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Trader Interactive, LLC
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for RV Trader: Shop RVs

4.76 out of 5
16.6K Ratings
8 months ago, AmyG45
App email notifications
I love this app, easy to use, but I wish there was a notification that would pop up when you get a new email request from an interested party. You need to go into your app and sign into your account to see if there’s a new email. When you’re selling something it would be nice if a notification popped up right away letting you know you’ve received a new email request from someone who might be interested in your rv. I’m signing into my app every couple hours to make sure I don’t miss a request from someone driving by who wants to see our rig….we missed a potential sale last year when I missed an email for a day. (Something like Facebook messenger or Twitter does). Great app though
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3 months ago, BBHX
Website is much better
The RVTrader website is good but the app is marginal with several annoyances. Scrolling left and right on pictures of a rig is fine but if you tap on 1 to see a larger version it doesn’t immediately open that image… it opens a slightly larger gallery showing like 6 images and restarts back at the top (quite a pain if you’re already on picture 84)! Also, in that pic gallery there’s no smooth scrolling… it shows like 6 pictures but then automatically jumps to the next 6. It’s also quite likely to timeout / refresh if you leave the app or even set your phone down for a few minutes meaning you get to start over. I also think that rigs should have more details… you can filter for RVs sold “by dealers only” but they also include PopRVs as a dealer when it’s really basically a consignment website. That would be nice too, if “dealership” rigs would specify when they’re being sold on consignment vs actually owned and sold by the dealership. If you show up at MHSRV to look at a used rig, very likely they won’t be willing to negotiate with you… they’ll have to submit an offer to the seller!
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2 years ago, 180LP
A great app for people on the go
I love the app but there’s a few things I would to see get added. The option to put your vehicle in your account and the search refinements will point which camper is right for your vehicle. A button to add air conditioning. To some people ac is a necessity especially if you’re using your camper as a home away from home for work.
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1 year ago, P. Lou
Restore the old interface
I have been shopping for RV models often for a few years. aLWAYS happy to use RV Trader app! I find it to be a positive experience! Never had a complaint about the presentation on the iOS platform or the swiftness of reload nor the search. I don’t know exactly when things were updated, I would say it was May or June 2022. No matter how precise you spell out your request in the search, you never get a focus down choices of RVs. It forces you to wade through maybe several hundreds or thousands of things that don’t apply to your search. For instance I look for class B and up comes trailers. This is not an improvement. Other times I might do a Nationwide search on Roadtrek and it will give a view of a few. Then if you put a general term camper van there are many more Roadtreks. I hope it is fixed very soon.
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3 years ago, E1D1
incessantly goes to an add with folks running
update: appreciate the developer reaching out but we bought our rv so no longer use the app to be of any help. honestly it felt like app was pushing us off the platform for excessive usage but in this hot market for rvs where every one we contacted had already sold we had to search continuously. i know the web version on laptop complained and asked for proof of being human a lot if we flipped through picts too fast, so am inferring the ios app was using this video for the same reason / hope that helps the developer. Original:app has become useless and it was not the last version that did it but i constantly get shifted to an add of folks running (in one version it had a guy putting goggles on and a quote say my name is sam, i live in london. its soo invasive it happens multiple times per minute and opens multiple copies so you close one only to get another its like a virus - has made the app useless!!!
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2 years ago, John Smith 5
Terrible way to list your rv. Terrible customer service!
We listed our rv with RV trader and paid to have it listed. After having the RV listed at a very reasonable price for 1 month we received zero calls or emails. I am not sure if this is because they put all the dealership RV’s prior to the private party RV’s or if RV trader is a thing of the past and those shopping for RVs do not look on RV Trader anymore. We reached out to RV trader to let them know of our terrible experience and lack of service for our money paid and after 2 voicemails we still have not received a call back. With all that said I highly recommend if you want to sell your RV your best bet is Offer up or Craigslist once we listed on both sites we had about 30 people interested and it sold within a week at same listed price. RV Trader is terrible highly don’t recommend it as a private party!
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2 years ago, mfs50270
RV trade
This App is great for searching for RV’s for sale and to list your RV for sale; however, it crashes all the time! Screen will lock and even after a few hrs will not unlock . This was frustrating as a buyer, but now as a seller , it is very frustrating. Sometimes it will show my listing on my profile, sometimes it won’t. Also very difficult to edit listing. You may think you did edits and hit save and even get a message saying edits were successful and will be displayed shortly, but then they don’t. Also unable to open email messages on app when prospective buyer sends one, have to go to your actual email to read even though the number of emails are highlighted to open messages.
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1 year ago, not again very frustrated
RV Trader App vs Web
I have used the RV Trader for selling and purchasing my RVs for many years. I have been very happy with the exposure. I have noticed there is a difference in information that is displayed between the website and the app. A new release was just issued for the app and I was hoping to see an issue address however it was not. The website shows how long a listing has been posted however the app does not contain this very fundamental information. I would like to see the developer include this information in the app under how many views and saves. Overall I like the app so please address this issue. Thank you
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3 years ago, dpacker_sc
Has some bugs
As a former web designer and software tester, I’m surprised that someone as well known as RV Trader would have such a buggy app. There are issues with the saved searches and also with contacting people through the app. Given that a lot of people aren’t very tech savvy, I’m surprised they don’t have a better messaging system instead of relying on email that can get stuck in Spam folders. A couple of the people I contacted to purchase from had difficulties with getting inquiries and responding. I had to give them my direct email to contact me. I sent other requests and never received RV Trader’s confirmation that the RV owner received it, and I’m assuming they didn’t since I never heard back from them either. I contacted customer service once and the person who responded was too dumb to even understand what I was trying to tell her. Some things they should do, but don’t: - mark an RV as viewed (when you look at so many, you can’t keep track - have a messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers - have more fields for the seller to complete because a lot of the ads lack a lot of information - TEST the software!!! It’s buggy!!!
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9 months ago, old merle
Frozen app
Ever time I click on a saved RV that has been sold or removed from listing, the entire app locks up. I can’t search other listings or continue in current category. I have had to delete and reload the app ever couple weeks. Come up with a better system. I would also like to see a “posting date” to see any new units. This is more far fetched, but an option to decline a unit for features undesirable or lacking ( maybe an X over the heart) would also be useful indicating I looked but it’s not for me. Saving me from endless search’s in some categories.
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4 years ago, GreatAep
They sold my info
Do not use this company. I posted a rv. They have a option for you to put your phone number unlisted. I decided to do that and if a person was interested I would give them my number. I had seven different inquiries, all one or two liners except one well written Email. I thought that was odd. Then after you reply to the people and give them your number. They don’t call, they don’t send any more messages, all of a sudden they don’t want to talk to you. That’s when I felt like I paid for a service I’m not getting. The one person that sent me a real email did call me the day I sold the RV on Craigslist. But the issue now is I get calls atleast once a week asking me to advertise my rv on whoever's website. Just avoid this company and post it locally.
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2 years ago, DESERT_RACER
Cannot share
UPDATE: After developer response: yes, the link takes you to the app on the phone you have. BUT, when it takes you to the app thats all it does. It does not open the RV that was shared to you. It just opens the main screen of the app. So developer, its intended purpose is to open the home page of the app and not the RV that was shared to you? Because that is what you just stated in your reply. It does not open the RV shared to you, like i explained. When you click the share button, through a text message; its just a link to download the app, or open the app. It never opens the RV you wanted to share. And the URL it shares is just the app store link. I want to share the RV I’m looking at, not the app. Dumb.
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4 years ago, NishaSade
Great app, a few practical things needed.
Very thoughtful user experience. After using this app religiously to hunt down an Rv for my family, there are a few things buyers like myself could use. 1. Sort - rent vs. buy. Many of the sellers put pricing low for rentals. Well if you’re buying like me, it’s an annoyance for them to be included when you’re not interested in renting. Currently I just use the list view to set a custom price at 5000 and up. 2. Add a filter and sort to your saved rvs. I have many of them save and want to compare them, a filter would facilitate that!
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4 years ago, KindaSortaMaybe
Broken in latest release
The latest release seems to have some critical issues. I opened the app and clicked on the tab to see my saved searches (I recently created two new saved searches through the website). The new searches were not there, and neither was the saved search I had built in the app months ago. The screen just showed some gray boxes. So I deleted the app from my iPhone, downloaded it again from the App Store and reinstalled. When I went to the login screen and entered my email and password and submitted, nothing happened. So now I can’t even log into the app. Therefore it’s worthless. Good luck all you other users, but I’m tired of fooling with it.
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2 days ago, DaveDorie
Share feature doesn’t work
It used to work, but now when I share a listing it just directs the person to the home page instead of the actual listing. Not very helpful. This got messed up a couple versions ago and I did see many people reported it. I was hoping that issue would be fixed in this newest release, but sharing a specific listing still does not work. It looks like it sends what I want to send but doesn’t open correctly on the receiver’s end.
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2 months ago, BritBrit559
Just okay- potential for improvements
The app is okay for browsing but it would be much improved with a few more options for advanced search to narrow down specifically what you’re looking for. Sure you can search by keywords but not multiple keywords. It also doesn’t work for sharing; when I share a trailer, it shows a preview of the exact trailer but upon clicking the link, it just takes you to the app, not the listing that was shared. Some things I’d love to see: -Search option for size of the main bed size (king or queen) -Search option for solar (solar included/solar hookups but not included/no solar hookups) -Specific search option for read den as opposed to rear living Lastly it would be fantastic if the trailer model acronym meaning was included (BHS models specify “bunk house slide” etc)
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3 years ago, Emiator
Within just a few days, we had over 8,000 views, 150 saves, and nearly 300 messages. We sold our 1995 Gulfstream within 4 days of listing it at full asking price. Loved the response so much, we are considering flipping RV’s. Only recommendation to RV trader is add a pending sale option to let people know without messaging. I added it to the description but people don’t always read that.
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2 years ago, Guchwale
Interminable processing keeps freezing app
Really disappointing. Previous version wasn’t ideal but at least worked. This newer version has better graphics but anytime I try to look at a specific vehicle it just freezes processing until I reboot my iPad
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2 years ago, Groupongreatness
Buggy app for listing RVs
While using this app for searching may be good, listing an RV for sale the app is extremely buggy. When under the listing section, if it even shows up, from uploading pictures to responding to leads, the clicking and gamble of it ‘will work or not’ is constant. Understanding that this may be compatibility issues with the phone vendor and OS version, it would appear that more regression testing is needed by the developers with a focus on users listing RVs for sale. Especially since private parties selling RVs are paying $50+ for a listing, I expect more from the app.
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3 years ago, AyyGusti
Very poorly optimized
The app features are great. Searching is a breeze and I love how custom searches can be to search for the perfect RV, HOWEVER... the app is almost unusable. From the moment the app is opened it slowly starts slowing down and becoming unresponsive. Not just the app itself, but my whole phone starts taking forever to respond to any of my taps or button presses. Seems to me that there is poor cpu optimization or a memory leak of some sort. Would love to give this app 5 stars, but the fact that it slows down my entire phone while using it is a deal breaker.
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3 years ago, Gastankii
Good app but needs more filter options
Enjoy the app. but I would like to see an option in the filter section, for example... “pending/under contract”. Twice I’ve seen a super C for sale that I really liked only to find out it was pending. Would also like to see an option for engine size/model. For example, DD13 or DD16, etc. I know with all the RV sizes and options this may be harder then the request.
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6 months ago, WoodyOfAZ
Impossible app to share RV with a friend.
The app is great for a individual user but if you want to share findings with others be prepared to be severely disappointed. If you send a share link to a friend without the app, it will not bring up the website. If you share to a friend who does have the app, the link opens the app but not to the shared RV. If you try and search, if you switch apps on the phone the search resets and anything typed and found is lost. It’s an impossible app to use for a couple to work together to find and RV.
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4 years ago, RV ArviN
Still searching
I love the class b rv, there just aren’t many to buy for a decent price these days nor easy to find private sellers. Once I get the one for me I want a manual with it. Any direction you can offer would be great. I hope my next lead will work out. Love the site tho.
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2 years ago, Jason13bourne11
Do better RV trader
I don’t normally review apps. But this thing has got to be the least user-friendly app that I’ve ever worked with. There does not seem to be a way to save your search, so if you accidentally hit the back button, you have to enter all of your filters again. I gave it 2 stars simply because I appreciate the fact that it exists at all...but it does make me wonder if the designers ever actually used it.
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2 years ago, WT Patterson
Enhancements Needed
Please add a search element for Engine HP & Torque. And also REQUIRE all sellers to post the Engine Make Model HP & Torque. A buyer searching for a preferred power plant and performance has to search thru a lot of posted RVs that don’t specify engine details and then have to Google search the Make / Model to find out what the unit is normally equipped with. Also please take down SOLD units sooner than later.
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4 years ago, Donnnnnnnnnnnn
Annoying Issues
The design is pretty good but has a few annoying issues. One is that “Featured” ads do not conform to the search filters that are set. If I set the maximum distance at 100 miles, I still get ads that are over 500 miles away or have much higher sale prices that what I’ve set. Another is that I see ads that are over five years old.
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4 years ago, jimmyjoe1313
Finding the right RV
You can see which units are available and the prices. The photos helped me decide what type of RV I wanted, kitchen in the back. Then track down the available ones within a radius I’m willing to travel to check them out.
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2 years ago, kimtown.com
No longer loads
The app itself is pretty great, however, since the latest iOS update, the app no longer loads so it’s useless now. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling and that doesn’t work either. I just go to the browser and use that version. It’s a bummer because I like to quickly launch and share favorites from the app and when it just sits on the green screen with the logo and doesn’t load, I can’t do that. 😩
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3 years ago, Lpastor14
In app communication fails
As a forum for connecting people, this is great. But the in app email communication function simply doesn’t work. I can reply but not send. I think I have successfully sent 1 email from the email. I get the notifications in my email and can respond from there but would prefer to manage the listing from the app and it is woefully lacking in function.
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3 weeks ago, OSPR3Y
Locks Up Constantly on my iPad
Search function locks up all the time on my iPad. Dynamic pics within ads flow, but you can’t scroll down the page, or apply filters.
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3 years ago, Ch4rlieBrown
Misleading ads
All of the ads are misleading. Your initial search wall require lots of filters and lots of filtering fodder. If you really want to waste your time and get frustrated finding lots of ads for people wanting to rent you their RV and putting misleading prices with hidden details, then this is your place. If you want to purchase things like a normal person where you can put in filters that will give you honest results, then you’re best off with craigslist. Yes I said craigslist. This app is terrible
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2 years ago, SLC reader
App freezes when selecting a sold unit
When trying to view units from the search results page, I click on the preview photo to see the listing details, and there have been several listings that say “sorry, this unit is not longer available,” and the turning gear icon sits there turning on the preview photo. Whenever this has happened, the app freezes up and I have to force quit, re-open, and start over.
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2 years ago, Robert8655
Very slow and freezes up.
I have issues with the app loading slowly or not loading at all. It often freezes up and requires closing out and have to attempt to open it again. I get frustrated and quit searching for a unit. When it works, it is a valuable resource for searching for a good deal. When it’s working.
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3 years ago, Truckdoctor
Old version was better
Since I’ve done the update I can’t find additional information that would be like a sellers story on how they’ve taken care of or modified the unit no longer available if you’re writing an email to the individual if you pause it’ll go away in a race itself so you have to start to email all over again wish I could back up to the old version
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3 years ago, Howxotk
New using APP.
Not sure why, very slow app. Does well filtering your searches, but I can stop, open new google window, type in specifics of RV, open and view pic and stats long before this app opens a pic. Should work faster to be usable, back to drawing board app writers, fix it. Howard S.
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9 months ago, 72937;9
RV trader seems to be the best place to search nationwide for an RV so that is I am sure why it is so popular. If it had to stand on its merits of customer use it would be one of the least used. It is not the most intuitive app and not having the ability to narrow a search for model years in less than 10 year increments is very frustrating. RVT move into 2023.
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3 years ago, Seanndiane
If you turn your phone sideways (landscape) to get a better view of photos, a ridiculously large “email” button covers a 1/3 of the photo. The button shouldn’t even be there in landscape mode. If you want to contact the seller, you would reorient your phone to dial or email. Makes the app nearly useless. Who wants to look at tiny photos?
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2 years ago, Smoky-Mts
User Friendly
We enjoying looking to see what’s newly listed in our size and price range. Very helpful in helping you decide what’s the best fit for you and your family.
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2 years ago, djvuvie skvotn gsyskc,f
Going down hill with the “relevance” update.
I used to enjoy using this app when you could do a nationwide search starting at nearest, now if you do nationwide they just show you some random crap from who knows where. My guess is it’s their back door way of forcing you to see premium listings first.
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2 years ago, stevel3o7
Great app
One of the most useful apps for searching RVs for sale. I have had the need to contact customer service several times and they are always helpful
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1 year ago, CutieBear310
Even Better
Have loved this app always, but with the newest update it’s even better with faster loading and smoother photo viewing! ❤️
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1 month ago, howelljo
Share does not work
My biggest complaint is that when you share a link from the app, even when the person I’m sharing with has the app, the link doesn’t work. It just opens the app, it doesn’t pull up the RV you are trying to share.
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4 years ago, Joeinopksw
Excellent RV Buyer’s Tool
The RVTrader is easy to use intuitively; an extremely useful means of searching for, comparing, identifying, and notifying one. Alerting, you, to the newest availability, features, location, and competitive costs of a motor coach in your ‘Saved Searches’. An excellent Buyer’s Tool.
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2 years ago, 1 loyal viewer
Slow loading app
Since the last update, this mobile app takes a while to load. Drains battery life mostly because the pages take so long to load. Going back to the pc version and dumping this mobile app from my devices. It worked fine before the update. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, keithm59
iOS 14 issues
After updating my iPhone to iOS 14 and using this app to view a photo in landscape and then rotating from landscape to portrait causes the app to display an all white screen. Rotating back and forth between landscape and portrait causes the app to act very strangely. This was not occurring prior to iOS 14.
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3 years ago, Annoyed A Customer
Needs some improvement
- Need to be able to enlarge or zoom pictures. - New to be able to go back to change/edit filters without have to start over each time.
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3 years ago, Smoogywiggy
A great listing of motor homes for those serious or even those just browsing. Easy to navigate. Frequently allows viewing of 1-2 coaches before it just stops showing images altogether. Swipe it closed and reload. Rinse and repeat. Gets old.
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4 years ago, terrible01
So many broken things
RVTrader is a great thing, but this app doesn’t come close to being functional. You can’t sell an RV with the app, open links from friends without crashing the app, view your listings or see the RV’s you saved on their website. All these functions would be great if they worked. Otherwise, just leave them out.
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2 years ago, Me & myself..
Good luck
Good luck if you have ANY issues or questions. I have emailed support at least 4 times with a 100% no response from RV Trader. At this point I feel my single star rating is being generous. I’ve heard from several tech peeps there is a new trader app on the horizon that KEEPS the end user in mind and plans on being supportive. Keep your eyes pealed we my finally get someone who WANTS our business.
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2 years ago, Nisa907
Can’t save your searches
This app isn’t terrible but really needs an update that will allow you to save your searches. Every time I’ve tried it says it failed and to try again later. Literally have tried everyday for more than a week and it still won’t work.
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