2.1 (43)
7.5 MB
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Current version
Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ScheduleAnywhere

2.07 out of 5
43 Ratings
2 years ago, Thisistoodifficult
Needs work
This app could be great but it needs to show all future requests you have put in & manager response, instead of just listing them in notifications which are hard to sort through.
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3 years ago, Wanda Kessle
Love the updates!
The recent updates to the mobile app are great! It’s so convenient for managers to be able to make last minute schedule changes from anywhere and instantly update the staff. The whole team loves having access to up-to-the-minute schedules. It’s been a game changer for us!
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3 years ago, CDMJ
Horrible update
The last update that changed the weekly schedule view to a month view is horrible. You now have to select each day instead of seeing everything for a week. This makes planning around a work schedule more difficult and irritating. Please either bring back the week view or give it back to us as an option to select to view as that weekly portion in order to fix this issue.
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3 years ago, Jayne Berg
Works great!
My experience has been great! My team loves having their schedules available via the mobile app and they can submit schedule requests from anywhere.
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3 years ago, ImTheLaw
Update makes app unusable
Why did you choose to update this app and make it completely unfriendly to the user? It makes no sense what so ever. I can no longer see everyone’s schedule, which is a vital component of my job function. The previous version was easy to use, view, and navigate. Bring the old one back.
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3 years ago, Chilly57
Update ruined it
This app used to allow me to see a week at a glance … now it shows a month at a time with a dot on the day indicating that I am scheduled to work or that I asked off. It was OK to add that function, but not if it means losing the week at a glance.
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3 years ago, 10000Scorpion
Horrible update
I’m not able to see my coworkers schedule. I’m order to see if we can switch with each other we need to see everyone else schedule. I like the fact we can see the whole month but if I’m not seeing my coworkers schedule I rather the old one.
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3 years ago, laxstar12
Absolutely Horrible Update
Please bring back the weekly view or make it an option to use the weekly view. Way too hard to see what your work week schedule looks like.
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3 years ago, Yotu01
Always logs out
Always logs out
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3 years ago, o1eyedwilly
Last update
The last update is horrible. When I click on “my schedule” it used to give me several days and now it only list the current day. How does that help me? Please please go back to the previous version.
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3 years ago, Craptasticvshsbdbhdhdb
Horrible update
New update is awful. Couldn’t be any less user friendly. Last version was simple and easy for folks to see use and see so changed for no reason.
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3 years ago, qwejejdjejej
Please return to the old version
The new update is not user friendly, hard to read and functions are poor.
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3 years ago, ShDeMc
Schedule view!
Calendar view is awful! Please change back to allow weekly view. Didn’t authorize this update!
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3 years ago, purvimod
This update is terrible. Can’t see which shifts I supposed to work transparently. The user experience person has failed us all.
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3 years ago, BigDawg1995
New update is not very good
Cannot see my schedule effectively nor can I see my coworkers who are working today now. Not good, wish the update could be undone
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2 years ago, Harmy
I can no longer see the full schedule, including vacations/days off/notes that are added to the schedule. PLEASE bring the old app back!
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3 years ago, unsatisfiedalso
Latest Update
The latest update is absolutely useless! Had a good app and ruined it! I will be deleting this junk app immediately!
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3 years ago, swalls216
Please put it Bach the way it was 3 months ago. This update is not user friendly. We all hate it.
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3 years ago, ryfbjug
Bring back weekly view option
Update is so inefficient.
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3 years ago, jghvfy17
New update
The new update is terrible! All of my colleagues agree. Can we go back to the old one! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, schwarbj
What happened
Latest update is terrible. Go back to old, please.
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7 years ago, SpringfieldMO Supervisor
This app is the definition of Minimum Viable Product...could be so much better.
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3 years ago, nolemom1
Hate to new update
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4 years ago, Davon1719
Not worth the money
I am not sure how much money my employer is spending for this scheduling software, but whatever it is, I am sure it is too much for what you get. I will say it is nice to be able to see not only your schedule, but who you work with. But it just will not work for some companies. I will explain a huge issue I see with this app. Now it may work for businesses who work 9a-5p, or a day and afternoon shift with no night shift. It is not going to work for night shifts who also work overtime. I work in a 911 center, so obviously we are staffed 24/7. We have a lot of overtime. Now we work 7a-3p, 3p-11p, 11p-7a. If i want to know what I work on say July 15th and I am on midnight shift, I get on the app or website, look at “midnights” and then look for my name. Now normally this would say 11p-7a if I did not have any overtime. Now if I did have overtime from 7a-11a so I was working 11pm on July 15th and the morning of July 16th staying over until 11a, I would have to check my schedule for July 16th, even though it is the same shift from July 15th. Apparently there is no way to keep the overtime hours on the same day when it runs over in to a new day. Does not make sense to me considering my midnight shift is 11p-7a, so technically shouldn’t the app says July 15th I am working 11p-12a and then the next day, July 16th, say I am working 12a-7a since 12am starts a new day?
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8 years ago, xneverwasx
Don't bother
The developer hasn't updated since it's initial release in 2014 and there's only the bare minimum of functionality. You'll only be able to see one day at a time for multiple employees or a list of a week's worth of shifts for yourself. There's no calendar view, no notifications for messages or changes, no interface for managers, no integration with iOS's native calendar or Google calendar. There's only the minimum of effort applied to the app for the developer to say they HAVE an app. On a related note, if you or your business has the option to use a different vendor entirely, it would be worth it. The overall user experience for the main web interface is a pain and unnecessarily hard to use as a manager and view as an employee. The best thing I can say about it is that using the Web interface on an iPhone is painful enough to use this app, but only because it's literally only better than nothing.
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10 years ago, 2008 CRNA
This is horrible
Why would any company use this scheduling system is hard to understand. This "app" is just the same as a mobile web version. No new features. No innovative ideas. No way to "save" your schedule. Want to sync to google calendar to push to your iPhone? Nope. Want to a text message or email to tell you the daily assignment? Nope. Want to see a month view like on the desktop? Nope. Want ease in scheduling your employees and their daily assignments? Nope. ***To Atlas Software: if you are going to spam your app reviews with bogus 5-star ratings then at least make sure they can write correctly in English! ***
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10 years ago, laffnggal
Doesn't work on my ipad
We use ScheduleAnywhere online and have for years. It's not the most elegant but it has features we haven't found anywhere else- even on very expensive scheduling programs. But this app- doesn't work at all. I hope they get it fixed because I've been hoping they would develop an ipad/ iphone version. It would also be nice if their scheduling program synced with our personal calendars. But that's another story.
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10 years ago, Hieronymus M
Basic and straightforward
I'm puzzled by the antipathy exhibited in some of the other reviews. This is a basic, straightforward app that allows me to check my work schedule from, yes, anywhere. From where I sit, it does what it's supposed to do.
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10 years ago, SJ5150
Cant even log into our businesses scheduling system. The web version and mobile web version works, but this app is clearly a mis-guided after thought. No way to select the database to connect to so the generic one does not recognize my user ID. This is a DOA application. Don't waste your effort. The originator would require way too much hand holding.
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6 years ago, Pip
This app being read-only is very frustrating. The whole point of being mobile is being able to update on the fly. Also, I work in an organization that has more than 150 employees in a single schedule. It’s virtually impossible to go through that on this interface.
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5 years ago, Happygm45
Works for me just fine. Can even make shift changes with last update.
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8 years ago, Yoheezie
Pretty crappy
Yeah, it shows you your schedule. That is ALL it does. I would have loved for it to sync with my iOS calendar so I don’t have to check an app every day. I should just get an alert through my phone that I have to work at a certain time. At least the app was free. I’d want a refund if it wasn’t.
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10 years ago, Floxum
Great addition
Great to be able to my schedule on my phone.
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10 years ago, Schnehe
The only thing this app is good for is looking at the schedule. The problem is, it doesn't scroll far enough to see everyone on my company's schedule. I can only see about the top 10. Might as well log in through the website.
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8 years ago, chelkie
Limited options
I thought I'd be able to do more on the app than the mobile website, but you can only view schedules. I would like to be able to add comments/make changes, and this doesn't allow for that.
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6 years ago, Hispanyola
Almost useless
I can not believe my company pays for this. It is difficult to make requests and almost impossible to view my requests with out haphazardly poking through the schedule a few weeks at a time.
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10 years ago, Dbuuuuu12345678698651235677
Stopped loading
It used to work fine but now when I try to open the app it is just a blank white screen. I would give it zero stars if I could.
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6 years ago, HausofJP
Needs much improvement
This app needs to be updated for multiple things. Add features that the website has, like requests. Also update to be compatible with iPhone XS and XS Max.
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9 years ago, Jeremymyskinner
Would like to see a monthly view of the schedule. Also would like to be able to import schedule to my calendar.
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6 years ago, FSNB member
Needs improvement.
This app is in need of a good upgrade. It will mess up every other time you’re are on it. Please fix the bugs so it can be more useful. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Aggy7070
Very outdated
This app has not been updated for years. Need to be updates for iPhone Xs, better viewing, graphics, and capable to sync with iPhone calendar.
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10 years ago, Yarrow78
App review
This app is disappointing. Nothing new to offer and you can only view one week at a time. It's the same as the online version. :(
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10 years ago, Erickb898
Needs more functions
Could be useful if it allowed you to request and review time off...
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10 years ago, Gpdtc8
Can't submit for time off. Horrible format design. Hard to read.
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6 years ago, Kirk1233
No ability to edit the schedule...
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7 years ago, wilmez98
Needs Update
Needs an update to iPhonex.
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10 years ago, Graham'smom
Better than nothing I guess
Two recommendations for this app: please show the schedule as a month view, and allow us to stay signed in. It's annoying to have to put in a username and pw every time.
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9 years ago, Xw00dsrac3rX
Can't send requests for time off. Buggy and crashes. Can't navigate easily.
Show more
6 years ago, WNM1
Can’t get past the login screen
When I enter my username and password it tells me one or both are wrong but they aren’t...
Show more
10 years ago, Chris1683
This is nothing more than a web shortcut to their "mobile" version which is horrible anyway. There should be a month view like the full website. The app can't even remember your username and password. Complete garbage.
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