Samsung Smart Washer

1.7 (246)
22.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Samsung Smart Washer

1.66 out of 5
246 Ratings
3 years ago, Tinyhiknee
Tech Unworthiness
This is the explanation provided if one needs to use the App to diagnosis a problem (Smart Care) “depending on the situation. 1. Turn the power off and on and then press the Smart Care button and hold for 3 seconds before 10 seconds is passed after turning the power on again. 2. If a problem occurs in the washing machine, immediately press the Smart Care button. For more information, refer to the user manual.” What !!!! Does Samsung have anyone technical who proof reads their instruction FYI The App crashes immediately when use in this function
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9 months ago, shelby0222
If I could give zero stars
I outfitted my house with all the newest appliances in 2013 that Samsung had to offer, the apps were glitchy at best. Recently I went to relook at the apps and found that they aren’t even available anymore for the models of appliances that I still own. They figure you’ll spend $25k on appliances then when they changes all the apps and make them obsolete then you will just rebuy all the appliances so you can use the new app they offer. Um no. These are the last Samsung products that I will buy. Over the years I’ve had many and they don’t support any of their earlier products. You can’t find the parts to fix them, you get no support at all. I would rather buy from any other company than this one, and let me tell you, my whole house is covered head to toe with their products. As each issue arises with each one, I replace it with a non Samsung brand. Just because a model is an older one shouldn’t mean that the company who made that model should abandon it. The products don’t last, then when you need to fix them the parts have become obsolete, then when you try to get support it’s a joke because there isn’t any. They just send you in circles instead of telling you they can’t help you.
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6 years ago, jameshunt_
Wasted money on these appliances
So I spent over 20k decking my house out in all the “latest and greatest” Samsung smart appliances. I wish I had read these reviews first because literally none of it works I have a fridge, range, hood scoop vent, washer and dryer and nothing connects properly - I have 5 different Samsung apps all of which require accessible sign ins (almost every time I change screens) and I can’t get anything accept the driver to connect. The range temporarily from time to time but washer and dryer and hood vent never have waste of 25k
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3 years ago, cord100
Grateful for the app and their Pro team
I was very impressed at how the app worked in combination with the customer service staff to resolve my problem without the need for a repairman. The app made the situation much easier to navigate.
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7 years ago, Owl Thomas
Just for the record, I AM able to sucessfully connect my devices to both my washer and dryer. The app still gets only one star, as it works so poorly, it's frustrating. None of the controls actually work, and while the timer does display, it never alarms, regardless of the settings I choose. The one star is for what appears to be great potential. If only it did what it purports to. Did I mention it 'forgets' the WiFi connection on a regular basis?
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3 years ago, John Gettler
Was terrible, now useless as of Dec 2021 update
The notifications never worked, but you go proactively monitor the progress of the washer and dryer cycles. Now they “updated” the app to not monitor at all. They completely removed the only useful part of the app. No other app they make connects to my washer and dryer. Never buy a “smart” washer and dryer from Samsung. They don’t give a rip about this part of their business.
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6 years ago, TresJolie214
I rarely write reviews, especially negative ones, but this one deserves it. Pairing the washer and dryer is quite a process and once it’s done it says “[appliance] power off or smart connect disabled,”although I’m standing right in front of the appliance that is both on and has smart connect enabled. Haven’t been able to get passed that so I can’t even speak to any functions it is supposed to have. FYI: I’m very tech savvy so this isn’t a user error.
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8 years ago, Mister CCC
Essentially useless
Having to carry my iDevice up to the washing room to activate the "Smart Control" button on the washer or dryer is stupid. Samsung doesn't get it. The device is useless for a gas dryer -- it is monitor-only, which makes no sense for indoor use. What could I possibly do with this app that I couldn't do 50 feet from here at the dryer's front panel? Blow the house up? Maybe someone at Samsung will get a clue and make the app have some useful functionality.
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6 months ago, Bhouse19
One star
I’m only giving this a one star because I wish you could use it like the Smart things app. My laundry is in my basement so it would be nice to know when my washer is done without having to go down to check or set an alarm. I like the smart things app because it tells me when my fridge door is opened and closed. I just wish this one was the same.
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4 years ago, everytime....time
Loved my washing machine until their employees were sent to change washer top as it was said to be able to come loose and cause bodily harm..... now everytime I wash a load of clothes they come out with trash particles on them..... tried to send pictures of items but unable to contact Samsung..... why couldn’t they have sent experienced people..never had that problem can’t even send my review.........
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4 years ago, Baratian
Display problems
The app in iPhone X appears to be bad design and graphics and fonts merged together I was unable to read it clearly. The app has less information as an app than manual ( that’s also a problem ) the product has no specific details so you can connect the device with. Mostly elementary mistakes in design that appears to be such low quality of design and money wasted.
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7 years ago, Masterbrater
Does not connect to washer at all.
I called support as soon as I got the washer Sept 6 ,2017 but no reply at all since my multiple attempts except a chat session which resulted in rebooting the machine and following instructions that were in the handbook as if I didn’t try that. Issue is still not resolved and dealing with horrible support for all of their devices including their cellphones is not fun. Do not buy. Go for anything else. Not worth it.
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2 years ago, Dmitchthemitch
Impressive how bad it is
For a company that makes electronics, this app is incredibly bad. It honestly looks like they hired someone with no experience and completed it in an afternoon. It might not be such a big deal if the manual that came with the machines were useful, but it relies on the use of this app to answer questions which is obviously the incorrect thing to do
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7 years ago, Satanbagel
Wow yeah
I saw the other reviews and figured hey maybe I can still try it out. Nope. Complete waste of my time. I have a fairly new model washer and the app doesn't work with it at all. It won't even allow me to connect because it says to "download the Samsung Smart Home app"; which my washer isn't compatible with. PLEASE FIX THIS SAMSUNG, this is what's making consumers not want your products. It's ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Rosaura Canales
It’s doesn’t connect but the self-diagnostics works
They connecting is bull and the self diagnostic work kinda. When u line it up to the green and red , the app gives up and just shows a picture if that’s what’s on the washer . If they just had the different emotions that indicated how the washer is on the manual, that would have been way better.
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8 years ago, Drocks361
Of zero stars were possible...
You would get more use out of the app if it had a fake aquarium as its feature. This is just bad design. It will not connect to the wifi, even though my model does have the connectivity. The app support is no help as well. It is a useless app.
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2 years ago, jackfalling
What a waste
This app is so poorly designed. Looks like it has never been updated since the 2000s. Doesn’t connect properly and is a total waste once you do get it connected after 15+ try’s. Washer and dryer are amazing but the app is 1 star.
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2 years ago, Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo
Samsung please read!
This app works about as good as my new dryer. Both are broken. If the app isn’t ready for prime time, just pull it and fix it. Virtually everyone has problems with this app. Please fix it and also please make better products. Thx.
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2 years ago, andersken
Smart dryer
I have three Samsung appliances at any given time at least one of them is not working. And worst if you call costumer care the first thing they want is a credit card number. Worst customer care ever.
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3 years ago, Ihatewastingmoney
I’m surprised.
Genuinely surprised at how advanced Samsung can be as a developer but how lacking they can be in software. Their app is garbage, simply describing the exact same thing as the Washer and Dryer manuals say themself. They skimp on putting ANY tech in the washer and dryer screen, and expect you connect it with a poopy stinky app like this, good luck.
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7 years ago, Wyhhsgsg
Terrible: could not figure out how to rate less than one
Completely worthless. What would be nice? Finding the appliance. If that worked, then a notification that you've forgotten to move clothes to the dryer.
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4 years ago, fish margie
Great washer
This is my 2nd Samsung washer & dryer. My clothes are very clean & whites are white. Use sanitizer for whites & heavy for dirty jeans. I use best laundry detergent Persil ... never bleach For white I use an extra Pod with detergent. Love my clean clothes
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5 years ago, Kevinengle2000
Will not connect at all
Makes you sign in every time you change screens even if you check stay signed in this app is absolutely worthless
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8 years ago, McPrib
Nope, nope and nope
Not working and the instructions are TERRIBLE! The instructions in the manual, also not helpful. When you click "app support" it takes you to a site that's in Japanese with no prompt to select language.
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3 years ago, Bjg6a1
Awful.. update now makes previously working washer and dryer useless.
Read all the one star reviews. The app fails on all levels (as it doesn't work)
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7 years ago, Arjun12
Worst App I have ever used
This App is terribly designed it does NOT work as the devices keep needing to be re paired to the software . I hope samsung took the team that designed this behind a barn and shot them . HORRIBLE brand experience.
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4 years ago, Vees1128
0 stars
This app doesn’t even deserve 1 star or even half it doesn’t have my country and takes way to long to load to if you live in North America don’t download this app
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7 years ago, SkipnAlaska
A good reason NOT to buy Samsung Washer!
Useless app! Paid $29 each for washer/dryer USB sticks and nothing works. Thought this was a way to monitor or. I trip appliances. It is not. Also has vague & confusing setup instructions. Stop selling it, or fix it!!
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5 years ago, 哈哈哈12345abc
Can’t connect at all!!! wast your time
I tried to connect with my washer and dryer, but they both not working at all, why you designed it but it’s not working at all! Waste my time.
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3 years ago, BaDad64
App won’t find washer or dryer & both are connected to Wi-if as indicated by status screens & updates having been downloaded to both machines!
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6 years ago, Cape Fear Student
It didn’t work a year ago and it doesn’t work now. Samsung, you are doing your patrons a huge disfavor by continuing to offer an app that fails on all levels. Fix it or get rid of it.
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6 years ago, Jb3433
Can’t give 0 stars
This is absolutely worthless. This app does nothing. Washer and dryer are fine. The addition of WiFi and an app wasn’t thought out. Does not work at all.
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5 years ago, Vrtsy77
What a waste
Samsung, shame! Returned the devices. Ridiculous you have to pay extra for them anyway. Too much hassle trying to connect.
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2 years ago, purduealum18
App doesn’t work!
App doesn’t work and the washer is terrible. Would not recommend product.
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2 years ago, snackpact
1star isn’t low enough. I’ve had washer and dryer over ten years. The smart part has NEVER worked
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5 years ago, pbrain9999
IFTTT not fully supported!!!
Need to integrate smart dryers to work with IFTTT like most other Samsung smart appliances. Paid lots of $$$ to get smart devices from Samsung, to find out their apps are useless and not all products support IFTTT!
Show more
3 years ago, BsAppHaHa
Smart care? Really???
The functionality is so lame that they would rather not mention it.
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5 years ago, unkone
Delete this app off the store
After following directions in manual to download this app, nothing worked at all. What’s the point?
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4 years ago, kiwi?
Doesn’t work
Can’t set up the appliance using iOS 14.2 even after connecting to the SMARTWASHER access point as instructed. The app just doesn’t work at all.
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4 years ago, Hereswhathappened
Useless! Buy a different product that supports WIFI
Dear lord, what good is a product who’s internal WIFI can’t reach 20 feet? Worthless app! I needed this, too!
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6 years ago, Sir Findog
This only redirects you to the Samsung Smart Home app, which DOES NOT WORK! I tried repeatedly to connect my new Samsung flex washer to my iphone 8, and it NEVER would connect!
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8 years ago, A List preferred meister
Can't get connected to wifi is model WA48J7700AW supported? The manual says it is
Can't get the AP mode on the washer The manual it came with says it is capable
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1 year ago, Charlie In KY
Good luck
If you’re lucky, maybe. I had ZERO help by using this for clothes dryer problem.
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8 years ago, TriniMagz
A waste
Terrible. Doesn't work. Couldn't even connect washer and dryer to my phone.
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2 years ago, @paxperscientiam
Samsung should really notify buyers of their laundry machines that the companion app does not work. What a load!
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7 years ago, shadysbackhibyeokayhahahahaBAM
Didn't even use it and already knew it was bad. Totally banning Samsung from my Minecraft server >:(
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7 years ago, jorval64
it does not work.
It is the worst application that exists, it only creates problems for customers.
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2 years ago, Texas asrose
Won’t connect to iPhone 13
Can’t get app to connect. Please Fix.
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6 years ago, Stepfdray
Just saying I hate the product
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7 years ago, Zorbagrk
Phone App
Why even download the “Smart” phone app when it’s excessively stupid???
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