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Scratch Financial
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User Reviews for Scratchpay Plans

2.97 out of 5
38 Ratings
5 months ago, gcrc77
ScratchPay App
Was having no problems with the app until yesterday. It would not notify me that a text was sent. Did three things that did not help at all. Delete and reinstall app. Hard reboot of phone. Complete factory reboot.
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3 years ago, Sweetheart00122
Very thankful
My dog Chevy was hit by a car. Nothing worse than someone hitting your dog and driving away with no care. I am a single mom so when I had to find someway to pay for a vet bill I was lost. So I’m thankful for Chevy’s vet that toke her in as she has never been anywhere but thanks to scratchpay it was easy to ask for the loan. Within minutes after applying they sent the funds right over to her vet. So I would rate 5 stars in after applying the loan went straight to the vet and no headache on how to get the loan payment and then pay the vet. So toke some stress away. I’m not sure on how much of a con it is more of a suggestion need more advertising to some degree I understand it’s money to advertise and yes im thankful for the loan. But, my dog suffered for over a hr. Before I could take her to a vet because I couldn’t find a vet that would take a payment plan. And no vet told me about scratchpay till I finally talked to my neighbor and she told me her vet might work with me on a payment plan and after I got there Chevy’s vet told me about scratchpay. Not everyone knows about the company nor do vets even really talk about it. Chevy has recovered , but if I would of known about scratchpay sooner I would applied sooner and would of been able to take her to a vet sooner. But besides that reasonable monthly payment, on a 12 month loan.
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1 year ago, hjp4ever
Vet care
My daughter going to school to be a vet tech and her and I have foster and cared for many, many cats . Foster or not . My pets are fam. No different care than I would give my daughter or 3 sons. I will do what it takes to save any of my pets. We feel there life is worth just as much. In short without Scratchpay I would of had to beg, borrow, steal . Whatever it takes. In 7 years I have put 86,000$ to save my fur babies. What bothersome for me is, if you work at the vet the same surgery. She paid a little over a 1000$ to remove a foreign body from her eight month old cats digestive track. Major surgery. I have to pay 8600.$ plz tell me why. I have literally worked 60 plus hours to pay these vet bills. How are ppl suppose to afford owning 1 pet , let alone multiple or many. I just know without the financial resources. I would be refinancing my home or selling my valuables. Scratch pay helps me to keep pushing through by being there when my fur babies are not quite ready to cross over the rainbow bridge
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2 years ago, Kuhneegit
Terrible Service. Terrible Customer Service. Terrible All-Around
Tried to do a payment plan for a relatively small purchase and got rejected immediately. I’ve used at least 3 other services identical to this with no issue. When I contacted customer services, they told me my credit score of 740 was TOO LOW and that my account was made too recently. I’m now in debt for absolutely NO reason. Contacted customer support and I got an automated response with approximately two lines of text typed out by a human telling me that their whole process is automated with no exceptions. When I asked for a reason why I didn’t get the plan, I was given a laundry list of reasons and none of them applied to me. Avoid like the plague. Use another one of these services if possible. This is an incredibly confusing and shady app.
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1 year ago, kirrras
Great service. Great customer service. Great all-around.
I opened an account and within minutes had a payment plan. I've had multiple questions along the way and was always immediately helped both over the phone and email. A few times mistakes were made on their end and they immediately worked with me to make it right. Being a college student with pets was never something I thought would be easy in regards to finances but a vet bill is other worldly. The six month no interest plan saved my wallet.
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2 years ago, Eve67
I’m in a bind
My daughters dachshund has a tumor that needs to be removed and the vet can not tell me how much the bill will be and payment is expected the day of service. Firstly, what is up with these vets nowadays? There just seems to be so much wrong going on. But that’s a different rabbit hole. Back to this company, I would appreciate a six month 0% offer, if the amount is paid in full within that time, they do not charge 18% interest. I would use care credit if my vet used care credit. They allow those great 0% six months or twelve months offers. Darn.
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3 years ago, Gumby2k
Very Helpful in a time of need!
Our little dog had an emergency event with his paw and we didn’t have the money right then. Scratchpay came to the rescue. Very easy to fill out. Downloaded the app and filled out the information in less than 5 minutes. Got the approval and the vet got there email instantly. First payment wasn’t needed for 30 days. What a great service for a medical emergency. Thanks again A++++ 😎
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2 years ago, brea90000
Horrible scam
I need to do an operation for my cat because I can’t afford it and they denied my application because of my low yearly salary this is a complete scam I thought insurance was supposed to help people who cannot afford to pay something all at once I’m very disappointed in this I could see why it’s not four or five stars I called customer service and they pretended like they cared this is the most horrible type of app I’ve ever used in my life don’t waste your time with it
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2 years ago, sadbunnymom
Okay but not the best
They have a pay in four, and pay over 12 months depending on what they use to determine credit worthiness. I have a problem with this system because I faithfully had a couple plans and payed as agreed. My issue comes in when they turn you down for a new plan even when you have paid several plans. Not Rlly acceptable. I won't ever consider another plan with scratch pay.
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6 months ago, gioro86
Misleading and predatory
They say they have APR as low as 0%, but I was approved for a 12 months plan at a crazy 16% rate to then see once I accepted the plan that it was actually a 29% rate!! This is predatory and misleading. I have an excellent credit with a decent salary and should never have been charged this much NOR misled this way. I just wrote to the company and asked what the discrepancy was all about and I am now waiting to hear back.
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8 months ago, Chris_Pubes
My dog needed emergency surgery and no bank would lend me money but scratch did thankfully, if he didn’t have the surgery he would’ve passed so I’d give this a 10/5 if I could
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9 months ago, Phillipe23104
Extremely predatory instant loans that work in tandem with awful practices at vet hospitals that require you to pay everything immediately or let your animal suffer. If you can avoid it absolutely avoid it. These people are like the cesspool of humanity.
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2 years ago, syoung3402
Seems like a good service but NEEDS WORK
This service came in handy with an emergency vet admission for my dog. Despite setting up automatic ACH payments TWICE, this service does not work and you have to manually make the payments. Will never use this service again
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2 years ago, monojirano
Don't ever use this app or borrow the money.
This is a scam. We are paying every month, and they still call to say it's late when it isn't. Our interest keeps going up. We would pay it down, and the debt keeps going back up. You will never be free from this company. They enslave you to death with debt.
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1 year ago, MezyLo
It doesn’t let me pay more towards my balance. I can’t add my bank account (chase) so every time I make a payment they charge a additional 2.50 🙄
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2 years ago, Rybyeman
Dog had a seizure
Thanks to the world of bnpl and particularly to scratchpay for partnering with vets across the country. Without scratchpay I wouldn’t have been able to pay the bill. Thanks Scratchpay. P.s. Maybe you should think about bringing pet insurance into your fold. Would rather pay for insurance in terms and be protected from such high vet costs.
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3 years ago, GENehVEEV
Denied but no explanation was given. I get an email that’s supposed to give you a denial reason but just an email with contact info. What a waste.
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2 years ago, ackbak
Doesn’t work
Not helpful and can’t put in info
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3 years ago, Reallyfrustrated123
Horrible customer service
Every reply is a form letter
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2 years ago, Skin3n bon3z
Scratchpay is a joke
Nuff said...
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11 months ago, Shiloh H.
These Guys Are LIFESAVERS!
A few weeks back my vindictive ex-wife got my service shut off after an agreement not to. When she did this I could no longer access ScratchPay due to needing the text verification code. I immediately went to ScratchPay Support and they helped me as quickly as they could, they were so kind and caring! This was absolutely vital as I use ScratchPay to be able to take my 8yo puppy to the vet! Thank you guys so much, ScratchPay is the BEST!
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