Schwab Workplace Retirement

4.8 (52.9K)
49.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Charles Schwab Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Schwab Workplace Retirement

4.76 out of 5
52.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Monktavia
It amazes me that Schwab was able to come out with such an amazing app for the standard brokerage services side of their business, but then when it comes to this 401k interface, they produce an app that is so horribly designed. Why couldn’t they simply make this side of their business interface similar to the other app? Why can’t it be integrated? Why can’t I just see a regular table of my investments and their performance? Why does this app have to be so noisy with random calculators and multicolored graphs that I can’t even tell what the hell is going on? The regular brokerage Charles Schwab app is the ideal app. This app is terribly designed. 3/5
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6 years ago, semiprocurmudgeon
Slow, bad calculations
Very very slow website. Very very slow sells and buys. Very cumbersome and difficult to find or do anything. All buys, sells, and reinvested fund calculations are incorrect. No matter what calculator you use. They will NOT answer questions in regard to erroneous calculations. AND DO NOT use Quicken for investment decisions since Schwab sends incorrect, and missing information showing incorrect average price. Even online, their calculations are incorrect. Do simple multiplication or division on info Schwab shows and you too will be confused with NO EXPLANATIONS! These folks are sucking pennies from everyone and no explanation. And no, they do NOT show any fees....just magical extraterrestrial math! Terrible as a fiduciary and even worse as a administrator of your hard earned money. And they will NOT answer your inquiry...they send canned answers that don’t pertain. Won’t look at screenshots and will tell you they can’t even though they allow you to send them and encourage it! They simply do NOT care about you...ONLY their coffers. Can’t wait til I turn 59 1/2!!!! TD much better. Schwab appears to be crooks hiding behind obscurity and secrecy. NOT transparent at all!!!!
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1 year ago, luckatomichtoser
Monktavia Rebuttal
This app is great idk what your talking about when you say it’s poorly designed. Judging by the fact you complain about the app in your comments but rate it 5/5 it appears your a nonsensical individual who is afraid of Schwab for no apparent reason and should not be trusted in terms of writing an accurate review. This is a great app shame on you for saying otherwise. just because you can not budget well enough to fund your 401k sufficiently does not mean the app is poorly designed. Shame on you.
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6 years ago, Andrew579
App used to be better. Since the update, things are now harder to find, and worse, the app utterly fails to log me in with face ID on a repeated basis, it will forget to ask for face ID, or just forget that I have that option selected. It smells like they did not want to take the time to design this app well, preferring something pretty looking over something that works well.
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6 years ago, Simpleton Investor
Solid App
I like the fact that the app gives you the ability to see your percent invested and the breakdown of how your money is being invested. The only thing I don’t like is that if you want to change your plan, you can’t simply click on your contribution, where you change your percentage and then click on the section that would allow you to change the plan. You have to click on the top right drop down menu, then click on history and then you can adjust which plan you are invested in percentage wise. It’s a pain in the neck.
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1 year ago, Wk5981
Could be better
I know this is not the same as looking up your data on your desktop on their website but still this app could be more helpful. I’m not going to complain about various minute things but one thing stands out - when they state your balances it should say right there as of what date and what time. You don’t know if you’re looking at your previous day balances or the current day after the bell. Also, being able to quickly and intuitively find info like one’s current contribution selection would be handy. I don’t think this info can be found on the app right now.
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2 years ago, x510Dray
Retirement Calculator way off
With the newest update, they screwed up the feature that I liked best about the app, the My Retirement Progress. It is now predicting that I will have $81,000 a month at retirement while assigning me $0 in current balance. Not sure how that is suppose to happen. The laptop calculator is still working on the laptop version, but these crazy numbers that aren’t based in reality seriously undermine my confidence in the previous estimates (that are in line with the laptop version). So much for reassurance that I am on the right track.
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1 year ago, IAN FROM GLASGOW
Cumbersome app. Cannot see what my actual contributions are
This app is not user friendly at all. You cannot see how much you’re actually putting into the account and you can’t see what percentage of my paycheck I’m putting into the account. Somebody should simplify this app so that it’s more user friendly I have referred several of my coworkers to this app and they can’t figure it out either so they’re not even going to join they went a different route which means Charles Schwab is losing money because they refused to come up with a simple easy to navigate app.
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2 years ago, Blindsquirrel01
Features missing lately
Was an adequate app for causal tracking of employers 401k and Roth accounts. Recently seem to have lost the ability to change investment instructions via the app. Can currently still adjust contribution percentage when you want but I no longer can adjust investment percentages to funds offered. For folks who want to adjust strategies on market movements it’s frustrating.
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6 years ago, famousdavis
Great retirement outlook
This is a great app to quickly see my retirement account, and the My Retirement Progress is a terrific feature. What I’d like to see enhanced is a way to include my spouse’s SSN benefit separate from my own, but have her benefit included in the overall picture of what our retirement picture might look like.
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1 year ago, Chicalysi
Does baseline of what I expect. Doesn’t look from this decade, only give small bits of information that I am not interested in and the open/close/logout buttons are all random. Just went in to see my total retirement, but minus all my contributions, to really see what my account made—and can’t do it. I expect a lot out of my wealth apps—especially when I put so much money in it. Doesn’t seem to reflect in my digital experience. Gave two stars instead of one since it doesn’t have bugs.
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5 years ago, jeffmcclure
Goes offline a lot
The app is very nice overall. My biggest issue is that the app goes offline a lot for Maintenace. Especially when I have time to use the app like nights and weekends. It would be a nice addition to see the investment options offered by my 401k plan. It’s difficult to find these and seems to launch an external window which makes the information difficult to read on my phone.
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2 months ago, West!!
I’m new to using this app but it is not intuitive nor is it user-friendly. Seems to be very clunky and hard to find information. I know I’ll take some time getting to use this, but it is not easy to begin with. Seems to me that it should have some ability to be tailored to the specific user. I can’t find easy to use information off the bat. And getting to the information I want takes more than two clicks to get there!
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6 years ago, Korvarian
User Interface Needs Reorganization
User interface is not very intuitive. Could organize with lists of accounts and then lists of assets within those accounts. Those can then be tabulated with performance both daily and since inception (or some other modifiable time range). See Fidelity’s app.
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7 months ago, WolfPackBrother
Unintuitive UI
The app functions well and there is most things you’d want available on the app, with a few exceptions that are only available on the website. The most noticeable thing about the app is the user interface is very complicated and unintuitive. Even as a ‘tech-y’ person it is confusing and things are not where they’d ought to be. Needs improvement!
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1 year ago, S McFarlin
Retirement planning made simple!
It can’t get any simpler! The Schwab app allows me to monitor my retirement in real time and make changes, whenever I choose to do so! I enjoy reading the insights and having the flexibility to make adjustments at my fingertips. I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, middleager18
Yet another pin required
Tried logging in with Touch ID today like in the past and this app is now requiring a new 6-digit pin. Very frustrating. If Apple still allows me a 4-digit pin, I think this app should too; otherwise it’s just another thing to have to remember.
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4 years ago, bobalooandthebigjew
Choppy, slow, and interface reminds me of a MySpace page
To go over all the issues would take pages and pages and I just don’t have that kind of time
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4 years ago, 777 tired from NRT to ...
App opens another account
Both my wife and I have our retirement accounts, separate account #’s of course, through Schwab. We have individual apps for each account. When I open my account, then select my portfolio, the app, somehow, opens my wife’s account and will not open my portfolio. Sometimes this happens, and other times it won’t happen. Why the inconsistency?
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2 years ago, DGalle13
CS is not helpful
On multiple occasions, the customer service team has not followed up. Multiple times I’ve been told they would call me back after researching my issues and many times I never received a call back regarding the research they said they were doing about my account. Other times members were not properly trained and I had to make multiple calls to get issues resolved.
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6 years ago, jetpilot1960
The Mobil site is worthless
For example it shows ytd 401k contributions but doesn’t show Employers DC contributions. Thus I have no idea where I am in regards to my 415c limits. I find I have to log onto the full site. Thus it would be nice to have a single click to full site.
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3 years ago, It is I, Ham
One star
I’m giving it one star because I just started using it 2 minutes ago and the review window has already popped up 3 times and it’s very annoying.
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6 years ago, Whodoslu?
Won’t let me enroll my plan
The app will not let me enroll my plan. There’s no way to view your current assets or positions , gains or losses ... etc. It is useless. Called the IT number they weren’t able to fix it put in a “ticket” to the app team. No one has ever contacted me.
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3 years ago, Ed's happy place..
Monthly smile exercise….
Opening up my Schwab app is so easy with facial recognition and it immediately causes a smile as I view my dashboard with all the pertinent information displayed. Thank you for taking the stress out of investing……
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3 years ago, JetCapt
Great app…easy to use
I enjoy using the Schwab app…it’s easy to use and gives me the info I need about my account quickly without having to do a lot of searching.
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3 years ago, Stickerticker
Works well
The Schwab app is well thought out and efficient. I use it to manage multiple accounts and switching between accounts is seamless and transparent. This includes cash account IRA institutional and others.
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4 years ago, MacMan9876
Well designed!
This app is one of the best I’ve used. It is logically laid out, easy to understand and the font size is large enough to see. And it never has a hitch or hiccup ... it simply works whenever you need it.
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6 years ago, Pat Home Gym
I wanted this app in order to check my balance and update contributions without having to log on through my work laptop and internal network. This app checks those boxes and also has a great rate of return feature.
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2 years ago, PayoAJ
Check other financial websites to your way behind on technology updates This is like a 10 years old websites account
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6 years ago, tbarn
App is coming along OK
The regular Schwab and this retirement app should be combined. Also, there is far less functionality in these apps that on the regular website. I know it’s just coming along, but give some more display options for portfolio make it like the website. Also, contributions details are quite limited I had to go to the website to analyze it. Thank you
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3 years ago, Bull vs Bear
Personal performance vs indexes
Great mobile app and account aggregation would like to be able to compare 401k portfolio performance to index returns and other portfolios at Schwab for specific time periods.
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12 months ago, Mr.Bomez
Personal rate of return screen
I use an iPhone with the latest IOS operating system. I update the OS automatically as Apple releases new versions. For the last 6-8 months, when viewing my 401k personal rate of return for each investment vehicle, the text rows are overlapping each other making it difficult to read and select time periods, investment vehicles, etc.
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2 years ago, WiscoBrix
The Actual Worst
This is, without hyperbole, the worst mobile experience I have ever interacted with. If iPhones existed in 2003, it would be bad by those standards. I’d really prefer to keep my 401k money in one place but I’m rolling over the balance from my previous employer into an IRA at another institution because I just will not use this horrible app more than absolutely necessary. I’m not exaggerating. It’s that bad.
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4 years ago, Arnqmr
All in one super app
Im so much loving it. Its been one year i hv been using this app. And its on stop shop for me to see my checking account, trade account and 401k account. I can see everything here on one go.
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2 years ago, Aus10_Lentschey
A bit bare bones
Would love to be able to actually change date ranges when looking at rates of return etc. A lot of options that don’t actually seem to have anything on the back end. The pie charts are cool, but it’s sort of a “take what you get,” not a “choose your experience” sort of agreement.
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5 years ago, tubeman2
Charles Schwab 401k website
The Charles Schwab app is not easy to navigate. Drilling down to fund performance is cumbersome. The portfolio return on investments is misleading, calculating a return much higher than actual as it seems to include contributions and gains in the ROI. There’s no way I have a 40% return over 4 years otherwise I’d quit my job and be a day trader.
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6 years ago, tcm_moi
Same old error not yet fixed
A few years ago, the app used to give me accurate information on my personal performance. Ever since their major “update” about 3-4 years ago whenever that was, it tells me my start value and ending values are both way higher than they are, so any performance percentage increase or decrease is totally off from reality. Fix the darned bug already!
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3 years ago, sinister monkey
This app is easy to use The platform places all the data I need to make decisions and track my progress in a few clicks.
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2 years ago, Wolf20162017
Down to the point app
It has all the information I need displayed in easy to understand layout. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Boeingman777
Can’t review history
Cannot review history. I put in new date and it reverts to current date. Need this fixed.
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5 years ago, jdmartin
Excellent App
This is an easy application to be able to quickly view and modify your retirement funds right from your smart phone.
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6 years ago, sky labor
Great when it works
Have trouble every month trying to get in and see my 401k, especially when trying to jump between apps to see my Roth IRA. They don’t seem to speak to each other all the time.
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2 months ago, Bob18871
Schwab app
Why can’t I see information on my one year treasury note … this app, even on my iPad, makes it difficult to find information: such as where is my six month interest distribution on my one year treasury note?
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3 years ago, Dosenotwork
It works well for the most part. The frustrating thing for me is it doesn’t let you change the planning parameters such as, Yes I contribute 20% until it is maxed out for the year and NOT 20% of my income. Also you cannot change the amount that I feel I will need in retirement and not a generic number set by my income as of today.
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4 years ago, PaulRH63
Needs more account info 😕
Would like to see more account details. App should have Funds you are invested in, quantity of shares you have vested in those Funds and total dollars in those funds. A Widget for the Notification screen would be nice too. The app is very limited. You get 10x more info on website than app. You should be able to get same information on app as website.
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5 years ago, moraFast01
Determine Which Schwab App.
Note there are multiple Schwab apps. You will need to determine which one is applicable to your account and download that app. to access your account.
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4 weeks ago, Tb834
Slow performance
Performance is abit slow, everything works fine
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4 months ago, DellyMBA
Performance comparison
To whom it may concern, previously I was contributing a percentage of my check. Now I have changed it to a dollar amount per check. Because I am not electing a certain percentage, I no longer can evaluate myself amongst others in my salary range. Seeing it is motivation for me to keep investing. Im only putting a 1 so this gets resolved. Thank you
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4 years ago, dan.cox29
What happened to the functionality?
The newest release seems to have removed most functionality from the app. The only actions I can take now are to update my elections (where is the performance and time-period gains/loss detail?) and view general market info that’s already available on the core Schwab app. Hopefully there will be an enhancement soon to restore the lost features.
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3 years ago, Juanqui98
Great app
Very easy to use and understand. It gives you tools to check your investment progress.
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