ScreenPal Screen Recorder

Photo & Video
4.6 (4.8K)
72.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Nerd Software, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ScreenPal Screen Recorder

4.59 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
9 months ago, madmonkmarketing
Great interchange between iPad and MacBook Pro
I used Screen-Cast-Omatic on my windows machines for years and was glad to find out that the rebranded ScreenPal works well on both my older iPad and my new MacBook Pro. Great experience so far and the upload to cloud works well too. The change-over to the Mac has been frustrating at times because I’m learning different ways of doing things so it’s nice to have a familiar screen capture and recording tool—looking forward to exploring the new features. Great job!
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3 years ago, Shessokillher
This recorder causes rage and depression
I cannot stress enough how AWFUL Screencast-O-Matic is. It has literally sent me into rage and depression because of how much time and work I’ve wasted trying to use it for school. It freezes constantly— just now I was recording an 8 minute video and had to shut down and force restart 3 separate times. On the off chance that the recorder doesn’t freeze, there is constant lag— each time I press record the video freezes for 5 seconds and then finally begins )meaning I have to edit out the 5 second of silence after each take). The support team is absolutely useless; they just tell you to uninstall and reinstall (even though that achieves nothing). I literally want to rage quit this app 100% of the time I use it. Hope I never have to see it again after this school year ends.
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12 months ago, Dave a former faithful user
A poor excuse for a video editor
I have been a faithful Screen casto magic subscriber and daily user for 7 years now. I recently purchased a IPad Air and was excited to get the new ScreenPal app. When using screencastomatic it was practically flawless. The app is quirky and freezes up continusly. I can not resize text without throwing off letter alignment and constant freezing. I have not found any way to do transitions ( fades on text or videos) workflow is non existent without aggravation. A very poor product for the folks at screencastomatic, ScreenPal is a poor choice of a name because “pals” don’ t aggregate the crap out of you. I will be cancelling my 7 year subscription with them unless they can fix these problems. I don’t recommend this app. Sorry guys, you trashed your product .
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3 months ago, kathleenb728
The best - super easy and no auto-sharing
I’ve tried a few of these apps and this is definitely the best. Everything stays on my device, until I want to share it… some of the other apps uploaded the videos right away, which didn’t seem right. The video editing is great, and most of those features are free. There are no annoying, pop-ups or ads. Screenpal makes it easy! Thanks!
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3 years ago, esilos44
Videos not recording!!
I had been using screencast o matic all year. It was great, I used to record my lectures for my college classes. I’m teaching a summer class and began to record my lessons. I recorded 3 lessons with no problem about a couple of weeks ago. Then I updated my app. All of a sudden my videos stopped recording after just a couple of minutes and would not save or upload. I contacted SOM support. They asked me to check my storage on my iPad. I have more than 100 GB available and no other apps opened but my PowerPoint. Then I decided to use another iPad and the same thing happened. It’s not the iPad! So I have to record my videos on my computer now, the only issue is I can’t make any annotations on my computer.
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4 years ago, Drew6622
This app is so disorganized on mobile
I am recording for educational purposes and when I start recording say what I say and I go to stop the recording and for some reason it was already stopped mid video. Sometimes the audio isn’t recorded for some reason. Once you have completed the video, you have to reload the app to be able to edit the thing you just recorded because the app is wanting you to start another recording. I know this might sound a little confusing, but try the app and you’ll understand. Try and make a video and you’ll have an annoying experience trying to get the phone out of the wall you threw it at all because of the anger issues you did not know about until you started using this app.
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4 years ago, iCOMdotcom
Does not work as promised...bulky...for mobile...
Works fine on desktop but not good for mobile. Cannot upload videos to the main platform. Hard to well..bulky and sound is not great. Other then that so works on desktop. Will Try Dubb for videos on the mobile and to market for business. They did say it would get fixed someday and that others are having the same issue. You will see other reviews here. Will give the desktop a try. Tired of buying products that do not deliver what is promised or the software developers stop updating and the software becomes old and has no yes. All in all not bad for the price. Let’s hope they stay up to par with the times. 😎🙏🇺🇸
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4 years ago, lovedisney68
I had no idea you all had an app to use on iPhone and iPads. I love your desktop version, so this makes me very happy. One question, the desktop version has a yellow cursor point to show where you are on the screen, does your app have that option? I didn’t see it, but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place. If it doesn’t have one, do you think you will at some point? I love how easy it is to use. Thank you.
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1 year ago, OkeBis
Be careful - you might loss your video
Why is it that whenever I do a video and finish it and press stop at the end of the video, it doesn’t automatically save the video. I just spent my precious time doing this particular video multiple times and none of them were saved and I have enough storage. I bought more storage prior to doing the video. This app is becoming unless. It was much better than this before. You all need to do something.
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2 months ago, joelmonty
Screen Pal—an invaluable tool
I’ve been using ScreenPal (and its predecessor, Screen-Cast-Omatic) for a number of years. It is great as a stand-alone app on mobile and desktop devices and is a great editor when used either video apps. I’ve made and shared hundreds of videos over the years and depend on ScreenPal. Thanks.
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4 years ago, NOLA81
I loved the free version.
I’m a teacher, and the free version was a life saver during COVID. However, I recently upgraded to the paid version (which is refreshingly affordable for teachers), and now it’s nothing but buggy and glitchy and extremely frustrating. I haven’t been able to make usable videos since the upgrade. Lots of sound and screen issues that I didn’t have before. I tried to email customer service about a week ago, but they haven’t gotten back to me, and since then a bunch of new issues have popped up.
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2 years ago, Calclady46
Poor customer service
I have used SOM for years, been mostly happy with it. Especially like the video editor. Their customer service is extremely lacking in my opinion. Your only option for help is to open a ticket thought their website - no phone number or chat option. In my experience they have been slow at best getting back to me, often ignoring me. Currently, I have a ticket that has been open for 40+ days and have yet to see any resolution.
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5 years ago, Sleepy Sparrow
No music?
I'm wanting to send small snippets of my favorite parts of songs to my friends without the hassle of telling them to skip to that one part and nervously waiting to see if they succeeded. I was happy to hear that a microphone is included in the app, because I thought it meant I could finally do this! But whenever I started recording, the app cut off my music- it didn't even pause it; the music continued but it was muted. I'm not the most technical person, so maybe it's me. Other than that, the app is well put together and useful!
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6 days ago, Wehttam27
Processing Video!!!!!
Hello, myself paid per a monthly subscription. Attempted to record a screenshot video, after recording the app has non stop only said across the screen processing video. The video has not uploaded nor has the app been able to offer other options due to “processing video”, buffering!!! Myself is very dissatisfied with the app and would prefer to get some kind of reimbursement for my paid subscription that obviously did not achieve even One single video editing er uploading. Please refund my $5.99….. very dissatisfied!!!
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4 years ago, thevofl
Lost work
I have had on more than one occasion lost work due to this program. I turn on the microphone to record my voice for a lecture, after talking for an hour, I go to watch the video only to find no audio. This has happened more than one time. Why the default isn’t microphone on is beyond me. It’s easy to remove audio then to magically put the audio track back. There’s zero indication that the audio is being received while recording. Love the app otherwise, but to have to repeat work is unacceptable. You won’t know until everything is over.
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4 years ago, dog lover 688
I am a WildCraft YouTuber and have been looking for a screen recorder/editor like this one! I can crop, trim, and more without having to pay a monthly subscription, which is very useful. I have used DU Recorder, it’s good- but this might be better. I do think you guys should add filters though. But the app is great how it is! Thank you, and bless you guys for creating such a lovely app!!! =3
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5 years ago, DLD14
This app made it extremely easy to create videos, just like the desktop version! I’m really happy that they are now making a mobile app! I could easily record my screen and provide some feedback. The editing options were awesome! Adding the facecam overlay was a nice touch and the video cropping came in handy!
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5 years ago, Zach Gaming
I recommend this
I highly recommend that you get this app. You can make tutorials, reactions, and maybe even gameplay! Also you can crop with face cam and so much more. I do have complaints, you should be able to add arrows, shapes, and import other videos into a video. But overall this is a great app!
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1 year ago, subsribe to hudson skywalker
I dunno
It seems really fun but when I downloaded it it said cannot connect to this App Store and the App Store called it a stupid app and I really wanted it to download so I can use prime on rag doll engine on roblox sub to Hudson skywalker for it and my electronic almost crashed never gonna give you up never gonna let u down btw rickroll and dentist is true I won’t let you down
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4 years ago, LITKATBCT
Beware of lost videos
I was excited to use this app for my teaching, but I’ve had several technical problems - both with the desktop version of Screencast-O-Matic and this app on the iPad, including total disappearance of a 20 minute video on the iPad - so frustrating. And I don’t have any issues with insufficient storage. I highly recommend you only record short videos with this tool, that you wouldn’t mind having to do over, as it appears to be unreliable. I’m regretting relying on this app.
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5 years ago, Dr Vita B
Does Not Work Properly!!!!
I have been having problems uploading my videos from my iPhone or iPad. Every time I attempt to upload, I am asked if I want to allow access, I say yes then I receive the error message “Safari cannot open the page because server cannot be found.” I have reached out to support for assistance and everything I was told to do (to include uninstall and reinstalling) has not worked. At this point, I am removing the app because it is not useful to me. Hopefully this issue can be resolved sooner than later.
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9 months ago, Wendy mini
Exactly what I was looking for
I have been looking for a screen recoding app that would allow me to edit AND save my videos without buying some awful subscription! This app automatically saved my video! I’m so happy! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Caroljane Person
Excellent and exceeds expectations!
This app allows me to reach my international audience. Some are challenged by internet access costing much money. It’s easier with phones. All of my content with this app is more accessible for them. It’s easy to use and provides excellent video.
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2 years ago, Juliecthomps
I can’t even get started
I am using an iPad Pro. Every time I try to make a recording, it acts as if it wants to record, but then it stays on the page saying “waiting for recording to start” and the only option is to cancel. I can’t even use the website from safari (it says the website isn’t available) or on Chrome (it wants me to download the app). I am incredibly frustrated, but I am supposed to use this for a class project so I have to keep trying. No good.
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4 years ago, iz3927
Works Better on Desktop
I love this software on my Windows computer but the iPhone app just wasted an hour of my day trying to get it to work. I needed a video with audio. First 3 recordings stopped by themselves before I was done. The 4th I had hit Microphone On and when I go back to view the video, there is no sound. And there is no Edit function to Add sound even if I had patience left to voiceover what I would’ve been saying in my original recording.
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1 year ago, jaywing
ScreenCast-o-Magic on an iPad
I’m just playing around with Screencast-0-Matic on my iPad, to see if it will record the sound on FaceTime, since FaceTime turns the audio off while in-call. Kind of a bummer, but hopefully this app in conjunction with that one will do the trick
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4 years ago, pingu-fan
Update Review
Hi, Last time I didn’t like the app because I was dumb enough to realize that the app also had a feature where you can present your screen. Last time I thought it was just screen recording. But now that I found it I think the app is pretty cool. So far I have not encountered are problems. -Thank you
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3 days ago, DGByt1
This stuff is absolutely horrible. You record like two videos and it says it does not have enough storage. I literally had to delete every single photo I’ve ever had and delete every single recording ScreenPal and it’s still said it didn’t have enough storage. How is that even possible two stars just because it at least works
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2 years ago, Davelaton
Had trouble at first but works great now
Had some issues getting the program to work but the developers launched a quick update and all is well. Thanks for great work.
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2 years ago, Dragoncleaner
Used to be great
I’ve used this for recording my classes. Unfortunately the teacher went to Facebook, and this app no longer records sound on Facebook. I’m deleting the app. *I found a method that worked, turn the mic on and record in a quiet room. It will record all the background noise. But at least it’s something.
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1 year ago, Wanzy
Love it
I have been using the program on my laptop for months and didn’t know there was an app until I saw it somewhere. Now I can enjoy this on everything I use.
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3 years ago, nolan4849
So much potential
I would give this 5 star except for the ability to record audio. This is the first ad free app I have encountered of this type. It’s also free! Not a scam! Wow! I only wish you could record system audio... which I believe is allowed by apple now.
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3 years ago, bjgvhhcjhvuyvuyv
Buttons don’t work
I like this app I really got hopes about it but when ever I finish a video and I go onto the app to edit it and I try to press save or delete the buttons don’t work I don’t know why but I wish it would work otherwise it’s at least fun to use.
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3 years ago, 102911728
Would recommend if it is good!
I luv sending vids to my friends! So I downloaded this app it’s free! Lucky me! I tried others they all have to pay! So I got this app. I heard a lot of people use this app! Even some teachers
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3 years ago, stackmaster22
The best video maker.
I use this program for my personal and work life. I’ve used it as a teacher and as an administrator to give trainings. Editing is easy and I love the blur option to hide sensitive info.
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3 years ago, t0ny tHe tiGer
Only app that crops, but doesn’t record audio
I’ve been looking for a screen recorder app that lets me crop my recordings afterwards. This app doesn’t record sound unless you turn on the microphone, but then it only records what your phone hears instead of the phone itself. This makes the audio of whatever you’re recording much lower and it also picks up all the noise of the room you’re in. Basically useless to me, uninstalled after 10 minutes.
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4 years ago, Emmie 444
Total Crap!
This app wouldn’t record sound for me, which is basically the only reason I got it, cuz I needed sound on my videos. But the sound never worked once, and there were glitches in the video that lasted a really long time. 😡🤬👎👎👎
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4 years ago, Emulford
I’ve used this platform since the very early days
I’ve been using the SOM since the start and love it. This app is simply awesome. I need to screen capture my iPhone frequently and it is just the ticket.
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5 years ago, SaraSmiles2012
LOVE this screen recording app....
This app was super easy to use and could be used in literally hundreds of situations where you want to capture what is on your screen. Of any screen recording app I’ve seen, this one is by far the best. Thank you Screencast-o-Matic!
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1 year ago, CLive82
Love it!
I love this app! It is so easy to use. I make short videos all the time for a non-profit I volunteer with and this app is my go-to. I can easily stitch video clips together and add music, then post them to social media. It’s perfect.
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3 years ago, Charlie Aubrey Lathrop
I really love this
I really like this app but I have a few question. 1 Do the videos download on to your photos. 2 I couldn’t tell if the app was good or not because the photos made no sense.
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3 years ago, 123 love my Ipad
Pretty good
In the trimming video thing I did not even trim the video I just clicked save and it took FOREVER to load when I DIDN’T EVEN TRIM IT!!!!! But besides that I REALLY like it and recommend it!!! It is very cool and nice for making videos! I really like it! ♥️
Show more
4 years ago, TWgoat
Gets "stuck"
It will literally cut your recording short and get stuck on a single spot like it's frozen, but the timeline keeps moving. It doesn't seem to be able to remember anything past a minute or so, so don't think you'll be able to record for long periods of time on it. It has worse memory than the built in screen record feature on the iPad.
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4 years ago, ATX_ReLM
Capture broken and sound doesn’t play
App doesn’t work to capture video and sound doesn’t play for imported video. It hangs when trying to capture video from the app and has to be restarted. Also, doesn’t have a way to go back once recording has been selected. Clearly an alpha release. Doesn’t play sound from imported videos; however, audio is included in the upload. Videos seem to play fine on the site.
Show more
5 years ago, dave_fs
Worked As Promised
App did what it said it would — it was easy to create a video. I did like the editing features. I cleaned up my video and then shared on Facebook. Will use this app to create my videos in the future!
Show more
4 years ago, Dramaquen
The FAQ section doesn’t work.
I am trying to put a Facecam in my video but can’t figure out how to do that. The question is in the FAQ section but you can’t click on the questions to actually find the answers. That seems like it would be important. The tutorials are super basic and don’t answer many of your questions. The whole program looks very basic so far.
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3 years ago, arujneb
Sweet video editor
I have been using this app since it came out. The newest features are awesome. The video editor keeps getting better. Plus you can now record your camera for editing.
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1 year ago, TRIman53
User Friendly
Very easy to use this app to make videos. I use it on iPad, Laptop and desktop. My go-to app to make videos so I no longer try others.
Show more
1 year ago, E_v_a620
This app is the best! I can do everything I always wanted to do w/ it. I can screen record with the sound of the thing I am recording, and then go back and do a reaction to it! Thank you!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, jhspearsjr
Works well like the desktop version
I’ve been using the desktop version for a long time. This app makes it easier to record on my iPhone and iPad.
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