3.3 (4)
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Schedulicity

3.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
1 week ago, mscheleg
New Update will not add appointments
It keeps telling me to change app settings to allow adding events to calendar. But my settings already say that and I’m not going to change it to full access to my calendar.
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3 weeks ago, PepLluís
New update made it barely usable
Latest update made it barely usable. What was straightforward before, now is less than easy to accomplish. It’s not clear what steps to follow to complete trivial tasks. This App clearly shows the development team has not invested in testing, and hasn’t used the app to book a service. Also, the App only needs access to ADD events to tour calendar, I’m not giving FULL ACCESS to any app to my private calendar, are you crazy? Please go back to the drawing board, and make it useable, as right now is painful. As it is, this will cause businesses to loose customers because of this faulty App.
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6 days ago, rcc4au
Garbage after update
Update lost my card on file, throws “excwption_unsuccessful” error messages when booking appointments as if the appointment isn’t booked, but I eventually received confirmation emails. Unable to see appointments in app, so people must rely on the email confirmations. App wasn’t great before. Even worse now.
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3 weeks ago, Jimjimjimjimham
7.0 update - bad design!
prior to the most recent update, this app worked great. now it’s hard to go right to my favorites and book. used to be a few taps, now it’s multiple back and forth, drop downs, and tiny tap targets. plus, the old version had “add only” access to my calendar, because that’s all it needed. you don’t need full access to my calendar!!
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2 years ago, GARossJr
Navigation buttons disappear and more
The bottom row of navigation buttons (search, favorites, appointments and account) disappear in certain situations. Most easily reproducible method is to select favorites and the navigation bar disappears after. You can get it back by clicking info. But, if I go to appointments after that, there is no way to restore the navigation. Must force quit the app. Annoying. Additionally, when trying to report this situation, I tried to use the facility to report an issue but that didn’t work at all. Apparently, the only way is to write a review.
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1 week ago, idaisukeniwa
Can’t use autofill
They changed the app. “let’s start with your email” and does not have a password field so you can’t use autofill. Really dumb
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6 years ago, bigficsh
Core experience broken
Booked 10+ appointments with a massage therapist. They use Schedulicity to mange them. So when I see a flood of confirmation emails (they should really just have a summary email if you book multiple in a short period of time but that’s a separate concern) which contain a my appointment button, it refers you to download the app. I hoped that I could add these appointments to my calendar through the app because for some reason they don’t include an .ics link in email. I download the app and created the account with the same email I used to make the appointments thinking that they would sync to my appointments tab. Nope, nothing. Not even when I launch the app from the email link does anything sync. For users who just want to be either reminded of their appointments or add to their calendar you make it impossible. If you spent as much time responding to these other reviews as you did actually fixing these things your app wouldn’t be rated so poorly.
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7 years ago, Larrylegend2008
Forcing users to uninstall to update...
Is bonkers. Today the app tells me I need to update to keep using. Ok, well I, like most users have auto-updates on so why am I seeing this? Regardless, I try to update it manually but the App Store says I have the latest version... ok so now they want me to delete the app and re-install it. Who in their right mind would want their users to actually to uninstall their app? I strongly suggest not using the forced update flag unless absolutely necessary and if for some once it is necessary under extreme circumstances, don't flip it until the app store actually has the latest build for 24 hours
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4 years ago, Korartiz
Feels like it’s meant for one offs.
Use schedulicity for my gym. Need ability to schedule multiple sessions at a time instead of getting kicked to start and having to nav through the whole schedule again to book another class. Also asks me if I want text reminders every single time. No.
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5 years ago, flowergirl08
Needs some improvement.......
The app will allow you to book a class with an expired “package on file” instead of letting you know your package has expired and offer you the option to either purchase a single class or another package. It can be confusing. Also, you need to go to their full site to check the expiration date of your package instead of that information being available on the mobile sight which is probably the more frequently used method of booking appointments.
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2 years ago, TechGirlGeek
Decent but needs improvements
The UI is very outdated: please add a dark mode at the very least. The ability to add multiple sessions would be really nice. My gym uses this and I like to book out at least a couple of weeks at a time to ensure I get spots. With only being able to book one class at a time it takes awhile, and after a couple of days I get lost as to which days I’ve booked and which I haven’t yet.
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8 years ago, rbharnet
Update is a downgrade
I utilize this app to schedule and keep track of my personal training appointments. The new version does not allow me to save it to my calendar from the app. It sends me an email which I can save on my calendar however the details of the class did not save with it. The previous version allowed me to save it all from the app and included all the details so that it automatically synced with my calendar. The update is definitely a downgrade in my opinion :(
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7 years ago, Simmonly
Functional - Underwhelming
Functions fine if you're searching for a new service provider and scheduling an appointment. Rebook is also convenient. Practical improvements would include: a button on home screen to take you directly to providers identified as favorites and defaulting the search/home page to your city that you set in your account profile instead of defaulting to San Francisco. Why bother even creating a profile if it isn't used?
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2 years ago, Wine Steward
Used to be great
This app has done nothing but decrease in value and make it harder to schedule. For my barbershop, it used to show availability a month out. Now it’s two weeks and that’s not sufficient lead time because the shop is always busy! The shop isn’t happy either and is starting to complain about the app and service. No one likes unannounced changes! 😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Ensorcell
Stop logging us out
Good app, but please stop logging us out on whatever cadence it is. Every few months I need to book a haircut, and I need to log in fresh. That means I have to look up my password again and am less likely to take the time to keep using your app. Fix this and I bet your retention will go up a bit. Add fingerprint/ faceid if you really need the security.
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5 years ago, Mojo_Belmar
3 star to 5 star rating
I previously wrote a review talking about the rebook functionality and a few other “saved” items. This has been addressed in recent updates and I have changed my rating accordingly. Now this works well and I can quickly navigate and book appointments.
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6 years ago, the fetching Mrs. Moon
Don’t use this
I used this app to make a hair appointment yesterday. I got to the address that it sent me to and there was a salon there but not under the name it gave me and they had never heard of the place or the stylist who was supposed to do my hair and definitely didn’t have an appointment for me. I called he number provided, which was a barber shop and still not where I supposedly had an appointment. The salon I booked at does not exist. App gave me the option to pay $80 to confirm the appointment. Glad I didn’t do that. I’m extremely unhappy.
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7 years ago, darg2006
Good and bad...
Great for seeing upcoming appointments and a first time booking. Would be great if a box was added to the explore function where all your favorites would be listed as it is a hassle to search each time. The rebook function is limited. If your first appointment is a consult (say 45 min appt but follow ups are 30 min.)...the rebook function only lets you rebook the exact appointment (the 45min consult)...not merely rebook with the business.
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7 years ago, Bryan-232
Better but still not perfect
The loading has gotten way better. But there is still room for improvement. Like a tab for your favourite businesses so you can access them easier. But other than that it has gotten much better!!
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4 years ago, FlickerSoul
Terrible app
Terrible app. Please don’t divide account and password input into two different sections. It’s bad for auto fill. I found that if I changed my password and and try to book a course on the web, then the website kept spinning in the checkout page. Most likely JavaScript error handle is missing for invalid cookie validation and thus failed to redirect users to login. I’m also unable to opt out email updates. Terrible experience.
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1 year ago, DamionTrotter
Very Dangerous
This app will should never allow the service provider to have and keep your bank card information. There is nothing preventing them for charging your card for service never asked for or on another site because you gave it to them trying to book an appointment. This shouldn’t even be a option.
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5 years ago, Biscuit Sch
“Failed to load Data Data”
App works great-half the time. The other half, there is a red bar that says “failed to load (whatever) data data.” I feel bad for the small businesses who pay to use this as a scheduling service if it only works half the time.
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8 years ago, wrarf
This is perfect :) It's great to be able to get to booking right from my home screen instead o having to go through safari. Just booked a massage in like 2 seconds!!
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5 years ago, Tones2457
Great app!
I use this app for my clients to sign up for my yoga classes and feel this is an easy and quick way to manage my classes and clients! Really easy to navigate and at a free to low cost, i am loving it!
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4 years ago, app not finding all classes
Had to use website to schedule class
I could not find a class on the app- but I was able to find it on the website version. Now - the class shows up in app. A friend of mine is having same issue.
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2 years ago, Spinkydunk
Blank screen
I haven’t used it in a while but today all I get is a black screen that says Schedulicity. It never goes to any log in screen
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6 years ago, CDACOWBOYTJ
This app couldn’t be more easy to use. Adds appointments straight to my calendar seamlessly, easy to navigate, and fun! Would recommend it to anyone.
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4 years ago, MostOriginalNickname
Enter your email on the first log in screen, it takes you to a second log in screen to enter your password, but it FORGETS YOUR EMAIL BEFORE YOU CAN LOG IN! Even with correct password, it denies access because it forgets my email on the second page and won’t let me modify it! Sends me on an endless loop of trying to enter email and password. So dumb!!!
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6 years ago, taps taps taps
The app has ApplePay as an option, which for some reason doesn’t work, so I manually entered a credit card and the “next” button is hidden behind my battery indicator. The “cancel” button is hidden behind my clock. I had to force quit the application to even exit. Interesting concept. Unusable at this moment
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7 years ago, seemomrun406
So easy...
And fast to book all my appts around town and I can add them to my calendar during booking! Makes life simple. 💗
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8 years ago, PuNk rAwK pUrL
FINALLY.... but not quite
Omg, I've been waiting for this app forever. The basics are there, but overall feels a little bare bones. The #1 miss, and this is a pretty giant fail, is not being able to save appointments directly to your phones calendar. What the heck?
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4 years ago, b23ee
Great app! Easy to schedule with my favourite nail artist!
I love this app - very simple to use and they make it easy for me to rebook with my favourite service providers
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5 years ago, ole5566
Can’t schedule anything from iPhone iOS 12.1.4
No times for any local business, after selecting a date a red bar show up at the top of the calendar which says “Failed to load schedulable times”. Booked online then assumed iOS app would sync, my appointment is scheduled for the year 1969 iOS , online is 2019
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8 years ago, IckPick
Why Why
Can we not automatically add our appointments to our Iphone calendar? WHY? Wish we could, then it would be a 5 star app. Lucky I gave them 4 stars lol.
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8 years ago, Tudi D.
My icon has completely disappeared off my page. Is this a ongoing problem with iPhone users
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8 years ago, Melodybbww
Gateway to beauty
I'm lovin this app! I've used it to book hair cut, facial, yoga class and even to have my puppy walked. Great way to find local businesses in the neighborhood!
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5 years ago, pvmso
Calendar sync issue
Ever since the new updates, my appointments no longer sync or get added to my calendar.
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6 years ago, Kellan82
Useless garbage
App refuses to save credit card info to make bookings - I’ve tried multiple times and even tried going into the website version, and it never works. I wish businesses didn’t try to route customers through this app.
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7 years ago, RobinS546
Need to update...refuses to update
This is a great app for finding what you need when you need it
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2 years ago, hadams207
App keeps crashing! It is a good app when it works but it needs some serious updating!
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4 years ago, Dave.Ed
App keeps logging me out
Doesn’t save log in information. Every time I go to use it have to remember my log in/password. Like the previous reviewer said. Stop auto logging out! About to drop my barber because it can’t stand this app.
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7 years ago, RobbynAckner
Convenient but....
I like the convenience, but it crashes more often than it works. Ugh
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6 years ago, beavgodzilla
Doesn’t work
I book practice time at a local studio every week. Never once was I able to do it via this app. I get knocked out EVERY SINGLE TIME. Rolls through the whole process only to shut down at the last step.
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7 years ago, Bulls! #1!
Not working
App update isn't working. Keeps telling me to update. I click on update and it takes me to the app in the App Store. Then I see no update option. Only "open". So I hit that. Then back in a circle we go
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3 years ago, 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😏
Makes Booking Difficult
If you’d like to (insert whatever the opposite of streamline is) your booking processes - use Schedulicity! Makes paying and booking awkward; watching anyone, including myself, try to use this app is painful.
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8 years ago, Sharky310456
Keeps asking me to update
When I open the app it prompts me to download an update where it then proceeds to bring me to the App Store where no update is available! Please fix so I can use the app.
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8 years ago, Auto guy
Great service and app is very well made! Nice job Schedulicity!!!
Well done.
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6 months ago, Hlogan
Not working
I can go to site and book, but the app will not load schedule
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7 years ago, Artyelle
No support
I am trying to contact the appnfor support with dynamic text. It is extremely hard to track down. Not to mention the font size foe iPhone requires me to use a magnifying glass.
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6 years ago, Htlykme
Nice but
Would be great if I could add a message AFTER booking it.
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