SBSU-State Bank Southern Utah

4.8 (3.6K)
56.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
State Bank of Southern Utah
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SBSU-State Bank Southern Utah

4.77 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Math Sauce
Bank is great, app is definitely not
You cannot look up your bank account numbers, even when you log in, nor routing numbers. Maybe the latter is possible but I can’t find it. I need a new card sometimes (when my magnetic stripe goes bad) but I can find no place on the app to request a new card. If you need checks, same problem. There is no way I can find to order and pay for them. You can’t set up a biometric device if you follow instructions as you log into the app. Recently our biometric ID stopped working. It told me you to do it by going to Profile -> Profile Settings -> Biometric Device to set up. Luckily I finally found I could do it under Authorized Device Enrollment, not Biometric Device. The Help menu isn’t actually any help. It tells you a phone number to call for help—it doesn’t give app guidance/help/response to Qs, just a Customer Service number, so I guess I wait to call when the bank is open. Altogether, it is a great small-town bank with excellent in-person services, but unfortunately the app feels programmed in a way that reinforces the small-town bank theme.
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2 months ago, Love’s grandkids
Review of State Bank of Southern Utah
I love this, Bank! When we move down to Cedar city 20 years ago, I had had many problems with other banks in Salt Lake. But I have found That this Bank has been by far the best we have ever worked with in 57 years of marriage. I highly recommended it!
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3 years ago, Mjohnsongreen
Too many non essential steps takes longer to load.
I was excited for the release of the updated app. So far it takes longer to load than the old app did. To check your transactions requires an additional step that is redundant and takes longer to load because of an extra landing page that is non essential. Transferring funds still is pretty easy. But I find myself having to log into the web browser because the mobile app wheel keeps spinning like it is still loading, however it looks like every thing is already loaded. I recommend SBSU to all my friends, but their app, not so much.
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1 year ago, Aphidbug
Camera on mobile deposit
Why did the camera stop taking automatic pictures when hovering over a check? In March it worked so well and as I got the check in focus the camera automatically took the picture. However, today I had to take the pic myself and it had to include so much of the surrounding area rather than just the check.
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2 months ago, KV2444
Mobile deposit needs work
I can deposit a check the first time I try maybe 50% of the time. I get logged out after I take type first picture of the check or when I get both pictures taken and then deposit. Other than that (super frustrating issue) the app is handy, but the biggest reason I downloaded it was for the mobile deposit feature.
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3 years ago, DDOogden
Bank of SBSU. Vicki Syrett
We enjoy the people at the Tropic branch so much. They are always cheerful and helpful. We also appreciate the watch over our accounts and feel safe with your banking system and the people. Merry Christmas to you all!!
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2 years ago, torgtom
App is slow and buggy
Slow to switch between screens/menus. Worst issue is that you must wait for the unnecessary message "Scroll to view more content" to appear before making selections or it malfunctions (for me, if I don't wait for that message before selecting an account for mobile deposit, it doesn't allow me to proceed).
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2 years ago, JeffDadDog
Much Improved
This app used to be a not so hot mess, and is now operational and seems to be working well. I have always loved SBSU, but the weak spot was the mobile technology. Maybe that is fixed now… let’s hope.
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4 years ago, Dirtnastydustyhanna8
Worst version of the app
Since the new update of this app I have to call every time I need to login. For some reason every time I login then log out it locks me out of my account. I have reset the password deleted the app and re downloaded it and it still won’t let me in. It isn’t because my password is incorrect for I keep it written down every time I reset it. I do need this fixed because it is important to be able to view my finances and pay bills.
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1 year ago, pooroldgrannie
State Bank takes good care of us
We appreciate all of the many ways you protect our account. Customer service is beyond excellent. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Emily W Livingston
The other app was better
This new version isn’t as user friendly and easy to understand. I find myself dreading getting on the app unlike how I used to feel using the SBSU APP.
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11 months ago, Bounty $
Text Notifications
State Bank is awesome except I wish I could get text notifications like I do with my other bank.
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2 years ago, crazyforthetruth
Online deposit!
It is even easier to deposit checks now! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Am drawer
Mobile deposit
What a convenient and efficient way to deposit checks!
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8 months ago, Ptmandan
Slow application to account
The online app for deposits is helpful, but seems to be very slow applying the money to the account for use. That’s compared to other institutions where I bank.
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1 year ago, Gearjammer_01
New app is not as functional as the old app
Has some bugs that need some attention, have to log in several times due to a spinning icon, trying to look back through account history could be much simpler and less jumbled up.
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1 month ago, _sixers
How does this app have almost 5 stars?!?!
Literally the worst app ever made. Better enroll your face or you’ll be locked out every time you login and have to call the number that doesn’t always have a rep. Very laggy. Basically just the mobile site branded as an app. Just terrible. The developers should be fired immediately.
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4 years ago, bigfishy2020
Really impressed with this app! Lots of new features that are a major step up from the last one!
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4 years ago, zxcvbnmjhgty
Not good for Businesses
I can not see my payroll check numbers without going to two different screens to see a picture of the check. Then it kicks you back to the start of your transactions. Please add the check numbers.
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2 months ago, cundry1
What a helpful App
Makes my banking for my business So much easier. I couldn’t do without It.
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10 months ago, Odessa Choppo
New Customer
I just joined SUSB, and so far the service is absolutely outstanding compared to other banks I have used.
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2 years ago, USsunfarmer
SBSU Rocks!
State Bank of Southern Utah is the epitome of what banking should be. No matter what I go to them with them handle it quickly, professionally and courteously.
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4 years ago, 3pinkbs
Camera capture very rarely works on first try
It takes several times for the camera to capture the documents. It’s frustrating!
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2 years ago, beutma
Best Bank with Great Service
I particularly like SBSU because the employees are all terrific. They know the meaning of great service. It’s a first class banking operation.
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2 years ago, No4cmor
User friendly app
App design is clean and easy to use!
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4 years ago, cre16
The new site is horrible
The new online banking is horrible! We have problems logging in every time and usually have to call to get help to reset. We just dislike the new site and the way it is set up. It should be this big of a pain to use. Really miss the old set up!!!
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4 years ago, kc511993
Verification text
I don’t like that you have to have a verification text about every other time you log in.
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4 years ago, Raeoverson
I love the new system, it's easy and understandable!❤️😇
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4 years ago, Iodfhhjn
Much less convenient
Much less convenient and cumbersome. Many more steps for something that was simple. Not really intuitive. A real downgrade for user from last account. It may fix something for the bank side but for the hands on experience it’s not appreciated.
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3 years ago, L Summer M
This app always locks me out of my account and even after getting help and resetting my boss sword it still continues to do it. If you can’t get a good app for a bank then it’s not worth using that bank. Considering switching
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4 years ago, Jza2020
Great app
Much better than last app. Works great.
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1 year ago, Guavo
Always efficient !!
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1 year ago, Jim1972!
In my opinion, the best bank in all of Utah, if not the country.
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2 years ago, com1969
Excellent Home Town Service
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3 years ago, Phillip Cahill
Our whole family
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2 years ago, tita my cat
Open Saving
Thank Janelle you are the Best and Beautiful!!!
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4 years ago, Sunphb
“Upgraded” app is horrible!
We’ve had soooo many problems since the “upgraded” app was rolled out. Frustrating to use, locks us out frequently, never experienced issues prior to the new app.
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1 year ago, raillady
Great service
Great service
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3 years ago, gcnrdarryl
One Day
That’s how long it worked, or at least how long I was able to access. The very next day I get account not recognized/ restricted account notice.
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4 years ago, BabyGirl510
SBSU new app great!
This new app is beautiful! I’m excited to use it!
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4 years ago, wes1431
Way too slow! Half the time it won’t open. The new app has some major flaws that hopefully get some attention soon!!
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4 years ago, DuckCreekCondos
Best Customer Service EVER
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4 years ago, akptl
Love the app and the new functionalities!
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1 year ago, DeedsGuy
Santa Clara Branch is the Best!
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4 years ago, 63783614
Please bring the old app back. This is garbage.
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9 years ago, Mi Grim
Confused Initially
It took me a few minutes to figure out, but for this app to work, you have to enroll in "mobile banking." Log into your online desktop account, go to the Other Services tab, click Mobile Banking, and go through the enrollment process. Then you will be able to log into the app. It would be nice to have those instructions on that app login screen. Other than that, it's worked pretty well for me.
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4 years ago, LawAbidingCitizen2020
Too Simple
This app doesn't match the simple features that other banking apps offer. There is no way to differentiate other accounts by name with the same owners. It shows two accounts called Checking and four accounts called Savings with no way to keep track of which one is which. I could at least rename them with the app from the credit union. It takes too long to show transactions that are supposed to be instantaneous. 2 - 3 days on some purchases. My other bank would at least show as pending as soon as the transaction took place. Other features appear to work okay so far. Disappointed, especially after how much the teller raved about the app. We'll see if improvements are made over time.
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10 years ago, Clrvue
Good start
The app appears to work same as the mobile website. The app needs a way to save credentials so I don't have to enter them every time. It even asks me the challenge question every time. A four digit pin would be security enough once the original credentials were entered and make it more convenient than logging in on the mobile webpage. I look forward to updates.
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5 years ago, 74430123
Mobile deposit
What good does it do me if I can’t even get the app to download. It just keeps telling me downloading. But does nothing. It would be nice if they integrated all of these features when you open an account with state bank I’m not the only one that is not happy with the way they have there system set up. I will go back to the credit union if they don’t remedy the problem at least the credit union. Puts it all out there as an option when you open an account weather you use it or not.
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5 years ago, HackBlowfist
Doesn’t work
On iOS 12, iPhone XR, can’t login. Just gives me an error saying call state bank. Logged in just fine to the website using the same login. App is also letterboxed and obviously hasn’t been updated since iOS 10 at latest. That was years ago. Perhaps state bank should be rebuilding their app instead of building humongous fancy branches everywhere. Will be closing my account soon because of the many frustrations I’ve had getting locked out of my account and generally woeful online and mobile banking experience.
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