Salsa Booth

Photo & Video
3.7 (70)
164.8 MB
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Current version
Photobooth Supply Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Salsa Booth

3.73 out of 5
70 Ratings
3 years ago, purpleriver
Works great.
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5 years ago, Lou101fds
Good interface but the sharing delay / process kills it for me
I really enjoy the user interface and how sleek and intuitive everything is, however there are a few things that have ultimately led me to look elsewhere: - while the SMS sharing has worked without any issues, for email I had several that were not sent for a few hours. Now I know what you’re thinking, who would want them to be sent via email vs text? Well that’s my next issue - we all know how popular boomerangs and gifs are. For this app you can view those types of images on the SMS that is sent to you; however if your guest wishes to post these on Instagram or download them they need to email it to themselves in order to be able to download the file, which is where issue number one comes in again. The app tells you when sharing that it may take up to 24 hours to send so I suppose they got their bases covered, but for the services we’re offering this is a deal breaker. I’m trying to provide my guests with real time sharing and if they’re waiting hours to be able to download the file then it’s just not worth it.
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2 years ago, Simplisticfocus
This company is all hype! If I knew what I know now, I would have never went forward with this Photo Booth company. The reasoning for my rating on the App, is solely because of the pricing for what it offers. When you think of photobooths, you automatically think of receiving small memorable prints. With this Salsa booth app, if you want to have the printing option, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR PREMIUM $100 MONTHLY FEE. Why would the most basic feature not automatically be included?? What's even more crazy, is that if you want to grow your phootbooth business and get a second Salsa booth, you will have to pay an additional $100 for each photobooth - EACH MONTH! This just blows my mind. When I called their support team to explain my frustration about the app, they treated me like trash and the girl had no care for what I had to say. I was already skeptical on spending $3,000 on a glorified ring light, especially since the company offers "no returns". Yes, they have some cool features like gifs and video.... but so do other photobooth apps. Please reconsider working with this company.
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3 years ago, Mrs T.Johnson
A life saver !!!
Hands down the best customer service team I have dealt with in a long time. I was experiencing technical difficulties with my printer and had to call several times but each time Tareek walked me through step-by-step. Not once did he get frustrated or give me an attitude or make me feel like I was bothering him. Even when I called the next day on a Saturday with the same problem they handed me in the exact same manner. Thanks again Takreek and Nate you guys are the best ❤️
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8 months ago, Jin Oxford
Had so much potential
Love everything about it until I tried airprinting. First photo gets sent as 4x6 and after finagling the advanced settings, I got it coming out perfectly. But every additional print gets send as letter, not 4x6. I was able to work around the issue by force closing the app. Even after reopening, the first photo prints correctly, and all subsequent prints don’t. There is no way I can have guests force closed the app ever time, so I will not be using this app for my events.
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4 years ago, @petertheleader
Be Warned.
Times are tough, but so are we - all of us. This is in the first sentence in an email sent to us Salsa Booth owners promoting and getting us excited for the much awaited for updates to the Salsa Booth App! But wait, ONLY if you’re subscribed to the $100/month tier. Unfortunately like many, we’re all going through a really tough time. And as an owner of the Salsa Booth with all that’s happening these days, with lack of bookings because of a pandemic and what not, finding out that these updates are only available in a higher tier plan, really makes you think if we really are in this together🤦🏻‍♂️
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3 years ago, It's All in The Backbeat
While it SHOULD be a great app (for $99 a month!!!), it fails on the most basic of what it SHOULD do. Assets won’t upload days after an event, photo settings that are ridiculous to fine tune, customer service that treats you like an idiot (I’m sorry if I’m not a west coast hipster OR that I don’t own five of these things ….), CONSTANT updates that render the app useless, and ridiculous “pose tips” that rarely work OR take way to long for the guests. It’s obvious the owner had a good idea, but he/she/they let the technology overwhelm them with no investment in rock solid R&D.
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5 years ago, Elk Tampa
Love mine!
Salsa is new on the photo booth scene and a great tool for any photographer or event business. Fun and easy way to add entertainment to an event! People really respond to the easy to use system which gives a lot of options for videos and pictures. Every client who has ordered the both for the event extended their time once it was up and running!
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3 years ago, Navarrete2020
I recently started my photobooth business and all the team members of PBSCO have been absolutely amazing. I feel so grateful to a part of this wonderful company that are helping me out in this new world with Salsa Photobooth. Thank you so much for all your help and for your quick responses. Truly the best company ever!
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2 years ago, o dont nnees nicknam
Maybe add in info about iPad supports no longer
It would have been REALLY nice had your new updates included the info that some iPads were no longer supported in the new update. Now my husband and I have a photobooth this weekend and are scrambling trying to figure out how to still be able to give our client what they asked. Thanks!
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8 months ago, Dist Grundled
Spams your email and charges $99
I consider myself to be the chump in this situation for entering in my credit card info in the first place and trusting the cancellation to work on time. I was charged the $99 dollars despite me canceling my subscription. I got it for a one day event for just for fun, and the daily predatory emails from multiple accounts made to look like people I may know asking me to “expand my photo empire” really skeeved me out.
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1 year ago, KMPretzels
Review Salsa booth
Of all the software‘s on the market Salsa booth is my favorite software to use. it’s user friendly and my guest have the best time using all its features
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2 years ago, Slayer of Nothing Burgers
I love the salsa booth when works!! But at times the templates don’t load correctly at the events. Even when connected to Wi-Fi as well. With paying a high subscription fee already, this shouldn’t be an issue. So lately is a 50/50 if it works an runs smoothly
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3 years ago, Thisisviiic
Thank you for making me a small business owner.
I really appreciate all the support thank you.
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3 years ago, DomHolt
Great service!
This team is right there ready to help you any time of the day and always super friendly! I’m happy to be an owner of a PBSCO photo booth!
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3 years ago, BeeZPB
Very Efficient
The support team is very efficient. They answer questions in record time and are very helpful.
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3 years ago, Bwoi1da
Great app for what it does
I’m loving this app and can’t wait to see what the team has in store.
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3 years ago, MHDALLAS
Great support
Quick response when really needed. Appreciated!!
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3 years ago, Razz07
Great product to use.
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3 years ago, Nightwing10111
Works great
Does exactly what i need it to do. Great app
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2 years ago, m130jordan
Booth is extremely glitchy and support can’t figure it out after a month
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2 years ago, Djdanceboogie
Buying the app from the App Store
They make it very difficult for you to purchase this there’s no way to sign up
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4 years ago, Tim Photo
Gah.... every time they try to add features... locking up...
1.9.3.... can’t launch events.... just freezes.... with hobby software this would be fine... business software.... not ok.
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5 months ago, Steph0333
Bring back glam adjusting
Bring back adjusting glam please!!
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5 years ago, gothmongol
Love the app!!
I have only used the app on a couple events so I may be able to change this to a 5 star review after using it a few more times. The interface is so aesthetically pleasing, simple, and user friendly. Here is what I would love to see different 1- for both the boomerang and GIF, the animation/video ends up blurry 2- the timing is a bit off on the GIF animation. I sat for over 30 minutes trying to get the timing right with different movements and once the GIF starts, it would be better if you could have a countdown for every “frame” of the GIF 3- from a client perspective, it is less then ideal to have to get a text, then go to a website and put in your email address, then get an email sent to you, then download from the email, and THEN upload to social. That is way too many steps. We want clients to be able to upload quicker then that so keep it fun and faster to get on social
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5 years ago, Photosbyrome
Great app and UI but...
This app is clean, simple and fun but there are some features that are lacking or need improvements. The GIF feature is unusable for me because it does not interval shots. Instead it takes continuous photos via a video capture which leaves the photos blurry and the guest confused to when to pose for each photo. A pic/countdown/pic/countdown etc... setup would make that feature way better. Right now i disable it as an option for guest to avoid that problem. This app absolutely needs to add a 4x5 image aspect ratio for optimal usage on Instagram where this will likely end up in. The normal portrait is too large for the gram and I’m forced to use a square or landscape format to make sure nothing is cut off. One thing that can also help is the option to choose multiple images on the booth gallery for those who take multiple images so that they don’t have to input their information each time. Also for the pro subscription price it would be dope to have future background and pre-background images and movements added regularly. It would also be great to have a way to store sharing details so that typing or copy and pasting it for each event can be minimized. As well as a an optional quick instruction screen in the beginning to prep them and custom end message to add onto the 24 hour delivery. I’m new to this but these were some notes guest and myself came up with. I hope that these am be implemented soon. Other than that it’s been a great experience so far.
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5 years ago, themoderntake
Could use some improvements
We have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of this app, and while there are features that we really love, there are a few things that could be improved and/or don’t seem to be working properly. The live gallery will not allow us to choose an event logo - feels like it is glitching. Also, I’d love for there to be a feature in order for us to be able to remotely adjust the camera settings. The design of the salsa booth seems to want to lend itself to set up and go, but this isn’t possible if you are using manual settings (which we have found is absolutely necessary to get quality images) and if the event is outdoors and the lighting is changing, you can no set it up and go off site. It needs a lot of adjusting and being able to do so from our phone would really add a luxury feel/aspect to this software.
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5 years ago, Boyte72
So far so good 🤔
We need virtual props! Was told before buying that virtual props were in the works and expected to roll out in the next update at the end of the month. Will update review in 60 days. Would even be ok with a basic included pack and the ability to purchase themed pack add-ons.
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5 years ago, seadjgirl
No printing
If it had printing abilities I would consider it.
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