Santander Bank US

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Santander Bank
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Santander Bank US

4.75 out of 5
355.8K Ratings
5 years ago, TheDream19
Not being able to get a replacement card more quickly (walk in) like TD Bank is frustrating. Also recently attempted to report daughter’s lost debit card as a joint account I have access to I was blindsided when online Card Services caused me to block my debit card & main source of financial access, on New Year’s Eve with NO ability to have Lead Mgt unblock it with major proof of who I was with card in hand needing to wait at least 2 days at $30 or 8 days free on a major holiday ALL due to online features being limited in not only not indicating which account or card was being check as lost until after confirm & also should add a safety feature option asking person to confirm account they are about to block is correct! Either of two steps would have prevented this unfortunate incident. I was thankful to the manager I spoke to who made suggestions how to deal with financial bind this put me in & waving the $30 2nd day delivery fee. This also happening on 1st of month caused me to miss receiving renters payment & having to reset card info & inconvenienced my renters as well. This could all have been easily prevented with Santander making minor improvements to be where competitor banks are. If making a change in banks did not involve so many changes, I would have moved over the incident & May still at some point in near future if more innovative changes aren’t made for convenient banking. Thank you for this opportunity to give feedback.
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5 months ago, tnycastro
Convenient and Secure Banking Anytime, Anywhere
The Santander Bank app has truly transformed the way I manage my finances. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, I can easily handle all of my banking needs on the go. Whether it's checking my account balances, transferring funds, or paying bills, this app provides a seamless and efficient experience. One of the standout features of the app is its strong emphasis on security. I feel confident conducting my financial transactions through the app, thanks to its advanced security measures and biometric login options. This peace of mind is invaluable in today's digital age. Moreover, the app's ability to easily locate ATMs and branches has been incredibly useful when I'm in need of in-person assistance. The integration of mobile check deposit also saves me time and hassle, allowing me to deposit checks without visiting a physical branch. The customer support available through the app is top-notch, providing quick and helpful responses to any inquiries I've had. It's evident that Santander Bank is committed to delivering a superior banking experience through their app. Overall, the Santander Bank app has become an indispensable tool for managing my finances. Its combination of convenience, security, and comprehensive features makes it a must-have for anyone looking to take control of their banking in a modern and efficient way. I highly recommend this app to anyone who banks with Santander.
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8 months ago, weeeeelllllll
So many issues
There hasn’t been a time where I tried to deposit my check my mobile banking where it has constantly caused me issues. I’ve never had this problem before and after I had this last update, it’s constantly telling me to get closer to the check that I’m depositing through the mobile banking app, and when I move far away from it it tells me that I need to get closer again, or to use a dark background when I already. They need to fix that contact us phone number that they have listed in the mobile banking app because it does not go through. I have to constantly slip between the dial pad and the app in order to call somebody and it’s just annoying and I’ll be able to quickly just press the button and it just start dialing because of random extra numbers being at the end of the actual phone number. It takes forever and a day to get in contact with somebody. But when you finally do, that’s probably the only reason why I’m giving them to Star’s is because the people there actually help you and are very considerate of the time that you’re putting towards getting the issue fixed and they do everything in their powers to make sure everything gets resolved till at least thank you for them hopefully that you guys take into consideration to fix things.
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5 months ago, VolvoBug
Horrible Mobile Check Deposit Workflow
Developers PLEASE revamp this. It’s almost as if someone developed this and then never actually used it. The entire workflow for this is bad. 1. When you open “deposit checks” in the app, auto point focus to the dollar amount (eliminate one tap). Obviously the first thing users are doing is typing in dollar amount, bring us there effortlessly, not having to tap on $0.00 to type in dollar amount. 2. The “auto” mode stopped working months ago. I waste so much time following the prompts “use dark background” and “move closer to check” and it doesn’t work. Finally I switch to manual mode - and the phone buzzes when you capture the image, creating a blurry photo! Please fix all this. This is the main reason I use the app and it’s pretty horrible compared to the other 4 banks I use for business purposes. Mobile check deposit shouldn’t be a 5-10 minute ordeal every-time. Also, it would be nice to see a total of accounts at a glance (add checking + savings as an example) for a quick glance at total funds. That would be really nice. I hope this feedback is useful. I’ve been using Santander since they were Sovereign Bank in the 90’s Using all of this on iPhone 14 Pro Max with latest iOS 17.2.1 at this time and the latest Santander app. I update apps daily.
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7 years ago, Noted451
Decent I suppose
I find the app generally useful at its most basic function. Being able to pay bills through the app is very handy and accessing a lot of my financial information is made much easier than the TD Bank app. I found Santander's deposit check camera system to be incredibly frustrating, however. The system never seemed to make it's mind if it wanted me to take a pic closer or farther away; and the automatic camera would time-out way too soon. I would prefer it to take the picture for me rather than do it manually (or at least let me choose between the two) because I don't quite trust myself if I've taken a picture of my check up to their standards or not. After struggling with taking pictures of my check, the options to deposit made me unsure if it went through or not still. It's a shame I'm left confused because my partner uses the Wells Fargo app which has the same deposit function, and his check clears automatically into his account (and it doesn't take him a whole 20min of struggling to get the camera to work). I hope Santander troubleshoots this function and gives it more stability soon. One of the biggest reasons for downloading the app was that feature. :/
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5 years ago, Mel1689
Awful app, can't make deposits
Update: it’s April 2019 and this app STILL hasn’t been improved. I no longer use this as a primary account because of this issue, I became a member at Citizens Bank (their app lets you deposit a check on the FIRST TRY-imagine that). I would not recommend Santander to anyone who needs to convenience of depositing checks with the app. Original review from two years ago>>>This app deserves 0 stars. I can't believe the depositing checks feature hasn't been improved since I started using it over a year ago. I basically put off depositing my checks for as long as possible because I know it's going to take way too many tries and waste time and cause aggravation. (if it works at all, sometimes it says try later after I've taken the pics 5 times). One time it wasn't working and it was an important deposit so I went to the ATM and it ate my check. And didn't deposit it. I had to have another check written. This was a huge hassle. This means their app and their ATM service is unreliable. I know of other bank apps that offer the same features and it actually works the first time. Since Santander doesn't seem to care to fix this problem I'll be looking into other banks. It's 2017, I shouldn't have to bend over backwards to get a check deposited.
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3 years ago, sadae_nadine
Things to add to make better
The app is fine I just wish I few things were better. Like when I go on the app I should have the option to view a digital card. I should be able to copy and paste my account routing numbers. So that it can be used online and not jumping back and forth between apps to see the number. Also, transaction notification comes to my phone late sometimes two days after the transaction. When it should happen soon as the account is used this would help people respond faster when unexpected transactions happen. It’s a lot to ask but maybe a reoccurring bill section to help with budgeting for people. They can see it at a glance and not have to connect their account to a 3rd party app. (Ex. Truebill)
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8 months ago, rosielapoesie
Fix the connection issue
For the most part this app works fine-I’m able to deposit checks, check balances and account information, initiate money transfer via account numbers or Zelle, and contact a variety of support services (others require you to visit a branch or call for security purposes) but every now and then-maybe once or twice a week-I try to sign in and nothing I do lets me. I get an error message saying that the app can’t connect to my device and to check my app/security/VPN settings. What’s the most frustrating is that I never mess with my settings and this only happens intermittently. I had someone who knows more about this take a look to make sure my phone was blocking as little as possible and try again and I still got the error message. It doesn’t bug me too much most of the time, usually if I try again after an hour or so it works-I just don’t what the problem is and I think it’s a problem with the app.
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5 years ago, spacetek7
good app, but needs a design refresh
Let me start off by saying the Santander app is perfectly fine. It has the features I need, everything works, and it’s easy to use. The only thing that seems to be missing is a list of scheduled transfers. Also alerts set on the website don’t seem to sync with the app. I also wish Santander supported Zelle. Aside from functionality, the app definitely needs a design refresh. Take a look at other bank apps like Bank of America, Ally, Chase, and TD. They all have a much more modern design. It’s time to lose the “hamburger” menu — this is no longer the current design trend (apps are going back to a bottom menu because it’s easier). The in-app ads for Santander products and coin stack illustrations are tacky. And there are some odd design choices like up arrows for incoming transactions and down arrows for outgoing (logically up or left would be out and down or right would be in).
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5 months ago, DIsss-satisfied
Looking for another bank
Santander Bank has let me down so consistently that I'm forced to go elsewhere for my banking needs. Somehow they manage to delete my phone number from my contact info again and again. This means I can't transfer or receive a transfer. As I write this I am on hold with customer service for 30 minutes. The only time I learn that my number has been deleted is when I want to make or receive a transfer. So an urgent situation, while I sit listening to this horrible Muzak other people are waiting. I believe this is the 6th time this has happened - that's enough for me to take time to complain publicly. You would think after it happened the 3rd time they'd have fixed it, but that doesn't seem to be the way it works. I'm sorry - but saying "we're sorry" doesn't cut it - an apology is little compensation for the damage this causes. I suggest the reader look for a bank that actually tries to make an honest profit - instead of doing it at the customers expense.
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2 years ago, Obibanor
Easy and Efficient Banking
I didn’t know much about Santander Bank until they financed my car loan and I had to open an account with them at the Framingham branch. Walked in to the bank and the reception I got was exceptionally good and within minutes my account opening was completed, I also downloaded the bank app and everything was setup easily, the bank app is easy to acess and I want to thank Sadika Ozdermir for her professional and friendly reception from the account opening to setting up the bank app and my debit card this has giving reason to continue banking with Santander Bank and even recommend family and friends to bank with Santander Bank.
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5 months ago, Belly dancer princess
No good
Used to love this bank and the app, just like other people who have now left Santander. I shall also look for a new bank as well. The app is dumb, sometimes it works and others it won’t. If you are sick with Covid, like I am now, I cannot send anyone to put money in the bank so that my account doesn’t overdraft. That’s crazy!! They said because of fraud 🤣 the person isn’t taking money out of the account, the person is only depositing into the account and details have never been given to the person depositing the money. Why can’t you just give a receipt without the account number? This is the stupidest thing I ever heard 😂😂 dumb rules 🤣 Santander bank would rather have an account overdraft and never be paid up instead of keeping an account in good standing! lol 🤣 what type of dumb institution is this? 😂😂😂 bye Felicia (Santander). Is that why the also had to pay back all the insane overdraft fees? Cause they got caught over charging? And because this is a good bank? Rolf 😂
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5 years ago, angrylyftdriver
I’m ready to leave Santander
I’m a lyft driver who frequently uses the Santander app, but Since the security change I’ve been on the phone with technical support more times than I should have. It’s really a inconvenience when I can’t log on. You guys always “fix” the problem but I promise a few weeks later and I’ll have to call again because for the 10th time I need the opt passcode. Then when I ask why is this always happening customer service doesn’t know. Then they say hopefully this is the last time or I shouldn’t need to call again. But right now as I’m writing this review I can’t log onto the app because it prompting me to call customer service and I’m sick of this! It’s after hours so I can’t call until business. So now I have to use a regular atm machine just to check my balance and I’ll probably get charged. This has literally happened to me at least 8times! I’m ready to leave Santander because since summer of 2018 this has been my problem.
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6 years ago, Not any good now
Not that good.
Previous app was much better. On bill pay the old app shows previous payment and all bill. Not just the single bill. Lately it does not clear properly when you log out. When you try to log back in it sends a message saying improper login because it was not logged out properly. So almost all logins take login twice. Then it sends an email for logon failure. It does not hold the check X to say this is a pc used all the time. This forces you to answer an extra question and set the X every logon. The check picture on deposits requires flash or manual take the picture even if sitting directly under a table light.
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6 years ago, Kadocs
Ok but limited
In a previous version of this app, you could select a pay recipient by name and last the last few digits of the account number. Updated version eliminates the account number digits, meaning if you have two Amex cards, or two accounts with the same name, then you won’t know which account to choose unless you login using on the desktop. Another issue is that you can’t create a new pay recipient via the app, only while using the desktop. Last issue is the fact an acknowledgment needs to happen when scanning the back of a check to deposit, for addressing a signature. It seems to me that if the photo scan can reject a photo for other issues, that it should reject and prompt for when no signature is on the check, vs forcing an acknowledgement.
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1 year ago, same completed transaction
App issues
There’s problems with Santander app and using Apple. Ever since 16.3.1 updates I see my completed transactions 2 or 3 times taken out for same amounts. I tried deleting app, resetting network, resetting privacy locations, restarting my devices and redownloading app. Still shows same transactions 2-3 times taken out. I believe there’s a glitch but account is on because on website for Santander Bank everything shows once. So now I’m about to just delete app with Apple and just use actual website. Gets annoying when you checking your register, I caught myself 3 times taking the same amounts out on 3 different transactions. Needs bug fixes and updates to the app. For now it’s staying deleted and just using the actual Santander Bank website. Where’s there’s no problems.
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6 years ago, Playkre
Business app is awful
After spending time on the phone with a service rep less then a months ago - again and getting so my business app would work to deposit checks it has stopped working- again. I even asked to have someone to contact me about the ongoing problems with the business app - which I have before - which also never happened. As soon as I get a couple of things in place I will be getting a new business account elsewhere and close my business account with you. I also was suppose to be getting contacted about another business I was creating with international partners and of course someone was suppose to contact me about that as well and that never happened. It will be interesting to see if anyone even acknowledges this review- I highly doubted as your track record of good customer service and actually doing what you have promised is almost non existent.
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3 years ago, Shalishac
Great bank. Never try and change your Primary email though
I love my bank. I really do. But I’ve been annoyed with some things recently. Why is it so hard to change my primary email to get access via Zelle? I called and was informed that it’d take 30 days for verification and that I should go to the branch to change it instantly. I was told it’s to keep from resulting in fraud...... Now. I change my email via the mobile banking and can’t register it via Zelle. My school is on me about registering because they authorize it only three times after the first time. This is blantantly ridiculous and annoying. You should be allowed to switch between emails when need be. It shouldn’t take 24-48 hours or even 30 days.
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5 months ago, VonVishgy of lantryvania
This app works
Very easy way to check your balance quick which is mostly what you’ll use for. Many other options like instantly put a hold on your card and or the ability to cancel and order another. You MUST cancel a atm CC type card very quickly!! Easy score for some addict who finds on the ground somewhere. There’s also Zelle to send money quick to others. Other options are there but I forget what. The important parts work well and fast Tis why I gave it full stars if they were stars I don’t remember. In fact I’m going to go lay down for awhile cio!
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6 years ago, Journeytime
Trying to deposit a check in using this app is the worst experience. As a business owner, I have to deposit maybe 8 to 10 checks at a time, And this app consistently wastes my time by not being able to read the amounts on the checks correctly, or giving a variety of reasons why it can't correctly read my checks and deposit them appropriately. I thought maybe the new upgrades to this app would fix some of these problems, but it seems like it's only made them worse. Not sure who's giving great reviews, but I'm wondering if they work for sovereign Bank. Also, fix the algorithm for depositing a check. If I'm in one account and try to deposit the check in that specific account, why does it switch accounts when I go to take a picture of the check? This is a major issue that has yet to be addressed! I could give this app zero stars I would
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6 years ago, sebag75
Not great ...
I just installed recent update hoping to fix couple of issues with this app but they were not fixed yet. How is this possible that I am unable to change/edit my bills???For example if have scheduled bill for $100 to be paid in few days I can't go and change it to $150 if I want to!!! I can cancel it and set up new one but that is the long way to do. Can you please update this app so I can be able to change amount to be paid at any time (Beside pending payment of course)??? Come on Santander you can do better then this! Please fix it asap so I can rate your app with 5 stars. Thank you
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3 years ago, Lynne Spevack
Unkept promises
Santander repeatedly says their IT department is aware of the bugs in their mobile banking app and for 18 months they have promised that they are working on it, but their new update may have made the problem even worse! Checks deposited through the mobile banking app are sometimes rejected for no good reason (this is the “known problem” they’ve been “working on” for 18 months). The new app seems to have made the problem worse in that it prevents customers from redepositing the check which the app rejects as a duplicate even though it was not accepted for deposit! Their workaround is that I have to deposit the check at the bank. So much for convenient mobile banking! In 18 months Santander IT still can’t fix the problem!!! If you’re shopping for a new bank, look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Listen/Learn
Great with some glitches!
I really like the function of the app and I have been using it to deposit checks. The problem is that when you go to deposit a check and it asks what account you want to deposit into, the list comes up showing our accounts and our joint checking account is always checked. When I try to check my other account it switches back to the statement for the account I want to put the check into and won’t let me deposit the check where I want it. Twice I deposited a check and it ended up in the wrong account. Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, Eco1
Good App, but needs fix for Technical Glitch
App is very convenient and useful. Functions well on iPhone except for a very annoying glitch where there is a never ending red badge on the “message” section of the app on bottom right corner when on the main screen. It’s a red badge claiming I have “5” messages but there are absolutely none there. Only thing in that section when you click it are offers and info on some of Santander’s other services like scheduling a meeting with an in-person banker. And even when you do tap those options it does not refresh/remove the badges as it should afterwards.
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4 years ago, That dude Nick
Great until latest update
I’ve been with Santander for about a decade now, during most of which time, I’ve used their online services. Their iPhone app has been absolutely wonderful, aside from not connecting my Apple Watch that well, but small details can been overlooked. This latest update, however, changed the entire UI of the application, and it’s not great. The app has slowed down, is less intuitive, and just doesn’t seem to function anywhere as fluidly as it used to. It feels like it went from “personal” with its colorful UI to very “business,” feeling all grey and bland. I wish I had better things to say, but it honestly feels like a few steps back in functionality, speed, and general likeability
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5 years ago, Kennaquhair
Thank you
I am a return customer from Staten Island. I had a terrible experience with Sovereign/Santander back in the early 2000’s which took my trust away from the banking system completely! Years later... After a inviting Evie Sylvain to our team meeting in Staten Island early 2018 to speak on investing...her presentation helped to reclaim my faith in the institution. Less than 2 weeks after Evie discussed the benefits of having an account, I decided to once again open a bank account. I brought all of my reservations, concerns and past experiences to her and withal she was still able to convince me to move forth. At the time, I was in a position where I needed a bank account and being burned by the system in the past decided to give the bank I once knew a second chance. Ever since I have had amazing experiences with Santander, and am thankful that thru forgoviness I was able to reconnect with you guys. Thanks for the great changes and for doing a great job! Kevin, Staten Island, NY
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6 years ago, Tatronkat
Was great...not now
It was a great app until they just added a location requirement for depositing a check online. I see absolutely no reason for them to know my location when I deposit a check. I find it in invasion of privacy, not to mention that I never keep my location available on my phone as it also runs down my battery. It now has become cumbersome to deposit a check as you have to open another app turn on this location to deposit your check and then turn it off again. Not a smart move Santander!
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5 months ago, Robuste1962
My account
Yeah, I have been with this bank when it was sovereign bank. It’s a good bank but they need to focus more on their customers such as when you do a zelle it’s take a long time before it gets to the person. I remember I had a problem , that Monday was a holiday, I waited until Tuesday to take care of the problem , can Santander put a 24 hours service to help its clients? I need to stop a big check, from going through. It’s was done because I did my part, what can you do to help us with that????
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4 years ago, B Brz
User ID
I recently got a new phone . I had saved my passwords but not my user ID. My Santander account had me answer a few questions to retrieve User ID. Nice and easy. I’m actually sitting outside a PNC Bank where I had too make an appointment to retrieve it. I’m closing some accounts and Credit Card here today also and will be slowly moving my accounts to Santander. Just not now cause I have like 7 auto payments from my PNC checking so I’m gonna leave that open until I move over auto payments to my Santander account.
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8 months ago, LOU J R
10 years with Santander
I’ve been with Santander for 10 years Even, when, from time to time, I have moved to other locations and they have been outstanding. Their Professionalism is unmatched as I’ve been around the block a few times. In the past, I was with Sovereign Bank for 10 years whom Santander Bought out. From mailing in a deposit from another State, calling the CS line, to going into the Bank for Personal Service, I never had a bad experience. Thank you Santander LJR Long term customer
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4 years ago, 813hm
Customer service number
Im traveling overseas and I tried withdrawing money from a local ATM. No cash came out but there’s receipt that no cash came out of the machine. When I checked my account online, I panicked when I saw the exact amount I attempted to withdraw was deducted from my account. I frantically called the number at the back of my card to report the incident. I just wasted my time calling as well as the international call charge on my phone, NON of those number at the back of your card can assist you because its past the office hours.
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6 years ago, VIPER 6S
Keeps getting better.
The latest upgrade is the best yet. Extremely easy to use. Buttons have been moved to the most practical places. Takes minimal taps to get to what you’re looking for. I have friends & family who bank elsewhere, and I prefer the Santander App over all of them. App aside, I love the overall experience of banking with Santander since their start in the U.S. I’ve banked elsewhere over my many years of having a checking & savings account. I find Santander to be superior to all of the other banks & financial institutions.
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5 years ago, verifyThis!
I can NOT even use this APP
I can not even USE this APP!!! I tried and tried, now I want to throw this iPad out the window. I had to call CS several times. Was told I could set up as a new user with a one time call verifying my cell. My account did not have a cell attached to it. I called the bank and added one. It doesn’t work. I called two more times, and had to verify my actual bank account. No matter what I provided it was not good enough. Then she tells me if I did not have a cell on my account I had to go to a bank to verify it. OOOOMMMMGGGGG, I JUST SPENT AN HOUR ON THE PHONE!!!!! They can’t verify me, they can’t text me, and I can not set up online banking without GOING to the bank. Rattling off my social, my account numbers, my recent transactions...... what in God’s name do you need???
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6 years ago, Sirr2112
Can’t get rid of old account
I closed a joint account with my (now) x-wife and it still shows up as my primary account. When this app was revised, I deposited a check (mistakenly) into that account which the app decided was my default account. Asked several branch managers to delete the old account. They told me it was impossible to do. It’s worse than trying to delete your account on Facebook, you can hide it from the public, but it’s there forever! This old bank account I can’t even hide from myself! 😩😳
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5 years ago, BeantownFlyer
Perfect app for 2012
I scratch my head when I see an “upgrade” like this and wonder what kind of process was undertaken that can result in such an inferior product. Did they come up with a list of goals: “let’s eliminate the ability to see check and deposit images, get rid of the total deposit tally, design a look that is “retro” and looks like it was done by third graders, and otherwise take 12 steps back?!” Because that is what this app does. I absolutely need the ability to see check images and the suggestion that I have to go to the website is moronic- when you had the functionality already. It is bad enough that there is not a special app for high deposit “select” customers but at least let me have basic functionality.
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1 month ago, Ellion Ellion El
Fix Time screen on the phone app
Last night I attempted to log into my phone Santandar app. I typed in my credentials and then I got a call and phone screen locked. I never went back to the app that night. The next day when I opened my phone and went to the app my credentials were still in the app this should have timed out and nothing should have shown the next day. Please fix this so that if my credentials are not processed the app times out and clears the credentials.
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6 years ago, Nickname1567
New Check Deposit doesn’t work
Never had a problem with the mobile check deposit until today, now I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and my check is getting denied despite it being on a contrasting background with enough light. In fact I’m taking the picture on the same background I have always used for check deposit. How am I going to deposit my check in time for rent? This better get fixed soon or another bank will find a new customer in me.
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6 years ago, RhodesSailer
New App
The latest version does not even let me log in! Crashes on opening instruction screen. The new app is much worse than previous. Much harder to use. Bad design! Window to view transactions is too small. So small that my finger has almost no room to scroll up and down. Keep hitting "I Want To" and bottom of screen. Very frustrating. Can't see the transaction date without scrolling up every time. Moving between accounts takes forever. After viewing detail on a transaction, the app resets itself so you are back to the current date. Have to scroll all the way down again to get back where I was. Can't figure out how to log off. This should be more obvious. I liked the old app where the branch locations were right on the first page. I think you could go there without even logging in. This was handy. Now have to log in an navigate a bunch of menus to find this feature. Not happy with new app!
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6 years ago, Budjim
Good but could be much better
The bill pay is a weak point as you can only pay one bill at a time. The app lacks function that lets you see expenses in categories. There does not appear to be an excel export function. It’s not always intuitive either. It’s functional and it is easy to move through accounts if a bit slow. The bank is not on the cutting edge and the app shows it. I gave four stars because it works well with face iPhone recognition. Otherwise clunky and they should invest more on this side of the business quickly!
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7 years ago, tim mullin
New update is a Joke
If you want to do more then check your account balance then don't bother. Every feature is buggy and unreliable. Want to pay your credit card? Can't do that anymore. Want to transfer funds? Good luck. How about mobile check deposit? It MAY work after a couple tries, but by the time it does you could have driven to a branch and done it in person. The app was functional an reasonably reliable a few months ago, but now is simply only useful to check balances.
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4 years ago, SuperAqua22
Convienent but doesn’t always let me log in
My personal account has less trouble than my business account but the app for business is very frustrating as I am way too frequently locked out. I appreciate the high security, I like the graphics and when they work, they (personal + Biz are 2 separate apps) are great! When not, it’s very frustrating, time consuming (I have to call to sort it out) and then the purpose of an easy app is defeated!
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6 months ago, Lost 35 lbs
Banking at your fingertips.
Santander has come to be one of the premier customer service banks. They put every aspect of personal and business banking right at your fingertips. Whether it is depositing checks or transferring funds between accounts, all can be done from wherever or whenever, any time of day is right. Need a loan? Apply on line and receive a decision almost immediately. I highly recommend Santander for all your banking needs.
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4 years ago, valerias22956
The actual app says its compatible with apple watch. It does not want to connect, called apple in regards to this issue and they told me that it was not the watch and that it was my actual app. When I contacted Santander they first told me that they did not have an app for the watch, when I called the second time they never answered my question and insisted that apple pay was the only option in which I know how to add my card to apple pay, I would just like the app to see my balance on my apple watch. I have the series 5 apple watch. I hope to finally get some answers through this comment thank you.
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6 years ago, college_boy
App is great, Design wise ... umm
New to Santander bank, loved the idea of using the mobile app to log in and do my banking on the go. The only downside to my initial experience, was of course the design of the main view controller with the star background and and a big “Welcome” in plain font. The white text and kind of gets lost within the low resolution image of the sky at night. If I was the designer, i’d make this a blurred down background or at least try to find a higher res image that is both appealing to the user and in terms of design in the first place. Right underneath the Torch logo of Santander, would have the “Santander” taking place where the welcome text is. Moreover, the “Welcome” text could fit right between the “Santander” text and the “Quick Balance” UIButton. Better yet, blur the entire background and have the bluish star system. I think it would look really nice and makes the app a lot more pleasing to use.
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4 years ago, DS App Commenter
New Santander App is a step backwards :(
The new app eliminated the ability to see cleared check images. In online BillPay, it also gives the user erroneous information about “recent” transactions (the ones it shows you are not recent, they are several months old and your actual recent transactions cannot be seen). Likewise, after arranging to pay a bill and you hit “submit”, the “confirmed payment” screen does not recapitulate info re: the payee you just paid or the dollar amount. Annoying when you go to make the entry in your check ledger or even if you want to verify you paid the right payee or paid the correct dollar amount. Who thought of this?! Bring back the old app or fix the new one!
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4 years ago, Daylily430
Not an improvement. Previous version was much better
Most checks are listed as “check” and there no longer is the ability to see the cashed check. You need to have your checkbook register handy to find out who the payee was. You are reassured that if you go to the Santander online site the checks would be visible. (some are, some are not). UPDATE- Today I tried to find my account statement which an e-mail notified me was available. I did not find a place on the app where this statement could be found. Went to the main site from my iPad and the site won’t load to that page. Looking at moving to another bank. Will miss the convenience of ATM’s at CVS, but this is not what I call “Good Customer Service”.
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6 years ago, Stu-NYC
Two Steps Forward, One Back
This app gets better - very slowly. And each new version invariably breaks some existing functionality. The latest version does not let you log in using Touch ID after you view your Quick Balance. The version before significantly improved the image capture functionality in Mobile Deposit but the Quick Balance feature broke for all those who had it enabled. A few years ago, this app was completely frustrating so it deserves some credit for having come a long way. But their developers are consistently rolling out mediocrity.
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5 years ago, punkeyebrows
mobile checking issues
While I really appreciate the convenience of the app, I mostly only use it to cash in checks, and yet that turns out to be the one feature I often have issues with... I take a picture of the front of the check, the back, then type in the amount, choose whether I want it cashed into my Savings or Checking- everything going great until... I go to hit the "submit" button. Sometimes it works, but more often than not it doesn't :( Yet the "cancel" button beneath it works just fine, so I'm sure it isn't an issue with my phone screen or anything..
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3 years ago, imnotsleepin
Very lacking in options
IF Santander made these user friendly changes they’d get a 10 STAR REVIEW! 1-Needs to show ongoing checking acct balance after every transaction. 2-Should allow us to make notes in each transaction description...(tap on the description and write what the debit paid) 3-Ability to search transactions using words within the description like COMCAST. It should show me a list of all Comcast transactions within a chosen date range or for the previous year. 4-Lastly It should allow us to put each transaction into a category (Santander shd have a list of categories we can use and the option to add our own categories) ... so we can do an inquiry on a particular category within a date range(...say gasoline) and get a report of how much we spent on gas for a month, 3months, 6months or a full year. Other systems offer these needed options. Santander needs to get on board!!
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6 years ago, Boz1200
Bill Pay, search history needs work
Trying to find a past payment is a frustrating process. When you click on a payment recipient in the full browser, you can see past payments made. This is handy when you’re trying to determine, for example, when the was the last time you paid a bill for a recipient. In the app, theres no payment history. This means you have to search through your account history by scrolling until you find the last payment, or open a browser and login that way. It’s very frustrating.
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