Schwab Advisor Center® Mobile

2.7 (17)
44.9 MB
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Current version
The Charles Schwab Corporation
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Schwab Advisor Center® Mobile

2.71 out of 5
17 Ratings
11 years ago, EmilyLeoPhone
Not universal
It works but I love to keep changing my phones every couple of weeks and this app is not universal on all platforms. They need to release this app on more platforms like Windows Phone 8 and possibly BB10 and then it will be true 5 stars.
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3 months ago, Little dragon KK
Lacks no functionality, merely a utility
Years of feedback in the App Store has continued to go unanswered. Advisors want the very least to deposit checks via mobile and do block trades under a specific master account (can do allocations on web afterwards). Perhaps include on demand move money features that have standing LOAs would be great too. Don’t quite understand who the product manager or lead developer here is when every review is less than 2 stars.
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2 years ago, b$$$$$$$
I can’t even say how long I have been waiting for a check deposit feature. When I open the app I am automatically greeted with an error message, have not had the opportunity to even try the delist feature, I have my doubts it even exists. Only thing you can do is check balances and positions,
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3 years ago, Jake McGuire
This app is absolutely not advisor friendly.
I am practically unable to do anything productive whatsoever with this app. You cannot view any meaningful information regarding an account other than their holdings. You cannot trade. You cannot view personal client details. You cannot use Schwab’s stock research tab. I don’t understand the point of this app. Seems worthless.
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2 months ago, SameermMehta
App information lost
TD Ameritrade offered a lot more information and tools to look at balance history, detailed profit/loss screen, research facility.. it’s a struggle to find anything on Charles Swab. You will do your clients a favor if you take the Ameritrade application and reinstate as Charles Swab.
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1 year ago, jasonwilliamcarter
Why even have it?
You can’t do anything with the app as an advisor. It’s completely useless.
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2 months ago, Will7129
Get with the times
You have a long way to go on technology. Get innovative! Be the leader.
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5 months ago, BJN4460
Schwab can do better for their RIAs! The app has little to no value…
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3 years ago, ehf01
Advisor mobile
App doesn’t accept my credentials on IPhone 8+
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2 years ago, markf52
Doesn’t work with MFA
The app does not work with MFA.
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12 years ago, Nga3452
Looks great
This application is really easy to use. I'm really looking forward to seeing what features are next. A move money feature would be nice to have.
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7 years ago, pgw321
What's the point?
I'm traveling with my brand new iPad and looking forward to the freedom from the office and still having the ability to easily monitor and manage client accounts. Lo and behold, you can't manage anything with this app. You can't trade, you can't move money, you can't check the status of trades or transfers...what's the point?
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8 years ago, Alistair_J
Is Schwab committed to this app?
You can't trade with this app. Considering the secure login required, it is surprising that there is no opportunity to execute. No update since August 2015? Has Schwab lost interest in supporting the advisers using their tablets to work for their clients?
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7 years ago, Chaseonriv
Doesn't work
I have used the app for years on my iPad. I got a notice that this was not going to work after some date in March so I upgraded the app. I cannot even open it. I removed it and started all over again. Same thing. Shame on Charles Schwab!
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12 years ago, Sherpa147
Very handy, nice job
Advisors will find the account search helpful. Nice design, very intuitive
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7 years ago, Thinktank01
No frills basic app - almost useless app
You can't see a list of all accounts, can't see alerts for the day, no master view, can't execute trades. What is the app for?
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12 years ago, Kenny Gut
A Great First Step!
Gobs of basic information available! Now I don't need to drag my laptop all over the planet. Looking forward to increased functionality, but this is a great start. Dear Chuck, Would love to have actionable alerts!
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9 years ago, Skaggsy919
What's the point
I downloaded this and immediately deleted it. There is one pointless graph. If you need something just use chrome to access the institutional site.
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10 years ago, PeteGT
Amazing Omission
This app does not support special characters in the password field. Amazingly, this has glitch has been noted for years.
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6 years ago, DassSmitty
login impossible
As an advisor it is impossible to login. We need to use Symantec app to generate a temporary code. If I move from app to app Schwab resets my login ID information. Makes it impossible to jump from app to app in 20 seconds to retry my login info before the temporary passkey from Symantec changes.
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