Scheels Visa Card

4.8 (14.9K)
42.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Bankcard
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scheels Visa Card

4.82 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
6 months ago, A-One Geo
I have a company Mastercard I haven’t used in years thanks to the Scheels Visa!! I’ve had a Scheels card for 10+ years! The service and perks are impeccable! I travel out of state for work quite often and as soon as I use my card in another state I get a text or an email for fraud prevention. Wonderful service. I receive gift cards for my use of the card that you can also use to pay against your statement. It’s a win win! Almost everyone in my company has one!!
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7 months ago, Israel.S.
So disappointed in the customer service and customer loyalty from Scheels. Or should I say the lack there of. A couple months ago I was having payment issues with my Scheels Outdoors rewards card. My monthly payment was getting returned. After several calls and several other payment attempts where their customer service only advice was to try again I finally get an agent who listened to why I was calling and was able to help me fix the issue and witchin seconds it was fixed and a final payment was made. By this time Scheels (Colorado Springs, CO) reported that I missed my November payment (not accurate). This report has hit my credit for more than 70 points and Scheels (Johnstown, CO) refuses to fix or help with the isssue even though each of the customer service reps as agreed that the issue was not my fault and agreed that it should fine fixed. The payment reported missed was in November and my payment that was finally fixed and accepted was in November. I am completely disappointed because I love the Scheels store and they do not seem to reciprocate when it comes to their customers.
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10 months ago, bbbbhbbiugh
Credit limit
Had $4700 limit. Able to pay my bills and have good savings. Limit was reduced to $2000 and now I keep getting many emails to buy things from store and use my card. But wow no available credit. I loved that you gave me a chance with high limit but was disappointed when you reduced my limit. Thank you very much. I’m not saying it does not meet my standard. I do love the card and it’s benefits. But can we reduce the email notices to buy from you. Maybe when we pay down the cards we can get back to original limit. Then I won’t mind the ads to buy things. Thank you for getting back with me. Thank you for your response back to me I really appreciate this communication between us.
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11 months ago, Elk family
Happy card holder
We enjoy and love the benefits that our card has to offer we tell our family and friends about the Scheels credit card and how much we like having it and how it’s a perfect pick for us for our first credit card we recommend everyone to get a Scheels card!!!
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10 months ago, 0351/0311
COULD be a 5 star app, but unfortunately not.
It WOULD be a great app, had it not been for the fact that the app has a pop up ad for the Scheels store app that makes it impossible to use, because you can't exit/close the ad (it just covers the screen and stays there, and nothing you do makes it go away). Word of advice to everyone else: don't bother with the app, just log in from your computer and set up autopay. That's a-lot better than having to lose your mind trying to fix this app. Without the pop up ad that makes this app impossible to use, it WOULD be a great app, tbh. Hopefully the software engineers that work for Scheels can fix this soon before this app truly dies.
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10 months ago, Lhjdb
Pop up for Scheel’s app is frustrating
Every time I try to log in to the scheel’s visa app, I receive a pop up ad for the Scheel’s app. It will not close when I tap the x on the upper right hand corner. I have to hold my finger on it and tap it several times to get it to close so I can access the Visa app and manage my account. This happens EVERY time and frustrates me more each time I access the app. Please remove the pop up ad! I have added that app and don’t like it nearly as much fro managing my account! The Visa app itself is very easy to use.
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1 year ago, Heiifjsjbdhs
Add more features
I like the app. We charge and pay it off asap. We don’t usually wait for a billing cycle cause the app lets me pay as we go which I love. I wish the app would track your points though. It’s annoying to have to log onto the website to see how many points you have.
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3 years ago, Ezmoneygirl
App not working to make payment
I have reset my phone, my phone is up to date, I cannot make my payment on the app without an error message coming up and payment screen saying I have no accounts on file. I will try on a computer!
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7 months ago, kunze305
Scheels card
The whole app is very easy to use and is user friendly. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a card that has great customer service and a great working app
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9 months ago, ReeseDurst
Pretty good, could be better
Just an average credit card app, nothin too fancy. However, it gets extremely annoying that the notification to get the Scheels app pops up every. Single. Time. You open this app and there’s no way to get rid of it. I have the Scheels app already as I’m sure 98% of people who have the Scheels credit card app do as well. Please fix this!!
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5 months ago, max from iowa
It’s been the easiest card/finance/mobile banking app I’ve used. I work at a rural community bank. I’d like to push our current product to be this user friendly.
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6 years ago, Jaque Straap
Works great
After the current update it just crashes and will not load anything. The previous versions have been flawless. Fix!!!! The most current version works great.
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2 months ago, thirteenmama
Phone call was with real person that was easy to understand and was very quick!
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2 years ago, pb309
Not able to search or sort
Adding one simple feature would bump this review up to 5 stars: The ability to search for a transaction by amount or title. Or at least sort by amount. Most other bank and card apps can do with it.
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3 years ago, AquaDan101
Gr8 banking app
Does everything I want, even saving my password. Almost deleted my account until I found the settings to establish a pin & then fingerprint logging. Awesome app. Setup could be a bit more intuitive.
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8 months ago, New Life Church Production
Best Card and Store EVER!!
I love this card and Scheels is my go to store! Wish they had groceries so I didn’t have to go anywhere else!
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2 years ago, Jesse D 406
Used to Work
Since they changed the look and feel of the app a couple of weeks ago, it has been unusable. First I would have to completely close the app or dig for the option to use Face ID. Then Face ID stopped working and it wanted user and password to turn it back on (every time I opened the app). Now, it won’t work at all. Tells me to use the website! What’s the point of the app then? BROKEN
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3 months ago, Papatrick hammertime
Not worth it
I was led to believe this card gave 0% interest on all purchases over $500 but that’s only to Scheels purchases. The return seems minimal for having another credit line open and I wish I didn’t open it. Just got a late fee of $29 for missing payment date which is my bad but in general I don’t suggest this card
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3 years ago, DeKraken
Can not login to pay
Every time I try to login it will tell you that I am using the wrong or incorrect password, even though it is the right one. Then when I try to reset my password it won’t send an email so I can change the password, although it can send me an email to tell me that I have been locked out of my account.
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7 months ago, Bill 187dude
App password
For some unknown reason, my password on my phone app stopped working. I didn’t do anything to change it, but it stopped working and I just find that very frustrating in this day and age with all these passwords.!!!!
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3 months ago, W.Shepherd
Login errors
Since the last iPhone update I have been unable to login and or make payments from my app , I’ve tried deleting app and reinstalling and now I can’t even log in , guess I’ll just call to make payments or close the card account !
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10 months ago, Heavy_Reign
Worst card ever!!
Applied for card and got an i initial limit of $7,500. I was one day late on my first payment and my credit limit was dropped down to $2,000. I paid my payment along with the late fee but I wasn’t given a chance and my credit score suffered badly. I haven’t missed a payment since but I refuse to use the card.
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1 year ago, HMill10
Makes me not want to have a Scheels card.
This app is awful. Not sort filters, consistently says I did not enable face ID when I go to login. I’ll enable it and about the 3rd time I go to login it will say I never enabled it. Then you go to the website online and that’s about just as bad. Horrible support for card holders on app and online but good rewards.
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3 years ago, erinbulau
Good, but could use some improvements
I like the app it is handy, it sure would be nice to be able to make multiple payments at a time though, so that you could pay from two different accounts.
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11 months ago, rpwilley23
Good app
Good looking interface. I'd give it another start if it didn't pop up after login telling me to download the Scheels app since I already have it.
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2 months ago, Tsirek1
FNBO reduced my credit limit without warning
My credit limit on this card was dropped from $7700 to $550 suddenly and without warning. My payment history on the account at the time was current. My credit score was hurt because ratio of debt load compared to credit limit increased.
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Crashes Each Time
Had to Set up account via website because app would not go to enroll page...After enrollment each time log in is attempted it asks for the terms agreement then states unknown error. Have re-downloaded app several times and connected to different internet sources. Useless
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3 years ago, MontanaJFK
Completely Useless
Should just take this app down. “An unknown error occurred” is the only consistent action it performs. Clearly this has been an ongoing problem based upon the reviews. Appears Scheels has zero customer care commitment to put out a functional product. Love their stores, too bad this app is so abysmal. Tarnishes their brand to have this piece of useless junk flying the Scheels logo.
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10 months ago, Moosen25
Scheels Card
Just easy.
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2 years ago, chucja
Touch ID doesn’t work half time
Log in feature seems to have a glitch. I enable Touch ID, it works for a while, but then doesn’t load half the time and then I get a message that Touch ID is not enabled.
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6 years ago, InkTheMidWest
Doesn’t work after last update
Previous versions have been amazing. Now nothing shows up when it loads whatsoever. No accounts attached anymore. Online site doesn’t work either. How are we supposed to manage our accounts? Calling takes forever
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10 months ago, buckskn
Viewing account
It seems like once or twice a week I am not able to view my account because of maintenance, and it always happens at the worst time.
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4 months ago, BusaBoy196
App and login issues
The app and login are in reliable and seem to always have issues
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7 months ago, stroud284
Its adequate
I have the Capital one as well as this CC and this Visa is OK but not as feature rich as the Cap One card. Already been hacked once but that happens on all Cards but they are very slow to resolve issues as well.
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1 year ago, iverslo3
Issues after logging in
I just want to be able to see my balance and pay off my balance.... problem is every single time I login I get asked to download the Scheels app and I cannot get past this page.
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4 months ago, WhiteTigreNV
No payment option in app
The Latest update took the make payment option from the app and I would like make a payment without call customer service
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12 months ago, blondie_d303
Pop up that won’t lose
Upon signing In, there is a pop up to download the scheels app and it will not close out so I can’t log into my account to check or pay my bill, it is so frustrating!
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2 years ago, nandidbejsjdkd
Needs updating
App won’t let me confirm my checking account info so I can’t make payments via the app.
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5 years ago, claarbear
Needs work
An update a few months ago said pending transactions wound show up. They did until the last update. Needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, wtfscheels
New Update Makes App Useless
The new update makes this app completely useless. It constantly redirects or loops to the fnbo account page instead of allowing me to access my Scheels Visa account. Happens on the app or desktop!
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6 years ago, Cjdann
Worked fine until today, says it needs to authenticate so I went on iPad and works fine Still doesn't work after update so I'm just deleting app
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4 weeks ago, Lmpreis
One account only
Accounts you pay from don’t save so u have to enter the information multiple times. Only one payment allowed at one time!
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2 years ago, Jordylopez2323
Says my internet connection is not trusted to try again, i’ve always used my same wifi or data. What is going on!
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3 months ago, Zach Tenold
Thinking about dropping card
1% cash back is not enough for me to want to use this card
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6 months ago, HuuuuuuuuugeRipoff
Disconnect between app and account trueness
App will show you don’t have a payment due and then you get charged a late fee for not making a payment that wasn’t due.
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2 years ago, steveND broncsFan
Poor App/website and Communocation
If your app is not going to work regularly and for long periods of times, notify your customers. As someone who owns and maintains an app, this is not a good ongoing experience, leading to uncertainty in security and reliability.
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2 years ago, mattfinnigan15
Will not keep my bank linked
4th time in 2 months being forced to link my bank account to my scheels app. Will not be using my scheels card any longer.
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3 years ago, ariadne413
Won’t let you log in
Refers to a “verify ID” page that doesn’t exist. Resetting password request goes no where. Had this credit card for over a decade, app nor web based version will help.
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7 months ago, None122222
Missed two payments and they canceled my card last time I will have a card with you.
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10 months ago, Krall76
App log in
Every time I go to log into the app I’m pushed to a pop up to download the app. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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