but, when I kept trying again, it couldn’t work even with adventure mode and challenge mode. Can y’all fix this problem, I just want to keep playing this game.
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5 years ago, LCGrinchhh
Iron Fred!
Even after the new update which was supposed to fix some bugs(and tell us that hey we still care about this game) and tell us that area 51 is in developement now,the game still has bugs, after unlocking Iron Fred my game would crash everytime i tried playing anything(even without having iron fred equipped). Now more bugs are added, after some time my game starts crashing (this is before unlocking iron fred) so this update gave me more bugs.
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5 years ago, Keke Moore
A True Fred Fan
I have been playing this game now for many years (at least 4+)and I must say that this is a splendid game to spend hours on and it’s great to get achievements on different maps in the adventure Mode. Might of had my ups and downs with the game such as when you used to be able to play effortlessly to watching just too many ads in between game play to it just straight up crashing on you (in the pass; this problem is eliminated) I recommend this game to anyone with a sick twisted desired individuals who love gore and violence in their games with a hint of fear as well.
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1 year ago, Mcintough
Very nostalgic but COMPLETELY dead
This game will never get the Sektor 51 update and I remember that being teased back in 2012 when I played this on my IPod. The very infrequent updates have ALL made the game worse little by little, until it has been morphed into the unpolished mess it is today. The endless cave level literally has impossible obstacles that you fall right through, the heads up display of Fred had all the gore removed (which WAS the main selling point of the game), the ragdoll physics have Fred’s body erratically fling around at a trillion mph and way more little cracks at the seams that just weren’t there before. Hate to leave a bad review on a game I loved so much, but it deserves it. FIX THIS GAME!!
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3 years ago, George3693
Good game BUT
Great game always loved playing it in high school but for some reason as soon as you make the purchase of the 3rd world the game just crashes everytime you try to play it no matter what you try to play survival, endless doesn’t matter it will just crash. I even tried to delete it and redownload it but nothing worked. And I unlocked all the skullie statues to get iron Fred and to my surprise that one didn’t work either as soon as you try to use iron Fred the game will crash. It’s like what’s the use of spending money on the game if you can’t play it. Please fix this problem
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6 years ago, MG 1998!!!!!
I’ve played your app in the past on my old iPhone and it was great! Now I want to download it on my iPhone X. It downloads without a problem, but I can’t actually “play” the game... I can only buy characters, and play the tutorial. What’s wrong with the app... is it because I have an IPhone X? I’ve tried turning my phone off, re-downloading it, and even buying a new character... but nothing... I still have the same account that I used when I first played it, so what is the problem? Please respond? :(
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5 months ago, Bearagamo15
Pretty Ok
The app is very attention getting which free me to play i played all of it even bought the other maps n stuff and it was pretty good the issue with this game is that it is relying heavily on the fact you need to buy money in order to get the other levels which is kinda redundant when you consider you do not make enough money to on each level to the point you have to constantly play the game until you miraculously gain 2,000+ to get the other map and another issue is that tbh the game isnt really all that i love the gore n the concept the issue is the value system is not good at all.
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1 year ago, Allday-dj1
Good game but needs an update
Can you please update this game I have iron Fred but I Haven’t played as him people are saying that if you play as iron Fred it will crash your game if you go to adventure mode survival mode or change your avatar it crashes your game too so please update this game you have been silent for three years not Even making a game also hope you are finished with endless sektor 51
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1 year ago, YL0F
Amazing game, one thing tho
I was seeing if this game finally got fixed after 3 years and I was surprised that it did, I installed it and I saw everything I had, the only problem is when grabbing a mystery box, the item that is given isn’t given, I got a resurrection from one and it didn’t show up when I lost all my lives, this game has always been nostalgic for me but please fix the mystery boxes.
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4 years ago, Nicothegoat
Great game but can’t play now
This is a really fun game and I used to pay it a lot a couple of years ago and now I just got back into it again and I’ve collected all the grimmy idols in the first and second worlds and now it crashes any time I try to play can u please fix this because I like this game and I don’t want to buy the new worlds and have it not work
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4 months ago, NoGoodUser
Hoping for a remaster
Running Fred is an amazing game and I used to play it a lot as a kid, coming back to the game now fills me with nostalgia and joy, however it does eventually get boring and Skiing Fred (another game I played as a kid) isn’t available in my region. I hope someday they remaster Running Fred so I can enjoy a more modern version of the game and see how far the game devs skills have come!
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2 years ago, daggerd1k
The nostalgia 🤩
I remember when this game was on the computer it was so fun and addicting the teachers had banned it from our school but we still kept finding ways to play it most of the time we would hid it from the teachers it was risky until it got removed off google store on computer 😭
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4 years ago, Pro Big Boi
Mystery Box Glitch
Every time I get a mystery box and complete the level I don’t get the reward. Like one time I got a box and got a 30% discount for the day but nothing happened. I got 2 more so I basically had a 90% discount. Same with everything else like shields safety spring etc. Please fix the glitch Dedalord. I also got all the grimmy idols to get Iron Fred and every time I booted up the game it kicked me out.
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5 years ago, R0999
Used to love it. Tried again and controls are broken
I played this year's ago and loved it. Hated the iPod. Got stuck with a iPhone for work and downloaded this on the iPhone 8. The controls are inverted. There's no up and down support for when falling so I miss the padding most times due to always falling forward. To top it off... I'll start the run and immediately it flips the screen so that everything is upside-down. I flip it right side up and die in the process. Then it flips again when I start the next run...
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3 years ago, Mario03620
Value pack
I’m trying to buy the all 3 value packs and when I purchased it it says it’s successfully purchased but when it takes me back to game and it says processing and says an error occurred. I already checked my purchase history it says it’s pending. Pls fix this
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6 years ago, Starkandginger
Love this game but it crashes
I have downloaded and deleted this game 6 times over the last two years. I deleted it because every time I tried to enter a level, the game would crash and throw me back to my home screen. Literally throws me completely out of the game. I keep downloading it because the game is SO FUN, but I’m frustrated. I’ve spent money on this game (which I NEVER DO). Please fix, I see that I’m not the only one with this issue.
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4 years ago, LEGO Kid 101
A Problem
There’s a problem with Running Fred. When ever I press start to a level or endless level it just keeps go to the home screen when it gets to the loading screen and it just keeps happening. It lets you play the tutorial but nothing else
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1 year ago, Mousersak
Good but why so pricy and purchase
This game is really fun and should get more attention,but why is danger caves so expensive but cheaper on Poki some people are gonna buy their way to danger caves. Are y’all wanting us to buy skullies ? I also bought value pack 3 but I only got 4,000 skullies. I tried to restore purchase but I still didn’t get rocket Fred
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1 year ago, lolmikelooksfunny
Good game and all but...
The gsme is great, but gamepads would be funner, with left and right button on the left, and the jump button on the right. Gamepads can be adjusted in settings or added to the screen. I feel like that would make the game feel a lot more better
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5 years ago, A nickname nobody will use
Amazing game buuuut small catch
It’s great and all but there’s a small problem in when you collect a mystery box and then finish the level to earn the box, whatever you get a prize in the box, like power ups, skills, it doesn’t give it to you, that’s why I’m rating this game 4 stars, if the developer fix that bug, I’ll gladly update this into a 5 star👌
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2 years ago, not useing
Good game but still bad
The game is good I like all the content they put in this game but I feel the developers have given up on this game and all of there games. I also still want endless sector 51 to release. Another thing I want to add is that the game doesn’t let me play any more and stops working whenever you unlock iron Fred. So if the devs can see this review and try to bring back this game that will be very awesome, let’s make this game great again.
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4 years ago, -Wallla
Good Game
I have been playing this game for almost 6 years and I am 13 but one thing that annoys me the most is waiting for Sektor 51 to come out. It has been saying “coming soon” for like the beginning of the game but still it hasn’t been released but overall good game dedalord.
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6 years ago, Franklinskully
Great game
Great game but too many ads mistery boxes don’t actually work and game crashes for endless survival after all 20 levels are completed if fixed I would rate 5 stars like how it used to be on the computer. I played this game throughout high school and got the nickname skully for being the best player keep making good games dedalord!
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5 years ago, Zal1x
Good game all and all but
This is a good game but the golden skullies are to hard to get for me and it’s a grind sometimes and the Freds cost to much but other than that it a good game to pass the time I played this since I was playing my dads phone back in 2013 along with the other og play store games like jet pack joyride and subway surfers
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2 years ago, OVO_ZACH
What a gem
I surprised to still see this gem on the App Store after all these years. Felt pretty nostalgic playin it after not even remembering about if for probably 10 years now. Exactly how I remember it lol, my high scores and outfits are still there too lol.
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6 years ago, ibizatracks
Ad problem
Look I played this game since I was 8 on my iPad. I’m 13 now and I downloaded the game again an ad pops up but the ad pops up side ways and I can’t find the x to remove the ad from my screen so I could continue but noooo theirs no x so the ad stops me from playing the game
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1 year ago, T_T1253
Great, but one fatal flaw
Selecting Iron Fred after collecting all grimmy idols crashes the game, and will (from what I can tell) crash the game whenever trying to play endless mode playing with the outfit or not. This is an awesome game and I love to comeback to it every now and then, but that isssue really needs to get fixed.
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4 years ago, Prattmaster 726
The worst glitch ever
This game is really fun but there is one problem It took me days to get enough skullies to get danger caves and I got the grimmy idols to get the iron Fred skin but when I got it my game crashed and I can’t do anything on it so please can you fix this
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4 years ago, JoMammy28
Great game but...
On the endless caves you boys need some work. You can’t get past the spinning sharp Totum things where there’s two red walls or one totum with red walls without getting cut! My boyfriend and I are in a score battle and we can’t battle with the scores constantly ending at the wooden spinning totums with spikes. There is no way around it
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4 years ago, Cy8910
Where is super falling fred?
This is a great game, quite glitchy, but that adds to the charm, but why did you remove super falling fred from the app store? Is there any reason for that? Please put it back on, it raised me when my parents also raised me, please bring it back.
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6 years ago, EF343
Unplayable bc of Ads
What happened? Seriously, what happened? I used to love this game a few years ago and thought I’d reinstall it for some nostalgia only to find out that the game is nearly unplayable due to the ungodly amount of inescapable advertisements thrown in your face after EVERYTHING. Even at the menu the second you tap an option it throws an ad in your face that you can’t skip. Load up game, ad. Play a level, ad. Return to menu, ad. This is ridiculous
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5 years ago, Jman🤘🏼
Unplayable now
I like this game a lot and played it for a long time, even going as far as buying the extra levels and skylines. However after I unlocked the iron man suit the game has crashed with everything I try to do. Regret spending money on this great game that I can’t even play anymore. Without this problem I’d give it 4 or 5 stars but I can’t even play now. With the last update being like 10 months ago I don’t expect this to get fixed.
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4 years ago, Suzy saurus
You better make it better.
You have to make this better before I lose my mind. Please. Also, you have to stop those glitches because every time I play as any Fred character, it takes me back home, because it makes it unplayable. Fix this or it’s no deal.
Show more
4 years ago, rubenvfx
Nostalgia bring back please
Hello,Dedalord. I’m here to say to bring back your falling Fred game. I know you gived up. But it’s your chance to bring it back to the AppStore! All your fans are waiting for the game and we sure still love the game.
Show more
4 years ago, Connerboydude
It’s good but can you fix this please
So I was playing Running Fred I picked iron Fred and when I went in the loading screen of Fred like jumping on top of a trap it just kicked me so can you please fix this bug
Show more
6 years ago, Swagger is my name!
Super fun, but there is nonstop crashes
I had this problem ever since I got iron Fred, anyways he problem is I can do every thing except enter a level and play with is so annoying I want to play as iron feed I’ve tried deleting and downloading, restarted my phone, made sure it was updated, etc. nothing works please fix this game I love it
Show more
3 years ago, JorgeDaOne
It’s crashes when collecting all grimmy idols
So there’s this one problem where if you collected all idols and choose the iron Fred skin it crashes every time you open the mobile game I would personally like to know if there is a way you guys can fix it thank you
Show more
5 years ago, aniel pro gamer
Crashes a lot with iron fred
When I unlocked iron fred I played with him then it crashed then I try again and it crashed I try deleting the app and got it back but it didn’t work so can you please fix this :)
Show more
5 years ago, the guy who loves C D
The crash
Yes this is the best phone game i have ever played but the glitch were it crashes when you get in is very irritating and i love the game but please get this fixed if you do I’ll get my friend to leave a 5 star review.
Show more
7 years ago, NNNNobody
This game was great but is lacking in updates, this most resent one is the first we had in along time but it brakes the game I can't play any levels without it crashing. So developers if you are reading this please fix the game.
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4 years ago, fan of Dedalord
Updates and Sektor 51 when?
I love this game, played this game since I was 5 and everyday I would play Survival mode but sometimes I wonder when Sektor 51 would come out. Dedalord it’s been two or three years when will it be here?
Show more
2 years ago, _jjtv3x
the best iOS game ever created
released ten years ago and is STILL being updated for new devices with little to no changes to gameplay at all awesome
Show more
4 years ago, its broken snd garbage
Not being able to steer
For some reason when I start the game it somehow happens when I move my device side to side
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