Salal Credit Union

4.8 (3K)
81.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Salal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Salal Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
3K Ratings
5 years ago, circadian-slip
Why don’t people update their reviews?
Most reviews that exist here are pretty old, and while most of them were valid at the time in my opinion, their arguments are outdated because this app has made major strides ever since its initial release. I can now say that this app is pretty great and reliable, with a ton of useful customizations and features - much more than other banking apps I have used. One feature that I love is the widget, which you can see how much you have in each account on a glance without opening the app (devs: please add dark mode support on this!) If you dig through everything on this app, it’s quite powerful what you can do - almost to the level of desktop functionality.
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5 years ago, ThunderKitty4
Crashes constantly
Your app made life easier for those slow convert to mobile banking. Then I got used to it. Since your update, I photo the front of the check, then turn check over immediately to the back when suddenly app pop-up says screen closed due to inactivity. Sometimes crashes after first photo. I try multiple times, Argh! Now I’ve had to go back to old school in person and requesting paper copies of my checks upon deposit. I notice in these reviews that it’s not just me in pain since last update, so when are you gonna fix this??????? I’ve been member since GHCU in the 80’s. Am I too old school for SALAL? Lost hours to this mess. Frustrated.
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2 years ago, Sqwish9999!
New update does not work
The latest upgrade to the app is a big step backwards. The snapshot screen to full login hangs every time. It takes a full shutdown and sometimes reinstall of app to get things moving and then it’s rinse-repeat. Please address this issue. Not up to your usual standards.
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3 years ago, FourEyedDragon
Best Bank/Great App
Salal is the best bank I’ve ever had. I’ve had zero issues in 5 years. The app is amazing, it’s easy to use, has some great tools like instant money transfer and Savvy Money which has been great for my credit.
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3 years ago, dizzynation
Excellent Service
I have been with Salal CU for over 40 years. I stay with them because of the friendly personal service they provide. They always have my best interests in mind.
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5 years ago, isabella naomi
Not always accessible
The app is easy to use, but it’s under maintenance a lot. I’ve only had the app for a few month and already, I’ve seen “online banking will be unavailable this date-to this date due to maintenance” like 5 times. It’s just frustrating when it happens multiple times a month.
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3 years ago, pbrix
Salal is a great Credit Union!
We have been members of Salal for over 30 years and I think they are the best financial institution around. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always have their client’s best interest in mind.
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1 year ago, Happy Evan
I am very happy with SCU
I am most appreciative of the services I have and feel privileged to bank at Salal. It is such a pleasure to have the personal services I when I visit the bank, and I love the remote banking.
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2 years ago, SeattleAttic
Latest update freezes and logs me out
I’m getting used to the new look of this app but I’d love a couple fixes: 1. When I open the app, all my accounts show up (yay!) but it would be nice to have it be muted because it’s so visible (boo!) and there’s no privacy 2. When I tap on my main account, the Touch ID pops up. I tap, but then I can’t get past the home screen becaise it’s sticky. I have to clear out the app, then try again 3. Why do I get logged out and then have to manually re-enter the password?
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3 years ago, Jrhrx
Salal mobile
During these trying Covid 19 days the Salal Mobile App has taken over as my favorite way to bank. Small learning curve but you really can get by with no interruptions to daily challenges.
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6 years ago, sickofit*29
Very disappointed
Nothing but problems with this thing...most of the time I can’t even get into my account Nothing but error messages and frustration
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4 years ago, Netkid_100
Pretty good now.. but
So I use the app, almost to the fullest. Deposit checks, transfer money, retrieve my direct account numbers, and more. The current problem is that some points while adding a memo, the keyboard no longer pops up. iOS 14 update currently.
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5 months ago, Lewillia910
Salal Member For Life!
I’ve been a member for 20+ years, and never had any problems with any of my accounts. I moved out of Washington State, and continue to use Salal as my primary bank.
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3 years ago, Helen J Wilson
50 years with this Credit Union!
I have banked with Salal since 1971, (50 years!) when it was Group Health CU. Unfailingly solid service, good rates for banking accounts and sound financial advice. Love the shared branching network! Love the app!
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3 years ago, Dody's Checking
Excellent Service to the customer!
I had recommended to my family and friends the satisfaction that I have experience in banking at Salal Credit Union.
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3 years ago, X wayne !
Great program. But I would like to see n that tell me I have a deposit or Bill Payer deducted money from my account.
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6 years ago, nichole000005
Super quick new update
The new app was really easy to download. I just clicked it in the App Store and it started updating my current app instantly. Love the new look! And easy to use so far.
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4 years ago, aznative70
Seems to continually be loading
When logged into the app on my iPad and looking at accounts the three loading dots continue to flash. I am able to use the app but it’s distracting with the three dots continually flashing.
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7 months ago, Rging4
Good, yet room for improvement
Online Salal access is good. It could be more user friendly.
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7 days ago, Yung dez
Easy to use
Very easy to use! Wish u can send wires under $5k like Cashapp allows u to do.
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6 years ago, OK CAR
Doesn’t work as well since phone upgrade.
I downloaded the app initially on my iPhone 5c. Upgraded to an iPhone 8. Now I have to enter my password every time I log in. I contacted the CU REPS and they were clueless as to how to save my password and use a passcode, which was my favorite feature on the app.
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6 years ago, BrassCupcake
Bad omens
I’ve been with Salal since they were Group Health Credit Union. That’s 20 years now. I travel for work which means I’m on the road 50% of the time. It’s never been a problem. Salal’s mobile banking has always been seamless and stable. Until now. From day one this update has been a debacle. Logging in is nearly impossible. Touch ID only works 10% of the time, but cancelling out doesn’t guarantee the password screen will appear. I feel like I’m in Vegas with worse odds. After 20 years with Salal, this app may be the reason to find a new bank. Get it together.
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7 months ago, D44x
Salal mobile on-line banking
Easy to use and navigate I love you guys (& gals)! Dr K
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3 years ago, pooo547326
Mobile ap should have similar options to online
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6 years ago, Bosskillason
New UI needs to be fixed
The previous layout was more simple and easier to use. There is so much unused space and the text is small. The UI is not as fluid and smooth as the last. Unfortunate that this update has made the app more of a hassle to use.
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5 years ago, ahtram12334
Too bad I can’t pay my bills anymore
The fix is worse than the previous version which is much worse than the old ap. Will you be fixing this?
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3 years ago, Tommy_2021
I like it!
It does what I need it to.
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4 years ago, dreamflying
Can’t deposit checks
The deposit check feature always gives a submission error.
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2 years ago, Jake254443333
Just a mess
App is just god awful. Can’t link account to pay my loan Crashes Bill pay doesn’t work Can’t login
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1 year ago, Crazy-Grace
Infuriating and useless
The “account transfer” section of the website AND mobile app are grayed out. Why? Fix this so I can make a payment on our roof loan. Oh, but we can pay $5 extra if we want to process a payment over the phone. Set up to screw us. Don’t bank here. Don’t use this app.
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5 years ago, Lups28
Excellent app
I love the new app thank you Salal!
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5 years ago, seattleguy206
Never Works
I have an iPhone XS and this app never works. It always claims to have communication errors and my Bank of America still works
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3 years ago, TSPSEA
Clean & Gorgeous
The app at Salal Credit Union is awesome!
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9 years ago, Augi44
Awesome app!
Thank you for making it I love it so easy to use s d very helpful (:
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5 months ago, metamaden
using with zelle
highly integrated *thumbs up emoji*
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11 years ago, StBC & Al
Solid, works well, needs ability to do "camera deposits"
This app is a huge improvement over having to use a mobile web browser for routine tasks. The app works well on my iPhone 4, and did everything I wanted -- with one exception: this app needs the ability to snap a photo of a check to deposit, like B of A, Chase, etc have. I think that would really help us attract more customers to Salal! Thanks for bringing this to us.
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9 years ago, Sagesoph
mobile app
Apps works great the first time after I download it, and crashes if I try to use it after that. I have to redownload with every use.
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11 years ago, jcook64
Nice App!
This app works out well for my banking needs.
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9 years ago, Daniel brotherd
Salal app
The new salal app is good I like new app more nicer and easy to use !!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
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5 years ago, Freshpinoy17
The new app is nice and all but...
After the recent update the app went from 100-0.5 real quick. Get it together you guys! I don’t ever wanna leave Salal but this most recent update might trigger me to do so... I know you all can do better!!!
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8 years ago, Pukadog1
Great App!
Really like the app. Simple and easy to use.
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6 years ago, xosandraa
Slow process when logging in
I like the new features that the new app offers but improvements are still needed. For starters It’s quite slow when logging in. You have to wait for the login screen to load then you wait some more while the touch ID for IPhone pops up and again wait some more for the account information to load. The previous app was a lot faster to login. Also having two separate accts with Salal, on the old app It was super convenient that the login page would save my two different username IDs. So all I had to do was select the arrow down and I can choose between the two separate accts. Now I have to manually type my usernames when I wanna access either one. I also have not been able to setup the transfer feature between my two separate Salal accounts, it says my acct is not able to be found. It would be sooooo beneficial if Salal would offer Zelle, its a hassle with most of my family/friends that use other institutions by having to get cash from ATM (which is time consuming) or using apple pay/cash app etc which make me nervous when transferring money.
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