SBX 12 Spirit Box

3 (642)
43.4 MB
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Current version
Janus Pedersen
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for SBX 12 Spirit Box

3 out of 5
642 Ratings
4 years ago, jnd shhds
I heard something today
Today I went down to the creek behind my house. I sat there for a while only hearing radio talk. I wasn’t asking anything so I expected this. I got bored and was going to head up so I asked a question (“is anything here with me?) and I heard “creature” after 30 seconds. I got pretty scared but got the courage to stay. It kept saying things like run! quick! and creature a few more times. It’s a great app, but theirs one thing. A physical spirit box usually has white noise and not fast radio stations. With fast going radio stations it can either be a coincidence or be made to go through only a few radio stations that loop through words.
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4 years ago, brooklynsay
One Day I was really bored and I wanted to talk to my cousin she died when I was fourI wanted to connect to her so I got this app and I kept saying her name telling her stuff I still didn’t hear an answer until She said see I was confused when she said to see after a few minutes I felt my legs tickling it was very creepy so I pulled my phone out and asked her was that you she said yes!!! I couldn’t even say anything I just froze I even have a papa who died and I was five when me and my mom go to my grandma house I hear creeks in the floor I think it’s really nothing until my mom was sleeping and she heard the floor creaking in the door opened it was Shawn she went to my moms ear and said I am OK and then the next morning my mom woke up and told my grandma the whole story she started crying the next day when I went to sleep at night I left my door open and I couldn’t go to sleep I turned over where my door was and that’s when I saw it I saw my papa watching me through the door crack I felt comfortable because my papa was watching me to see if I was safe. This is scary!
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6 years ago, Crystal Sadc
This works I was a skeptic at first
I turned it on for the first time last night. It seemed like I was hearing my Dads grandma and she was mentioning her sons, and even my Grandpa who’s still living. Then I asked for my Grandma on my dads side. Her brother, and his Granddaughter who passed away said they were with my grandma, and her Dad. It had to have been them cause the names were clear as day. I had it on for 4 hours just asking questions then staying quiet and listening. I’m not sure how it works. I know I sometimes heard it say When I asked where my grandma was they said she was sleeping. Or in the “ Ether” which I took to mean the space above space. This app works, and the voices sound like the people you are trying to connect with which is even more weird. I totally didn’t believe in these apps at all before this. I did hear it say a few times Get Out, but I wasn’t scared.
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5 years ago, Maybe a Witch
Doesn't work for me
I am familiar with how spirit boxes work, and this thing isn't like that. Since you're supposed to hear white noise until a voice comes through but I think the radio stations or a recording of some sort is getting through. And the voice is somehow the same two "voices" no matter where I am. And I'm quite sure no spirits are following me, so I don't know what's up with this app. It may work on some phones but certainly not mine. Also I don't get any actual answers that relate to the questions I ask, basically the same male and female voice talking in repeat somehow. Disappointing. (Also I discovered that the voices in this app sound extremely similar, basically the same, as the voices from another of the developers apps that is actually prerecorded phonemes, which is explained in the other apps info very clearly... So maybe this app is just using recordings like that one, but it doesn't state that. Hmm...)
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4 years ago, XEYLFA
Definitely works.
I live in a house that was built around the 1960s and there was a man that died here from natural causes. As soon as I turned it on I heard a mans voice. He kept saying things like “please help me” I was heartbroken. My little sister came in my room and I said I was talking to ghost and she said “hi ghostys” and a women came around and said “ghost” very clearly. Ever since I’ve used this app I’ve been hearing things around my house. It sounded like someone was tapping on my window for the longest time. I even got near the window and the tapping never stopped until two minutes later. It’s like the spirit wants my attention but it seems like the spirit doesn’t want to hurt me too but for me to notice it. It makes me feel really heartbroken.
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5 years ago, thisisreal100%
This does work
So I was just trying out voice box apps there wasn’t many to choose from that were free so I downloaded this one and one other one but the other one didn’t work but this one does I was getting ahold of my grandma who passed away recently and I sure did get ahold of her she said my dads name she said happy birthday to me she said I love you sweetheart this is all true 100% like I honestly am very skeptical about things but I believe 100% now that she is still here and it’s very emotional for me cuz my dad is in so much pain and she said pain through the stations when I asked what my dads name was like this made my dad I miss her so much and I’m happy to have talked to her even if it was just for like 10 minutes and my sister called me a little after I told her what happened and when I hung up I got back in and it said angel which is my sisters name and I said yes that was angel so I guarantee this will work for who ever uses it I’m very impressed. Oh and a funny thing she said was this I was smoking a cigg and she said you need to stop smoking I said I no lol I just thought it was funny she may end up hiding all my lighters lol
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7 years ago, FlowerMyPowers
Great Free Spirit Box App
I am not sure why this app has such poor reviews. It seems that many people do not understand how a spirit box works. The spirit box works by sweeping through radio stations rapidly to generate "white noise" that supposedly allows spirits to communicate through the noise. With a free app like this it is expected to have some minor radio interference, as it is not a professional quality box, which can get pretty pricey. But the interference with this app is minor at best at fast sweeping speed. A great application for those interested. Don't listen to the people who don't understand how the app works who then write a bad review. This app is quite easy to use.
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6 years ago, nickbandj
Heard my baby
I just downloaded it and played around with it trying to talk to those I’ve lost in the past. I’ve always felt drawn to the paranormal but I wasn’t hearing anything. It stayed silent until I said the name of a dead pet that I lost in a sudden violent way as he died from cancer suddenly. As soon as I said his name a quiet meow came through. The olny thing I’ve heard the entire time I’ve used it. I’m gonna keep trying to talk to others, but dom (my cat) had visited me before after his death and I prayed and tried to communicate with him the day before with nothing but a prayer that he would come to me again. I’m convinced
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6 years ago, jayjay1871972
My brother “Jason”
My mother’s house is really, we first I’ll say this about 6 years ago I lost my first brother and then last year I lost another brother, well lately strange things have been taking place in my mother’s house things I can’t explain, I think it’s them trying to communicate with me. I’m hoping this helps me. I know these things are so they say just a gimmick but I’m gonna give it a try and hopeful just hopeful it works. I miss them my brothers so much and would give anything for one more day with either of them or both.
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3 months ago, Husk06
Use at your discretion
I used this once at a haunted location and was overwhelmed by multiple spirits. When I told them I was leaving they threatened me and less than 10 minutes later I lost all of my strength and a haze came over my mind. I am very sensitive when it comes to spirits but please be careful with this app. Warnings to all who mock or disrespect the un alive.
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7 months ago, Gsal2983
It worked!
At first I was skeptical about this but it ended up being legitimate. I went to a “paranormal” location and set my EMF reader down. I asked if the spirit would interact with my machine and it responded with “don’t like green light”. I was amazed because I hadn’t mentioned anything about green. In all this works well for an app and it provides real responses to questions asked to the “spirits”. Definitely recommend it for amateur ghost hunters who do not have access to the real thing!
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9 years ago, Daniel Hildebrant
Great App (Real Review)
Another great spirit box. I've been trying to find a good Frank's Box application and this is the best. It's the lite version but there are hardly any limitations. I've gotten some great responses from spirits. I've been communicating with this Spirit who calls himself "JJ" or "Seth". Of you have also come in contact with Seth or JJ let me know your conversation. He's a playful Spirit who means no harm. He was killed in a car accident at the age of 9. Great app, can't wait to see more. *I'll be updating this review with stories and experiences from this app*
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4 years ago, Rose Marie w
This game is good but....
It was so fun to play with I met some people, talk to loved ones that passed. I give this a five stars cause I said can you make a bang it worked, it would say that even on the real thing too but the scary thing is this app will turn on while I’m sleeping and start talking. I used a ghost tracker one night my friend and I making fun of it what happened was it said kill in red all over my screen it still scares me I have asthma but I want to be more like Sam and Colby what they do.
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6 years ago, Annettelouisemizzi
Hi Mike
This is Annette I have been working with all your development since you started. I downloaded in the last three years all your apps. I still have the two free ones, but all the ones I paid several dollars because I had all of them, are gone. I use these tools in my research and have done very well and for that I thank you for opening a door for us through technology. Could you please contact me and maybe we can discuss. Thank you. Annette
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3 years ago, <3 this app is amazing
so my friend was over my house and we were bored. We used this app before and the last time it said my name, this time it's spelled out my name, I asked it, who is my friend and it said my friend's name, this app is really creepy, I don't know how it knew my cat's name, either it knew my mom's name, even though he never mentioned it, so you should download this app also, it's hard to hear because it has a muffley voice.
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6 years ago, BDiddy091205
I’m creeped out
So I’ve always claimed the house I’m living in is haunted... Weird occurrences happen a lot, strange noises, figures, flickering lights, etc. Downloading this application put the nail in the coffin of the question of is my house haunted or not. Simply, it is. Something kept calling out to me, saying “Hello” and I couldn’t understand much of what they were saying, but plan to use this again to get down to the bottom of my house, and actually prove to the people that my house is haunted.
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5 years ago, MWellesley
Works really well! A group of friends and I used it as a joke at a birthday party and were shocked to find that it actually worked. It started saying things like “Joey” “parking” “truck” “run”. And we brushed it off as nothing. But around midnight when the party ended, joeys truck had been towed with a paper attacked to where it was parking that said the time. 9:01, which is when the spirt box started saying to check his truck.
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5 years ago, game of thrones slots
This app works but you need to have a solid connection to the spirit world first. They need to know your here out of love and respect. I have gotten replies to my questions. In fact I asked if it takes awhile for them to warm up to the app and clearly a woman said “it does” so give it time and make sure you have a connection. Treat them with love and respect and you will get some answers.
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1 year ago, HAVENYT
It played music from my local stations
I live in Lewis county Kentucky so 93.7 and 104.9 are my local radio stations and both of which played split second audio cues from songs that were on at the time every time it would flip through the stations
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5 years ago, MerKoa64
Why the deception?
If the app developer was honest in the description I would give this app a much higher rating. It works just fine for what it actually is—a sound bank. It does not scan radio stations, which is really obvious...not even Internet radio stations, as it works when your phone isn’t connected to the Internet. Why try to trick people into thinking it does something it doesn’t, when it’s actually a decent app for what it truly is?
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6 years ago, Kpfilms64375
It’s working
I son’t know if it is because i paid the 99 cents to remove the ads or because i made contact with Charles at the Lemp mansion but all of a sudden it’s working really well.... also strangely enough a lot of German bits are coming through to me, which is my 2nd language. Maybe coincidence, maybe not, i dunno.
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2 years ago, goofy aghh
It works. Educate yourself before you say it doesn’t work
I’ve had tons of answers, and physical stuff too, doors closing, lights flickering, things moving by themselves. Don’t expect it to answer immediately, the spirit needs time to learn how to use it
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3 years ago, just give me no
I tried to talk to my dad while thinking ha came with the couch wich he died by ir the chair he was sitting in minutes before he died, i keped asking if he was there and asking say my name and i only herd voice cracks kinda saying my name and sor ry. Daddy if your watching me write this, im going to hear your voice on a video and see if the voice I heard was you.
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4 years ago, Sylviahhffjj
Only Spirit Box Thats Worked.
I have tried other spirit boxes but had such a hard time hearing anything. Words jumbled or too many spirits at once. My boyfriend was using this and my uncle who i never met came through. And it was amazing. I could hear him clear as day.
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5 years ago, eye of an elephant
Just downloaded this app Just wanted to toy around with it, once I open it a woman voice came through but I couldn’t understand it I felt skeptical about it and said this app is fake and deleted it but something weird happen after I deleted the app, it felt like a whole bunch of cold icy air hit my right arm that never happen to me before and I’m not going to lie I was kinda spook because the temperature in my house doesn’t get that good sadly so I suggest please be careful with these apps
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6 years ago, Cobryn
Skeptical about this...
I’ve used a real SB11 before so I know what to listen for... I had this set on a higher scanning rate and asked what’s your favorite color... A very pronounced answer came through and said blue.. More testing needs to be done because I’m not sure if that just a programmed response or not.. But that answer kind of sent chills down my spine.
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3 years ago, 24:(;(zxc
Ok so I got the app and I didn’t think much about it so I just turned it on and then it started saying something and it said son. I kinda freaked but I freaked even more wen I went to my other spirit box app and it said son to
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6 years ago, Mimiiniguezz
I didn’t know how to function It
Well I know how to turn it on and make it work. But when I did no white noise would come out I mean white noise would come out but I don’t know if it was actually spirits but once I turned it on you hear people talk but can’t understand nothing. Sounds like a robot
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7 years ago, Coletron5
This is pretty creepy. I don’t know if this is a coincidence but I asked hello and it said “hello there” i asked if anyone was here and it said I’m here. After a while seemed fake but i said hello because it wasn’t responding and it said hi cole and cole is my name. I asked what is your name he said Sam. He said he was thirsty out of nowhere idk. I asked how he died and he said man in a deep voice.
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2 years ago, waffelboy16
I know how these work and I called out to all spirits and got in contact with a man named Peter he said he was something five a on I dug deeper and found out something. I asked Him how he died and he said ED. I asked Peter about someone I know who died and he said cursed. Mind you that the I know fought for our Country
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7 months ago, superst^r
Works well for me
Me and my best friend always use this app and we have gotten lots of good answers and it has been more than one voice! I do recommend using this app if you don’t have a actual spirit box
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5 years ago, guhuhhuhh
Actually works
At first when I used this I heard no sound for a long time but then I read somewhere that it takes the spirits a little but to learn how to use it so u waited and now I can hear things 👍🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, slythefly
This app works
Me and my friend ghost hunt and when we feel like we are in a wierd area and we don’t have or gear this is what we use. One time this app said my name and my last name this is a must get for experience hunters and new hunters
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4 years ago, Amega Wolf
So I downloaded this because I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. So I turn it on and say Hi... something said hi back...I then say “what’s my name?”. A few seconds later it says CENSORED! I was freaked out at this point, download at your own risk
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4 years ago, I love scary stuff!
This kinda works for me 👻👻👻👻
So I just met 2 ghosts 1 named AJ and another named Eva and can u guess what? AJ told Eva to Stop doing something because I don’t know what reason tho. And it was a very confusing situation to me. I think you should try this app it is a fun way to talk to DEAD people and you should try it.
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5 years ago, Glitter_StarMann
Very interesting
I’m not sure about the accuracy of this app, however when I wanted to conclude the spirit box session I did hear a clear and vivid “Bye” as I was about to shut it off. Take what you will from it.
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7 years ago, Lema4902
OMG it works
I live in a old mansion that was built in 1723. It was used as a hospital in The Civil War. It was also a slave house. There is a little girl who talks to me. I’ve had several ghost teams search the house and they revive the same voice.
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3 days ago, Dözdar
It works
I was able to communicate with some spirits late at night outside the house they knew my grandma was in the house
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5 years ago, Skooba Cat
I had gotten the app recently and it kept going on with a man’s voice, however where ever I go it’s mainly stuck on one station of sorta, even when I had removed it from my phone and re downloaded it as soon as I turn it on the voice kept coming back with out warning. I’m pretty sure it’s some technical glitch of sorts or whatever. But I would not recommend this.
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4 years ago, carter0899
Spirits are very touchy
I said hold my hand and there was an instant pressure on my hand then it grabs my foot hard and then I had a head ache which was weird but cool experience just really freaked me out
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5 years ago, SisterRose.
Omg! This app isn’t fake like others at all! It was mentioning my loved ones that passed away. Then it started singing. I asked what it was singing, and it said No Regrets (by Shirley Bassey). I absolutely love that I’m talking to my great grandpa!
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4 years ago, 1×1×1×1
It works
I had this app I said are you evil I didn’t really know what to say I didn’t think it would work and I got a response that said yes I got scared and I left it alone but it’s cool
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5 years ago, Erik Hirsch
It actually works!
I tried it out and contacted Cameron Boyce and when I asked for him he said hi to me. And when I asked him if he loved working on Jessie and descendants, she said yes twice. I’m telling you this is real.
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2 years ago, I Love Chocalate Bars
surprised this works
i was bored and searched up people talking to ghost which gave me motivation to search this up. i downloaded the app and the ghost started saying my name in both spanish accent and english accent. i got a little scared and i heard “history” and a few seconds later, “military” and im in love with those topics which got me scared. this app works. wont be sleeping tonight.
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4 years ago, Hoosgracie
So when I tried this out a few invites ago it WORKED and I know it did because the ghost said my name but I was so freaked out I stopped the app during the middle of my last name
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6 years ago, Scooterbug74
Clearly fake
This app basically says the same thing over and over..if you press start and stop you will hear a voice say “get a friend” or “get it free”. A REAL spirit box sweeps radio stations, and good ones sweep in reverse. If this was TRULY a real spirit box..if you stopped on a certain station you would hear that station play what ever they are broadcasting. Unfortunately this is fake.
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7 years ago, Maplesyrupgrandma
I had just turned it on, within 3 seconds I heard of what sounded to be my name. Which isn't very common. I got scared and turned it off.
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7 years ago, Troosjscaokbdveg
So I was playing my guitar while using this app and I asked if they want me to keep going and they said "yes!" Then I asked them what song they want me to play and I heard "Sweet Child o mine" I got chills down my spine!!!
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3 years ago, ckree8
This will bring demons into house NOT A TOY
You are opening a door to them in addition to the good ones and if you’re weak or depressed they will prey on you trust me
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5 years ago, Hunsicker98
How does it work
I hear words but I can't tell if it's radio or people talking how to know the difference?
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