4.7 (2.7K)
65.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sonya Marcarelli
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Scopa!

4.74 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Spizziri P
Helping Me Learn
Although school but is basically an easy game, as I try to learn on my own questions kept coming up that I couldn't find answers to. Playing on this app has help me figure out some things, although I'm still confused about the scoring. I know there are different scoring methods which probably makes it even more confusing. I like how you can choose which card design to use and play with 1 to 4 players.
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3 years ago, C. Dollabella
It’s Scopa. Exactly what it says on the tin.
Good quality app. Plays a mean game of Scopa. No bells and whistles, no internet connection needed. Although I do have a question for the devs- how do you have a difficulty selection on a game that owes so much to chance? In terms of skill, the digital opponent does not seem to pass on operatunity even on easy mode, so how does the difficulty level change?
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2 years ago, egg jug net
Ever since my last maintenance download, I have been experiencing a delay with the playing of my moves, and when I score a Scopa the game does not show a coin drop. Plus I would love to be able to connect with friends to plan them on the app through a remote connection. With all that said, I really love this Scopa app!!!!!
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6 years ago, Ward2South
Good Rendition of an Italian Classic
I’ve only had the chance to play the game in real life only a handful of times and was put to shame by some seasoned Neapolitans. Luckily, with the help of this app, I will be able to hold my own next time I’m in Napoli. Functionality is great! But the speed at which I’ve seen this game played in the streets of Napoli is dizzying. One more faster speed setting would be wonderful. Multiplayer (person to person) and team modes would be cool to see as well.
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2 years ago, Evie$74
Slow screen
I downloaded this game a few years ago and love it. I recently bought a new iPad and this version is the closest to the one I had but the screen and calculations are very slow. I have to tap on my card multiple times or wait several seconds until my choice is accepted. Is there anything I can do to fix this lag in the game. It is very frustrating as the I have no problem with original.
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5 years ago, douggoes
Fast moving and challenging at many levels. The games are over quickly so you can enjoy this during a break of unwind after work. I have not played with other humans yet but at least this gets me familiar with the game.
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1 year ago, @pasq
Slow after last IOS update but still a great game
There is some lag when playing cards which is why I only gave it 4 stars. This game is really worthy of 5 stars but there is a bug causing it to be much slower than it used to be. That said, I would still recommend this over all the other Scopa games out there.
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6 months ago, No_73839273739
Good game, cheating/broken leaderboards
It’s a great way to play scopa, and the gameplay is perfectly fine. But if you try to move up the game center leaderboard, good luck. On the daily ranking, the top player is scoring 428,000 points a day, or continuously 5 points a second. It’s fun enough to play alone, but I wish I could enjoy a fair competition.
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4 years ago, Anderschase
Prime issues
Great game, two suggestions to get the last star... one is to create an option with teams 2v2 and the other is to fix an issue with prime calculations. It always seems to get the prime winner correct, but sometimes it assigns zero prime points where a person has a seven or a six and should therefore get either 21 or 18 points, right?
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5 years ago, kblomkvist
Great game
I learned Scopa myself. Not Italian here but love the game. I play with actual physical cards with a friend (I have several Italian style cards at home) but this is a great exercise. Too bad you can’t play with actual people online. I love the variety of the different styles of the cards. My favorite is Trevigiane and Napoletane
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9 months ago, TheCrow1900
I love the game , this new version does not show the Scopa! It used to send an image when you go it. Also it’s a bit slow gathering the cards on retrieval. I love playing it reminds me of my grandfather !!
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3 months ago, ddkitty
Just learning
I'm just learning, but it's cool to find a new game to play. It seems to have a nice interface, but I'd love to get rid of the ad at the bottom. I don't see a pay version for this. Update 2024: Game is now sluggish, taking forever to respond to your selections.
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7 years ago, TiNKER*BELLA
Great for all ages
Excellent game for my dad with dementia. He can't remember what he had for lunch, but remembers the rules to the game that he has always played. This game helps keep him busy and thinking. I also enjoy playing it to wind down before bed.
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1 year ago, Apollicella
Computer shuffle is not random
I agree with all the other negative reviews that the game clearly ensures player one has the right cards every game. Also and equally frustrating is the glitch that regularly deals more than 4 of the knights. I’ve play games with the game dealing 6 or 7 knights in one round. Unless you like playing purposely frustrating and glitchy games, you won’t like this one.
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3 years ago, Bambi119
Addicting game
Love this game, just wish the cards had numbers on it like my card set. It took me awhile to learn the values and pictures of the cards online.
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4 years ago, lb2365325
Best Scopa App
I was introduced to Scopa by my fiancée’s Italian grandma, and Scopa! is by far the best app for playing it (and I tried all the ones I could find). It’s very close to the real deal, with enough customization to keep it interesting each time.
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7 years ago, vikingz2000
...especially if you like to keep your phone upright instead of landscape. Lots of options, but I wish I could see my opponent's score when playing and at the end of a game.
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3 years ago, sjpc101man
Liking the Scopa app!!
Please add the other player’s score to the board after each round to see where both player’s stand
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9 months ago, mmmmMarinaio
Excellent game. Right speed, visible cards and easy to follow. I am having hours and hours of fun! Excelente yo improbe short time memoro to delas or avoid Alzheimer. I memorize all cards from 7 to 10.
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7 years ago, Czbxnmasdfgiuytnk
Really fun
I love this game because it reminds me of my Italian mother who taught me how to play. Only four stars because I wish it moved faster. Even at "fastest" setting, it's on the slow side. Will not delete, as I love it!
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3 years ago, ItalianKman
Fantastic Italian card game
This game is so fun and addicting. Learn how to play here, then order the actual Scopa cards and teach your family a traditional game.
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2 years ago, J.J.o0O7
A good card game and a good app for it
The only thing I wish this game had was more info on statistics. For example games won/lost, number of games played, highest score in one round, etc.
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4 years ago, meg78924
I love scopa. I play this when nobody will play with me. Sometimes the game doesn’t count my scopa or 7 of gold. Sometimes the 7 of gold gets passed around several times during the game too which is weird. Good substitute for a quick scupa fix
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2 years ago, Barky789!
This app is very balky. You tap to play a card and the game takes too long to respond.
You need a new update, I think Ty long. . I installed iOS 15.2.1 today and now the game doesn’t work properly. Very slow response to every play. Have not noticed this with Thany other apps.
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10 months ago, princesapr628
It was the best
I really enjoyed playing this game. But it hasn’t been updated in a while and is slow and lagging. Before this happened it was the best scopa game in the app, and I tried them all but this one was the best of all.
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5 years ago, jutme
Love this game! A bit hard to figure out the value of the cards but when I finally did it’s been a really fun game to play!
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7 years ago, Mario* bro
Gr8 game, I am first generation Italian and when I saw this (and others) Italian card games on these apps. I can't stop playing. Brings back so many gr8 memories. Thank You!!!!
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6 years ago, marenaleone
Italian card game
I love this game. It gives me the opportunity to practice I have played with Italians who do not like to lose and I can beat them thanks to this app
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7 years ago, Darren the honest
Great game
My only suggestion is that the positions would be random to start so the human isn’t always starting off 4th. Other than that great game. Thanks
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6 years ago, Doc DL
An old Italian favorite
Was my grandfather's favorite and he played it daily. Is a great game to enjoy when yo have a few minutes to relax.
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2 months ago, sgtburns549
Since I have a new 15 pro max, my game has been lagging. I have uninstalled and installed the game serval times and still bugs out just when I go to place a card.
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4 years ago, larimer ave
Not real odds
It seems to me that the game always knows what cards I have I have played this game for years and in real card game the odds are not stacked against player House always gets 7 diamond
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3 years ago, bidduza
Fun and aggravating
Keeps me entertained with. A smile but I don’t like the red background green is easier on the eyes
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6 years ago, Angelmaple
Fun quick game. Easy to learn. Only problem is occasionally the cards drag a bit.
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6 years ago, @RealShellyLewis
Fun game
This is a very easy game to learn and it is great for some mindless fun and to pass the time. I’ve had no technical issues with the game at all.
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2 years ago, Aberny99
Good players
Like the game but would like to see everyone’s scores
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3 years ago, gsjskkandjs
How do I play with friends?
I have played this game in real life and it is a lot of fun although on the app I am unsure how to play with my friends. I have added them as a friend but do not know how to play around against them. If you know the answer please respond. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, asialenab1125
A very fun old fashioned game! It’s easy to get into it! All you have to do is know how to add up to ten and remember keep your coins!!!!!😊
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6 years ago, StanS-4
Great Game!
Too make the game greater, Please get rid of the adds that scroll on the bottom of the game. Inadvertently the add is tapped and disrupts the play.
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6 years ago, Barsport78
Great app!
Amazing graphics! I found the cards of when I was little!
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5 years ago, scopa kid
Cards are same for both players
It would be better if the hands played against each other didn’t contain the same cards where it’s just a sweep and no skill needed to play!!☹️
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6 years ago, 16rAd16
Very good.
My only complaint is that you can not play with other humans.
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7 years ago, AmiciPhotography
Love it!
My dad and uncles played Scopa every Friday night! I loved hearing them yelling in the kitchen. This app is fabulous. All the fun without having to shuffle!
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2 years ago, Fjaere
Super fun!
My husband and I LOVE playing this game. It can be fast paced if you want or just play while sipping a nice glass o wine!
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2 years ago, MarkfromtheH
Awesome game
Great game. I wish it would have your stats though!
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5 years ago, Pipermom:)
Love it!
Always wanted to learn and this makes it easy to get play time.
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1 year ago, 1976 Bicentennial Boy
Love it!
If you know Scopa, play more here. If you don’t, download and get started. So fun!
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7 years ago, Bruni2
Keeping in practice
Love playing this on my phone. Keeps me in shape for the real thing
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1 year ago, belfagor03
Best Scopa Game Out There!
Simple to play, effective and - best of all - the Scopa game with the least obtrusive ads in it!
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4 years ago, goodieroe
Simple and fun
Great way to play if you don’t have anyone to play with.
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