Scary Teacher 3D

4.6 (430.3K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
7.2.1 (142)
GenITeam LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scary Teacher 3D

4.6 out of 5
430.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Dianna Dixon
Scary teacher 3D is a very interesting and fun game. I love how this game is so unique, and I’ve never seen something so adventurous but also funny and multiple other emotions to it. I really love how there’s a option to make it intense or just make it less sensitive. Although, this game really does need a update, it’s a good game but there’s a lot of things that could be changed to make it even better and advanced. For example, as I’m playing sometimes Ms. T Will freeze and wouldn’t move. Also, I understand you’re trying to make money but I don’t know if this is just happening to me or I keep getting the same ads. That’s not even it, literally each ad would at least be 30 seconds long just for a small prize or after I finish a level. I think we should reduce that time to at least 15 seconds minimum. There are also other things that could be better, but there are already a lot of reports that explain it all so it’s not necessary to explain it here. In the politest way as possible, you should try to change certain things and make it a better experience. But I still love the game and it’s still great and amazing, but it doesn’t mean it cannot improve.
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4 months ago, Angelin roes
One single thing I HATE (rid beforehand!)
I absolutely HATE one single thing! They have thing were if you can’t find an item that you need that item will slide across your screen and I get that but it DOES NOT GO AWAY it just sits there and slides across your screen! It is SO ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING! I can’t even focus on the game itself because all I see is this thing sliding across my screen stopping then sliding stoping then sliding it is so ANNOYING! I get that some people don’t like trying to find the thing themselves because they are to lazy or whatever reason but that’s it the whole fun of the game! You find the item(s) maybe with a few hints and then prank Miss.T and you can’t get caught, but when you put these ANNOYING little things that DO NOT GO AWAY it gets really annoying to the point when you can’t even play because you are so focused on the thing sliding across your screen then the game itself! What happened to the time the game had only the hints to help you out? It was the BEST but now you got these little things sliding across your screen, if people are so lazy at least have it go across your screen stop then go away not HAVE IT STILL STAY THERE! I remember giving this game five stars for the five years I played this game but know it’s a three!? What happened!? I am so confused!? PLEASE AND I MEAN PLEASE FIX OR GET RID OF THIS! Sorry this was so long but I couldn’t help my self! I hope I wasn’t rude! But please fix this!
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2 years ago, nsjdnndnxjdnxx
Very good but needs some work.
very good game but the age in very un- accurate (if that makes sense) the game seems like a 8+ not a big big deal but just saying. Another thing is the energy bar goes down way to fast and it’s annoying. Also, Mrs.T glitches, like she would go somewhere like the tv room (where she was when I experienced it) she just stops, I saw people complaining about this 1 year ago. And if I’m like in the living room by the front door and Mrs.T I’d on the stairs she sees me, also when I’m upstairs and she’s downstairs/walking up the stairs. & for some of the levels maybe delete the items that trick us, the game is hard enough we don’t need to waste our time. For example the book level (also, the level I experienced it in) the book was in the tv room, but I got it so also not a big deal, also, I was playing this in 2019 and it said multiplayer mode coming soon, (3 years later) still not here, I’m sure it’s not very hard to literally add multiplayer, very small project. And, maybe spend some time making more levels? Theirs not enough, I’ve seen games less “famous” then your game, with more levels. your game is probably a 3-3/5 star rating due to all the bugs/and other things, but I gave it a 4 star rating because I have a heart and I’m not that rude 😂 but besides that overall your game is very fun and I enjoy playing it.
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3 years ago, wiseguy12'
Great Game! Could Use Some Work Though!
I love this game! It has a lot of work out in to it and it’s so fun to play! You get to have some revenge on your mean teacher! Who doesn’t love that? But there are some things that could be worked on! 😁 First of all, I know people say this a lot but the energy bar goes down waaay too fast. If you’re doing a prank that takes time, your energy bar goes down super fast and you have to wait a for so long for it to go back up! If you could extend the time for it that would be great! Second of all, on certain levels the game doesn’t even let you win. For example, I’m on the level where you have to free the cat from the choke. But (no matter what I do) whenever I open any choke, the teacher suddenly knows where I am and starts chasing me. She could be on the other side of the house and then... POOF! She’s chasing me everywhere! Also, I’ll pick up a key to one of the chokes and then it will tell me “find the choke then pick up the cat” So I’ll find a choke, open it and there’s no cat. 🙁 One more thing, the teacher runs waaay to fast. Please make her a bit slower!! Other than that, this game is so fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone!
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4 years ago, Umm hi bruh
Awesome game
It is my favorite game but please make the chapter 2 and the soon coming one free because I don’t want to spend money on this, just keep the special stuff like the valentines one for a dollar. Because I really want to keep playing this game but not pay money at the same time. And also there is a glitch you need to fix, if you go up the ladder in the front yard Over by the porch then grab it then put it up where you are then climb to the very top of the house. You’ll probably start walking around then you see a hole. Then you walk in it then you are in the roof. But you can get out by just walking through the wall. I mean you don’t need to fix it, it’s just a harmless glitch, it’s not like those glitches that ruin the whole game. Other than those things this is an amazing app that I would recommend to anybody, it isn’t that scary so if you get scared and don’t like these games this is the “horror” game for you. Even if it’s scary she doesn’t run faster than you so even if you throw the phone across the room you might still have time.
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1 year ago, skylar ponder 92345
Great game it’s just...
That she always coming downstairs and it’s hard to come in the house but like I was right close then go out the gate and I’m far and she throws a egg at me like I’m far away how could you throw a egg at me and she says she looks good in anything like seriously how and I can’t even go in the house and we’re even the dress so I can ruin it and why you got a giant mansion when there’s only one person living in there and why she got be mean like she not that tough that why I prank her and why don’t you get a husband oh I know why probably because you mean and not that pretty and at least it would be nice if you let me sleep at your house you literally have a mansion I just don’t like that you always out side why don’t you go upstairs so I can get in the house and you make food saying you make the best food in the world how is putting juice and putting cereal in the cup and bowl the best food like be for real well anyways it’s great and I’m just putting 4 stars because I don’t like that you always out side so I can’t really come in the house and always downstairs well great game and I’m not trying to be mean I’m just saying the truth well bye now 😌
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5 months ago, Review of bad and good
This game has potential. I think this game is like it’s really thought into. So I think that you should keep the game up. But there is a few problems with the game. Likewise, the teacher follows me everywhere I go. Even when she does not see me. Say I’m in her bedroom. She walks there. It really gets on my nerve. Another problem not much a problem but requirement is places to hide. I get that there is but they don’t work. Mrs. T goes im that room and gets me. It’s totally unfair. Another request is to have some crawl spaces throughout the map. I feel like that would make it 10x better. So then now, it’s easier to lose sight of her. Because how many times do you lose her? Like, one time. So I think you should add that. Also adding different maps or being able to go into different houses along the street. Because it starts to get boring after being in the same map after a while. I tried saying this as seriously and friendly as possible. I can see the work the creators put into this. So credits for that. Last one is to add more potions. The potions really make me laugh. Especially the dancing one. But, they’re the same old same old. Overall, this game is amazing could use some work.
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4 years ago, _ sophie playz-
I love this game so much it’s so addictive and I love to prank miss T! I have a few suggestions for the next chapter: it could be called Pranks Forever and it would have 5 episodes. The 1st one could be that we have to vandalize her house with spray paint. The 2nd one is that we could get a pin, some tape and a balloon, put the ballon on the door and the pin on the wall so when miss T opens the door the balloon will pop and ms T will be in for a surprise. The 3rd one we could put an whoopie cushion with stink bomb on her chair when she is on a date with Francis and lock the doors so they can’t escape the smell. The 4th one could be that when ms T is asleep we draw mustaches and beards on her face with permanent marker so she can’t wash it of. The 5th prank would be that we put something in her drink so when she goes on a date with Francis she burps so loud that she runs out of the house in embarrassment. Thank you for reading this! I hope my ideas helped with your game and please make a new chapter soon!
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4 years ago, LittleMelonAlly
Let’s talk about this game.
I LOVE it. However, there are many reasons why I’ve used a four-star rating. One, the energy bar is way to easy to use up, so I guess, since a bunch of people agree, maybe get rid of this because I can’t find energy drinks anywhere. Second, I’d like to discuss the point that the teacher ALWAYS goes to the room you’re in, even if it’s for a couple seconds. Finding something is so difficult if a teacher you are going to prank has to watch 3 seconds of a TV to then go to her BASEMENT. Third, please get rid of the consistent ads. Also, maybe give us easier ways to beat some levels. A chainsaw is sharp/prickly, so why not use that. I ask for more solutions to pranking Ms. T. Lastly, it would be great if more chapters were open. I gave it four stars because chapters. I can’t buy chapters, and I don’t want to. It’s a bit annoying that you make money from ads, SUPER-ALWAYS popping up ads , but you also have to make us pay for new levels. I hope you developers can take this review into consideration, and fulfill these wishes. Not just for me, but for all us players. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, Me so angry 😤😤
Not the best game, but it’s ok.
I really like this game, and it is pretty addicting. The only problem is the energy. I hate it. It ruins all the fun when I run out, and if I were to prank a teacher, I wouldn’t have wasted even HALF of my energy. Plus, you have to pay for unlimited energy, when there shouldn’t even been energy in the first place. The energy bars run out SO FAST. Please fix it, it’s driving me nuts, and oh my gosh, the teacher. When no one is even at her door she says, “ oH tHaT sTuPiD bEll AgAiN.” I’m like, are you confused or something?? Every time she is either in the bathroom, the pool, and the front door, she starts to walk in place! Like, what. Oh and guess wHaT. When my dad played this game, he set the pin on one couch, and the mentally disturbed lady sits on the other couch, and she gets poked when there is nothing there!! One time, I was in the basement, and Mrs. T came through the door and walked past me like I meant nothing to her, and I just stood there in shock. *sighs* This is a great game, but there are quite a few things you should fix. Other than that, I think it is a great game and everyone should try it.
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1 year ago, luccia13
I would not recommend that. It’s a good game overall.
There’s a lot of bugs and a lot of ads 😫and every time I press something it glitches and I have I would not recommend it’s the fun I deleted the game a lot of errors😤😠 too much ads. Every time I win some thing there’s an ad 😬everything basically an ad and why do you have to pay it’s a kids game it’s eight and over. I don’t get why yes yeah but overall I don’t like the game, bugs errors, lag, and every like minute there’s an ad I don’t get it but enough of the ads. I just don’t like the game I wasn’t even near her. She came racing for me and she 😑😑😑literally went through the gate. What is that? I’m your energy goes down so fast and an accurate 8+ it’s not a big 🫤deal but like I couldn’t 🤔😐even get glue on her face so I had to skip that part 😤😤😤😤😤😔 and also watch the TV part she kept glitching she was moving back-and-forth like the glitching😐 have to watch an ad unlock stuff why can’t you just like pay like why can’t you just give them like stars😶😕 and like everything is glitching now you need to update your system😡
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3 years ago, ⛓Scary Ash ☠️
Love it!! But I have a problem that I hope can be fixed .
I absolutely loved this game and completed a lot of the chapters and stopped playing it for awhile. The first time I had this game this problem had not happened. But when I got it back again and the minute I played it again I cannot turn my screen. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem or if this has something to do with my settings or if it’s a glitch. I walk forward and try but my screen does not move. I’ve tried many things having to do with the game to the rest of my phone. But I cannot figure out why my screen will not move. I can do everything else involving the game. Such as running, opening things, collecting things. But I cannot turn my screen. It makes it difficult to run away from Mrs.T, Open doors, Interact with objects etc. I can still do each of those just not that well when I’m not able to turn my screen. If you can fix the problem, please do! Thank you!
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2 years ago, rivin2947
Pls read this owner of game and other ppl
This game is amazing I never found a horror game this easy and cool but there’s a few bugs sometime when I start a level the game freezes second sometimes I watch an add for something and it doesn’t give me it and plz make the energy bar last better cuz it makes ya so slow when it runs out and make the teacher run faster please cuz it makes it more challenging and sometimes the teacher sits on the couch forever I jump on her stand on her go right beside her and nothing happens and in the basement stop making it to where there’s bear traps right there when you open the doors to it and please get rid of the hammers just the hammers please it annoys me and make it to where the all the tasks are upstairs and stop making the teacher go upstairs every single time I know there the doorbell for that but plz make to where she goes upstairs every time thank for you time
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4 months ago, TruthMou
the game is good need to fix bug fixes for it now so we will see what we have in there for now but we have a few things that need fixing so i can fix them soon and i hope to be back soon and we can get back together again and i will get the rest soon i love the new update i love the update and the new game so i will get the update on my next gen soon and hopefully get a good game update for it i hope you guys like the new update too i love it and i love the new game and the game and the game and the gameplay is very good i love the new game and its so good to play so many games i love the game and the new game is very much my fav is so many games and the game i hope to get a good quality content is so good to play the new game is so much fun and update will get better and the game will get more of the new game and i hope you guys are the best game is very good luck to you guys are very good luck i n
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5 years ago, korey2468
It’s great but for the future
It’s a great app but let’s say they made Scary Teacher 2 I think they should have modes like Ghost mode where you get a potion and drink it and then the teacher can’t see you but it’s in a timer for like 5 mins so you have to be fast for the last level it should be like you have to find a key hidden in a case you have to break find the hidden door in her basement and you have to team up with her to do all of this so wait so let me start from the beginning so the teacher is sitting in her couch she saw an free trip to France and wanted to go but she had to take a trivia on 5th grade knowledge and win the get the trip so she ask’s you for your help you guys go on a scavenger hunt you have to break a vase to find the key and opens the door to collect items and you get clues to put all together and you’ll know the big answer to the question then the teacher answers it and takes you to France with her the end
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1 year ago, pugsrule!!!!
Extremely fun!
If I could give this game more than five stars I would. It is exactly what I have heard about from it. You have to try to prank the teacher without getting caught. You can also do lots of mini games to earn more coins to buy tools and energy drinks. It is the perfect game for people who like challenges, I could barely get past level 3! There are some things I would fix about it. First of all, I run out of energy so fast. Second, every once in awhile I’ll watch an add but the screen goes black after it and I just have to restart the game. The last thing is than there are soo many adds! The game is still fun and I recommend this game for all ages with a good amount of scary but also enjoyable at the same time. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you want to play the game!
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4 years ago, ram86cam
Grandes problemas apestosos
I absolutely love this game, and it’s one of my favorites, but it needs some changes. First of all, where are all the stars? I think there should be lots more, I only found THREE stars in the beginning of the game. Second of all, the energy thing is so annoying! Before, you just had unlimited energy. But now you have to watch videos, find cans, and even PAY for energy! And you run out of energy so fast. Third of all, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR CHAPTER TWO AND UP? I finished all the chapters before chapter two, and now I have to buy the other chapters. Then, there’s a glitch I discovered, (not really harmful, but..) where if you jump out of a window on the right side of the second story, you end up on an invisible platform that goes to the back of the house. Also if you get up to those three little windows at the very top of the house, you can go through them and glitch through the ceiling. Also, try translating the title :)
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2 years ago, Oof Oop Doop
It saved me
I was suffering, I felt hatred, I was an alcoholic… It wasn’t always like that… You see… I was a lawful wedded wife with three children and a loving husband. Everything was perfect I was living my dream as an librarian, I was was also pregnant. My life was figured out until I got fired from being a librarian. I also had to give my baby up for adoption due too the lack of money. I was desperate and fell into drugs and alcohol… Me and my husband were growing apart second by second as I chipped away pieces of our relationship. I was scrolling through TikTok when I saw an add for Scary Teacher 3D. My eyes were mesmerized by the teachers hair and magenta outfit, I just knew this was my new beginning! The game was life and my husband came to me for a divorce… He asked me what I was doing and I showed him Scary Teacher 3D! He was lively after that. The papers got thrown away and our relationship grew bigger than ever!!! I also grew more close to our kids! After playing for a bit more the game made me come to my senses, I took a shower threw out my alcohol and went off to rehab. I am now a 18+ writer and I won my new baby back in court (The other mother didn’t want to give her up). I, Grace Pina Smith thank you for making Scary Teacher 3D.
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3 years ago, guineapiglover7393
Just ok
I think that this game is pretty fun, but there are a few problems with it. First of all, usually you have to pay to get into the house with coins you get. There are other ways, but you can’t really use them before the teacher gets back. For the second level, you have to pay 100 coins to get a lockpick, and if you fail that level you have to buy another lockpick. We don’t get that many coins per day, so if you fail once, you have to buy more with actual money or go through a window or something. Super frustrating because you have to buy stuff all over again if you fail. Second, you have to sit through a long animation where the teacher is doing something, so if you fail a level, you have to watch it all over again and it gets really boring after a while. Last, we need some kind of map. Her house is wayyy to big to figure out where you need to be before she comes back and catches you, which goes back to the money problem…
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3 years ago, chloe@123lets play
Good game! Only problem is….
When the teacher sees you but your not exactly the close to her she starts running, then when I run away farther away from her she gets me? Example: She could be downstairs and I could be up stairs (see the distance difference?) and if she sees that I’m upstairs I could run out the window and go down the ladder, and now I’m further away from her. Then when she goes upstairs she gets me even tho I could literally on the side of the house. (Hard to explain but I hope you get what I’m trying to say) Also I’m on the one where you have to rescue the cat, and I opened the closet thing that had the cat in it (it said something about grab the kitty and leave the house, something like that I forgot) I didn’t even see the cat tho🤨 If you could fix it thank you :)
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3 years ago, bella grace hatley
I love this game it’s so fun but here’s some updates it needs
So I love this game it’s so fun here’s some updates it needs , first when I get an add it doesn’t pause the game so if I’m playing the game and I need to watch an add to get energy juice or something else like tips the teacher can walk over to me and she will stay there and then I get killed when the add is over , second I don’t like how she can go through doors/windows without opening them , third if I drop something it will most likely get lost and I can’t pick it up on the floor or it’s just gone, and fourth when you pick up all the stars or juices they don’t respawn I’m not saying that there should be the same amount when they respawn I’m saying that you should make less and in different places that’s it thanks if you fix these things !!! 😁😁😁
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2 weeks ago, UnknownPerson_youdontknow
Y’all ain’t updating it anymore
Alr this game used to be so fun, pranking Miss T and you were updating it a lot. Now you guys only gave us one level. I mean I don’t blame you guys you guys made this game like in 2017. But like I got a suggestion for you. Add a new level, where Miss T is dead cuz she’s supposed to be dead anyways, at her funeral the robbers and Francis and whatever is sad, while on the other hand, Nick and Tani is jumping out of joy, saying “We did it! Now we can live in peace!” Cuz like Nick and Tani was here like for 6 years trying to make sure Miss T changes for the good but she never did. And at the end I want it to say “Congrats! You did it, you finished the game!” And that’s it. Now if you devs ain’t going to update it, what’s the point, you could add my suggestion and that’s it. You don’t have to do it but Miss T deserves to be dead. Anyways bye :)
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7 months ago, 😡hate app
It’s mid
So it’s a good game but there are so many ads and it’s very frustrating when I finished the first chapter and now your game is trying to make me buy the thing just to unlock the new chapters and it’s very annoying and makes me feel want to delete the game and I watch this YouTuber and he posted a game on this and y’all gave him all of the chapters for free and I’m not upset about that but I just think that you should make it to were the chapters are free and you DONT HAVE TO WATCH AN AD because it’s not letting me so I hope you see this and can fix the bug because sadly you have lost my interest in the game so now I have to delete it because I can’t do anything now and I don’t want to redo the ones I’ve done already in chapter one. So please read my review and take my request into consideration and please fix the bug.👎👍
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4 years ago, scarytec
Scary teacher
This is the best game ever even my four-year-old sister loves it and I played every day and every like five levels there’s an ad in that is like great there’s barely any level so I hope you see this because keep on making levels it’s so good and there’s a Christmas part and it’s so cool and like every single thing you do it doesn’t hack anything like this app nobody hacked it I love this app so much is the best app ever so I hope you guys see my review it’s so good and just keep on doing this work because your apps are absolutely perfect so just keep doing that and actually I want to show you want me to make can you please make some more Christmas I was because you’re so fun I’m not on the Christmas levels on this iPad but on my phone I’m on the Christmas levels and it’s so cool I just love it so much
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4 years ago, amiya. warren
It is so much fun and it has some great ideas
The game so much that I play it every day but one is hard which is the kitten one the first one the first two is super easy until the third one right now no no no no the third one is also easy but kind of hard to get him one is hard to do that we can’t find the a The game so much that I play it every day but one is hard which is the kitten one the first one the first two is super easy until the third one right now I don’t know no no the third one is also easy but kind of hard the kid one is hard to do that we can’t find the TV inside the third one it is hard to do you don’t know where the credit is so I should suggest that you download scary teacher instead of a Japanese game because I have to have a Japanese game and it’s super scary yeah so ✌🏻
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4 years ago, bluescratch
Great but....
It’s a fantastic game. But, I have some complaints. After you finish the 3rd chapter you have to pay for everything else. I would rather watch the same ad 50 times than pay to play. I get that you have to make money for the game. But try some other way because now all I do on this is go to the very first thing and have her chase me or I go to the 1v1 which brings me to my other complaint. On the 1v1 I’ve only been the teacher once and when your the kid so many times it boring. I don’t know if it’s you choosing or what but try to make other people be the kid and me be the teacher. Other than those two thing great game keep up the good work. 😁. Oh and also make it a little more kid friendly with Francis. AND MAKE ALL CHAPTERS FREE! And when you watch a add for more stars or more energy the game keeps playing and if you are close to her, BOOM dead.
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2 months ago, mâñdíê
I used to play this game when i was a little i would love the adventure this game had and i got to say i was one of the best players and i love it when i play this game with my siblings its just amazing and the fact that we pranked a scary or mean teacher is kinda fun And now i am big kid now and decided to play this game again the childhood i had with this game is amazing and I recommend ya’ll to download this because it is fun but if it doesn’t fit your interest than its alright and i just wanted to let ya’ll know that this game is amazing and i love you it! So that’s why i gave it a 5 star but there is other more things to say but its alright btw warning there might be some scary parts but it’s alive kiddo I guess okkk i’m good now bye
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1 year ago, starloge
I like this game but….
Now don’t get me wrong I love this game. It’s amazing. It’s fun and my brother and I really enjoy playing it. It’s very nice and fun to prank Ms.T. But what gets on my nerves is how the game acts like we have no common sense and like he we don’t know how to do anything. It’s forcing me to buy stuff and do stuff that I don’t want to do. Like for example I got a star and I wanted to save them but it forced me to buy a hint. It is very annoying and I can’t stand it when it acts like this I also can’t stand it when it won’t let me move my camera because I’m a beginner. I’ve played this before. And it keeps giving me dumb hints and instructions. I know what I’m doing so this needs to be improved. But other than that it’s a great game. But give us more time when we run out of energy also when we run out of energy
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1 year ago, Evansturtlefamily
Amazing game!
This game is amazing for when your bored in the car or maybe even just at home/in a building! It’s not that scary to me anymore except when she turns her back on you. It’s scary but suitable for kids like me. The teacher is very ugly just so you all know . I really think that you guys should add multiplayer soon as possible (don’t rush please!!) because usually they lie and don’t add those types of things. Like it takes 100 years (not really ) just for them to maybe JUST MAYBE add it. So please , don’t be like that and once again don’t rush. Oh sorry I want to add one more thing, I feel like there shall be different houses maybe ? So like each house u can pick what house u want ? Ethier it’s a suprise or u can pick like out of 3,5 whatever many houses if that makes sense. Please tell me if it doesn’t
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1 year ago, Sweet Cait
It’s a good game but it of course has an ad problem
This game’s very fun and tricky as the levels go on all through this does of course have a lot of ads and speaking of which the few things I dislike is the fact that when your game starts and it asks you if you want to watch an ad for a potion you can use on Mrs T or for extra energy and things like that you’re better off just choosing one of them because you’ll be forced to watch an ad either way and I often forget that. Another one is it has quite allot of bugs were after ringing the doorbell to distract Mrs T she’ll start walking in place once she’s on the porch which is unrealistic and doesn’t make it tricky enough for me but that’s all. Overall I love this game I definitely recommend it for anyone
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4 years ago, my response on this app
Unfair and annoying 🙄
At first I liked this game,now I hate it. First off, it’s a little glitchy and it gets on my nerves. Second, I hate the fact that you have to pay 0.99 just to play the other chapters. It’s unfair because obviously most parents are not gonna let there kids spend 0.99 on a stupid game that they might not frequently play in the future like they did in the past. Waste of money. At first I liked this game because it wasn’t as glitchy as it is now. The other thing I hate about are the ad’s. Now it’s not as much ad’s as there are in other games but, they are frequently used. Before we start the level and after. It gets annoying. Listen creators of this game. If your reading this I want you to hear this part well. If you kids like me to enjoy your game, 1.) do not use money for us to play the next chapter. 2.)fix the glitches. 3.) if you guys don’t want us getting annoyed even more, take out most of the ad’s. Let us enjoy the game without getting annoyed. Bye 🙄.
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4 years ago, princess the pitbull
This game is pretty decent
Before I doubted this game, it was unstable and the spelling was off. It also used to be glitchy and only had like 10 levels. But now, this game is great, it’s just the energy bars run out to fast, and I cant find any energy drinks anywhere anymore so please scratch that idea, because there is not always a unlimited energy power up in the power up suggestions, and Ms T. some how she can find me when I’m not even in her radar distance in some levels? Also, can you please make the extra levels free or ad wise? I really want to mess up Ms T’s daily life more. I also love how you added Francis into the mix and in one level had all the kids watching her open her Easter egg. Your levels are pretty difficult, and I like that, just please make the levels free! It’s the only reason I have four stars.
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5 months ago, Uighgyct
Miss t rating from me!!!
I really like this game but it does need improvement the ads are always the same and there are barely even stars in the game and my favorite part about the game is when you have a little fun time with miss t and using things to surprise her or scare her or hurt her my favorite item to use on miss t is the cake this needs to improve the way she is moving because she freezes or she stops I don’t think it’s me or she will always freeze while in kitchen and sitting on her chair but I like also because there are missions and get to unlock new chapters and my favorite chapter is the Halloween chapter because her Halloween decorations are literally scary and she always has these fun costumes to wear.
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5 years ago, Connor59275
I do love the game yes, but there are some things I can’t stand that I hope you could fix. I don’t like the energy drink thing where you have to drink or else your slow. I died many times because of those. I hope you could get rid of them and have unlimited time😏! The next thing is that I can’t find any energy drinks in the house!!! One last request is that scary teacher changes her clothes every to rounds you play. It would make the game more real! Overall I love the game and I recommend it!!! I hope you would consider making the changes if it’s not a problem for you!!! I also would love for you to make a Scary Teacher 3D 2!!! Or you could make more levels! I love the game and hope you make more like this!!!😉
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3 years ago, I Hope You Do This
A Really Good Game, I Have This For You
I Really Love This Game! I Have An Update That You Should Do For Me, I Want There To Be New Players, The First One Will Be The old Kid That Tells You The Instructions Of The Game, Name Him Bowie And Put Him On The Character Select, The Next Player Will Be The Old Girl In The Multiplayer Mode, Name Her Leah, She Will Be Bowie’s Sister, And Put Her On The Character Select, And Finally The Last Player Will Be The Kid That Was Seen In The Egg Cellent Surprise Level, Name Him Tom And Put Him In The Character Select,Also, There Will Be A Cutscene At The Beginning Of The Game, Which Shows Them Playing With A Baseball Outside, Their Ball Hits Miss T’s House, And Miss T Steals It, They Go To Their Treehouse, Nick (The Leader)Tells Them If They Have Good Pranks, They Say Yes, Can You Do This For Me? Please??
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2 years ago, Jaxx-Scholar_2009
The game is great, Chapter 1 was amazing. Seeing Mrs. T’s boyfriend Francis in the Easter Chapter was kind of surprising to me, I saw his model in other games like the Halloween impostor game you guys made. The game is amazing. Imo, my favorite part of Chapter 1 was the Spider one, the fireplace one, and the Sauna one. Spider, because we need to carry it with a glove and place it in the book. And the model was from Slendrina X and Granny 1 update 1.5. Fireplace one because it was kinda funny to me when we hade to take out the fire and pour gasoline in. Sauna because it’s a very unique prank to me. But, on the downside, why do we have to pay for the chapters (not the special ones)? I know I know, it’s only a dollar and a dollar only. But why? It’s part of the game lore and we have to pay for it though? Games great but shocked we have to pay for game lore chapters (no hate or offense). 8/10.
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1 year ago, maddiemaeharvey
Amazing game i love it I just wish that she was a little bit more aggressive and did more but other than that it’s an amazing game and the people who made it don’t get enough credit well prob from other people but to me y’all are amazing I do respect and recognize the people that made this game I love y’all thanks so much for making it and people don’t realize without y’all we couldn’t have this game but whatever to them some of us do realize u and love u thx again that’s all I wish but yea I’m gonna have to keep playing I’m playing rn and it asked me to do this and how could I say no to that so yea thx for wanting to know my thoughts thx agin love y’all bye -Maddie🥰😍😘🥳🤗🫶🏼🪩😁😉😗🥹♥️😽🎊🥓🌶️🎉
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5 years ago, jacky1205
_~*💓I love this game!💓*~_
I love this game, I love to prank my siblings, so this game is perfect for me, but when chapter 1 ended I was pretty upset, so I deleted it and probably like a month later I came back to look at the game, and there was a chapter 2! But then I found out that it’s shorter, WAYY shorter than chapter 1, can you guys pls make more chapters! Oh and also can you fix the glitches, like the teacher gets stuck a lot and just starts walking in place, so then I have to restart the whole round AGAIN! And the energy bars, not necessary! If I were prancing my teacher in real life, I would suddenly shut down and start walking slow and have to drink a energy potion, all I am asking is you fix those glitches and the energy thing and MAKE MORE CHAPTERS! But other than that I love this game, nice work guys!👍🏽
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5 months ago, ddddfdsfx
So this is a really fun game I have been playing this for years but I just Re-download it and I saw that it has changed a LOT and all the levels are really fun and they also have holiday ones but u have to watch 3 ads…When u finish all the if the actual level it seems To start to get boring bc chapter two cost money but…not a lot of money but still chapter 2 should not be money and if u don’t want to pay money u have to go through a bunch of ads to get the holiday chapters and let’s say u finish the first Halloween one u have to watch another ads to do the next one great game but pls fix this and maybe make another free chapter so nobody has to watch to many ads
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2 years ago, Coconut party26
Please be more specific 😩
This game is just, like, WOW!!! It’s soooo good and I love it! I told my 10 year old friend about this game, and now she’s always asking me “Can we pleaaaase play Scary Teacher???” And so I’m always supposed to play this when she’s over😅 But the game does have a few glitches, for example, whenever I use the potions, sometimes it makes me freeze right when I’m next to her, and so I have to wait for the potion to end, and then she gets me, so plz fix that. Next thing is, sometimes she gets stuck in some spots, which can be helpful if it’s not at the spot I need to be at, but then if she is at spots I need to be at, then I have to use/waste my potion and then get her moving again, so plz fix that too. Last thing is… PLEASE FIX THE GRAMMAR AND MAKE THE HINTS MORE SPECIFIC!!!😱😱😱 IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!!! I can never find anything because you guys aren’t specific with the hints😩😩😩 Overall, the game is really good, and I really recommend it! But plz make some adds go away, there’s always gotta be one every second.🙄 Byeee! CoconutParty26 💕💕💕
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5 years ago, LizzyDaCookie
Amazing but needs...
This game is amazing and pretty funny, but I think there should be more levels. I do all of the levels everyday. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it needs an upgrade. I gave this 4 star because it’s amazing, I love how I can throw the cake and bare trap her😂 I also kinda hate how when you loose energy, I never knew this needed energy, for example, I was running away from Miss T and all the sudden I loose energy and get slower and she catches me. I have to wait a while or waste all my coins and watch ads. Great Game I enjoy it a lot! This sentence your read is after the update, I love the update but I also beat it in a day maybe you can keep making levels that would be amazing but the new levels took quite a while but it was very fun! It’s an amazing game! Keep on gaming!!
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4 weeks ago, lolo_butler
Fun game, do recommend.
This is a fun game, and the levels are different and developers come out with new chapters often and it keeps the game fresh and fun. You can collect starts to get hints, but after a while, stars start to become more difficult to find as the game continues. The different rooms make objects hard to find, but as you play the game, the setting gets more comfortable to move around with. After a while, chapters barely change, and its hard for new chapters to come across unless your willing to buy them. I do really recommend, but make ALL chapters available without purchase for more positive review feedback. DOWNLOAD IF YOU LIKE HELLO NEIGHBOR TOO .-
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5 years ago, Tcoal_
Could have been better
i like the game and the ideas and the levels but there are somethings that i hate about this game and one of them is the energy bar and its the worst thing in the game it doesn’t let you have fun in the game and it runs out pretty quickly like if i walk for like 15 seconds a full bar drops and i have to wait a full 60 seconds just to fill it up again without it it makes the game way more fun and better overall and the second thing that i hate about this game is that if the teacher sees you you are basically caught if you don’t have any objects and i would like that to change and have like if you run or hide somewhere she will not find you because it’s stupid even if you out run her she will stay on your tail unless you throw something at her and thats very dumb and stupid Thanks for listening and hope you make the game better
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4 years ago, HamsterRose152
Great game but the energy is annoying
This game is super addictive and I love Ms. T’s reactions to the pranks, I also live how challenging it is when it comes to doing the pranks and running from Ms. T. The only thing is that annoys me is how fast the energy goes down, My only complaint. I look around and can’t find any energy drink/soda things anymore after a while so, it’s difficult to get energy back. I waited a while, Like a good 6 hours and it took only 12 min if even for my energy to drain. Oh I’m not trying to make this sound aggressive in anyway because I know that I make things sound like that when I type things sorry, over all this is a fun,bchallenging, and addictive game I absolutely love it.
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1 year ago, Lil_Grimllen
It’s a good game but..
Like the title says, amazing game. Super fun, and challenging at times. The problem is though, the energy bar runs down quickly. I finished chapter 1, and tried moving on. Apparently, your supposed to pay for the other chapters? And the “ specials free ones “ you need to watch ads, which don’t even load? The game is great, just maybe make things free? I understand that things cost money ok, but like, once you finish a chapter, you unlock the next? And if you don’t finish the chapter, then you have to pay for it? It’s a great game, that’s why I added 4 stars. Just maybe try adding some changes in which we don’t have to spend money, and watch ads over and over again?
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1 year ago, nawahabao
The bathroom
When ever there is a task in the bathroom it doesn’t allow you to do it. The stuff you need are not there. For example the bad hair day. I had to skip that one because it kept on telling me to put the hair removal in the shampoo in the bathroom but it wasn’t there. I had to skip this one. Another example. The jello prank. Once I got the jello I went to the bathroom but it didn’t let me inside to get to the bathtub. I’v seen a lot of people do it in older versions of the game and it worked. But for me, the facet wasn’t even on! I don’t know if it’s jus me or if it’s a bug for the whole game What ever happened to the crouching ability. It would help me out so much to hide from teach and for stealth. I don’t know what happened but I like the old version better. What ever
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2 years ago, Missn28
Ok first of all this game is pretty fun you get to prank your mean teacher (Miss T) and sneak into her house but I have a few complaints. 1st is its kind of boring being the only person like If you could add your friends or maybe even bots to make it a bit more fun? 2nd. It’s limited. I can only play 3 rounds and I did all of them and it’s bored doing them over and over. 3rd when you finish setting up the prank you run out of the house and she catches you and it’s really annoying and you have to restart back at the gate. Anyways other than that it’s a fun game. there is not many ads and you can play in the car when your on roadtrips and stuff and I recommend it. Thank you for reading this and I hope you can change some of this! 😊bye, ???
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4 years ago, princeJsiden
I have a suggestion
Ok this is my suggestion. “People In miss Ts class gets detention and people in other classes get detention. And the Detention supervisor has to leave early so miss t has to be the detention supervisor. The kids are being horrid during detention so miss t gets fed up and she chases the kids in the in detention and tries to kill them. The doors are locked and miss t shut the power down so they can’t see or escape. This should be limited special chapter.” That’s all I have y’all can figure out the rest for the escapes, items and everything. (IF YOU DO THE SUGGESTIONS” One more thing since I though of this can you give it to me for free if you do it. Thank you and I hope you do the suggestion
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3 years ago, make a chapter for free :3
I love it but ......
I play this game so much and some times I buy items to cheat >:D but I finished chapter 1 but there’s only 2 special chapters and why do all chapters have to be for money I think you should add changes for like if you wanna skip a chapter you can buy it and when you finish a chapter you can move on the next chapter and also plsss can you make a special Easter chapter like put slime in an egg then when ms. T opens it slime will go everywhere and also can you make a new ending for the sauna prank like when the stink bomb gets in she like punches the door trying to get out then calls Francis to get it out and then he opens it and then the stink bomb goes everywhere then that’s it :3
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6 months ago, kayree
Great game! I have been playing this game with my sister since 2020! (It’s 1/8/24) so for 4 years! Wow, that’s a lot! And but the only thing I don’t like is that it said there’s gonna be multiplayer soon but 4 years later there’s still no multiplayer! It says coming soon so maybe there working on it? There’s a 5/10 chance there working on it this CE. (Current era) so what I do like about it is that it’s adventurous and funny! Although for some reason it finds it scary when she chases you lol! But overall great game! This is probably the longest review I have ever wrote but it’s worth it! Dev if you see this please work on multiplayer 😡! Jk but please do! Have a nice day people who read this.
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