4.6 (527)
44.5 MB
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Current version
Savings Bank of Walpole
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SBW

4.6 out of 5
527 Ratings
4 years ago, RJH321
Solid, dependable app
SBW isn’t a massive bank, like some out there, and I don’t expect their app to have all the features that something like Bank of America would. Still, this works, and it’s reliable. The addition of Touch ID/Face ID was a huge improvement, and allows me to do just about everything quickly and easily. Once again, SBW shows why they are rated so highly: quality products that do what they should.
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4 years ago, Leopard Harley
Great Bank with a great App
I have always loved everything about SBW, and when their App came out I was all in. Later came their Mobile Check Deposit (they were a little late to that party but got there), and once again are THE PERFECT BANK. I moved to FL for 2 years and refused to change banks even then! That’s how much I love this bank and how easy it was to manage my accounts online through their App.
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12 months ago, Beladuka
SBW App is Useful & Easy
It is very convenient to have this App on my phone so I can check my balance, see the checks, payments or deposits in real time whenever I need to. Savings Bank of Walpole is a wonderful community bank with all the latest features and up to date protection needed by users. Very happy with the app and the bank!
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3 months ago, Thinking of that time
App review
I enjoy the convenience of the app but and this is a big BUT it will ghosts between checking and savings switching places without the user realizing it. I was charged a fee due to low finances. I had added money the day before but didn’t realize that my accounts switched places. Therefore adding to my savings instead of my checking. It should ask if I want to swap places. my fee was returned but the app still has not been fixed.
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4 years ago, Sophia Ankerstjerne
Gets the Job Done/Don’t Be Afraid to Call In
I use this app to monitor my account daily. It’s very useful, and not flashy. I started using this app before a lot of the newer features were added so that took some technical assistance, but their team was able to help me rather quickly, so I’m pretty content with it. It’s simple, legible, and effective.
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3 years ago, silly_willy279593
Easy to use and helpful
This app has made tracking my finances a breeze. It’s simple straight forward and easy to set up. The layout is easy to understand and it’s made keeping track of my spending far easier then a account book
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5 years ago, RPF75
Issues with mobile deposit
It seems to work when it feels like it. I can go weeks where it uses the first photos I take of the check with no issues. Then all of the sudden it takes up to 5 of 6 tries to get it to accept the check image. I have the same lighting and background every time so I’m not sure why the problem. Mobile deposit is 99% of the reason I use the app so it’s a big deal for me.
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3 years ago, Phuckypants
Great to have this app, very handy! I’m more used to the standard versions of these types of apps so it appears they have a little less info available, (which is to be expected)or maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet! In any case, still a very handy ‘on the go’ app!
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3 months ago, A. Brionna
Love the app. I’ve had them as a bank my entire life and the online banking and app make it easy for me to keep my accounts with them even when I’m moving around from place to place or even out of state sometimes
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2 years ago, Jody w i
This app is not fully accessible
I am blind and I use voiceover on my iPhone to access my screen. This app works fairly well except I am not able to deposit a check because that feature will not work on VoiceOver is turned on and of course if I turn voiceover off I can’t see the screen. Otherwise this app works very well with accessibility features.
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4 months ago, Sabor43
Better than most because ….
- I can see written check images!! And I can customize tagging all items. Transfers are a breeze. Best of all when I do have a problem the telephone service is fantastic. Thank you!
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8 months ago, SweetyPru
Best Banking App
This app does everything I need it to, and then some! I wish I could open new accounts from it? But I understand having to be in person to do all the verification stuff. Definitely get this app if you’re a SBW patron!
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3 months ago, Kel3172
Great bank!
App is ready to use and accurate. Can check balances, pay bills, transfer money, etc., all easily. Highly recommend this bank and this app.
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3 years ago, Stebulous
Good for checking my balance quickly
The website alone is often slow to get into, but with the app I can use faceid to get in and check my balance and transactions swiftly. The user interface is a bit bland but functional.
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4 months ago, Sturdyt
Easy to use and useful
This app is one of the best that I have. It is intuitive and gets everything done that I need doing. I truly love using it, unfortunately for SBW though - it keeps me out of the bank.
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3 years ago, _Gavin_
Makes my Money Easy!!
Very easy and simple to use, everything explains itself and just makes sense. The app is fast and I can do everything I need to do with my money, and if I need help I can talk to REAL person.
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4 years ago, 58yo Beginner
Very convenient and quick
Using this app on my cell phone is much much easier than accessing my account information on my laptop. Checking activity and making transfers are very easy.
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2 years ago, Fonzie 78
Mobile Check Deposit
mobile check deposit is constantly an issue and returning error messages. Have to deposit checks at the bank still. Company needs to develop a better way for checks to be deposited without issue. It’s 2021!
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8 months ago, CthReview
Great App
Use it for my business, never had a problem and the customer service in the bank branches is always 10/10 as well.
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4 years ago, Exploresweaters
Fantastic app!
You would never know this is a local bank from this app’s professional and streamlined interface. Great security, ease of use (including Face ID comparability for registered devices), intuitive functionality... great job everyone!
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4 years ago, G Pratt
Bill pay
The app is dons behind others with features - it absolutely must have an auto pay feature so we can set up monthly payments without having to remember to pay - other banks also have a feature that will pull copies of bills/invoices from sites - electric - credit cards etc It’s very basic
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4 years ago, johndoesntlikedrivethru
Great bank/user friendly app
Exceptional customer service, local, and convenient bank. The app is intuitive, user friendly, and quicker thank other credit card and bank apps.
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3 years ago, satisfiedinkeene
Love this app!
This app is wonderful because it is so easy to use and so convenient. I just snap a photo of the front and back of the check, and it is deposited into the account I choose! Now you can bank in your pajamas! 😉
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5 years ago, HDJSLNGOF
Incredibly useful
You can check balances of related accounts, transfer funds between accounts, see charges and deposits immediately. Saves me stress of “Did this go through yet?”
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3 years ago, jeff the dude abides
Love my big bank app with my small bank way to go!
This app has everything I want is easy to use and thank you for changing the way we delete payees!
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6 years ago, Good Stroke
Always loved it
Makes baking on the go so easy and efficient. Even when there was no app it was extremely helpful to know my account balance and transfer money on the go. Thanks for making it easy SBW 😎👍🏼
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3 years ago, Frank Cap
Setting up transfers to make loan payments
Your app is not user friendly for setting up outside accounts to make quick loan payments. I’ve tried militiamen times to connect my checking account to the app so I can make my boat loan payments and still have to mail checks.
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5 years ago, R in NH
SBW app
It’s ok. I’ve seen better app results for mobile deposit, auto focus on check and such. Your app keeps improving so will eventually get to level of large banks. On plus side, if you have an issue and call, you almost always get a real human or fast call back!
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4 months ago, MelissaLynnn
SBW mobile
I love this app. It makes doing my banking so much easier and it allows me to see what’s going on anytime day or night. It’s very easy to use and understand.
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2 years ago, qduprey@ hotmail. com
I opened up my first savings account when I was 10 still there I love everyone that works there they’re like family.
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2 years ago, Kevlarjr33
Good app
Good app and I really like how the balance shows with each transaction. Recent update was good and finding things easier as I use.
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3 years ago, Normiw
Could be easily better
Why no fingerprint or facial recognition capability? Every time I log in I have to re-register my device(s) no matter how many times I have done it before. Two level bill pay (basic and separate bill pay site) system is hassle...added time and clicks.
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4 years ago, Matty P💪🏼
Great app!👍🏼💯
Love using this app! Easy to use always lets me check my balances and transactions. If u have a SBW account I definitely recommend using this app!
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12 months ago, Henni1302
Online banking
It is so convenient to have access to my accounts online!
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5 years ago, valentitn
Great bank and great app
Great bank and great people. The app works well and if you ask a question you get a response in a day or two depending when you asked it. Great service
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2 years ago, Vt fisherman
Mobile Deposit
Really like how easy it is to make a mobile deposit.
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2 years ago, Kid-rip-this
Great overall but new glitch
Overall it’s great. However the last week there’s an error message when trying to access “loan payments” from the main menu
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4 years ago, Doctor A. B.
Dr. Andrea Brode
I love everything about SBW. I have been a customer for over 30 years. This is the epitome of a caring, responsive local bank. Everyone who works there is competent, knowledgeable and helpful.
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1 year ago, amerhr
Love it!!
Love the ability to check my bank accts at anytime and have immediate transfers from one account to another
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5 months ago, patplumb
Works great when it’s operational! It seems the only time I ever try to use it though it’s when it’s glitchy. But all usually gets smooth out.
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5 years ago, li'l old lady
It’s the best
Great people, great service. What more could you ask for. The app is super easy to work and understand. I just love everything about Savings Bank of Walpole
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4 months ago, GSault
Working better
Much faster
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5 years ago, Theone1079
Needs work
Account numbers are not readily available and app is not very intuitive/user friendly. Basically a interface for the web portal, which has the same issues.
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1 year ago, Adifferent sarah
It’s so easy to manage my accounts and I was even able to start a cd with ease!
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5 years ago, keeping it local
Easy to use and the local branch staff were quick to answer all my questions accurately.
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3 months ago, Raena B
I adore SBOW
Everything about this bank is wonderful. Dealing with them for anything is so pleasant, the rest of the world should take note & follow their lead. Raena B
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3 years ago, Julio Razquin
Does exactly what it was intended to...
Simple and intuitive. Easier than checking out at some supermarkets.
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5 months ago, keepinitlocal
Seeing cancelled checks and being able to view more detail of transactions.
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6 years ago, ghjldj
I love this app! SBW is so great and I love that my Money is staying in our local community. Everyone at the court street location has been so helpful and always smiling! I love my new bank!
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5 months ago, Angry Gilmore
Super easy to use
App is simple and easy to keep track of your account(s).
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