Safeway One Touch Fuel‪™‬

2.2 (251)
78.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Albertsons Companies, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Safeway One Touch Fuel‪™‬

2.16 out of 5
251 Ratings
2 years ago, MorganR
Doesn’t show you fuel prices
This is one of those apps that has benefit almost entirely for the company and not for the user. It does provide directions to the nearest Safeway, but Google maps can do that much better. It doesn’t tell you what the prices are so you don’t know whether it’s worth a trip. And as for paying with the app rather than with a credit card, what’s the point in that? The credit card gives you lots of protections without sharing all your personal information with Albertsons / Safeway. This is one of those apps went up to a loyalty program that really has very few benefits. And then there’s the app itself, not great. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, Elmer Shadetree
Always seems to have a bug
I have been using this app for years and it works well when there isn’t a bug. Currently, it will automatically apply fuel rewards even though I tell it not too. The option is clearly turned off but it still applies it. I would give it five stars if there were not so many bugs.
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3 years ago, LovelyLyndaK
App doesn’t work
I have only been able to get this app to work once, and now I am debating if I should even keep it on my phone. I have a Safeway station near my house, and being high risk, and having new COVID variants going through communities, I thought this app would go a long way to helping me feel safer. Instead, I could be standing on the pump, and it won’t work. I have tried troubleshooting and nothing seems wrong on my end. Today I got so close to the pump, I could practically climb up and sit on it. Still nothing. After several minutes, I just gave up. I was so excited to use this app, but it isn’t worth the megabytes it takes up.
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6 years ago, s smithers
Needs work
Used it for the first time today. Really liked when you’re at the pump, you select pump number, you can use your rewards and you start pumping. What was the downside is when I was done pumping and put the nozzle back. The app didn’t give me a digital receipt. It just kept saying “pump is activated”. I didn’t know when I drove away if my card was still linked to pump. I had to pull over and check receipt history to see I was just charged for my fill up. If they would fix this issue, it would rate 5 stars.
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5 years ago, FlyingApe18
location data is mandatory
Promising but flawed if you value privacy as enabling location services is mandatory. FAQ mentions “security” as a reason for requiring location data but really? I could be wearing my tin foil hat and paying with cash but privacy related data breaches are the norm these days so just being cautious. Probably won’t be using the app on a regular basis until location verification is streamlined but a sense of relief I can purchase gas with Apple Pay if I ever forget/lost my wallet while low on gas
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1 year ago, DirtTrackWidow
Doesn’t work anymore
I used to love this app and would have given it five stars. However it doesn’t work anymore. It will activate the pump but even when I select the rewards I want to redeem, it does not deduct that from the price. First time it happened I thought it was my fault for not clicking the box to redeem rewards but I paid close attention the next time and it didn’t work. I inquired inside and the clerk said I was the first person to ever ask about that app and he knew nothing about it. The technology is there. It just doesn’t work and no one can help troubleshoot.
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2 years ago, Ryanvdw
Not worth the time
I deleted the app and advise not to waste your time. They’ve launch this app too early. It is clearly not ready. There are too many bugs and they still have work to do on it. I’ll explain… I downloaded and used this app one time and it worked great, however, to get the extra $.10/gallon off I believe you have to link your bank account to the app. I tried linking a debit card which gives you $.10/gallon off at the pump, but it does not get you the discount when you use the app, why?? I tried multiple times to link my bank account but when I try it gives the message saying “you will be transferred to a third-party” then it just takes me back to the previous screen. I am unable to link my bank account. So… it’s cheaper if I just pay with my debit card at the pump. Also, when you try to review the privacy policy it just shows a blank screen.
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2 years ago, TheUserExperience
Needs Update! Unable to Add Payment Method
App hasn’t been updated in 7 months. Was working fine until I had to add another payment method and was unable to do so. I get an error message every time I try to add a payment method. I’ve called the customer service number and kept getting the runaround to the correct department and was told two times a ticket was submitted to IT. It’s been weeks with no update and app is still not working!!! With the amount of credit card theft going around right now at gas stations, it would be nice to use the app!
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3 years ago, JBL77
Notification Issue
I like the app for the most part. However it only seems to work at certain stations. When you hit pay, it doesn’t do anything. It worked today at a different station. Right now my issue is I have 5 notifications but can’t tell what they’re for so they remain there. If anyone knows how to fix that I’m all ears! Aside from that it’s a great app when it’s working properly.
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1 year ago, Southiechics
Stopped working
App was the BEST! I had Apple Pay attached to it and it always worked flawlessly. Now suddenly it claims Apple Pay isn’t enabled in my app even though it is. I deleted and downloaded the app again, still won’t work. Took about 10 minutes to connect the app to my bank account for direct pay and once I got it connected, the app said direct pay was not available either. Clearly the app has been updated. And no it’s completely broken. Developer please fix ASAP!
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2 years ago, code[zero]one
Great before the update
The app used to work great and store all my receipts for my gas, made it easy to connect to the gas pump and pay digitally. After the updates of the app I can’t even login to use it. I have completely deleted and reloaded the app several times to no avail. Every time this company seems to update their apps theyNo longer work well or at all in some cases. Whatever third-party they’re using to develop their apps they need to fire and find a new one.
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3 years ago, jerimiah797
Has never worked for me
I’ve tried to use this app a few times. It determines which station I’m at just fine, and I can manually select the pump number. But when I tap the green ‘Pay and Activate’ button, nothing happens. On top of that, there isn’t even a spinner or progress bar or any visual clue that the app even acknowledged the button press and is doing something in the background when I tap the button. This app needs some help.
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5 years ago, SeattleProgrammerGeek
Please fix this
Don’t know how your Dev team busted this app so badly, but please fix it. I loved this and would have given it 4 stars last week when I used it but the update from about 3 days ago trashed the location support. App now tells me to drive 22 miles to pay at the pump with it when I’m STANDING right in front of another location. Bluetooth is on & allowed, all location services are available- I’m right on the map at a spot and it’s allowing me to turn on pumps 22 miles away. Not cool.
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2 years ago, VeganWtsn
Really easy!
Super easy to use at the pump and had the option to print a receipt. I also was able to send a receipt to my email from the app. Just needed Face ID to pay with a card in my apple wallet.
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2 years ago, you1451
Great when it works
Very buggy a 1/3rd of the time it doesn’t work. Haven’t been able use the last several times as it just says it is trying to link accounts and then it just spins and never connect so currently it is just use space on my phone. Even tried reinstalling with the same result
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2 years ago, MikeOpi
App stopped working- flagged
The app flagged my transaction for fraud told me to call customer service. Customer service did not know how to correct this nor could they get me to anyone that could correct it. They told me to talk to their payment services team they knew nothing about it. They told me to call my credit card they knew nothing about it. The app works great when it works now it doesn’t so it’s a complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, Oscillate253
App is broken
Usually this is a great app. I use it to quickly fuel up my car. But this version is not working right, it is not applying my rewards discount to the price at the pump even though I toggle the discount on, the toggle for the print receipt works just fine but not the reward discount? Please fix this problem.
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4 years ago, SCOTTs0027c60
This app is amazing. Like any app, it has occasional glitches, which I know you will fix as they occur. One suggestion I would like to make would be to include the Fuel Attendant or HELP button on the app, as an option to provide full service to handicapped and elderly individuals.
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1 month ago, Lylelovin
data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format
This message won’t go away. I have used the app multiple times without issue but today I can’t stop getting this message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I restarted my phone, used with wifi and without, drove to a different fuel station, cleared my cache… not sure what else to try but I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, dodgy bonnet
Handy but has a few bugs
I like the convenience of paying with this app but a new bug has surfaced where it always uses rewards points regardless of the setting of that toggle. I only noticed because I did less than a fillup yesterday and had toggled it off.
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4 years ago, Angry ASD
Horrible update
Was an absolutely awesome App!! Was!! Since the last update the app opens then closes immediately. But when the control button is double tapped it shows the app there but will not show when trying to access. Please fix it. I called your IT and opened a ticket but still nothing no help no assistance what so ever!! I am a ASD and have always bragged and referred people to utilize the app. Now sadly I can’t do that.
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2 years ago, kencamp
No idea what changed but it insist it wants to link to my account after months of using just fine. Link process goes into an endless loop never actually linking and leaving the app completely unusable
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4 years ago, shoakguy
Got the debit price with upay option
The app was easy to use. I like seeing the gas prices at the stations near me. I got the debit price by using the upay option. If you just use a debit card you’ll get charged the same rate as credit.
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2 years ago, proud grandpop
Doesn’t work with debit card
The app and functionality are great. The only drawback is the inability of the app to recognize a debit card and give the cash/debit card price. If you use a debit card it will charge the credit card price. If you want to get the debit card price you can’t use the app.
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5 years ago, BenJump1
When this app works it works fast but for the past 2 months when ever I open the app it just crashes immediately. I’ve tried resetting my phone, logging in and out of my account, deleting and reinstalling, the app, I’ve tried opening it before I get to a gas pump but as soon as I get to a gas station anywhere it crashes and I can‘t do anything about it. Please fix your app.
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6 years ago, Stick with iPhone app
Great app but needs a tweak
This app is fantastic. It works like magic when I pull up to the pump. The only downside is it can’t tell when I’m using my debit card vs credit card so I don’t get the cash/ debit card discount. Fix that and it will be 5 star perfect.
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1 year ago, Harry_V122
50/50 not working
Last year this apps working flawlessly. But this year it works 50%, but most recently not working anymore. Still keeping the app just in case they fixed the error.
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4 years ago, Tshea88
Bugs need fixed on new version
When I first got the app it worked great! I loved that I didn’t have to use my card at the pump, especially knowing people can steal your card info that way. But since the app updated to the 1.3.4 version it doesn’t work. When I click the “pay and activate” button nothing happens. It’s been this way for over a month now.
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3 years ago, lvrbmr
Inaccurate gas station location
It used to work great, but since our Safeway was relocated across the street and the gas station remained in the same place, it does not work; apparently because according the app, we are not at the gas station.
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4 years ago, RBTracy
Freezes on Payment Setup
I thought this seemed like such a good idea to download this app. Maybe the poor reviews were just exaggerated, but no. As I try to add my bank payment info, the screen starts to flow down. Then after selecting my security question and answer, it just stops responding. Have tried 5 times with the same results. What’s the point if I can’t set up my payment?
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5 years ago, Edougawa
I loved using this app since it is convenience, until the bug started. The app keep sending me receipt of my last fueling every 30s (when I realized it’s all ready piked up in my inbox for 80+ same e-mail) and the app just can’t stop popping up notifications on the same thing. Log out didn’t help at all. Hope the team could fix it otherwise it’s horrible.
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3 years ago, Brattymac
So broken
I was able to use it twice. I was so excited because it was so easy to use. But after the second time, the screen doesn’t load right and the activate button is unresponsive. So it’s a useless app taking up space. I keep hoping they’ll run an update to fix it but I don’t think they’re going to.
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4 years ago, HighlandsBoy
App froze during T&C; can’t register or use this thing. Why would you produce an app that can’t be used? Do you hate me? Is my $180/week in groceries not acceptable? Should I maybe just go elsewhere for gas and groceries? It’s hard to reach alternate conclusions right now. Also, having your Issaquah clerk wear his mask below his mouth isn’t a really useful thing for him to do. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have the ‘rona.
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4 years ago, Beeker1979
Can’t use rewards anymore
Ever since the last update I am unable to use my reward points on my gas. When I look at the section in the menu that is for the rewards it shows that I have them but when I go to get gas they are no longer available. Please fix this we shouldn’t have to prepay for gas just to use the rewards
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3 years ago, 44kirsten
Needs some work
I’d love to see prices for all fuel options on the site. We have a diesel truck and would love to shop for best price. Love the option of paying through app and the coupons.
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4 years ago, Jacksondeb
Not working properly
I got to the pump and everything worked fine except I couldn't apply the credit I had just earned. A timing issue I guess. Got all finished pumping and I couldn't get out of the app. It was just stuck. That was Saturday. Now today, Monday, I've received about 20 notifications, and counting, for the same tank of gas. Weird and annoying.
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3 years ago, LadyDragonesse
What happened?
The app was working great! So convenient, so smooth. Until about 3-4 days ago (22 Jun 21). Now it looks like it will work, up until it’s time to pay & activate the pump. Then … nothing. It doesn’t even try to do anything. I don’t know who did what, but it needs fixed & that person or team needs fired.
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2 years ago, ShoppingPanda8
Station closed for renovation but app doesn’t say so!
Was on a road trip and used the app to find gas. Showed me one with listed gas price but when we get there, it’s fenced off and closed for renovation. Why does the app not reflect that!?! Terrible user experience.
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9 months ago, wade foster
Worked Great but doesn’t function anymore
Has worked great for years! But no longer works. It says I am not near a Safeway gas station when I am located directly next to one.
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4 years ago, Beakster45
Doesn’t apply rewards points!
This app is terrible. I would give it no stars if I could. This is the third time I’ve used this app and it hasn’t applied my rewards. It shows I have them but won’t use them. I spoke to representative from Safeway who said they would forward it to their IT department, which means thanks but go away. Don’t use this app!
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4 years ago, Meowy123
Horrible app
I attempted (heavy emphasis on the word “attempted”) to use this app for the first time today. Told it to fill up, afterwhich it promptly charged my card on file $1, and then refused to dispense fuel. Had to use my card anyway. The attendants know nothing about how this app works, so they’re of no help. I’m deleting this garbage app once I’ve ensured my card hasn’t been double charged.
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3 years ago, Oscar Gidas
App Error “Data couldn’t be read…”
Every time I use the app I’m getting an error: “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” Error goes away and I’m able to pump gas. Seems like a bug to me.
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2 years ago, GFC - WORLDWIDE Mission Agency
Wow. Great App Wow, very easy and helpful APP. All you need is sit in your car and select pump number. Then fill the thank and get email receipt and receipt on the app.
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4 years ago, bambi069
Never works.
I got this app right after it came out. I tried it but it didn’t work. Ok forgot about it and recently with the whole Covid-19, don’t touch anything I figure this is the way to go. Still won’t work, I have tried at 3 different app enabled stations over the last 4 months and never once has it worked.
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4 years ago, chipandang
Reward points
Love the app, but I have been using for a month and still cannot redeem my rewards. Wonder if you can use number of rewards to use?? Guess I will find out when they get this app fixed....otherwise works well
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1 year ago, Mbierman
Total rip off
Consistently fails to give you your rewards price. This can be as much as a 25% overcharge. When I complained to Safeway support they said, “don’t use this app. It is in beta”. The app does not say beta anywhere and has been around for years. This is just malicious over charging.
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4 years ago, keeps frozennnnnnnnnnnn
Frozen during checking account set up
Every time gets to Just for U question and it’s frozen, can not continue or back. I see some people have the same problem but still not fix. ??? Maybe replace the person in charge could help. Maybe Safeway personnel never read the reviews at all.
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4 years ago, Chefmancal
I’d use it if it worked!!!
After seeing the reviews that it doesn’t recognize that your card is a debit, I figured I’d link to my bank account. Well....that doesn’t work!! The screen froze every time I tried to link to my Citibank account. This app is useless to me until I can link, coz I’m not giving up my 10c cash/debit discount!!
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3 years ago, teddypootrddy
Activate pump button does nothing
I want to like this app but the main issue is that it works only 50% of the time. Activate pump button does nothing about half the time and direct pay is not enabled in a lot of stations but mostly I just want it to work consistently.
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4 years ago, martainboy
App doesn’t work
Your app was working great and then stopped working a few months ago. What’s the deal? Your app benefit has one basic advantage, paying through the app and yet that feature no longer works. Do you still have developers working on this? Very slow response to your issues
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