Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

4.5 (267.2K)
239.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopely, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

4.54 out of 5
267.2K Ratings
1 year ago, SamGoneHam
Friendly game turned into legit scam
I’ve been playing off the old/new app over 10 years l. The odds in some adventure/challenge modes are impossible. No player not even grand master bot could possibly win the upper levels. The racks become more and more rigged similar to when playing master and grand master computer mode. You cannot get a obtain a rack to work off of its not randomized. I can accept in that because it’s free. But you cannot advertise a challenge mode as achievable without paying money. Users need to know upfront whether or not the mode is possible without extra payments. This is a lawsuit worthy. User expectations should be clear in a family friendly game when it’s impossible to play based on skill alone. The racks are without doubt not random and designed like a casino to make you pay to keep playing. Again all is fine as long as it’s clear it’s not possible to win without payment. This app could be so much better and keep less obsessive playing and become obsessed, but this business model is overkill and not lawful.
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1 year ago, Sonic4Amy
Better match matching
I would give you guys five stars. But it's the matchmaking that irritates me the most; I'm sick and tired of it recommending players to play against when they're not even online to play. The first time I was in a tournament (which was recommended by the computer by the way), I made the first move, and the person I was paired with didn't play for three days, so I forfeited the match. Then I traded a second time, and the person the computer matched me up at least made the first move before disappearing for two days. so far this has happened four times so that’s four matches I had to forfeit from before someone telling me that if the person doesn’t play don’t forfeit the computer will automatically make them the loser depending on who has the highest or lowest score… if this is why the truth why did I sit there for three days I had a way higher score than the other person you guys need to add a sleep or away button or something. To be honest, I don’t care for board games. I hate them. I don’t have the patience for them, and these people are a clear example of why I don’t play with others online and would rather play solo matches or against the computer. Please fix this if you can add a status light or something showing that the person is actually playing in real time or something.
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2 years ago, dublchaos
Creeps use this platform to solicit people
Game play is great. The chat feature is nice too- it’s fun to chat with your opponent HOWEVER, there are many, many, many people who use this platform to get information from people, for ill purposes no doubt. Their questions and information are ALL very similar and they ultimately all ask for personal information to be able to “talk” somewhere else. Their profile pictures are always of good looking middle aged white guys (stock google pics), they claim to be from the states but speak in broken-ish English- they say hi after the first move and want to know where you live, if you’re married, how many kids you have, your hobbies, and your email address. They ask all that within the first five seconds it seems. My poor elderly aunt was duped by one of them and she ended up giving him a lot of information. It was a mess to get him to stop harassing her. I don’t know if it’s possible to make the chat safer, or what, but i hope the developers take the reported users seriously and make it harder for them to con people. I block and report those users but before I do, I string them along with bogus answers and made- up email addresses which confuses and annoys them. Mission accomplished.
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2 years ago, chitownriverscum
Improved but still highly flawed
First, creeps do NOT use the chat function in this app to track you, for the simple reason that everyone knows that the chat function doesn't work at all, so... I guess that's a positive? There are plenty of legit annoyances to complain about: for instance, there's the "multiplayer mode", which for anyone who thinks about it for more than five seconds, doesn't make any sense. What are the chances that more than two players - total strangers, in nearly every case - will be available to play at the same time? Absolutely zero. Finally, something is very wrong with the dictionary. The word "rabbited" means "ran away". It does NOT mean "rabbit"! There are other examples, with which I won't trouble you, but some of the dictionary entries don't even sound like proper English... like they were written by a 3-year-old or something. And now, Scopely has added a new horror: the FREAKING CARD COLLECTIONS. As if the thousands of tile variants weren’t enough to completely turn off lovers of the core Scrabble game. AAAGGGHHH! CONCENTRATE ON IMPROVING THE BASIC GAME PLAY, AND FORGET ALL THIS MEANINGLESS FRIPPERY! We all know that Scopely doesn't give a flying you-know-what about the user experience, evidenced by the fact that there is no means of requesting tech support... so it's almost a given that nobody will even bother to read this, but... in case they do...
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9 months ago, Kabuki face
Keeps getting worse
Wish zero stars was an option. In the 3 years I’ve had this game, it’s only gotten worse. First, the ads are an absolute atrocity. Not only are there FAR too many, they’re incredibly long-more than a minute in a lot of cases, and you’re forced to watch one after EVERY turn. It’s ludicrous. Second, why no more free tickets when opening chests? I get it-you want to make money. But eliminating occasional tickets is an incredibly terrible thing to do to users you supposedly care about. Third, the technical aspects are a joke. You’d think bugs and other issues would be improved upon, but somehow they get worse. A prime example is the Tumbler game which routinely glitches and gives microscopic letters you can’t even see let alone play with. It’s been like that for 2 years, and I’ve written customer service a few times about it. But like everything else, they reply with a cut-and-paste response that says “sorry you’re experiencing that. Rest assured our team is taking this issue very seriously…blah blah blah,” then NOTHING CHANGES! Just admit you can’t figure it out and there is no fix instead of lying to people! You can see said disingenuous response to complaints on this review board! Last, legit words that don’t count, and totally bogus ones do. Somehow “nth,” “pht,” and “cwm” are acceptable, but some real words aren’t! Sad because this game used to be so much fun 🤬
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3 years ago, hezmyjoy
Problems During Prize Giving
I picked this app up because on FB, there was a lull with making the updates. I noticed with this app on my tablet, there isn’t a problem when rejecting the prize to go to the next game and to avoid the ads. But when you decide to accept the prize, all of a sudden there is a pop up declaring that something is wrong with the system. Ok, but what is the alternative? Will I get a chance later? Is there a cancellation prize for the inconvenience? Nope. You have to forfeit the prize. Isn’t it funny, nothing is wrong with the system when the same ads come on over and over and over again between games? To the creators, if you are interested in making the game less annoying: when playing the mini word games within (like the trophy game and bayou), the player should have a choice whether to use all of his/her tickets or not. The player shouldn’t be forced to spend his/her coins if there is a ticket left. Did you really design the game to see if you could control one’s spending? I did notice that when I used my tickets and had 101 coins to start off, at the end of playing 4 games and spending 5 coins per continuance, I saw I had 72 coins left. How? That would mean 29 coins were spent. That not even divisible of 5. That would mean I played 5 games and your game stole an extra 4 coins. Wow!
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3 years ago, bpamagic
Why even call it Scrabble. What an abomination.
15 minutes. That’s all it took. 15 minutes before I realized some underage gamer had destroyed what was one of the best games ever invented - so I deleted it. I’m not a prude. I’m not technically challenged. I see younger generations struggling every day with attention span issues. I get it. But not everybody needs bells and whistles and jewels and God knows what else is imbedded in the Scrabble Go app to be entertained. If it’s about money then charge me more for the app, but to destroy a simple quality intellectual game like Scrabble and turn it into a moronic video game is asinine. You clearly could have included an option for people to choose the classic version - which, if it is available, I was unable, well unwilling, to wade through the nonsense to find it. That would have met everybody’s needs. We’re getting far enough along in the technology craze that not every computer geek or technology buff or game player is a 15 year old kid with the attention span of a goldfish. And the need to pander to said demographic while ignoring others may be at the detriment of your company. Consider there are actually older people -with money - who enjoy technology, that you may want to address in your product development and marketing efforts. If you’re designing a new game - no problem. But to destroy such a classic for no apparent reason is just ridiculous. I’m only giving one star because I have to in order to send my review.
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1 year ago, VVarder
Its not just the ads, or the frequency….
There are so many ads, yes, and $10 PER MONTH to get rid of them, which is more than some streaming services is a but much, but thats not what got me to delete the app. It was while I’m at the ice rink, while my daughter is skating, and despite my phone being on silent, an ad comes on at high volume “I’M A 34DD!” before I can close the app. Ads that don't respect volume settings crosses the line for me. Not to mention I had to use facebook to log in, you should be able to get my gender from that, and maybe targeting me, a man, with bra ads isn’t the smartest thing? Aside from the cost of ad free, and the technical problem of ads ignoring silent mode, the final bit that was annoying is that it drinks battery life like nothing I’ve seen. I would play for 15 minutes or so and my iPhone was hot to the touch. This would also lead to the app starting to become less responsive. The game itself worked fine otherwise, and the adventure mode was fun, but its nowhere near worth it. A real shame this and Words with Friends are unable to provide a quality app experience at a reasonable price. The free to play model works for other games with a good experience, and the whales pay for the cosmetics. I have no idea why the ad model works here at all, because these ads are about as ineffective as possible.
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3 years ago, Ranger土豆泥
Annoying bugs and pushy design
This is mostly great. I like the dictionary integration and that you can play the computer on several levels. There are two pretty annoying things though: 1. There are some bugs with how it shows your score history. If you start to scroll through it, all the sudden the scores will change. The labeled winner for part matches will sometimes be the player with the lower score. It’s just weird. As a side note, I just played a game against the app where it declared the computer the winner after playing the last tile, but it still has two tiles left! You can go back and look at the board, so I was able to take a screenshot where it labels the computer the winner, but we both have tiles left. Weird. 2. The all is pretty pushy about starting new games and challenging random people. It will push my active game with my friend to the end of the list and put challenges from strangers and past games I played against the computer at the top, both of which are useful. I don’t mind watching ads for a free version, but this extra pushiness to play random people is pretty intrusive. It won’t let you dismiss those either, so you have to scroll past them over and over again.
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2 years ago, H.T. Glover
Awful for all of these reasons…
1) My experience with the game so far indicates that most to all of the players I’ve played against are actually bots. It has made for very poor play. 2) About 40% of the time I use this app it not only freezes, it freezes my entire device locking my screen and preventing me from doing anything for several seconds, including closing the app or turning my device off. 2) There are so many distractions getting in the way of actually playing a game on this app it has become incredibly annoying to use. As much as I enjoy Scrabble I can barely stand playing the game on account of how irritating it is to use this app. 3) EVERY TIME I wish to play (increasingly little) I am prompted to log in through Facebook. The app designers so clearly prefer that option to “anonymous” play they first make the “anonymous” selection more challenging to see (approximately 50% of the size of the Facebook option above it, and made so faint as to be practically invisible) AND even include a cartoon character which frowns upon one having made the choice to play anonymously. Let me make a selection and change my decision later should I ever choose to do so. Each time I open the app is yet one more unpleasant experience. It’s enough already. My second day with this app might already be my last.
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4 years ago, theymightberyan
Just like classic Scrabble....
Except you can earn rewards. Which we can all agree was the biggest thing missing from the old board game. And you can “level up”. Which is something I was writing to Hasbro about for years. “Hasbro, why does this exceptionally simple and perfectly executed board game not allow me to level up and earn rewards?” I guess they finally heard me. Oh, also, if you are looking for one of the games you might be playing, it’s actually not easy to find. It’s like a frustrating little adventure where each time you want to play, you have to brush aside all the different things the app is trying to get you to do other than just playing your existing games with your family and friends. Neat! I am so thrilled to be able to see how people on my Facebook friends list are achieving their various high score dreams. I remember before this if I wanted to know what an acquaintances highest score in Scrabble was, I had to write a letter and wait for them to pen their reply. Now, I can find that even more easily than I can find the games I’m actually playing! In all seriousness, this version of the game does one thing really really well: it highlights just how out of touch this developer is with the actual players of this game. I’m desperately seeking something to replace Scrabble. This isn’t it.
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4 years ago, Devin1967
I would rate the new Scrabble Go app zero stars, or even negative stars if available. EA/Hasbro had perfected the Scrabble app in recent years, and I’m sad to see it go on 6/1/20. I’m hopeful that in some way it will be resurrected in its perfect present form, which is clearly what all Scrabble app players want after reading many reviews. The new Scrabble Go is a complete failure. It has been dumbed down for kids, contains useless noises and other distractions, is difficult to use, and is visibly too small. Scrabble aficionados have no interest in this garbage. I have seen Scopely’s response to many critical reviews stating ‘this is a work in progress’. Well, Scopely, from reading the real reviews (not the multitude of fake positive reviews herein), you should glean that the Scrabble app in its present form is what we want: a game free from useless distractions, noises, and gifts; one with a built-in dictionary; one with a scoring mechanism so we can compete with players at our skill level; one that looks like the actual physical Scrabble board (same colors and tiles); and one that is easy to use. Scopely has taken away a gem, and I would rather stare at a blank wall than play the new Scrabble Go app. And I suspect that current Scrabble app players would be willing to pay for access to the app in its present form - I know I would. PLEASE OFFER THE CURRENT SCRABBLE GAME IN ITS PRESENT FORM FOR A REASONABLE FEE.
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3 years ago, Crtant3
Disappointing Money Grab
Many years ago I had purchased the EA sports version of this app. I had taken a hiatus from playing and recently decided to pick it back up and was bummed to find out that the EA version had been mothballed. I downloaded this version of the game it was completely disgusted. It took a while to figure out that you could wade through the ADHD candy crush version of games they offered to fined a Version close to the original. However there’s no purchase option for the app, You have to pay these jokers quarterly to keep from being bombarded by ads for other moronic and insulting games this company peddles. I supposedly received a free three month trial version of the ad free game. That lasted about six days and then the janky ads came back. I get it, the old version it was a one off sale for the developer. Now they load this game up with multiple add-on charges that used to be part of the game. I just don’t want to spend $32 a year to play ad free. Yes, 32 a year. Very disappointing. Hasbro should be ashamed of themselves for letting this game become what it has. I plan to delete it off my phone and try to find an alternative. Besides, based on the level of play so far, I don’t think the real serious Scrabble users that were on the EA version are playing on this one.
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1 year ago, DonaandBear
Please update word options
I enjoy scrabble… that said…. There are way to many ads in the free version… over the top too many. Considering stopping it altogether! Paying for it is not an option. Where is the option to add words corrections ??? Erode is a word. Yi is a word. Sire is a word. None are accepted. I had a word it was a shuttered I SHUTTERED and I put you in at the beginning of it and it wouldn’t except it and it was on a triple option and it didn’t except it, and I think that there should be a link so that we can make suggestions for words that are actually in the dictionary that should be added to your word list. Please update and add an app so that we can put words in like yeah I W I’m sorry it’s Y.I is a word that’s why I N unshattered is a word and sire finally went in SIRE but it’s not fun. When you know that the word is an excellent word and then you wait to add to it and then you find out you can’t.
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3 years ago, cleversole
Too many scammers
I like the game and the arena. Climbing the ladder through different divisions. The tumblers are probably my favorite. My biggest problem is this game is FULL of scammers. People using fake pictures, wanting to chat and giving some fake sob story then wanting you to go to hangouts or other apps so they can ask/beg for money. I complained MANY times and none were removed. There were using pictures like Joe Cross who is commonly used by scammers, and using a different name. I proved it over and over and the players were allowed to continue. Absolutely no protection whatsoever. There say they can’t tell you the result of the investigation but if I continue to see the player active, I know nothing was done. I’ve come and gone on this game many times because there are things I like about it. But within a day a scammer will hit and it aggravates me that I can’t play and enjoy. I can block and other things but if I report they should be removed to prevent them from scamming others. I leave quickly every time because of that. Maybe one day there will be enough protection for legitimate players to play and enjoy the game. Until then, beware of anyone chatting with you. Especially if they want to leave this game to chat. It’s a scammer. They tried to get 10k from me.
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4 years ago, Opshai
Sketchy Policies
It’s a fun game with good graphics and in game incentives, and it definitely sharpened my scrabble skill by playing it for a few days, but the privacy policy of the company is rather sketchy. Of course, it’s for the more social applications of this app and you “don’t have to” but there are in-game rewards locked off by requesting you give them your entire contact library or make a facebook account in order to access them. The information usage by the company is vague and threatening, and I don’t want these people to have my address. Though I feel I should point out there’s not as many creeps and scammers as other reviews say, to give them credit. I assume all these info-sucking policies would scare off anyone looking to cause trouble, but I also feel that this invasion of privacy in the name of security is highly upsetting. It’s a decent app and worth your time if you’re willing to sell your soul and personal information for a few in game credits. Please think critically before agreeing to anything this app offers you, and if you’re paranoid like me absolutely do not get it. Too many times have companies overstepped privacy boundaries in greed. I don’t trust stuff like this.
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4 years ago, Caffeinate_Me
Terrible replacement for the classic game!!
If you enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use of the old EA Scrabble game, you will HATE this app. There are way too many extra features that do nothing to enhance gameplay, but instead are attempts to get players to sink unnecessary money into the game. The teacher mode that so many of us used in the old version is only free once or twice, then you have to spend gems to use it. The two word reference sheet in the dictionary is gone (and if it isn’t gone, I sure haven’t been able to find it). The classic board (as the developers will tell you) technically exists, but it’s not immediately obvious WHERE it is. If you’re going to try to sell fans of the old version on this new version by claiming that the board we all love is there, it shouldn’t be so hard to find. Also, even if you activate the “Hide From Searches” feature in the privacy settings, random players can still start games with you, so I have no idea what the point of this privacy feature is. For people who like this style of game - lots of side challenges to earn aesthetic features, random challenges, daily chests, lots of extras - this is a good game. But for fans of the classic version who are being pushed into this version because the old one is going away? You’ll hate this version.
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4 years ago, Marcopolo1199
I usually don’t write reviews if an app is bad, but this one has undoubtedly made me so furious for the following reason: The entire app isn’t dedicated to the actual game. It’s literally a bunch of pop ups and prizes and rewards and treasure chests that, probably, no one wants to see. You can’t get through a game, and in the beginning, I couldn’t even start one without getting hopelessly disoriented in all the poorly displayed match types and other frivolous things in the home screen. And the graphics? Slow and frustrating, especially when you get these useless gems and then the treasure chest opens, while it’s your turn, so you’re just staring at the screen watching these ridiculous animations with no way of skipping them, and just when you think they’re done, they’re not! Then it starts suggesting different wood finishes for your tiles, so at this rate you’ll never get back to your game! Honestly opening this app feels like a chore. You want to play the game but it just feels like you can’t. The app coders/developers, the poor things, someone please free them because they’ve definitely been held against their will by management that hasn’t understood what the consumers want. If I could give less than one star, I most certainly would.
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4 years ago, scout320
Perhaps this game appeals to a different demographic, but not me. At one time I actually chose my phone based on whether I could play the official classic Scrabble game. I do not want to play a word game that doesn’t use the official classic Scrabble board so I am trying to adapt to to this unnecessarily flashy game. Not sure if I speak for other classic players, but I miss the teacher and playing against multiple computer opponents. Per co-CEO Ferreira in an interview with GamesBeat, “There will be features that allow you to have a richer and deeper single-player experience” over the next 3-9 months. Sooner would be better as it seems many classic players aren’t sticking around to find out what the future will bring. Single-player experience is what I used in the classic EA/Hasbro game. I have never wanted to play live so now I am left with poor Zoey. It does seem that Zoey “learns” because her scores have improved after several rounds; she’s doing much better than her posted average score of 16. Also, at one time long ago there was an option for “duplicate” play. With this option, both the computer and me had the same letters. Whoever’s word scored the most points was played and that player scored. Perhaps that option could be added for those of us that don’t enjoy the whole media gaming scene.
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4 years ago, NoVa Pablo
Scrabble Meets Las Vegas, and We All Lose
I have played Scrabble most of my life and love the simplicity of the game. Enjoyed the Scrabble app immensely. Then they sold the rights to EA, and the result is Scrabble Go. Scrabble has become an abomination. The UI is not only confusing (and I do UI in my work), it is a poorly-thought-out cacophony of badges, unnecessary animations, bizarre “challenges”, and a manic energy that is anything but enjoyable. I get it: people like fun things on their phone that will spice up their lives. But this is akin to taking Chess and making all of the pieces 12 different colors. It makes no sense. If you want to play the equivalent of Caffeine Town, play Scrabble Go. If you want to play Scrabble, find a yard sale somewhere and buy the original board game, because the attention-deficit idiots at EA won’t listen to a request to leave the original Scrabble app the hell alone. UPDATE: I got the developer names switched. When I curse out EA, I mean to curse out Scopely. I stand by everything else I said. And the token responses from the developer bot are annoyingly repetitious: Thank you for your input, but we’re really trying hard to improve your User Experience... blah blah blah. Pretty sure your “test audience” was either paid, plastered, or pre-pubescent. Please bring back Classic Scrabble.
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4 years ago, chocolateeclairlover
Terrible all around
There is really nothing to like about this app. The ridiculous bells and whistles that distract and detract have been written about by nearly every reviewer. In addition, I object to the tiny board with tiles so small I can’t read their scores and an automatic scoring aid that I also need to get out reading glasses to decipher. Luckily I’ve been playing all my life so I can add the scores in my head but other Scrabble apps had no issue here. More annoying is the tile bag. The EA game (which was reliably unreliable but so much better than this mess of an app) had a running count of how many letters left in the game. The “tile bag” option here tells you this as well as what letters are left! I find that an extremely obnoxious cheat. I’m also tired of getting notices on my phone that “Kelly” or whomever is waiting for me to play. I do not appreciate my name and photo getting shared with random strangers. I get more notices about stuff like this than I do the actual notices of my real friends/opponents taking their turns. This app really stinks and I beg Scopely to provide a Classic Scrabble version that cuts the cartoon crap, removes the social networking prompts, removes cheat prompts (swap tiles for free?!?), and restores the board and tile bag counter to normal. Listen to the people! Nobody but your bot reviewers like this app!
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5 months ago, Helberta girl
Fun But Annoying
I enjoy playing this game, but there are so many annoying aspects. Let’s start by the fact that I had nowhere to post feedback other than here. I tried to do through the game, but the chat buttons the bot directed me too were not on my screen. There is no way to talk to a human being through “contact us” either. The animations are way too long and intrusive. I don’t collect points unless it’s a high value, b/c it’s an actual chore to do so. I’m sure it has also been said, too many ads, though I tend to forgive that more as a developer’s gotta make a living. Still, I would appreciate if that could be done in a different way. Last thing on my mind is that the app glitches during ads occasionally and I lose the benefit I was supposed to gain by watching it in the first place. I would give a higher rating if not for these issues. Update: Apparently, the company has no issues with taking the rewards out of my inbox. I have written several complaints about this which have fallen on deaf ears. Though I am playing the “free” version, I have watched their gazillion ads and deserve what I earned. Game is fun, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle.
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2 weeks ago, RJH.727
WAY WAY WAY over complicated
Setup is MUCH too complicated. All I wanted to do way play this with one specific person. After multiple messages, gyrations, and logins, we couldn’t do it. Don’t need multiple games going. Don’t want to play with strangers. SIMPLIFY THIS! We uninstalled it. UPDATE: Tried again and got this to work. But my initial impression hasn’t changed. Too complicated, but also way too many obnoxious, intrusive popups that are difficult to close. Again: SIMPLIFY THIS! Update 2: Downgrading to one star. This app is SO close to being good. But a bunch of boneheaded decisions make it just awful. Too many obnoxious, intrusive, ill-behaved ads for starters. Features no one asked for, wanted, or cared about (tiles, gems, card packs, tickets, collections, popups, etc, etc, etc). And worst of all is the algorithm for distribution of letters. You know, generation of random numbers is programming 101; it simply isn’t that difficult. But when you get rack after rack of all vowels, something is wrong; statistically it’s darn near impossible. One thing that could be done is to add a button to reshuffle the remaining tiles (i.e., reseed the random number generator). Dirt simple. Going to delete this app for a while; it’s simply too annoying to be worthwhile.
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4 years ago, mac fitz
Ads make game hang up
If i am trying to have a duel and the game can’t locate an opponent for me, it closes me completely out of the app, and it takes about 40 seconds to open back into the app when that happens. Trying to play duels is also extremely frustrating if you aren’t willing to pay to go ad-free. The candy crush ad for example won’t let me X out (I have waited as long ad 90 seconds for the x to appear) but if I press “play free” to get it over with it takes me to the crush app download so apparently you have to download candy crush before you can play another scrabble duel. Or you can just close out of scrabble go and come here to give scrabble go a poor review because so many ads crash the app. Also it is Hard to figure out why they keep delaying play time to award trophies, which don’t seem to mean anything as far as rewarding you with a better experience. If anything, I seem to get a higher number of vowel-free boards as I gain trophies. The screen is now frozen on final fantasy Install now even after I have closed out of scrabble go completely to try to reboot.
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2 years ago, ReviewForApple
Do Not Trust Them! They refuse to delete account.
This is a shady company! I’ve been trying to delete my account for almost a week now. I filled everything out online as their agreement notes. It didn’t get deleted so I emailed their customer service. Someone named Maxx contacted me asking me for the same exact information that I already filled out online. They ask for so many details and I had already deleted the app itself. I told him why do I need to provide the information a second time? Then someone named Mark contacted me and said their support online form has nothing to do with them! So I had to download the app again! It’s good for their ratings. I sent all the information again! Nobody responded. I followed up again. This time they sent an automated response saying the ticket is closed! I checked and they’ve closed my ticket without deleting my account. I was very clear in my last email to them that I’ll send the information again. Even after providing all the information they asked, they did not delete my account. Do not trust them. It’s all about keeping accounts open, refusing to delete accounts and having you download the app again - all for their own gain.
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4 years ago, audge84
Absolutely horrible!
Wow! Way to ruin a classic. It looks like a magical unicorn barfed all over it. All these extras, colors, nonsense, gems, treasure boxes, required payment for the teacher (scholar) and detracting from the original are the reasons this game would receives a one star rating. Also, there is NO way the app has the ratings it appears to unless parents allowed their three year olds to play with it and push buttons. Can’t see it appealing to anyone else unless you hate ACTUAL Scrabble for some reason. What a shame! Just fix it so we can play Scrabble please. I’d actually truly like to know which individuals are responsible for this garbage? For example, when shuffling, the letters bounce around like little trolls hopping on mushrooms. Why would that be appealing? Just shuffle them! There are few greater sounds to a game player than the shuffling of letters in a card or Scrabble game (real or digital) than that shuffling. Has anyone responsible for the destruction of online Scrabble actually ever played Scrabble or just Candy Crush? I’d vote for more ads since the aim of Scopely is clearly just to make money. I’d rather keep it the same but watch an ad after every play than all these dollar store bells and whistles. Just stop or create a new one for real players.
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4 years ago, Journeyman2015
The classic gets updated for today
As somebody who stopped playing Scrabble for lack of real-life opponents who didn’t spend half their time being toxic, this is a bonanza. Sure the UI on the main menu isn’t the best, but the app does a good job making the experience worthwhile, even suggesting opponents who play at your pace. Duels are especially nice because you can squeeze in a quick match in just a few minutes without having to worry about playing a full game. Earning new tile sets to customize your rack with is pretty cool too...I’ve already seen some that scream to me, “I want to earn that!” My only real suggestion for the developers is that I would like to see some puzzles in the sense that you are given a game in progress with words already on the board and a rack to play with, and you need to find the best possible play on the board that you can. I just feel that this would help people become better players by giving them a chance to practice board awareness. Other than that, I love this. It’s worth the $5 a month for Club membership.
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10 months ago, Ninja.toes
I’m just here for the Scrabble, man…
I’m passionate about Scrabble, and as this is the only real app available, I play it a lot. That being said, the app has a LOT of issues. The app itself is glitchy as all get out. The coding is messy and features don’t always work as they should. Rewards cannot often be collected. Tournaments take your diamonds, but never load. Ads (of which there are MANY) often don’t load correctly, freeze, or crash the app all together. It’s kinda a mess. But the big thing I want to mention is the fact that the chat feature has been infiltrated by so-called “romance scammers”. They ALL have the same MO. 40-60 year old handsome men (or ladies, imagine, depending on who you are), that play the game terribly, start a friendly chat, and eventually start asking for more and more personal information. Initially, I would mess with them, but now it’s gotten old as about half of any games I start wind up being with scam players. It’s obnoxious, and frankly unsettling. The developers can’t not know it’s happening. Please warn elderly friends and family that use the app of the potential risks. Stay safe out there Scrabblers!
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4 years ago, elf lover
Pretty bummed
Hi scopely I’m glad I still have access to the old scrabble. Tbh this is just all around weird to market scrabble like this. If you want to attract real scrabble players then please have a version that is the same as the ea one. Namely, the ability to look up a word if it’s not your turn or in play, and the teacher should always be free, not free for a little while. Honestly that was such a turn off. The needless animation is also kind of terrible and I find myself quitting the application just so I don’t have to click through a series of annoying clicks to buy a subscription for $5 a month I’m never gonna get. I really think you will get a lot of people paying a one time fee over doing that it’s kind of ridiculous and I doubt in the long run you will keep it. The one thing I do like about this version is it seems that it’s easier to play with people who are actually pretty good as opposed to the ea version where it was harder to play against random opponents in a way that was user friendly. considering scrabble is a game probably played by a lot of people who are over the age of 15 the whole like Disney feel animation thing is just kind of weird.
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2 years ago, Lexi Flitton
The notifications..
This is a great app to play when you’re trying to pass the time. However, with that being said- it does NOT mean I want to be reminded every 10 minutes that the app is on my phone. The fact that there are no notifications settings on an app like this is mind boggling. Also the amount of pop ups within the app for “challenges” is more than annoying. I just enjoy playing scrabble, if I want to do a challenge, I will. I don’t need it to interrupt whatever I’m doing on the app or have it pop up and disrupt what I’m trying to do every time I open the app or go to the main screen. Lastly, after every turn I play on a game I’m in, the “more games” section pops up and is completely unnecessary. Again, if I wanted to switch games I can easily do that myself. I don’t need the app popping up in my face telling me to. Please make the app more customizable- the amount pop ups within the app (not ads, but game features) absolutely wrecks my phone battery and is frustrating. In fact it’s the main reason I keep uninstalling this app.
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4 years ago, Hvanett
Just no. The previous version was a nice way to relax before bed. I just want a simple game. This does the opposite. This version is not simply Scrabble. It has 20 different ways to play and more games and options pop up while I’m playing. There are challenges and “prizes” to be won. I paid for the old version to get rid of ads and popups. This version has so many distracting popups - it constantly tells me I earned some points, leveled up, might want to use a cheat that I might was to pay for. The game stops to show me things I don’t care about. No. I want nice, quiet, scrabble. I loved the option where I could play the computer against multiple computer opponents. Playing against “Zoey” is not the same, or even enjoyable. Zoey tries to teach me how to play. This version works hard to get me to play against other humans, but I really like to pick up a game and play a few turns, then go away for the rest of the day. That’s no good when playing another person. Honestly though, the worst, after each move, there is a popup screen trying to get me to start a game with yet another person. This game is annoying. I have plenty of bright, loud, complex games. The beauty of Scrabble is that it’s a quiet and thoughtful game.
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1 year ago, Dcarpentiere
Horrible junk ads, disrespectful, $100 for no ads!
Since this company took over the rights to Scrabble it has gone from bad to horrible. The basic game is fine (and that's what we want). There are way too many extra games, chests, and other treasures that are not needed - but I can look past those. What is most annoying are the ads and the way they are served. There are WAY TOO many, most are junk scams (play Bingo and win thousands). Also the ads don't respect mute - mute the game but the ads play sounds. Also a number of ads have no way to get you back to the game so you have to kill the game and start again. And some ads that do offer an "X" to close and go back...hide the "x" so you do't see it. Very sleezy. Lastly - I don't want notifications on and every week or so it gives a pop-up asking if I want notifications turned on. That's disrespectful and this game is an insult to a real scrabble player. Finally - there is an option to pay for no ads but the cost is ridiculous! It works out to about $100 / year. I'd gladly pay a reasonable amount for a traditional scrabble game with no ads and one that better respects me - but this is horrid.
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4 years ago, scrabble classic fan
Bring back option for classic scrabble!
There are many silly options for potential gamers to pursue bonus points and buy their way to victory with hints and switches and tips. Why take over a classic beloved game that has been around long enough that there are game championships and followings and even a designated dictionary made for it? Shame on hasbro and scopely for destroying the ability of anyone who cares about the game to have the option to play it the way it was meant to be played. I’ve been playing scrabble my whole life and online for over 10 years. All thrown out in pursuit of squeezing out more money by forcing users to endure the ridiculous graphics and constant distractions that have nothing to do with the actual game. No true scrabble fan will pay for the gimmicks, especially since words with friends already offers them for free. And are you really going to erase all history of scrabble players? Talk about a great way to gain the loyalty and interest from an existing base of users. What I would pay for is to buy an app that provides the classic scrabble board, rules, and dictionary options. I am sure many scrabble-lovers would too. More than will have any patience with this new joke version.
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2 years ago, melissaAnne
Obnoxious ads and UX
While I love the game itself and how it’s configured on the app, there are some incredibly annoying aspects too. For one thing, you are constantly interrupted by obnoxious ads that shut down whatever music, podcast or audio book you might be listening to. Once you tediously click past the ads, you need to exit the app to restart whatever you were listening to. Secondly, there are unnecessarily long animations displaying your “earnings” from playing each round. These displays sometimes force you into clicking through a series of several buttons/screens to get you to start some other random game in the app— all while you are just trying to get back to your existing game. But good luck trying to figure out how to return to your game. The interface of the app is chaotic and unintuitive. There are so many things going on visually and functionally in the app on it’s maddening. Please improve the UX! Also, I get that apps need to run ads and/or charge for certain features to make it worth it, but isn’t there some other way to do this? I would pay to not see ads.
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1 year ago, kkh123ag
Can I PLEASE complete a solo game without being interrupted by an ad after every word I submit? I just closed the game today after 1 solo game and 3 words into the second one, because there were so many ads it wasn't even fun to play! My mom and I used to play this game together a few years ago and I know there was ads, but I'm pretty sure I could finish a game without watching an ad after every turn! I like to watch extra ads for rewards, so please stop putting so many during game. I think a lot of people also watch the extra ads for rewards. I don't mind that in an online game after a turn is OVER I have to watch an ad, that makes perfect sense. But putting an ad after every word I submit in a solo game that could literally take me 2 minutes to complete (the same amount of time it takes some people to think of a word in an online match) IS TOO MUCH! I don't watch the extra ads now, because I've had enough. I'm sorry to sound rude, but the amount of ads are really ruining my experience.
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4 years ago, Sarah's thoughts
Crashes/freezes all the time!!
2.5 star rating I love the game of scrabble in general and I find myself on the verge of deleting this app all the time but then not doing so last minute. This app freezes ALL THE TIME, either mid game, right when I open (with a black screen) or during an add which is the most frustrating. At first I thought it was just me but my cousin and mom both have the game and they experience it too. I have often found myself having to close the app to get it to work. My family and I have been so confused why some words are fine and others aren’t when they are correct entries. There has also been several times where I play a word that is most definitely an actual word (ex: “file” or “saving”) and the game doesn’t recognize it as a word. But when I close and reopen the game it’ll then recognize as such. Sometimes it won’t recognize it at all (but will recognize the words “Khi” or “za”). So it just gets annoying to play with such a bare bones app that barely seems to be developed. My advice: if you find a different but similar enough scrabble app; go with that one instead. Save yourself the headache.
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1 year ago, Xmnatch
Why are the ads so hard to close?? Bloatware with atrocious performance!
First of all, the app is called scrabble but it is a package of multiple games that i am never going to play. The app performs extremely poorly. Sometimes it takes several seconds to a touch to register. The app is designed to be a time waster so players end up having to spend more time in the app, which means more money for the developer. Level ups which are of no interest to scrabble players frequently pop up and takes about 30 seconds. End of every game is like a show and tell for about 30 seconds that cannot be bypassed. I understand that ads are necessary but the ads on this app are excruciatingly painful.. sometimes you have to Hit X multiple times to close the ad. The X are sometimes too small or placed close to the Get button so it results in accidentally go to the appstore to buy the app being advertised. Some ads are impossible to close out of and requires restarting the app. I am a scrabble enthusiast who would gladly pay a subscription if you design a lean and mean app which offers a good player experience.. but this app is the exact opposite of it.
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4 years ago, AlTucson
I am right there with all the critics. I love the EA Scrabble App that is dying on June 1st. BUT, when I put on my business hat, I think I know what happened. Think about the nominal one-time fee we paid for the EA Scrabble App and played for years as the programmers made improvements, fixed glitches and grappled with IOS update changes to our devices. So, rather than charge us for continuation of the GOOD app, which they knew would have been met with uproarious outrage, they decided to kill it. Emerging in its place was the Scrabble GO monstrosity which, in order to charge money making monthly fees and mechanism to spend more for diamonds along the way, necessarily had to justify itself with all the glitz, glamour and silliness to appeal to a larger audience including children. Folks, it was a money making economic decision. Sorry, simple profit motive and greed at work here. Meanwhile, a true classic game suffers. How many of us would be willing to pay $4.95 a month to restore the EA game? I bet a lot, given the alternative. In fact, don’t be surprised if a new version of Classic Scrabble as we know, love and want it, emerges in the coming months with a monthly fee attached. This is all speculation on my part, but plausible,
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3 years ago, isaacspaceman
Ruined a great game
The EA Scrabble was a near-perfect simulation of real-life Scrabble, but I guess that’s not what runs the mobile economy. This version of Scrabble, even after being toned down because of complaints, is nearly unplayable. Its design is busy and full of flashing things and motion and cartoon characters—basically nothing you want when you’re trying to concentrate on a game of scrabble. It makes you wait through insipid ads after every turn. Then, inexplicably, it also makes you wait while the computer decides what to play. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this delay except to annoy you. The game also tries to funnel you into Facebook-based play. It makes it unnecessarily hard for you to return to a game you’ve paused. And don’t get me started on the jewel-based economy that they really want you to join (which I have no interest in trying). A couple of times, the ads have gone haywire and shut down my iPad. On the bright side, that meant I no longer had to play the game. I was happy to pay money to play the EA Scrabble. Unfortunately, this version is just an ad delivery system. Reviews suggest there are better scrabble-like games out there, so I guess I’ll try them.
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4 years ago, SillySillyGame
Scrabble Vegas
The actual gameplay is fairly decent, but outside of that, the app has some negatives. It’s too busy, with lots of flashing and scrolling graphics, stars, banners, ‘prize chests’ for achieving seemingly arbitrary milestones, various weird arcade modes, and so forth. It feels like being on the slot floor at a Vegas casino. I don’t love that players can basically cheat, by spending their winnings to get word suggestions... nor that additional cheats can be ‘earned’ by simply watching a commercial. It’s all a bit psychotic and over-the-top. It has a notification system, that seems to be misfiring at random. I currently have eight notifications, because it’s my turn in one game and I have one unread ‘mail’ (not actual mail, just an unclaimed prize chest). If I action those two things, I might still have eight notifications... or one... or it might increase to twelve. That’s clearly a bug. I’ve had several enjoyable games, and I don’t completely object to watching ads every now and then between turns. Other than that, it feels like visual overload. I’m just grateful there’s no sound.
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2 years ago, Maltipeke
The regular scrabble Game is good, but I agree it’s too glitzy. The art work is amazing but this new bag thing is both annoying and boring . Please get rid of it. I can’t imagine many like it. I feel that the majority of my games are against the computer bots. I would like to know which ones. I feel maybe they throw too many games to me. I am good, quite good actually, but not THAT good. I do not know why you hide this. Surely you have plenty players. I am also plagued by men wanting, not to play scrabble, but to have a relationship. Most are U.K. I think they are looking for an .American sugar mama. When I don’t answer their come ond by agreeing to email or other chats they resign. I am not amused. Surely other women have complained. They have the best sob stories. I suspect it is the same man or just a few. Their attempts at conversation are the same. I would like to be able to report them at the time as inappropriate. I enjoy what few brief conversations I have had with real competitors.
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3 years ago, yeet69666420
Horrible user experience — get it together, Scrabble!
I really wanted to like this app; I love scrabble and would play it with friends all the time if I could. But this app is so incredibly and frustratingly disappointing! There are so many ads; some after games, after single turns, after checking a different part of the menu… I tried to buy “no ads” but they only allowed me a few DAYS without them (a total rip off!). Friends of mine described the app as “literal cancer” and it makes me guilty that I even suggested the app in the first place. Scrabble, do better! And please make a mode where you can play others without the option of power-ups… It’s so annoying to try and play an “honest” game when your opponent keeps using word finders and refreshers that don’t exist in real life. It makes you look like a sell-out. Two stars because, technically, you folks DO provide the game, but zero more because it’s so bad that even the most passionate players I know (myself included) have all QUIT because of how awful this app is. Fix it and you would have so many more players… please.
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3 years ago, musiclover500
Destroyed my favorite game app
Once upon a time I paid $10 for an ad free peaceful enjoyable scrabble app. I played it regularly every day and enjoyed it. Then one day I updated it which was labeled as “the last update for this app”. So I updated thinking “why?”. After the “final update” I go to play my usual enjoyable game and it is no longer playable. Instead it tells me I now have to download scrabble go app to play. Ok, I’ll give it a try I guess.... unfortunately, after a few attempts to play my favorite game on this new version, I have lost all enjoyment of this game. ALL. This new version is annoyingly slow to start up, slower during gameplay, clunky with unnecessary suggestions that are constantly harassing me, overly animated and childlike, and loaded with frequent ads.....even though once upon a time I paid $10 for no ads!! Did I mention that the new app constantly kicks me out and crashes which the original app NEVER did? Soooo, I’m done with this imposter version of a once perfect game! I WANT MY $10 BACK TOO! Better yet, give me back the old version exactly the way it was before I did the “final update” and I will be much happier!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, californiarediscovered
Why is there so much crap on this app!?
Bring back the old app, or charge me $25 to get rid of all the crap, all we want is to play Scrabble. I’m not sure you are aware of your core audience, especially now that we are all stuck at home with nothing to do. I don’t need to be rewarded, or collect anything. I like the average word score to help match evenly. But most of the other rating stuff makes no sense. Also, why is challenge not an option? Why can’t we turn of the green and red “word” indicator? It’s basically cheating/fishing for words. The game should let you play any word and you should be able to SCRABBLE!?!? Put down a fake word, lose a turn!?! This app seems like it has been made by people who have never actually sat down with a Scrabble board and been forced to rack your brain for a word you heard once in seventh grade, but aren’t sure how to spell it, if you think you’re close you go for it, maybe a bluff, maybe Scrabble!? Also, I’m not sure this is in the traditional rules, but my family has always played to keep the blanks in play by switching them out for the actual letter if you have it, might be a fun option....
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3 years ago, iamCrystaLinas
Won’t Load
If it wasn’t for my main gripe this game would totally get 5 stars, saying that I first must say I LOVE playing for the variety of puzzles, fast pace, challenges and multiple active games I may have going at once. Downside, I’ve had for barely two weeks and this is the 3rd time I’ve had to delete and download as hours pass without it able to open/load. I am aware that this could totally be a connection error but I do receive my service through a very known service provider in the US so am doubtful that that is the issue. This wouldn't be that frustrating but I am in my 3rd day of the free trail (I initially downloaded 1/31) period because I got totally hooked. I would like to be a subscriber because it is such fun aside from being tired of seeing ads which took away from my play time and the added rewards/challenges but am hoping once my monthly fee, dun dun dun, is collected maybe the glitch will be gone and if not, sigh, that will be disappointing. Play on 🙃
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1 week ago, sarahcapulet
99% of users are bots
Every match I played except for one was with a bot. Doesn’t matter how many times I tried starting new matches with new players, they are almost ALL bots, meaning I was playing against a computer and not a real person. This isn’t necessarily bad but knowing it wasn’t a genuine battle of skill took the fun out of it. So unless you already know real people who have the app and can add them as a friend, you’ll be playing against the computer. You can tell if a user is a bot by how quickly they complete their turn. Bots will submit their word instantly after you submit yours. This is another reason I didn’t enjoy the app because I get burnt out when there are no breaks between each turn and it is basically ALWAYS my turn. I understand needing to create a way for users to play if there aren’t enough other users available, but don’t try to disguise them as real people. Rather, when starting a new match, make it an option for users to select whether they want to play against another REAL user or the computer.
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4 years ago, NSDKY
I have played the original scrabble game against the computer thousands of times for years as a way to destress and clear my head. Scrabble Go, on the other hand, is the epitome of stress. Feels like I’m playing scrabble at a Las Vegas casino! Icons flashing, animated faces popping into view with every single move and diamonds raining down and then suddenly in the middle of a game I have to draw cards and amass points. I shut the app, no thank you! This isn’t scrabble and it’s definitely not conducive to coming up with any meaningful words to play. I’ll go back to the old Scrabble until they take it down in June and then bid the whole game farewell. What on earth were you guys thinking? Have you done any research into your average scrabble player?!? Who wants to draw cards and place bets every few rounds of words?!? I’ve never written a review before but this thing you purport to be scrabble was so appalling that I just had to post! Edit: I scrolled through some of the five star reviews and the amount of incorrectly spelled words, flimsy language and grammatical mistakes in these reviews is amazing! Who on earth writes that badly and plays a word game?!
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2 years ago, Hobomary
Continual problems on iPhone 7
Every once in a while, the app gets to the point where it’s doing so much processing of some kind that my phone gets hot and it will drain my entire battery in about 1 hour of use. At those times, it’s also crashing and I will have to restart it numerous times. During those periods, it’s also stalling to the point where I try to move a tile and it gets stuck in mid air for 15 seconds, then if I’m lucky it unfreezes, but lots of times it will freeze for closer to 30 seconds before exiting. In these periods of my worst problems, I have restarted my iPhone, completely deleted the app, reinstalled the app, and sometimes it will give me some relief from the problems for a few more days or a week, then get back into the same pattern again. The game interface itself is just fine and I love Scrabble, so I always try to push through these problems, but I think the app has some major bugs that need to be fixed. Perhaps it is just not tested anymore on the older iPhones, and has evolved beyond being stable on old versions. I don’t know, but it’s really frustrating!
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10 months ago, Conservative voice26
Multiple ads and spam in my email
I love Scrabble and initially enjoyed this game until the multiple ads started popping up. I understand the needs the ads, but when it’s the same ad that I am not allowed to click out of, or an ad where there is no way to click out of it until a certain amount of time and/or clicks happen, that’s when I get mad. Of the ads/apps that did not allow me to click out immediately, I promise I will never buy/play/add them. Annoying to the point of being infuriating. And to make matters worse, my email inbox has been full of spam since I added this app/game, not to mention a sudden barrage of spam phone calls. Grrrr. I foolishly did not think about them tracking my info until it was too late. Most apps will give the option up front about opting out, but I never got it here. When I went into their privacy section I could not believe the pages of tracking info that is listed! I like Scrabble, but not enough for this. This is unscrupulous in my opinion. Going to delete app.
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4 years ago, Aiyakoya
I dislike a lot of it
The app is annoying, it is cluttered and too busy. Who designed the layout? Fire them or tell them try again.. Fun, exciting and fresh/current can be overdone.. There is a row of profiles that pops up after every turn i make asking me to start another game (not exact words) i would like this to be disabled.. This is unnecessary here. You can select to start more games on another area why is it bothering me WHILE PLAYING? There should be no pop up anything during games. After or before ok but not during. I see that there is too much stuff trying to be smushed in to a small place.. the game needs pruning simplified.. I appreciate classic mode but again with the profile bar popping up all the time asking me to start more games is annoying.. What i do like though is the tile customization, and the gaining exp of sorts and other things in order to unlock them. As for now though i guess i am just going to play against the pc and pass n play with friends on the old app.. it plays better and isn’t cluttered to heck.. maybe i will revisit in the future..
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