Screen Recorder,Video Recorder

Photo & Video
4.7 (35.1K)
245.5 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Screen Recorder,Video Recorder

4.7 out of 5
35.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Hummingbird trickster
Great and exceptional app
This app is incredible! Although you need to pay a subscription to have access to certain equipment such as showing your face, but I personally got this just to screen record so I will be talking about that. This app is great for screen recording, you can edit it by cutting it, and so many more amazing features! It is very amazing! I can also upload to certain apps or just my gallery. You can of course also use your voice by turning on the mic button. It also gives you 3 seconds before the video starts so you can get your software ready to go or an app your willing to access to start the video. This Amazing and clear results! Keep it up! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 months ago, wsbexhsjs
This is why I gave four stars
It works really well and I just like it because when I recorded it actually records other than some of the apps iPad but the one thing is that when you’re trying to make a video and you wanna posit you have to get out of it and whatever phone you have it’s a pens because if you have a Samsung thanThen you have to get out of the app that you’re recording and going back to the app but if you have an iPhone or iPad or any thing you have you have to swipe up and putting press it cause it’s at the top and sad son but it gets sometimes on the nerves because you don’t want anybody saying like you were what time it is or where you’re at or maybe it’s for a visit you and you don’t know how to cut it up so that’s why I didn’t I gave it four stars
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10 months ago, rrcsellers
Hello! I downloaded this and love it! I love making videos and uploading them to my different platforms. I am excited about doing different things sounds and automatic captions ect. My question is when I go to pay there are so many different prices and most are a dollar off difference. What do they all do? What makes them different? Please tel me the options for each price. Until then I will hold off on purchasing to make sure I get the correct one for me. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Deathbot2k
Works fine, just a few issues with it
i would like if there was an activatable feature similar to instant replay where you can enable it and come back later to press a button to save the last 3 minutes or so. I find it annoying to need to waste storage space when all i want is small clips and highlights. it also forces me to constantly restart recording every hour or so because i start to run out of memory i don’t like how the app tries to bait the user into using subscription features by turning them on by default with manual action required to disable them. i can deal with it though, would have rated 4 stars if this wasn’t the case final issue: this app could do with a more fleshed out tutorial. I know what i need to do from experience with recording software on pc, but that is not the case for everybody.
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1 year ago, Rap Munchies
Even though I was sneak-charged for a year, I have only gotten 6 months of pro.
The app is cool and very useful, but seem to have nefarious and sneaky practices. I was using it for trial or monthly I believe, I can’t quite recall but then noticed I was a yearly pro subscriber. So didn’t lapse any trial period because I cancel those as soon as I sign up for one, but may have gotten the monthly. All I know is I all of a sudden had a yearly pro for $29, which I was ok with even though I didn’t sign up for it. Now 6 months in, I keep getting “sign up for pro” when I thought I already was pushed into that. Watch your billing on this. I’d actually advise going for a different app for this purpose based solely on that. In fact, I’ll probably go and get a pro version of a different app for this purpose, because I definitely don’t appreciate this sneak move.
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2 years ago, missismoo
Please read important information!
I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to record my videos and be able to post them on different websites. I was very excited when I downloaded this app because I’ve never seen anything like this before, give me a quick tutorial and so far so good then I started recording my first video and I noticed I couldn’t screen record my face while screen recording so basically first I have to record my video and then I have to record my face after so I’m not actually reacting to it live and it said that it was going to be able to do that but I didn’t I was very disappointed. I don’t really recommend this app but if they’re able to fix it and make it so you can react to it live with face then you should definitely get it but if not I don’t recommend it. Developers, please respond to this review and maybe let me know if you can fix it or not because it was very disappointing.
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1 year ago, bible book worm
a good app for 6-8 year olds
this app is good when you are younger, because there is less effects, and more little stickers and stuff.. i like when u are in between those ages it is the best time to get this! i had this app ever since i was 6, i started out not knowing what to do, but i like hard things so i kept preserving. CAPCUT became my thing when i was about 11. but the best thing about V-Recorder is it doesn’t have TEMPLATES, TIKTOK, or any social media. i think this is the best beginners app you can get, and if you can’t have social media, then this is the place for you. BUT: i am a youtuber and this app has also constantly been causing me problems… such as: scamming my money, glitching and loosing ALL my edits, and the WATERMARK. i would love for these things to be changed right away. and yes, developers respond please..
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10 months ago, Alejandro9416
Doesnt even work
I just downloaded it today screen recorded for 40 min for my yt of gameplay then i finish up everything end it go to edit it and check the quality of the record and i recorded it on highest quality everything and now i look at it its not even clear at all everything is blurry i try to edit it the app crashes forgot to mention I subscribed to the payed version the supposed better version i try to download the video to my phone hear this get my own video downloaded off the app and the app crashes so now i got a blurry video that was supposed to be 1080p and i get a 240 at best and cant even download my own video to my camera role so i just wasted 40 min of gameplay time setting up the stupid app and gotta cancel the subscription what a complete bust and waste of time
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4 years ago, Golden Freddy GachasYT
Fix it, I’m done with this app
So all I want to do is make an editing evolution for my 100 sub special on yt, and I can’t because when I’m done recording most of them, after I stop recording, the recording logo in the corner is still there, and when it goes away after 5 secs, it does not save the recording, all I want is to record something. And when it does not do that, it’s stopping right after I leave the app or change apps, I’m not turning of the app, just switching so I can record. And I use this app on a daily bases, and the recorded safe being deleted and the failing to start is not the only thing that annoys me, ITS THE CONSTANT ASKING FOR A 5 STAR RATING! Please fix the bugs and the constant pop-up for asking for a 5 star, and MABYE I’ll give it a higher rating Edit: don’t even bother, this app never works, and it was not worth my storage
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1 year ago, Alf Noigh
awful. please fix
ive spent over an HOUR editing my dang video and now im furious. it kicked my out of the app and all the editing is GONE. make a god dang feature where we can save the edits without having to export this dang app. not only that, but it takes me multiple times to actually have a suscessful video without the recording just stopping at random times without me knowing. and the fact that everytime i actually TRY to export, it doesnt. actually, the whole app freezes and i have to log out and log in again only for ALL the editing to be gone and WASTED. i do not recommend this app unless the developers fix this. please, make a fewture where we can save all edits without having to export, WITHOUT having to pay for the dang trial. im not paying for anything
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2 years ago, Rubyslanding
Charged me off of trial
I would give it a 0 if I could. I just noticed that I was charged almost $60 for a year to use this tool that I simply tried one time for a trial months ago. Let’s be honest this application is not worth that much annually anyways especially after realizing my phone has the tool. I am not a fan of these applications that automatically opt you into their service with out knowing. I am unable to request a refund through apple due to the purchase being processed months prior. I’m definitely going to run it through my bank for a refund unless whoever runs this reads this review and Offers one. 🚨Attention 🚨 This application will charge you $60 bucks once you install it. You must cancel the application to not get charged.
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2 years ago, Charkiyay
NO SOUND ON RECORDED VIDEOS and I cannot use on desktop
The app works and I am able to record well enough, and the sound and images are good quality; HOWEVER, I have tried saving the videos to my phone multiple times (as well as compressing them) and it literally took almost a half an hour save a fourteen-minute video to my phone. I had to make sure the app stayed “awake” or else the save would fail. I tried to save the videos to my computer for better viewing, but could not figure out how to do it. I went to “app support,” but there was no support link! If there is a workaround for any of these issues, please advise! Also, I tried to listen to the videos I recorded on my phone and much to my chagrin, there was NO SOUND. This app is the WORST!
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2 months ago, emilia kiselova
Its good but
I havent used this recently but I remember a few years ago I downloaded this so I could do edits because I didn’t really understand how things worked, but when I got this it worked as planned and did what it was supposed to but I had trouble because it would do a countdown 3 2 1 and then it would record, and this was not enough time for me so if I messed up which happened a lot I would have to restart, and that caused a lot of pain, but all in all this app is good if you dont need a few minutes to get to the spot you are recording
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2 years ago, TerraTrader
Um, no bullies
First, let me begin by saying that I believe these developers have made some very serious errors in judgment. #1 Don’t bully me or anyone else into giving a review after you used the app once. I couldn’t close the app, and was forced to do one. Secondly, it’s really a pain to figure out. And what’s up with 3 days? A free trial used to be a lot longer, especially with such a technical learning curve. And while this obviously could not be a very accurate assessment of this app because I was forced into giving one, cannot speak at all about how this works or doesn’t work. Ease up on the in your face forced review, and let us decide whether you have a good product or not. If your app is great, there will be no need to be obnoxious about asking for a review.
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4 months ago, Emmsyy0y
What happened? Please fix.
So, at first it was great! I was good for the first 2 days and was actually making really good edits with this, but then, I went to make another video, and it took a little bit, but when I looked back at the video, there was NO SOUND (and yes I checked the settings, I was recording my screen so I turned microphone off and internal microphone on), AND IT STOPPED AS SOON AS I LEFT THE APP SCREEN, I don’t know what happened but I tried to do this multiple times, no sound, and it kept freezing, then after that I tried to delete and get back this game, and it was still like his, please if you know how this is caused fix it, because it is ruining my experience. Thank you!
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11 months ago, lmf42111❤️‍🔥
It’s really a one star app but I want people to see this before they download
ok so once I was using this app to make an edit of my favorite game and I needed to record it so I used this app. I screen recorded three times and it was perfectly fine. but then I tried recording my screen a fourth time and the recording didn’t save. so I closed and reopened the app and nothing happened. and apparently it had signed me up to be VIP and I didn’t want to do that so it wasted my money. I’m deleting this app, I HATE IT IT ISN’T USEFUL AT ALL 😡😤😠
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2 years ago, Sm0ll queen
I love it and am obsessed
First off let me say this, this is way better than xrecirder it doesn’t have the same editing as xRecorder but I don’t have to take out my headphones turn up my volume to get barely decent quality For this I can have my headphones in and pick up internal audio I just love it cos then I don’t need to go in a separate room just to record a video and have to come back down If u wanna screen record things and get good internal audio I 100% recommend.
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2 years ago, spoild mjlk
Works so slow😡 please see this first
I was really happy to see this game bc my screen recorder wasn’t working on apple for a day so I recorded my video with music but when I watched it the music switched so slow and it kept stopping for 1 min until it worked and in the middle of it it skipped all the way to the end and lots of ppl aren’t happy and give bad reviews and I agree with them and then my phone started glitching and I hope you can fix this cuz lots of other ppl might use this game so I hope you fix it soon cuz you might get more bad reviews thats why I gave it one star Also if you like this app don’t hate me for giving a bad review just leave this comment alone also game if you fix this soon thank you
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2 years ago, Concerned for V RECORDER
Takes too long to edit. ( And more..)
Ill get right into my complaints as I am furious of this. Even if I trim something very short, it takes a VERY long time to complete. It also easily fails to finish. I havent even been able to get 100% of exporting done. I know it says i phone alerts and closing the app says it will fail it but it is WAY more. First of all, i tried to check how much battery i have left from swiping my battery a little bit down and it just fails. I did NOT close the app. It also randomly failed which was very annoying. I even tested if i didnt edit anything and exported, it still took a tremendous amount of time to complete. I wasnt able to finish because it is VERY sensitive. Please fix. - Concerned Human
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3 months ago, Cherrytart6
This app will take over your screens and go on websites such as the dark web. It will also not speak in English and won’t give directions in English only Chinese or Japanese I can’t even tell the language it was speaking. Anyways horrible app. And also y’all if y’all want a screen recorder for FREE you have it in your Home Screen just swipe down on the top left and there you have it. App needs to be banned!
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3 years ago, KiratheAnime
I’m crying 😭
It can’t even record music directly from the screen. I’m serious. Go download CapCut, because not only is all the “VIP” stuff in capcut free, but CapCut also is completely free! I needed a screen recorder to recorded trends, green screens and other things. But guess what? I’m an 11 year old and my parent is stingy about what I download. When they said yes to this, I was so happy! A 4.7 star recorder should be great riiiight..? Right? WRONG! It has terrible finicky and flashy startups, random green covering half your screen, doesn’t even record what’s on the screen like it says it does, Why? Why? I wasted time and patience for a stupid app lying to my face! I’m crying right now. I wasted both my time and my parents. This is sad. 😭😡
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2 years ago, Itscappuccinokitty
Great app!
So i decided to download this app and i recorded a video that was paralell and instead it came out vertical. Also sometimes the video and noise can be mixed or mis-matched, Can you maybe fix that bug? I wish there was a feature that lets you do videos paralell or vertical. I wanted to do a green screen for a video but it came out very laggy, Miss-matched audio. Thanks! Acctually, this is the best app ever! I just realized i fixed the glitch,
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4 years ago, ru44send
Great app! 👍
This app is so fun! I like to do reacting videos with my family! The prices are great! 👍👍The app is also helpful in many ways. I highly recommend this app (great quality.) The one thing that I don’t like is that it is kinda hard to edit your videos but it isn’t a big deal to me. I looked through may screen recording apps but most of them were a scam, when I was about to give up I found this app and I’m very satisfied with it! ❤️❤️
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1 year ago, Anna#ThisIsStupid
Are you sure not download it in Apple
When I tried is this app I thought it would be good to make a royal high mini movie, but no, it came out worse than I thought. What is your screen every it’s very better than the first one I Do not download this game elderly get all your information even told me it was tracked me so do not download this app because there’s bought saying that it’s a great app but in reality it’s it’s and I just wanted to say this, but like who make stupid stupid game that doesn’t work in Apple, so do not download this. If you have an apple phone and trust me all of these are bots that tracks you down and get your Information
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2 years ago, Muchin2008
Is not. As great
Well. The program is. A short cut. To. The screen recorder for. Apple. The edition I have. Better with more options. The voice. Record. Is none went I use. Wahaap or telegram. Try to talk to then is a nights mare not clear option. No support If. Any one know. How to recorre the voice over front this app I metió. Early let Me know or is. A screen recorder the recorder voice too thank you
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2 years ago, crownedheart
This app does not work
1. It asks constantly for a good review. And 2. I have wanted to do edits for social media but never could because Hi could never find a good app but when I saw this I got excited because it had some nice reviews but there is no way to cut out the beginning of the video when your switching to different apps and it wants to access my photos and I cant make a video without enabling them but when I press record it do sent use them at all and if I wanted to do a reaction video I cant because you cant show your face I really think this app is stupid and it is just annoying please dont get this app
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6 months ago, Amanda Si
Audio Recording
Recorded a special moment trusting in the app and when we went to go play it back their was no audio. Very sad, we were excited to relive the experience. Please don’t reply with the re generated message of the few different steps to help fix the problem. We already followed and completed all of them. This including the restart of the phone and all of the different settings having to do with the microphone. This is not okay. I surely hope that you would be able to fix this in the future.
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1 year ago, Krewfam12600
I love this so much, I don’t pay for the water mark to be removed or any of the other stuff but I love this cause it’s really simple to use, I’m giving it a 4 star rating because of the water mark but it doesn’t really bother me that much, I mostly use this to get audios for videos, I highly recommend this, but if you can’t have a water mark and your not willing to pay then you should probably get something else😅
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3 months ago, huhybruhy
Random Crashing Issue
So when i am editing, It Unexpectedly Crashed which makes me to restart the app and start doing it again, but it still crashed and over and over, i re-installed the app and same issue still, maybe something is wrong with my phone. make it so when i close app from the tapping home button 2 times and switching the app up… To be honest the app is good itself
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1 year ago, App testers123
Export time
I liked this app at first but then when it came to o exporting the videos I just deleted it. It took over an hour of me clicking the screen every once in awhile to make sure it doesn’t turn off and charging my phone so no battery messsages show up, and when finally after many attempts it made it to 70% and then boom I had forgot to keep it on the charger and a message saying phone battery was 20% and then boom after an hour I had to restart I would never recommend this app to anyone I’m sorry but your exporting system is hideous and it nullifies how good the app looked
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4 years ago, Addixia
It wasn’t to good but it wasn’t bad
If you have a lot of money this should be food for you if ur lazy and want to record on phone but I’m saying that because u have to do monthly payments just to get from because it says “pro” but that’s dumb it should be free to use so I deleted it because it wasn’t useful so if you have a lot of money you can’t but the monthly things and get a good recorder but I’m not that rich so this isn’t for me but the quality is very good for a phone recorder and they have some food music platoons they aren’t bad but yeah I wouldn’t recommend to people who aren’t to rich like me
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2 years ago, MacSteve in CO
Hated it, no free trial - beware!
I tried this app so I could record and keep videos of our new granddaughter that were forwarded to us as a Google gl link. It claimed to offer a 3 day trial. First problem - it didn’t screen capture the video as I played it. Second problem - it charged me immediately (no 3 day free trial) and would only allow me to cancel the future renewal in Oct 2023 despite my having downloaded it less than an hour prior. I had to contact Apple customer service to start the refund process. Not sure what the program is good for but I hate the “snare-ware” nature of the subscription program.
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2 months ago, The Soilder
It’s really good!!!!
I’m not a bot. I am an real person amongst people. It’s really good!!!! It actually does screen record and it records audio, you can edit the recordings and it’s so good (I know I’m saying that a lot but it’s true)!! The one thing it will ask you for is VIP sometimes. 1080p video resolution and more. Other than that VIP payment, it’s really good! #2 recording app but it’s #1 for me.
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2 years ago, {~Coco~}
Waste of time for me.
Okay let me go over some things I am a small TikToker getting bored making the same content and I wanted to make some Roblox content… I tried so much screen recorders so I installed this one so I recorded my roblox video I really liked it because the editing was kinda like CapCut! I started editing it was really fun to do when I finished editing my video I pressed the button ‘export’ because of course that’s what you press. It had a loading thing I read the bottom of it and it said if you close the app or get a low battery notification what was fair and I have very good wifi and the video wasn’t even that long. So I waited when 10 minutes and I knew the 11th minute it wasn’t gonna work anymore I exited the app and here I am writing this review. -The one and only nugget
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10 months ago, Madrattler
Great Space Saver
I was getting frustrated with the native screen recorder as it took up WAY too much storage space. This app gives you several options which is useful if you are using an older model with limited capacity. I went from using 10 gigs for a 5 hour recording to just 3! Thank you developers!
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1 year ago, Gearchick1
We did a test record to make sure it was working before doing a long recording of my daughter drawing art onscreen. Then we recorded the real thing, the record indicator was on & everything. But there is no video now! WHERE IS THE VIDEO? I’ve got a rightfully upset kid who just lost an hours worth of heartfelt work - is it on a server somewhere & can it be retrieved? Is it processing because it’s long & will show up in Photos in an hour? Is there a recording time limit of like 20 mins or something? And if so, where is that stated? What is the time limit? What a total waste of time.
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2 years ago, tor browser proo
This app is making me go crazy
So I downloaded this app to make videos with my friends so I downloaded the app I started filming but then it told me to go to application so went to it then I went to it and I went out and I was like if it keeps telling me to do that then I’ll just delete the app but when I delete it I went to call my friend but it told me to got to application so I pressed on it but it didn’t take me anywhere so I called my friend we went to roblox and it said go to application but I deleted the app and I’m going crazy it is still telling me to go there so please make it stopppp!
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2 years ago, LunaTunaKitty819
I only rated five cause you need to see it!!
I love the app it is really good BUT… you need to pay like thirty dollars for “vip” which would allow you to “export” or saving the video you recorded, and I had no idea! So I worked very hard on a edit (you can edit your videos) and I was so disappointed! It is so hard to find a free screen recorder!
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3 weeks ago, Serah_was_here
Needs one more feature!
Would say the only thing I don’t like is that there’s no pause button for the live recording feature. If you want to do a reaction to something and can’t pause to give your two cents cuz the audio of the video your reacting to is talking over your voice then it defeats the purpose. Please look into fixing this. It should be a simple fix!! Other than that the app is good so far!
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4 months ago, NinjaaBoii
This is the best recording app on mobile! It’s one of my main apps but the reason why I rated it a 4 is because there are some glitches where when you’re recording it looks normal when you’re editing the screen freezes and another issue where everything is normal but the audio is not working. Can you please fix this?
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2 years ago, my time wast wasted
Ya no
Ya sorry but like I don’t like how you gotta pay to use this like what in the world, I get you also add a couple other features than just screen recording but dam that’s just to much, you could have at least made some things free, literally I saw this app it looked popular and it is but not for me, theirs many other apps that let me screen record for free, sure they don’t have other, the one I got instead has other features, not all for free but still allows free screen record, honestly I just think you could do better but its really up to you.
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2 months ago, Adventurer Izzy
So when I first got it I went in it was all normal and all of that, but when it came to the last “next” button, it said that in-app purchases weren’t allowed and that something went wrong I don’t know. So I try it OVER AND OVER AND IT STILL WONT LET ME. I retried so much and it just wouldn’t work. If I could play it I’d think it be good that’s why I gave it three stars :( . (Edited review) It said that “The operation couldn’t be completed.” :( I’m disappointed but maybe it’s the fact that my iPad’s 5 years old…………..
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1 year ago, ashhhattak
Its good
I think this app is great because it is super easy to work with and the editing is awesome too my cousin and I both got an add for this at the same time and we decided to check it out and now we use it for like almost all off the stuff we record so I definitely recommend this app
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4 years ago, thhrntndfbfbggnsfdb
Ok, so I downloaded this app, because I needed to record my screen with a good mic and have screen sound! This app worked so perfectly!! I was stressing about a school project and this app saved me!! If u are looking for the same thing I was, then this app is so perfect. I might even get the subscription.. hehe :> Can u respond to this, creators? Thank you!! I have no criticism on this ;)
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2 years ago, ChrisBass
Misleading instructions
The intro to the app insists that you turn on the microphone, but you do not need it if you are not doing a reaction or narration to the video recording. If you are doing *strictly* video capture, you do NOT want the microphone on, otherwise you will pick up background noise. I had my first video capture ruined by background noise because the microphone picked up the sound of my TV.
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2 years ago, Ripper986
Developers read please
I have been using the app for some time now and every time i record it some times wont upload it to the V recorder app when i set the upload thing to Album and V recorder so i switch to Just V recorder then when i download it to my album it stays at 99 i dont charge my phone while its on nothing popped up on screen and it was at it for 2 hours so maybe fix that aswell i think i may switch to a different recording app if it dosent start working soon please fix this its a really good app but this is frustrating
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2 years ago, PWR K4rMa_YT
Not good at all here’s why…
Most things on this app are premium am there is no way I am paying 30 bucks a month for that. You can’t really edit without premium or record with face cam, the only way you can record with face cam is by recording a video then adding the face cam afterwards which is fake. So I would only use if you are making a quick video without editing or face cam. (Honest review) Also not sure what this app is like with premium, it might be better.
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2 years ago, xenomorph7000
Decent App
The screen recording is great no buttons to record on the screen when you exit out of the app but I have one issue and its with the Editor it seems to always freeze the app and I have to restart and my editing is gone ive spent 2 hours editing a recording and ive lost it please fix this issue if you can thanks.
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3 months ago, Militarysolder927
Can’t turn
Hello, I have used this app for many of my videos but now since you guys updated it it doesn’t turn vertically it’s always at a phone angle and I use iPad for this to record so I don’t know why you guys change this to where it doesn’t go vertically so please fix this from going to have to stop using this app this app I trust a lot to record stuff so if this isn’t fixed soon that I am not going to change this rating I’m giving you guys for now. I’ll change it once this is fixed.
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10 months ago, babygirl40117
This app is great for starters who want to do roleplays in roblox amazing quality but one complaint when I start recording and I have the mic on, 5 minutes pass and a black screen pops up and then it automatically stops recording, and ends my video and this happened 3 times already I’m not sure if it’s a bug or it’s my tablet. Wondering if anyone has this problem if so please fix this
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