Sandy Spring Bank

4.8 (7.7K)
78.2 MB
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Current version
Sandy Spring Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sandy Spring Bank

4.78 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Tammaryn
Tammaryn Goodwill’s Word
Sandy Spring Bank beats them all!!! I’ve been with this bank for way over 20 years. I also had a chance to bank with other very well known banks while still banking with Sandy Spring Bank. Result, all other accounts have been closed! Sandy Spring is a true and honorable business. Their loyalty lies first and only to and with their customers. They take pride in that and it shows in the service they deliver through their employees, the banking services they offer to their customers, and the quality in which they present themselves to the business market at large. And the later reflects their humility to proclaim they exist to provide the banking needs for little ‘ol you and me. I have many disabilities so that means I feel right at home when I have to do any banking. Sandy Spring, you’ve got my humble endorsement. Just tell them Ms. Goodwill sent you! 🙂
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11 months ago, Wrkraemer
Excellent Customer Service
The staff at Sandy Spring Bank are extremely helpful and they really look out for their customers best interests. I had an issue where another bank duplicated transactions and overdrew my account. I did not even know this occurred until a representative from Sandy Spring reached out to me. The representative from Sandy Spring contacted the other party and had the transaction corrected and my money returned. Sandy Spring is a great institution with truly exceptional staff that look out for the best interests of their clients. Very well done. This why after moving around quite a bit to different states I have continued my relationship with Sandy Spring for almost thirty years. Many thanks to the staff at Sandy Spring.
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3 years ago, Sandy- 456789
App features
Transfer Date should be automatically the same as initial date but option to change if needed. Most transfers are usually made right away saving a fey extra “clicks” to initiate transfer. Also multiple accounts displayed on 1 page or able to change order of accounts for first page view. Thank you How convenient it wouldn’t take a nickname unless it got a 5 star rating
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6 years ago, Read2bCool
Just found a bug in this usually good banking app
I was trying to deposit a check that had the endorsement area on the lower left of the back of the check, not the usual left edge of the back of the check. Tried multiple times with dark background and bright lights as recommended. It kept saying check is not endorsed. I tried endorsing with a black large tip marker, same result. Only when I endorsed again in the usual left edge, did it work. Minor bug, but pain in the neck and wasted a lot of my time trying over and over 10+ times.
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2 years ago, saqibjk
Very security focused
This banks call center is very binary. If the answer is not in the book, there is no answer you are out of luck. There no situational consideration. If you go to the branch it an entirely different story. So if you wish to have an account with this bank, you must live near by otherwise you’ll have VERY difficult time working with them, I’m talking hours on the phone with no resolutions but I’m person you’ll be delighted.
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3 years ago, LucasLed
Just the Bank we needed.
We just opened all kinds of accounts with Sandy Spring Bank, and we could not be more impressed with the service and their personnel. We are specifically grateful to Paola Rosario from the Olney Maryland location. I would definitely recommend Sandy Spring Bank if you are looking for outstanding customer service, and simple, but effective solutions to your banking needs. Thank you!
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4 years ago, 82948294
Very useful, but not always reliable
I find this very helpful for checking and balancing my accounts. I would advise not relying on the payment feature. It does not always show all the payments that are pending. I have also found that one cannot count on a payment that is canceled through this feature to actually be canceled, as I have found to my literal cost. It also seems to time out very fast. Keeping this limitation in mind, it can be extremely helpful and general works very well.
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4 years ago, matt20906
Great application but...
I would’ve given the application five stars but there should be a way to make the password visible when inputting the password. It’s sometimes difficult to input the correct password when using a cell phone or tablet. Enter password incorrectly three times and you are locked out.
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5 years ago, iHeart my iPod
Cannot recommend
This app is the worst ever. Constantly unable to access have to phone in to bank, long wait for CSR. THEN SAME BS AGAIN. seriously thinking of dropping SSB because of this app. The upgrade misses the mark by a mile. Glitches abound. Complaints and requests are unanswered. CSR only recommendation: delete + d/l app again. And again. Rinse. Repeat. ::delete app + find new bank:: Signed, A decades-long customer
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6 years ago, CindyRev887
Good support
I deposited a check using the app, but I put in the wrong amount! I didn’t catch it until after I had approved the deposit. I saw a phone number in the app for help, called and got through immediately to a live person, and she got the error fixed right away. Great service.
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6 years ago, meninav.
Mobile app
What I don’t like about the mobile app is that every 2 weeks or at least once a month system crashes it is frustrating and usually takes Whole morning to get it fix, and if you tried e few times to log in and you can’t have access to the Mobil app automatically block your acct and you have to call the bank to remove the block in order for you to have access to your account, oh and Sandy Spring Bank never let you know when they doing update on the app that’s another issue besides that I like that bank is juts the app that gets crazy 😉
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1 year ago, jmhjava
Small Town Bank Problems
I wanted and still want to give local companies my business. Sandy Spring unfortunately does not seem to understand the importance of today’s technology and associated conveniences. Their app is woefully inadequate. The ability to set up external accounts and the money transfer process is way over burdened, cumbersome, and not up to today’s standards for turn around times. Their people are quite nice. If you just want a savings account, they are perfect!
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4 years ago, Neo Singh
Not a great app AT ALL
This app has been giving me a lot of issues since I first got it. I have been a client of this bank for a while and now and have not had any issues with the bank itself. Their app however is the most outdated and glitchiest part of their banking system. 70% of the time, the app gives me a error message and never opens to the log on screen and 60% of the time, when it does get on to the log in screen, it does not save the Face ID unlock as I have enabled it a million times so I am forced to enter in all of my credentials once again.
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3 years ago, jbaldea
Fingerprint login does not work
And other bugs such as when you have a pending external transfer, it sometimes deducts from the balance twice and your balance shows up way too low.
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6 years ago, Bethesda ArtQuilter
Good but can be improved
I use this app to deposit checks. It’s fine, but would be better if it followed the usual convention of showing the last key you typed. Error-free typing of the passcode is hard on a phone and this would help avoid the frustration of getting to the end and discovering that you made a typo somewhere along the way.
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6 years ago, Bien Dormi
Practical and eat to use
I have used this app for the last couple of years without a problem. I particularly like the check deposit function. Saves a lot of time and has proven to be totally reliable so far.
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3 years ago, Longtime SSNB Customer
Latest update is a buggy step back
With this latest update many functions that had been working are now buggy or broken: the app won’t recognize checks so they can’t be e-deposited, any number in the amount field on the transfer funds screen is wiped out when clicking on any other field, and the UI has gotten bloated. This release is 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.
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4 years ago, Corredca
Latest version doesn’t work
Got the latest update and now it doesn’t work at all. It just keep spinning and then reports error. I tried deleting the app and reloading but with same result. Thought it may be my phone but have restarted and have no issue with any other but this one. please fix today. I need to deposit checks and would prefer to do it electronically instead of having to go in to the bank and exposing myself or anyone to Covid 19.
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5 years ago, HotTubFan
Great Banking App
This app works well and is easy to use. It allows me to quickly (within a minute) transfer funds between any of 5 different accounts. If SSB would raise the photo deposit amount limit from $2500 to $5000 I would give it 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Aornis
Bank fine, app sub-par
I like being a Sandy Spring Bank account holder, but the app leaves a lot to be desired. My main issue at the moment is that Face ID doesn’t work. I have it set up, but after the app updates, you can’t use it and have to use your password, which it won’t remember for you. PLEASE fix this!!!
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1 year ago, Ruthie411
Needs updating badly
I have always been happy with this app. However recently it had been behind - not showing accurate details with timing. Sometimes if I close it and open again then it’ll be accurate. But this morning I logged in and it’s now two weeks behind and won’t accurately show my information.
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7 months ago, KatrianaV
New Update!
Thankful that the new update is working well. A very user friendly experience! It is well executed and I hope it continues to build into an even better app experience.
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5 years ago, Stan Galen
Great Mobile App
I have had this mobile banking app for a few weeks now and it is incredible. I have never had such a easy flowing platform to monitor spend accounts. Great Help! Haven’t run into any bug problems yet.
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8 months ago, Dwershi0525
Horrible new UX version
I absolutely detest this new UX of the app. It gives me less information. I loved features from old app, like the spendable balances. I also don't like that I have a huge total at top of app with all my account total. Who needs that? Waste of information. I’m likely going to look for a different bank now, because I do all online banking and I hate this new app version so much now. Absolutely horrible!!
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4 years ago, equestrian1
It’s good
The app is good as easy to use but a lot of the time it says there’s an error loading or it’s downloading updates and I need to retry later. It takes forever to update and for me to even get in the app whenever it does that. I have to try multiple times throughout the day sometimes and it still won’t load.
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4 years ago, Rufus8792
I’ve been with Sandy Spring for years but I’m finally using some new features and they seem to be working well. I am a loyal customer and plan to continue that way.
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4 years ago, Duhtchdaddy
Utter garbage. 3rd world country like app. Does. Not Work.
Update. It’s been more than a week since this app has been malfunctioning. Only on 4/20, did SSB acknowledge that there was an issue. Meanwhile, let all reviews speak for themselves. Similar to the Sandy Spring banking experience, this APP is so bad, that it’s leading us to leaving this bank as soon as humanly possible. On par, with the true lack of service that anybody has become accustomed to with these amateurs. Rest be assured, this complaint will also be shared with Maryland’s Banking Commission. Management should be embarrassed for rolling out an unstable APP like this.
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6 years ago, cheekdestroyer
Perfect banking app
Everything you would find from the webpage is on this app, and even easier to find than it is from a computer. Very user-friendly with no glitches.
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6 years ago, TheKidwholuvesinmaryland
Convenient the but access gets annoying
Great app until it continuously makes it difficult to log on. Passwords need updating and finger print login expires or doesn’t work way too often. This causes my account to get locked and I have to call SSNB for reentry. Extremely convenient when it works, very annoying when it doesn’t! SSNB, this is simple and you can do better!
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4 years ago, Apd09
Was great but doesn’t work anymore
App used to be great, but now as other reviews said it crashes at log in. It’s the app, yet they don’t seem to fixing it.
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2 years ago, JJohn30254
Worst Bank App ever
I love the customer service in person at Sandy Spring Bank! But the mobile app is horrible. More than 50 times since March I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app because it fails to load on my IPhone 11 ProMax. Customer service has failed to resolve the issue on at least 11 attempts. Once it’s reloaded it works for a week sometimes two and the refuses to load.
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10 months ago, Lworldbob
My favorite bank
Been banking here since I moved to Leisureworld twenty three years ago. My only negative comment is the ATM hard to see in the sun. Needs a little canopy over the top.
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5 years ago, Sandy Spring Guest
Sandy Spring Credit Card
Great improvements on the app! However there should be an option to pay my credit card through the app as well... that would be so much more convenient, like I do with my capital one credit card!!! Thanks!
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3 years ago, wuetyitryuuuuyre
Great bank!
Sandy Spring is so well run that they are the only bank I know of that did not go into the red during the big banking crisis 10 years ago. You can trust them!
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8 months ago, Mtairybryan
Sandy Spring Bank
I love Sandy Spring Bank, I’ve been with them for decades. I’ve known everyone at the Mt. Airy branch for years. They are friendly and professional and It has been a pleasure doing business there!
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6 years ago, FWS 777
SSNB via iPhone
Have used this app for years and has kept me on top of my accounts on a daily basis. I recommend this way to do banking to all who need rapid and accurate management of their personal banking.
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6 years ago, CathcaX1
Needs update for new available hardware
I have an iPhone X and the display is still set for previous phones. It would also be awesome if it could use the Face ID feature as X users must type in password every time. It’s useful, just needs an update, for that reason, I can’t justify giving a 5 Star
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6 years ago, WordsInk
Love this app!
Everything about it works for me! I’m able to deposit, use my fingerprint ID, and anything else I want to see and do that I would do on my computer. I think Sandy Spring has done a great job!
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6 years ago, Frustrated Bank Guy
Bad! Bad! Bad!
The app isn’t user friendly. Its slow and erratic. Sometimes you see a few weeks back and no deposits, then several months back with deposits. Somebody throw us a rope with an anvil tied to the end.
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2 years ago, Tammy loves this
Everyone needs this I Love Depositing Checks Now!!yay plus transferring money to other accounts are a breeze!! Thank you Sandy Spring Bank for making my life easier!!
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6 years ago, Ave P
This app is essentially useless because it never allows me to log in, turns off Touch ID and Preview features right after I enable them, and has very few functions once you are actually able to log in. If you are able to successfully log in, it takes an inconveniently long amount of time. This app is frustrating and terrible and needs to be upgraded immediately.
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2 years ago, jhkbug
Great bank!
Easy to deposit or moves things automatically online. No trips to bank needed!
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6 years ago, Peter's I Phone 6+
Great app only one issue
If I could only transfer money from checking to pay off my personal line if credit it would be perfect!
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4 years ago, manyproblemd
Best app of any bank
I value Sandy Spring because of their ease of dealing with the customers in all manner. Their good reputation speaks for itself. Friends highly recommend this bank because of their integrity, availability and helpfulness.
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3 years ago, TheBigCk89
Used to work - now doesn’t even open
This app used to work well, however anytime I open it recently (lasts couple months), I get a strange error: “Loading failed - the operation could not be completed”. Can’t use the app at all anymore. And yes I have the most up to date version.
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6 years ago, Vnfink
Love this App except
Love this App except for the check deposit function. There are too many step especially when depositing multiple checks.
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5 years ago, mightystinkbugs
Needs to be LastPass friendly
I have made my passwords all unique and complex, and all of my other banking apps will give me a button to go to my lastpass app when an app needs my password. Please add this feature. Otherwise app works well.
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4 years ago, HF !
Doesn’t open
This app hasn’t worked in days! I’ve call the bank three days in a row. Please fix it or recall it
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2 months ago, HSG.DC
New version crashes
As a long time user, I haven't had any issues with the app up to now, but this lastest version crashes within a minute every time I use it. Which, unfortunately, makes it completely unusable. Hopefully a fix is on the way.
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3 years ago, 51rayy
Could be better
Still needs futures that other banks had already like credit report, and the balances aren’t according to what was a day before it’s very confusing checking for actually balances.
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