3.8 (4.3K)
195.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Magmic Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scattergories

3.81 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Ktay315
So addicting!
This game is fun and exciting! I'm addicted to it. There are a few bugs with it but over all I love it. Some problems I have seen are that they sometimes accept an answer and other times the same answer won't be accepted. You have the option to "dispute" if you don't agree with your results but I haven't seen anything come from disputing. I'm not sure if they actually read them or not. Another problem is that sometimes even when an answer is correct they won't take it. And yes you can dispute it but you still don't get your points. For example: the letter is "C" and the category is "cereal" and my answer was "captain crunch" but it wasn't accepted. We all know captain crunch is a kids cereal but still I didn't get my points. Also I have noticed if I play against my friend, it will say we both won, but when you look at the score, one is clearly higher then the other. And the last problem with this game is that even if I win a round, it costs more to play that round then what I get for winning. This must be a way to try and get people to spend actual money. But like i said, I love this game and it's worth playing.
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2 years ago, GretchenSLP
Fun though limited, for the few minutes it lasts
This app could be 50 times better (and more profitable for the developer) if it were better designed. For one thing, the categories repeat endlessly. Cooking shows, professional wrestlers, things in an arcade, things at a circus, video games and Words that rhyme with ‘FINE’ are on a continuous loop (I’ve only been playing for a few days and have already seen each of those categories dozens or hundreds of times), while simple and user-friendly categories from Scattergories the card game and Scattergories the board/writing game are not included at all (play as often as you like, play for a week straight, and you’ll NEVER see: Things that are Round, Things that are Sweet, Things that are Expensive, Things in a School, Things in the Ocean, Fruits and Vegetables, Things in the Kitchen, Things in the Bedroom, Things in the Bathroom, etc). But the worst and unforgivable flaw is this: THE GAME STOPS LETTING YOU PLAY AFTER A FEW TURNS, and it tells you you’re out of coins! Every other game app I have would let you play all day if you wanted, though it might make you watch ads from time to time. This one just shows you a sad frowning face and says you’re out of coins! I deleted it. Too pointless and frustrating.
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1 year ago, stellaswift
Super fun!
Scattergories is one of my favorite games, so it’s nice to be able to play in the app when I can’t talk my husband into playing at home. I love that there are different versions of the game you can choose from, and some that are more competitive than others. It’s not perfect, though. There are times that I submit a dispute for an answer I think should be correct (like Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys for a rock n roll album), but never get/see that anything happens from the dispute - I think I have heard back from a dispute once over the three years I’ve had the app. Or see 2 players both get points for two different spellings of the same word, maybe to account for different dialects of English? Overall it’s super fun and I’ll keep playing.
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1 year ago, Floria Tosa
Database too small
Scattergories has the potential to be a great app. Unfortunately there are some problems. One is that it rejects answers that are not in any way obscure. I answered “My Brilliant Friend” as an answer to the name of a book category. It was not misspelled, it was not a plural and it did not start with an article. It is a popular novel (popular enough to be made into a Netflix series.) Scattergories rejected this answer several months ago and I disputed it. Tonight I used the same answer primarily to see what would happen. It rejected it again. Even worse, and although Scattergories usually accepts last names only, it has rejected Kelly (as in Gene) as a movie actor, and Domingo (as in Placido) as a famous singer and (the big one) Harrison (as in George ⁉️) as a famous singer. It obviously needs a larger database from which to check answers. The other thing I don’t like about the app is the extremely limited number of categories. The board game has many more than the app. It would be great to see some new ones from time to time.
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5 years ago, Jesniffy
Too many issues to enjoy the game
Scattergories is my favorite board game. I was really happy to see the app. But there are so many issues that it just makes it frustrating and not worth it to play. The keyboard is glitchy and difficult to type on. I spend too much of my game time trying to go back and put in a letter that it didn’t record. Then many times the game ends and it records a different answer than what I typed. Also, I was playing with my sister and I knew she finished the round, as she sent me a text telling me we picked several of the same answers. I kept going back to the game to view results and play the next one and it still said it was her turn. I closed out completely and went back in, still her turn. Finally after 2 hours it alerted me that she had played. If this app didn’t have so many issues I would definitely pay for the no ad version. You guys are missing out on ad revenue and paid customers because of these same issues that, per the other reviews, have been going on a long time.
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4 years ago, Amoney333333
Tough to play
I love the actual Scattergories game, but this is hard to play. 1. The keyboard is so bad. I will hit the “a” for example 5 times before I get an “a”. It is also very sensitive. It takes so much of my time just because the keyboard is terrible. 2. I get that I need to spell things correctly. But come on.... coming up with a word for “X” and not being able to spell it is going to happen. Maybe introduce a word suggestion similar to how the game (app version) Family Feud is done. As you start typing it gives you what you’re trying to say. For example. If I start typing “bed and break...” it’ll pop up with “bed and breakfast” correctly spelled and it allows me to tap it and move on. 3. There are a few glitches with the point system. It’ll say someone else has won when they in fact a haven’t. Others have addressed it in similar reviews and y’all’s explanation was a point booster. I’ve known for a fact that a point booster wasn’t applied and it still happens. Overall, it was fun for the few times I played. But, I will probably be deleting the app after only having it less than a week.
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5 years ago, Kitagrl28
I give up
This was fun for awhile, but the app just gets worse and worse. First, lately it hardly even loads. What’s the use of trying to play tournaments when you can only get it to work once a day? Second, after you play for awhile, you end up only being able to play about two games at a time unless you win (to earn more coins) or unless you are willing to pay money to play further. When I first started out, there were more rewards. But as I advanced, there were fewer rewards and fewer coins available to win. Speaking of winning, it’s hard to win when they change your answers or don’t realize what your answer means. I guess sometimes they change it to something that benefits you, but sometimes they change it and then they throw it out. Also they have a super sensitive “offensive word” filter, but then that means if the word you wrote happens to have a PART of a word that MIGHT seem offensive, you can’t use it at all and you don’t get counted for it...even if it’s not even remotely a bad word. So yeah, I love Scattergories, but this one is way too frustrating to mess with.
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6 years ago, Ccass89
Fun game, major app flaws
The game is addicting. I love it. There are several bugs, and it takes a long time to load. Also, it was fine when it had 5 second adds, but these 30 second ones after every single game make me want to never play again. To the creators/operators: your game is too difficult to play in the sense that you don’t really get to earn a lot of coins with most options. I feel a little scammed since I have to buy more coins to play. Many platforms I want to play, I end up not playing because I won’t earn coins even if I win. You should earn coins every match you win, and it should be significantly more than how many you put in to play, if you win that match. Winning bonus help things doesn’t cut it. I love the game, but I hate how hard it is to earn coins, and I hate that I don’t get to enjoy many different playing options for the sole purpose that I won’t be able to play more. The game itself is 5 Stars. The point system is 1 Star. The app operation is 2 Stars. That’s why it’s an overall 3 star rating. Please add more ways to earn coins and more coins for when you win. It’s kind of ridiculous and ruins it the way you have it now. And your 30 second adds are too long. I desperately want to close out the app every time I get a 30-second add vs the 2 5-second adds. Please improve these functions. It’s so much fun, but super frustrating to navigate and enjoy.
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6 years ago, ana.marie
Don’t. Just don’t.
I am a huge fan of the board game Scattergories. I’ve played it since I was a kid. This version, however, is terrible. Where do I start? The keyboard is glitchy and doesn’t work properly. I’ve submitted answers only to see that they’ve been changed after the game is over. When a game is finished, you are able to view your answers and your competitor’s answers. Many times, I have found that the words I type in are different than what the game recorded. Also, answers that are valid have not counted. Example: Category-fictional character. letter N. I answered Nella, the Princess Knight, which is an animated show on Nick Jr. my answer was not counted. This has happened countless times and I have disputed them all. Also, if there is a tie score, your opponent automatically wins. This makes no sense. Finally, I paid to remove ads, yet you are still required to view an ad for the bonus round of a match. Very shady. I understand viewing an ad for extra coins, but to play a bonus round in a match? Come on. Don’t waste your time or money.
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3 years ago, xCALLxMExACEx
I grew up playing this. This app is awful!
So for starters answers are 10 here and not 1. Getting two words starting with the same letter does nothing. But a “unique” answer will be worth 12... No explanation on what unique is. Half the time it’s wrong. I put jasmine and my opponent put jen. We both got 0 for DUPLICATE ANSWERS?! No dispute option. Sometimes you get a dispute option but this doesn’t actually dispute squat as the winner has been awarded and the game will never be brought back up again. So it’s an “error” button that isn’t even available half the time you should be able to dispute it. I even got an answer censored for vulgarity when I answered “big black rocks”... for space objects. ROCKS. Big black rocks! Censored. This game is a joke and idk HOW it has so many good reviews. It’s nothing like the game and the automated system for scoring is broken. The game is more about what answer will the program accept. I even had it award my opponent and say mine wasn’t qualified when their answer had no relation to the question. It was a random word and they won.
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6 years ago, Bertajuice
Fun game but a few problems.
First off, I’ve been looking forward to seeing an online version of this game for iOS. When I saw it was free, that made it better. It is definitely fun to play.....But, the problems I have seen so far....when reviewing your answers after playing a game, sometimes what you entered as An answer and the answer displayed are different with one or two blank at letters misspelled. The biggest problem I have is after playing for awhile, I got tired of the ads. So, I purchased the remove ads feature for $2.99. So far, after continuing to play, every ad still plays. Nothing was removed. I paid money to get rid of one of the few things about this game that annoys me and it did nothing but take the money. I enjoy playing but get mad that I pay for something that does nothing. It would definitely get a higher rating if that were fixed.
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2 years ago, Doremimi1
Extremely Limited Vocabulary
This game is fun enough, but there are so many correct answers that the algorithm doesn’t recognize. I’m not talking about obscure words. I’m talking about everyday words, spelled correctly, that should be accepted but aren’t, for no apparent reason. Many times a correct answer will be flagged as “disputed,” and I’ll get 0 points for it. I shouldn’t have to spend time constantly filling out dispute forms over words that every English-speaking person is familiar with. Shouldn’t the algorithm be connected to an online dictionary? That way, legitimate answers won’t constantly be thrown out simply because English is not the developer’s first language, because that is the only reason I can think of for the game’s vocabulary to be this limited. The other problem with the app is that it constantly freezes in the middle of the game, which is extremely frustrating.
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7 years ago, MichelleNeal0924
Too many issues
I really like this game. However, I am not sure if this game is still new or something but there are a few issues. One issue I have are the excessive ads. I understand they want you to pay money and that you have that option to get rid of them. But most games let you watch 5-10 seconds and then skip. With this game you are stuck watching a 30 second or longer ad after every single thing you do. The second issue I have is the boosts. My husband and I play against each other and mine always tells me I won and vice versa for him. If you get a boost, it needs to show up for both people. It takes the fun and challenge out of the game when we both win every single time. The third issue is that it freezes up on me quite often. If they could fix these things this game would be great. But as of right now we are so frustrated/annoyed we are close to just deleting it.
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4 years ago, Annabellaann
Bug fixes
I love Scattergories and over all did a good job replicating the board game although I noticed it takes way long for it to load and that it will say lost connection right before I get the results to see if I won the game or not.. I thought maybe it was my internet connection but it works perfectly for everything else so it has to be the app. I hope they can resolve these issues as it’s frustrating and I just want to play the game and see my results. I don’t understand why it’s losing connection.. I actually deleted the app than redownloaded it to see if that would help but it didn’t do anything and I ended up losing my data from my other account.. I really hope they can fix these bugs so I can enjoy playing again!
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5 years ago, Strawberrygirl77
Love it, but sometimes it won’t open
The app is great, Scattergories is one of my all time favorite games, leading me to download this. It works pretty great for some of the time, but other times, it just won’t open. It gets stuck on “updating” for anywhere from 2-4 minutes, I click the Scattergories game, then it takes me to a maroon and black gradient colored screen. It will remain like this for a few minutes before saying that the app is having a connection issue. I wouldn’t complain about this if it happened a few times, but this is every day for many hours. It’s frustrating, and I would like this issue fixed. Again, it’s a great game, but this issue is becoming very annoying.
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6 years ago, CracyLou
Terrible ads and coin system!
I stupidly paid $2.99 to get out of watching an ad after every game, which was incredibly annoying. What I didn’t realize at the time, was the stupid coin system to even play the game. Each game costs coins and you only get coins by winning, watching ads or paying. So if you’re not winning every single game you will eventually run out of coins and be forced to either pay for more or watch ads for more. I know I should have done more research before paying the $2.99 but I still feel ripped off. I’ve now paid to play a game without being forced to watch ads that I will eventually not be able to play without being forced to watch ads or pay more money. Enjoy my $2.99, Magmic. Because the second I run out of coins, I’m deleting this app. I will not be spending another cent on coins and you will not be getting any ad revenue from me.
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6 years ago, clemsongirl0430
Needs Fixing
I want to love this app because I’ve always loved this game, but it’s got really annoying issues. 1. When you submit answers, almost every time the app changes it to something else. I have so many summary pages where I look at the points I was awarded and there are random nonsense words in place of what I actually typed. And I know it wasn’t a simple misspelling because there’s an in-game mechanic to “dispute” a judgment the game makes and when I click to dispute the weird word, it knows what I was trying to say. It’s confusing and honestly turns me off from the game when I want to look at my scores and see how creative I was/was not and just see nonsense. 2. The in-game ads don’t get a little “X” to close them after a few seconds, or a mute button to keep it from screaming at you. If you use the free version of the game, between rounds you have to sit through the full ad period, which is pretty annoying. 3. The interface is confusing. I have a Facebook friend I try to play with and it only suggests one of my friends - I have to re-send him invitations when I want to play, which is super annoying. If he’s my Facebook friend and I click to “challenge a Facebook friend”, why can’t that person be on the list when they have the app? It’s dumb.
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6 years ago, Merry927
Nice idea
I’ve always liked this game in real life. I don’t find the app to be user friendly. I hate the feel of the keyboard, it’s different than regular typing on my phone. I make a lot of mistakes because of it and it causes delays. And the fact that spelling counts is frustrating. I played about 10 rounds, and 3 of them were the letter i which was annoying. I also felt like it didn’t accept some very legitimate answers. And not accepting plurals? There is a difference between peppers (vegetables) and pepper (spice) which is a situation I ran into. Also, I had one round where I clearly had more points but the other player was declared the winner. After about 10 rounds I couldn’t start any more new games despite the fact I had enough coins unless I closed the app and went back in. Overall a fun idea but it needs a lot of work to make it better. Deleted for now
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7 years ago, Jarrgh
Good idea but limited and buggy
Like the board game, this app is a great idea and it's fun for a couple of hours, but it is pretty limited. There are only four "chapters" to play (which took me, a pretty average player, about an hour to get through), and then you're limited to daily challenges and duels, which get old pretty quickly, especially because the lists and letters are limited. To advance levels in the game, you have to play the same few lists over and over or buy new ones. The game is also pretty glitchy. It freezes up every time I watch an ad to play a bonus round, and about 40% of the time I open the app, it doesn't advance past the start screen. Re-installs haven't fixed this. Lastly, there are a lot of "holes" in what they accept as answers. For example, they didn't accept "Ilana Glazer" as a comedian. And while you have the option to "dispute" these incorrect answers, nothing ever comes from it, even if answers are spelled correctly and obviously acceptable for the category. Bottom line, play the free version, but don't bother buying the ad-free, because you hit a wall pretty quickly, and you still have to watch ads to access certain parts of the game.
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5 years ago, Mom_of_twins_2003
Needs to be fixed
I do love the game, but the issues that I am having really make me want to give up. 1. As others have stated, having the app change the actual words that you type in is incredibly frustrating. I understand that people make typos or spell incorrectly, but that is their own error. The game shouldn’t change the answers..period. 2. I keep getting “updating” every time I open the app. Sometimes it finally opens, others it just sits there doing nothing. 3. Why can’t we dispute someone else’s answers? I have seen some crazy ones. Oprah Winfrey being accepted as a world leader? Ummm, I missed the memo on that one. I did find a contact form to dispute hidden elsewhere, but it would be easier to do it on the same results screen that you can dispute your own answers.
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6 years ago, Zeebo_00
Good concept, terrible app, too many issues.
1) the accuracy and responsiveness of the in-game keyboard leaves much to be desired. In a timed game, you need to be able to type quick and clean. 2) the accuracy of the answers is somewhat ridiculous. It's hit or miss most of the time whether your correct answer will be accepted. Plus nonsense answers are accepted quite often. 3) far too many ads. I totally understand and accept the use of ads in a free app. But with this you're forced to watch a 20-30 second video after virtually every round. Love the game Scattergories, but this app is lacking in many areas. Edited and lowered to 1 star. 4) In just a few days ads are now 60 seconds and appear after every other match. Way overkill. 5) The rewards for wins are arbitrary and ridiculous. You pay 30 coins to play a single match duel. You generally don't win any coins, but in game boosts instead. Which means no matter how good you are, your play time is quite limited unless you spend money to purchase coins. 6) I played six matches today and four of them "randomly" picked the letter i and the other two picked k. Unless you use those boosts, of which you can only use one per match no matter how many you have, can you name an American game show or beginning with i? Yeah, I couldn't either.
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7 years ago, Avon97
Room for Improvement
I give it 4 stars for potential. It’s Good right now, but could be Great once they make a few improvements. One, I paid the $3 for ad free, however you still have to watch ads to play a bonus round, change categories or get extra coins. I feel like $3 is asking a lot of it doesn’t truly get rid of ads. Plus the ads are sooooooooo long and annoying, they’re all like 30 seconds and some you have to interact with. Please provide actual ad free options. Two, I do have a random freezing problem, I’m sure it’ll be fixed with an update at some point. But for now I’m continually having to reboot the app. Plus sometimes I get a notification that my coins have refilled, only to open the app and find I have no coins or the same small amount I quit playing with. I’d also like to see more variety of categories, seems to repeat the same ones over and over. Same with letters, I don’t feel it’s random enough, seems to be fairly consistent with only maybe half the alphabet. Overall I love Scattergories and hope they continue to improve it.
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6 years ago, lovetherealbogglegame
Good But Not Gaining Coins
I like the game. Categories vary sufficiently so far. Three issues though: first issue is that I win the majority of the games I play but don’t earn coins (or barely a few) for winning. It will say I’m moving up to the next level or that I win the game and have received 60 coins or 30 coins, but I receive only 2. So therefore I will soon be down to zero very soon if I continue playing and not receiving coins. This has been happening EVERY time I play. I will probably have to delete the app once I’m down to no points, even though I’m constantly winning games. The second issue is that there are many ads and most are long. The third issue is that I have given correct answers and won’t get points for it. I’ve tried disputing but I haven’t seen anything come of that. For example, the category was Airlines for letter B so I wrote British Airways which is a real airline; however, I got 0 points for it even though the other person wrote something different. My main concern is not receiving my well-earned coins for winning a game. I’ve played several and am not getting coins. If this didn’t happen, then I would rate this game much higher. It’s too bad because I do like playing.
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6 years ago, LightYagami vs. L
This has a lot of potential, but falls short of being any fun at all. The way the game is scored, your answers can be "disputed". If that happens, you do not gain any points for that answer. I don't know how they decided what to dispute, but it disputes things that are completely accurate. Example, the category was "Cities" and I typed the name of the place where I live. It disputed it and counted it wrong, and I have no idea how that's possible. The city most definitely exists, and I spelled it correctly. It did this a few times within my first time playing it. What's the point of playing if the app can't differentiate between a correct answer and an incorrect one? It's not any fun if it feels rigged and you can't win. I would have happily paid for the commercial free version, if this game were fair and fun. Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment. Oh well, onto the next game!
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7 years ago, Lovin1Dxx
Fun game!
I feel like when it comes to first downloading the game, it's confusing to navigate without a "tutorial". Logging into Facebook, finding Facebook friends to play and challenge, etc took a while to understand and get. I had to log out on the app and log back in for my friends to finally show up. A full in depth tutorial doesn't seem to necessary, but tips at the beginning would be nice. When it comes to my answers, I type in a word but the final results come up with something completely different than what I had. I feel like this has definitely caused some lost points, and it doesn't happen only to me. Overall, it's a fun game!
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6 years ago, ElQbano
Very Glitchy
The premise of the game is fantastic. I just made it into the higher levels where more game styles are available, and it is really sucking me in. I’m really enjoying the challenge of thinking quickly. The game is incredibly glitchy at present. The game always crashes, without fail, at the end of the Final Fantasy ad. It also crashes at the end of some other ads, but with less frequency. Lastly, it seems to crash most often during tournament play, which is unfortunate because you lose your buy-in coins. If the developers continue to update the glitches, they might have a lifer in me. Otherwise, this will be another one of those games I play for a week and uninstall out of poor developing & frustration.
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4 years ago, ima puppydog
A perfect escape
I’m an intelligent girl who loves keeping my brain young, so I love these kind of games. Boggle, Scrabble, and of course Scattergories. But my family never really wants to play these games because they “take too much brain power.” I never got to play what I wanted! But now I can and I love it! 😁 That being said, I hate how you have to watch soooo many adds! 😤 Although some of them are actually mini games so it’s not terrible. But some of them are unskippable and a couple minutes long! I do love the tournaments and frames though. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asked. 👍
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7 years ago, 😩😠😡
I just downloaded this game a couple of days ago and I enjoy playing it but the ads are really getting on my nerves.... I play other free games with ads but there aren’t so many! Every once in a while should be enough, not after every single game that I play! I also think a daily bonus of coins should be added to this game, like in slot machine games. I think it’s unfair to have to spend money on coins to keep playing a free game. Thanks for responding to my earlier review... I understand about the ads but can you please add daily or hourly coins??!! Every game that requires some kind of fee to play gives daily or hourly bonuses.... like Candy Crush, bingo games, casino games...etc. Why doesn’t this game have that??? This game needs it!! 😫😫😩😩🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Gold Phoenixx
Don’t bother
The game was ok for about a day, til the problems started showing up. 1. If u don’t rematch a friend after every battle, good luck trying to challenge them again. 2. Having an active battle drop from one side, but carry on the other side. Tried deleting the battle only for it to show back up. Nudge all u want, the other side doesn’t have it anymore. It’s stuck in ur list. 3. Having the answers that u give be changed. For example, O-Universities. Right or wrong, I typed “Orlando University”. It somehow came up as “Oakland University”. Yet, upon disputing it, it came up as Orlando. Go figure. 4. Their lack/limited knowledge of answers to their own game. For example, C-Registered Dog Breed. My answer was Chow. They discounted it. Yet, it’s been a registered breed since 1903. Another example, B-Professional Wrestler. My answer (trying to keep it short due to time) was Beefcake. They discounted it. Yet, he’s been a well known wrestler in the ‘80s+’90s. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. I’ve got more that would cover 3+4, but I’m gonna end it here. Challenging someone to a game of knowledge has to be offered by someone of equal or greater knowledge. Its no fun when the player knows more than the devs.
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4 years ago, makitkat1107
Love it!
Sure it has its flaws but it’s expected, don’t be salty. My favorite board games are scrabble and scattergories! (Maybe because I am a major nerd and weirdly wordy for my age) but sometimes I wish the keyboard was bigger or maybe just use the one (or the same layout) of an actual iPod or IPhone. Also, why do you ***** out weird words? Adult is not inappropriate children are taught this word in school!! Coke is not a bad word. Not everyone is a lunatic who uses that word as a drug reference. I get profanities and not age appropriate words but coke? Anyway, I’m overall very happy with this app!! Also, it won’t let me watch ads. I press it, it plays the tap sound then it does nothing!
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6 years ago, pianogaljsu
It changes answers
I get than an app version of the game can create challenges that aren’t there when you play with an actual group of people but it’s still very frustrating. The game will deliberately miss spell my words. For example I spelled the word cars for something that’s at a gas station. When I later reviewed my answers it was changed to cans. It is very difficult to type on the keyboard. It is not accurate but even when I type something correctly, the answer is still changed at the end of the game. They need to fix this and accept spelling as is. Even if that means people spell the words wrong. Otherwise the game is fun but this is the most frustrating part that they need to fix
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5 years ago, Olympushelix (YT)
Almost a perfect game
Scattergories is one of my favorite board games, there is just one difference about the app. The app gives you ten points for one right, when in the board game, it is one. Scattergories also has another major thing which is dumb. Whenever you tie in score, it'll say someone won, sometimes even when it is a tiebreaker, they get the points! The unfair thing about it is that you get only one hint during each level. Especially you can't even pick the letter! Sometimes there is no answer for the category, but that is unlikely, it would be bodacious if you gave us another hint when we do not know it and there is none. Another useful existence would be to let us play every time. I hate games when they don't let you play them and you have to wait a few days to wait. Only if the game is addictive. I hope you read this review, I do love the game in a way including the occurring glitches and mistakes. Four stars for you!
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3 years ago, Suzyjul
Mediocre game
I paid to eliminate ads and there is still a tricky thing they do by moving the play strip up and adding a strip at the bottom that says “watch a video to change categories” where the play strip should be. If I pay not to see ads I don’t want to see them. It makes me made so I close the game and go back in. I will not watch an ad after paying. 😡 Also I type in answers and when the game is done the answer is different. Like I typed in between the trees for an answer and when it came up it said I typed between the thugs! I got points for it but that wasn’t what I typed. I happens a lot. There is also no rhyme or reason to the green check marks. At the end of one game I have one left. Then when I start another game I have 30.
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4 years ago, Red277777
Fun, but too easy to cheat
The game itself is relatively fun, but there are too many ways players bypass the rules and get away with it. For example, when asked to give three answers for a band, one player gave both “Little Richards” and “Little Richards Band” and both answers got accepted as being individual answers rather than just one. Players can also just guess first names for many category answers and still get rewarded even if they don’t give a family name. It’s also not clear why/how the game decides who wins in a tie game, it just seems to pick a player at random. Overall, decent and fun, but needs more done on ensuring players can’t cheat the system.
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9 months ago, Sam Bashari
Glitchy as heck!
This game is fun but upsettingly glitchy. I did not pay for what should have been advertised as a beta phase app. I get the never-ending loading wheel for minutes on end, give up, start over, to find that none of the points are recorded but of course, my tokens are taken. The software animations are awkwardly freezy, it reorders or omits letters if you type too fast, and it sometimes forgets to give you any rewards, which is frustrating for competitive people. Shame that this has to take from how fun the game could be. I’m sorry for the bad rating, but I hope the developers are inspired to resolve this in some way, so less people have something to complain about.
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4 years ago, dmcblue2020
One of my favorite games but...
Scattergories is one of my favorite games. The main issue I have with this game and the reason I gave this game 3 stars is the keyboard. The keyboard in this game is different than the one used for texting... they have their own keyboard. I find myself having to go back and enter answers again because a letter didn’t work. You have to be precise with this game in order to enter a correct answer... and you are on a time limit. So a lot of time is spent going back and having to revise answers. Also you are limited as to how many games you can play unless you pay for the app. Other than that, the game is enjoyable.
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7 years ago, sick and crazy
I just wrote a giant review to try to give the developers a little perspective from a long time player of the board game. I hit a button and am unsure if i deleted it or submitted it. There is no mistaking the review i speak of. It is huge and i had a ton of feedback from a technical and scoring standpoint mostly. Also identify a couple "must-have" tweaks. Could u respond to let me know if you received, and if not i will carve out a month or two to create a new one. Yes, kidding. I have so far spent a very unreasonable and couch potato-ey amount of time with this app. I really needed another thing to waste perfectly good time on so thanks for that ;).
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1 year ago, Glitches and bugs 123446
Good but some bugs
I really liked this game and the way it was set up. The questions are hard to answer and that’s what makes the game fun. But I will have to say that there are some bugs. Sometimes when I try to open the app, the screen turns black or it kicks me out. Also, when I check to see the ones that I got wrong, it says that I completely misspelled my word even thought for a fact that a did not spell it like that. Those are just some bugs that I hope to get fixed but I sort of recommend this game.
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2 years ago, AlexHelenius90
Fun, if a bit flawed
Overall this is a fun, easy to play digital version of the classic. A few things that stand out to me is I’m having to dispute answers often as their list of acceptable answers seems small. For instance I got the letter D and one of the categories was Authors. I put down Delia Owens, a new but wildly successful author who wrote “Where the Crawdads Sing”. This answer was not accepted! The developers need to update their lists more frequently. Also the user experience of the feedback form for submitting a dispute is terrible. Better modal navigation and active text box (while typing) with full use of an insertion point (blinking vertical line) would be strongly encouraged. The experience of playing with a friend is mediocre at best, broken at worst. when I submit my answers it sometimes won’t show on my friends phone as their turn. And I can’t remove players that I’m still waiting on, the best I can do is keep nudging. Other apps will implement a time limit for matches.
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3 years ago, bowe of citadel of chickens
Typos and App Freezes
This is such a classic game, and I’m glad there’s an app for it. It’s easy to get consumed with playing! Only complaints I have are that I type a word, double-check the spelling before submitting it, and then at the end of the round I see a different word in its place. For example, I submitted ”bacon,” but the final board shows “beacon.” This has happened a number of times, and it throws the scoring off. Also, the app freezes a lot after certain ads, and I have to close and swipe the app out before I can move on to another round.
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3 years ago, LMKKNK
Good but could use improvement
I like this game a lot and play it with my son and daughter. This game is very fun for the whole family but needs some things fixed. The one that annoys my family and I the most is that, if you tie a game with another player on a lower level than you it doesn’t count as a win for you and doesn’t give you coins. This was annoying especially when my daughter got her first 60 and tied the other person just a few levels under her and didn’t get any coins. Other than this, this game is awesome and I would recommend it.
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3 years ago, sawlesssays
Could use some upgrades
This was once my go to game but it’s not as fun as it was before. I don’t know if there was an update that made the keyboard this way or if it has always been this way and I was too excited to notice. There is definitely an issue with the keyboard and it makes you lose time because you have to go back and fix the spelling. I think it would be a lot easier and you’d get less complaints and better reviews if you let us use our own keyboards or fix the one in the game. Other than the keyboard, which honestly plays such a big role in this game, I love the idea of this game still and it helps me focus better.
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5 years ago, Jennsym
I have a love/hate for this app
Favorite game of all time so that's obviously what brings me back, but there are soooo many issues with this app that it ruins it for crashes ALL THE TIME, often in the middle of a game so I lose points; often enough to make it annoying, it accepts BS answers and rejects correct ones; spelling is SUPER sensitive; categories are better but they still have some that are too narrow so there literally isn't a possible answer, and some that are too broad so people just make stuff up; and it gives you an option to dispute your rejected answer but that does absolutely nothing (you still lose your game and they don't give you any points or coins back, so what's the point).
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6 years ago, Summer110806
Love it but wish there weren’t bugs
I love this game and the many different ways to play, but sometimes it seems they have a problem with their server or something and nothing will load properly. For awhile I thought it was my internet or phone but after closing the app and reopening and trying other things on my phone and all of them working properly, I realize it is this particular app. Maybe they have a frequent server overload or something but it is a little annoying to not be able to play during certain times.
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5 years ago, uwgirl
It *was* pretty good...
Been playing around a year or so. The last couple months I have more problems than not. I keep getting a purple screen of death that says “An error occurred. We are currently experiencing connection issues. Please try again in a few moments.” There’s a Retry button but it doesn’t do anything. I either have to force quit, reboot the phone, wait or worse, uninstall and reinstall. This last reinstall only lasted a few days. My daughter has one generation phone newer than me, both on the latest iOS and she doesn’t have the problem. If I can ever play again, I think you should also save stats so we can see among friends who has how many wins, points, etc.
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3 years ago, jaslou18
Still Flawed After Major Improvements
Finally it’s easier to play because the app uses your phone’s keyboard, but I randomly get “connectivity” issues and it won’t show my results after a match. I also completed “Chapter 4” of the game several months ago. It says Chapter 5 will be available soon. Again it’s been at least 6 months if not more. This could be better with more variety, it seems to use the same few letters for every game. I wish there were more clear rules. And it should identify why one person wins over another in the event of a tie.
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6 years ago, Kab82083759201
Good but needs work
Great game. Lots of bugs. Doesn’t use the keyboard your phone has and the keyboard the game provides is very slow. It takes pressing a key 3-4 times to make it work. Very obnoxious. It’ll also say that you have a duplicate answer with someone but none of the other players played your answer. The most obnoxious is when you're playing against 3 other people, you tie for first but it says you lost and they give the win to the other player. No rhyme or reason as to why. No tie breaker or no splitting the winnings. Pretty frustrating All in all fun idea but needs better developers to fix some issues
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2 years ago, Puzzler4378
Frustrating app in multiple ways
Way too many ads, while I expect there to be ads for free apps, this has too many. I actually considered buying the ad-free version but couldn’t find it in the App Store or within the app, even though the FAQs indicate there is one. The same categories seem to cont in IOU’s my cycle through. I have the board game version there are plenty of categories without repeating then so frequently. The FAQ explain what to do if you want to dispute decision on your entry. This process doesn’t work. And I’ve seen several examples of other players have words accepted which aren’t related to the category. However, now I’m glad I didn’t purchase it. I’m in the hospital and was looking for a game to pass the time. For the last two days it did this. Went to play it this afternoon and all of a sudden I don’t have enough coin to play a single round. While I didn’t like the first things I commented on I was willing to put up with it as long as I could play. Since I can’t play, I’ll probably delete the app
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3 years ago, itslitsam
Ads broke the app, literally.
Holy cow, this game made me very disappointed. I love scattergories but the game isn’t updated. Also, the ads that are just pictures break the game. After they close out you can’t tap anything in the game to play— you have to manually close and reopen the app. For the updated bit, Some of the answers for politicians were elected into office two years ago were disqualified because they were false…. And the keyboard is horrendous. It’s a smushed version that is incredibly hard to type on compared to the regular iPhone keyboard. I hope they improve their answer database and their keyboard so the game can be playable.
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3 years ago, Buddy Jones
Not worth it
Where do I begin. Let’s start with the ads, it’s excessive. They are long and frequent. Next the coins. I ran out of coins. New ones build up but only when the app is open. I guess when you run out of coins you just delete the app. What am I supposed to do sit here with the app open waiting to build back up? And lastly, the keyboard. Constantly freezing. Autocorrects to things that don’t make sense. There’s a lag so once you hit five seconds might as well stop typing and just give up. The categories also grow old. Always the same and gets boring after a few rounds. I thought maybe you’d get new categories as you progress in levels. But since I ran out of coins I’ll never find out
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