Sallie Mae® Banking

1.5 (47)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sallie Mae, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sallie Mae® Banking

1.47 out of 5
47 Ratings
1 year ago, jessi727
Absolutely worthless app
I’m astonished that a financial institution as large as Sallie Mae could put out such a horribly designed app. There’s literally zero functionality to this app, other than viewing your current balance and recent transfers. Want to access your statement? Forget about it. Need your 1099 for tax purposes? Nope. The app has essentially been the same for years with no meaningful updates. Every year I try to access my 1099 and get frustrated realizing the only way to view statements or tax documents is by using the desktop version. Text banking is a joke, and the mobile version of the website is just as lacking as the app. Even the smallest banks credit unions have figured this out. Sallie Mae clearly doesn’t give a crap about making the user experience simple or efficient. I’m moving my money elsewhere.
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9 months ago, XRManny
Worst Banking app I’ve ever used
I don’t think they really care about their banking app and they don’t think it’s not that important. I have plenty of bank accounts and this is the worst bank app I’ve ever used! You know they don’t care because despite of all the horrible reviews they have gotten, they didn’t do anything about it! You can check all the dates of negative reviews and you’ll see that up to now, nothing has changed. It freezes a lot of times and you need to wait the following day before it works again. It has lack of features compared to other banking app, i meant way bigger differences and I don’t feel safe putting a lot of money in this financial institution. I know they won’t read this and make an effort to fix or update their app but this is just to warn everybody. They don’t care!
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1 week ago, Nicole61920
No improvement over 14 years… still terrible
I’ve been with SallieMae for at least 14 years. No complaints about the bank itself but their app is awful. From the time I started using their app until now, this banking app is THE WORST of all the banking apps I use (at least 8 others). As others have said, my local bank’s app is 100 years ahead of this one, and that’s the way it’s always been. Today has been an especially bad experience with the app constantly signing me out, so here I am to rant a little bit.
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1 month ago, igrustpim
Y'all here for the APY? Try SecureBank (TIAA)
Please hire some knowledgable people to write and maintain a better app than this. This one works – kind of, but is very slow, gitchy, and as far as I can tell not better than the website. Last update a year ago, telling. No developer responses to all the one- and two-star ratings and feedback. C'mon, do better. P.S. currently SecureBank has a high-interest 5.15% (variable) APY savings account, better than what Sallie Mae offers. And their app is fantastic (it's currently through TIAA but they're developing their own soon).
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2 years ago, Ebb n' Flow
Works very smoothly
Clean layout and good functioning app for checking on my Sallie Mae bank account. The developers must have overhauled the app, because none of the criticisms in all of these older reviews seem to apply anymore – except possibly the absence of the app’s ability to memorize your UserID/password, which I NEVER do for banking apps anyway. I’m happy with it.
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1 month ago, garganteil
Horrible App
I have never seen such a large institution put such little thought and effort into their app. It looks circa 2010 on an old iPhone. What appears to be a ‘back arrow’ really signs you out so you have to sign in all the time, there’s no facial recognition to sign in quickly, and the app is just slow, clunky, unappealing, and overall arduous to use and look at. Considering moving to another financial institution because of how horrible this app is.
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3 years ago, lizcanclimb
Rarely works
I’d say >75% of the time, I can only see my balance before I start getting error messages. It’s nearly impossible to navigate the menu or go to my profile without the app freezing, crashing, or saying “function not available” Why offer an app if you’re not going to maintain it and make it usable?
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9 months ago, linda0219!
Just stopped working
I have been using this app for years and have never had a problem but, it has now just stopped working. I have deleted it and installed several times, nothing. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, trw13542
No login memory or biometrics
There’s no support for remembering your user name and no biometrics support. So each time you use the app, you have to remember everything which probably means your userid and password are the same for all your web sites or you have to go to another browser that does remember in which case you no longer need the app.
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3 years ago, Transformed1
The good news...
The good news is that no nefarious organization will be ever be able to hack this app because it barely functions and they would get supremely frustrated even trying to access the most basic of functions. It's also awful for honest, actual users.
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9 months ago, Caradara
Unreliable app
At 1st seemed fine enough but I’ve used it for 1 month now and it doesn’t not always even open reliably. Past few days when I open all it says Sallie Mae with no option to even log in. Good bank rates, terrible accessibility and practically useless app.
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1 year ago, Tsteven89
Your session expired, please login again
As the title of this review states, every time I login I have to login twice. The first time I get the message “Your session expired, please login again”, the second time I get logged in. Otherwise mostly decent app, would be 3 stars without this issue.
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4 years ago, Fetterz24
It Works Just Fine.
If you’re a savings customer of Sallie Mae, this app works just fine. No issues here. Haters to the left.
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2 years ago, BruinFan67
Not great
This app is very basic and hardly useful. It’s slow and does not work half of the time. Just a blank screen. App developers should look at other successful banking apps and take notes. This app needs major improvement.
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1 year ago, Natick, MA User
Super unimpressive app. It is shocking that the app does not allow for face recognition to sign in and does not even save a user name. I get the need for security requirements. But, every other major financial institution in the world allows for face recognition and for the user name to be saved.
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9 months ago, joiebug23
Not working
This app no longer opens. I have deleted and re-installed x3 but it still won’t open. Worst banking app ever. My account is accessible when using the website so this is definitely an app problem.
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1 year ago, VanguardAppDysfunction
Worthless—Can’t acccess statements
What good is a banking app that doesn’t allow customers to view/access statements? This app should be called “Sallie Mae Acct Balance” because that’s all you get—the balance in your account. Worthless junk for a customer.
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3 years ago, space_goat9928
Major issues
Can’t see the login ID or password when logging in. Gives unsupported browser warnings. Just a complete mess. Sure, I can eventually get logged in and see my account, but this is just a garbage app that desperately needs an update.
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3 years ago, Sparklingcharm
Fix it
Can you fix the issue where you can see what login ID and password you’re typing and also be able to save the info so you don’t have to type it in every time? Really annoying.
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3 months ago, BW98716
Poor Performance
This app doesn’t function well at all. Very glitchy and slow load times. Sad for such a large corporation to have this quality
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3 months ago, 689ghog
Terrible app
This is by far the worst app I’ve ever used and is only good for seeing the account balance. Everything else is glitchy, slow, or flat out doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, rwaiche
Lacking basic modern features
This app needs an overhaul fast. Slow loading, poor user experience. May move my money elsewhere because this app is so bad.
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10 months ago, scott j in ohio
Go Elsewhere
Recently opened up an account for a CD. This may be the worst app I have ever seen. Accept a lower interest rate and go elsewhere. Might as well fire their app design team - they ain’t doing nothing. 1 star rating way too high.
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3 years ago, Yre2270
My favorite flaw is the app tells me I can find my 1099 in the statements section. There is no statements section. My second favorite is that it tells me my browser is not supported and lists my browser as supported.
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12 months ago, Packattack7u
2010 is Calling
This might be the worst performing application I’ve used in over a decade. Sluggish is an understatement. The application design is flawed and outdated. It’s time to invest in a new mobile strategy for your customers.
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2 months ago, BMSLou
I’m joining the “this app stinks” revolution
Ya. This app is bad. I’m a new SM member and geez….this app and the phone customer service team are both iffy at best. App is soooo slow and clunky. Frustrating for sure.
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11 months ago, Frannk@aol01
Absolutely horrible
The app didn’t work while I was traveling because of my IP. I couldn’t even access the bank website.
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9 months ago, Lilkeeps11
Doesn’t even load most of the time
The majority of the time, I can’t even get the app to load. So frustrating
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4 days ago, ElChingon!!!!
Very poor
Have never even managed to log in successfully via the app, despite using correct credentials.
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9 months ago, eas2156
App no longer loading
With latest iOS update, app no longer loads
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9 months ago, RonTheRack
Mobile app
Mobile app stopped working after updating to iOS 17.0.3
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1 year ago, InvestorTee
Zero rating
Come on, App Store. You should allow “0” star ratings. This app certainly deserves it!!!
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4 years ago, zzzzzzzzzxs
Simply does not function
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2 years ago, hddhbjjgcbjbvc
Need biometric
Can’t always remember password/ user id. Very inconvenient app.
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6 months ago, KatieMaryJonesy
Garbage - doesn’t work
Their website and app are abysmal.
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3 years ago, NoFear24PR
Shows how little Sallie Mae cares about its customers
Feels like an intern designed the app.... in the year 2011
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2 months ago, agrhms
1997 called. They want their user experience back
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10 months ago, TeeShirt
I didn't believe all the negative reviews til I saw it for myself.
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3 years ago, NicoleABella
Why doesn’t the app display the user ID as it’s being entered? This app needs a do over.
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3 years ago, GSWil
I am not seeing what I am typing, when I login.
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9 months ago, mcurutc
App stopped working
App doesn’t ope
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2 years ago, Vegggiee
This does not work.
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4 years ago, Technologicus
Piece of crap
Piece of crap
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5 years ago, ReapNOLA
Not functional at all
I have deleted and reinstalled this app multiple times through the years in hopes it would be better. But today it still isn’t. At least I used to be able to login and move money between my linked accounts. As of prior reinstall couldn’t do that since it said I had no linked accounts. Had to go to the website to do it. As of today, can’t even sign in, says there’s an error, yet I can sign in on the website. I’ve had my account for 9 years and originally opened it since I had student loans with Sallie Mae and the banking interest rate was great. Now my student loans have been sold to someone else and the interest rate is poor. Also, if you were a Upromise member you could have your money deposited into your checking and you got matches on how much you spent. That’s been taken away too. Combine these with no app functionality and I think it’s time for a new bank.
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12 years ago, Mettle Mama
I'm really tired of idiots bashing the app because it doesn't service student loans. To those morons I would suggest that their education failed them greatly since they apparently can't read. Also, to the numbnuts who have boldly stated that more people do loans than bank through Sallie Mae, again, your education has failed you. Sallie Mae has some of the best interest rates, has for a while, and plenty of people bank with them. Those mentioned above are what is wrong with America today, completely lacking in responsibility and accountability. If you don't read the description, it is hardly fair to blame the app. If you did read the description, then why would you believe the app would be capable of more than it states? Grow up people. Review the app in the merits of its description, not your own assertions. App does what it says. I have yet to have a banking app that is completely full featured and hassle free. This one is basic, but basic gets it done.
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5 years ago, aedifica
Claims there's a newer version
I was excited about the new app, since the old app was way overdue for an upgrade. Unfortunately I hate the website redesign that accompanied the app upgrade, information is now hidden that used to be at the top of the main page. But this review is for the app, not the webpage, so I'll get back to the app. I have logged in to the new app a few times, but now when I try to log in I merely get a message that there's a new version in the app store and I must upgrade to use the app. Problem is, there is no new version in the app store. Even when the app lets me log in, I dislike the new design--the text and design elements are so big and spaced so far apart that I can't see much info without scrolling.
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12 years ago, TheJohnus
Works as advertised, better than using the website
For those having connection issues, you must first log into your account on the website and sign up for mobile account access. You will then have to verify your phone, for security reasons. After that, you will be able to log into this app. It works well for me, especially the check deposit via image function. I can transfer money on the go and check my balance. All the necessities are right here.
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12 years ago, Xyzelement
Kinda works
I had the same problem as the other person who cold not log in. I guessed that I had to enable myself for mobile banking on sallie mae's website first, which solved the issue but it was not at all obvious from the app - in fact the error message is very misleading. I was able to deposit one check. Trying to deposit the second check resulted in a message that I am over a threshold. I am not sure if that's a real problem or not as the two checks combined add up to around 500 bucks. Also - once I was blocked at not being able to deposit because of the threshold, the app got stuck (ie I could not hit any of the buttons along the bottom, the only thing that worked was the button to retry depositing) Anyway I am giving 3 stars because at the end of the day I was able to get my one check deposited which was more convenient than going to the ATM, but the software is far from good.
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5 years ago, ER Vet
Try again
New version is not functional. Required password change and then locked me out. Update: After logging into the website and fixing the password lockout from the App I can now use the mobile app. Upgraded to 4 stars so much better than the junky app that preceded this. Please add face of finger print login to speed things up. So nice to be able to make transfers and deposit checks. Almost left to go to another bank because the app was so crummy
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11 years ago, nakobear
Not bad if you don't have to deal with loans
I have an account with Sallie Mae and had issues using this app until I realized that I had to enable mobile banking through the web. Once that was done, there are no problems. It's easy to deposit checks thru the app. I don't have student loans with them and since it seems that the majority of the complaints are the lack of student loan servicing feature, the negative reviews didn't apply to me.
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