SAKURA School Simulator

4.3 (18K)
316.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Garusoft LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SAKURA School Simulator

4.34 out of 5
18K Ratings
2 years ago, KLR1968
I do like the game, just a few requests!! So please consider some of them
So the game is overall good and I do like to play it, I just wish it had more emotion to it and not just so straight forward. Like if your character likes someone a lot they immediately become their lover. I think it would be better if you made it so you had an option to confess your love to the person and they get to choose yes or no based on their love meter (which should also be added in my opinion) also I kinda think there should also be more “real life events” in a way, maybe like cellphones where you can actually message the person of your choosing, like if I texted “hey wanna come over” they could maybe have a generated option as either “sorry I’m doing homework” or “sure be there soon” I would maybe just want more personality, emotion, and more real lifestyle events like doing homework and having some real stuff in the classes ! Like in Japanese class you are able to guess actual Japanese writing ! And last request is so you can’t have more to the lovers like if maybe you kissed someone in front of them they get mad and maybe start to fight the other npc? Just not to the point where they kill each other. And you can get a choice to try and step into the fight! I think these are some good requests to add to the game to make it a little more life like in a way :) please consider and have a amazing day !
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2 years ago, shndnxd
please add these :(
Okay if your reading this, I hope you are agreeing with me. So please add new outfits such as dresses for parties, add new accessories such as different types of necklaces. And add like a custom clothes like there’s a shirt section, pants section, dress/skirt section, shoes section and others. And please add like a button next to change character, a button that lets you save your outfits, when you click on it, you see the plus sign button, meaning “create new outfit”. And please add more costumes such as strawberry onesies, I want that, and more animal onesies too. Add new food, it can be placed in the convince store. Also can you add a setup button where you see a multiple of buttons, gyro camera change, change students uniforms or create your own uniform, insert a mask to everyone like it’s quarantine!! And change the weather. I’m having school girls simulator vibes and please add that. Could you add new props? I could give you ideas like plushies, new cute beds, and more stuff. I have so many ideas! Also please add a pet near the connivence store, like a rabbit or a bear, it costs (insert own price here). After you buy it, it follows you around, you can change its character, and accessories. When you near a person with the pet (not too close), press attack and it will attack the person. Be careful, turn off the police!! (I’m just having School girls simulator vibes lol) Hope ya like my idea, I’m sorry if your eyes hurt while reading it XDDD-
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1 year ago, Chaocoling
I love it but I’ve got some suggestions and bugs you should fix
Sakura School Simulator is a very fun and good game. I can tell, you put a lot of work into this game! I love it and play it a lot but I have a few suggestions. I think you should add different skin tones and height in this game. Some NPCs have round faces or smaller eyes. I think you should add that to the player’s options. It would be more fun to customize your character. There is something that kind of bothers me. The boy character doesn’t’t have all the hair choices. One of the boy NPCs has a haircut that I really like but the boy character doesn’t have that hair choice. Another thing is, The boy to the right of the girl character in class is shorter and has smaller shoulders than the other boys. Is that another body type? It would be nice if I could change how tall, skinny, muscular, or skin tone of the character, thanks. Also, there is a bug you should fix when you time skip to the next day, all your classmates don’t come to school. They still exist if you call them but they don’t appear in class. Idk if that’s just because its the weekend or something but the other classes will be there.
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1 year ago, eleososlso
Dear developer
Greatings no since this is school base so I mean it’s a school simulator have you ever come to think since this is high school what are you gonna do after it cause you gotta graduated First not saying all high schools do this well a lot high schools. Basically the military comes to high school and asking you do you want to join to get free college and stuff? I think that’s pretty cool if you add this like think about it if you sign in not just a fake sign and I don’t put your emails and stuff, you can join the Navy Air Force anything can you can go overseas to United States, Japan, Germany, anyone etc. in NATO and you can marry your lover yes that’s that’s what you that’s what you want after that then comes ranking that is kind of important like think about it being a captain in the military that that’s awesome cause if you don’t go to the military is they still don’t care but if you go into a restricted area, they will chase you and arrest you if you attack them they kill you in the enemy is the mobs oh yeah, they attack you. Whole militaries gonna shut them down Forsley I mean it’s a good thing because I don’t know if this is Japan or something. Possibly Japan but still good game love it love the idea just more freaking updates. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, roblox and toca boca are fun
I like the game but……
I love the game so much but I really want to be able to have kids and have a real wedding not just with random people and actually make friends and every time you do something to save your progress that would make me happy also I want some more pets and almost all the animals you can find in the real world I’m just saying this because to me it would make the game way more fun and way more better especially if you could have kids because that would be awesome and then every time you have them it saves every single piece of progress so that you can have your kids still be the same age the next time you play also save your husband or wife that would be awesome also a phone so that if you would be able to make friends but I also think you should add being able to make friends you could text them just to let you guys know I really want that to happen but if you’re only going to add one please add kids and then the next one can be animals or maybe both at the same time or all of them at the same time also I didn’t want to party boat I think that would be awesome thanks these are just some suggestions but I really want them to be in the game
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3 years ago, kierstenwrighteve
Add these things pleeeeees
So I think you should add these thing .1 it’s so boring because if you like a character you just get a love potion or tack for 3 mins next thing you know there your lover which is boring so I think you should add confessions and they can say no and yes Thing .2 When your character gets a lover they don’t do nothing you can kiss but that’s it you should add dates because you have restaurants yeet no person to tack and you should add marriages to because you have weeding gowns and tuxedos yeet no weeding to have and you should get to design your wedding and have different places .3 you should add having kids or adopting because you only had added two kids which is boring there fun to be but just boring and you should add more pets you only have two .4 you should add more jobs you only have one and you add the hospital the fire fighter place and more places that you can’t even work at.5 you should add becoming famous.6 you should Mack the cheaters talk to us and flirt and ask us stuff. Your game will s good but it can be boring and become better if you just add this stuff and other stuff please add it you game is amazing just add more stuff it will mack it better please 😪🥺👍
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4 years ago, zervascat18
This is one of my favorite school games! The developers are really funny and nice also! I have some suggestion though. Maybe we could adjust the height and width of our character? That would be cool! Or we could have parents and siblings that would interact with us? Also I think it would be cool if other students could do stuff with others and they weren’t so... robotic? Like maybe have relationships, confessing, bullying, cheating on each other? Also it would be cool if there was a movie theatre! We could get a job there or at the restaurant? Or instead of being so nice to someone they admit their feelings for you, you could add an option to ask them out if they were friends/close friends? And if your enemies could spread rumors about you? That would be cool. If you and/or other students could leave each other letters and gifts in their school lockers that would be cool too! For example, if you were nice to a student, they could leave a letter like saying, “ dear so and so, I’ve got something to tell you, meet me at the stage in the gym.” Something like that would be nice. I also wish your friends could introduce you to their other friends, and vice versa! Anyways, when I get more ideas I’ll add on to this! Thank you for reading! ❤️
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6 months ago, no well dowll
eh it’s good but it needs more stuff added...
I like it .it just needs more stuff added like the title it needs more outfits. ALSO I would love to change the skin tone only and it needs a baby update, & it needs more glasses and. that’s not all it needs a REAL MULTIPLAYER update I would love that! you would get to chat with more people instead of NPC’s. But I love it I play it everyday and sorry if multiplayer is too much. That’s all I hope you have a good day/night/afternoon!😁😊stay safe stay healthy and stay home! (Edit) Hey! It’s 2022 now, And I absolutely love this game! Thank you for adding the baby! 💛 I don’t know what this game looks like now, But I’m going to download it again! I bet it’s gonna be SOOOO cool! Anyways, Byee! I may come back in a few months or maybe even 2023! Remember, Stay positive and love yourself!😚 Ignore all the haters, Pretend they are jelly! Bye! 🤪 Edit: 2023 now almost 2024 just one more month so it’s basically 2024. I was so cringe back then so sorry😂 love this app but it needs a skin color changer because there’s only white people and I think it’s not fair for other people with different skin. And for the accessories you should add more like hairclips or more glasses? Thanks for reading love your game!
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4 years ago, kokoAngie
Amazing game!!!
I absolutely adore this game! I love free roam type games that allow me to do whatever I want with a wide selection of things to do with different outcomes. You can play like gran theft auto to be honest if you really wanted to! Or you could be an ordinary high school girl. Also, the outfits with different items! I didn’t expect the outfits in this game specifically the ninja one, to include stuff like a katana and other ninja like items! Same but slightly different, the police outfit. There is a fun mission(or multi but I never really decided to finish any)that is sure to be very enjoyable! If you aren’t a player that doesn’t suit free roam games, and feels they need to know what they have to do and what to complete, that’s where the other missions come in! The player has many different missions, some small like attending daily classes, and some odd like “Ride with the jet girl” which in my opinion, makes it even better. But, what also makes it nicer is that you don’t HAVE to do them. These are done by your choice, so you free roam players also get your nice experience. There is TONS more I’d like to say about this game, and how it’s so amazing to have this FREE absolutely fun mobile game that you can play when the router or something is down! Bye!
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5 years ago, a harry potter gamer
Love it!!!
I absolutely love this game it’s super fun but I wish you could do more things with your lover like get engaged, get married, move in together & have kids and I know there are already kids in the game but it would be cool if you could raise them with your husband, lover, boyfriend or by yourself it would also be really cool if you got married then you could get divorced and if you could have kids there could be a Cut scene where it doesn’t show you them ‘doing it’ but it like shows them going to someone’s house and going to the bed and then the screen goes black and white words appear and they say something like “the next day” and the girl character you used would come out of the bathroom and nod or shake her head and if she nodded it meant she was pregnant if she shook her head it meant she wasn’t pregnant and if she was pregnant over a few days her stomach would get bigger and bigger and then on one of the days another cut scene would happen and it would show her and the father riding in a car to the hospital and she would have the kid and you could raise it it wouldn’t matter if you made it to where you could only do it with the characters you can be I wouldn’t care it would just be fun to be able to have a kid...the end (lol)
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1 year ago, jade loves lemonade🍋
I love This game I play it everyday and I’d like to make a few suggestions to add to make it even better. 1. You should make it to where you can have parties at your house or you can go to party’s at the NPC’s house . 2. Make more jobs ( Teacher. Doctor etc.) 3. Add a college ( university ) and make it to where you can graduate high school or switch classes at the school. 4. I’ve heard about the missing Former headmaster ( amusement park) . So Please add a mission where we have to save them. 5. Become apart of the Yakuza ( Momo gumi & himwari) or at least be the leader of the Yakuza. 6. You should be able to adopt a child ( add an adoption center ) 7. Add More cars ( Limo, Food Trucks etc) 8. Make it to where when you make someone angry You can hit the “apologize” button then their not angry anymore. 9. Horror mode ( basically a mode where the skeletons come out at night and they are fainting people and you have to survive the night until sunrise). 10. Make it to where we can ride a boat or Jetski at the harbor or at the beach. Sorry about my long list but please add some of these suggestions. Bye bye! P.S When I hit the “Attack” button it doesn’t take damage to the NPC please Fix it. - Jade Loves Lemonade🍋
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3 years ago, popcandcan
This game is fun fun fun can you pls pls add more stuff.
So this game is a five star anime game. For people who like anime games and shows too. So here are things that should be in the game 1. Can you add a cars shop so people can buy cars. 2. Can you let NPC go to places and like interact with things not in school I mean out of school. 3. Can you add a little tab that shows you all of the thing that start like what time school start. 4. Can you also put something so people can make a party at there house or any where. 5. Can you add the inside of houses so like the NPC people can interact with in there houses. 6.can you also add a thing where you can drop off people to there homes like if your friends with them or if your in love with them. Can you also add where when a NPC Person Feels sick he can go to a doctor even if it’s the lovely person but it has to be rear for them to be sick. And can you do a thing where you can ask the NPC people’s OR love one out on dates or to go please. And can you add a pet store so people and NPC People Can go. And pls dot make prices high because they are too high. Pls pls pls pls make it happen for all of us pls pls pls make the game more more better.
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4 years ago, DesiCat 🐱
It’s amazing but there can be ...
I love Sakura high school simulator. It’s amazing but there is something’s that can be fixed such as the police for one and teachers. So when you hit someone in public a bunch of people see you and they all run to the police that makes since but in school it doesn’t make since you should tell a teacher that would be more realistic. And when your in the house of the girl boy and little boy they always have a tv in there house it would be cool if you could interact with it or something. And last but not least( I think) is the house of the little boy it should say little boy and little girl because that’s also the little girls home to. I remember the last thing I wanted to say it would be cool if you added two more places like a horse racing place and a concert. The reason I said that was because if wait until the end of the school day you get to ride horses it would be cool if there was more horses and a racing stadium. The other reason I said concert was because I see you added a mic and a headset I would be cool if you could actually sing a song. Great game love love love it. 🥳 Sincerely, Kawaii kitty sweetie😍🥰
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3 years ago, honey hankamer
Pls add updates early it’s better that way
Well I was gonna say put updates earlier cause I have to wait 2 months idk buuuuuut I love this game so much updates are so amazing I love the palace and log house and the heart house it’s so cool and addictive pls try this game it’s so cool I never saw a game like this my character is a girl I put glasses on her and hair that has a bun she is so cute that way and the boy has on blue pants and green eyes like Alex in minecraft and I did minecraft characters in Sakura school really it’s so fun I always go to the school and after school I rgo to the U-mart and I buy valintine chocolates for the girl the boy is so happy and the girl hugged the boy the boy went home and slept the girl ate the chocolates she went crazy over them so in the morning she got up and got dressed in her uniform for school and the boy got his bag and went to school the girl was following him down the street the girl got ran over by the car the boy saw and picked her up and carried her to the hospital but he didn’t have enough yen so he had to bury her in the garden of death so he could not go to school his friend died from the car so yea that’s my story and download this game its so cool!!
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2 years ago, Youtuber antonia
I like the game just add more things
It’s good but add more things -homework so you can be busy -texting on your phone,so you can hang out and the npc can text you and there are 19 options to text(“tell me a joke”I love you”I hate you”sorry I don’t have feelings”I feel the same”let’s hang out today”sorry I’m can’t hang out”how about tomorrow”sure meet me at the park”hi how are you”great”bad”what happened”my boyfriend broke up”he cheated on me”I broke up with my boyfriend”someone kissed my boyfriend”oh sorry about that”can’t sorry”ok” (long but ok) PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ add -CONFESS,and,break up, so it can be emotional -Npc can date,so when they break up it’s like a movie -Npc can talk to you I was wishing a whole month for you to add this thing and can you make the Npc confess at friend or others -school work so every time we go to class there’s a quiz and Japanese class will have”1, what do Konnichiwa mean? 1,hello 2,ugly 3,door 4, street Then you circle 1, and it say correct And I’m begging you to add thing and please please please because So many people have been waiting and begging waiting and begging for a year not So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD THIS STUFF
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3 years ago, kaykanekiii
Great game! But a few suggestions
This game is so good, I would pay for it! But please add more stuff to it! It would be nice to have a subway system that takes you around to certain parts in the city. Also it would be nice to have reactions to cheating on your lover and the ability to get married and have an actual baby. ALSO!! Please fix the hair shine, we have so many color options for hair but they all look weird and shiny so any light colored hair looks weird. Also, the empty house complex should be usable. Boats or an airport would be nice also. There’s so many things to add, like bars, grocery stores, etc. it’s so fun to play but it gets repetitive when there’s nothing to do. The thing I think you should add most is more interactions between characters. There should be reactions if you cheat on your lover, proposing, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, and MORE JOBS, jobs you can actually work at. Maybe even a college. Thank you for this amazing game! It just needs more interactions and more buildings, maybe even more face character customization. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Lilypadd2008
Love it!
This is an amazing game! I love the characters and the places you can go! Although, there are some bugs and some grammar errors (I promise, my grammar is awful sometimes 😂)this game is awesome. I’ve been playing since January 2019 and I still love it. I have some suggestions though. I think it would be cool if there was a bus that you could get on and ride around town. I’ve seen a bus in School Girls Stimulator and I thought it was pretty neat. Also, if there was a graduation. And another thing is I would like to be able to teleport while on/in a vehicle. It’s kinda annoying having to look at the radar and navigate where I’m going, hah. Also, I love the mask update! I wish there were more accessories like necklaces or elf ears. I understand that you may not be able to do something like this, but it’s a suggestion :) I have read some reviews and I’ve seen how extreme they are. Guys, this isn’t Yandere stimulator. This is a game where you can freely do what you want. Also, I think it would be pretty hard for the dev to make different states or make this game multiplayer. So please, take into consideration that the dev is trying their best.
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1 year ago, 123gfpo
A couple bugs
This game is what I would call as a very good and almost accurate school simulator, but there are some animation bugs that makes the game a bit boring. One is that when you talk to a character while sitting, they stay stuck in the position you were talking to them at, then when you are in the cooking class, you can’t eat the food and basically sit there while they eat and stare at you. Also, the police are a bit broken, they stand there looking at the npc while you are the other character and your watching him just sit there and not get heal. One way to improve this is make ambulances be sent to the character and then take them to the hospital and get healed. Also there should be feature to allow you to speak to characters by typing in messages, or when the characters say hello, the character will respond with a different message, and then the music is still broken, it will continuously play music that is triggered when a certain event occurs. This game is really good, but these bug will help make the game better.
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2 years ago, kddkfkkd
Wonderful Games but Requests!
To whom it may concern, I’ve been playing this game for at least more than a year at most, and every time I play it; there’s always an interesting update and I highly enjoy the work you put through this simulator! Although, I would like to recommend some ideas throughout my time playing the game. One of my suggestions is having a hair salon, I love designing my characters and when it comes to hairstyles. It’s upsetting that I couldn’t stay in the game to switch my hairstyle but, it’s still playable for me. One of my other one is making the NPCs have their own lives! I would love for NPCS to have their own likes and hates towards other NPCS. It would be very interesting, personally in my opinion. And although, the NPCS have their own houses, wouldn’t it be best if we could enter their houses? Though it may seem a lot of work to be done, but I would highly appreciate if that were to occur. Those were of the suggestions I’ve been thinking of, I appreciate all the work and effort you’ve put in this app. Thank you for everything!
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5 years ago, NishitanisTie
I love this game so much!!!!!!! But.......
I love this game so much that I could play it all day! This is probably the best school simulator on mobile ever!.but I know that to make a game this awesome takes a long time and talent so I would only like to mention a few things. So the new update is awesome but there’s a glitch with the police motorcycle so I was testing out the new police motorcycle loving how fast and easy it is to get around until the little funny glitch that happened I was picking up speed and went to the tunnel and crashed into a wall and glitch through the wall I expected the motorcycle to spawn back at the police station but it was gone (oof) and you should add a little more like able to do more with your boyfriend and start a family and probably cook at home and able to do stuff at your locker and probably add some bully’s that would be very difficult to defeat and you would have to get stronger to destroy them and a hotel would be cool probably more ninja poses and a cloak like in Naruto (7 hokage) or any cloak would due that’s probably it and your doing great this game is awesome keep up the good work!!!!
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4 years ago, DogmeatAndRex
Better than other free School sims
So, I downloaded this game expecting the same result as the other high school Yandere-Sim wannabe apps. But I was actually quite surprised. This game has a considerably bigger world compared to the other free apps I’ve downloaded of the same genre. I expected a bland, flat world where everything was painted on and the character models all looked terrible. This was surprisingly good. There were a few problems though. I found that getting money was quite hard, and asking your lover(s) over and over for a very small amount of cash is quite tedious. It should also be a little easier to make yourself stronger instead of only being able to do three reps and then start losing your health. Sleeping in a bed should also be able to restore your health in my opinion. Otherwise, the controls are better than other free anime school simulators. I recommend watching an ad to get the ninja suit by the way, it’s the best costume in the game. I just think that a few things should be fixed to get a five star rating, but until then, it’s a decent game, considering that it’s free.
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2 years ago, indee rey
please fix this. This is terrifying
This is the worst game ever this girl is coming back from the dead after killed her almost 12 times every single time at 21 o’clock she always dies at that one single time and when it’s 730 she always comes back with us weird smile on her face she’s creeping me out this never happened before and now nobody’s coming to school I don’t know why but this is very creeping me out I’m never probably gonna play this game ever again fix this bug pleaseShe is very weird creepy face is like a really like long and her eyes like very small is terrifying it was a brand new server so I no this is normal perfectly fine I was just trying to role-play make videos on TikTok then she keeps on coming to my house I don’t know why this is like perfectly fine but this is this is the first time ever this ever happened please fix this I am terrified and creeped out I’m too scared to even walk out my house to see her creepy smile out there please fix this please it was scary she had teeth and the smile was all the way up to her eyes and her eyes was gigantic but her pupils were very tiny please fix this I am scared and terrified my daughter was playing this and she was scared she also had the bug please fix this
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4 years ago, RitaJ38
Ideas for the next update!
Hi, i love this app, but i would like some changes, make it so the house for the boy and girl have some updates! Its boring with the same old house, make it so you can change the student's uniform I don’t know where you could put it, but pls add it!, add a pet store! It would be great!, add a coffee Shop too, it would be relaxing going there for sone coffee ☺️, mermaid tails!! Please add them because everyone wants them!, skin tones, a lot of different colored people go to Japan, so make it so there’s different skin tones, take away hair, sometimes I wanna make my characters bald, so make it so people can take the hair off, different cars!, I won’t tell you what cars to add, but add some new one’s different, different kind’s of ways to die, Make it so if your character stays in the water to much they drown, and make it so theres a prop thats called “ enemy fire” which hurts people and burn’s stuff, more weapons! Add some more pls, like a knife that you can stab people with, a katana, a bat, and other weapons!, make it so theres a guy you blush around, kinda like a yandere game! Thats all! Cya
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5 years ago, Amiya Loui
Just Some Suggestions
I’m thinking of some things you can perhaps do in the future. Maybe at the school there could be clubs. Like a book club, gardening club, etc. Perhaps their can be something to have like a family. Plus I think you should add more children because there’s like two. Also I get creeped out when the lovers follow you. It just doesn’t seem right. I think it shouldn’t be like that..... it’s just not right. Like who does that? Another thought is that you can make a pet store. Like their can be any type of animal. Because I only found ONE which is in the girls home. I’m thinking of books to read. Maybe there could be a library and perhaps even a book store! Maybe their can be a plushie store.(I feel like we all need a snuggly friend) Another thought is people with HUGE personalities. Like they can be mean, sweet, strange, etc. Maybe their should be an actual phone screen. You can do calls, etc. Also maybe there can be a sequence to design your home in the game. These are all suggestions. Also keep up the awesome work!!! Sincerely, Kawaii Kitten
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9 months ago, Aksjsuwu
Can you add these please if you’re reading this
Here are a few things you can add to the game 1: being able to take control of more characters, meaning they will be like a certain button in the corner of the top right or left so you can make different characters and add a gender making when you add this if you can like you can make the character you make a baby baby, a kid, a toddler adult a teenager anything 2: adding a phone to the game so you can add like a dating app. You can add like a Twitter in your own way so you don’t get demonetized or something Three: baby star we don’t really have that many babies so I would like if we could add a adoption center There will be a section for baby girls, and baby boys and you can raise them, and they actually grow up. last, but not least: being able to plan a wedding and propose, since you have a wedding ceremony place I want to actually want to plan a wedding and be able to propose in my name character and be able to get pregnant(I should’ve added that in number three)
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4 weeks ago, susudichcjkd
I hate the robot update
Ok so I would give this a 5 stars but before I say the sad part I will say the other parts first ok so I would give this a 5 stars if they didn’t add the robot update when you attack. Like Roblox, and other kid games have violence also I’m saying violence because when you would attack a npc it would say (Something something we have changed the attack button and turn npcs into robots because the violence for children is against the rules) I think something like that, plus the most interesting part was the attack button. SSS developer, please change this update but y’all can keep the robots but not when you attack only as a outfit other games for children have violence so just remove that update then you would have non people quitting almost a lot of people are quitting cause of this. also please remove the cuss words if it’s for children. I’m 15 years old like a kid and I don’t like cuss words and after the npcs are done with school, when they go back to their house and make it how we can get it not the npcs because real players can’t get into their houses making this longer soon bye bobas 🧋
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3 years ago, °•Storm Catcher•°
AMAZING GAME- A few things to take into consideration???
I absolutely love this game! It has so many options for people to do or play, and it really is a game for any kind of person, I do have a few things I think would be good for an update! 1: Mermaid tails. I think this could be in the new “tails” category in the customization menu, so then any outfit you wear, the top would be the only thing that showed. I think this would be cool, since we can already five and swim in the ocean without losing oxygen (as far as I know) and I think it would look cool if it had an animation when you swim! And for when you’re on land, maybe you just get really slow and go in a lay-down position. 2: character control. I actually read this in another person’s review, and I completely agree. Maybe once you get a relationship with an NPC to “close friend” you get the ability to control them as well? This is all I could really think of- I was just playing the game when I got the idea for the mermaid tail, and read another person saying there should be NPC control.
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4 years ago, CrystalZoe55
I love it❤️
This game is extremely fun and I’ve had a lot of joy watching it get more and more popular. I do have some suggestions though. I think it would be really cool if the Npc’s could develop a crush on your character without you needing to compliment them for a long time or giving them love potions. I would also like if the NPC‘s could talk to you on their own. I also have some suggestions for outfits in the game. The boxing outfit has some really weird looking shoulders that could be fixed. And the ballerina outfit could look a little bit more modern, like you could get rid of the giant swan head on the front and you could give the male ballerina outfit look like a real male ballerina would wear. AlsoMaybe you could add club leaders into the game so that you have to ask to join the club before attending any activities that they would do. Also maybe if you added like a little quiz or activity you can do while in classes it would make going to the school in game more interesting. I hope the developers see this and consider my suggestions and criticisms. Thank you 💕
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4 years ago, I can't say it srry
It’s good but......
So I was playing the game then left to clean my room then some time passed on and degenerated I entered the game again I went to edit my characters when I finished it wouldn’t let me exit we’re you edit them and I also had to watch the adds again plus (this was before I went to clean my room)I didn’t like the outfit the boy was wearing so I went to the house and tried changing it worked but I was headless and the other boy was there like a manikin it wouldn’t move I tried with the girl the same thing happened also with the little boy but with the little girl I was different the other characters were headless when I changed them but with the little girl she wasn’t headless.a complete months before all this happened I tried moving but I was multiplying when I tried clicking anything it multiplied. =_= but overall is a good game .so um after I updated the game it is no longer letting play the game it loads the black screen but then kicks me out....:can you pls fix this.🥺
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4 years ago, Ruubyinse
Most enjoyable simulation game
I’ve been playing simulator game’s for a good while, about 3 years, in this while I’ve played a good bunch of simulator games AND THIS GAME is the BEST to me. It’s all fun and super great especially for who enjoy creating stories, it’ll be very satisfying game for them. It’s full of surprises and crazy things that I never thought it’d ever happen, I’ve been playing this game 6mo ago and still enthusiast about it and that’s so unusual to me. ✨ here’s some suggestions that I really think it’s necessary: can we have the options to control our height? To the player’s and also to NPCs + can we please have a saloon or direct optional to change their hairstyles? Also I’d love to change my cats look I want it to be white just like my late cat, so please can you also give us options to change our pets look. One last thing, can you make more playable characters and can you put a ‘confession’ option to choose lovers instead of being lovers directly. Thank u that’s all, I love this game💛💛
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4 years ago, ICUH8N
I love it! But I have suggestions!
So I just got the game yesterday, and I’ve been playing it none stop for some reason. It’s just so good! I love how u can have some friends and u can be in a relationship! It’s awesome! And u can even sleep with the cats on ur bed and cuddle with people on ur bed! It’s just there’s so many places to go too! And that’s what I love about this game. U can go many places instead having a school and just a house. I can see u put so much effort on it and Thank U for that! But! I do have suggestions! I want a place for animals! Like a Pet Shop or a Vet. And I u know how u can chat with the people, and sometimes u can get in a relationship with them. Well sometimes I do. But I don’t want to be in a relationship with them. So I kind of thought for a “Break Up” Button for it.. and idk if u did put this in but maybe there can be a moment where u can propose to ur GF/BF. And then u can start the wedding at the chapel..? And maybe more clothes for the Boys and Girls? It’s ok if u can’t do any of these, but I would appreciate if u did. But This Game Is Awesome! ❤️
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5 years ago, Unikorbs
Amazing! I also have a few suggestions!!!
This game is amazing and ridiculous. I love it that I play it almost every day. I wish that you could marry your lover, and that you can save multiple different games. I wish that you could have children also and that you could play as your children and that you can graduate. I also wish that you would add more pets too the game, and do something ridiculous with the Cat God. I also hope that you can get more perks for having a good reputation, and that people will walk away from you if you have a bad reputation. I wish that there was a Cupid skin so that you could make 2 people fall in love, but you can’t make them fall in love with you. I wish that you could adopt random animals that you find on the street or there can be a pet shop. I also think that you could add a horror mode so as the days progress it gets more and more distorted. Other than that I love it and would love too keep supporting the game. I’m adding more to this as ideas come to my head, so don’t be offended. Nya~!
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8 months ago, Gracefullye
Love the game but have a few suggestions 😇
Me and my sister love this game but we both have a idea for this game.1 we think 💭 that we should be able to play with each other like be able to invite your friends and family who have the game like have a button next to the play button and we can press that button if we want to play with our friends and family.2 my suggestion is that we can press the phone that is in our hand 🖐️ when we get on it in class and maybe we can actually get to raise our hand and get to answer some of the questions.3 my other suggestion is that we should be able to like be able to go to the principal if we get in trouble 😈.And 4 we should actually have parents in the game so that way we can do chores and have the principal call home and stuff and then we can go to our bf house and talk and hang out and get to hang out with our bff 👯‍♀️.I will be happy 😊 if you put these on the game thank you 🙏 (=_= 👌🏻.
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4 years ago, lilroseham
this is an amazing, addicting game!
i love this game so much. all of the different places, people, and things to do are so cool. i do have a few things to say that would make this thing ten times better! first, i wish we were able to change our clothes anywhere. like maybe by opening settings and clicking change outfit. that’d be cool! also, i think a farm house would also be pretty neat. even if there’s like a second floor to maybe the pigs area where there’s a bed, place for you to change, etc. my next idea is a car place where you can buy your own car. maybe make the repair shop bigger so it has a wide selection of cars you can buy! to finish this off, a pet store would fit right in! a place where you can get horses, dogs, cats. these are all just some ideas i have. :) // update 4-7-20 // the game won’t stop crashing !! it only plays for about three minutes then boom! it’s done. the app closes. i’m adding to this— please PLEASE add an airport! it doesn’t have to go anywhere. just an airport.
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2 years ago, ITSME23🤫
This game is fun but need a few fixes!
(I hope you can read this Review and understand it because some may make sense and some could not but if the devs could read some of my opinion then I will be gladly great full thank you) So if you downloaded this game some time back you would know that when you fight with a npc they don’t twirl around and if you kill a npc they don’t die in a sleeping bag. And also when you press the hit button the hands do not punch or kick like they used to instead they point rlly fast like spears. I’m saying that because I think the game will be better if the developers would bring back the old animations back to make the game more realistic because you used to be able to carry npc when they are dead. And a suggestion. It should be a toggle in the settings for the old animations and the new animations because I’m sure other people really like the new animations but for those who don’t it could be a little toggle to toggle on to the old animations in the settings. (If that makes sense) In this Review I did not really want to talk about weapons I wanted to talk about bringing the carry button when npc are dead, the old hot button, and when you get hit you don’t spin around. But to me I think weapons would complete this game to make it like yan sim bc in this game it’s so much to do already so if weapons where to be added I would gladly make this game my no 1 best mobile yan sim!
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3 years ago, S-LCA-Stars
I love this game!!!! But i have some ideas....
There is so much fun stuff to do in this game you can date kill get jobs and everything!!!! There is different outfits to chose from and so much new cars kinda reminds me of yandere simulator but better!!!!! There’s a church where you can get married and crush the wedding fall in love with your senpai different hair styles hair color different eye color and some much more!!! My favorite place would have to be the beach besides the school and palace you can go deep in the water and defeat those annoying beach people!!!!!! I love this game sooooooooooo much but I was thinking about the student houses in the game that you can’t go in i thought it would be a good idea if we could go on those houses and apartments and meet the students family another idea is what about adding a free way in the game like the ones on real life!!! Those are my ideas but besides that I love this game it’s the best besides roblox........ I love this game I love this game I love this game!!!!💗❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, 🍫AzzyBlixen🍫
I really love the game! The graphics, the details, the characters and etc but I do have some things I’d like to see 1. Firstly, more students in the school. I do wish there were some more people in the school, I feel like imo 60 isn’t enough and maybe there could be like 100 something or more students 2. You can go in others houses. I want to be able to go in other students houses, y’know for like hangouts and etc and more 3. More homes/buildings, apartments, etc. I would also like to see if the world could be more expanded so there’s more buildings and apartments for students to live in. I’d also like it if other students could also work jobs as well part time or full time 4. You can call/text. I feel like there should be an option to call or text your lover(s)/friends on the phone. Speaking of a phone, you could also add different apps on there like social media and stuff or spread rumors around 5. More NPCS. There should be some more npcs around, that walk around or talk and you’re able to make them your lover/friend and it saves so it doesn’t get deleted when you save your world and come back 6. Events for school. I feel that there should also be an option where there can be school events, trips, etc and more. It feels boring being at school all day 24/7 and etc Here are some of my ideas for now, I do hope you take some into consideration and if not then that’s fine ☺️
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4 years ago, MoonstoneGalaxy_8
Better than expected! Just some suggestions.
When I first downloaded this game I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be that much, but I was wrong! This game has so many fun and cool things to do! After playing this game for a while I thought of some things that could be added to the game. I was thinking that the NPCs could be more interactive, like if they see a dead body that they would react in fear and tell the police or they could try and get you if they think that you did the crime.(which most likely it would be you) Also, I think that the NPCs could react if you’re holding a weapon. Maybe some characters would just look at you strange and ask you why you have a weapon and maybe some other characters could take it away from you. One more thing, I was just thinking that there could be an option to change the skin color for your avatar! That’s all my suggestions for the game! I hope that you can implement them soon, good game overall!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, gArCy2005yAri
It’s a great game but…
I just really wish you can add more stuff for example: Instead of people falling in love with you after you talk to them for a while you should make it so that there’s an option if you want to date them or not also I wish there was a marriage option too like the girl can propose or the guy can propose I also feel like there should be babies in the game and you have to take care of the baby another thing that would be nice is if you added stuff to do with your pets and add more animals to the game too. Also think that adding different skin colors and different hair types like (curly,poofy,wavy) for both girls and boys. It would also be nice if you added more then 60 students in the game and make it atleast 100. Also add more people to the game too. It would be nice to also be able to go into all the houses and give the students houses. I have a lot more to add but that’s it for now bye thank u
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4 years ago, unicorn11122
one of my favorite games! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I got this game a year ago and so far it’s been great! I am literally addicted to this game! I love how you keep adding new amazing things and fixing bugs. I also love the new update, how you can turn into a baby or pregnant woman. I also love the new summer clothes and accessories! But if there a way to make more skins or something. Like you could turn into a animal or mermaid! It will also be really cool if you could be a shape shifter! I don’t want to pressure you on making these things happen, the game Is amazing already! It’s the best simulator I ever saw! I can see you worked hard on this game creators. But I really recommend this game for everyone! Go and get this game, make sure to rate it five stars! This game is the best please get it! And you need to chill and be thankful this game is made. Anyways thank you to the reader who is taking time to read this. I know it’s long but I really recommend this game. Bye!! 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕓𝕠𝕞𝕓!!
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5 years ago, Stran and wise
Awesome! But some thoughts
I LOVE this game and mostly because I love anime, role playing, and love. But there are some things that I wish where better. First of all, when you talk to NPC's you have restricted options of what you say, I wish when you talked to the NPC’s there was a open chat and they would listen to you and respond. Second of all, I wish this game was ONLINE. If it was, I could play with friends and random people :3. If it was online, I would like a easy access online chat that everyone in the server could see. Third of all, when I’m roleplaying with the girl and the boy and I want them to kiss, the other person says “no, thank you” I wish if it was online for the person to have a option of yes or no. But if it wasn’t online, I would least like them to kiss the person. Overall, this game is very well in graphics, gameplay, map size, And activity wise. The concept of the game is awesome! 👏🏻 This is one of the best roleplay anime games I’ve ever played!
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3 years ago, DestineeDaugherty
Awesome game
This is so fun but it would be so much better if you could have a family in this game like get married, get pregnant, give birth at a hospital, have as many kids as you want, and watch your kids grow up and go to school and then have their own kids, then babysit your kids children too. I think this would make the game so much better. But his game is so fun you get to go to different places design your character, do what you want mostly. But I think a lot of things need to be added for it to be better. A lot of the time I would leave and come back on even if I saved it nothing would be saved so that needs to be fixed too. But everyone should play this tho is so amazing and so much fun I love this game much but I would love it ever better if it gets updated to what I have suggest then it would be better. Pls consider this and make it to where you could have kids and a family.
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3 years ago, Heatlhay
Love app but could use add ons
I truthfully love the game but it does need add ons such as maybe some grocery stores to shop at and a way for you to have a action where you can open and shut the refrigerator and cabinets so you can actually store food in them and also where you can cook the food . And also have it where you can turn on and off the tv and change channels so you can at least have something to watch and maybe add a hotel with a pool and hot tub , yes the hot springs are good but a pool and hot tub in a hotel would be a good add on And the suggestion about having a family is a good one. But you’d also have to make it where you can actually get married before your family life story starts. Last idea would be if you could make it where we can change our house and wallpaper of our house and change color of our beds . If you could add these ideas more people might get the app.
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3 years ago, lilliana ashi
Awesome game! but I got some ideas(please read)
Ok so this game is awesome! And I love every update you make! But since u just added the aquarium, can you make like a submarine or something to help get around better! Or can you make like a mermaid tail thing or something, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mermaid in this game! Second, can you add more hair, it’s been awhile since you last added hair..I was thinking maybe some like ponytails and braids you know every girl loves ponytails and braids and for the boys u can make like a bowl and maybe even make a BALD one! Lol..and last maybe u can maybe like make it to where u can like change the little boy and little girls hair and eye color and stuff maybe like when u first open the app and you hit “customize character” and the girl pops up..can u make it to where u can also customize the little boy and girl..if that makes Anyways this is an awesome game but I do want some of this stuff in the game SOOOOOO BADLY. Thank you😊
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4 years ago, rainbowdash lover🌈
Some ideas
Hi I love this game but I have some ideas number one can you like add some more clothes for the kids cause there is only two outfits for them number two add more monsters and put creepy places plus in the big mountain place can you add a huge mountain that you can go in and see all the monsters number three add more people like some people could go to eating places and some could go walking anywhere number four add more houses that you can goin cause there is only a couple and when you attack someone can they like call the police instead of them running to the police station number five can you add a moon and when someone attacks you and you run by a person can the call the police also can they try to put them in jail number six make a adopt a pet center so you can adopt a pet and make a zoo and a jungle oh and add a dmv and can you add different dimensions to other places that’s all I wanted to say hope you read this
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2 years ago, DiamondAnimeGirl
totally recommend! but a few things…
I’ve been playing for 2 years, and I’ve been loving it! my favorite part is that you can playas kids and role play about whatever you want! there’s just a few things a recommend for the game. _________________________________________________________the first thing I recommend is teleporting to the new water park from the menu. it would really help for people to learn where the water park is. the second thing I recommend is to raise a family. you could take the boy and girl and make them parents, then they can have kids! the last thing I recommend is to confess. you could talk to your lover about confessing like, “I don’t have the same feelings as you.” _________________________________________________________overall, I think I recommend this game for everyone! it’s like making your own world and stories. you don’t have to add these things, but it would help make the game better!
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3 years ago, User577337885
Absolutely good game. few suggestions.
My best friend introduced me to the game in new year 2021 . I downloaded and it is the best anime type game I have ever played. It doesn’t have issues like…. 1. Bad walking . 2. Lagging. 3. A hard to use character editor. 4. a bad story line like where it’s like only about a guy cheating on you and a mean girl. 5. Bad graphics. I like how you can get a lover and it can be with almost everyone. I also like how you can play freely instead of being forced to do something, you can play at your own pace kind of. I have a few suggestions. 1. Add more emotion and texting the NPCs. 2. Change height (whenever I try to kiss somebody I’m too tall) 3.Family members. 4. Aging up and getting married. 5. Pets (like adopting a lizard or something) 6. Talent shows, maybe in day 10 the school could have a talent show and you can choose what you want to do. That’s all, thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, Mintii UwU
I love Sakura school simulator I play it in my spare time but I have some ideas for the next update.” There can be a family potion like when they drink it you become there mom sister dad brother etc. or you can have a baby and for the baby you can customize there hair face and clothes or . You can be a manager at a restaurant or business or a employee .” There can be a train station or a school bus so like at the start of the school day the bus/train can drop them off at the school and at the end of the day it picks them up and takes them back home there can be baby sitters so like when you have a baby they can baby sit your baby oh and for the train I mentioned earlier there can be people at the train stop and the train takes them somewhere.” These are just request if you update it again but don’t stress and try to do requests chose the update but keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, 24IsTheGoodNumber
Found a glitch
The game is really fun but I found a glitch that I’m not sure that the dev would like. You kill the girl than have the boy revive her than go to menu and become the girl after you revive her. You can’t walk but you can use the jet pack and fly. When you fly around you can glitch through walls and stuff. When I first found this glitch I was really excited because I would be able to go into the building and stuff but then I remembered the bronze statue room and went in there it was fun at first but then I accidentally went into the locked room next to the teacher room at the school and then thought it that maybe this glitch would allow you to go into places that the dev was working on. Not sure if this glitch was intentionally made to do exactly that but I wasn’t sure so I thought I would share in hopes of the dev seeing it. If you do than thank you for an awesome game filled with endless entertainment 🙂
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11 months ago, cool7429
I would love if you made another uniform like where we could still choose the colors but maybe the girl could have the sweater typed around her wait and another on with out the sweater so just the shirt and skirt and where we could get other hairstyles like wolf cuts or more stuff for dying hair like maybe just the tips or stripes and we could choose the whole hair color and what we just want to be dyed and but I just really want the game to be the same or maybe a bit similar to the Chinese version because it’s seems really beautiful more clothing options and I would really love if the girl had more outfits with shoes no high heels and maybe one of them could be her wearing a over sized jersey like a Leatherman and we could choose the colors of the leatherman jacket like her just wearing shorts and the leatherman jacket or another one where she’s wearing leggings and the oversized leatherman jacket
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