Santa's Bag

4.4 (570)
52.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Clay Pot Software LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Santa's Bag

4.39 out of 5
570 Ratings
6 years ago, Lovemyion
Great app for the holidays!
I downloaded 3 apps to keep track of Christmas shopping and budgets. I deleted one almost immediately because it didn’t have enough features for me. Another one is great at keeping a lot of info all in one place, but it’s cumbersome, tedious to set up, and not intuitive at all. This app is just right! Pros: It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, can store a lot of information, and was simple to set up. The color scheme is bright and cheerful, and works on a subconscious level to keep me motivated, and make me happy. Love being able to switch items between Wish List and Gift Ideas. Easy to track what you’ve done and still need to do. Easy to add the same gift for multiple people. Two cons: 1- it’s a personal peeve really, but when you tying an item name, it capitalizes the first letter of every word. Drives me crazy. 2- no option for making or crafting gifts. My husband and I like to make personalized gifts. But when adding a gift, the only options are Idea and To Buy. I’d love to see an option To Craft, To Build, or To Make!! That would probably bump it to a 5-star for me! Info amendment- I’m only using the free version of the app right now, but I am tempted to upgrade for the archiving feature. I will update if I do.
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6 years ago, Spaulding Smails
Don’t Do 🎅🏼🎄 Without This App
I’m an app junkie. Always looking for apps to do that, that or the other. Always tried to budget & track Christmas shopping before iPhones & apps and inevitably I’d fail. This is THE best app to help you organize your shopping & spending. So simple to use too. You start by adding recipients, add a gift for that person and then categorize the gift as an Idea, Purchased, Wrapped, Given. Even track if item is ordered. You can half use the app to just track purchases, but where I’ve found this helpful is using the gift categories. We’ve all done it..... forgetting to give someone a gift. This app has reminded me of something I forgot I bought. If you hide gifts, there’s even a spot to put the Location of the gift. You can also add details about the gift. Where purchased, price, even a photo of it. Amazing app!! As I’m writing this, there’s a feature I’d love (and to be honest, it may already do it), but I haven’t tried. I would love to see ability to sync the app with my wife. (We have a grocery list app that does that). This app is be far one of my favorite apps that makes my life easier!
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9 years ago, Beachgazer
Wow! Where have you been all my life?
I recently found this app...just days before Christmas. I'm so glad I did but wish I had found it sooner. This app is perfect if you want/need to keep track of gifts for different people, stay organized, keep track of your budget, and share with family or friends. There are so many different possibilities of viewing once you have entered the information. The choice is yours. It didn't take long for me to update to access what I've already bought, realize I bought two of one gift, and see where I stand with a budget. Next year when I use this, I will be able to plan better. I'm still learning what all it can do. It may do this already, but a cool feature would be for my kids to create/update their list on their phone, share with me, and then not be able to see when I make updates to what they want. No matter what and even as is, I just love this app! Please keep it active after the holidays, because I plan to use it for birthdays, too!
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7 years ago, jackrad
I love this app
This was so great and made it easy for me to stay organized about Xmas shopping Update: Second year of using this app and it has become a lifestyle! I use it to organize all my gift giving, not just Christmas. It helps me make quick note of gift ideas I get on the fly and then come back to them when I need to buy a gift, so I don't get stuck not being able to come up with gift ideas when I need them. It also gives me a more realistic look at my budget to plan ahead with spending and avoid going too overboard or neglecting someone. It also helps me remember what I bought and on multiple occasions has reminded me of a gift I would have forgotten to give. This year I got all my friends and family using it and it was worth it to pay for the advanced version in order to archive my gifts. The one thing I would change or add would be including a way to create and share my own wishlist the way I make lists for others. It makes reference to "wishes" in the app and I cannot figure out what those are or how to access them, so maybe my wishlist is a feature that exists that I just don't know how to use. I am really not the type of person who gets this attached to an app but I'm not being hyperbolic to claim that this app has changed my life by helping me be a more thoughtful and attentive gift giver--it makes giving gifts fun and last night I had trouble falling asleep on xmas eve in anticipation of the gifts I was giving, NOT the ones I was receiving!
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7 years ago, Yrfgjbfd
Fantastic app!
The way this app is organized is perfect. It allows you to sort by gifts, recipients, even create a shopping list sorted by store, and of course tracks how much you've spent. I've doubled all my recipients with "birthday" as a last name so now I will be using it all year. Love it, definitely worth the $3 for the archival feature. Update: Just started this year's Christmas shopping, and I definitely appreciate having a) the archive feature so I know what I gave last year, b) the option to add a photo to the gift entry, and c) the ability to sort "needs to buy" by store, which creates an alphabetized shopping list. I now have 20 outfits for 20 children, effortlessly organized and I won't have to wonder what's for whom when I sit down to wrap several weeks from now. 2017 update: I would really appreciate going into a recipient profile, tap add gift, and see a drop-down list of all "unassigned" gifts. I have a stash of gifts I buy on clearance all year, and it's easy to forget what's available.
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9 years ago, Chumpskee
Perfect Xmas Shopping/Tracker App!!!
A friend recommended this app and so far it has been EXACTLY what I've been looking for since I've had a smart phone. I've used plenty of "lists" apps in the past but I honestly had no idea a Christmas list app like this existed. For someone who is always scatterbrained like me, this app is perfect for keeping track of who I need to buy for and what I need to buy. You can also mark the status of each gift idea you entered so you can quickly see what you need to purchase and what you have purchased already. This app also includes the ability to share your lists via email with others if needed. You can add pictures of the gift idea, the store to buy it, price, and there's even a section for notes which I use to paste links to the item online. I can't say enough great things about this app not to mention the fact that it's free. I couldn't think of one suggestion to make this app better because it already has everything I need in it.
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8 years ago, craftfreak
10 Stars If I Could
I have been using this app for three years now and cannot say enough good things about it. If you use all of the tools in this bad boy when entering your recipients and gifts, it will organize a list for you in every way imaginable. Need to know how much you have left to spend and what else is left to buy? It'll give you that. Need to know what you have to pick up at a particular store? It'll do that, too. Have to sort between your and your significant other's families? It's got it covered. Add notes to each gift to know where you hid it in your house. Update gift statuses so you know what you have left to buy, purchase, wrap, or give. Even in 2012 when an update had a bug, the developer was quick to respond to emails and fix the bug. Since then, no issues. I feel like the developer thought of everything when creating this. Perfect Christmas shopping list/budget/idea book/organizing app!
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3 years ago, l2d2000
*was* Almost perfect!
*edited to change from 4 stars to 1* This was a great app, used for several years. Got a new phone this year, and even though this was backed up to iCloud, all of my previous years’ data is gone, no response from support. Disappointed to be sure. ……… I had to replace my old gift app since it wasn’t supported anymore, and after testing several this was the clear winner! Very easy to use, well organized, hits all of the things I like to track. A few minor tweaks and this would be a full 5 stars! One is just a wee cosmetic change...more visual contrast between groups on the recipient page ;)...the pale gray on the group title background is too close to all of that white. Also, rather than just ‘in progress’ and ‘complete’, would love if a person could be taken to a ‘to be wrapped’ and ‘to ship’ status...I’ve worked around that for now by setting up groups (shop, wrap, ship), but would love to be able to click it off easily like the ‘complete’. And last request lol...within the recipient, a ‘santa’ section, to differentiate the gifts coming from Santa for the kiddos ;). Thanks for the great app!!
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9 years ago, Piperchicki
The Ultimate Christmas Shopping App
I am a Christmas shopping fanatic and I can't get enough of this app! It has just about every feature you could imagine and allows you to organize gifts by recipient or the store you purchase them in, making it easy to check off your list in each individual store or location. It gives you the option of adding pictures for gifts and for each individual recipient, so the visual types like me will love it. You can also check off gifts as purchased, ordered, wrapped, or given. It even has the option of marking an item as a stocking stuffer . It also gives you the option of adding detailed preferences for your recipients, such as clothing sizes, likes and dislikes, etc.... It even has a start up screen with a countdown to Christmas and budget overview. Plus, every item price you input can have a custom tax amount added on automatically. I am totally hooked on this app!
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5 years ago, The Queen 3
This ones a winner!!
Thank you first to the developers of this app. It’s perfect. I’ve used an old gift organization app I downloaded 6 years ago (which hasn’t been supported for the last 3 years) because each year when I went to look for a new one, I could literally find nothing even close to functional. This one is the bomb. Can organize by what stage the gift is in (idea, ordered, purchased, wrapped, etc), by family group, and there’s even a category for handmade items. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and THANK YOU for creating this app. Only suggestion would be a way to manually sort the groups. For example now, I put an “A” in front of my “immediate family” group so when I sort by group it comes up first, but could be cool to let folks move the groups to whatever order they want instead of defaulting to alphabetical. This is such a small nit though. Get this app!!
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6 years ago, DanyoulinDanyoulin
Can’t get through Christmas without it.
I hate writing reviews but felt the need to give this developer credit where credit is due. This app does everything but wrap the gifts for you. So here I am back again for the coming 2018 Christmas. I may need to add this is my third year using it. You set your budget and even have the option to put in already thought of gifts but not bought. Once bought you can add what store you bought it from, how much you paid and even wether it is already wrapped and where it is hidden. It has a password and adds up if you are on budget or over or under. You can’t ask a Christmas list app to do anything more than this already has. I will never do Christmas without it and if it came down to I had to, well I would just be lost, over budget and have a bunch of lost gifts. Thank you so much!
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7 years ago, Lexi527
Best app ever!
I can't express enough how wonderful this app is on keeping your Christmas shopping organized. I shop throughout the year for Christmas and I'm able to add items, price and recipient for every item. The app tracks your budget. I used to keep everything on paper but this is so much better and organized. You are able to put when a item was ordered, mark when you received it. That feature is so nice because I am always ordering a ton of stuff the month of Nov and Dec. You can also mark your items 'wrapped' after you have wrapped them - love that feature as well! The app is pw protected so I don't have to worry about my kids seeing my list like I did when I used to track gifts on paper. The app also archives your gifts so you can look at past years shopping and spending. Love, love, love this app!
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9 years ago, TheOtherMartzen
This is the solution to Christmas madness
I used a different app for 3 years. I looked for a new one because the old one didn't support the new OS upgrade. This app blows it away. Download it. It's organization and staying on budget made so so easy. My only suggestions would be an option to add multiple photos so you could upload a photo of the gift once wrapped, so you're not scratching you're head wondering which gift is in which box. Also, would mark a "to be returned" toggle button, similar to "ordered online" and ability to update status of the return. Maybe also a place to snap/store a photo of the gift receipt in case you or the recipient needs to return something, it's as easy as an email or text and no crazy 68 return slips and receipts to keep track of. Thanks for the great app!
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7 years ago, JBuck28
SO Helpful!
I have used this app for two Christmases and it has been a game changer for me! I shop all year long and can "lose" gifts in my own house. Not anymore! I'm able to save gifts to certain people or the gift can remain unassigned. Since I clearance shop, I can also see what I have in my gift closet while I'm out and about so I don't end up with multiples of the same things. It also helps me stay in budget as you can set a budget for each recipient. Also, it helps to be able to type in a gift idea for someone when they mention it to you. Please, please make a more generic version of this app where the holiday can be assigned for other gift giving occasions-birthdays/Easter/Valentine's Day. I would be very grateful!! No other gift tracker that I have tried measures up!
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7 years ago, skidolph
So far, so good
So far, this app is answering my needs for Christmas shopping! You are able to sort views in all ways a power shopper needs- ability to sort the major categories ( Recipients, Gifts, Store) in multiple ways. If you buy multiple gifts without anyone in mind, you can list it easily. If you have gift recipients to buy for with just Ideas,you can do that. After a few weeks of shopping and planning, I'm able to put it together here One item to update would be the Recipient Overview sort by Group. The Group heading is too close to the previous recipients entry. Then too much white space before the first entry on the new Group. Thanks for a cool app- will update more as its used.
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7 years ago, Blondiemom01
UPDATED! Love it!!
Newest update, 2016 I have been using this app for a few years now. I absolutely love this app! It keeps my annual Holiday shopping so organized! It'll have to do for this year, but I'll probably be looking for a new app for next Christmas. At first I loved it and it seemed to do everything I needed. But as I started adding new purchased gifts it doesn't seem to be adding the totals up to show me how much money I have spent on each person. If this was fixed I would love the happen keep it. But, I won't be updating until after the holiday. I don't want to take a chance of losing all the data I have put in there for this year. UPDATE!!! I've been using this application again this year, and I am loving it! Some of things I love, it will add tax for me, and there are many different ways that I can look at the information. I can look by recipient or by store, it'll also create a shopping list. I can look at a list of gifts that I have ordered and I'm waiting for them to arrive. I can also tell it where I hid gifts in my house so I don't forget where I put them! Bottom line, it's a great application to help me keep track of all of my holiday gift shopping!
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3 years ago, Jdemarco12
Faithfully download app every December!
I really would love to find out how long I’ve been using this app. It has definitely been years and years. Every Christmas I download it, organize family, set budget, and it helps me through the holidays! I would always love to support apps by purchasing paid version, and I am not suggesting there aren’t benefits purchasing it here. However, I’ve always done exactly what I needed the app to do without the constant pop ups telling me to buy like other apps. I appreciate how well this all has worked and how reliable it always is. It truly has become apart of my holiday rituals. I saw this app wasn’t nearly as popular as I believe it should be, so I hope my one review will encourage others to download and use it!
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8 years ago, Pokdog
I'm not going to go into a bunch of detail explaining everything this app does. I see a lot of people have already done it! I will say that this app is amazing for making Christmas shopping more organized & all around easier. I am going to use it all year by adding birthdays with the recipients sorted that way. I was on a super tight budget this Christmas and this really helped me to visualize what I needed and for which person. My son said this was the best Christmas ever (he never says that) and I think that adding in his hints throughout the months into the gift ideas helped me get more of what he really wanted. That's all I'm going to say because I wanted to keep this short. Get this app and try it won't regret it!!!
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8 years ago, JenB25
Excellent app!
I have used this app now for 3 seasons and it is absolutely the best thing I could have imagined for this highly-organized person! It allows you to list every item, every potential item, price, and picture, and then categorize it. I am able to track if I've purchased the item, ordered it, received it, wrapped it, hid it (and the location where I hid it, lol- so necessary!) and once the season is over, you can archive your purchases. Also, there are the yearly purchases that stay the same such as calendars, etc. I just reset my items to "need to be purchased" and start shopping from there. I love, love, love this app and can't say enough good things about it. Download it now! You won't regret it!
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1 year ago, Laura O'Boyle
Where are my budgets?
*update - 2 years later and this still has not been fixed. I love this app, but I do not understand why a simple feature (carrying over recipient budgets from year to year) is no longer an option. Super annoying to have to go back to the previous year to copy them all again every year.* I have used this app for 10 years. I love it, I tell everyone about it. I paid for the pro version years ago. I just went to start my 2020 list and it did not import my recipient budgets from the previous year. That’s one of the reasons I use it, so I know what I spent on people last year without having to enter each one again every year. If you have to set everyone up each year, what would keep someone from trying a competitor app?
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8 years ago, Rellimlk
Long time user still loves it!
I have been using this app for at least 3 years and I absolutely love it. It is perfect. There is no way I've wanted to view, sort, filter or track that wasn't possible. Stable and bug free in my experience. I can't recommend highly enough. Set recipients, set budget (total and per recipient) create gift ideas, set status to ordered, received , wrapped, given... Split a gift between recipients or select multiple recipients to each receive one of a gift. Shopping list by store, keep track of how much you've spent and the total number of gifts. AND archive gifts at end of season and view them in future years (avoid repeating yourself unintentionally!) and SO much more!
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1 year ago, TN I81 @ I40
Great App Used Since 2014
I have used this app since 2014 to keep track of Christmas gifts! You can start with ideas, move to ordered, ready to wrap on to marking given. Best for me is keeping track of budget and the number of gifts per person which is important when you have grandsons who count how many gifts each sibling got! 😊 You can even note where gifts are ‘hidden’ which is important the older I get. I even keep track of gifts to dog groomer, hair dresser and friends. Best part is you can look back on what you gifted someone in previous years or regifted LOL. Love this app! That’s saying something for 9 years running!
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2 years ago, LucyFurbear
Great gift app with the exception
Update: I’ve dropped my star rating to 2 stars for lack of response from the the developer to enable syncing between devices. Out of all the gift apps, this is my favorite. You can pull from your contacts or individually add recipients. I love that you can personalize the stores purchases are made and the best feature other gift apps don’t have, you can tag gifts as stocking stuffers. I would love to give it 5 stars except that it doesn’t sync between devices. This is a really important feature to have and there is no reason not to make it available. I’m aware backup on Dropbox is an option but it doesn’t always work and I still end up entering info in both my phone & iPad. I know I’m not the only user requesting this option. Please make it work.
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7 years ago, Jdvfjnfjfk
If only I could share the app with family...
Unless I have done something wrong, I can’t share usage of this app with my husband. It would be a 5+ app if you could share recipients across user profiles, then my husband and I could manage purchases simultaneously and notify through the app when something was bought. It would also be amazing if when you shared usage, you could limit it to sharing specific recipients so he and I could have private recipients so we could manage purchases for each other without the other seeing. Great app but it really needs the sharing capability to meet my Christmas purchasing needs!
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8 years ago, megcastle
Best Gift App
I used this app for the past 2 Christmases with no complaints. This year I (foolishly) decided to pay for a very similar app. I somehow thought that not being free meant the other app must have additional features or be easier to use. It didn't and it wasn't. I often buy gifts online that can be split between my 3 kids. The "pay" app has no way to easily split the gift's price. I either need to manually divide by 3 or my budget will be off. It also does not have the option to automatically add sales tax. These are useful, time-saving features! So, for anyone else wondering, you don't necessarily get what you pay for in this case.
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8 years ago, Grewgirl4
Am Obsessed With This App!
I love entering all my info into this fact, I'm obsessive about it! Really helps me track my spending as well as what I've bought, or need to buy, for everyone on my list. It easily does everything I think a Christmas List app should? I would make one suggestion: under "Gift Status," I'd like to see the category, "Need to Return." Sometimes I buy a gift for someone and need to return it and get something else. That category would remind me. I got around it by creating a "Need To Return" group, but it would just be easier to place a check mark under the Gift Status.
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9 years ago, Cruiser219
Good app, wish it synched between devices
I found this app this year, I had used another app last year, and this one is MUCH superior to the last one I tried. I liked that I could make a list for each person and could track where I bought it and how much each item was and the app kept a per-person running total for me... I also liked that as I wrapped each gift I could mark it as wrapped making it easier to track what I had left to do. I just wish it could synch between my iPhone and iPad. I like to work with the larger screen on the iPad, but I like to put in items as I buy them on my iPhone which is easier to carry.
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5 months ago, thejonoliver
Nice and Simple but…
Really enjoying using this app for my Christmas planning this year. It does the budgeting and management functions well, but there is one significant missed opportunity on this app.. The current functionality only allows me to work Christmas lists, and only one per calendar year at that (makes sense, Christmas is only once a year). However, an easy expansion of the app would be to allow me to creat a yearly birthday/events list as well. I’d love to be able to have the Christmas season in one list, then flip to a 2024 birthdays/anniversaries/whatever else list to keep my year in line.
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8 months ago, KR53177
Can’t have Christmas without this app
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s easy to use and it helps me remember what I have given as gifts for previous year and to who, set a budget, plan for what I want to buy and where I want to buy it. Very helpful organizing my shopping lists because of all the filtering and sorting features. Love this app. I know it’s specific to Christmas but because of its efficiency I just wish it also offered birthday gift tracking. Playing with my options on app to see if I can do something….. hmmmm….
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4 years ago, Mommyshopsalot
Gets better every year!
I don’t write a lot of reviews but I have to say thanks for this app! It really helps keeping track of everything this time of year. And every year I find something new that has been added to make it even easier to use. I bought this after accidentally giving my nephew the same puzzle 2 years in a row. In my defense, it was a really cool puzzle & not his only gift, but still not something I wanted to repeat. With this app that definitely won’t happen again. So thanks for a very useful, well designed app. Worth every penny I paid for it!
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5 years ago, Polerbear5
My Suggestion for this app....
......Would be.....(1) to make it easier to share your list somewhere like to google docs or something AND (2) if you could somehow make a PRINT version. I would love a printed piece of paper to keep in my purse because: 1. Half the time I can’t get reception when I’m in the mall 2. It’s nice to pull out a piece of paper and make quick notes on when I’m in a hurry and running around , I don’t want to have to go from place to place within the app. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE APP IS...(1)I love having a budget, (2) I love the idea of a list of stores I need to hit, (3) I love all of the details within each recipient It’s a great app!
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5 years ago, Sarah Zemenski
Great organizational app
I enjoy jotting down gift ideas when they come to mind and this app helps me do just that and keep them all in one place. I like being able to change the status from “idea” to “to buy” to “ordered”, etc. The UI has improved significantly over the last year or two; I’ve used this app since 2010. I use it mostly for Christmas but also throughout the year for birthday gifts as well. I had issues with still seeing ads after paying to remove them, but the developers reached out via email and were very helpful.
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6 years ago, BkstBordello
Surprisingly good!
Second Christmas using this app. Haven't found anything wrong with it yet! If I were to suggest any improvements, I'd say make it shareable (with customization, so you can share everything with your spouse or parent, except their gift list). But maybe that's a feature of the paid version. Also, I'd like the option to clear the whole gift list at the end of the season without going through each recipient individually and deleting every gift one by one. But really, these are VERY MINOR complaints. I really like this app and get a ton of use out of it!
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9 years ago, Badputts
A wonderful app!
I have just started using this app and it is great! When I am shopping it is so helpful to see what I need from each store. It's just got so many great uses... Hard to describe them all! I definitely will purchase the pro version! I hope they will update the app to allow you to print out your whole final list of each person and what you bought them..... Also would love a "received gift" option(and you could enter what you received from someone)..... And this would be on the printout, as well! This would make the app PERFECT!!!! It's already wonderful!!
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8 years ago, MarshaStarr
Best App I Have!
I got this to organize for Christmas 2015. It made shopping and organizing so easy. Everything is cross referenced and you can add gifts that are still unassigned. You can easily change who gets what at any point, and it keeps you on track with your budgeting. It's SO fantastic that I am already adding things to my app for this upcoming Christmas that I want to buy for people. I recommend this application for anyone who is tired of writing and rewriting your lists or trying to remember what it was your sister mentioned wanting back in May...just get the app. You won't regret it.
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7 years ago, Bavarian71
So Helpful!
I have rarely been able to stay on budget due to all of the various details that fall outside of the basic list. This app provides area to add in orders online which you can change status on with a tap, stocking stuffers, recipient information that can be imported so ALL of your addresses are right there for when you ship or are ready to send cards. There's so much more that I like about this, but what I like most, is that I'm not as tempted to get "just one more thing" for people! Helps me to reign in the commercial aspect of Christmas and save time for my loved ones!
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9 years ago, Musicdrvsme
An absolute must for multiple kids!
Gone are my days of trying to find my notebook filled with lists of scribbled notes. My ideas for gifts for my kids and other loved ones, the stores, my descriptions, comparison prices all carefully scrawled page after page just waiting for one of my kids to find! This app makes it so easy to keep track of everything even knowing if I have already wrapped one of duplicate items when I check it off! No more digging under the tree to see who was missed or someone getting two on accident. Love this app!
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5 years ago, Playinsunshine
15 stars! ( longer 15 stars😏)
I wish I could give this app 15 stars! I love to make lists. This app is something I could've only dreamed of. Every time I think of a feature I wish it had, I poke around...and find it!!! This. Is. GREAT!!! UPDATE: Ok, so I think I came across a much needed feature that I’m not finding. I had taken the dive and purchased this app. As you can read in my original review, I really do love and appreciate what this app offers. But I recently purchased a iPad, specifically so it could easily sync with my iPhone. I can't believe it! Such a multi-featured, extremely detailed app, but doesn't allow you to sync with other devices?? Just lost some stars 😢
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3 years ago, MissAmy5678
Christmas wouldn’t happen without this app.
I love the holidays and I love to plan. It DOES NOT HAPPEN without this app. I put ideas in here year round as I think of things or hear someone say “I could really use a ___”. It tracks my budget for me. And I can roll over my recipients and gifts from last year to know how much I spent and what I bought so I’m not duplicating. I have used this for years and I truly swear by it. I started out w the free version and then paid to upgrade and store everything year after year. It’s so worth it.
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8 years ago, conconw
Fastest Lock in the west!!
Used this all this last season and I was just updating a couple things and thought I'd leave a review. I downloaded this along with several similar apps. This was the one I didn't delete. Ease of use won out PLUS this bugger locks SO fast there is no way little prying eyes can even get a peek at the screen should I accidentally leave the app open. Also a tip: I added "Next Year" as a "Gift "Recipient" and am keeping random thoughts and lists in there for next year - like how many christmas lights we need etc. High five to the developer!
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8 years ago, SLDunbar
Sooo Helpful!!!
I'm rarely inspired to write app reviews. This app has already received promotion on my Facebook page, and now here I am making it official. Particularly, people with children interested in staying within a budget and practicing a little bit of self discipline around gift buying will greatly appreciate this app. It's organized beautifully and is wonderfully intuitive. My only complaint is that it is not available for my other Apple devices (computer, iPad). It would be ideal to have my Santa's Bag account synch up between my regularly used devices.
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9 years ago, Ms Shoes
BEST holiday shopping app ever!
This app is awesome! The design is very well done; very clean, simple and beautifully done. Easy to read and use. And the cutest detail is the ability to change the skin tone of your Santa! I'm so happy I've finally found the best holiday gift tracking app! My only suggestions: 1) the ability to share the list with another household member who has the app and then you'd need 2) the ability to make an individual's details private so that if you have a list for the person you're sharing with, they can't see it.
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3 years ago, Mcgrawshan
Best App EVER
This app allows you to budget, track your spending overall, track your spending per person, list items as want to buy, bought & where for how much, ordered, wrapped, & given. I try to buy ahead what I can and always end up with disproportionate gifts that I spend a chunk trying to even out at the last minute or, I end up forgetting a gift until after Christmas. This fixed EVERYTHING. It is one of my absolute favorite apps on my phone!!!❤️❤️❤️ Now, I need an app just like this to track birthday gifts.😃
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5 years ago, Swimming in paper
Must have
ADORE this app. Has kept me on track for several years. Love that I can record ideas all year long (and where I saw unique items) and then easily track them through every stage from purchase to given. Helps me stay on budget and easily see who on my list I still need to purchase for. Can head to a store or website and see all the gifts I need to secure while there. No more forgotten items and missed deals. If you bear the responsibility of most of the Christmas shopping in your household, you NEED this app.
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9 years ago, 2googme
YES YES and...
The app is great, love that I can quickly see how many & how much I've spent on each person. Really love that I can see what items I've ordered which are not yet delivered, but would like an easier way to switch from ordered to delivered (or to wrapped). Desperately need to easily be able to sync between phone & tablet. Also be able to track gifts FROM others, so if I buy for a child from grandparents it CAN be tagged (or not) so the gift & cost aren't counted (unless chosen) in my total but I can see in orders, wrapped, overall snapshot.
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8 years ago, kamcelroy1525
Great, but missing an obvious feature
I love this app. It has done a great job keeping me organized and within budget for Christmas. However. I wish that it had a log in so that more than one person could see what you have purchased and add to the list of things. My mother and I use this app for my kids and it is time consuming having to send her a shared spread sheet, her update her list, then she sends me a spreadsheet to update my list. If we could both log in on the app to the same list and only one person has to enter something and it updates on the other persons site, that would be awesome and I would immediately give 5 stars.
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6 years ago, BluJackFanOH
Truly the best Holiday gift app, unfortunately now unsupported
I have used Santa’sBag for 4 years now. I’m using it again this year, even though it’s now unsupported. That’s how good it is. No other app compares. Using this app is very fluid. There are many ways to view your gifts. This app even supports Stocking Stuffers! Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been updated in over 3 years. The developers seem to have moved on. I’ve tried numerous ways of reaching them. It’s not a big deal. The only feature that doesn’t work is the backup to Dropbox. You can still archive gifts, but all data remains on your phone. If you upgrade your phone, and have to start from scratch (another story), all your data is gone. There’s no cloud data option. I would pay an annual subscription for this app. It’s that valuable to me. I’m pleading with the developer... Please consider supporting this app again!
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8 years ago, Mumthrice
Invaluable tool!
We have lots of nieces, nephews, and godchildren to buy for as well as three children of our own. In the past I often over bought simply because I didn't remember what I'd all ready bought. This app changed that. I pull my phone out often while at stores to check if I still need a gift for so and so. Keeping track of the monetary amount has been fantastic as well. This is my third or fourth year using this app and it's made holiday shopping a breeze. I've recommended it to countless people!
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8 years ago, Mad at this game!!
Best App Ever
I am LOVING this app! It does everything I need for keeping track of all my Christmas purchases plus it is password protected. Keeping a list on paper has always been a pain and I didn't have time to add exact costs of things. I can do everything quickly and easily! I wish every app was this simple and useful. It even has the option to add the sales tax if needed with just two clicks. I also love checking off a recipient when I have completed them. A spreadsheet has nothing on this app!
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6 years ago, immortalsilver
Where are updates?
Disappointed after paying $5.99 for pro that the last update was 3 years ago. I’ve used the app for all 3 of those years and it was my favorite app for planning and budgeting the holidays. After trying out a dozen other apps (at the time) only a couple came close to the features offered here, despite the sometimes confusing or clunky interface (surprisingly relevant as it’s an app used mostly once a year). In any case, I think it’s time to find an alternative to this app, especially with newer iOS updates eliminating availability of apps not updated to support it.
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