Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber

4.3 (19.8K)
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Aisberg Inc LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber

4.33 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
5 years ago, AarishHassan
The app is good but...
It’s a really nice app that I would recommend to people that are willing to pay money in this app. The translator works fine and is really precise. But for Someone like me or others who don’t spend money to buy premium or something it annoys us how we have to use the manual version of the app and can only use it 3 times before it doesn’t let you translate anything more and won’t let you continue unless you purchase premium. It’s a nice app but good for the people willing to pay, not so much for those who don’t want to pay monthly for a translator.
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3 years ago, DL N Sons
Letter In Spanish
English language only Natural American Citizen My surname is Spanish derived from Levi of the 12 Tribes. At least 2-3 times a year I receive documents in Spanish only delivered by USPS. Which Should be available in English and Spanish and not discriminate or assume a Spanish Surname Legal Citizen Born and 2nd generation American Native American Indian Spanish, White, Mexican Jewish, French, Bass, And Baltic ancestry Spanish only. It irks me to think English Information is also translated in Spanish in all information addressed to California Residents. I am proud of all I am but do not assume I speak only the languages of the countries of my Ancestors. Native American Indian is the language of my USA heritage and English the second of First Nation People The bad part is this is from an Organization who helps Spanish speaking People is the US I inquired in English and not online with this Letter Sender Identified as. If you want to be treated equal begin with your organization first, This translation Site helped me understand who wanted my information without acknowledging if I understood the language it is typed in. Now I can make sure this organization f F it’s mot use my name or personal information again!
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5 years ago, JRDenn
Unbelievable this has to be the most intuitive + user friendly interface app I have used in a long time. Moreover, it does what it says. There was lyrics that I was wanting to share but the site had disabled the copy and paste feature. I searched for a solution and found this app. So to I took a screen grab of the image with lyrics then downloaded it onto this app and in five seconds it extracted the text from the image into my notepad. I cannot oversell this app enough. I hardly ever write reviews but felt it imperative in the situation. Especially with it being free!
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5 years ago, LpsMarionette
Aw crap here we go again
So um it works for ya know only like 5 photos. And you have to pay to get more phots.. that’s so effing dumb I’m sorry but it really is. What if someone needed this app for an emergency? (Idk maybe someone will XD) I was trying to translate a manga and I couldn’t even do the whole thing because of this I could only do two sentences and who knows they might be wrong but if I were to run this app make it all free. Or at lease make it where you have to pay before hand like make the app a dollar if you want your effing money that bad. Seriously if this company even reads he reviews lots of people want it to be completely free so ya know maybe take that into consideration
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5 years ago, JAL1388
Great when it works
I loved this app at first — really great at picking up characters even on really low res pictures — but for the last few months the app has become extremely laggy and clunky. It crashes a lot, and sometimes it doesn’t register my input for a good ten seconds before responding, so now starting up the app and translating even a single word can take several minutes when it used to take 30 seconds. No other app of mine (and I have many) acts like this. I want to love it like I used to, so I’m hoping an update will fix these issues. Until then I’m defaulting to the less desirable but faster Google Translate app.
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7 years ago, LunasBook
Great for long citations
I am writing a paper where I am using long quotes from a specific edition of the bible (for a bible as literature class) and this has made it so much easier to be able to cite without typing out the hundred or so word quotes. My only problem is it occasionally messes up words here and there, but a quick look over and you should be able to spot them easily
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6 years ago, NelsiPhone
Partial translation
I didn’t mind the fact I had to print out the pattern I wanted translated from German to English. I do mind that when it captures the selected text it is not as pictured in numbered {1,2,3} presentations. It captures in paragraph type form. And translates the same way. It doesn’t translate all the text either. I got this app to help translate all the text. Not just here and there common used English words. I would give this more stars if capture was as pictured and all words are translated. I did edit to have the numbers in order to the left side. It translated still in paragraph type form and I wasn’t able to edit the translation.
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3 years ago, earlyintake
Doesn’t work
I downloaded this app to try it out on Japanese. I spent an hour trying to figure out how it worked. I managed to record and save a couple of very simple Japanese phrases, but I couldn’t get this app to do anything with them. If you can get it to work, great! But I couldn’t get it to even read the documents, let alone translate them. Completely unintuitive. You’re on your own! I suggest reading the positive reviews for this app. Most of them are vacuous and completely devoid of useful content, and strongly give the impression of being fake. This app seems mainly designed to separate you from your money by getting you to subscribe to a paid version.
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4 years ago, ShiroMichi
What the hell happened
This app use to be great. A fantastic app for translating stuff when I needed it on rare occasions. I even purchased the full version a long time ago to help support the app and in case I ever needed more than three translations. Now a year or so later and they’ve updated it so you need a subscription in order to get the full version? Okay so you took away the product I purchased and now implemented this new subscription version. Great thanks. Don’t download this. Not only have they scammed old customers this way, but the app has gotten worse considering every one of my three times I tried to translate a small piece of text it came up with a paragraph long page of text.
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3 years ago, almightycows
Maybe it’s just me?
I’m trying to translate Japanese text from a comic book, the translations I’m getting aren’t very clear at times but unfortunately I’ve been fumbling a bit trying to keep the comic book steady and my phone as well so it might just be me. I’ve had the app since yesterday but today it’s frozen three separate times and I could only get the app to function again by shutting off my phone and turning it on again. I've sent an email to the company so I really hope this doesn’t continue to be an issue.
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5 years ago, Nerwhald
The app worked decently. I used this for a book I had bought (which is in complete korean). It was a kpop book, and I already knew the lyrics, but I wanted to see the other pages. I tested it on the lyrics and it wasn't accurate much. There were spelling errors and lyrics that aren't in the song, like "don't bite me if you drink alcohol". Overall it worked, but when I tested it on other pages, it just didn't seem right. It would go from giant paragraphs to short misspelled words. And sometimes, it would not recognize images that were clear!
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7 years ago, 0SimplyMel0
I’m taking a Chinese course online (some advice for people who want to take such a complex class online, don’t), and the course doesn’t really do a lot of teaching. This has helped me figure so many things out from making sense of a phrase to just getting a refresher on a quick word. It especially helps since typing characters is very hard if not impossible.
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3 years ago, Diappointing
Doesn't work, waste of time
Tried to scan a paragraph, it kept saying "move closer", so it only could pick up half the area I was trying to scan. Then it said it couldn't scan so I had to do it manually. When I said "translate", it copied the scanned text so I then had to go outside the app and paste it, and it was still in the original language, not translated. What was supposed to be the purpose of this app again? EDUT: Tried again, it finally translated the small section of the paragraph that I had scanned. Now it won't do anything else unless I buy it. Nope!
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5 years ago, a nickname i guess
Too Good To Be True..
When I first got the app, it worked alright. It was annoying to have to fix what it actually said to get a “proper” translation. It would also take forever if I wanted to translate more than 2 sentences and would barley pick up on periods or dashes. The worst part is you can only use it 5 times before paying a ridiculous amount! If you are going to make someone pay, just have them pay for the app when they get it instead of tricking them for only a demo of the real thing. Would definitely NOT recommend.
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3 years ago, Ab20Cru
3 stars
This app use to be the best. It use to translate the words while still keeping the picture as the background. So if you had to translate a page of a book, it would keep the same page and translate the words like if the words were originally in your native language. Now all it does is get the words and translates them without your original photo. Its a whole mess now, words are out of order. idk whose idea it was to change it. Bad idea, i ended my subscription.
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4 years ago, Slotownoriginal
Broken app, does not work anymore
This app hasn't worked for some time now, at least when trying to grab text and translate from a gallery photo. It allows you to set up but then when you crop your selection and press the button to execute, it just gets stuck, every time the same thing. Which is a bummer because this used to be my favorite one and I've kept it on my phone a good 6 months going it would get fixed
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4 years ago, Thecalliefox17
Amazingly easy to use
I love how easy it is to use it and since my phone has a good camera it almost always works, i also like the way it lets you crop out where you want to translate. The only thing I wish was different is that I wish I could speed up the speech.
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3 years ago, corilla72
Won’t open
After subscribing to their plan it justwont open the actual app. 😡 Figured out i had to delete and reinstall the app for it to work. It works fine although some translations are a bit but its good enough to figure out what the foreign text is saying
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6 years ago, Princess SW
Grabbed a free booklet on the way out of my favorite shop in France totally oblivious to the fact that it was written in French instead of English! Whoops! This app was amazingly helpful. The grammar was fantastically accurate which I know is a problem for some apps and I used it to translate the entire book with no problems! Super nice and quick too!
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6 years ago, Dpno2nr
Best translation App out there!
I was translating an article from a modern German rock music magazine. German and English slang mixed together. Tried five apps for help. Only Scan&Translate did everything I needed. (Only it still took a human brain to figure out that those two lonely words “sicherlich nicht“ at the end of a very long German sentence completely changed the meaning of the sentence!
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7 years ago, WildFire132
Chinese translating needs some work
I'll give this app three stars because it is mostly helpful- that being said, I attempted to use it to help translate some Chinese characters from my text book and was given some very interesting translations. You can figure it out if you have a dictionary beside you or use Pleco to help you fill in the gaps where this app can't help, but otherwise this app serves its purpose and works like a charm!
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6 years ago, Eli_13_97
Will It Translate On Screen Text?
I have a Japanese N3DS game and was wondering; If I take a snapshot of the screen, will it translate the text? If not, do I have to handwrite the seen text and take a snapshot of that for it to translate properly. I have no rating to really give this app cuz I haven’t began to use it, so for default, I gave it an average rating of three stars. If you guys could answer my questions that would be great 👍🏾. I use an iOS device w/ latest update 📱.
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5 years ago, kwidee
Back against the wall
I bought and successfully tested this app before using it for two weeks of intense (and expensive) research in Switzerland. Now I’m home and the app is “frozen.” With multiple tries I can get to the last of my scanned copies but can’t send them or scroll to others. No word back yet from support. I’m close to panic. Really wish they’d respond. I am noticing that with a one-star review, I can’t post because every conceivable nickname is taken. Hence I’m trying with two stars.
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3 years ago, roninroshi
Scan and Translate
Two days ago I wrote a bit of a scathing review! The following day I received an email ( which was very polite) informing me on how to resolve the issue! I did as instructed and have no problems. Their courtesy and professionalism were of the highest order! Thank you developers 🙏
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5 years ago, Lycheebao12
Tried to do it don’t know
When I first got this Korean page from my Korean teacher, she said that i needed to give it to my parents. So I wanted to see what it meant, I can only learn to speak and not read Korean. I downloaded this app and see what my teacher wrote. The thing couldn’t scan the handwriting (the handwriting isn’t sloppy, it’s perfectly normal). It can only translate the English part, which I saw no translation of Korean in. I would give this a three star but I’ll keep it like this.
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6 years ago, faith_0729*
It needs work... lots of work.
I was trying to translate a Japanese paragraph for my Japanese class. The picture and everything was alright, but the translating was very off. Most of the paragraph was translated, the rest were just dashes, commas, numbers, and in brackets. I tried it again five times to see if there was something wrong, but it still showed up with dashes, commas, etc.. I was having a real hard time trying to get it to work. 😤😠😡 I hope you fix the problem soon. I would like to use this app next time.
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6 years ago, Hhfjdjdjjfjd
This app is time saving
This app saved my life. I was writing a final paper, all of the sudden for somehow everything erased and I didn't get to save my paper. Luckily i had it printed. So i used this app to save me from re - writing my paper all over again. All i Had to do was scan the paper and it was there.
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7 years ago, Flgirrl
An amazing time saver
I don't use it for translations so I'm not sure how it is with that, but makes essay writing so much easier! The time spent typing up quotes may not seem like much until it's gone, and then the relief of it being a two second process is stunning
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7 years ago, BAR112
Scan & Translate+
The OCR feature works well, providing you scan only one column at a time (multiple columns turn out a jumbled mess). It doesn't separate paragraphs, but that is no big deal. Will probably find it useful for scanning from books.
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5 years ago, flowershock
Worked a lot better then I was expecting
I was honestly really skeptical on if this would work or not but it worked so well! It only works for printed text though, text written down confuses the robot. But for a free app I would give it more stars if I could.
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6 years ago, jeffe4sail
This app works very well and I see it has been very good with sentence reconstruction. Sometimes this app randomly does not reflect (misses) letters or words and therefore doesn’t display and/or interpret words that it missed. It will read and interpret bold, underlined, and/or italicized text and it will distinguish between upper and lower case letters.
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7 years ago, Yesacas
What’s the point?
I don’t see the use for a product on a ‘mobile’ device that requires you be tethered to a network all the time. If you travel as I do and need on the spot OCR that can really do just the basic ‘R’ in OCR (Recognition) this app is definitely not for you. It misses most real-world characters in most languages I tried (Vietnamese, Chinese even basic English), takes insanely long and then keeps asking for support. Sorry no ‘hand-out’ here. I’m actually stumped for a use of this product.
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6 years ago, ❎Ⓜ️🅰N
Works well!
So most English to Spanish or Spanish to English websites don’t work very well or either make you have to pay a lot to use it after 10 seconds this one is actually free and works pretty well and help me get done my Spanish work thanks!
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6 years ago, Barbmac528
No translate button
Instructions tell you to press the translate button after you’ve done everything else. There is no word that says translate any place. There is no word “translate” I can’t find translate button. there is nothing that says translate therefore it does not translate! UPDATE: I found the button. It does not say translate. It has the letter “a” on it. They need to re-write the help section to indicate what the letter a means. When it finally did translate it was the worst translation I have ever seen.
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6 years ago, smg49
Crouching tiger
Love this app! I scanned my shirt that had a phrase in a different language from Pacsun(not spon). I was intrigued to know what it meant!!! I soon scanned my shirt, looked at google translate, later that day I found out my shirt meant “crouching tiger”. Thank you Scan and Translate app! You saved the day!! 謝謝(thank you)
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6 years ago, Sman1x
Excellent OCR, excellent translation
This is certainly the best OCR I have tried so far. I was very impressed at the app's ability to recognize Korean and translate it into intelligible English. Mostly I am using it to capture text, without translation. But it seems to do both tasks quite well.
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7 years ago, WolfTsenW
Saving my life in Zurich
This app makes my life so much easier in German-speaking Zurich. The translations are not perfect but are more than enough to clue you in on many important things (transport announcements, supermarket tags, letters from the government!). This and Chrome translation works great for non-linguists like me.
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6 years ago, D'bro
Looking to accomplish work? Look elsewhere.
I scan, do OCR, and the resultant text requires more work than if I’d typed it myself. I translate, and it’s OK, but not enough I would actually trust enough to speak. A good human typist and translator are still better, less frustrating, and better lunch company. This from a guy who likes technology. Still a ways to go before machines outdo us on useful language ability. “Rome wasn’t built in a day...”
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7 years ago, Jkuna
So far so good!
Feels like I am cheating. be sure to scan 2 columns as separate scans. Translation seems pretty reliable, but you will have to check it for the typical mistakes that any translator makes. Saving me a whole lot of time typing time!!!
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7 years ago, Sad this update does not work!
Totally awesome
I like to work on pachinko machines and other such nonsense. Things are usually self explanatory but when they are not........this app can save the day. Error codes, part labels. If you like to tinker with stuff and don't know Japanese or Chinese you must have this.
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2 years ago, M}no
It made up words
I tried to scan an Italian sewing pattern directions. I believe when it said “stop the bleed” it may have meant to trim a seam or finish a seam but because the rest of the sentence is nonsense, I can’t tell. Persevere through the constant nudging to buy the Premium Ed. Don’t commit until you see if the app understands your quasi-technical terms. Although, I don’t think sewing directions are that hard. Too much guessing to be useful.
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6 years ago, Rabbit333
This is awesome! I wish I knew about this app while we were in Japan. My grandchildren have food allergies and it was difficult to purchase snacks or food for them to take back so that they could try. Thank you for providing this app.
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6 years ago, Doug8474
Limited Uses
Not worth your time. Every 5 scans you watch an ad and if you need to do 10+ in one day, you would have to wait until tomorrow to scan another time. This may seem unimportant, but if your hand is shaky like mine, you need to redo a lot of the pictures, and each redo counts towards the daily 10. The ads are also invasive and annoying. Just translate your sentences, seeing that you need a good photo in order to scan big paragraphs.
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4 years ago, JtG CROO25
Just unnecessary flaws
It’s a translator, use your camera, trim the image, boom it translates. I just hate the fact that I have to pay money in order to use a camera, ads could’ve been fine. Like maybe one after every translation, but nope instead I gotta pay up to $33 to use an app that translates words. This will become obsolete when google translate adds a camera function.
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4 years ago, emerald_crows
Update ruined the simplicity
This is a perfect example of the computer trying to be smarter than you and failing miserably. I had been using this app for travel for well over 3 years and have had no issues until I was met with an update that completely ruined the simplicity of it. No more snap and translate, 15 different menus to sort though to get to where you were in 1 photo snap before. Deleted immediately.
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5 years ago, EGGWITH2G's
Unreliable— unacceptable for an app you pay for.
I had successfully used scan and translate for over a year; however, this last month is ceased to work. Multiple attempts yielded nothing. Went about troubleshooting every single angle: nothing! Got the same “circle of death” loading icon and after a lengthy wait, I got a message saying text was not detected- try again. I know it wasn’t the quality of the scans. It didn’t matter whether I took a picture or used an image from my library. Simply didn’t work- Unacceptable for an app you PAY a subscription! I canceled it and deleted the app- same goes for scan and translate and scan and translate pro. Both useless. Too bad, it was good one- NO more...
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I’m sorry but it’s not fair :/
I got this app and thought it would actually help, but it only works after three photos for me. It did work pretty well but I’m not buying a stupid crappy membership for more photos. Instead of paying for a membership I’m going to get Google Translate instead cause it’s WAY easier and you DON’T have to pay for a membership. Lol I’m sorry that I’m a young teen and I don’t have money, but this app is bull.
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6 years ago, championRAINS
I love being able to take a picture of an excerpt from a book I am reading and paste the text into Evernote. This is an easy to use and major time saving app!
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2 years ago, hxnfksjdbfidnrj
Doesn’t work
This translated doesn’t work. I am trying to learn Spanish and when I take a picture for it to translate some Spanish text. It says it isn’t Spanish which it obviously is. Even google translate can do better. I thought this app was going to make translating Spanish text easier, but it really didn’t. I wouldn’t recommend using or downloading this app.
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5 years ago, Adge007
Didn’t work for me
I tried it in two languages and it was inaccurate and only worked 1/10 times. I’m sure it works for other people based off their reviews. It tried to charge me after I kept trying and couldn’t get it to work so I deleted the app. I felt like the pictures were pretty clear but it didn’t work for me. It might be because I was taking pictures of a computer screen.
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