Seacoast Mobile Banking

4.2 (1.3K)
43.3 MB
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Current version
Seacoast National Bank
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seacoast Mobile Banking

4.17 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
1 month ago, Aleewink
This app is functional, and o er all does what it needs to, but in this age of technology I’d love for it to be better. A complaint that I have is that every several months there is a glitch that stops the app from asking for my fingerprint instead of my password. Everything is appropriately set up and turned on, the app just never asks, so I gave yo ho back to entering my password. I have found that deleting the app and redos loading it fixes the problem, but to do that every few months is a pain.
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1 year ago, 2001sww
Mobile deposit not wonderful
The mobile deposit portion on the app is really awful. It covers most of the screen with a blank, such that it’s impossible to see the info without scrolling through an extremely small window. Without having discovered this by accident (since it was anything but intuitive) I’d have to give up ever using it. Unfortunately our second bank uses the same software and I never got a “fix” from them either. I just gave up doing any mobile deposits into that bank and always used FBB. Now that SeacoastBank is in charge, it discourages me from mobile deposits. Fortunately I have several other bank accounts that have easy to use mobile apps, so I’ll be using them more often.
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2 months ago, BassBustee
Best banking app
I don’t know what I did before this app came out. I’ve had apps I’ve used from other banks I’ve used and they never kept up like this app. If I use my card it shows immediately so in the very rare times someone stole my card info on line it showed that things were being purchased and neither of us did it. I was able to call have my card shut down immediately and the bank took care of the charges that were not made by us. Best app for banking I’ve seen yet.
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4 months ago, First Apostle
The app seems clean not cluttered making it easy to use. The ATM on Noble Ave in Williston, FL remains out of service after 2 months in which I’ve reported it myself. It will not process $20. bills in a cash deposit. The laa was st time I reported it I was told to find out the contact info for the ATM company provider and report it myself. My involvement stops when I report it to you. I’m not your employee. I’ve been a customer of Perkins Bank and later of Drummond Bank. It’s hard to have a big city bank attitudes in a small town.
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7 months ago, jcarrsr
Overall good
The real issue is for me business bill pay, there should be a button at the bottom like on personal accounts, on All accounts not just personal! I adapt but it bothers me a lot for I use it for almost all bills that I pay. Other than that I am satisfied and support what you have created. Feel free to contact me and reply to this review
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6 years ago, gui17reis
Very bad app for those who live in Brazil
I just opened the account in the bank and I live in Brazil, at first I had trouble accessing my account with my Brazil (International) line, after a lot of effort I was able to access through the computer, but through the application when accessing the account he I ask for security the number of my phone, and informing him that it is invalid after several attempts, the bank staff informed me that because I am using a Brazilian (International) number, it would not be possible for me to use the application because it would not would accept my Brazilian number, very bad application, the applications of the Brazilian banks are 1000x better, I recommend to take a look at the Iaú bank here in Brazil.
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8 months ago, nettles73
New & Improved!
Your updated app does everything I need from transfers to mobile deposits to viewing all of my transactions. I also like the look of the app and it doesn’t hiccup on me like the old one used to. It did take a little bit of time for me to find things like Zelle transfers, but there’s always a learning curve. Even my Dad, who will be 91 this year, loves it! Also love being able to use a local bank!
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1 month ago, User13&2642827
Bugs more often than it works
I use it mostly for depositing checks…and that function works less than 50% of my attempt. It’s not that my deposit gets rejected because I made the wrong input… the app crashes before I’m able to submit the check. Very, very annoying… so annoying that I’m leaving a review which I never take the time to do for something that works. The pay my bill feature works ok; I wish they had carried over some the original app input (invoice # or account number, note/memo) so that could be added to the check.
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7 months ago, Eustis customer
More features than I thought….
I gave this app five stars because it helps me accomplish. Everything I want to do in a day. Move money, receive money, manage money, and observe daily activity. The alerts that her offered cover pretty much everything I want to do. Daily balance daily debit and credits. I can also access my line of credit, taking advances and making monthly payments.
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2 years ago, Jasonparkourguy
New design bad
The new “app” design is significantly worse than the old design. First of all you can’t even call this an “app” it’s a web browser directing you to their mobile site, so you can’t even handle making an actual app anymore? Also the new design is so cluttered with pixelated ancient looking pop ups and banner notifications that reload ever time. The smaller font for balances makes it stand out less and everything blends together with the all white background with black text. The new darker color is bland compared to the old blue. I’d give is a 0 if I could, looking to switch banks now to one that makes a real app.
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2 years ago, Camillus2
A nice improvement…
over the previous app. I like that I can now pay bills, transfer money without having to log in a second time. The only problem that I’ve had is that several times I couldn’t log in..the symbol showing it was loading just kept spinning. I had to discard the page and then open the app a second time.
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2 years ago, MajestyMarketing
What a great upgrade!
The mobile banking app was updated to a newer version and is so much more user friendly! The app looks much more modern and is working incredibly smooth. Zelle is now available which is very nice. They have also consolidated the business banking and the personal banking to one app which is super convenient! Great improvement!
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7 months ago, truthful777
Seacoast App
I’ve been with Seacoast for a long time, since 2008 at least, I’ve seen a lot of changes on the website and when they came up with the app I was very happy. There’s very little glitches, recently they have added things to make the navigation much easier. Very happy with customer service and with the app!
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6 years ago, LUBball02
Not what it used to be...
This app used to be great, but they always feel the need to tinker. The verification process questions are pulled from a 3rd party credit agency that asks you questions that either don’t pertain to you, aren’t accurate, or require you to recall information about your house number or address from YEARS ago. I finally got past that to the point where they ask you to provide your phone number to enroll your device, and it says “device not found.” This has happened to my wife and daughter too. It’s been almost a week, and I still can’t get into the app. AWFUL!!!
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6 years ago, Kosher pigs
Two steps backwards
I live Seacoast Bank. I hate this new app version. It's like they went backwards with the new layout. It is so confusing. For example, transfer funds. I couldn't find the option so I called the toll free line for help. Even they aren't fully sure as they told me to click the plus on the lower right and it's not there. Once I did find the plus hidden in the bottom middle I was able to complete the transfer bug what a hassle navigating my bank account it has become. Please let me roll back to the last version!!
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2 months ago, Babs8645
Mobile Deposit
When I mobile deposit, the camera on the app doesn’t focus directly on the check. To get a picture of the check you must move in the opposite direction. This is a recent glitch. Also when you submit the deposit there is always an error message. If you ignore it the deposit will go through, but it took menu frustrating redos to learn that.
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1 year ago, Muscles68
Mobile app
Very helpful to keep up with the balance but it seems as if it odd kind out slow. I make purchases and don’t see them for a week. All purchases are debit but doesn’t come out. I have been charged overdrafts for this reasons. It needs to be more timely. Or is this protocol o don’t know but it is troubling.
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1 month ago, Jhs$$
Pretty good. I would like more management of my users and give them more specific authorization. Such as: can see total of another account and able to transfer funds from that limited access to the main account they have access to but can’t get into that limited account.
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1 month ago, 74Queenie
Bank Account Keeps Disappearing
UPDATE: my account still doesn’t show all the time in my app. I cannot deposit checks digitally when this happens. Never fixed the glitch. Moving on…. I have 2 accounts. One keeps disappearing from the app. I log into my account on a desktop and it’s gone there too. I call customer service they sync it, then it disappears again - same day. I can’t digital deposit checks or check my balance. Will need to switch banks after 10 years with Seacoast.
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4 years ago, sarahmooch
Not good
For the first month the app worked great, now it just puts up an error message when I try to log in using my thumbprint and I have to type in the password anyways. I’ve had to call the bank so many times because of app issues. That’s a lot of time on hold. Their system has “gone down” twice now in the maybe 8 months I’ve been with them and I can’t even check my account...on payday. Sometimes it takes forever for your balance to pop up. It’s just a crap app. My husband and I can’t wait to move and get rid of SeacoastBank.
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1 month ago, Chewycherwa
Money transfer
Hi, well on the app. When I go to transfer money from one account to another. I have trouble scrolling down to pick appropriate account. I have 6 accounts on my app. It takes multiple tries. To keep it from just going back up to top 3.And not allowing me to pick lower ones. I am on an iPhone 8.
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7 months ago, Husband of Asian
This app needs fixes quick!
It keeps crashing when I am trying to do mobile deposits. If this doesn’t get fixed I will need to change banks!!! How can SeacoastBank cause this type of disruption only for an app that they don’t even have the kinks out of yet. Very frustrating. Face ID is an improvement but the fact that I have to write “for mobile deposit at SeacoastBank only” is a pain. I used to just be able to write SeaCoast Bank. I may as well go back to Wells Fargo if this doesn’t get fixed.
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2 years ago, jordan79180
Such an improvement.
This app is so much easier to use since the upgrade! I used to get so frustrated with having to manually sign in every time or would usually run into a glitch. So far it’s been really convenient and easy to navigate!
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4 weeks ago, DickDerby
Overall very good, just kinda slow
So the app itself is good. A solid four stars. He does everything you need, it has pretty much every option you could want, and it’s very compatible on your mobile device. It could just be a little bit more user-friendly. But again, SOLID 4 stars
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1 month ago, Make It Work ASAP
Mostly great
Works fine except when trying to Zelle from my personal account. Might not be a problem on Seacoast’s mobile side, but when I get a “Unable to process” message I have to use my laptop later in the day to complete the Zelle. Annoying when it happens occasionally.
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1 month ago, FMSIII
My favorite bank for 25 years
I’ve always been happy here at SEACOAST BANK for 25 years and when the app became available, installed it on my phone and have not been happier and more satisfied. Very easy to do all my banking with my phone from deposits, transfers, etc. thanks!
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3 weeks ago, Flyhi10
I have been banking with Seacoast for approximately 13 years, and they have always been very helpful and polite and taking care of any issues if I would’ve had any but I don’t remember having any issues with the bank!
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2 days ago, Joe & I
Easy peasy
Like most apps once I got used to it it’s been great. Love the ability to deposit checks. With all our travel it’s easy to keep track of finances. The only down side is I never get to see the folks at the Hobe Sound bank.
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5 months ago, mwolfland
Improved, needs improvement
As an account holder, I need to be able to retrieve basic information like account number and routing number. I can do that with other banks. Seacoast makes these tasks extremely difficult. I even had a bank rep try when I wanted the info for a wire and no one could find it. That’s a problem!
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1 month ago, HORVATH430
First off seacoast has been my bank for years. When it was First National in New Jersey then I moved here and it changed several times and it’s all been good Seacoast is great everyone is nice and helpful. The forgive me if this is wrong the manager is also a very nice.
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2 weeks ago, 2ballsandabat
Loan payment on app
Why are there so many steps to pay my Mortgage through the App? When I make the payment just take the money from my checking account and not have me approve every fricken step that has to happen. And tell me what my payment is and when it’s due. Dumbest app I’ve ever seat with. Wh is there no alert preference for when my mortgage Payment is due or when my payment has processed?
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1 month ago, Voyager13
Needs work
I moved from Chase bank where the online banking was easy and straightforward. This app sometimes makes me regret switching banks. It seems to have been developed by a third-party app developer so some of the features seem to be added on, like the Bill Pay section. Adding an external account is also a pain.
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1 month ago, DianeB3
Needs improvement
Works ok but not as efficient as other bank apps. Is slow to update with current transactions. You can see current balance, but cannot see most recent transactions. Monday morning is especially slow because it doesn’t list weekend transactions.
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1 year ago, Ktc31
Love this app
Very user friendly. I’m able to check my balance, transfer money between accounts and even deposit checks with mobile deposit. I use it everyday.
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2 years ago, sbear88
About time!
Finally an update that works! Have had this bank for many years and always felt we were behind a lot of other banks in terms of atms and app quality but worth the wait!
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2 weeks ago, Wearemany21
Good app
I love how I can send money and receive money and actually get the full amount sent and received. Was skeptical at first about the changes but I am starting to truly enjoy everything about seacoast bank.
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1 year ago, 1111 angel
Retired US Veteran US Army
It is very easy to navigate through the system with this bank thank you very much for the opportunity to allow me to open up account and easy access to transfer money from one bank to another SFC US Army Michael R Livermore
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7 months ago, PBSchnelles
But lacking. Does not let me do Zelle and still can’t seem to figure out what settings need to be changed to stop wasting time and money to Send paper statements, etc. Also, no details of what cards are active for which accounts, no investment connections. No knowledge of who is the personal banker for me, etc. just basic accounting stuff
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7 months ago, Jayh2800
Seacoast Bank App
I’ve been a customer of Seacoast Bank for many years. I’ve had a couple of apps with them. This is the latest one, I believe. I find it very easy to use. I highly recommend Seacoast Bank and their app.
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6 months ago, Stockup1
Being new to the app, it could be easier to use. It is not as friendly as my other bank and it does not allow to do as much with it. I believe the point of the app is to super friendly and functional so I don’t have to call the bank and wait on the phone. Need so work!
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6 days ago, elenabalbas
Easy to use. All is need is at my fingertips
I’ve been banking with Seacoast for many years. This app is very easy to use and I can track all my accounts in one place, make transfers, pay bills, etc.
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4 years ago, @Silva1982
Seacoast Bank APP is the WORST!!
This Seacoast Bank App is ALWAYS freezing. Never gives the option to even sign into your account. Can’t deposit a check mobile like any other bank gives customers the option to do. There is hardly any locations close to where we live. Much easier to just use your internet browser and log into the Seacoast Bank mobile banking that way instead of this useless CHEAP looking and feeling app’ they have created. I give 0 stars!
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1 year ago, Seacoast member
Convenient features
This is the first banking app I’ve had where the mobile deposit actually worked! This bank has fast friendly service alto…I love them!
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4 months ago, SpartanOnOne
Awesome sauce
App has every feature. It’s great. I’m hoping to use the deposit check with a picture feature and see how long it takes for the funds to be available.
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1 month ago, Find a new one
Two slow
When the company thanks me for paying the bills. It takes to long before it shows up in app!
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6 years ago, sliceofpie
No work
After speaking to agent about the SeacoastBank app, I was finally able to log in. After logging off, I tried again and got the same verification questions. Then it says I can’t log in again. The security questions are not up to date on the info they are asking. I have never been associated with an address that says I should know and the car I drive is not up to date either. This is clearly an app that is not being supported by Seacoast’s “IT” dept.
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7 months ago, Jerzee Florda
Great website
Since the last update super easy to navigate Transfer and transactions are seamlessly executed Reports are generated from any range and typically easy to access Keep up the good work
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2 years ago, TullyDawg
A vast improvement
SeacoastBank has stepped its game up with its new mobile banking. The old app, for me, was 100 percent unusable, but this is much better, easier to navigate with great tools. I’m glad SeacoastBank has made this change.
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3 months ago, wildernesspaddler
Can’t even log in
I’ve been a customer for years but ready to throw in the towel. Technology for mobile deposits lags the industry, I.e., you have to hold still and manually snap a photo. All other banks I do business with, the mobile app auto focuses, adds lighting and snaps the photo without any user intervention. But now I can’t even log in. Tried to delete & reinstall app but that didn’t work either.
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1 month ago, AlexHett
Great customer service
I called with an over payment (mistake in my end) and your employee worked very quickly and helped refund my mistake with in 2 days! Very grateful
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