Screen Mirroring for Fire TV®

Photo & Video
3.6 (3.4K)
169.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
AirBeamTV BV
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Screen Mirroring for Fire TV®

3.64 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, B Parmer
App for mirroring to my tv
I purchased this app a few days ago and I wasn’t able to launch to my tv. I wrote a very bad review on the App. The company had gotten a hold of me to try and help me to get it taken care of but, I had already been able to launch it to my tv. I used it today to watch a live Zoom meeting for over 2 hours, this App worked like a charm! I take back what I said when I first purchased this. This IS WORTH every penny. So don’t be afraid to give it a chance! We are VERY pleased!
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2 years ago, Gramalot
Great app!
It works like a charm just pay for the lifetime fee and works like a charm! Just remember to be on the same wifi as your fire stick as your ipad or iphone. Then once connected turn off the sound on your ipad or iphone because the sound will be on your tv an ipad at the same time so just turn off the sound to your iphone or ipad and use the sound on your tv when mirroring. Just remember to turn on your sound on your iphone or ipad when you stop the brodcast. Works great on ipad. I only have a ipad not a iphone. But works like a charm. I really like that you only have to pay once for lifetime. Works great really like this app!
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2 years ago, LariatTubman
Started out pretty good, now it’s just okay.
So my main purpose of getting this app and eventually paying for the lifetime service was that I constantly use screen mirroring. When I first got it I had zero issues and was using it a lot for the web video casting. Now when using the web video casting it’s like sometimes it works and most times it doesn’t. Not really sure what happened but I can still use the screen mirroring and that is okay but not what I originally wanted. It’s not completely useless now but I kinda wish I didn’t pay money just for the one feature I wanted to stop working.
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1 year ago, Doggilicious
Looked good at first
Gave it one star because it was screen recording the mirror. Turned off the screen recording function via my phone & the app returned to the splash screen. Maybe it doesn’t record what you’re doing in the paid version, but I’m not willing to give anyone any modicum of information about me, even in exchange for a free version. If the screen record function wasn’t happening, I would have tried the app to test its functionality for myself, likely purchasing a subscription if it worked well, since I’d really enjoy having a mirror option for my iPhone to a much larger screen. C’est la vie, Developers.
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3 years ago, Juhtel
Good tech support
Originally wanted to use for my main FireStick, had issues and was impressed with the quick tech response on Facebook messenger. Turns out that the app requires the FireStick to be connected thru wifi, and mine is a direct internet connection, which was the cause of my issues. Did work well on my second FireStick which is wifi connected.
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2 years ago, TechClock
Incredibly well done app
It mirrors videos from the web flawlessly. The install process including on the fire tv is heavily automated and exceptionally slick. Ignore the reviews of folks complaining about paying for the app to get features, you should want to pay this developer for their excellent work. I hit zero issues or quirks of any kind, the app simply works well.
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7 months ago, terribleterryc
Best customer support ever
I have used this application for at least three or four years now. The first time I tried to contact customer service I got through immediately. The technician stayed with me nonstop unti we had the problem resolved. it was the best customer service I’ve ever received on a application of program problem. They are the best.
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5 months ago, Rw in Phoenix
I just bought this app and paid for a year but the only content it will mirror is the three cartoons that appear along the bottom. I tried contacting support but the app indicates my E mail address is incorrect. It is correct, no matter what combinations of E mail it would not allow me to send. I am in Mexico but have a VPN that daylights in the US. I have tried to connect with and without the VPN. No luck Have all my streaming apps decided to block mirroring? If so your app is not of any value to me. I would appreciate your thoughts as I am unlikely to watch the three cartoons any time soon
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2 years ago, stephenemeeks
This is so much better than the other company. One issue I have had is the program drops out occasionally when connecting to a Fire Stick from an iPad. Otherwise it is better than the companies that have pirated your tech.
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11 months ago, grandmamamarazzi
Buggy and unresponsive
I’m so frustrated that I paid the big bucks for this app and have to restart the screen broadcast on my phone every 5 minutes or less. If I had to use this on a regular basis instead of just to screen my grandsons college ball games I can’t get to, I’d be all about getting a refund. As it is, I know to restart the program every 4-5 minutes. Sigh. I wish there was something better, I’d drop this one like a hot potato. Every time I use it, k check the App Store to see if anyone has made a better app.
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9 months ago, Isthisnamenottakened.
Shameless moneygrab
As if it’s not enough to have an aggressive advert focused app, forcing you to download multiple apps, zero intuitive design, their own ads playing while mirroring on top of your content AND a time limit on how long you can use it they won’t even allow you to have sound. Idiotic design, can’t even see if the functionality is worth buying. I expect to see the same copy paste help service comment under this review that all the others have, vague and providing zero benefit or guidance.
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3 years ago, Caitlin92
Took some troubleshooting but works!!
I was unable to get this to work at first but the support team responded to me within 10 min and walked me through a reset. If you are having issues reset router, tv and Apple device you are mirroring from. Support team is great which is worth the money on this app vs other free ones
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10 months ago, sobo evita
Fast and helpful customer service
This is my second year using the app and when there have been clinches, they have always been able to help me fix the screen mirror issue. The yearly subscription is affordable, too.
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2 years ago, MSY Saints
Great product
Always found it a pain to mirror my apple products to a fire stick. This program made it easy you have a small lag but besides that seems to be working fine so far!
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2 years ago, Tatsumaki420
Pretty good
Slow start up thought it was scan and sound didn’t work but everything runs smoothly if the app have issues just cut T.V off and close app and restart both and you good to go
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10 months ago, Albertonkee
Worth it for the Web Videos feature alone
Theoretically this could be the only app I’ll ever need for video streaming, 10/10 No idea why other streaming services/airplay fail to play web videos
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2 years ago, RMCHAMMER
I really enjoy marrying but getting it to work is one pain in the Kush. I’ve tried several days and it doesn’t want to work then all the sudden it works perfect it’s definitely the app my TVs are on the same way they’re on every day of the year
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1 year ago, lemonjuicelemonjuice
It’s great when it actually works.
I have consistently had issues with this app working, sometimes it syncs up and there aren’t any issues and sometimes it never loads to make the connection or the connection is poor. Ive sent feedback and still had issues. Quite expensive to pay for something that is ineffective.
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2 years ago, donotdownloadthisplz
After about 10 minutes of streaming..
The sound and video cant catch up with each other! And dont even try to rewind that will mess it up even further. Its funny because the free version allows you stream video but no audio and yet when you pay for audio and “hd streaming” it still does not work properly. Not recommended for fire stick, hopefully theres a better one out there…
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3 years ago, Argo SB33
It works well
It very easily allows me to stream pictures and videos that are on my phone but also to play Web links for videos that I have on my iCloud onto my TV.
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2 years ago, Matyg2525
Kinda sorta works-ish sometimes..
You get 2 stars because your app is somewhat functional 45-50% of the time. This app needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Or better yet, wiped from existence. And you should be ashamed of yourselves for those OUTRAGEOUS subscription prices! Do yourselves a favor if you want something reliable that works for cheap, download an app called Airscreen from the App Store on your fire stick. Deuces
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1 year ago, JoshLohr1407
Good stuff wish it was cheaper
I love the quality and the sound, I just wish it was a little cheaper like maybe $2-$3 instead of $5. Otherwise great service.
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3 years ago, RetiredGuru
Works fine, installed in a minute
This app does exactly what I wanted which is mirror anything on my iPhone 12 screen to my Fire Stick 4K. There is about 1-2 seconds delay, but if you are watching the tv you don’t even know. Well worth the $5 !
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10 months ago, A legit guy in Seattle area.
I bought the lifetime program for $35 dollars in August 2023. The pitch line said this subscription could be shared with other family members. Surprise surprise. There is absolutely no sharing provision within the app. Even if the app works great, the misleading marketing makes me not trust anything these people have to say. You have my 35 bucks. Not a penny more. I dare the company to post this review.
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2 years ago, brogallery
When you submit a question it is answered promptly and continue helping until issue is fully resolved
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2 years ago, M. Pulsby
Works just as advertised. Worth it.
Tried others that failed. Got this one and it works just like it’s supposed to. No complaints.
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3 years ago, Linda from Florids
Good App
Heard some bad reviews but I have had no problems. Has worked consistently with no glitches so far after 2 months.
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2 years ago, f)fmhgfhdngdngfdgrx
It’s ok
What title but it’s really nice app you can put activate a fireplace and stuff but there is one thing that kept my mind open about this there is no way to keep the app open on your TV you are so well doing another app it doesn’t do this it doesn’t keep it hooked up
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3 years ago, LuciferLtZ
I’ve tried most-but I BOUGHT this SET of APPS
That’s how well they all worked… I would not have used my own folding money if they wouldn’t have been worth it!!!
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3 years ago, Zaistars
Useless app 3 second delay? No thank you
Selling an app that say it is for movies and game streaming but then having a 3 second delay on a local network is insane. I can stream a High res game from my PC to my tablet with a only a 0.25 second lag and this app can’t even sync low definition with the sound? No thank you. Also, this delay makes playing games from my iPad pointless.
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2 months ago, Kelly Plays
Always works
Unlike other apps I’ve used this one always works- quickly and flawlessly. So easy to use!
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5 months ago, F Hope
It works!
The sound and images come thru perfectly. Instructions are easy!
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6 months ago, Gonzimodo
Easy to use and actually works!
Sure, you have to buy it, but I’ve had no problems mirroring.
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9 months ago, N is content
We love it but it often doesn’t work
This has been a game changer for our family scripture study and for homeschool. It can be frustrating, however, when the app doesn’t work, which occurs frequently.
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2 years ago, MidMitten
Good app. Great tech support
The app worked great for casting my iPhone 13 to my fire tv. I had a slight issue with the app version for my MacBook Air but tech support got me up and running in no time.
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3 years ago, zwilkin
Legit Waste of Money
Complete waste of $5. App doesn’t even find TV on same network, 1GB internet speed. Will be seeking refund via Apple. EDIT 1/14 Shouldn’t be charging money for an app that has so many problems the developers answer with a copy-paste response immediately. Clearly there’s problems that you will need help with. This should be removed from the App Store, or at the very least be free.
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1 year ago, cbangeman1
Works great
I don’t have a smart tv but it works just fine with my fire stick! So excited to find one that works like it supposed to!
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2 years ago, friend4424
Mirroring review
It was my first time using the new app the quality of the picture was excellent very happy I chose The mirror fire TV App I will recommend this to my friends keep up the good quality.
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11 months ago, Ha.y.n
Great option for IOS devices
Glad there is a working option to stream from Apple to Firestick
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3 years ago, dazipgopop
Very Impressive
By far the best screen mirroring app that I’ve used. Just a bit of a learning curve to understand how to cast to TV but that’s literally my only critique.
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11 months ago, Mrneely357
Love this app
I does its job and does it well. About a 5 second delay when streaming my ipad and iphone but it works well
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2 years ago, Paragod7
Sound on TV
I paid for annual membership. But sound starts and ends after 5 minutes
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1 year ago, Kurtw47
Lip sync is totally out of whack
The video works great. If you are trying to listen live, it's horrible. I am running this through a high end Marantz receiver where I can adjust lip sync. It is way too far off to even get it close. O well.
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3 years ago, Sassyandfifi
Terrible app, do not download.
They talk a big game until you actually download the app and see that you have to PAY to hear what you're watching and pay for quality above 240p. Absolute ripoff. Don't waste your time with this app and the greedy devs. Hey guys, if you want good reviews and people to actually use your app, maybe actually make it good? Just a thought.
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4 years ago, SantaMonica6
Update unfriendly
After updating my iPhone’s iOS, this app suddenly stopped working - I now get a cascade of slices of the image on the screen, an obvious glitch in the app for updated iPhones. I deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone and tv, and rebooted everything including my router, to no avail. Havr been waiting on tech support to get back to me, but sad to see they can’t update the app to match new iOS.
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2 years ago, Mknav3
Wanted to use with Fitness+
Downloaded the app on my FireTV. Mirrored my phone by playing the welcome video in Fitness+. Paid for the lifetime subscription only to find out Fitness+ won’t stream the workout videos. I want my money back. This is unacceptable. There should have been a warning or a check before paying for a subscription.
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2 years ago, Mike & Monika
I bought the app to mirror our spectrum live tv on fire tv, guess what it doesn’t work, 30 bucks wasted.
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9 months ago, wipemyundercarriage
Initiation of the app into screen-sharing mode takes far too many clicks/steps
The app launches more consistently than it used to and doesn’t fail as often.
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2 years ago, Gabrielguitarist
Not great
Paid for this add on and come to find out it literally only screen mirrors, it doesn’t have sound transferred over. I tried another screen share app for my iPhone onto my fire stick and it worked great but wanted a subscription. I tried this one out and it is not worth it at all. Don’t get this app.
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3 weeks ago, Shiloh $$
Works perfectly
Very worth it to pay for the lifetime subscription.
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