Sanctuary Psychic Reading

4.8 (44K)
143.7 MB
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Current version
Sanctuary Ventures Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sanctuary Psychic Reading

4.8 out of 5
44K Ratings
5 years ago, manatears
this is my favorite app! the daily horoscopes are lovely, i really appreciate that it reads both sun and rising each day! every day you get a power emoji and an extra fun fact along with your horoscope, which i think is super cool and I have never seen done before so it makes the app feel really special, to me. They have a lessons tab where they run over basics of certain parts of astrology, which i LOVE (they're presented to you bit by bit in like chatroom style, so not only is it unique but its not like an overload of information or a block of text that you have to power through! which is just really helpful for me personally) Not all the lessons are free though, but the most important of the basics are! There are options to chat with an astrologer, which they offer two payment options for which I know I will eventually try out, but haven't yet! (Which brings up an important point that even without the paid parts this is still my favorite app, because it has so many helpful features for free. but i rlly do believe the astrologer chats are worth trying if you do like the app!) So check it out!!!!!
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5 years ago, jepierdon
Very insightful & educational
I paid the $20 subscription price to give this app a one month trial. I feel it was $20 well spent. I enjoyed the thorough guides, and easy-to-digest explanations, pertaining to various astrological concepts and how they interact/influence our interpersonal & intrapersonal lives. The live readings are very engaging & informative. My dissatisfaction with this app/service is that it doesn't provide me with any way to save a record/log of my live readings. I learned a lot of interesting insights during my 15 minute reading and several things mentioned were issues I wanted to 'introspect' upon further-- but the reading goes quite fast (impossible to engage with the "reader" & simultaneously jot down notes) and by the end, I couldn't recall several things I'd really wanted to know more about. I suppose I could've taken screenshots throughout my 15min reading. However, for those of us with short term memory issues, or simply a desire to process the information we're given-- beyond the 15min window of the live reading-- having a built in feature that automatically recorded & kept a log of the live readings for subscribers to access & review at their leisure-- that, in my opinion, would make the $20/month subscription worthy of renewal.
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4 years ago, Rebecca Ruano
Great guide section
I really like the guide section of this app. It’s a great beginner’s resource and great for explaining Astrology to people who know nothing about the energies received from planets and zodiac signs. I was excited to get a reading. Your app said “Get a reading now”. Only after I paid for it and hit “Start Reading” did you finally tell me that no one is available to do a reading “now”. I totally respect that you need your sleep too, however, how am I to know what part of the Earth you’re on? Why can you not have available hours posted anywhere on your app? Why is it a surprise after I am ready and click on start reading? If you’re going to act like it’s always available, then it should be. Otherwise be clear about when it is available. I’m still looking forward to getting this reading and I still adore your app. I just didn’t think you’d say “Even stargazers need their sleep too” as if I thought you didn’t. Like I said, how am I to know what your hours are if you don’t have them posted.
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2 years ago, Ether L.
Stolen Money! Glitchy app !
I am really disappointed. I really love this app and was interested in trying a reading. I purchased one for 5.99 for a five minute reading. The psychic I purchased from was never online so after waiting several weeks hoping to get my reading from him, I joined the queue while he was in a reading hoping to finally receive it. However, there was no indication on when I would be let into the reading. I waited for over 30 minutes and nothing happened so eventually I left the queue because I had to do some thing. I was assured that since I didn’t use my reading I could try another time and it stayed in my purchases as one reading available. Ever since the app updated suddenly the reader is available all the time so I was excited that I could finally get my reading. When I tried to click on the reader it was prompting me to pay for another reading although I had already purchased one. I thought maybe it was a glitch so I emailed customer service and still have not received a response. Now I go on the app and I see I have no available readings. I purchased one yet did NOT receive a reading and now it’s gone. They took my money and I received no services in return. I am very disappointed and would like a refund…
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5 years ago, PinkGalaxy!
This is, by far, the best app I’ve seen that gives a full collection of all zodiacs. If you’re looking at reviews to see if you should get this app or not, you should! It has a variety of choices, decent space used, and (for me) everything runs smoothly! The reasons I absolutely love this app is, because, 1, (even though I am a Virgo) it lets me see all the basics of all signs. And, I don’t know about you, but it gives me much more ideas for gifts and tips on how to surprise my family. Though, I would love if we could get either a reading for free, if you wish, later on, or all the guides for free. Or maybe just during some events, and it would make me want to give this a 10/5. But back to the good stuff. I really like how I get a horoscope every day, because it just gives me something to think about throughout my day. Plus, with the GIF’s, puns, simile’s, and detailed descriptions, it’s not hard to understand anything in the guides. With the guides that are free - again with the GIF’s, puns, simile’s, and detailed descriptions - it’s never hard to understand anything, and you automatically know what the message that they’re trying to convey is. Another great thing, is just the app in general. Some of you may think that this isn’t a very good app, but - trust me - it’s the best you’ll ever get. Hopefully, in a little while, some things may become free, but until then... Have a great day!!!😊✌🏽😊
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3 years ago, It's all I want, please.
It’s great and it can only get better!
This is a great astrology app. I have tried many other and this one is definitely the best one I’ve used. It’s so informative about all the aspects of ones astrology birth chart! And those are free features! I love the daily Sun & Rising sign reports & daily tarot card! It’s part of my morning routine to look at them, especially when I woken up in a funk, helps me to set the best intention I can for the day. Also love the new monthly forecasts that were added! I just purchased credit for an astrology reading and I’m looking forward to that so maybe I’ll update this review once I’ve done it. There is one this I’d love to see in the app, to be able to look at the previous day’s messages for the daily reports. It helps to reflect you know. To be able to compare the message to what you actually experienced in that day. Otherwise this app is awesome🤗
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5 years ago, C_jo21
Interesting but it could be more clear
For what it’s worth $20 for a reading on your birth chart is cheaper than what other astrologists probably charge especially for a live reading. However, when you purchase the membership it is not clear that the reading is only 15 minutes. You find that out after you’ve already purchased. I will keep it for one month for the weekly readings but after that I don’t see the benefit. Especially since the guides they provide are very generic so if you’re already a little knowledgeable about astrology you probably will not learn anything new. I would suggest the app developers at least add generic info that is tied to ones birth chart. For example when explaining the Moon aspect, they should put a little blurb for whatever sign is in your moon. So all moons in Scorpio can understand what the moon aspect means as well as what sign they have it in. Update: Also Kat was the only helpful reading I’ve had. The other two readers were not helpful at all. It would be great if you could request a specific reader.
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3 years ago, dedicatedkoala
Two thumbs up!
I downloaded this about a month or so ago, nervous about old reviews I read. Using the app it seems like they have worked hard over the year to improve the app and I found it to be very useful. I did finally cave in and receive a reading, which I was nervous of also, but was only 4.99 at the time so wasn’t too steep. It was worth the money in my experience and you can invest more money for more time. I was definitely interested but I did get the answer I needed in the time I had. Only complaint I would say is i wish there was more to get into, not sure how they could expand but I wouldn’t mind investing more time on the app vs social media apps just not much to keep me on it for extended periods of time.
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8 months ago, USFindian
Disappointed, charges first even before reader accepts to resd
I was really disappointed by my experience trying to get a reading from Sylvia on Sanctuary. I paid $145 upfront for a 10 minute reading because her profile showed she was available. However, after I paid, she never joined the session - I just remained stuck in a waiting room. Eventually, instead of refunding my money, the app gave me a $145 credit and told me to book with a different reader. But I wanted a reading specifically from Sylvia, which is why I paid for her in the first place. Now I can't even seem to use the credit to book another session with her. I wish Sanctuary didn't charge upfront before the reading takes place. It seems unfair to take customers' money before the service is fulfilled. And when there was an issue, they should have refunded me fully rather than essentially forcing me to pick a new reader. I expected better customer service and transparency from the app. This experience felt misleading and left a bad taste in my mouth. I would think twice before using Sanctuary for readings again.
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1 year ago, gawbiee
Money Grab, SO MANY ADS!!
It’s nothing but a money grab! You can’t click on anything without an ad popping up telling you to spend more money. Now they’re even using the daily horoscope section for MORE ADS!!! As if they weren’t spamming us enough with them, now they’re using the functional part of the app to advertise a Fox reality dating show. I am SO over this app! Don’t bother downloading unless you love to be spammed with ads, there are better apps out there now. To be clear, I downloaded this app years ago and it used to be my favorite astrology app. From the multiple part daily horoscope and tarot card of the day, to having access to my chart easily, there was nothing to complain about. It was completely FREE and you got an occasional ad to check out their readings. Because of this I was even more inclined to spend money on readings, which I did! But now with the obsessive ad spamming, I won’t! Please cut down on these ads, this used to be my favorite app and now I hardly use it because of this ad spam!
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2 years ago, regrets. dont pay
App Updates Have Turned Me Off
I’ve been using this app for years and have loved it. I recommended it to all my friends and acquaintances. Ever since the app has been remodeled I no longer enjoy waking up each morning and reading about my astrological day. I miss being able to read about my rising and moon sign. The app is sun focused and is lacking the informational details it had before. It seems every push notification now tells you “to find out more with one of our readers.” I miss having those Astro updates throughout my day without an attempt to have me purchase a reading every time. The crystal of the day makes no sense at all. What is an e-crystal gonna do for you? Absolutely nothing. Power emoji? What is that? Today mine was a potato. I feel like the app took steps back and is not focusing on good astrology. Maybe I’ve just grown past the point of using Astro apps but this one I loved using everyday and now I can’t stand even opening it.
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1 year ago, BecksH
Deleted that really fast!
I have another astrology app (Chani) that I use, happily pay for, and love, but I thought I’d just check this out. Big NOPE. 1) the other reviewers who said the astrology was negative: correct. Everything I read gave off icky vibes. And not just “watch out for this”- it was almost like blaming/shaming? I should have took a screen shot for an example, but I got out as quickly as I could. 2) every click earns you a pop-up asking you to buy something. 👎 I haven’t even had a chance to explore the content and I’m already being hammered with “buy this!” “Unlock this (with money)!” “Get a reading (with money)!” The only things I could really access were a negative daily horoscope, a tarot card with 2 sentences, and a random Crystal of the day. Let me be clear: I don’t mind paying for a valuable, useful service. I understand these things cost money to run, maintain, people have to be compensated for work. But everything about this app is off-putting and left a bad taste in my mouth.
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5 years ago, tydizzy
Progressive- more than just an “app”
I downloaded this app after seeing an IG “influencer” I really like post about it. I’m not super into horoscopes or astrology, but this app drew me in immediately. They ask for specific details about your birthday to ensure your readings are accurate. I learned I have a moon, sun, and rising sign. Since using it, they’ve added a ton of free features like giving you your sun and rising sign horoscope every day. Plus, there’s a ton of tools within the app to learn what things “mean”. They have an awesome instagram as well. Definitely would recommend! The reason for 4 stars is that I wish I could read all horoscopes. Sometimes my parents or friends have asked, “what’s mine?” when I share mine and I can’t share it with them. But overall, great app! And it feels like there’s really a team working behind it constantly which makes me love it more.
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5 years ago, whumpis
Waste of time - scamming for your data
They require an email and registration. Then ask for detailed info about your birth time and date. The “horoscope” offered with more detailed info is exactly the scant two sentences offered without registration. There is no there there. For a mere $199 the app developers portend to offer more data. Uhhhh no. Just no. Really Apple?!? This is a promoted app?! I suppose you’ll support anything that gets you 30% of a $200 app. Do NOT give the developers your detailed data. There is no security claim nor is there a user agreement that details how they will sell that data. Update: Received a response from the developer explaining that a reading requires detailed personal data. While true, they do not address my complaints. This app is a terrible value prop at best. Read the other reviews. Very few people believe the value they receive is worth the price. Also in their response to me was there any discussion about how your data is either protected or limited to the use of “astrology reading”. Caveat emptor dear iOS user.
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2 years ago, peachypeach001
Used to be good
I don’t really leave reviews ever, but I’m disappointed at how downhill the app has moved over the last year in terms of astrology accuracy, UI design, and reading cost. Astrology - you’re supposed to read your rising sign for your most accurate monthly “horoscope” but now the app doesn’t even let you read any other sign other than your sun sign. Even if you are able to, it feels a little tricky to find with the new UI update that came out recently. Cost - it used to be around $20ish for a 15 min astrology reading which I felt like was a more fair price but now it’s anywhere from $40-60+ And I can tell you that half the time you might get an astrologer that is just sending generic responses likely to each customer and takes forever to type in the chat so you only get a few sentences out of them. Some are really good tho!! But for $40 you would hope that it would guarantee a quality read. Either way the cost now seem like a scam?
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3 years ago, VeeRee949
Great app for astrology, but fake readers.
0 stars for the reading feature/constant push to buy a reading. 4 stars for the app astrology feature, I wish you could quickly look up other people that don’t want to download the app. 3 stars overall, but could have been 5 if they take the, cash cow, fake readings out. I’m definitely a spiritual junkie! I absolutely LOVE the astrology features of this app. Is dead on, accurate information based on previous sources and studying I’ve done in the past about astrology. I absolutely love the UI/UX of this app. Esthetically pleasing, user friendly, and so cute. I tried the reading feature and it was terrible. I’ve had many intuitive readings of all kinds. Thought I would give this a try. The reader took long pauses, rephrased my questions and said them back to me as answers. There was no real helpful advice or validation. The readers are fake, I even feel that intuitively that most are not real. Don’t waste your money on the readings part. I’m sure this app is making a killing off of this feature. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. In person readings with a proven intuitive is better for your time and money. So I will continue to enjoy the brilliance of the main astrology features of this app and nothing more.
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4 years ago, Yogini1080
Stellar app!!
I have a paid subscription and I love this app, from the daily and monthly readings to all the info you can learn about Astrology (I know very little). I’m also very happy with the monthly Live Reading. A lot of info gets transmitted in just 15 min & you have the option of extending it for longer. Following the reading, you can access all of your past readings in one easily accessed location. Most of the readers I’ve had were really accurate and helpful. Also incredibly important is how responsive the Customer Service team is. They respond quickly and you can tell they want you to be happy. Impressive quality all around. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, this is a nickname ig
I love this app!!! The design is so fresh, sleek, and colorful. The app itself is so informative and amazing. The guides are my favorite part. I learn so much from it and can pull it out on the go. I love love love that the natal chart is displayed as a wheel (as it should be) instead of a T-chart like CoStar. The app is amazing as it is but if you added some more features that would be great. Please add aspects to the wheel!!!! I want to see them on my natal chart and their explanation. And please add a feature to add friends and compare each other’s wheels!!! And for the daily tarot, maybe give an option to do a one card, two card, or three card layout! Overall I love this app so much already!!
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5 years ago, skyyrain
Just get co-star until they figure out what they’re doing
Very generic app! Aside from your daily horoscope (basic) everything else featured on the app you have to pay $20 a month for. Would’ve like to see the guides section be totally free (ya know since this information is available for free on the internet and plenty of reputable people on Instagram share their knowledge for, you guessed it, free). This is a mega watered down version of co-star. Co-star has in-depth analysis of daily horoscope that includes planetary translations and easy to understand explanations. The birth chart analysis is concise and detailed and includes information about the houses. Plus you can have friends and see your comparability with them, their chart, and message each other. Sanctuary: texting format for a very general daily horoscope. A power emoji for the day that is based on seemingly nothing to do with your sign. Rising horoscope also very generalized and can conflict with your sun sign horoscope so it makes this app feel like a gimmick. $20 a month for a 15 minute reading with a random astrologer and access to some astrology guides No birth chart analysis. No house information. Gave two stars instead of one because this app does have potential; they have a great Instagram account that has better information than their own app.
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5 years ago, Sarajenn87
Don’t waste your time or money
Do not waste your money on this pretend astrology app! I paid for the monthly subscription to get a more detailed reading, and it was the laziest most generic and inaccurate reading I have ever experienced. I worked with Kat, who literally kept telling me how I felt. Not exactly something I need to pay someone for. In all of the readings I have ever received, I was able to get insight into the energy around me, which has allowed me to reflect on my own actions in those terms. I’ve never had a reading that said things like “you’re feeling optimistic”, “you’re feeling drained”. Like I wouldn’t know these things. Furthermore, customer service was atrocious. I reached out twice. First before purchasing a subscription, because the app was malfunctioning and wouldn’t record my place of birth (which is necessary for an accurate birth chart). Second, when I requested a refund for my poor reading and was brushed off to Apple, who wouldn’t honor a refund.
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5 years ago, Sag sun aries moon leo rising
Just get the Co-Star app (not paid to promote, just my advice)
App was worth the download *until* they got rid of explaining your moon, rising and other basic planets with your signs. Overall they don’t give you your rising reading anymore and you now need to pay for extra. It’s really not worth the download because the horoscopes are so GENERIC. You can take the horoscope anyway you’d like but it’s nowhere near enlightening or thoughtful. Continuous disappointment every time I check the app now since it just gives the most basic and pointless horoscope. Not that I overestimated it, it’s all for fun and not taken seriously but it’s just a complete let down. I usually check after an unexpectedly stressful or profound day or when I’ve realized something about myself and it’s just out of touch. Pretty disappointed with what this app turned out to be after having it for about over 6 months.
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5 years ago, Girl_that_you_love
One of the best astrology apps!
I have been a big believer of astrology for about a year now and I have used apps that have been very general and not as specific as this app. As an Aries who was pretty skeptics with trying new apps, I have been looking for this app for months. I’m glad I found it though. This app explains the signs, the ruling planets, comets and asteroids, and so much more. I had a wonderful 15 minute reading by Meredith. She gave me reassurance that things are going be better in my future. I’ve been going through a lot recently and I appreciate everything she said. If you want to learn more about astrology, I recommend this app. Thank you so much :)
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3 years ago, Gdelcml
My Sacred Text
I use this app on a daily for funsies (because it’s known that sometimes horoscopes can be a hit or miss sometimes when it only comes to knowing your sun sign) but I also appreciate the appearance of tarot cards and how the placement of the planets affects the vibes everyday. The only thing I wish they could add would be a three day horoscope diary or something. I write down my horoscopes in order to see how the day will truly play out for me, but sometimes I forget to take note of it and the app is onto the next day. I think it wouldn’t hurt to just have a look back on the previous day’s horoscope. I mean this is just personal preference and I’m pretty sure no one else does this but I think it would be a nice touch.
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5 years ago, Akdubz53
Infinite Log In Loop
I recently signed up and then two days later I attempted to open the app in hopes of getting my daily details except I landed on the sign in page again. When I attempt to sign in, I’m told I have the wrong information. When I attempt to use the Forgot My Password option I’m told my my email is invalid even though I have the confirmation email still sitting in the inbox of the email account used at sign up which is what I’m using for this feature. So I guess I’m just never going to access this app again. Shame. I really enjoyed this app for the two days I had it.
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3 years ago, ToriKing8854
Lied About My Birth Chart
How do you change the degree and signs on a Birth Chart? I’ve been with you guys since High School so I thought the new update would be just as good as when I found you guys on Facebook. I turn around and seen that 4 of my placements in my birthday were changed on your app. I can put my birthday in any other chart or site and it shows me what you guys originally showed me for years. I thought it was a glitch so I deleted the app and downloaded it again, put in all my information, and seen that you guys have straight up changes A LOT of things in my birth chart. If I’m aware birth charts don’t change so what did mine change for? I will no longer be supporting this app for a lot of the lies you’ve told me about my birth chart. And I was with you guys before you were even an app.
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5 years ago, Sydney the gator fan
Good for beginners, way too general though
This app definitely serves as great app for beginners! It has a lot of information, however, that is easily accessible on line, so to me the 20 dollars is a waste. Especially, since the information within each of the guide are so shallow and hardly give the reader any context about their chart. The astrology reading was a waste of time as well! As someone who has been studying astrology for 3 year as an amateur, the reading is by no means revealing at all! I asked a very specific question about an aspect in my chart and how that relates to my specific life purpose, and I was met with information that I have already seen before/ it seems like my astrologer was dodging my question. I truly recommend people support other small astrologers who charge just as much who give much more in-depth readings than this one provided.
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2 years ago, D Ranks
One of my fav Astrology apps
Ok so I love this app. It’s one of the best apps bc of its accuracy. I don’t read my horoscope everyday bc I’m a firm believer in letting things play out as u love your life but one thing I do love about this app is the monthly horoscope overview. The recent update to the app is boo boo usually at the beginning of the month you have a option for to read your monthly horoscope. I ALWAYS read my sun, moon, and rising sign but the new update doesn’t allow us to read our sun, moon, and rising any longer it only lets you read your sun sign and for that I must take away 2 stars… everyone who is up on astrology knows how important it is to read your Sun, moon, and rising. Wow Sanctuary… get it together 😒
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3 years ago, Tommy4763
10/5 recommend this app
There is SOOOO much to this app. This is the most accurate horoscope apps that I’ve ever downloaded. There isn’t no stupid subscription. The only thing u pay for is to talk to an astrologist. Anything other than that is FREE!!! Crazy right?!? A horoscope app that isn’t overpriced and has subscriptions. It also helps you stay in tune on what’s going to happen days in advance and once it comes to the day that the planets move to a different sign, you act exactly how the app predicted! 🤯🤯🤯 ITS SO ACCURATE 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯I would rate this 10 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, JTTGoddess
I don’t mind the app at all. I check it a few times a week (more lately). Decided to get a “psychic” reading, as I’ve had them before. The reading “Arin” gave me was absolute garbage. This is so surprising. At least place actual psychic and intuitive individuals on the app. I could’ve done better with a reading having someone’s name, birthday, birth time, and birth location. Absolute trash and I am extremely disappointed. Excuse me while I run over to FB, Twitter, tik tok, and IG to voice my grievances. ATTN SANCTUARY APP CEO—- You will never be able to scale up this business with that poor of a format. Either do the readings portion right or not at all. Add something thats genuine. Seems extremely scam-y to me. I am genuinely surprised and disappointed.——-Also I want my 5 dollars back. Please reach out. Thank you and be well.
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5 years ago, lilaboo1021
Good app but a little stingy
This app is very informative and interesting, similar to co-star or The Pattern. However, I was excited to try the astrological readings portion of the app. I chose to pay $20 for the subscription. What I got in return was a 15 minute reading (and that’s it for the month) that was somewhat insightful but not filled with too much detail. Also, at the end of the reading I wanted to take screenshots of the conversation but the reading is now gone!!! And I’m pretty sure you’re only getting one reading a month, unless you want to pay another $20 to continue reading. I would prefer to pay an independent astrologist I could find on Instagram and probably get more detail and an emailed copy of our transaction.
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4 years ago, emily071492
Lost paid for reading to glitch
I went to use the reading I paid for with the monthly subscription- I’ve had about 3 so far. As I pulled it up, the app glitched and said the request timed out. I quit the app and came back- it had used my reading, said I had none available unless I bought another. The astrologer is still typing and trying to communicate but I can’t type back, because the app isn’t working. There is nowhere on the app to click if you are having technical issues and this is way too pricy to lose the one thing you pay for monthly to a glitch, with no easy way to reach out to someone to have it recovered. I have screenshots of the astrologer trying to contact me less then 3 minutes after it shows the reading was “performed” if someone would like to reach out to fix this.
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4 years ago, aquaviraries
Love love love!
I’ve recently downloaded the app and have quickly fell in love with it! It’s very user friendly and the language is easy to understand. I love how the app has tools to help understand astrology better however I feel that when looking at the chart/houses tabs at times it feels confusing to understand the organization of it all compared to other astrology apps. I took advantage of the reading deal and had my first reading with an astrologer in-app and it was a wonderful experience! Def going back for more🤩
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3 years ago, lilbella6
could be better
my biggest issue is that there is no option to switch the way your chart is calculated (whole house vs placidus). this would be a good addition because you could also explain the differences between the different types. this is good information for beginners which this app seems to be made for. when giving your horoscope, the app doesn’t actually explain WHY it is making these predictions. it is much better to explain why the placements of each planet signify what they do. the notifs are very cringy and provide no real information. the final straw for me was “are you on the edge of romance? 👀” overall solid app with a lot of good resources in one spot, but improvements are needed.
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1 year ago, Chisom_90
Solid app except for clickbait notifications
I really enjoy this app as a way to explore your birth chart. It includes things like nodes and asteroids that some of the other apps I use gloss over. The daily horoscopes can also be fun, though without explanations of transistors or how they apply to your chart, do feel random. The thing that really disappoints me are the push notifications. I’m going to turn them off, but if I was new to astrology or in a very vulnerable place, they would definitely lead me to catastrophize or stress unnecessarily. It seems pretty disrespectful, both to new users and the app itself to get people to click on these notifications when the app is solid on its own. We don’t need another Co-Star.
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4 years ago, Raantuva
Way too relationship focused
Listen. I get that a majority of people use Astrology to guide them in interpersonal relationships. I'm no different. But I am different in a major way: I am solo and not planning to change that. I don't comprehend WHY these apps (every single one but especially this one) are so obsessively focused on romantic relationships. Not everyone has or wants one. It needs to be a criterion for readings because often? Often this app is completely useless to me. I don't have a "person". I do not WANT a "person". I am not SEEKING a "person" and I'm sick of trying to reinterpret what is said in a useful way when every day y'all tell me useless stuff about romance I couldn't care less about. I'm not 12. I don't care about that. Give me the option to direct what aspects I even NEED to hear about cause this ain't it.
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11 months ago, Azula7898
Chasing Trends, And Hurting themselves in the process
i’m not impressed with the recent UI update for this app. I see what it’s trying to do; imitate the Chani app (which I loathed and deleted after a month) while still trying to find ways to stay relevant. I much preferred reading my horoscopes while the background was dark with light text, while light backgrounds burn my eyes.I chose dark mode on my phone for a reason, and the sanctuary app should abide by that. I don’t like the articles in the app either; I sure didn’t download it for milquetoast articles about New Age subjects anyone can look for on the internet. Not to mention the UI is inconsistent in itself. Brand new welcome screen, but go and look at one’s chart, and the UI looks like it was from 2021 still. Same with the profile. This is not limited to Sanctuary, but it’s a common problem with any website/app in general: do not announce a new UI without going through every piece of it with a fine toothed comb. Very VERY sloppy execution Sanctuary. I’d advise sticking with bug squashing updates before you do a full UI overhaul.
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3 years ago, MoonMunchkin
3 stars
I really appreciate the information about my birth chart! This app goes really in-depth on signs, houses, & planets like no app I’ve ever seen! The daily horoscopes it gives I’m not a huge fan of. They are very vague & seem like they could be the same for every sign! I wish they gave more info about where the planets are currently & how that effects me specifically! Their monthly horoscope was a little more in-depth but after I read it & clicked out of it... I couldn’t go back to it? I would have liked to refer back to it throughout the month. Overall I use it for gaining knowledge on how to read my chart but I don’t even read the horoscopes anymore!
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2 years ago, Liv 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Not free anymore
This app was a part of my daily routine and I’m sad to see it go. On the morning of October 1st, I excitedly opened the app to check my “monthly forecast”. This has always been a free feature! Instead, they wanted a payment of $15 a month just to access it with a monthly tarot card and crystal (which has also been free until now.) I have paid for the readings and other features, but this just feels like a cash grab. I don’t think it’s a smart business move because lots of people are deleting the app because of this, which is losing money for the real things you should be charging for (like psychic and tarot readings). I feel bad for the readers on the platform. I’m deleting the app and will join again if they change this.
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11 months ago, starrystevie
Used to be good, recent updates have changed that
Since the updates I don’t enjoy the app. They’re trying to make it look like MoonX (which i never use because I don’t like the cluttered interface or the horoscopes- they don’t cite what’s happening with the planets, it’s more like a glorified fortune cookie) More importantly, as of today, I can’t even log in anymore. Got the “stars are not aligned error” and then had to log in but it won’t load, I enter my info and it just spins.I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times now and it just wont work. The update in general wasn’t handled well, the other day I kept getting a weird error message about restoring my purchase (I’m on the free version). Went to the App Store and it didn’t have an update prompt so I had to uninstall/reinstall and that’s when I saw the changes. Hopefully one day I can log in again bc I do think the horoscopes are quality.. That’s ultimately all I care about but I’m definitely about to look for alternatives since this seems to be going downhill and there are only so many attempts I’m willing to make to log in successfully
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4 years ago, Amistery
Ms Bull
I love this app it always lands right on the money. If I’m curious to know the events in my day, I can trust this app to steer me in the right direction. It’s so weird how this app predicts every detail of my life and the predictions are correct. Sanctuary also gives me great insights and advice on how to handle difficulties, or non difficulties from day to day. It’s almost like my own personal yogi inside a little electronics computing box. You have to get this app. You won’t be able to live without it. The creators must be heavenly. Out of this world. 🌍🪐🦀
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4 years ago, thecuriouswonton
Kind of a waste of 20 bucks
Initially paying the sub wasn’t an issue as i was under the impression that the whole point of a sub was to get private readings. They offered one free reading. Any other private reading is a 16 dollar charge on top of the 20 dollar/ month subscription. What is the point of the subscription? It basically unlocks guides about your sign, which are found online, for free. The only reason i am giving two stars is because the free reading I did receive was accurate. I want a refund, but Apple is not honoring it. I feel ripped off. This is not to say the app does not have potential. It does, it’s well made and Easy to navigate. However, the premiums you pay for are over priced and don’t offer much.
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5 years ago, hanelise
Disappointed in Length of Reading
I purchased a monthly subscription to get access to the readings, and it wasn’t very clear how long each reading would be or that it’s only one each week. I’m disappointed that it’s only a 15 minute reading, as birth charts take a while to truly go through. The subscription made it seem like you had full access whenever, at least when purchasing through the app, so that’s definitely frustrating to see that it’s not well explained within the app whatsoever. Another $20 for another 15 minutes is not great for something that already requires a subscription. Overall disappointed.
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2 years ago, Sam71292
Used to love this app
I have used this app for years, and really enjoyed it. But they recently changed the interface and I don’t like the layout. However the reason for one star is when the new month started yesterday I went to read my monthly and it was locked behind a paywall. This is very frustrating when there are already other features you can pay for on demand etc, and I think a monthly is much less difficult for the developers to give out for free. But even more frustrating is I went to check today and now when you go to “Monthly” it shows yesterday’s daily horoscope. So not only is more stuff behind a paywall but there are definitely major bugs happening. Such a shame
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3 years ago, RazMaTazMaz
Switched from Costar
While unemployed I saw a listing for a horoscope writer at Costar, a few weeks later the tone of their horoscopes shifted towards the derisive and judge mental. So I switched to Sanctuary and wish I had so much sooner. I do not miss the social aspect of costar and the dynamic and helpful guides of Sanctuary explain your chart and how astrology works so clearly! The horoscopes are supportive and empowering, while still recognizing that the onus is on the individual for change, and I love the opt-in for other readings doesn’t preclude enjoying the app!!
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3 years ago, Kayyyyyteeeeee
Best horoscope app around!
I love this app and it always gives great horoscopes. I have even used the psychic reading (an in app purchase) and it was so worth it, so insightful and you actually get to talk to someone (through text not automated responses). I used to use costar astrology but to be honest, it was always something negative everyday in daily updates and I’m glad I made an upgrade to Sanctuary. Such a better app and it’s definitely more positive to read on the daily or your monthly forecast!
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2 years ago, LibbyMO
Log-in crashes regularly now?
I used to use this app daily, but now don’t want to deal with the log in headache. For the past few weeks, the app seems to encounter issues when trying to login- says “stars aren’t aligned”, etc. I have to re-enter my user ID and password every time. Kind of annoying when you have to type in your entire email as your user ID. Can we fix that please? Besides this issue, daily horoscopes are on point and guides are helpful and easy to use, especially for beginners.
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3 years ago, BasicBrittani on YT
Y’all, I thought it was deleted. 😮‍💨
I was updating apps and it said that this app was removed from the App Store! I was so sad! But I got around better service and BAM! Updated with no problem. So I wanted to put a review because the sadness I felt when I THOUGHT it was gone means that I really enjoy this app. It’s so informative and easily digestible. I’m currently learning about what rules my Jupiter and how that plays into my life. Regardless, please don’t ever delete the app. I will cry 😂 Y’all have done a wonderful job!!!
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2 years ago, Trertry
In my top 3 favorite astrology apps
I love this app! It’s super insightful and beginner-friendly for anyone interested in learning about astrology. I’ve used the professional services as well and had no negative experience so far. Highly recommend. A few pain points would be repeated notifications and sometimes I’ll be automatically signed out of my account. Most times I've forgotten my password so I’ll have to reset it each time. It can be quite inconvenient as this has happened at least 3 times now.
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5 years ago, Dani loves color
Can’t sign in
I hate putting reviews up like this, but since the developer has no way of communicating with its audience, I’ll do it here. Since the update last week, I can’t sign in to see the details like daily rising and more detailed horoscopes. The sign up page swings me around and around, telling me my email is already registered. The feedback function through the App Store takes me to a static page with a redirect link back to the App Store. I enjoyed the app, learning about the different signs and impact of planets, but if I can’t access the personal data I have given, I’ll just move on. Sorry guys, but its pretty lame to not even have a contact form on your single page website for more private communication with development.
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2 years ago, NoahBro69
Love this app but it’s not stable.
At least three times out the week I get logged out of my account and when I try to sign back in I get some corny message about the stars not being aligned and to try again later. This is without a doubt one of the best astrology/horoscope apps on the market, but if I can’t get my daily horoscope what’s the point of the app? And before the developers say anything about updating the app, it’s been done and the issue still persists. Stop telling people to email you about this issue when the reviews clearly show it’s a bug in the system that needs fixing. Please just do it.
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