Santander Business Banking

4.6 (11.9K)
66.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Santander Bank
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Santander Business Banking

4.64 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Wanderer17042
App is often not functioning! Beware!!
Like many, I have and use multiple apps on my cell phone. Indeed, apps are nearly a necessity for modern day life. I can say, compared to the many other apps I use, the Santander Business Banking app is the poorest app I own/use. It is anyone’s guess if it will work. In essence, the app does not open. That is, the app never cycles to the login screen. For my business I need the app to work every time. Worse still there is no meaningful/available customer support to cause the bank to fix what is undoubtedly a problem for many of their customers. Hoping this review gets to someone who is able to fix the problem. If it isn’t fixed soon, I will be changing my bank for my business.
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4 years ago, Samjoyma
Seriously bad app
This app is so poorly designed. The check deposit which is why I mainly use it - most of the times cannot recognize the check, cannot recognize the amount, then has a clunky way of going through the rest of the screens to deposit the check. You never know if the check has actually been deposited even if it says it has - you have to exit the deposit screen and go back to the account to see - and if you have more than one check forget about it. The account screen does not show you the image of the check so if you have multiple checks for the same amount you have no way of knowing which one was successful. Try again and it will tell you a dupe was detected for all - except it doesn’t show the dupe because NOT ALL WERE DEPOSITED SUCCESSFULLY. they obviously don’t care about customer feedback either as there is no way to leave it in the app. I have to resort to a review here. Thinking of changing banks to BOA - hate them as a bank but Atleast their app is ok.
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1 year ago, lisacatal
Can not do a check deposit
I have been doing check deposits on my phone for almost 2 years. The last deposit I did was middle of February. I tried a few days later and a pop up appears saying “ unable to complete your request at this time. Try again later”. I showed my bank branch. They can’t figure it out. I also went to Verizon. It’s not my phone. It’s gotta be something with the app. This problem is very inconvenient being I use it often. I hope this problem can be fixed soon
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2 years ago, namaan73
No Access to Business Line of Credit
There’s literally no access to my business line of credit whatsoever via the app. Sadly it’s annoying enough to switch banks over, since the phone rep can’t even recognize me as a secure owner of the account half the time, or even if they can the whole process of getting an advance or paying down the line of credit over the phone easily takes upwards of 20 minutes. I’ve been to the branch over this one too many times, and even at the branch no one seems to have access to my line of credit without digging around. It always takes at least 10 minutes at the branch just to find out what my balance is on the line of credit. This bank is simply behind the times and needs to get its act together. Without any redeeming value, there’s simply no reason to stay.
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5 months ago, tnycastro
This app delivers a seamless banking experience
The Santander Bank app delivers a seamless banking experience with its user-friendly interface and robust features. From effortless account management to intuitive navigation, it offers a convenient way to handle transactions. The app's security measures inspire confidence, and its responsive customer support enhances the overall user satisfaction. Whether checking balances, transferring funds, or staying updated on transactions, Santander Bank app proves to be a reliable companion for modern banking needs.
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4 years ago, Taplives
App works as advertised. Changes are extremely inconvenient.
Since the previous update it will now ask (every Face ID login) for your security answers. This is a business account where several people have access in order for it to function for our business needs. It is extremely inconvenient when your office workers have to constantly call you (on job sites mainly whilst on top of a 12/12 pitch roof) asking for security answers that were not asked previous to the last update of the app. Also the Santander location in Douglassville PA has black mold streaks coming down the roof which they’ve been told about and haven’t done anything for 2 years at this point. I am the owner of the business and honestly looking to change banks because of the updates.
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2 years ago, Woodyjimruff
Mobile deposits for business
The limit on mobile deposits for businesses is terrible and needs to be addressed. I have done close to 10 surveys where I suggest the same change is needed and should be addressed asap. If you run a business and do not submit more then $25k in mobile deposits, probably isn’t a successful business. The limit for the month of deposits should be no lower then 100K. But it appears these surveys are just for wasting time. Thank You, Just a business account holder
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4 years ago, Twintea
Deposit reference number useless
I have submitted this request multiple times to no avail! Deposits on a mobile phone yield only the first 6 or 7 digits of reference number - so every reference number is exactly the same. No way to see the ending portion which would identify the deposit. Yes you can go into the account and verify that the items deposited. However why not have the number serve it’s purpose? Ok another gripe- the deposit limit for a business is ridiculously low!!
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2 years ago, Gavriela k
Santander online banking
This bank is straight up amazing . Very personal with your business, in other words , in my 15 plus years doing business with them , I can see their growth , their focus is customer service satisfaction, best bank I ever do business with . I am 101 percent satisfied with Santander , thank you thank you for helping me in my finances , and every time I step into your doors or on the phone you always welcomed me with kind words, a smile or some good hearted and sincere hello Mr. Santana 🙏🏿🙏
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2 years ago, Howman 663
Frustrating App
It is very frustrating to deal with the Business app . It works fine for two to three uses , then the app goes wacky and locks up and spins it wheel . The only was to get it working again is to completely delete the app , wait 10 mins. and restore the app again . I’ve spoken to people in the business dept. and they know about it , but nothing is ever DONE about it !!
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8 months ago, Mconarberth
App works reasonably well but could use some features
This whole “all user ids are sysadmin” and you have to remember your org id does not work with password vault systems. It’s terrible. The BofA app is much cleaner - take a look. Even their TFA is super easy. Also, no Zelle transfer? It seems the only way I can make electronic payments to vendors is through a $20 wire fee (or $7 if I’m willing to have it take a week)? That’s um, a bit pricey. On the plus side, electronic check deposits work well and balance and statement views are fine.
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2 years ago, app not working 1/25/22
App not working
The app crashed as I was in the middle of depositing my 2nd check!! Not happy with this updated version. Either fix it or go back to what it was. You may lose me as a customer. I can not waste my time having to keep logging in.
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8 years ago, Mf4429
Not quite ready for prime time
Santander is way behind other banks in upgrading its technology. This app still has a ways to go. The app does not allow automatic sign in even when you check the "remember me" box. This really limits its value as you have to renter all your sign in information each time. Depositing checks by phone is a long overdue improvement but the daily and monthly dollar limits are way too low for most businesses. I guess I will still be treking to the bank. Also, the check image is so small it is barely readable and can't be zoomed. Y h to work on.
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1 year ago, andyy_11
The app looks clean and easy to navigate, but the tabs are slow to respond, if they do at all, and the loading time for a few options are ridiculously long. Compared to my other baking apps, this one seems more like a mobile safari website rather than an application. Once these things are fixed I can imagine having a great experience with it, just can't say that right now.
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3 years ago, Elle608
Never works for check deposit
Good for taking a look at my account but can never get the check deposit to work properly. I’ll snap images of the front/ back of the check but when I enter the amount to complete the deposit, it always tells me it doesn’t match what’s on the check! The software that ‘reads’ the checks definitely needs an upgrade.
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6 years ago, oliveret
Worst Mobile App in 2018
The latest release of 3 weeks ago makes creates a very unstable connection. I’ve had to call customer support three times in those 3 weeks and on of the customer support managers was the most rude person I’ve ever encountered. 98% of my business banking is done via mobile, so I will be transitioning my account to a new bank by the end of the year. It’s very reminiscent of the mobile banking apps that were made when the technology first came out. Clunky, poorly designed and unreliable. I’d give this app 0 stars if I could!
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3 years ago, solosantander
Connection on mobile network
Connection on the mobile network takes longer to login. I always have to switch on wifi.
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3 years ago, cornermuse
Update to app
Downloaded the suggested app update, and now both checks that I scanned received error messages about being duplicates. Now I have to go to a branch to deposit. Was hoping mobile banking would work out. Am soon moving to an area without a branch, so Santander will lose my business if they can’t get mobile services working properly.
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5 years ago, LHamiltonCPA
Santander Bank Business US
This app is really having problems. This is the third time I have had to reinstall the app because it stops recognizing my credentials and my fingerprint sign on. I am able to log in to Santander online, so the problem is specific to the mobile app.
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2 years ago, LopesRI
Fix the check deposit feature please
The app no longer recognizes the amount in the check and displays the error message. This needs to be corrected ASAP.
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5 months ago, BamLaflare
terrible app
This app is slow, clunky and terrible all around. I’m often unable to login because the app will just keep loading and loading and loading after I enter my password The times when I am able to get in once I click the account that I want to view it does the same endless loading and will eventually time out and log me out the app. this has been ongoing for about two years now.
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4 months ago, GTSkunt
Mobile App Banking Experience
Of all my internet banking experiences this has been the worst by far!! It is unbelievable how slow this app is. Signing into this application takes literally about 3+ minutes regardless of the model phones. initially, I thought perhaps it had something to do with an older phone that I was using at the time but I have since upgraded my phone to the iPhone 13 Pro Max and results has been the same.
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2 years ago, Centaurion31
Latest version does not open on iPhone 12 Pro properly
Please fix this is debilitating. App used to work great, now need to restart phone multiple times to get the login to activate without freezing. Please release new version that fixes this problem. Seems many people having same issue.
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2 years ago, kams Wine
Readable checks
We miss being able to see theActual check front and back would be nice if that option was still available
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4 years ago, fariabate
Check amount
I did add couple check amounts from different check payment and different phones and the numbers can’t get typed most of the times 7 or 9s
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2 years ago, OA963
US’ Worst Banking App
Bar none the worst banking app in the country. Constantly rejects checks since it thinks it knows better what the amount is. Requires a signature on back when many businesses use a stamp. Worth changing to Bank of America just to avoid this awful experience. If Santander knew what they were doing, they would make check deposits easier so people wouldn’t have to come in to do something they can do themselves.
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8 years ago, Jjbean2977
Needs some work
I love the idea of being able to do my business backing on the go, however, the check deposit needs work! The transaction can never be confirmed. Sometimes it works but most of the time is doesn't. It's very frustrating. This feature is supposed to make life a littler easier for people who can't get to the bank on a daily basis. Please fix this issue and I will change my review.
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3 years ago, PISTACH-ONE
Lousy software
Always wants a new password. In case you do not have your organization ID and your user ID written down somewhere, you are in trouble. Then expect to spend 20 or more minutes before you can open the app.
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2 years ago, TorresA90
Internet or location?
Sometimes when am away, it takes forever to load Or when I have another app in the background, it stays in the red screen for long
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9 months ago, B1onisland
After Work, about 50% of the time
Half the time I simply cannot even get through to the login page it just buffers and buffers as if we’re in the early 2000s Internet. I have to say their personal banking app which I also use works perfectly fine.
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6 years ago, Thenesh
Cannot open any transactions to view the checks
This app is terrible. I try to view any of the checks deposited or debited from the app which I used to be able to do previously. It just hangs and freezes and completely kicks me out now. It’s just extremely frustrating and useless. Such a waste of time. Not sure if anyone even reads these reviews because if they did, the app wouldn’t have such a low rating!
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4 years ago, Jewels Minecrafter 18
Super glitchy
I have to call every couple of days to have them fix app. It’s awful. I like the bank itself but this app has me at my wits end.
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1 year ago, Chris Cioe
Spotty terrible tech
Out of 10 attempts logging on it times out or doesn’t work at least 7. Then features like check deposit won’t work on top of it. I try to keep negative reviews to myself but the tech in this bank and the apps are less effective than an small town bank never mind a multinational bank. Needs immediate improvement
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12 months ago, Kid D
Darren Haile
I wanted to let all know that Santander (mainly Oreland, Pa Branch) has consistently offered timely and friendly service! From Ryan the Branch Manager to Miguel, Norma and Morkos, these people are all about service! It is much appreciated!! Thank You!!
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3 years ago, Joort321
Useless App
Can’t make more than 2 check deposits? This is a Buissnes account I should be able to make as many deposits I want.
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5 months ago, colored epoxies
Lock out
Continuously, have to keep updating my password in order to log me in previously had no issues with pick up Face ID with no issues. Really don’t know how to fix the issue Being generous with the three star
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2 years ago, Art Mango
Bad application
This app is super slow. Most of the time don’t even get to connect because it freezes. The extra login info is a real inconvenience when it comes to connecting with a service for direct deposit or withdrawals.
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2 years ago, AK Macgregor
Frequently doesn’t permit mobile check deposit
Over and over again it says the amount of the check does not match amount entered. I happened to hear someone at the bank make the same complaint recently so I know this is not just me and my phone.
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6 years ago, SimpleNYC
The recent update has bugs
After updating to the most recent Business app update, was unable to login or access the account through the app. Called into Santander and they verified several users experienced this. Isn’t there a QA team in place to test and troubleshoot potential problems prior to an app update? Hard to give more than 1 star when I wasn’t able to use the app.
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3 years ago, Dlr4499
I like the new look of the app. Generally speaking I can find what I’m looking for. However, the homepage showing account balances would benefit in showing if there are any accounts that will be overdrawn.
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10 months ago, traceydip
On line help
The customer service rep was extremely helpful!! Took care of my problem immediately.
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2 years ago, speinklers
Running balance
The app would be better if there was running balance on side
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4 years ago, Gaug3241
This app is the worst. It's taking forever to load when the app does decide to upload. You are timed out! Please fix your app, Santander. Problems like these should not be occurring in 2020 with commercial banks. UNACCEPTABLE!!!
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1 year ago, CRJ LLC
Direct Deposits
The DD are great for my business account. Please make it just as easy to deposit checks to my personal accounts! Thanks
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3 years ago, CT4LBeast Mode
Great system…during recent travels, picked up on suspected unknown usage out of state and succinctly shut down until advised otherwise!
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4 years ago, mpv07024
Check Not Endorsed Message
A common error message from the app is that the check is not endorsed, when in fact it clearly is. Hence deposit unable to be completed. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Kat_717
What kind of banking app doesn’t let you see cleared check images? Especially a business banking app??? You need to fix this feature! Also, the app glitches and gets stuck on the Santander logo… you can’t even log in even after you close the app multiple times. Very outdated please fix your app features !!!!
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4 years ago, Sirius is a joke
Unable to log in
It has been 2 weeks that I can’t log into the app. Keep saying contact Santander customer! I run a business and using my phone is crucial and now I can’t even log in at all.
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5 months ago, Mikee57
App is very slow when it even works
Very slow to load after entering password. Then it's a crapshoot on whether check deposit is going to work or not today and yesterday it's not working at all. Disappointing.
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11 months ago, RBMaw
App is unreliable. Never works when I need it to. It either gets stuck or the check deposit feature doesn’t work. I have to close it and reopen several times. I might as well spend the time going to the bank and save myself the frustration!
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