Score! Hero

4.7 (299.2K)
257.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Touch Games Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Score! Hero

4.66 out of 5
299.2K Ratings
4 years ago, jodoya 73
Fun game but bugs make it too frustrating to spend money
This game can be fun but there are some problems. I hate working on a level with 4 steps only to spend all my cash on the last step, then only to have to start over from the beginning when I am out of cash. If I run out of hearts, I get it. I also hate how the strikers tend to receive the pass and run it out of bounds. On more than one occasion my hero received a pass and preceded to run half the width of the field toward the sideline out of bounds. It wasted my level and heart. I also hate when defenders who, when the game pauses for you to make your pass, are able to inexplicably able to compensate and make a defense. I also hate when you make a good pass and the receiver dribbles and has it knocked away. Goalies miraculously can slide over 5-6 feet to make an even more improbable save. Since you have no control of these players, it is all random. Don’t spend if you plan on playing until these items get fixed, otherwise you could be wasting your money.
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5 years ago, Tamdanlick
Great Game, but Some Issues
So the game is great, you have the ability to make your own plays. You have your own player within the game. You have numerous chances to create a successful play. Story progression, great game. There are some issues rn though. The defenders seem to want the ball more than my teammates, and will often beat my teammates to the ball. The goalie seems to amazingly anticipate where the ball is going even in corners and off posts. You need to be pretty close to get the “for sure” goal. It just won’t happen from more than 15 yards. Also when I make a long pass to a teammate, he will often keep dribbling the ball til it’s out of bounds. Very annoying seeing how you have but so many chances to succeed. The AI will often waste the play on their own. Wish they did this when it was time to make a goal. You know when by themselves just him and the goalie. Instead of stopping a great distance with no one’s around trying to make the shot. Keep running forward like they do when the take the ball out of bounds. My curved crosses are pretty successful, but the defender will make his way in front of my next pass and my athlete won’t turn away and make a different pass. I’m forced to pass it straight into the defender. Start over. I still love this game though. I think this is what is frustrating me and quite a few other people. I counted 20 in the 100,000+ that are reviewing like me and are frustrated. Didn’t scroll very long either. Please fix these issues.
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1 month ago, SeahawksFan33
This game doesn’t know the rules of football
There’s no point of stating what is already said in previous reviews. I will say the updated engine is great, and the storylines are very entertaining. I’ve had fun on the earlier missions because they’re noticeably easier. However what is annoying is once the user progresses, it’s not only difficult but flat out unfair and unrealistic. I constantly find my self getting stuck trying to find breakthroughs with unintelligent CPU teammates and defenses that are impossible to get past. I’ve seen defenders and goalkeepers break the laws of physics to make me restart the entire sequence. It is clearly obvious they want the user to spend money. Why make me spend money for unlimited tries when you run ads every five minutes? It’s not a very user friendly system. Finally, my biggest complaint, the one level I am currently stuck on, if I cross the ball to someone level with the defender, it ends up getting intercepted in multiple ways. I say the game doesn’t understand the rules of football because if I pass the ball to the one open defender, it gets called back for being offside. Does the game not know that you can’t get called for being offside when passing within your own half? Very frustrating to deal with. Overall it’s fun but be prepared to have a terrible experience in the later stages of the story.
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3 years ago, Sklavokis6969
Very fun...BUT...
As many others have mentioned, this game is extremely fun and addicting. But there's a few problems that could make it much better! The heart system is no good. It's ridiculous to make players wait a certain amount of time to be allowed to play the game. The app is essentially useless for a period of time after you run out of hearts. But only if you're not willing to pay $3 to be allowed to play it for an unlimited amount of time for 24 hours. If the hearts were removed, the game could be much better. I understand that monetizing a game is the point of creating the app in the first place, but don't disallow playing unless you fork out some dough. That's just not smart. Second, the game could be made better if the passing and dribbling was made more controllable. Limiting the passing to a small field makes the game very frustrating and unrealistic. If players were given the option to pass over the entire field, or the option to continue dribbling the ball after the game is randomly stopped and you are forced to make a pass or take a ridiculous shot on goal. AI movement off ball is beyond trash. Players will sit off sides while multiple passes are made. Super frustrating. A few small improvements could take this game from 2-3 stars out of 5 to an easy 5/5. Changes would be appreciated!
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6 years ago, airjordan🏀🏀🏀
Listen, this game is fun and extremely addictive, but the game flaws extremely outweigh the fun of it. I have never been more frustrated with a game like i have with this one; I do not swear often but this game makes me yell out cuss words at my teammates and opponents in the game. The gameplay is absolute garbage. You don’t get to decide when the player decides to shoot or pass it, for example: you’ll send a lead pass to your teammate when they have beaten their defender, they will have open field between them and the goal and they will stop for a 50 yard goal attempt, stupid! Or your player will decide to pass it when nobody is guarding him and there are defenders all over his teammates. Not to mention that the opponents have super speed and can jump 10 ft in the air to steal the ball. The goalie floats to block your opposite corner shots. Teammates will dribble the ball out of bounds or into the possession of the defenders. Also, if you turn the ball over, you have to reset from the beginning of the match and not just where you left off. Some levels are nearly impossible because it will make you score 3 or 4 goals without a single error. There are just too many flaws for me to enjoy this game and I might get in trouble with my wife if I keep yelling the f-word to my stupid teammates in the game. I am deleting this game and I suggest that you won’t play it until the developers fix the crappy gameplay.
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6 years ago, jeciwdcn
no, just bad
When I first got this game i thought it was fantastic, and then over time I realized the amount of bs in this game. It’s almost as bad a dark souls in the amount of bs in that game. Like u will draw a straight line to ur teammate and some defender will just come and head it away while my attacker will just stay there and not do anything and u just end up losing. The goalkeeper are like literal gods as they dive from one side of the goal to the other and u again just end up losing to a bs function of the gameThis brings me to my next point, whenever u lose u have to start from the beginning of the game, so u could have just scored 3 goals but if u give away the ball in the 4th goal, u have to start from the beginning. And then the objectives are sometimes so hard to pull off that it’s almost impossible. Everything is very overpriced in the shop and the game is heavily based upon on micro transactions. Like I have to pay $3 just so I can play the game without waiting? It doesn’t make sense. U get like 20 or so heart lives and i spent all of them on ONE ENCOUNTER. Not one mission but one goal. And I still can’t beat it because where ever i shoot or pass the defenders just make some god-like header or something. I could just go on and on, but I have more important things to do, for now I am done with this game and I might come back in the future if they make the game better.
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4 years ago, Ikeberg
All the obviously intentional AI issues aside, there are levels deeper in the game which are almost impossible (I’m looking at you level 46!). It’s just not fun at all after a certain point. But my biggest gripe by far are the levels in which you need to score multiple goals but all have to be scored in a row and if you manage to score two of the say three needed and you don’t get the third, your goals are taken away and you have to start the whole ridiculous and rigged process all over again. WTH. And this all comes from someone who doesn’t mind spending on a game and doesn’t enjoy criticizing someone’s hard work but as I mentioned above it was fun for a while, so I kept at it, but it’s a wrap. UPDATE: I pressed on, and....the game pretty much went back to how it was in the beginning. It’s fun again! Not sure if the devs are listening to the reviews and tamped down the difficulty a little bit or you just have push through a stretch of levels (mid-40’s thru 60) to get back to the fun. Either way, the game is back on track. Still a few glitchy AI moments here and there but at least it’s playable again and challenging at times without, but without being absurd.
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4 years ago, Johnny hummus
Fun but very flawed
Many other reviews say the same thing. If the developers could make a few fixes this game could be fantastic. Way more time seems to have been put in making the defenders great than your team mates somewhat competent. I don’t mind the game being difficult, but sometimes you build a wonderful move, thread an inch perfect through ball to give your winger a perfect place to put in a good cross... and none of your players have moved from their position before you made the pass. As if they’ve just switched off and you’re now in a position to cross to no one. It’s also ridiculous that in some missions you need to score 4 goals and if you mess up the very first pass on the last goal you go back to the beginning. That really needs to be reworked. You should be able to control a bit more of the decision making. If your striker is through on goal you should be able to get him to dribble closer rather than just take a shot from 35 yards out every time. Or a winger should be able to back pass if your forwards literally do not move anywhere near the box. I get it, you’re trying to make money and push people towards buying bucks so they can hit more rewinds, but if the physics are this awful there’s NO POINT in ever putting your own money into the game!
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4 years ago, Josephcastillo
This game is frustrating
This game was fun and all but I don’t like the fact about having lives and waiting I don’t see a point of that and when you pass it to a teammate they either dribble out of bounds or give the ball away to the opposition without trying and when you give a long pass to a teammate the opponent headers it first unless it’s away from a defender. The goal keeper is like a god and missing or not scoring on your 3rd or 4th goal you have to restart the whole level this is frustrating you either start to lose lives or having to spend over priced deals on this game to try again to retry to where you were at. The challenges are difficult especially with all of these things that happen in the match and going to the next season you either pay or have enough stars to pass to the next season. I hope they fix these problems with the game cause it makes the game go from fun to frustration and all these others reviews say it to.
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3 years ago, helpfulneeeessss
Good and bad at the same time…
Overall I play this game about once a month. A lot of my passes don’t even work. Even if there great passes. The AI seems to always know where I’m going. I’m also noticing that the AI goalie is amazingly talented but my goalie can’t even save a pass. I would for sure love the game more if the saves and dribbles and other things were more realistic. I get annoyed when the AI dribbles right in the defender and take one chance of me beating levels. I was almost gonna delete the game but instead I just got off. I really want you to see this and fox everything. I see other complaints too. And I haven’t seen a thing change. The once thing I also notice is that is does shots that it doesn’t have to do. I can take a shot way closer but it decides to make me shoot for outside the box. It also makes me pass right at the defenders because it dribbles right at them and then decides to make a pass. The players also seem to not care about the ball. They don’t even jump for the ball when a lob come to them. They just stand and watch. Maybe if this is fixed I would probably play it 3-5 times a month. That’s all.
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6 years ago, JewBagel44
Not the same anymore...
If you’ve come back to play this game expecting it to be as great as the last time you played it a few years back, YOU ARE WRONG!!! Remember the greatness of being able to play different occasions with different teams scoring on those memorable moments in football? It’s not like that anymore that’s for sure. The game plays great, it’s a fun and fair challenging game, I love it. But who in the world wants to pay 2.99$ just to get infinity hearts, for 24 hours!!!!!!! This is a rich person’s type of app!! I’d rather put my money in between two bread slices, and eat it up than do that! This game is owned by penny pinchers, I downloaded this game right now, and within 46 minutes, I saw a lot of major flaws in this since the last time I played this years ago. It’s a fun game, but the hearts are a major issue! I’d rather go through an advertisement almost every time I mess up on passing or shooting a ball than wait for 5-10 minutes to get a heart after messing up a few times, and they charge $2.99 for infinity hearts so people can actually spend money for something that only lasts for 24 hours!!!! How about paying $2.99 for ad free and infinity hearts!! Great game, but I give this one measly star because of the heart issues!! And I’m deleting this app, right.... about.... now...
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4 years ago, Confarts
Very frustrating
This game is cool in the sense that you can create your own runs and play with your own character - but there are some MAJOR flaws. Sometimes you will make a perfect pass to your teammate and when they turn around, the AI they will dribble straight into the defender, and will cause you to start all over. This is infuriating especially when there are three to four goals to score and the AI gives the ball away through no fault of your own, this causing you to start the whole level over again and losing a life. An even more annoying flaw is even when you do make the right pass to the right person, there is a chance that for some reason they will dribble the wrong way then turn around with the defender right in front of them, thus causing you to lose another life. It seems absolutely crazy that in order to get past ONE LEVEL YOU MAY STILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH LIVES WITH TWENTY HEARTS. I don’t understand a game that continues to fail you despite you having done everything right. I’m effect example is Season 18 level349 you get to the third goal and the players will not move forward. Passing back and forth between the same players until the opponent takes the ball away. I have tried every variation of pass for THREE WEEKS and it does not move.
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6 years ago, Wihokie
Good, but several issues
This game is very fun and is a great way to pass time, until you realize how unrealistic and impractical it is. When you pass the ball perfectly to a player, the defender just runs 10 feet in .1 seconds and jumps in front of my player, and the player just stands there doing nothing! And the goal keeper can just jump the whole length of the goal in 1 second. Another problem is that all the defenders have to do is touch the ball to make you loose a life, I just had a game where the other teams defender slid in front and deflected it perfectly to another one of my players, but is STILL looses a life! That is the most stupid and ridiculous aspect in the any game that I’ve ever seen! Lets say you have this crazy goal, and then it starts the next play and you loose the ball(and you don’t have any spare money and you’ve run out of videos), THAN IT DELETES YOUR AMAZING GOAL AND STARTS THE WHOLE THING ALL OVER, its so frustrating and annoying and just makes me want to quit. Which is sad because it is super fun about 60% of the time, and the developers put a lot of work in. But if the problems aren’t fixed, I might have to delete the game.
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4 years ago, koping nretnick
Love this game
First of all this is my favorite game ever and it was the first one I downloaded but it does have some downsides: the goalie is super annoying because they can dive longer than usual and the only way to score is to curve it also the defenders are annoying to because on corners I cross the ball and the first thing it hits is the defender but back to the goalie they can also jump higher than usual to and the players on my team are just as bad they always run the ball out of bounds also whenever they do something wrong they don’t try to get it back and i have a long list of improvements like: why can’t you just let the user’s control the other players also please delete the hearts they’re super annoying also why do the users have to spend money on heart’s I don’t know why hair styles are so expensive 80 dollars is a lot to save also the hardest part is the volleys whenever I try to land the ball perfectly It either hits the post or the goalie but overall it is a great game bye for now ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
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3 years ago, GoldGamer2,000,000 🎉🙂
WOW! AWESOME GAME! Just 3 minor things...
This is a game high ranked on my favorites list. That is coming from someone who finds most game’s unappealing. You get many opportunities to pass and make goals. And if you miss a goal or make a mistake you can replay that event for 10 dollars. This game makes me happy. You get 5 hearts, (4 or 5 tries in 1 heart) so that is a lot of tries to complete the level. I know people have complaints about this game but honestly I think it is awesome how it is. The 3 minor thinks I might ask to be changed is that 1) if you mess up and don’t replay... you have to start the WHOLE level over. That bugs me sometimes. Also, 2) if you want to change the color of your cleats or hair etc, it costs a ton of money. I would like that to be changed. And 3) There aren’t any girl characters and I would like that to be changed. Beside that, like I said. It is a unbelievably fun and appealing game. 5 stars all day long!
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11 months ago, big boi lover 69
fun time killer but AI is terrible
i’ve played this game off and on for a few years now. it’s a pretty decent time killer and can be rewarding when you pull of a crazy top bins curler. but my god, the AI for the players, especially for your team, is a bit dopey. You will have a CM receive the ball at midfield and then for whatever reason, decide to dribble the ball all the way back to your own teams 18 yd box before he decides to pass. other times, you’ll play a through ball to your winger, and upon receiving it, they’ll just dribble straight out of bounds even if there’s no defenders in sight. additionally, NEVER expect your players to challenge the ball in the air if there is a defender anywhere in the vicinity. you could lob it straight to their forehead and they will just stand there waiting for the defender to intercept it. the “lives” system is also a bit annoying, especially when you run out of lives due to the fore mentioned mentally challenged AI. to turn this off, they Devs want you to pay 2.99 PER DAY. greedy sacks of Kaka if you ask me…
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4 years ago, KSmith1886
Later Stages Are Upsetting
Once you get near stage 100 many of the stages are very upsetting. Most of the time once you cleanly pass the ball to a player they will just steadily dribble the ball out of bounds or into a defender both instances causing you to lose a segment of a heart. Even though you clearly pass it and the player is wide open this tends to happen the majority of the time. Also if you do happen too pass it to a teammate that is near a defender, naturally the defender will make an attempt at the ball and when you need your player to dribble to have an open pass they do not. This leaves you no opportunity to pass the ball because every time you do the defender deflects the pass 100% of the time. The reason why this is so upsetting is because of the fact you lose a heart every time and the majority of the time this happens on the third or fourth part of a stage causing you to either use your tickets for something you couldn’t control or restart the stage entirely from the first part. If this were to be fixed that would been great and the app would become a five star app but for now it’s a three star app.
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6 years ago, ReptoGuy
Great concept, horrible execution
The main gameplay mechanic of this is genius, and if put into use properly, could make for an excellent game. However, the way it is used in this title is horrendous. Firstly, a level-based system for a game like this does not make sense. A full-fledged career mode with other modes available would make for a much more enjoyable game. Secondly, the life system is thoroughly flawed. The fact that if a defender so much as touches the ball, you lose a life, makes this much less fun. Also, the AI movement is both inconsistent and unrealistic. It’s hard to enjoy playing, or even complete a level, when a defender can jump 10 feet in the air, or when the goalkeeper can effortlessly dive across the goal line in an instant. And if/when a turnover occurs, the level is reset to the beginning, and a life is lost. So in the event of a stunning goal, a turnover completely voids everything that occurred before it. This game is still somewhat fun to play despite all of its flaws, but not very much so. If the developers would use the mountain of feedback and constructive criticism they’ve received to improve their work, then many of these problems would be solved.
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4 years ago, DeFuaLtyPlayr
Fix this please
At first I thought this game would be a cool soccer game but then over time it started to get on my nerves. The goalkeeper would literally be one side of the goal and when I tried to shoot, he would glitch and block my shot. And the fact that you pay $3.00 just to get infinite hearts for ONE DAY! Then I deleted the app and about 2 weeks later I decide to give it another try but I was still disappointed. When I was playing, my character would constantly lose the ball or go out of bounds and it frustrated me that the opponents could jump 10 feet and steal the ball. At this point I was fed up so I uninstall it and 3 weeks later I downloaded it again one more try because they added tournaments. I thought maybe they fixed the game and made it better but I was WRONG! The same problems occurred and the tournaments seemed harder than the regular version. I couldn’t even get past level 2 of the tournament. I’d advise anyone to not play this game since it can become very frustrating to play. For now, I gonna other First touch games such dream league soccer where there no problems to the game. I’ll came back to this game once it gets better.
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7 years ago, SuperBro2112
Good but many problems
It's so fun and addicting but many problems!! Goal keepers are not superheroes and able to fly goal to goal in one leap with ease!! The defenders are able to get the ball next to their head with THIER feet! And defenders are As fast as Hector bellerin and Bale combined able to run across the field in seconds!! And I lose a heart when the other team just TOUCHES THE BALL? This is an outrage! And it's not my fault when the player I pass to decides to run into a defender or run out of bounds!! This game just makes me mad! Another reason is that the heart system is so annoying and I can't pass lvl 339! I've been in it for almost 3 weeks! The new holiday event LOOKED good but it was impossible! The first level is so hard I can't beat it. Another flaw is that when a player shoots the ball and it hits the post it either automatically fails you the level or bounces back, Feet away from my player but he instead Shakes his head in disappointment for 3 seconds and hector bellerin speeds through and takes the ball. So many flaws one game. I'll try to finish my levels but if I can't, I might delete 😪
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6 years ago, Favadus
Potential greatness but annoying gameplay
While the concept and how you play this game is awesome, the gameplay really dampens it from being enjoying especially being a hard football fan. Firstly your players are flawed versus the defenders. Aerials 70% of the time will be won by them, even when your team has an equal chance the player will just stand there and the defenders run from 45 yards to head the ball away. Making a lead pass or playing the ball into space for your teammates doesn’t guarantee them continuing to dribble that way at all. Even when you pass them into space sometimes with no defender in front of them, the player stops and you’re forced to take a shot from 50 yards instead of them just advancing into the box for a better shot. The mechanics for build-up play needs to be polished some more for a tad more freedom in attacking especially with harder challenges. And game freezes at times, wasting energy for me that I think also hinders the game when you have to slightly overpay for unlimited energy for a day. With those problems fixed, this game could be even greater.
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3 years ago, Slicedpickles1234
Thought issues would have been fixed
Played this game about 2 years ago, deleted it because of issues that weren’t resolved. I redownloaded it thinking the game would be perfect now, only to find out that nothings changed!!! The AI is as braindead as ever before! Your team will randomly dribble the ball out of bounds for no reason, they’ll try to take hail merry shots at the goal despite being 1/3 of the field away with multiple defenders covering the line of sight, they’ll stand there and do nothing to get to a pass as the other team will run across the field and cut in front of them, taking the ball and kicking it away, starting you over. The other team’s AI makes it seem like a pro team playing against a handicap team. If your shot placement is not absolutely perfect, the goalie will skip across the goal and save it, like actually skip/teleport, watch it when it happens. The progression is tied to stars and you can’t see what you need to do to get stars until you beat the level and replay it, and with braindead AI you’ll be hitting the replay button over and over and over again. Unfortunately this game’s core gameplay is fun, but everything surrounding it is terrible.
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3 years ago, Johnathans Best Reviews
Review of a stupid game
This game is actually pretty fun to play, you have the abilities to make your own plays and look at the whole field. The defenders though seem to want the ball more than m my teammates the goalkeeper also seems to get to every single shot I take, you have to aim the ball perfectly at times in order to succeed. Another thing, the attacker will lose the ball and they don’t do anything about it, they just stand around like a lazy bum, this freaking irritates me, so on that note, I give this game 1 star😡😡. Oh and also, the advent hero event is just the stupidest thing in the whole world, I couldn’t even pass the third level because the goalkeeper was just to much of a cheater. Oh, and a word for the makers of this game, do a better job you guys probably make no money because of how stupid this game is!!! Also, get rid of the dumb hearts. It ain’t Valentine’s Day, you don’t need limited energy, you can just play and have fun, that’s kinda what games are for. I guess you guys wouldn’t know this because you are just a bunch of idiots that don’t have a life. Thank you, and have good day.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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6 years ago, Thoko24
One of the greatest and most challenging games ever 😃
The first time I played score hero I was fascinated by how well and smooths everything flows, the economic system is perfect, the gameplay is amazing, you decide where and how you want to pass or shoot. I can go on for hours saying positive things about this game. Score hero might be my favorite game in general. Score hero deserves a lot of love and stars. Another cool feature is that this game doesn’t need WiFi so you can play it on road trips, during your brother or sister’s soccer game, or even at the park with the beautiful environment. If you like be the team leader, this is definitely a game for you. This game deserves 10/5 stars, but unfortunately the max I can rate it is 5. Dream league soccer is one the greatest and most challenging games ever. I acknowledge and respect how much work, effort, and time the developer(s) has ur into this game. Lets show some love by rating this game five stars. 😀
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4 years ago, Chriswiththetekkers
Fun game, fatal flaws
I know I’m not the first to say this, but the game has so much potential that is thrown away by just a few major problems. I understand the heart system is a way to make money from a free game. But it is unnecessary and there are so many better ways to earn mobile game income than this one. The AIs are painfully stupid in almost every situation. You can make a very good play and they will dribble it into a defender. You can make a good shot on the other hand, and the keeper will make an inhuman save. These combined create a very aggravating situation only 10 minutes into downloading the game! If you’re like me when I first downloaded and just learning how hard it can be to play, you can run out of hearts on the first 8 levels! But that wouldn’t be an issue if the hearts were removed. We need to learn not get punished for learning. Please consider. I love your game and I want it to get better.
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7 months ago, DoltuwaHi
Fun at first, now extremely frustrating!
The first few levels are pretty fun as they are easy levels. you will rarely lose a heart unless you are 3 years old. The same thing goes with the next season. But then, opponents defenders and goalkeepers inject steroids into themselves and it makes the game unfair. Goalkeepers will float and teleport to save the ball. along the already godlike goalie, you have defenders who also are on steroids, jumping 20 feet into the air and heading it away, while the game claims it was “Poor”, when it isnt my fault. Teammates have 10 IQ when they don’t even try to go after the ball after the defenders teleport 50 feet to intercept it. Heart system is abysmal. The game claims it’s realistic although players don’t have to stop playing because they made a mistake and do micro transactions to continue playing. Game devs are greedy and there is a reason they don’t explain the heart system. Game is fun and addicting, the later levels are not. Not gonna play this game until the heart system is removed or opponents are no longer on steroids.
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7 years ago, J3M2D1
Awesome!!!! But needs work.
I have always been a huge fan of soccer; I’ve been playing since I was three. This game is amazing and I am constantly playing whenever I can. But, there are some flaws that I think many reviewers have seen. The main one is that the AI is WAY too hard. The goalies are practically flying to block shots. Real soccer players are NOTHING compared to the AI in this game. It’s just a little over the top. I’m only level 100, but if it gets way harder than it already is, I might delete the game. Another flaw is that your teammates seem to run away to block a defender or they stand around when you are trying to pass to them. It gets really annoying because you know it’s the perfect pass and they just missed it. What I’m saying is that it’s a fun game that could use some improvements. Other than that, I would say it’s one of the most fun games I’ve ever downloaded!
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5 years ago, Brand_newLIAM
Waste of my time!!!
Hello I’m Lucas, I realized a flaw that messes up the gamePlay. The defenders are as fast Usain Bolt. My teammates act like dummies. If I swipe a lob pass, My teammate either stands their and lets my CPU opposition jump 10 feet in the air and head the ball like his jumping is gifted. Now getting back with my teammates, If I make a pass to them, they dribble to the defender or out of bounds!!!!!! How crazy is that? Now talking about Hearts, I waste all my hearts beating levels, like usual. 2 dollars ninety nine cents to get infinity hearts for 24 hours!!!!!!!!! I only have at least 1 hour on my phone every morning before it’s time to go to work. By the time I come back from work around 3 Am, My time with infinity hearts is basically over. Also, the fact of knowing wasting money on this game will cost you no good if you work, this is 1 of the reasons you don’t buy game products knowing you have obligations which last an entire day. However, I might have a shot at playing this game again if they take responsibility and fix these bugs which 90% of the time make this game not enjoyable. That’s all for now, Lucas
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6 years ago, Bml82
Good but annoying
Overall the game is fun but it will make you want to throw your phone at a wall. I’m currently on lvl 339 so I’ve been playing for a while. I understand games need to get more difficult as you go but the things done by your own team make absolutely no sense when you get to the higher levels. Run straight out of bounds with the ball, zero effort on headers, stopping and passing backwards on clear breakaways, running straight into defenders instead of around them and my personal favorite turning in circles with the ball until it’s taken away. Another ironic thing when you’re up at this level you end up in MLS (I did at least) basically for retirement and it has the best opposition in the game. I went through Germany, Italy, France and back to Germany and though it had challenges none of them have taken as nearly as long as one season in MLS. Again, it’s a fun game until your teammates and “star” begin losing their minds at the higher levels, maybe it’s old age?
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4 years ago, nathangentili
Great game but flawed
The gameplay is good. But the fact that my teammates make decisions like a 10u soccer team, and the defense plays like a pro fc is a little ridiculous. Let me make a pass, and then they run the ball and make a pass decision with a defender blocking every passing option. Let me chip a ball to a teammate, and the defender jumps 5 feet higher than my teammate. Let my player walk the ball out of play after 10 steps since I passed to them. Or attempt to shoot on the goal from midfield without defensive pressure when he has all the room in the world to advance the ball to the net. It’s a little ridiculous. What should be a breakaway is attempting to take a midfield shot on goal. That the insane goalkeeper will stop 99% of the time. You can shoot upper 90 from far out and the keeper will very stop every shot. Sometimes I feel like there is no winning. You are happy when your team doesn’t screw you out of putting a shot on goal, but the keeper will block your shot no matter how insane it is.
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10 months ago, Hsiwowjeb
New update is absolutely trash
I played this game for hours on end years ago when it was first popular, and recently downloaded it cause I was bored. I saw that the devs had made a “huge update” and thought “oh this is gonna be sick.” They made me restart from the beginning but that’s not the issue. With this update, they have completely ruined the fun for me. No matter what you do, even if you “kick” the ball right where you put it, the defender gets it. I got “denied” on every single pass on level 1. It’s insane. I get making a game harder as you go on, but on level 1??? Crazy. And it’s not like we can do anything about it either. It’s because the defenders can basically teleport and stop the ball, or your own little avatar decides to dribble down after you make the pass and goes straight into the defender. Absolutely terrible. If you read this far, I’ll tell you I used to love this game. It was so much fun when it was actually beatable. But now they’ve beefed up the difficulty with everything else. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, zhassulan_orak
Issue with Team Transfers
There should be an option to refuse the transfer to make the game more interesting. To me, I’m a liverpool fan, so obviously I’ll have way more fun playing this game with Liverpool team only. I’m still on Season 7, so I’m playing with Tottenham team, but as I have transferred from teams to teams since the First Season, I haven't seen an option to refuse the transfer... Also, as a diehard Liverpool fan I despise teams like Everton, Chelsea, Man United, and Man City, and God forbid these will be my only options for the next transfer, I’ll just simply stop playing this game. Also, say if there’re fans from the lower tier league teams like Burnley, Leicester, or even a mid tier league like Totteham, why not have the option to refuse transfer so the fans could stay even with such leagues’ teams. I don’t think that should be an issue, quite contrary, I believe this will boost people’s desire to play this game more, since you’re pretty much “making” your favorite team win all those leagues, all those cups, etc. Anyways, please consider this as a next fix in the next update. Thanks!
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2 months ago, It’s a great thing
It’s a fun game and good but
I really like this game, but it has a few things that I don’t want the heart system needs to be better and if you can’t make it better, then why don’t you just do ads if you get a thing wrong, you could watch an ad instead of actually wasting hearts and paying money to get more the plus the goalkeeper you can’t even score without going the top corner but besides, the graphic is great and the players animations are even more great. I love how you can customize your player, I love how you can write the name of your player and just have a whole story and especially after every completed level they have the newspaper of your player doing something which I really like anyways, out of all this game is really fun recommend playing it it’s not those games. The ad is so fun but it’s a totally different game.
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5 years ago, Joshua Croy
Great game but the lives hold it back
I really enjoy the gameplay and it’s very fun retrying for 3 stars but you don’t get to play much in one day. You get about 4 lives per 18 mins which is very little gameplay and though you can watch an ad for extra lives you only get 2 lives out of that. Not to mention after a certain number of ads you won’t be allowed anymore. How long till you can get ads again? The next day. They keep pushing for those in app purchases and it holds it back. This is one of the few games that I would pay to get unlimited lives in, but unfortunately it’s one of the few games that don’t have that option. I hope one of the people behind the game will read this and make it better even if it’s just putting ads in between games to make money rather than these infuriating in app purchases that I doubt many people pay for. Please fix this because I really want more of the game.
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6 years ago, señiorbobby
I absolutely love it but..
This might be the most addicting game I’ve played on iPhone, but it’s also the most frustrating in two regards. One i hate I have to wait several hours to have enough energy slots filled to continue playing for more than 3 minutes. That goes along with how unbeatable the defense gets, sure we love it be a challenge, but goalies shouldn’t be able to jump across the whole box in .5 seconds to stop a shot and defenders don’t even try because every pass I make to another player that same player basically kicks ten feet in front of them and are way slower than the defense, it’s turnover after turnover and there is nothing you can do but get lucky... I love the concept of the game and how you can make any decision to score, but not that every decision I make is a guaranteed turnover and then gotta wait to play again.
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7 months ago, Person17384938
Almost a Decent Game
The game concept is unique and I appreciate the story part of it. However, all your teammates are clueless when it comes to playing fútbol. Constantly they don’t move towards a pass or don’t make a run to the corner. It’s infuriating when you do everything the right way but the game decides to make your teammate a frozen statue and you watch the ball sail out of bounds before watching a 30 second advertisement just so you can replay the level and watch the ball go out of bounds again and again how fun! The game is often times inconsistent when replaying certain parts of a level, many passes or shots do not have the same outcome the 2nd or 3rd time around. Overall the game is just another pay to play game filled with advertisements. Good concept but horrible execution. This developer will hopefully fix the game or make a better one but for now this game will be deleted and I will be apprehensive about using other apps from this developer.
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5 years ago, BenGonzo95
Unrealistic and stupid
Where do I begin. The physics are so unrealistic it’s retarded; my teammates move like snails but the opposing team are all sonic the hedgehog intercepting passes from across the field when my man was wide open. That’s my first issue. To add to the the goalie seems to make impossible saves on perfect shots then I have to start that whole level over. It’s frustrating. There’s no way to get in game currency except by buying it or watching a limited amount of videos. If you complete a level on your last heart it glitches and makes you fail. Don’t get me wrong it has the potential and I did enjoy it at first but it’s more frustrating than fun to the point where it’s not even enjoyable. As for the objectives, you should be able to see them before you actually play the level so you can actually try and complete them so you won’t have to go back and play the stupid level again. Just a terrible game and unless these issues are fixed I will be deleting
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6 years ago, buzzforce
Great game but so many problems
I love this game so much but there’s just so many problems with the ai. first things first when you are crossing the ball to an open man the ai becomes the flash and hulk at the same time the ai just runs right in front of me/ teammates or he jumps as high as hulk from behind me and clearers the ball away. Now next thing about the ai. The goalkeeper becomes super man and fly’s across the goal and saves the shot but unlike reality nobody can save that shot. Next thing when the ai is trying to get the ball they become flash again and take the ball that nobody can get in real life. Now about teammates/me when their dribbling and dribble right into the defense and I lose a heart when they still have the ball and when they dribble out of bounce is just annoying. One more thing about teammates/me when I hit the post and the ball bounces just right in front of me and my player is just complaining and doesn’t take the ball is annoying. This is not to the ai it’s about the hearts first thing is that when you have to score 4 goals or something like that and then when you lose on the 4 goal it’s annoying to start over And one more thing is I wish hearts was not in there so that you can enjoy the game. Ok enough complaining I enjoy this game a lot these are suggestions and little bit of complaining I hope you guys reply love the game ❤️
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5 years ago, +Dakoda+
Get angry too much during this game
This is a great game I love it but there are some problems that really get me angry and makes me want to completely get rid of the game. For example I will pass the ball to my teammate and they will run for a good five seconds (keep in mind they are not near anyone and have full possession of the ball) then all of a sudden the defender will accident run into the ball and the game will reset. As the game give you the chance to reset your last move I can see the player that had possession of the ball still have the ball on his foot as the defender is standing in front of behind him. Another thing that I would like to have fixed would be the impossible saves the defenders and the keeper make, these saves would never be possible in a real game so why should they be possible now? Some of the players defy the laws of physics and get to the ball no matter how it is kicked and that angers me. I deleted this game due to the fact that the goal keeper is so god-like that I was impressed with the saves.
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5 years ago, LANDOR W
How does this game have 4.7?
Great concept ruined by AIs and stamina. You guys really screwed up on this one. Great great great idea for a game, but only giving 20 attempts to beat impossible 4 part levels and having to restart from the beginning when the keeper makes a GODLIKE save from one side of the field to the top corner in one jump. I can never get a freaking header, my players never make an attempt to get the ball when someone touches it. The player decides to pass wide when he has open space in front of him. He takes shots from 50 yards out, the keeper is too fricking good. I took a penalty and went top corner, he saved it. The keeper always knows which way to go. No matter what. The defenders are Sergio Ramos and Pique on fricking steroids times ten. A defender barely tapped the ball into my player and my player kept control of it, and the animation kept dribbling but NO, I had to restart! God dang people. Instead of improving the ai of the keeper the developers should focus on making a better game. As another writer said, “If you want my money, make a good game.”
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5 years ago, डी_०९
Feels like a money making scam
This game is addictive, and fun to play, but as soon as you pass stage 20, it seems as if it’s just a way to make money, you either gotta wait or pay at least $8 to be able to pass through a stage. Some of the stuff is unrealistic, especially the opposition GK in 1v1 situation, if you make an awesome through ball, and are 1v1 with the goalie, then all the best if you can score, the guy is superhuman, he’s - De Gea, Lehmann, Buffon, van Der Sar, Čech, Oblak, Courtois, Casillas, Neaur, Buffon (and any other GK you can think of) packed into one, also, why you can’t save the progress, make 1 mistake, you lose heart, and you start over. I am under no illusion and think that the developers should make the game free, but after a certain level, this game is monetization nightmare, you can’t get more than 1 Star, if you are avoiding to spend, this is driving players away, this game could be many things, but the myopic vision of the creators on making money is heading the game experience for a disappointment.
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4 months ago, Nicolivz
Fun game, major issues
I love this game and it’s very fun to play but please for the love of my life nerf the keepers, they always have the most insane intuition on planet earth and can practically save anything and everything up close. Another issue that stinks is the defenders every single one of the opposing players is prime Sergio Ramos or Maldini they’ll always have more aggression to get the ball and you can’t do anything about it, and another thing is MY players I swear they have the IQ of a new born child and sometimes dribble out of bounds or do a pointless cutback and I lose the ball and get punished for it, and sometimes on certain levels you can’t have your own way of doing it the game will force you one way and it’s usually the worse way. Please developers at least look into some of this stuff, thank you.
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5 years ago, OathKeeper47
Almost perfect
I don’t typically write reviews for apps, since I normally just pick up my phone and play for only a few minutes. However I feel like I should share my thoughts! The concept for this game is perfect! There are not many mobile soccer games that are actually enjoyable. This game is one of them! HOWEVER, the game is VERY unrealistic. You pass the ball to a player and next thing you know that player makes the dumbest decision and turns back into pressure, or dribbles away from the goal, and rarely do players fill the space when no one is around. The goalie makes saves that no goalie alive can make. I find myself repeatedly in a perfect spot to score and the goal is out of possession and leaves the goal open, but somehow the goalie is able to fly like super man and make the save of the century, every single time. If the developers can make the game more realistic I think this game would be the #1 game on the App Store! I would even consider spending some money on the game!
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3 years ago, nat1554
It’s a great concept, don’t get me wrong, but the reality of the game and the freedom the player has is next to none. The “players” you control make the most terrible decisions, and when they lose the ball, it is your fault and you have to restart. An example would be the players will just dribble the opposite way and turn right into the defender and lose the ball, or the player will wait until they are right in front of a defender to shoot. It has terrible decision making, and once the player automatically moves, you don’t have any choice but to play from there. When a player has loads of space in front of him, he will choose to shoot a 50yard shot rather than dribble for a closer shot. AND THE PLAYERS DONT JUMP FOR THE BALL. If you play a long ball, an opponent from the other end of the field will run and intercept the ball because your team just does not move. This game has a nice concept but is so unrealistic and really limits your freedom in the way the game progresses. Waste of time
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3 years ago, Joseph Red Sus
This is horrible, don’t waste storage
This game has to be one of the most infuriating games I’ve ever played. It’s a game about drawing where the ball goes, pretty common so no need to explain. Anyways, this game just doesn’t let you play how you want to play. It doesn’t let you decide where to kick the ball and just gives a tiny area of which the ball can go. The opposing AI can jump feet into the air and run at the speed of a car when your AI doesn’t even care to move. Your AI also dribbles right into the opposing AI, which makes it impossible to make a shot. The ball also never goes where you draw it and curves incorrectly so often. The game moves pretty slow and feels very overkill when you have to do four stages in one level without failing or you have to waste energy and restart. And don’t get me started on the energy. You can get through around two of the games levels and then your out. Unless your a flawless player, the amount of energy they give you is nothing. Like I said, just don’t download and waste space.
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6 years ago, Mustache crazy5
The game can be really fun, there are just a couple issues with the AI and timing. First of all I find it really hard to be on point and to have my player actually accept the ball without it getting intercepted. Sometimes if my player actually gets the ball they do a move and pass (or basically lose the ball) it right into the defense and I can’t do anything about that. Second is that the goalie is way way to good. You can’t even get a good shot because the goalie is way to good at predicting where the ball is going to go. Third is that everything is really really expensive and you can change the way your player looks without paying a lot! I think this game has lots of potential it just needs a few adjustments to get it on its way. Plus the whole team color and everything is confusing I thought I’d be able to choose the color of my team and its name, but....
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12 months ago, Venususs
Just like every other review
First of all, I should be seeing what I am supposed to be doing to earn start when I start the level, not after I finish it, I have to do the level twice because I didn’t know how to get it, especially annoying when there’s 4 goals. The AI seems kind of bad when I see how sometimes the goalie is flash at getting my ball when it’s not curved. They just go so fast at getting he ball(it’s not sprinting it’s just sliding) Also sometimes my man is just dribbling the ball till I lose a life😑. Sometimes my teammate just walks to the ball when I’m passing it to him and the enemy run and get it! And why lose a life when the enemy just TOUCHES THE BALL. Like sometimes it hits the enemy and comes back to a teammate! But I still lose a life..👺and why is it so hard for me to get money 😭🤑
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3 years ago, Drewha91
Fun and Addicting, Still Glitchy
Game is great. Very addicting and challenging. Some levels are extremely easy, other levels you will spend 2-3 days trying to get 1 star because you have to score 5 goals (unnecessarily difficult). But there are still glitches. You can make the same pass to the same player 30 times, and 5 out of those 30, the player is going to dribble the ball 50 yards to the opposite side of the field and out of bounds. The constant dribbling out of bounds, and defenders stealing mishandled passes is really frustrating when you have to wait HOURS for your lives to refill. With this game you really have 2 choices: dump a load of actual money to keep playing or wait several hours for your lives to refill and play the game 3-4 times a day. I choose the latter. Especially with glitches.
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3 years ago, eltinyboi
Wish we are able to control our players
The game is good but, usually it gets frustrating when my players receive a pass and keeps running until they go out of bound with it and especially when they receive a pass and they make unnecessary moves to stop it and the opponents easily take the ball from you and you have no choice. One last thing , is that I wish we could, when our players receive the pass that we are able to pass in any directions, instead of passing in one direction , other than that the game is good so I give it a four star, but if these changes are made then I will gladly give it a five star. Ps: One last thing, I wish my players would try and put in some effort to go after the ball , cuz sometimes it seems like they come to the game high a’f.
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5 years ago, sjpeagle8
Fun at first.....
First couple of levels are decently easy and pretty fun. I spent a little while on the game and eventually got to a high level. It later gets to a point that makes you want to delete the app in general. First of all, the goalies and opponents are godly, while the players on your team can’t even dribble. The opposition makes diving plays across the field and the goal stands on his head, while your players belong in a make a wish league. Secondly, if the opponent even touches the ball you lose a life (yes, there’s a life system for some reason). There have been countless times the ball has tipped off the opponent and have went to my team, but it didn’t count because they touched it. Another problem is the fact that one mistake ruins your chances. For some levels you have to score multiple goals. So one mistake and you go all the way back to the start. Sounds confusing but you will understand if you play. Overall this game is a pretty solid idea but the execution isn’t there.
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