S&T Mobile Banking

4.8 (8.3K)
92.5 MB
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Current version
S&T Bank
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for S&T Mobile Banking

4.77 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Csj317
New software TERRIBLE
The new software is terrible! I was sent a push notice that I was below my limit in checking and was charged $10 on August 11th. I logged on and the new software is NOT user friendly at all. I called and the agent could not help me. He said it was a charge from July. I had to go, because I am watching a baby, so he said hold on, and offered me to get a charge card. That’s not why I called! I’m not happy, in fact I am angry. I’ll have to go in to the bank to ask why I was charged, but not below the limit. I’ll probably end up changing banks.
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2 years ago, annie free
This is the worst app ever just this week I’ve had to change my password three times because it insist that I’m putting the wrong password and when it is the correct one deleting immediately over it
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2 years ago, hybrid redneck
Garbage app
Since they “updated” the app there are more issues than those that were resolved. It won’t save information for login nor the second number I have added numerous times. It doesn’t accept facial recognition or finger prints anymore, you can’t reset the password on the app and the constant sending and entering of codes is enough to make me want to move banks. I shouldn’t have to contact the bank just to move money from one account to the other in the same bank. This update is pure garbage.
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3 years ago, BrSch9
Needs improved
Recently switched banks from Members 1st to S&T bank and this S&T mobile app is terrible from what I was used to with members. How hard is it to show a running total of deposits and deductions with each transaction? Not to mention the expenses “pending” seem to take days longer to clear compared to Members, beginning to regret this move.
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2 years ago, Hart for God
I have a comment suggestion for Scrolling through the deposits and debits. When I look at the check face or look at details of a debit and go back to the list it starts at the top again and not where I left off. After looking at details it would be nice if it would go back to where I left off.
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2 years ago, wolfysue
Facial recognition
Love the app, except I have not been successful using facial recognition for quite a while and end up having to type in my password. Unfortunately, on a mobile device, sometimes I typed the wrong thing but I can’t tell until you tell me I can’t get into my account. It would be very helpful if I could see what I was typing and fix it before I finished.
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3 years ago, HankKnerrME
Face recognition often does not even come up. Bill pay has limited functions compared to web. Tired of giving me tips most of the time when it opens up. Been using for a few years so already know how to work it. Search function for payments is limited. And sometimes will not even get to password, freezes on logo. Used to have a small account with FC and their app was great. Please update and get rid of the bugs and make some improvements.
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8 months ago, Gigiandpops
Such a wonderful time saver
I use this app all the time. Bill pay, mobile deposit, and transfer between accounts are what I use most. It’s such a time saver and with the cost of stamps and checks it’s a great cost saver too!
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9 months ago, GumperB
Glad to have it but Not really impressed
Seems the app is down more often than any other app I use. Very frustrating, to need to pay a bill and not be able to log in to check my balance. More often than not I get an error message that it can not verify me through the facial ID recognition option.
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10 months ago, rbamford523
Love the app
Really love the app. But there have been occasional glitches that are annoying. Still over all it’s a pretty good app. I use it often. Makes banking quick and easy!
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2 years ago, dawndexiree
Small print
You have recently updated the look of your online banking and it’s very hard to read the dollar amounts on the right side of the screen when using the app from my phone. Before the update it was fine but now it’s too small. Anyway you can put the print larger like it used to be?
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2 years ago, cantfindone that works
Bill payment comment
Can the mobile application bill payment functionality be made to work like the full website application that allows paying multiple bills at once?
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2 years ago, Aging Joyfully
Could Be Easier
The S&T Bank Mobile App is great for checking account balances but check deposit is very frustrating. Like many others with multiple residences, I have accounts with other banks and use their respective mobile apps with some regularity. Only the S&T Mobile App is sometimes a challenge to use to make deposits.
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10 months ago, LindaZener
Love convenience
This app has been a lifesaver to transfer money between accounts and verify daily banking. I love using drive thru also. Thank you
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3 years ago, Reviews4AppStore
I have a business and personal account, which means I have two different usernames and password. Unfortunately, using the app with face recognition allows only one account per device. This means I have to log off and log back in every time I need to access my accounts. Also, I can’t do external bank transfers on the mobile app. Can this be changed?
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1 year ago, thatswhaticallpodcasting
Not a great app
Look at chase mobile app and do that. You don’t show what balance in deposit accounts are before and after money coming in and going. Also the mortgage account show what the balance is and show the actual payments made. It is very confusing to look at.
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2 years ago, euchreking320
Mobile Check deposit
Quick and easy!
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1 year ago, Amrcndj
About to cancel my account
"Payments can't be made on a Saturday or Sunday or holiday " are you seriously joking?!? You are not going to let me schedule payment to be made the next business day over the weekend. Fine by me I will literally withdrawal all my money and go somewhere else. Get a grip and fire the person or people who thought that change was remotely a good idea.
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2 years ago, S&T Pleasure
Could not be Happier
What a wonderful system. I use it for my business and personal accounts.
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5 years ago, L.Jordan.
It’s ok.
The bank itself is fine, but the app is slow, frequently needs to be deleted and redownloaded to work, and now it’s saying that mobile deposit won’t work because both photos are of the front of the check (they’re not). I expect some of the basic functionalities to be much better.
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6 years ago, kdizzle1026
this app is the worst.
This is the most terrible banking app i have ever had to use. it gives you the option to save your login ID but then constantly updates and erases your SAVED information (obviously not your password i'm not a moron) therefore i constantly have to call my bank and ask for my information completely defeating the purpose. don't waste your time.
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2 years ago, GJGallagher89
Terrible app for a terrible Bank
I’d give this app and the Bank itself 0 stars if I could. It’s just not user friendly, and s & t have the worst overdraft fees. Aside from the fact that they’re just not a good place for your money. I miss Downingtown National Bank so much, they were great. S & T? Not so much. Likely finding a new bank before my next paycheck.
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4 years ago, Mom2Twinz
Can’t log in
New to this bank because of a merger and not off to a good start. I can’t even log in on the app. Help!
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2 years ago, trynity82
Comprehensive banking app
Fully functional App… easy to maneuver through and well designed.
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2 years ago, JELMGT
Unfriendly App
This app rejects at least 50% of the check deposits I try to submit, and I don’t get an email to that effect for at least 24 hours later. Also very difficult to set up bill pay. You need to call, can’t set it up online. And agents are only available during banking hours.
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2 years ago, Displeased Custemer
Almost Unuseable
After 6 weeks off line the redesigned app is poorly designed with hard to read faint text and definitely not designed with the customer in mind.
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2 years ago, kxw2h7
Face recognition doesn’t work
There must have been an update and since then face recognition does not work.. and have had to change password several times!! Was instructed by bank to delete app and reinstall but it’s in the cloud.. so it never really deleted!! Please fix bugs!!
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6 years ago, Sort1cow
Not very good
It used to work great but since the last update I can no longer use my touch id. Every time I set it up in the app, it works once then it is disabled. All my other banking apps work perfectly.... but then again this is S&T and about what I have come to expect from them.
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1 month ago, Bank view
Let’s remove the two opening screens every time you open the app. But the app is way better than it was 10 years ago.
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4 months ago, Noblejunque
Thank you
Thank you for the service we get.. and Tonia at Punxsutawney, Pa office is a great asset to the branch. She is so helpful and really knows her business.!!
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1 year ago, Jjjjaaaggg
Face ID
My only issue with this app is that Facial ID doesn’t work. It’s so annoying to me. I hope it will be fixed with the next update.
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2 years ago, Cookerloo
App needs work!
For past 3 days this app will not finish downloading updates. I’ve spoken to tech support, followed all their advice for fixes, without success. Tried again today and same thing….should have left well enough alone! Their fixes just caused more problems.
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2 years ago, blossomf
We have been with S&T for 30+ years and we can recommend them enough!!!
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1 month ago, Regan A Pierce
Did you forget something?
I updated this to the latest version. When I logged on to print my statements I couldn’t log off because there was no Sign Off option on any page. You might want to fix that.
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2 years ago, vandystang
New version buggy
The new update keeps showing “helpful” notifications (you can now log in with faceid) etc. every time I log in. Should have just happened the 1st time I used the updated app. Please fix so I don’t have to see these “helpful hints” all the time!!!!
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2 years ago, 2018 Accord owner
Bill Pay issues
If you schedule multiple bills, only the 1st shows in the RECENT Bill Pay log. You have to close the app and re-open to confirm all your payments. Bad design!!!
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2 years ago, knerr18
Helpful but could use an update
The app could use a user friendly update.
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11 months ago, epickid64
Face iD
Only issue is face ID never seems to work. Even when set up, in settings.
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3 years ago, dveronesi
Face recognition
Please make it possible to use face recognition.
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2 years ago, MD4V1S
Face ID not working
Since latest update Face ID is broken. It still recognizes my face, but doesn’t sign into account. Just remains on the sign in page.
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11 months ago, Wildman - Pa
Great App
I can do just about anything I need to do.
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2 years ago, zLin17
Face recognition not working!
Face recognition not working since latest update. Please fix ASAP! Love the new updated look though.
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3 years ago, Kedar Reddy
Touch ID is not working
After the latest update Touch ID is not working
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3 years ago, Sewer Rat (the original)
Very buggy
When app works, it’s fine. But more times than not it will not open. Click on app and it just goes back to your phone Home Screen. Tried to delete app and reinstall, still bugs out. Please fix this annoying issue!!!
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2 years ago, stinko11
Login is the biggest frustration
Won’t log you in through facial recognition. Also will not accept your password at random times
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3 months ago, wildovenking
At bank app
Too slow and too many clicks. Changed email default. Not clear how to reset. Waits at too many stage for acceptance clicks. PNCs is much faster and easier to use.
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5 years ago, 6packDom
Extremely poor in comparison to the other mobile banking apps I have from other banks. Would very much like to have the ability to add my credit card to the app
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1 year ago, KwaltonALL
App is super easy/smooth to use!
Best bank app so far!!! Great job!
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2 years ago, Lblinux
Great bank. Bad app.
Sadly, the app just doesn’t do what I need. Can’t see business and personal accounts in one app. Login hasn’t worked correctly since the last iPhone came out about a year ago.
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10 months ago, Gordy Deible
Thirty + years very pleased with the service and pleasant employees.
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