4.6 (114.4K)
207.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Popcore GmbH
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Sandwich!

4.61 out of 5
114.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Astro_Ace
LOVE this!!
Let me first if say that I love this game already. A lot. I don’t write reviews a lot, but I’ve been looking for a game like this for a while!! It has the obvious puzzle aspect, and I love that feeling when completing a puzzle.. but for me one of my favorite parts aside from that is the sounds they put into it. The little details… I’m on the autism spectrum, and noises and tactile things have always fascinated me SO much, and after completing a level, I love how you can “eat” the sandwich, and it makes the noise like your eating it. All of it is just, very satisfying to me, very part of it. Which makes me want to keep playing even if it was just for that. I’m not someone who dissects a game a lot except for things like this. But to me this game couldn’t get any better. I can also already see that the levels will build up in difficulty more and more, so if you like having to think about your next move in something, it’s also a great way to do that in my opinion! As to the developers.. thanks!!!
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4 years ago, justice leaug
Amazing but too easy...
This game was very well designed, but, there was 1one thing off, and that was...the too easy part of it, in the adds it looks way more challenging, but once you get it it is really easy and boring, and I hate how to get a new food to put on your sandwich you have to watch a video, because I mean we worked our way to get to that and now you want us to watch a video for a new nice feeling because it was boring and too easy. It just really annoys me, and I am not that big of a fan of these kinda apps, so it really means something if I like this which I do, so it would be amazing if you could just fix the boring part of it and maybe make the levels a bit more challenging...? If you could that would be most amazing, oh and I would just like to say I really love once you make the sandwich and get to eat it, that was really cool, so what I am trying to say is, this app is way too easy and boring so please try and make the levels more challenging, that would be really cool if you could! I need to comment about the ingredients, they look so good i was almost about to lick my screen ( jk if I did that would be weird...very weird lol )
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4 years ago, coffeelovely
Fun but easy
I have seen ads for this game for months and finally downloaded it today! It is really fun and addictive to just flip the food around! Just keeping the bread on the outside. I’m not sure why the coin system is the way that it is.. I can receive 15-21 coins per completed level at random. One puzzle had more ingredients for the sandwich and I only got 15 coins!! Where as 10 levels next, I had a sandwich with 7 ingredients and got 21 coins!!??? WOW!!! And I don’t know what the deal is with the little houses you get to build. They bring in money eventually. It was really cute building up to them and all... but, like I said, it is really easy. I have all of the ingredients I could have (except for the instagram one), and I’m at level 200. This is from playing this game today and only today. If this game could have it kind of set up like Candy Crush, that would be awesome or limit the number of flips for the food to make it more challenging!! Compete with other players!! Why do I have to wait on “the next town” “coming soon” when I have no more progressions as of now!?!? But overall it is a nice game to kill time with.
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5 years ago, rulerofmagenti
Fun but too easy
This app is very well formatted with a reasonable amount of ads. It is simply addicting and I love the premise of the game. However, I’m not sure exactly what the criteria is for a certain amount of coins. There have been multiple incidences where I received more coins on a previous level than a later one. I got confused because each level is supposed to progress in its difficulty. Maybe if each level had a star rating of how you completed it, that would fix this issue. Also, I did not feel that each level got progressively harder. I got kind of bored with the game because I love puzzles, and that’s what I expected when purchasing this game. However, it just feels like repetition and I’m on level 79! I feel like for this game to really improve, it should increase the level of difficulty and add some sort of criteria for the player to know why they receive a lower amount of coins for one level than another (such as the three star rating).
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12 months ago, Hollybrii
I like it but it’s way too easy
Sandwich is a really fun game to play. It is so relaxing and enjoyable but not what I call a challenge. I have been playing this for only one days and I see no difference with the levels just building a sandwich. I highly recommend you make levels that will be more difficult so we can learn from our mistakes me did with making the sandwich. I think that it will help your reviews, but also more downloads. Sometimes a person would like a challahs and they think this is my right game. I’m sorry, but NO! I am not recommending this game to people that want a challenge just NO. Please fix it and maybe you’ll get better reviews. I rated this a 3 star and I think you know why. You are capable of making a game more challenging! It’s just some stupid game, why the heck am I complaining? WELL, IT’S NOT EVEN A CHALLENGE. And also, another complaint because I’m a “Karen” now, why on earth is this game 12+?!!? What are you thinking, this is a sandwich game for crying out loud!!! I highly think you should make this game HARDER and have it suitable for EVERYONE!!!! Thanks!
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2 years ago, Muneca1013
Fun lil food flipping game!
I absolutely adore that once you make the sandwich you can eat it when it’s done being constructed! It ensures the entire making the sandwich part is completed somehow! And tho this game is super ez it is just a great fidget game when u want something ez, stress free and satisfying! I truly find this game to be a stress reliever. Great game!! Oh last point, even the ads aren’t too much which is rare lately, and u can also pay a small sum (now $2.99 to get rid of them), but as I can just fast forward Thru them, it’s not even necessary really. Great game for kids to elderly (for all ages), I gotta say to the developers! Tho I figure it would be even better if it was a bit more challenging, like maybe w mixing a drink too in addition to the sandwich.. Like maybe making tea, cool-aid, or some-such. Like start w the water, sugar, & add or mix it all together to make the tea/cool-aid etc… But that’s just an idea..
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4 years ago, bradleyjk21
Sandwiches are good!!
I downloaded this game I think in January, and at the time I believe it only had 500 levels and no little town to build up or the extra 50 levels of the double decker. Even when it was literally just sandwiches I still would have given it 5 stars! It’s not hard or difficult in the slightest, you literally just put sandwiches together. I don’t know why anyone would download this game and be upset about how easy it is... it’s called “Sandwich” for a reason. It’s not meant to be hard! I originally finished those 500 levels within 2 weeks. It’s so simple and relaxing yet time consuming and captivating! When I opened the app for the first time in months, I was so impressed with all of the little updates! There are now a lot more things to do and more levels. For a game solely about sandwiches, this game is super cute and relaxing !
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4 years ago, bohannah
Please Read
I liked the game, but it was WAY too easy. Like, I’ve been playing for like ten minutes and I’m already on Level 21 with barely even messing. And the times I did mess up because I accidentally pushed the slide the wrong way or pushed the wrong ingredient. And, in my opinion, ads keep on popping up level after level after level, it’s very annoying. The game was a very good idea but still needs some work. So, if the creators or producers or whatever you want to title yourself as, please fix these errors. Make it harder, more complicated, and more challenging, even those all mean the same definition. And stop the never-ending-popping-up-constantly ads. I also have another idea for the game, so you better listen up! It’s going to blow your mind! My idea is... to have this as an online game! And I’ll tell why... so that there can be races between players, that will make A LOT more challenging and you’ll get to play with other players all around the world! If anyone steals my idea... I WILL SUE YOU!!! 😡😡😡😡 I’m NOT JOKING!!! 😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Falkitty
Fun game! Needs updates tho
The game is really fun but I think it needs some new toppings. I was on level 24 and I already had all 40 toppings. The way I got all the toppings leads to the next thing I think they need to add. They should add a thing where if you watch one video to get an extra topping you don’t get a billion vids in one setting. It would encourage me to play it more. There also were some bugs that I think they need to update. On a positive side, I think this game is still fun! When I am bored I play this game and it entertains me! I showed my cousin this game and now she loves it! She is entertained all the time now! I really recommend some updates for all the stuff I said above. Maybe make a thing for instead of getting just toppings you could get buns too! It would most likely make more people play this game. I really recommend this game.
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4 years ago, Hot Cheeto gitl
Mixed feelings PLS READ
So this review is probably never gonna be read, but I guess I’m wrong 🤡. I don’t really like easy games and sandwich is really REALLY rEaLLy easy. And even tho it’s easy, I still am addicted. The point of the game is to get all the sandwich ingredients and grow your town........... Like I get getting ingredients but the town thing doesn’t click. It’s kind of random but it does give you coins so im not complaining🤡🤡. Back to how easy it is, um yeah it’s to easy. Maybe it was supposed to be but they should have a mode where you can only use a certain amount of moves to make the sandwich. Like there really needs to be updates. If you haven’t played the game then you are probably confused but to summarize this all, it’s the easiest thing ever. It’s still a good game and if you don’t mind this all then you should like sandwich. I would give it like a 7/10. Hooray you made it to the end of my review🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.
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4 years ago, Sam&Sammy2534
THIS GAME IS AWESOME (please reed you will not regret it)
I’m actually addicted to this game, and for me that’s very rare. I think the only other game I have an addiction to is roblox. This game is fun, relaxing, and honestly helps me think. Some people say the amount of adds are crazy, but I think that there’s a reasonable amount. But I have a very different issue with the adds. ALL THE ADDS ARE ABOUT TIC TOK, MERE DRAGONS AND FOOD GAMES 😡 Most people don’t care what the adds are about, but I like watching different types of adds (since some of them are entertaining) but this game literally shows adds that are all for the three same games. IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH! Another thing a lot of people complain about is the app being to easy, but I really like easy when it comes to puzzle games. It just makes the game more relaxing and more addicting. So ya that’s all I have to say about Sandwich!
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5 years ago, S_Ken_6
Nom Nom Nom
To be honest, I enjoyed this game a lot. I feel like there are a good number of ingredients, and yeah, more would be nice. The amount of levels (500) might sound like a lot, but it’s reasonable if you want to get all the ingredients. However, instead of starting the player over on level 501 (thankfully, you keep your ingredients) maybe we could get a bonus? Like more ingredients or a create-your-sandwich thing? That way, at the end you can do even more fun things, instead of repeating everything again. One more suggestion... Maybe different ingredient skins? Of course you have the standard... but what about sci-fi or candy toppings? Condiments would be nice too. Overall I think this game could improve, but it’s a fun time-waster. TIPS: (If you want to skip ads, turn your WiFi off.) (I’m not a bot.) :]
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5 years ago, Kerryoops
Cute, fun, addicting!
I didn’t think I would like this game initially - cut to 400 levels later and I’m still going! I’ve unlocked all but two of the toppings, one of which looks like it could possibly be shrimp. For some reason it won’t allow me to unlock the last two, I press “Unlock New” for 740 coins but it will not let me, not sure why as I have over 3,000 coins. This game is excellent for someone like me, I’m often at doctors appointments or waiting around for long periods of time alone and this definitely keeps me entertained. As far as the ads - I just turn wifi off and I play straight through without issue. I would give a solid five stars, but the unlocking issue is kind of a bummer and the repetitive aspect will eventually wear and tear. Maybe add some condiments? Perhaps some mustard and ketchup! Anyways, fun game, here’s to another 400 levels of ultimate sandwich building!
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3 years ago, amazing! but
I really like this game it’s amazing it’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s funnny it’s kinda easy but I think they should keep it how it is because I really like the game and I think if they make it hard it’s going to be to hard and we’ll probably rage quit and it wouldn’t be fun anymore so I don’t think there should be an update because I like it just the way it is also I don’t think there’s so many adds there’s just a few adds this whole day I just got like 3 adds and there not all the same some are different and the adds are really fast there not long at all so you can just skip the add right when it starts but anyways I really like this game and it’s amazing.
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3 years ago, Soviet Fish
Good With Issues
The game is fun but obviously gets boring overtime given the kind of game it is. There are 7 areas of the town (an area where you use properties to make money by pressing an upgrade button) at the time I typed this review (September 8th, 2021 A.D.) and at least 1319 levels in the game (Level 1319 is the level I reached before I deleted the game as I had it for several years and became bored of it after developing the town as much as I could by the time I deleted the game). The game should have a level selector (even though many levels are just repeats of the previous ones) so that players can go to any level they already played or are up to and an ingredients selector. They should also have a custom sandwich thing where people can design their own level to play. Overall, the game is fine, but it should have a level selector.
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5 years ago, J-ride 333
Fun but needs more
I enjoy this game, its a wonderful time killer i just wish there was more to it and that it was more challenging. Im on like level 160 and i have 33/40 ingredients. I want more ingredients and more complex levels. In every level ive played the bread spawns right next to each other, i want the bread to spawn apart so there’s at least some challenge when flipping your ingredients. And more ingredients without doubt, there’s so many things that could be added: condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo. Add different types of bread, hamburger buns, toast, bagels. As far as i can tell also chicken isnt an ingredient and like there’s so much you can do there: grilled chicken, chicken patties, deli chicken. And something needs to be done about the ability to just watch an add to roll a new ingredient infinitely cause if that stays in the game it doesnt matter how many ingredients there are.
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5 months ago, lulu🥹
Love it but fix glitches
I recently downloaded this game because it didn’t require WiFi and it was great, this is a really fun easy game to play when you’re bored or on a long car ride. I would recommend this game if you want a easy game to play that doesn’t require WiFi. My problem is sometimes the sound for the game glitches and echos for some reason and when I restart the app it flows normally and then out the clear blue sky I hear echos in the sound and the sound is one of the best parts about the game because it’s pretty satisfying. I’m not sure if this is just me but I would like it very much if this glitch was fixed because it really takes the fun out of the game when you hear that annoying echoing. Anyways besides that this game is a thumbs up, it’s very simple but fun, and engaging. Thank you for reading!
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4 years ago, Animal_Lover2728
Great, but I have an idea!
Ever since I tried this game I loved it! I think it does deserve to be the #1 on board! As much as I like it, I really want harder levels. I know, I know, you get the levels harder by getting more ingredients. But, I have an idea! We could add timed levels! I know, once again, some people don’t like it people it’s too hard. But, you could make it separate, like the houses you put it the game. The people have the option to play, or not play. So please write back, and tell me if you would do it! Thanks you! Edit: I found a glitch. I have over 1,000 coins and the game won’t let me buy more ingredients that cost 313 coins. Please fix this, it makes the game easier, which I don’t like.
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5 years ago, Reginald the drunken
Relaxing & fun, but glitchy
Pretty much every other level, I have to close and restart the app because it freezes after the ads play. Which reminds me, there are WAY too many ads. Like, more than any other app I’ve ever used. And, like I said, even after you get through the ads, they freeze the game half the time. Another glitch is that sometimes it freezes when you’re in the middle of the level trying to flip the sandwich pieces, and the pieces won’t move so you have to restart the app and do the same level over again. The gameplay is far from challenging, but it’s kind of nice being able to zone out and just mindlessly play a game that is satisfying and relaxing. I hope more levels will be included in a future update because it’s really easy to finish the whole game in just a couple hours.
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4 years ago, Colorless Rose
It’s okay
It’s a nice game, don’t get me wrong. There’s a nice concept to it and it’s overall an ok game, but, I was scrolling though the reviews and I saw many “fake looking” accounts, and them leaving a five star review, which to me, seems very suspicious. Some look like someone just smashed their hand on their keyboard and boom, that’s an account now. Anyway, getting a little off topic, the game is too easy, which is okay if you like easy things, but I, like many people, like challenging games. Let’s talk about the ads, the ads are.. too much, there’s too many of them. I understand that them advertising them makes them more money, but just crank it down a notch, and, I don’t like that you have to watch an ad to get a new topping, I’d just like to get it when I beat a certain level. That’s all I’d like to say, but if you decide to get this game, brace yourself for ads, and easy levels.
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5 years ago, Nice Reviewer 27
A Phenomenal Thriller
“Sandwich!” is a consistently unique gaming experience that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat while delivering an absolutely heart-wrenching tale in the process. The atmosphere is incredibly unsettling right from beginning, when you encounter your first unprepared sandwich, its ingredients laid bare before you. You can only look on in horror as you wonder who could’ve left such a perfect sandwich unmade. However, you realize that your able to piece it together. To save it. From then on it’s a nonstop rollercoaster of suspense as you never know what ingredients you’ll be faced with next, or wether or not you’ll be able to help them become a complete “Sandwich!”.
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4 years ago, Wheres The Difficulty?
Level Difficulty Broken, Too Many Ads
The biggest issue I see with Sandwich is that the level difficulty doesn’t get harder or more complex has you further progress in the game. You’ll be at level 161 and it’ll be the same easy difficulty as level 10. Reaching new ingredients in the game is easily obtainable making the desire to get them not worth your wild. Playing for ten minutes top you’ll unlocked 5 maybe 6 ingredients and the rooster for ingredients is very minimal. Lastly the rate that ads pop up is overtly way too much. Every time you’d unlock an ingredient, an ad popped up, and to my previous complaint, you’ll be seeing ads frequently. Opening chests will trigger an ad, finishing levels will trigger an ad. This game, while the idea of this game was addicting and nice to play the first ten minutes, the execution of it was poor and a cash grab for this company to cram as many ads into this game as possible.
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4 years ago, harlie is cool
Really fun and addicting but to easy
It is really fun and I play like everyday I am on my phone more than I was before I got this game because I am addicted to this game but it is really easy and I think it an amazing game because it doesn’t have so many adds as other games because on other games it has an add after like everything I love this but I would like harder levels like on the add of it it showed that people couldn’t figure out some and they looked hard then I got it and it is really really really easy and I think other people agree that it is easy but it is still really fun and I just want some harder levels but other wise it is amazing thank you guys for making this fun game but please make some harder levels
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5 years ago, aeliagoddess
1) Great graphics. Really good job on the art and effects 2) There are a lot of ads. Every other level you have to watch a thirty second video and at the bottom of the screen there’s always an ad and after finishing every level they advertise other games you might like. I get the deva need to make money but if they just took out the video ads this app would be five stars because every other level is excessive especially when you factor in each level takes about ten seconds. So 20s of gameplay for 30s of ads is unfair and quite boring. Main reason I deleted it 3)The controls are a bit weird with and without a screen protector. They need to make it more sensitive because I have to press down a little too much for my taste. A light flick should be all I need and it’s more of a hard swipe. I really don’t like that
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5 years ago, Pusshen x Unicorn
AmazeIng!... but...
I’m gonna explain by emoji so it’s hard for you to I just wanted to do it for fun....😍😍🥰🥰😍😍 🤤🤤 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤥😎😎😎😎 🤣😂😂🤣😄😀😀👌👌🧀😍😍😍👌👌😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌🐟🐟🐟‼️‼️💯🆒 +what it’s actually says: “I love the hard work your doing! I actually made sandwiches after the ideas like Bellpepper and onions and etc , I was wondering if you could take out a little bit of the adds ..funny thing is that I lyed saying I wasn’t hungry ... instead I made a sandwich then eat spaghetti and meatballs I’m a PRO at this game it was funny when my cousin messed up all the time I love it very so much...and the cheese looks soo nice! It’s on point! The salmon may be my favorite it’s a 100/1️⃣0️⃣ it’s so 🆒,🆕and 🆓!!! 🍣
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4 years ago, SmearyAnt
I love this game more than anything but ads are annoying
I just got this game and it is super fun to play because it releases stress but I can’t keep playing because these ads are ANNOYING 😫😫😫 every level I finish is interrupted because of an ad. I thought it was kind of cool 😎 but soon the ads were the same and I had to wait for 1 minute in every level I finish just to get to the next one. I am much more stressed 😞with this game than other games I played. I hope you read and I hope you can take away some of the same ads popping up anytime. But if you did take away some of the ads I would be glad 😊😊😊 to review again and give a better score than this one. P.S. hope you aren’t hurt because I never want to hurt anyone or anything. Hope it’s all good 🤞🏻
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5 years ago, Leia121
Nice game, but there are too many ads and too less levels
This is a good game. It is very challenging and addicting. It took me a week, but I finished all 200 levels. So, the only two criticisms I would like to mention while I have your time are the lack of levels and the increasingly bothering amount of ads. The ads take away from the enjoyment I have had playing this game and the lack of levels means that there is nothing to do after the levels are done. Though it many take others more time to finish the levels, after they are all done, there is nothing left to do. So, the only things I would suggest are adding more levels and reducing the amount of ads. Thanks you for your time.
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4 years ago, HI PEPOLE OF EARTH
People Download this?!?!?!
Okay I deleted this game because number one this is one of those apps that make it seem so hard so you download it don’t fall for that! Number two it’s boring so I can understand why people would like it there’s no glitching it’s a top notch game but the levels try to get harder you’re on legit level 728 you know exactly what you supposed to do so of course it’s boring number 3 is that it’s some kinda game that can get you’re attention in adds but really it’s a legitimate sandwich flipping game you don’t wanna be a Person who only downloads apps that they see on adds the last reason oh my gosh add UPDATES I know and I know one of you are guilty of waiting in you’re bed for and update it’s never gonna happen so add update seriously it’s gonna get boring as each and every one of us gets then deletes it, Thanks for reading my review have a wonderful evening!
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3 years ago, Esmeralda Razija Karalić
How i love this game!
I was 4 or 5 year’s old on my brother’s phone! I asked him “Can you download this game for me?” He said “Sure, of course!” I was so happy, but then i got confused of how this game work’s. I turned 6 year’s old then i finally figured out how to play this game! I started playing more, more, more and more level’s! I loved this game so much! But then, i stopped playing it for 2 year’s. Now i’m 8 year’s old and i’m playing this game, it feel’s like i’m a 6,5 and 4 year old! I absolutely love this game so much. I also think you should download this game, it’s awesome! So, this is my review! Hope you enjoyed it! See you next time! Bye!❤️
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6 months ago, Alleycat35
Amazing game but….
I have been looking for a fun game that is relaxing and fun and Sandwich definitely delivered! You basically swipe and flip things to make a sandwich then at the end you “eat” it, which is a really cute touch. One thing I LOVE is that i can play music on the same device so i can listen while i play. With all those things being said, there is one problem…there are ads after every single level which is annoying. Because this game is easy at first, (in the first few levels, don't worry it gets difficult 😂), it feels like you are getting ads every other second. Other than that, i love this game!
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4 years ago, PurplePrincessXOXO
Very Fun!!
The game “Sandwich” is super fun!! You have to fold the ingredients on top of each other and put it on the bread making sure that you leave one piece of bread so you can complete the sandwich. I’m not sure if it reminds anyone else of this, but the game makes me feel like I’m folding laundry, or doing origami. I wish that the game was a bit more challenging and I wish that they would lower the price of removing ads. Although I paid the $2.99 to remove the ads, I just wish that it had costed $0.99, or $1.99 because I feel as though $2.99 is a bit overpriced, but overall the game is really fun and I really enjoy the game!! :)
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5 years ago, sweetmyrah
Too much ad’s!!
So I got this game like few minutes ago , and I find this game very fun,relaxing,easy if you want a challenging game I don’t recommend you to download this I think this is more for relaxing you know?? Anyways my issue is TOO MUCH AD’s!! I’m in level 41 right now and I can’t even continue to play this game without a ad popping up every 20 seconds, I’m not even exaggerating, don’t believe me? Play for yourself. Give me an ad at least like 10 minutes into the game , or just in the side an ad but not a video ad not an ad that’s gonna stop me from playing this game! So this is the reason why I’m going to delete this game , I cannot tolerate seeing an ad popping up every 20 seconds but otherwise everything else about this game is great. >:/
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5 years ago, BUGS boo-boo
I love this game it’s so cool and you have to like find like like swiping up and everything like where goes and it’s sandwiches and a game in one but your favorite things in one this game is the best game in the history of games because I don’t really think I can’t tell you this so awesome it’s the best game in the history ❤️💜😘💕💋👄💞💝💟💓💗💖❣️💘🧡💛💚💙it’s so awesome I wish I would’ve came up with this idea I would rate this a 1 million out of 1 million but I can’t there’s only five stars then I can tap on so I can read it I wish there 100 so I could tap them all it is the best app on the Earth I love the game Sandwich and it has a cool name sandwich I like it
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2 years ago, lowesman08
One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played
This is honestly one of my favorite mobile games. The gameplay is very simple, easy to pick up, play, and then finish… which is exactly what a mobile game should be! I really like the stacking challenges, which are just really fun qte sequences. I LOVE the idea of them getting harder when you mess up, which is a concept I haven’t seen much of. My one complaint is that I think the house building part doesn’t really need to exists, but that’s it. All in all, 9/10 mobile game, it has a little something for everyone.
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5 years ago, Itsme_ßiha
aMaZiNg!!!omg :0
I love this game!!!I've been playing for like 5 min and its great!!but within 3min it got boring—maybe you can add some stuff to make it better??i was thinking that maybe we can have a feature where we can make recipes!! And a feature where we can compete with real life people to see who can make the sandwich first—and eat it!!(cuz why not??) anyway download this game is ur bored right now cuz this is actually fun!!i would love to see it grow!!also i promise this game is not like those games that bombard you with ads!!!so for new people(like me -kinda-lol)you should love this game it is amazing!!bye have a nice morning,afternoon,or night,(i spend a lot of time typing in this review);w; ok for real bye!!
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5 years ago, Makers37
Awesome game-highly recommended
I honestly love this game. It’s a cute, wholesome game. I’ve already recommended it to two people. It is easy but it can also make you think. When you get ahead of yourself you can mess up. This game is actually quite addicting as well. I’m already on level 200 and it hasn’t been a day. It’s so stress relieving too. I relax quickly when I play. I love that you can “eat” the sandwich after you make it. It has a good amount of ads not too much at all. I usually don’t write reviews so it says something that I’m writing one now. I find that there is nothing wrong with this game and I absolutely love it.
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5 years ago, Ducklingloverofgarry_bean
Amazing game!!!!
I can’t explain how much l love this game! It is so much fun. The game is very 3 dimensional. Oh and the noises ! The sound they make when you finish a level it’s just so... SATISFYING. I’ll never forget the first level I had completed. The noise it made was the best “crunch” that I had ever heard. I should probably tell you a little about other parts of the game though. The ingredients that you use for the game are the default ones. But you earn coins after every level, so you can buy new ingredients for the sandwich. Or you can watch a add to get more . I hope that you enjoyed my review! Have a nice day / night.
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5 years ago, TrappolaMusic
I beat it already?
I love the game! The art style is cute, and the game works perfectly fine for me. BUT, the game is way, way, way too easy. For instance, you can undo all of your moves as many times as you want in a turn. As well as undo the last move with no consequences. There are no set amount of moves in a turn, so it feels like there’s never any real challenge. More variety would be nice, like a timed mode, or more options for unlockables, like different kinds of bread, different stages etc. And last lastly, it’s just too short. It took me 3 days of casual playing to reach level 200, and then the game just prompts you to start over. Problems aside, I really do enjoy this game.
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5 years ago, EddyTheEdVGV
You should purchase it!
You should purchase it because it is fun to play and it is complex for everyone such as myself and others. If you like games that are complex you should purchase games such as this one. Also, if you don’t like these games just give it a try you will like it because it is complex but I am just a kid so if you won’t purchase this game that is fine because this is just a review to tell you if the game is nice or not. This game is amazing and for entertainment purposes only so if you want entertainment and complexing challenges purchase this game for your entertainment and have fun!
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4 years ago, Hannah da best
Love the app not the ads
I love this app it is a bit easy but keeps me very entertained because you can switch through the making the sandwiches and building a town. The thing I don’t like though is that after every sandwich you make there is an ad. I wouldn’t mind the ads if they were less frequent and different each time instead of the same ad each time. If you want a fun game to keep you entertained this is the game but if you don’t want ads I would recommend to buy the no ads or just deal with the ads. But other than that I would recommend getting this game. Also so sorry for the long review.
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5 years ago, hjfdncfjktjzkjrr
THANK YOU!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I LOVE YOUR APP ESPECIALLY THE EATING PART BECAUSE i downloaded this app called sandwich puzzle and when I made the sandwich there was no eating part!!!!!! And I’m like WHAT WHERE IS THE EATING PART because there isn’t a lot of eating parts in games so thank you!!! Now I wanna add some more this review is really nice and I love all the hard work you put in it so we all just want too say thank for the amazing app!!! But I’m not sure if you are going to make an update but if you are planning for future updates please make them soon!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈😬🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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5 years ago, Maya bug
Awesome Game! 5 Stars!!
I just got this game and it is SUPER fun!! I thought I would review it because I thought: this game is amazing... I HAVE TO REVIEW IT!! So here I am, reviewing it... but anyway, nothing bad to say about this game, these levels are super fun and addicting, I literally had to bribe myself to review this game, to get out of the actual game... it’s too addicting, but don’t change that whoever made this game! Don’t change it... please. Just don’t. There is nothing wrong with the game, and so far I think I only got one ad! Or maybe 0! This game is awesome, and is free. I totally recommend this game to everyone! If you have the chance get it!!!!
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2 years ago, Mac JF
Love this game
I recently redownloaded this game after having played it a while ago. It’s fun and relaxing and I recommend it to anyone looking for a chill app! The only problem I have is that I purchased the no ads option when I originally had the app and when I go to restore purchases, the ads are still there. Even if I try to buy no ads again, the payment screen loads and then an X just pops up; when I click it, still have ads. Ads annoy me so much which is why I paid money to have none. If this could be fixed I would definitely give five stars!
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5 years ago, Car-lay
The worst game I’ve played this decade
This game is very clearly just an ad dumpster. It’s 2019 free games are going to be full of ads I get it, but when it takes you 15 seconds to play three levels for another 30 second ad, it’s not worth it. Especially when you can’t skip through most of the ads without waiting the full duration. Add that to the fact that the game is boring and simple, with no challenge, and nothing new with each level. I played up until level 60 waiting for it to become even remotely worth my time and *spoiler alert* it never did. Would recommend if you have a two month old baby you want to keep entertained or you just really like awful games with ads for more awful games. Save yourself some time and maybe go watch grass grow, it’s more entertaining than Sandwhich™️
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4 years ago, gamer hack in mincraft
This game is sooo addicting. Flipping all the peace’s all the flipping so addicting. You can get new foods you do put in sandwiches 🥪. This game is so much fun too but there are so many ads it’s not fun. But they are cool ads but still not fun. After all the ads this game is still fun though. When you mess up with the sandwich making sometimes it pops up an ad which is not fun again but it’s so addicting idk why. I love this game and if you download it I think you will love it and if you don’t U CRAZY! Oh sorry I guess I hope you will love it but again it’s so addicting! Have a good night or day bye. I hope you love this game
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3 years ago, DaGurl73838
Ok so this game is for seven-year-old because I am 9 1/2 and this is way way way too easy I don’t like this game I don’t really play it but I when I first got it I understood it and I really like that and one spired me to get it was well on my cousin she has a Samsung even though she’s like eight I am and she let me play on her phone and I found this game called sandwich and I played it and I fell in love with it I only got to play for a little bit so I didn’t realize how easy it was. I also like all the physics of the food it looks cool but when you put the things together it looks kind of disgusting. I recommend this for ages seven and under and I understand where you’re going with this game and it is very, well, casual.
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5 years ago, sandwhiche69
Sandwiche changed my life!
App changed my life. I will never be the same. I wake up every day just to play sandwich. If I didn’t have this app I would be dead. Are used to go to therapy for severe depression and are used to be psychotic but now I play sandwich. Sandwich makes my makes my hunger for life alive. Let’s all pray to the Lord sandwich that’s the only one I worship. Please make a church for people who are sandwich enthusiast. I am so happy now I have even gone back to school and I’m getting my medical degree. You’d have to be a commie to not love this app. God himself created this on the first day of his job. Also, sidenote: what is God’s last name?
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2 years ago, FUN GIRL EMMA
Great Game!! It cured my boredom!
This game is so much fun! I was able to play plenty of levels without a single add, which is amazing because it’s very uncommon. This game has an amazing setup! It’s not a cluttered game with lots of different buttons and complicated tasks, it’s simple, yet fun, all at the same time! At the end of every level you get to eat your sandwich. As you tap the screen to “eat it” some of the sandwich disappear, it says the words “nom nom nom”, it’s so cute! The sound effects are awesome and realistic! I love this game!! Five stars from me!
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4 years ago, MinecrafTRules54
Worth getting!!!
When I saw the commercials for this game, I thought it was another one of those stupid games that are not actually what the ads look like! I finally got it, but was surprised when I found that is was actually pretty fun, and very addicting! But, after a little bit of playing this, I wished the game was harder. Soon after I found out that there was another mode; double decker mode. It is definitely harder then the normal version of the game! Overall, this app is worth getting, just I hope the developers add more stuff to the game, like add new modes, etc in, just to keep the game fresh!
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4 years ago, LemonLimeLynn
Great game
Great game, the graphics are very nice, and the gameplay itself is simple and fun, I recommend getting it if you’re bored to play in your free-time. The game would be boring and finished easily and quickly, but in standard mode alone there 600 levels, and in double decker 50. Unless you are playing this game constantly, you will have plenty of levels to play, leaving plenty sandwhich playing fun for you. What I think they should add is more ingredients, more modes of gameplay, and possibly a feature where you can make different foods. Anyways, that’s my review on sandwhich, and overall I think it’s a great game. 👍
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