Sausage Flip

4.7 (135.6K)
143.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sausage Flip

4.71 out of 5
135.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Garvinclan
Such a amazing game 🤩🤩🤩
This game has a way of making me laugh and relaxed at the same time. It is just so relaxing because it is so easy and not to mention that it is such a hilarious idea to see a hotdog riding a rocket, swinging on a vine, or wearing a funny costume. There’s two things you should add though, 1. Online playing, so they can do a race, and 2. Making your own levels so you can make a bunch of cool stuff. there’s only on thing you need to fix. There’s a bug that when you go on the rockets really fast, it sort of separates one half of you from another. Anyway other than that I’m very happy with the way you made this game.
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4 years ago, jjbananzy1324
Developers Can You Please Fix This?
So I got this game and it was pretty awesome at first and then I got to like level twenty and the same levels kept reappearing so i thought I just had a glitch so I went to the App Store and I read other comments about to see if anyone else had the problem. No. But what I did see were a lot of repeat reviews so I was like, you could’ve tried harder. The other thing is the ads😡. So I was getting a lot of ads and I remembered a trick by turning off your WiFi to remove ads without paying for it and so I did it and I went back onto the game there was even more ads!! I seriously don’t want to pay 💰 3.00 $ just for 3 skins and no ads because chances are there are probably still gonna be ads. So please take my review in to concern. Thank you for your time, LoneStar
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5 years ago, game lover172
Look I really love this game it’s fun it has wacky skins and bizarre obstacles and that’s one of the best things about the game. Honestly there is one teeny weeny flaw... the levels aren’t that challenging. In most games one the player reaches the hundredth level it starts getting stressful but in this game the hundredth level is no different from the others. Other than that it is a good game keep up the good work ooh 😯 by the way because of this game my little bro says the CUTEST things such as: “ Appawently the white is cheese so that’s why the swausage is sticking to it.” 🤣🥺😙🙃 thx so much for making this game otherwise I wouldn’t have so much fun playing this game and watching my little brother say the cutest things. 😂
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4 years ago, the neon cat2
You could have tried harder
This to me is a short termed like most offline games but what bothers me the most is that despite the first few minutes of game play I realized something. I got off the game and deleted the tab to clear space but when I got on it was a whole different level and if you bother to read this and you think so what, well all you did was make a few levels and put them in a randomize mixer. You had the potential to make good levels in a order, I appreciated the rockets and falling blocks. All you had to do was make more complex as you went and actually have a level for a level number not random levels for that one number. If you would have used those games to put in a actual sturdy order and just left them thinking it was a good levels you could easily have released a second game to be enjoyed by my fellow offline game fans surfing the waves of small time enjoyment. You could have left a good mark but no I give you a three star because I liked the short time of your game before I knew it was just some big random pot of wasted energy To developers From 11 year old OG_platypus P.S no threat intended just really don’t like random stuff
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5 years ago, Loviepuppy
Great Time Waster
If you’re looking for a simple and easy game to just mindlessly complete, I can’t recommend this game enough. It’s an easy mechanic and simple levels even if it is a bit wonky at times(even though that’s on purpose). There’s always the option to watch an ad to skip a level if you’re really struggling too! Also, the random motivational messages behind the arm helped me a lot more than I can put into words. I first found one on accident when I was having a really rough day, and it and put a smile on my face. With such a silly game I wasn’t expecting a message like that. If you’re reading this, thank you so much developers. ❤️
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5 years ago, CKcaleb
Great but I want longer/harder levels
The overall game itself is amazing but I managed to make it to level 155, it feel like I’m doing the same level over and over again. All I’m trying to say is make it at least a little more challenging so it can more interesting. Can you at least do something about it because I’m about to delete the game I mean if you don’t make it at least a little harder I won’t delete the game but I seen other comments saying that saying the same thing I’m saying so I think you should improve on your game well it’s my opinion because like I’m about to delete games so this is just your advice and you should take it because obviously I am not enjoying the game anymore thank you.
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5 years ago, Gatergrl
This game is the bomb!
You see, I love having a great fun game I can play anywhere, wether it’s at home or on the go, and this fulfilled that. Sure it may not get harder, but maybe that’s the point. Personally I’m past level 1000 and I can tell you the levels look the same but I get stuck on this game for hours at a time flipping my character across the levels with ease. I’ve even introduced to a bunch of my friends and they’re hooked too. Of course they aren’t better than me, but it’s not about competition, it’s about fun. I want to thank madbox for such a great game👍🏻👌🏻😁
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5 years ago, sazuagexflip788
When I tried to get the no add game pass
When I tried to get the no add game pass it kept showing up so I had to delete the app sadly then when I downloaded it back on I had the no add pass but I had to restart from level one but then I got all the way too level 307 and got all the skins again so I gave this game 5 stars but I kept tapping the no add game pass and I thought I had a pop up virus but I didn’t it was because I kept tapping the no add game pass so don’t keep tapping a game pass wait for it to show up
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7 days ago, Rosee Mama
Two tiny problems.
Listen. This is a great and fun addicting game. The only two problems is that in the app store it says i bought the no ads super pack, but in the game I don't have the super pack. The other problem is that there can be a bit more details. For example, when you land on a flower or a vine, you can make it so that there are leaves and petals when you land on the flower or vine. You can also make different sound effects when you land on something. Other than those two problems, this is a great game.
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5 years ago, pencil dispenser man
Amazing game
This game is super addicting and I love it. The best thing about the game is that there are so many skins to choose from. I originally played Stickman hook but when I found this game I was amazed. I honestly think it’s the best game on my phone. The only bad thing in this game is the fact that the levels aren’t too challenging. But that is what makes it addicting. Zooming through the levels just makes me want to play even more. Long story short I really love this app and I recommend this game to you.🙂🙃
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5 years ago, manmannn1725
An excellent game
Hey, I’d just like to say that your game is great! The skins are very cool, you don’t have to spend money on them, and the levels are pretty easy! I’d rate this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because it is so fun, it doesn’t drain my battery, and it’s an amazing game to play when your bored! This little sausage guy is so derpy and cool! I also like the pony, ninja, and the dog ones because i have a dog of my own and she’s very fun to play with! All I’m saying is you make more games like this. It’s amazing! Also, it’ll be cool if there was a sequel of the game!
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5 years ago, Mrdonut1
It’s fun for a while but quickly becomes repetitive
The games is fun and I’ve even gone to the 108th level, but the levels are short and it begins to feel repetitive and boring after a while. Not to mention the lack of challenge. You just endlessly fling the sausage from object to object. It’s more or less just a test of patience; to see how far you get before you quit the game and get bored. Passing the levels never feel rewarding because it’s almost effortless. I would recommend if you have nothing to else do and just want a time waster, but not if you want a sense of achievement. Three stars
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4 years ago, J-rod192
Very good!
Very good game! Controls well, physics are fun, slow-mo right before each jump is satisfying. Even noticed little “I love you, you are amazing!” notes. If you jump backwards at the beginning of each level you’ll see them, very cute touch. My two gripes are that the boxing gloves are unreliable and the rockets are too fast and they can glitch of the map sometimes. Other than that, great game! P.S. dog skin is best skin😉
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5 years ago, Gameknight999 China
To much ads, too easy and not enough skins
After every 4-5 losses or wins, I get an advertisement, it might not be annoying at the start but as it goes on, the time you waste on advertisements are massive. Secondly, a simple game like this should not have so much lag, it lags so much, the screen freezes, just before an ad and after. It also has lag as soon as the sausage sticks on to something. Thirdly, I’m on level 84 and I have had no trouble getting through the levels, make it harder as the game progresses or I feel like there is no point in playing if it is so easy. However, it did take me a lot of time to get that far as ads keep showing up! Lastly, there are 6 skins for watching ads, 6 for leveling up and everything else is for money. There isn’t enough stuff to work towards to to make you feel like you accomplished something. Also make a category of sausages for challenges like logging in 3 days in a row, or complete a level in 10 seconds but if you are going to add challenges, get rid of the lag
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5 years ago, momdidntshave
It cured me
Sometimes I get lonely. Then I flip my sausage around for a little while and I feel better. It makes me feel really good. But then I stop and it comes back even more. I hope girls like flipping sausage because I need one to play with me. Well it doesn’t have to be a girl. I just want the lonely to end. Oh, I play at least 11 times a day to achieve optimal non loneliness. My mommy sometimes helps me advance when it gets too hard.
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3 years ago, lovingkoo
Great game overall, just needs a bit more life
i really do enjoy this game, its simple, the artsyle is nice and the skins are very cute. when i play it it just feels like somethings missing though, there should really be some music and/or sound effects! i feel like without that added element the game becomes really boring really quickly. also the levels are really inconsistent as in some are really challenging and some you can win in a few flips. just some constructive criticism.
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5 years ago, IDontHateIMake❤️
Great But Just One Problem...😅
So I downloaded the game and enjoyed it but I expected it to become more challenging after a level apparently it’s short yet fun. I unlocked the dog skin which is adorable! I’m happy you have options and stuff. Sometimes when I’m playing I skip a really fun part but I don’t really know the game well so I can’t go back a level... I just wish these improvements would happen. Please notice this! P.S: I saw a review and they had a problem to
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5 years ago, Ty3isme
Plz Add This Feature
Hello, it’s not often I leave a review on a game but this game is so good that it made me make a review. I love this game and I have made it all the way to level 1600 and I would love it If you were to add a custom skin feature. In my opinion this would make the game a lot better than it already is. If you were to add this feature it should be unlocked by reaching level 1500 or 2000. Thanks for reading this
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1 month ago, Hudjjwiwn
Perfect game
It’s the perfect way to kill time . I was playing it intel dinner time my mom told me to put down the game but I didn’t care and she took the game when she gave it back I was playing it intel bed time . There is barely any other games that have this kind of game. But there are barely any ads so it can’t really get on your nerves.
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5 years ago, XJamesTheGreate22X
This game is fun, but could use a lot more features, the biggest one is sounds and music, the game is very bland without sounds and music, and don’t make it wet sausage sounds because that will only players leave the game. The next big thing is more objects and less repetitive levels, and the computers need to say more than one thing. These next things could be a stretch but multiplayer racing, see who can get to the end first in a competitive mode. And maybe vertical levels.
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4 years ago, anonymous3272
This game has entertained me for a whole year!
Usually when i get a game, i get bored of it and delete after like a month or two but i have had this game for probably over a year and i’m still entertained! they have so many cute and funny skins and the levels are randomizes so it’s endless fun! 10 out of 10 would recommend! get this game!
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3 years ago, Tatum07$
Good but a few problems
There is too much ads. every time I win, an ad shows up also you guys are stupid just turn on airplane mode on ( I meant the reviewers ) second of all, it’s too easy, you could’ve made it hard. Also, the stupid loading screen is in the way when I fail or win. Also, get rid of the boxer glove, it’s useless. ~Tøxìctheheyarnoldfan
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5 years ago, hiboiburtkgx
Best Game Ever But...
This is the coolest game I’ve played in a while, I love it! Just a little con... TEN THOUSAND ADS! I have some suggestions for you. The game and the person who plays reading this. You should make the ad pack only $1.99 or $0.99 because you can play without WiFi and there are no ads. So you are basically only buying the skins. Still, I LOVE THIS GAME AND YOU SHOULD GET IF IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY (sorry for caps, I just love it)
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5 years ago, Murfzilla
Repetitive ,but fun
I really enjoy the game, so much that I’m on level 304(at the time of writing this). I’ve had the game for about two days(probably days something about me but) I like it but past level 150 there’s nothing to work for or anything new added to make it harder. I flip through level to level to the point that it took me 20 minutes for 75 levels(with the endless amount of ads)
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5 years ago, Enturprate
Great until the latest update
I’ve been playing this game for months off and on. Gotten to level 1250 just about and have had 0 complaints it’s been a great game. Then I updated today and played it and the boxing glove physics were changed drastically to were you can’t even catch the next obstacle because you don’t have any momentum. Also there is now offline integrated adds? No one gets paid and it’s a waste of my time. Never was there before and it’s annoying. These two changes unless addressed quickly will have me deleting this one.
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5 years ago, ashton cecil
i am LOVING what you guys are doing. making extremely fun games that are hard to get bored of.. AMAZING keep it up you guys are the next big developers SERIOUSLY i do have one suggestion though that would make this game even better is if you maybe made an endless mode? just a thought but seriously i can’t wait to see how you guys take off from here
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5 years ago, kawii potatoooo
The game is great like everybody says but if you could fix how long it takes to download that would be awesome. And the other comments say that the levels are to short and I agree so make them longer or I will delete the game and write a bad review and I don’t want to write a bad review but over all the game is awesome so if you guys could fix how long it takes to download that would be great. -thank you
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5 years ago, Typical_Apollo
Good game but..
This game is a fun game overall, but the levels are similar and the more levels you complete the less changes that occur. I highly like the game, but without a challenge nothing is fun because your basically doing the same thing over and over. Furthermore, when your about to flip to another object it slows down which In my opinion is very unchallenging, so to restate I think he game is fun, but not exciting.
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10 months ago, gxhsu
Why is this game so good?
This game is so good because I like sausages and I like the challenge the challenge is to flip and don’t worry you can Slomo so you don’t have to get your ping off of a game if there is a hormone, I believe it will be like a sausage, flipping at like the normal speed when you go and not try to flip this is the best game ever.
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5 years ago, Turkkey~
So my friend and so were playing “Tiny Cars” and I found the Mini-Game Ad. I was fooling around with it and I decided to download it. Today, I told my friend they had a unicorn skin and sent a screenshot of it to her. She downloaded it right away! She is playing it as I type. (We are on a FaceTime call) This is a really great game! Ps. Fling your sausage back every level to find a nice note!
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4 years ago, Aden 😎
This is a very cool game!
I absolutely love this game! It is addictive and I love the detail. I have a slight problem though. There is no sound and it would be nice to add some tunes and sound effects. You could also add some special power ups for specific skins. I would also recommend a difficulty setting to set the difficulty to easy if the level is too hard. Overall, this is an amazing game! 😊
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4 years ago, KSP4Kids
Amazing, but one problem
I personally love this game and it is incredibly addicting, my brother also thinks very highly of it. The one problem is with the physics engine. Whenever attempting to ride a rocket attached to a single screen, the velocity is so high that the physics engine automatically kills the sausage. Best game ever, that’s tho only thing I’d change.
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2 years ago, fat fetus
Good game
I’ve been playing for prob a year now and I’m at 2,683 and the game is pretty good to pass time one thing needs to be improved and it’s the boxing glove because there will be some levels that you can’t pass just because of the boxing glove not helping. Overall a good game.
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5 years ago, AvaDawn
Great game!!!but one idea
I love this game!!! I just think that you should make a level where you can make your own. Like when you get in the game of go back to the home screen there should be an option where you can make your own. Great job, great game, I hope to see this update in the future
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5 years ago, Fotsprb
Who has beaten this game?
Made it to level 842 and want to know if theres a last level or if it just keep going. Either way, i dont mind the repeating levels, i just enjoy the sausage physics, fun game and would love to know if anyone has made it further than me. 👏🏻 Update: Im on level 2626 and Im pretty sure Im furthest in this game. Still having fun though. Guess its the short attention span. Either way, Im #1.
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5 years ago, 😄😄😄😄😄😄😍love it
Really fun but...
I managed to get to level 1250, i know lol, and i wish the level would not be the same thing over and over again, and also they should keep creating more skins. Some levels are a litttlllleee hard and some are really easy i just wish they got harder and harder
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1 year ago, monkebanan
Amazing game
I had this game years ago but deleted it and I decided to visit it again and it is just as beautiful and fun as when ur rust got it. It’s very fun and has little to no ads definitely recommend (get the banana skin and the experience is way better)
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5 years ago, person261
Less ads pls...
This game is so addicting, I just got it yesterday and I’m on level 170 something but I keep thinking “why is this game so friendly?” It keeps shoving new FREE skins and the like V.I.P skins in my face, like why? Just stop telling me I can get skins and no mo’ ads, come on! So pls kill a few ads and stop letting me skip a stage after failing once!
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5 years ago, mrss. Banana
Best game ever!!!! 😁😁😁😁
This game is so fun and addicting I literally can’t stop playing it! The characters are fun and silly and all together it really a cute silly game that is really fun! I don’t understand why the age rating is 12 though I feel like it could be five and up, that’s how simple it is. But it’s also really really really fun!!!!😁
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5 years ago, melanie3675
Awesome but not flawless
Hi i love this game but there are some parts that are a bit confusing number 1. That pale pale sausage i just feel like it is something else number 2. I don’t want to get rid of the ads but i think there could be less finally number 3.I feel like it could have more texture but that all my opinion i hope you see this bye
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5 years ago, Mollie1735
This is amazing but one thing...
I love this app! Even though I just downloaded this game yesterday I have got to level 182! But I think that you could add something, maybe you could add skins, so we can change our look, or maybe you could add more things to jump on. I’m just saying this because I think this stuff would make it more fun.
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2 years ago, APSGN
Great game! (Ads are not a bother)
This game is really great! There’s so many skins and so little ads! Though that’s in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll buy no ads. It would be a waste of money because the ads don’t come In a few levels!
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5 years ago, Julius ant
Some suggestions
I like the game, how the title (Chapter, Season 3 Episode, track, act, etc.) switches between these phrases, how the levels are randomized using different components, and I would like to make a suggestion. With the caterpillar character, when you touch the vines, can parts of the vine disappear?
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4 years ago, Dantdm fan💙
Good game
Sausage flip is a super good game, don’t get me wrong. But I am on a super high level, and it’s getting kind of boring,because I thought there would be a secret skin or something but no, there’s not. I also noticed a repeat of levels. Please do an update with a whole lotta skins and levels. (I thought it would be cool to have a “make your own level” mode)
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5 years ago, jejahsgueks
So many ads
You can’t play the game cause after every second it just wants to play an ad like ridiculous I’ve spent more time having to watch ads then actually playing also it’s not even levels if you’re on a level and you get another ad and you close out to reload the app it’s a different level and the levels are just so repetitive I think I’m playing the same course every 10 rounds or something.
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5 years ago, hooverb
Good game, but very basic.
There could be a couple additions to make it more extravagant, such as custom levels where you could do for example, all rockets, but that would be a lot of work. What shouldn’t be a lot of work, as your levels are randomly generated, would be infinite mode. Infinite mode would add a lot to the game with only slight additions. Please see through to these, for I will rate five stars.
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1 year ago, TaylorSasuageFlipMaster
Best game ever but there’s one thing wrong
When ever I play ads pop up when I die ads pop up when a finish a level AdS pop up and I love the game I play it daily but I know is a no ads thing but I’m broke
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5 years ago, phia1510
So, every time I pass a level, AN AD SHOWS UP! I don’t like it when that happens. And also you get skins by being stupid watch ads and those skins were free so yeeoh and no one likes iiit. And this. And that. UGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And every time I seeeee yoou put some ads to the game. And also I play this game in the school bus. POP GOES AN AD!! I play this game to save me from boredom. It puts me in EVEN more boring time. POP GOES AN AD!! And so she says OH THIS IS DUMB HAW HAW
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3 years ago, Maxo the axo
Too many ads
Don’t get me wrong, this game is really fun and addicting, but it also has way to many ads. Every level which lasts like 5 seconds gives you a 30 second ad, and no putting your phone on airplane mode doesn’t work. So you either have to pay three dollars or sit through the ads. It’s still a fun game though don’t get me wrong.
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4 years ago, Antonio 9742
Make levels longer
This is from my perspective. This game is pretty good at first but than it gets really boring afterwards. Levels repeating them selves and getting easier the more levels you beat not harder. Developers of this game can you please add longer levels and at least the more levels you beat the harder they get and more challenging. Thank you
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