Sally's Spa: Beauty Salon Game

4.7 (6.1K)
229.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Games Cafe Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Sally's Spa: Beauty Salon Game

4.67 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Kaylabruhdeluxe
Update is a BIG step and improvement!
Hi! I never leave reviews, but wanted to really wanted to thank the developers for this newest update. I downloaded this game out of pure nostalgia, but also kept playing it because I ended up really liking the simple gameplay. However, the paywall, ads, and frustrating little details would make me super disappointed. But this newest update has been an absolute huge step in the right direction; not having to guess the right location after waiting 8hours, not having ads shoved in my face every second, and being more generous w/ items to their loyal players has made me very relieved. There’s still lots to do, like making the employees not cost real money, but i’m really loving this update and i’m excited to see more improvements in the future!!
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2 years ago, yeahyeahyuh
Fun gameplay, the rest needs work
If I was rating this game solely on gameplay I’d give it 5 stars. The gameplay is fun for the most part. But the game as a whole has major issues. There are levels where the difficulty feels super unfair. For example, on New York’s expert 3rd level I had literally finished the day serving all but two customers with 5 stars. Kept trying, would always be like $10-30 off the goal. Am I supposed to get EVERY customer with 5 hearts? Now THAT’S impossible. Speaking of impossible, the level system for upgrading your equipment is tedious and useless. I have over $20k earnings in this game that I can’t use because by the time I’ll be able to upgrade my second massage table, i’ll be nearly done with the game. And what’s with the bizarre prices for in the in-app purchases? $5 for ONE employee? That’s ridiculous. The fact that the full game pack costs $35 is just… wow. You could buy a whole game with 20+ hours of content for that price on steam or something. But no, this is a literal app store game charging $35 for the “full game.” And as for the 8 hour flight wait, I’m honestly not even sure who thought that was a good idea. Do they think it’ll annoy us to the point where we pay for fly instantly? So weird. This game is fun, the gameplay is great, but that’s honestly about it. Everything else is just… a mess. I wish the rest of the game did the gameplay justice.
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12 months ago, Dbedolla
Game has major issues.
I have so many things to say about this game so bear with me. To start off…. The game is way too fast paced. They try to make you pay money for upgrades that are desperately needed such as sauna, massage assistant, etc. In the original game that wasn’t “paid to play”, you were able to get them with just a simple upgrade and hard work , now it’s “4.99 to buy the assistant for 24 hours then it goes to 9.99”. It’s awful that these nostalgic games are turned into money grab schemes by companies when they used to be such a way to escape for awhile. The mechanics of the gameplay themselves are faulty as well. 6 levels in and all the customers are coming in 12 at a time with no way to take care of all of them without one leaving…. but then if one leaves you won’t meet the quota for the day and have to restart! To travel to the next town after winning the first area, you either have to wait 7 hours or pay coins that are needed to get the next upgrade to make the next levels playable. I really tried to give it a try since I enjoyed this game as a kid, but it’s not worth it. I’ll be uninstalling and hope that the developers do a unhaul on these mechanics. Until then it’s definitely not a nice escape after a long day. If you’re okay getting mad and replaying levels 6 times until you’re able to make it through, then more power to you. But this game isn’t worth the space it’s taking up on my phone.
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10 months ago, Jamillah V.
Fun but Needs Improvement
For this to be the updated version of the original nostalgic game, there are certain components of the game that make it fall under its true potential. It’s annoying to have to go back to a past country and replay levels only to pay to upgrade products that otherwise in the original game wouldn’t be needed at that certain level in the first place or if the product was already available as long as the player had the money, they could buy it anyway. Another irritating component of the game is that once you get to a certain point of the game customers come in 3,4,5 at a time making it pretty much impossible for the player to beat that level. If you go back to a past country I’m which that level only has like 2 chairs for the customers to sit in how and why are customers coming in like that? You have to purchase the assistants in order to be successful (let’s just be honest here) but you have to wait until you’ve acquired certain badges that you have to get in various country’s in which you have to go back and forth to get to even purchase the assistants. It’s a bit tedious having to go back and forth to past country’s you’ve already played just to buy an assistant with actual money and not game money.
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2 years ago, Captain_Kramer
Trying to sell a $3 game for $20+
Changing my old review in light of recent updates- I will say as terrible as the paywall is, I am thoroughly enjoying this game. It is insanely difficult at times but not impossible and after not being challenged by the old game I can appreciate the difficulty of this new one. I’m glad the new update lowered the travel time to 2 hours for going back to previous levels but for the love of god please tell me before I fly if I can actually play that country. It’s so discouraging to wait to play then immediately get blocked from playing the first level because I don’t have the necessary upgrades and have to wait 2 more hours just to go to a different country I still might not be able to play. That does not entice me to pay $20, it just makes me annoyed. I did catch that one level where after some failed attempts I got a free ride to a recommended country, that’s super cool. But when I’m on the world map screen I need some indicator of which levels I’m able to play. I still think the cost to unlock the full game (no wait times, no ads, access to employees) is asking too much, I would be willing to pay for a full version but $20+ ain’t it.
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11 months ago, emwanderer
Ruined the Game.
this game was my favorite when I was a young girl. it never made you pay REAL MONEY for the assistant workers. this one has some weird mechanic where you have to get stars and expert badges just to unlock upgrades (fancier chairs, equipment, etc) that would have normally been offered for an in-game coin price that would’ve been attainable by playing 1-3 levels. ever since I recently updated this game it has been turned into your average mobile game exploitative money making greed machine. I get you guys (the devs) have to keep up with the times and try to profit off of the Mobile version of your game — but I’m just going to stick with playing the older GameHouse version on PC where there’s no money grabbing-watch a 30 second ad for extra coins-nonsense. Sad that this is what the mobile game has turned into when it wasn’t even like that in the first place — the mobile game used to be playable just like the PC version. as of 2023 it’s been turned into something totally different that hides features I’d normally get with gameplay behind an actual monetary paywall. if you’re that desperate for money maybe develop some new games instead of remodeling your old ones into cheap cash grab mobile games 🙃
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1 year ago, RŌBLOX player
Paywall to a Soulsborne level game
Honestly the developers might as well have just sold the game for $30 and I would have been happy. But no, instead, they make assistants, which basically become absolutely necessary mid to late game, cost $5 EACH, and then proceed to annoy you with ads and everytime you retry a level and wait time because it’s so difficult so you can pay $10 for each country/continent. Now, I’ve been playing all types of games on all types of platforms for many years, and my conclusion is that if you’re not essentially a mobile esports player, there is no way you can play this game for free. And even if you are, you’re not using this game to de-stress after work, you’re playing if you’re so bored out of your mind and something like renovating your entire house isn’t an option. Also not that big of a deal, but having to build a mindset of prioritizing the highest tippers and ignoring the customers that are a lost cause in order to win the game doesn’t make it an escape from reality anymore. I don’t really wanna be reminded of how people step on others to survive. In my head, if the developers think that’s okay, then it must be what they’re doing. Other people can find kinder games than this if a change isn’t made.
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2 years ago, WhitneyFaith1989
Fun game, some downfalls
I love this game but there are some frustrating issues that are unnecessary in my opinion. First off, I wish you could accomplish all the levels in one location without having to get farther along in other locations. The most annoying part is that it doesn’t specify where to go a lot of times. You just have to guess and hope that after waiting 8 hours for the flight to get there that you went to the right place. You should be able to finish a location and then go straight to another one without having to wait 8 hours or spend $20 to buy the game. Another annoying thing is having to wait to buy upgrades till you reach a certain point. I have tons of money in the game and as long as I can afford the upgrade I should be able to buy as many as I want. The game is fun but I hate it when the creator tries to make it as annoying as possible so you’ll purchase it. Just let us play without waiting ridiculous amounts of time or having to fly back and forth to get more badges.
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1 year ago, Sergiwee
Money hungry
Edit: Oh buy the original game at $6.99 in the App Store cause it’s basically the free version because in this version just one out of the three spa assistants is $4.99 (initially). And that’s just the start of it, in the long run you’ll end up spending more money in this version. I’m enjoying it now like long time ago, cash gimmick free. I just spent $60 is less than a week on a mobile game that use to basically be free to play years ago!!! Almost everything will require to use cash. Want to go to the next location, pay or wait 8 hrs, want to barely make a level? Buy a bunch of candles and teas to barely scrape by with customers coming through the door with one heart and already on the verge of losing that one heart upon arrival! You barely get any in-game currency to upgrade anything or maybe their upgrades are way too expensive that you can’t upgrade crap! There goes a childhood favorite right out the door. At least I can play delicious deluxe, hopefully they haven’t become what this monster has become. They could’ve done things in moderation but nope they want to eviscerate your hard earn paycheck for a MOBILE GAME.
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2 years ago, xx_Bunni_xx
I miss the Good ole Days
I used to love this game when I was younger but the in-app purchases have ruined the game. Overall gameplay is fun and challenging which is why it’s earned 3 stars. I like the challenge of time management and doing multiple things at once. Not only does it create a fun game but also has helped me in real life learn to manage my time a bit better. That said- the game still needs a lot of work. The fact that every place takes 8 hours to fly to when in real life it would be half the time is ridiculous. The fact that you have to upgrade to get to the next level is ridiculous too. I have spent all day flying to (only) two different places because I needed shop upgrades. I went to play a level and I needed to get more shop upgrades but you can’t get more shop upgrades unless you play another level. But you can’t play another level without leaving your original spot and flying 8 hours to another spa. Then- you get there and find out you need more shop upgrades THERE. So now you’ve wasted 8 hours and have to fly ANOTHER 8 hours. The game doesn’t tell you WHERE to go it just says “Lol sorry gl” I really like Sally spa but I don’t want to pay $30+ to play the game. If you could speed up flights with gems, or even buy the full game for a few bucks I’d be much happier. But I could buy a better name on my Nintendo Switch for that price. I like Sally spa as a time waster but as a game I’d pay money for- it’s far from that. TL;DR Fun Game- Awful Waits
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9 months ago, Cnotes52
Too expensive
I agree with everyone. I downloaded this out of nostalgia because its really fun, cute concept, the sounds are pleasing, its just fun to play! But you end up having to spend real money to keep going, assistants, flights, upgrades, and it’s not cheap.. I think I’ve spent at least $40 if not more and after a while your just like what am I doing. You can’t beat the levels without upgrading, but you don’t make enough money to upgrade anything. You keep having to buy tea or candles after every round to get through a level, then you can’t save money for upgrades. They’re like come back daily to get a bonus chest so you can get upgrades, bonus chest = $100, new massage chair = $20,000. It’s too hard, too confusing with all the flying back and forth and the waiting. At first I was like what is even going on I’m lost. I got the hang of it I guess, but I was like ok I need to spend $20 to get coins if I’m gonna pass this next level and …I decided to just delete it instead.
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2 years ago, GlitchGecko
Sold its soul, no longer fun
I re-downloaded this game because I remembered playing it in 2013 and loving it. I actually finished the whole game (except for getting a perfect on every level but I’m not a completionist). At the time you could upgrade everything and get the helpers just by using the rewards won from the levels. I didn’t mind as it was relaxing but still engaging to replay the levels. Now however, you either have to either watch an ad to play each individual level, or pay a couple of dollars to play the spa (not the whole game just that particular spa) with no ads. You can’t even get the helpers with in-game earnings, you have to pay for them too. Additionally, as I said, I last played this game back in 2013 and it seems the graphics and gameplay have not been updated in all that time. The game doesn’t fit right or appear crisp on the newer screens of 2022. Sad to say I didn’t even continue this game pass the third level of the first spa. It’s clearly went from an entertaining game with heart to a nickel and dime operation.
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2 years ago, locham987654321
I saw another review that rated on gameplay vs how the rest of the setup is and I would agree that actual gameplay is a 5 but how everything else is set up now is a 1. You can’t even complete a level within the time frame to pass without having to buy something. I understand maybe the company isn’t making enough money but that sure as heck doesn’t encourage me to keep playing. I used to love this game growing up and I’ve even played it on the computer but these changes are just something I cannot get down with sadly.
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2 years ago, skylerma
Was good once, not anymore
I used to play this game on my iPod back in junior high/early high school and I LOVED IT!! You could earn money and awards from levels and even get bonuses for getting a perfect score on a level! With those earned rewards and money, you could hire other people for your salon, upgrade your chairs or baths, and overall make your spa more enjoyable and make levels a little easier to beat. Now that was years ago. I stumbled upon this game again recently and nostalgia hit me hard, so I instantly downloaded it. Now, I can’t play a level without watching an ad, I can’t hire new people without paying $4.99 and I have to physically wait 7+ hours for Sally’s “flight” to take her to a new city. I’ve barely played 10 levels and I want to delete the game. I used to be able to play for hours and never grow tired of it. Do yourself a favor and DON’T download it, even if it’s for old times sake. I’m deleting it immediately after I write this. Sorry, old friend Sally. It’s not the game, it’s the developers. 1/10
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2 years ago, Haeley2122
Not Worth It
This game tricks you into spending money in order to complete levels. It doesn’t allow you to upgrade items in your shop with in game currency… you have to spend real life money- so then you do and you get a good 2-3 rounds and then once again are put in the position to spend real life money in order to get through to the next round (I’m talking like, playing and losing a round after 15 try’s when you only needed $2 in game coins to pass) It continues this pattern until you’re left with the empty gut feeling that you just spent hard earned money on a game that’s developed to have you lose unless you are spending your real life hard earned money. Now here you are, without the $20 that you had to work two hours to get and without the app you just played to waste a bunch of money on and delete bc if you keep it you’ll just spend more in frustration. Not worth it! Save your money and experience something better than miss sally and her little spa….
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1 year ago, Sparkle683
Scam Alert 🚨
*** BUYER BEWARE *** Like many, I enjoyed earlier versions of this game as a kid, but this new version is a money scam. When I originally downloaded the game it worked fine. No issues. Once I purchased all upgrades, the next time I opened the game-I received a notification about an update. Suddenly, the game constantly buffered and was extremely slow. I deleted the game, thinking it would fix this “glitch”-IT DIDN’T. After losing all my prior game progress, when starting over-I noticed that I was earning FAR LESS money when completing stages, even with ALL CUSTOMERS AT FULL HEARTS. One stage I only earned a bonus of $6! I also noticed that customers are losing patience more faster than before. I found myself having to buy more candle and tea upgrades, which is extremely hard to do when you aren’t awarded very much money. I would rate this game a ZERO if I could, but bottom line-DO NOT waste your time or MONEY on this garbage.
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2 years ago, L-Lizzy-Lawliet
Impossible to play unless you spend money
I’ve loved this game since I was a kid, I played it all the time and downloaded it back recently, but as somebody who doesn’t have the money to spend on something like a little game, it’s incredibly frustrating when the free version of the game makes it almost impossible do accomplish any level unless you buy something. The full game on the App Store is what? 6 or 7 dollars? But getting ONE little assistant that would help you actually somewhat finish the level is like four or five dollars. And after finishing one location, you have a wait seven hours to even be able to play on the next..or pay money. And another review mentioned that everything you can buy on the free version of the game is 35$ in total? When the full version of the game is like 7$? Seriously?? I’m not one to write reviews, nor have I ever written a review, but this is seriously ridiculous. Don’t have a free version of the game if all you’re going to do is make it impossible to play unless you spend an unreasonable amount of money on it. I know the game developers are trying to make money, but it’s incredibly and morally wrong to practically milk devoted players out of their money that they don’t even need to spend in the first place.
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2 years ago, ro1628
Paywall Makes This Game Nearly Unplayable
I loved this game so much when I played it however many years ago, and the gameplay itself is still really solid. However, this new version of the game is so paywalled that you might as well play the old version. Watching an ad or so between levels is fine; games need to make money to keep running. However, only being able to play 5 levels before having to wait 8 hours to play more is ridiculous. Twenty dollars to be able to play more than five levels at a time? That's insane, especially when the travel times used to be instant. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad if you could replay old levels during the flight, or if the flights were shorter, but neither of those apply. My other pet peeve is that you can only get the assistants with real life money. Later levels are clearly built with you having assistants in mind; why is a core game mechanic locked behind a paywall? It just doesn't make any sense. I really love this game, but so far this new version is a complete and utter nightmare. I really hope they alleviate at least some of these issues, because I do miss playing it, but I'm not going to shill out money for a game that only lets you play 5 levels at a time and was created with a "pay to win" mindset.
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12 months ago, milo356
Spent $50 and stuck on a level
So this is a fun game, the creators did a great job. So much so I decided to spend the $20 for the whole world. It is a strategic game and you have to replay a lot of levels sometimes, which is fine. But then you get to a point where you can’t pass anything and you can’t really earn enough coins in other locations in order to pass, so I bought the sauna and the massage therapist (each separately, over the course of being stuck on levels). And here I am again (after buying coins) stuck on the 5th level in Japan. In order to pass this level I am going to have to spend money for a coin pack AGAIN to upgrade my equipment and I have already spent nearly $50 on this game. It’s such a money pit. How much do you have to spend to finish the game? Don’t waste your time or money.
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2 years ago, Alice122464
Please get rid of the pay wall
It’s fine if you want us to pay to unlock certain things. However it is not okay to force the game to be significantly harder, and almost impossible to pass at times, due to the fact that certain assistants can only be unlocked through paying for them. Why are we unable to unlock them through the in-game currency when everything else is? It literally makes the in-game currency become almost useless in the early stages as you can’t use it to get two assistants or their upgrades because it’s locked through a pay wall instead. I would much rather watch more ads instead of having to pay for something that should be available to us in the first place.
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1 year ago, @snapchath8r101 🤪😜
Game is confusing and hard to play through
The levels bounce around between islands in a very confusing way. For example it will randomly not allow you to play in Paris anymore until you play on the Cruise. I understand it’s to allow you to get the upgrades you need but it’s really unclear where I’m playing from level to level. Also game play gets nearly impossible. I can’t win levels anymore unless I have coins but I can’t win coins unless I win levels. Even when I go back to past levels to get some coins they only give about 40 for a completed past level. Im not going to pour more money into a game that’s not possible to keep playing without it. Very disappointed as this was one of the first games I got on my iPod years ago and was excited for the nostalgia factor.
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5 months ago, Sruh1
love the game, but
I love the actual game itself, i played it when I was a little kid and was very happy I found it again at 27. but you can only play a few levels before you have to spend money to keep playing. whether it’s to unlock levels just to keep playing, or having to spend money on things that used to just be part of the game. like the assistants, it says you get her on level 6, but you have to play 3 different cities before you even get to a level 6 and then you have to spend 4.99 just to have the assistant. if the game didn’t seem like such a money grab now, i’d actually be able to play and enjoy it. I understand things cost money, but asking someone to spend 4.99 ever other level is absurd.
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5 months ago, Crackedpranks
Amazing game but…
I love this game. I played this as a kid and now as a young adult, I had to download it again to satisfy my nostalgia. But it’s changed…this change is excessive. I understand adding adds (more money) but having to watch one before every level is a bit much because there are also adds after you complete a level. Also, why are we paying for the spa workers?? As a kid I remember having all three workers (I was a sweat lol). But what happened to earning the workers as you work throughout the game?? And correct me if I’m wrong it’s been a decade since I’ve played but did we always have to pay (750) or wait hours to travel to a new place? And lastly we should be able to customize our own sally. (Just a thought)
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1 year ago, Petco is the best co.
Bring back the old Sally’s spa
This makes me so sad to write bc I used to LOVE this game, I would go through it like once a year it was a blast. But they’ve totally messed it up??? Every level is completely ridiculously hard to beat, you have to go back and forth between locations and replay levels?? Things that once cost coins you could obtain in the game now costs real money (like 5 dollars for the assistant??) and stuff like the candles used to be so simple, now they cost WAAAAAY too much money. I understand the app designers need to make money and that’s totally fine, I don’t mind even watching an ad before I play every level. But this literally makes me want to delete and never come back this isn’t the way to do it. It used to be the cutest most relaxing game with just the right hint of challenge, but this is just ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Starfox0322
Fun, but pay 2 win & just a cash grab
Absolutely love these games, I played sallys salon on my computer almost a decade ago and wanted to play its counterpart for the nostalgia. However, almost everything convenient is behind a ridiculously high pay wall. You need to fly back and forth between locations to unlock the upgrades by completing certain levels, but if you don’t want to wait 7 hours, you have to pay💀 Don’t want to watch ads to play a level? Want to actually be able to pass levels without having to 100% them? Don’t worry! You could buy the whole game for just $35… yikes. There is so much inconvenience added to this game simply to put in more cash grabs and it ruins it.
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6 months ago, LiaSmith2
Not Worth It
The gameplay is decent, however it takes me a few taps in a few different spots in order for the game to register that I want the character to do something/go somewhere. Having to repeatedly try to find the sweet spot while you're on a time limit is frustrating. Once you want to open a new spa after beating all of the levels, it makes you wait for 8 hours before you can play again. It doesn't even let you replay old levels during that time. The game becomes literally useless for 8 hours unless you want to spend all of your in-game currency to skip the 8 hour wait. And that price will stay the same, whether there are 7 hours or 10 minutes left of wait time; you'll still have to pay the same amount of coins to skip the wait.
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7 months ago, nah___00
game itself is fun; amount of ads is unhinged
the gameplay itself is classic sally’s salon - fun and fast-paced. i even like that they added more levels to each location bc in the traditional version of the game it takes like no time to unlock all the locations and max out. there are definitely more challenges, like customers coming in with already low hearts, so you have to prioritize higher paying customers and be strategic in the tasks you’re doing. that being said, the amount of ads and things you have to pay for is pretty ridiculous. i don’t like to pay for games and i’ve been able to get through so far, but you have to watch an ad before playing any level. plus you have to watch an ad if you fail a level and want to replay. *plus* you have to pay real money if you want to get any of the salon employees. this game is my current hyperfixation so the incessant ads/money grabs aren’t a deal breaker for me but it’s pretty off putting how blatant they’re trying to upcharge you to play this game.
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11 months ago, LSUannie225
Frustrated fan
Like so many others, I loved the original version of this game & recently downloaded the 2023 version. I was pretty surprised to see how much the upgrades cost. I was happy to pay a flat rate for the old version, but the prices now are wild. Especially the prices per person for salon assistants, with no option to “buy” them using in-game currency like you could in the original. I was annoyed, but didn’t feel compelled to review until today. The game is unplayable today because the ads won’t load. They’re a black screen with no way to close, even after letting it sit for several minutes. It’s a bummer to see an old favorite become so obnoxiously frustrating to play. Deleting now.
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1 year ago, Nessi A
If you’re looking for a fun free to play game, this ain’t it you can leave now. I downloaded this game for nostalgia purposes, this was one of my first few games when receiving my first iPod touch. This was one of my favorites along with Diner Dash. This game is far from what it used to be, nothing but an annoying pay to win. You get the ability to play a level then watch an ad between levels, and every five levels you get to either wait hours or use your coins you need to use to upgrade items to skip ahead. No thanks. This game is already time crunch enough as is. I can’t afford to use my in game coins and sacrifice not being able to upgrade my equipment. You also used to be able to purchase “help” with coins and now you can’t. Such a disappointment.
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7 months ago, Reya101
Fun! but the employee upgrades shouldn’t cost money.
I have never played this game and got interested when I saw someone on TikTok playing it, they were on the first 3 levels so I didn't expect too much of a challenge but… i've gone through multiple levels now and its pretty tough. I think the employees would definitely make it at least a bit easier and not everybody can or wants to spend money on in-game purchases. I have gotten through many levels and am still playing but it gets pretty difficult and frustrating sometimes. I would definitely recommend a update and making the employees actually attainable.
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2 years ago, maddex henry
Used to really really love the game
I remember playing this game as a kid and I loved it I read down and loaded the game recently and found while there are a lot of great changes one change that really bothered me was the new timing system it seems like on the first levels the clock went by so fast that it was really hard to get stuff done and then at the end of the last level of the first spa I had to use all of my time boosters just so I can barely pass the level I feel like these levels should be improved either by removing this time system or by adding a lot more time or slow down the clock other than that this game is amazing
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2 years ago, Tomboy2020
Pretty much impossible to play without money
I loved playing these computer games when I was younger and was willing to spend money on this, but I’ve spent similar amounts for other similar games and I feel like I got more out of the others than Sally. Things like getting an assistant cost real life money, which is kind of wild, and more difficult levels are almost impossible to win without spending more of your real life money. Instead of allowing you to spend six or twelve dollars to buy the game outright and enjoy, the developers behind this seemed to have looked to every inch of this game to find ways to milk money out of players.
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2 years ago, Escapone
I used to LOVE this game. It was such a good blend of fun and challenge but also being relaxing. But it has been positively ruined. It used to be that you could jump between locations as you pleased. Now unless you pay, there’s an 8 hour time lag in between locations for your “flight”. On top of that you have to hop between locations frequently in order to gain points to upgrade items to be able to actually pass the higher levels. Upgrades used to be very easy to obtain- now the upgrades are very slow and the other employees are paid only, you can’t get them in the free version. The levels are also ridiculously challenging. It’s not even worth playing anymore unless you’re willing to shell out cash for the paid version.
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4 months ago, BerryCherryBlonde
Not as fun as the non-free ver.
Right off the bat I realized there were a lot of differences between the old version (the one you always had to pay for) and this current version of the game. Basically everything you can buy with coins in the paid version costs real money in the free version. Which doesn’t make any sense? The game honestly is more stressful than fun because there is nothing you can do about unhappy customers, no extra staff, power ups, etc. unless you pay for it. 3/5 stars because it seems like the developers care about the feedback from players by giving in game surveys but this game needs work.
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3 months ago, hbcfhhvcfahha
Too difficult too fast
This game is fun when it’s manageable but it’s gets too difficult too fast! I’ve only been playing for a couple days and the game gets too out of control which doesn’t make it fun I get more stressed! The whole point of the game is to have fun managing the spa and feel good at the end of the day and you can do that without making it so difficult where you fail the level so easily. I’m sure they do that so you’ll pay for the assistants but I’m not paying $5 for a game to make it easier on me.
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1 year ago, Baka_Yuki
Just play the old version
Seriously, this “free” version is a scam… Like other reviews have said, the paywall is utterly ridiculous, and the total cost after buying all upgrades would amount to $35 (really? Having to pay real money just for the ASSISTANTS? Which is absolutely required to have in the mid-to-late game??) When in fact, the old “full” version of the game (which is also available on the App Store) is a one-time purchase of $6.99. I also played this back in the day, and wanted to give this new version a try for the nostalgia. Yeah, I didn’t even get past the second location before I gave in and just decided to buy the old version LOL, which is MILES better than what p2w crap this game has become.
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2 years ago, JurixSakura
Money grab for devs
This game was so disappointing. They try to get you to constantly spend money just to play this game. After passing the first area you have to wait 8 hours before the 2nd area is unlocked OR spend money to unlock it. Then the actual gameplay… is pretty fun, reminds me of old school diner dash BUT if you don’t hurry up and do everything you literally have to spend money to “buy more time on a level” just to pass the level. It’s frustrating. Not to mention upgrading the items you can only upgrade whatever the game recommends… All they’d have to do is remove the stupid micro transactions and the game would actually be playable.
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7 months ago, RangerJoey
This game is so frustrating to play. You need to spend and KEEP spending on order to advance. I don’t mind paying for in-app purchases at all but it’s very aggravating that you can’t advance without constantly buying more things. The old game was nothing like this. There have been so many levels where I’m close to the goal and have literally already served customers but because I’m not fast enough to get to the register, the game just won’t count it. And obviously the upgrades you use for that level are just wasted. Which in turn forces you to either buy those stupid time boosters or more coins to upgrade faster. It’s extremely aggravating. Never dealt with a game like this.
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1 year ago, Briem27
“Let’s take a widely loved game and make it awful”
I LOVED Sally’s Spa and came back to it quite a few times over the years. I’m not sure why the developers felt the need to change the original game as opposed to releasing a separate, “expanded” 2023 version with the monetization nonsense in it. It’s not even relaxing to play anymore because you’re being pressured to pay for things every 30 seconds. And the wholesomeness of the game is completely gone. I don’t want to wind down for the day and have a game telling me that I need to prioritize the biggest payers and ignore certain customers and whatnot. Ironically, that kind of symbolizes what the studio did with these changes. The mobile game industry is filled with greed and garbage now.
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2 years ago, kitchenlight
major issues
for gameplay it is fun but there are plenty of things about this game that need to be fixed or at least dealt with at some capacity. for starters, if you want to do well in this game you’re going to have to buy a lot of things with real money. in order to advance in certain levels you either need badges, stars, or apprentices. the apprentices cost $5 each. you have a surplus of money in the game that you can’t really use to upgrade/buy items in the game because you don’t have the badges or number of badges and/or stars required. you also get an ad before every round or you can buy a pack that eliminates ads. that wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t already spending a ridiculous amount of money on a mobile game in the first place. second of all, it is very fast paced and at some points in the game it is weirdly high difficulty. there isn’t some boss or high difficulty round that you can prep and guess to when it’s coming. it just happens and you have to have an extra time booster or hope you bought an apprentice previously that will do some things for you automatically so you have a few extra seconds to make the cut. i use to play this game years back and it was genuinely enjoyable and fun to play. i don’t know what happened or who decided to make these specific changes but i really do hope they fix back to the game it was. it has a lot of potential if they do what needs to be done.
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8 months ago, PriyankaDaryani
Lots of purchases required, weird badge system for upgrade
I downloaded this game because of nostalgia, and while the graphics and basic gameplay os pretty much the same, they have introduced a weirdly unnecessary badge system for upgrades, 7+ hr wait times to travel between spa locations and all assistants are behind a pay wall. It becomes so difficult after a certain level to progress without at least paying like $15-20 to buy things. I wish they would just let you play 1-2 locations for free and then just charge you to unlock the rest without having to pay for every other thing.
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4 weeks ago, TreeMonkey8
Missed opportunity
I’m a big fan of the old game. I’ve replayed it nearly every year for as long as I can remember. I don’t mind paying for a game. I paid for the first one. But to pay $20 and still have pay to win features? No thanks. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I would’ve paid $20 for the new game if it was more streamlined looking (the amount of new features clutters the screen and it’s too colorful) and didn’t have pay to win elements. It’s really a shame. I was so excited when I saw this. I’ve always wanted the OG Sally’s spa to have the ability to cancel actions, a leaderboard, more levels and more of a challenge. But this ain’t it.
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12 months ago, Sheisdamaged
Use to like it, but not anymore
I use to play this gam a long time ago. I even paid to I could get all the levels. I thought it was fun and a nice distraction. So I decided to revisit it. This new version?!? Still the same game but they CHARGE U FOR EVERYTHING. Even stuff that before u could earn threw playing and coins. Now it feels like they slow down ur character so you feel u have to pay for all these features in order to do well. Before it felt like skill and timing. Now I have to basically buy my way to win and play. I even tried to restore my original purchase and nothing. I did love this game but now it just feels like a money grab. I can’t even just have fun playing
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4 months ago, Clairesgirl
Level 49
This game overall is so fun, but you do need to pay for certain upgrades to make it fun. However, I’ve sent two messages to the developers because I’ve been stuck on level 49 Fiji, apprentice for two weeks now and it’s impossible to pass. The upgrades I have spent $ on aren’t enough. Feels like you would have to spent $50 just to pass this level and even then no guarantees. The game doesn’t become fun when it feels like you have to spent real $ to level up. Please fix this!
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1 month ago, Cj24567
Impossible to pass
The game went from too easy, to impossible to pass. I finally made it through the entire game, all countries and levels at zen master EXCEPT the last country and level because you have to beat your previous score and my previous score was already at max. I keep getting the same score. I like the speed of the game. I love that they have kept the same graphics. But I feel like the game has become very difficult. I have not purchased any assistants and refuse to pay $5 for someone that will turn the saunas on smh in this economy?!
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1 year ago, exhaustedfromchanges!
Too many hoops!
I have loved playing this game since it first came out. I finish, then come back to start over. Was disappointed this last time with all the ads, which I understand, but recently it started charging to move between sites and for the candles and tea I already upgraded! I’m done. Maybe I’ll wait 6 months to see if you change it back. It was fine the way it originally was when you could earn the help and all the other items. If you want to keep people coming back, make more levels, don’t keep adding restrictions!
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1 year ago, Whimsia
This app used to be fun, affordable, and achievable
This app used to be really fun. You were able to get through all the challenges without having to purchase anything, the levels were difficult but achievable, and there were no adds. Now I feel like the levels are too hard to accomplish half of them, even with the variations in strategy per level and the cost of the helpers is ridiculous. Please fix so I can continue to play. I am interested in Sally’s Studio too but if It’s anything like this game I think I’ll pass. This game has gone drastically downhill.
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4 months ago, Strawberry Bebe
Needs balancing
This game has helped a lot with my anxiety and keeping my mind busy. However, some levels are nearly impossible to beat even after several tries. I’ve already spent $40 on this game and yet I still have hardly any coins to buy more upgrades to earn more money to beat the challenging levels. The cost of upgrades needs to be more affordable. I also don’t understand why the plane rides are 8H long or ridiculously expensive to skip.
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2 years ago, not a karen lol
Not that fun anymore
A couple of years ago, this game was AMAZING!! It was my favorite mobile game. And for years, I kept coming back to play. The new updates on this game are very disappointing and quite frankly, completely ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to pay real money to hire spa operators. I can’t ever beat levels because I don’t have enough assistance in the game. And I am definitely not going to pay real money to play, that’s just ridiculous. I don’t understand why the creators of this game had to change it. I know that myself and all of the other players would prefer for the game to go back to it’s original update.
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9 months ago, Jennaben
I miss what this game used to be.
I redownloaded this game for some nostalgia as I always used to play this game on long flights. Oh boy has it changed. Waiting 7 hours for a standby flight just to play other levels? Paying 5$ for other employees?? Some of the levels are hard enough to where it constantly gets you just $5 under goal, and you don’t receive any money for that. Then prompts you to upgrade more things. Well I can’t do that without winning more coins or buying them 🙃 really sad this game has gone so down hill
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