Savings Bank of Danbury Mobile

4.6 (888)
50.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Savings Bank of Danbury Mobile

4.64 out of 5
888 Ratings
1 year ago, GerardaRosa
Easy and comprehensive
I enjoy the ease of using the app and the ability to check all account balances, transfer funds, and the mobile deposit feature.
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6 years ago, BreAutumn
Go back to the old version.
Bring back the old version. I have to keep signing in and I can’t use the quick view anymore. Not helpful when you need to look at your balance quickly.
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4 years ago, Grise203
Very slow and harder to use
Ever since they updated this app it has become so slow to the point where it will time out when logging in. Usually takes several tries if it even works at all. If you do manage to log in, doing things like switching the account you’re viewing or transferring money hits the same problem. I always wind up logging in on safari, and at that point, why bother even having the app? Needs A LOT of work.
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2 weeks ago, Sksjsjxh
Makes banking easier
Thanks for all the ease of checking my accounts.
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4 years ago, danburyron
A mess
The new update is a mess, main page is very confusing, the app keeps crashing. Looks like the page was poorly designed. The external transfer never works and always blocks my account. I have been with this bank for 12 years but if they don’t get up to date with everything I will be switching banks soon. Very frustrating when you trying to deposit a check and the app keeps crashing
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6 years ago, I want to like it
Ever since they “updated” the online banking I have had nothing but issues with it. I can never get on it. Desktop version no issue try the app with the same information tells me its wrong. You can’t use Face ID to log on. Even when you get on the format is horrendous the old way was so much better. They need to seriously look at there app if they want to keep up with other banks.
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4 years ago, Tcinny
I do not see where I may see the front and back image of the checks drawn on the new app. I find this upsetting
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6 years ago, Indie game broski
The worst!! New Update is Awful!!!!
After the “Tech Upgrade” this past week the App has been downgraded to a Windows 1999 version of itself. Why would SBD update their systems to be worse? The old version worked absolutely fine. The login screen is now clustered and confusing and the transactions are difficult to read. Worst update I’ve ever seen!! Please revert back to the old App!!!
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6 years ago, Sugarrowe
Not happy with the update.
I expected a much better experience with the recent upgrade. It’s not any better, as a matter of fact it’s worse. The log on page is a mess. I don’t see anything different. On a positive note, it’s good to be able to see pending transactions.
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10 months ago, Reena56
Love the SBD app
I love this app. It allows me to do most of my banking when I have time . Makes my life so much easier .
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7 years ago, Dan7986
Hey it works
It lets me see how much money is in there and works every time. Very convenient.
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4 years ago, Meoldmaid
New Savings Bank of Danbury App
Do not like, can’t see the pending deposits. If you go to the site and hit the arrow it locks the screen and you have to turn your phone off to rest the app. Like the old app better easy to understand better. This one is very confusing.
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6 years ago, MarshaHG
Love the app but would like to see the camera updated for check images. I have an IPhone 8 and I still struggle to get a clear acceptable photo. No problem on my other banks app..........
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4 years ago, TayNicole4972
Latest Update
Ever since the latest update whenever I open the app it goes to a black screen and says “Loading”. I wait for at-least ten minutes just for it to then say some sort of error message. SO fed up with this app. Looks like I’m going back to using the website.
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4 years ago, TicholasNoth
Terrible App
Aside from having horrible connectivity issues this app looks like it was designed by an 8 year old. The functionality is better than before but it was not designed with the user in mind. The app is the worst part of this bank. What a shame
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6 years ago, alon24
This is an update?
When trying to make mobile deposits, this is still not as easy as most of the other banks. Also, the new app is not as easy to navigate as well as the looks are not as good as the old app. I think this could be a much better app.
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6 years ago, Steved102
Older version was streamlined. Easy to use and uncluttered. New version is difficult to log in. Confusing to navigate and it looks and acts like the website. Not very app like. Bring back the original app
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8 years ago, Bernardo Binda
Great way to bank on the go.
Every thing I have used in the months of having the app has worked fantastically well. However the one gripe I have is that I wish there was an option to either show only available balance or have the available balance switch places with current balance so that it's more visible.
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4 months ago, Mary122!
Updating issue
I understand the need to keep up with the most recent phone technology, but how do those of us with older phones access mobile banking?
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4 years ago, Irwnin M. Fletcher
Crash - Crash - Crash
The new App crashes way to many times to count. I have to delete and re-download at least once a week. Never happened with the previous version.
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6 years ago, Aptmx
Not a bad app. Little outdated though. Last update to this app was 5 months ago now. iPhone X screen support? Hope that is coming...
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3 years ago, Monty992
Update is horrible
App still not working with iPhone. Will this ever be fixed? It’s been a year now. This is exactly the type of issue that makes people switch banks.
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6 years ago, geo/carina
It’s over
Update was a nightmare and they have not fixed it. Deposits are difficult to impossible. I’m leaving and SBD doesn’t care.
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4 years ago, Jp morais
Good bankers but they have old old tech
Ancient atms cant even make daposit, old tech, and broken quick books integration, FIND OTHER BANK BE AWARE
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6 years ago, Corey Lynne
I like the old one better
I can’t get facial recognition on the updated one.
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6 years ago, westnyle
New app design is horrific
I feel like I’m back in 2010 with this interface
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4 years ago, A.c.jacobs10
keeps crashing everytime i open it
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11 years ago, MFitz819
Wonderful App!!! Thanks SBD!!
I'm so happy that SBD finally came out with a mobile banking app! I have the SBD app on both my iPhone 4 & my iPad mini, and it works great on both devices!!! Beautiful, elegant & simple design with a very intuitive user interface. Well done, SBD!! I'm sure many of your customers will really appreciate this app. Thank you!! :)
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9 years ago, Luvsgolf
Using app for deposits
Whether I'm using my iPhone or iPad this app is so convenient for depositing checks. I don't think I've been to the bank in over 9 months!
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11 years ago, Jessie*Jess
Good, but keep working
I'm glad there's an app now, I was about to transfer my business to another bank in order to get this feature. But.... The check deposit function needs some work. It is difficult to get a clear picture, but I know that can be done because my Chase app works beautifully. Keep at it, SBD!
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8 years ago, Cbg1028
Works as advertised
Does a great job. It isn't as fancy as some of the other main line banks but I have had no issues with the stability and works great.
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11 years ago, Update ruined app
So far it's great
I finally have a mobile banking app on my phone. It's great. It's so much more convenient than going to a website. And, I can now deposit checks from my phone. I'll be using it for a while, and may update it to a five-star app.
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9 years ago, MichelleTWindows
Business Checking made easy!
I finally downloaded the SBD app and couldn't be happier. Fast, easy and secure - making life easier one step at a time!
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9 years ago, Sjd123s
Quick & Easy
That's what I think of the SBD App. Site loads immediately, easy to navigate. It took me longer to write this review than to pay my Amex bill!
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10 years ago, pallen2007
Great app
Just used the mobile deposit for the first time! Very easy and user friendly.
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9 years ago, Deso014
Good App
Really easy to use. Never had a crash. Transferring money or checking balances has never been easier.
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8 years ago, Currrlyn
Its been very helpful. Updates bring improvements that create more functionality and I think it's all little steps in the right direction. Keep up the good work!
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9 years ago, Nyg4280
Great app! Very easy to navigate and taking a picture with my phone to deposit a check is a wonderful enhancement! Simple yet efficient!
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10 years ago, hoya03mom
Love it especially good when traveling
App is easy to use and money shows up promptly in account.
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10 years ago, Trueporchop
This app is awesome
This app makes everything so much easier. I use it everyday!
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8 years ago, Gadget327
Use all the time
I enjoy using the app make thinks a lot easier to check on the account balances and to transfer money.
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11 years ago, Jaykearse
Easy banking!!
Great app easy to use. Makes life a lot easier.
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10 years ago, The Lady Marian
Thank You!
This app makes all my banking easy and convenient!!!
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10 years ago, Conor Sieban
Sbd online banking
Extremely easy and convenient!
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9 years ago, Mary80222
Great app
Very easy to use. The bill pay feature is great.
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10 years ago, Johan uzumaki
Great app
Great app nice and simple makes like much easier
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7 years ago, ZeusUntamed
Love this app
This app is really good to keep an eye on my accounts.
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8 years ago, Astoria2442
Terrible app.
I had to take 30 px's of the back of my check before your app would accept the shot. You need to fix this or I will be using another bank.
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10 years ago, Thebigdomboski
Too picky
Pretty painful. The app requires perfect conditions to work.
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10 years ago, Fuyyyyy CCDs
Can't even make a transfer when I want to. I looked like an idiot when my card got declined due to a bug error in my transfer!!!!!!!!!
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