Seattle Credit Union

4.6 (5.7K)
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Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
Last update
3 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seattle Credit Union

4.57 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Is this Bank of America?
I miss taking to a human.
I really miss being able to call my branch and speak with a teller immediately. I hate calling, being placed on hold just to be transferred around via a robot that doesn’t understand English. I feel like you’re loosing the founding aspect of a credit union not to mention the SMCU. If I wanted to talk to a robot to be transferred to a teller that isn’t actually sitting at an SMCU Branch I should have joined Bank of America. Not to mention I can’t post this review without a “nickname”. On my fourth attempt and my “nickname” was already taken. If that doesn’t solidify my issue. I don’t know what does!
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4 years ago, jenjen0610
Like it but there’s cons to smaller credit unions
Easy to navigate through, I just don’t like that I have to go to another page to view credit card info. Also doesn’t show the amount total after each subtraction. I’m also used to faster and more immediate service, so the time that it takes for a smaller credit union to process things takes a lot of patience. Was also strongly considering changing banks after I reported fraudulent charges on my account and it took nearly half a year for them to investigate and give me my money back. It was a frustrating process and highly disappointed in the service when one call told me to call another number, only for that number to tell me that it can’t help me, and I needed to call the original number that so called, and the back and forth ensued. Recently also had the trouble of sending money to someone just because the amount was the same as the last time I sent to the person. Had to change it from $100 to $102 to get it sent. Why is that even a thing? If they fear duplicate payments are a mistake, just make them verify another time before it can be sent. When I created a complaint regarding this, no one even bothered responding. App is flawed. Considering changing banks to one that my other siblings use.
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4 years ago, Do yourself a favor and don't
Not impressed
There are always issues with this app. Last week I had to deposit a check 6-7 times before it would work. The app kept shutting down and the money would not deposit. Also, now we need to sign checks and write our account number on them every time...? So NOT convenient! Months later ... leaving another review. The fact that I’ve already left a terrible review for this app and I keep getting asked what I think of the app of a perfect example of how horrible this app really is. This app is perpetually down and “being worked on” yet it never improves. If there is one app that I need to work in my phone, it’s my bank app. It has caused me so much frustration time after time, again and again and I’m changing banks soon because of it. It’s so unacceptable that a bank app could even work this terribly. Months later .... I’m still getting asked to review this app. Un-believable. No improvements have been made. I still have to take picture upon picture of my checks in order to deposit them. Two thumbs down. Again. The app freezes, shuts down and is a constant problem. I’m still planning on changing banks. If anyone can actually read my review, do not go with this bank!!!!
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4 years ago, BoyWondrerer65
It could use major improvements in the area of tracking or recording transactions. Bank of America allows Edits for every transaction after the funds are clear. Their improvement can be on allowing the edits to include the $, ( whatever reason ), and other symbols, but I’ll guess that’s due to hacking or special coding, and isn’t allowed. Ideally, like in the old days where one can jot down their debits and credits in a checking account book, I’d like to keep a record that reflects my “pending” transactions so that I don’t make the mistake of going into the red, like I have done. I have to go outside the bank app and into Calendar to record my transactions. Any date: SCU CC $200 Paid - WSECU This translates to: Seattle Credit Union Credit Card $200 Paid via WSECU, another credit union. I’d follow my pending notes instead of the app’s pending notes. Bottom line is that these institutions can make it easier to do online banking, especially now when banking is mostly being done outside the institutions. I also don’t gain from my funds being in a Savings Account, there should be an app for that person, like me that lives check to check. Maybe Venmo or PayPal might be what I should just use. I like how I can simplify my transactions there. CashApp fails by not allowing multiple banks, unlike Venmo. Thanks for allowing the feedback.
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4 years ago, Jessica's biggest fan in Asia!
Love SCU but HATE mobile app and online banking
I’ve been a member of Seattle Credit Union since 1993 and have absolutely loved their customer service. I’ve gotten mortgages, car loans, credit cards, business banking - the full range of products. Their customer service either through the branches (Rainier Valley) or via email has been amazing for me. But for many years I’ve been so unhappy with their online banking and mobile app. They are over-developed and so many connectivity issues. And now there’s an endless round of separate phone or text confirmations every single time I log on. I’ve conveyed my issues with customer service many times. With Covid, I need easy access to online banking so am going to shift my primary account away from SCU, probably to Umpqua Bank. Hopefully they will improve and I can come back.
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4 years ago, Justicialism
Used to be better
The app used to have weird quirks and bugs but it was always very reliable with its basic functionalities. Then they introduced a new app and it’s a mess. You click the button to move money and half the time you get a blank page. The login, which used to go to pin if Face ID or you fingerprint didn’t work, now requires you to fat finger in your actual password. In short, it’s not an improvement. I don’t care how it looks, I care whether it lets me do my banking easily and reliably - the most critical thing for a banking app. The new app is a major step back.
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4 years ago, Plant 9 from outer space
Great Credit Union, OK ap
The ap is awesome and this is one of the best Credit Unions around Washington. I’ve been a member since I was 5 and they’re always progressive and have updated technology. The Ap is nice to use to track all purchases right away so I don’t need paper receipts. I had someone charge my account fraudulently and was able to see it and get the ball rolling to get it fixed really quickly. I even handled the issue and got a loan from the ap. It had quirks during updates but I have not seen any in a long time.
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4 years ago, frankfuhrter
The new app is awful
But you kind of have to get it. I can’t even transfer $ to my credit card any more to make a payment. It deleted all of my external transfer accounts so I have to add them over again. It deleted my line of credit. And the effort it took to get this resolved with customer support was crazy. This so bad that I am now looking for another credit union. Sad that they had to take something that wasn’t broke and “fixed” it. They lost me as a customer.
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3 years ago, alisiahar
Terrible bank. Terrible customer service. Terrible auto loan!
I went through auto approve to get my vehicle loan refinanced and unfortunately they sold my loan to Seattle credit union. Had I known that I would be dealing with this bank, I would have reconsidered. It’s impossible to get a person on the phone. Constantly being transferred. Can’t pay my loan over the phone. Can’t get my member number. The app is useless, no account number or member number listed. Can’t use my bank to pay my loan. I refuse to bank with them. My loan has increased because they’re claiming I lapsed in insurance coverage. Lie. I have proof. But I can’t get anyone to answe their phone. Can’t sent attachments and proof of insurance to their email through the app. Constant error message. The app is useless. I could not imagine having a saving account or checking account with them. Don’t refinance or get a car loan through this bank. I have worked so hard to improve my credit and now I have to deal with a bank that makes it extremely difficult to pay my loan on time or make principal payments and now they’re trying to rob me of more of my money.
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4 years ago, Superknifepartyman
Quick view option
Really frustrated. No quick view option. Balances are often incorrect and not updated. My list of accounts is all messed up. No eye to see what your typing in the password field. Move money option gone today in one area so had to use another move money option for transfers. No answer or long waits calling customer service. Branches still aren’t open and won’t take appointments in a timely fashion.
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4 years ago, phissyj
Not bad: only 1 tiny thing
I like the new update (even though I had to change my password to log in😒) and while it has some speed issues it works just fine. The only additional thing I would recommend, is having a confirmation screen for transactions. For ex. If I do a transfer: after I complete the necessary fields and click the complete button, the next page should be a summary of my request so that if I find that I want to change something (frequency, location, amount, etc) then I have the ability to do it. Since I only have saving accounts with you guys, I’m limited to 6-online transfers a month so having that summary screen would help tremendously. It’s also something that my other bank does and I’ve cause little mistakes in transactions I’ve made using the summary screen. Otherwise: I’m loving the new and improved app.
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4 years ago, carlidog
Robert Block
I’ve been with SCU since about 1979. I have always found the staff to be friendly and professional. I have had car loans and checking, savings account and have never had any problems with there care. Since you have opened a branch in Lynnwood I have been banking with them for years. My wife and I have got to know the staff there very well and love going in to do our banking and enjoy talking with them. They have become we feel like friends.
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4 years ago, JC SMCU
Mobile Deposit not so good
The mobile deposit piece is subpar compared to others. The picture of the check includes several inches surrounding the check and no automatic picture taken after a few seconds of holding steady. Other apps capture the check ONLY and will take a pic after 3 seconds without having to also hit the camera. Also, took a while to find menu item TO deposit a check.
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4 years ago, going to drive me nuts
Banking app
Please stop changing things in the app! The second I get the hang of something new you change it! Like Colors placement of different banking pages. Ect. I liked the old one just fine. And now the name too?....I had to come into the branch because I keep hitting the wrong button trying to transfer money to my savings. It kept going to my mortgage instead. Crazy
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5 years ago, mystiksqurl
Some big issues here
I have had quite a few transactional issues with my account. What is more concerning? That the errors usually occur when using the app? Or that it’s actually just reflecting me how the bank is apparently feeble enough for these issues. I feel a little salty writing this but then again, it’s the first time I was asked about it (being prompted to rate the app), it never occurred to me to bring this up in the store. I am switching banks my primary banking to another institution. I hope this review is helpful in getting these problems fixed.
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4 years ago, abzo.luke
Good but just okay
Easy to use app until I used the online auto loan option. Loan application method is not intuitive, and online email messaging is unreliable.... that or the real people behind the scenes that manage the department are slow, uninformative, or unconcerned. That’s the impression I received because I don’t get any confirmation that my app was received or being processed.
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4 years ago, krolake12
SCU Mobile app rating(as in alert notifications)
The notification of a notification of a secure message bing sent does absolutely nothing for me. Hello!?!! A credit, or deposit being made is not identified as to from where...Terrible....worst of any and all I’ve ever seen. How difficult would it be to provide the last 4 numbers of accounts from and too; and amounts being posted so your clientele could have a clue?? “Contact You”?? Notifications of a notification are completely useless. Post what you are notifying of, and then you might rate 2 stars.
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4 years ago, ready to listen 1961
Great Bank
I love this bank! They are very caring and personable. It seems like they know most of us regular clients. Even the new employees are very nice and ask questions about our likes and dislikes about our banking. I love our Lynnwood branch. The only negative thing I can think of, 1)is the parking lot. 2) very thought parking got 3 different (busy) business. 3) the parking lot is more times than not, dirty with trash and/ or juice bottles with urine (usually to the right of the door). *** I believe the owner should have it cleaned at least 3 days a week. Maybe 5 days days and SCU and the Chick place can split the cost.*** Thank you!
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4 years ago, cgbhjfdfhjbhkkkjgfrfgjjb
I just decided to stop using it
I repeatedly paid twice my monthly auto loans payment. Not because I want to, it’s just because the app doesn’t show me if there are scheduled payment already. In February for example, I searched if I had scheduled a payment already. App says no scheduled payment found. So, I scheduled a payment to be made on the 5th. Turned out there was a schedule already. So, the system took a payment twice from my account. I don’t know if others have the same problem. But it is better to mail a check and avoid these problems.
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4 years ago, lessofamystery
Pretty bad since the new version
Laggy as anything—gotta love the network connection errors. The text has become big and clunky, making the transactions list into a difficult to read, multi-lined mess. And as for being able to make transfers to a linked account? What even happened to the information from that? It looks like it’s been deleted, meaning I’ll have to repeat the adding process. Hope it wasn’t necessary to get my bill contribution to the old man on time.
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3 years ago, Pugetannie
Check deposit!
So easy now with the camera that just takes the picture when it is in focus. Love it! I used to have a hard time holding the camera and pushing the button. I wanted a third hand but this is much better!
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4 years ago, FootballintheGroin
Totally decent banking app
Allows you to do a lot of the expected functions and performs well enough. Minus a star because it isn’t as robust as other banking apps, with some missing functionality like the ability to set travel notices from within the app.
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4 years ago, Sunkawitko
I had trouble with mobile deposit and Sarah walked me through the process! She stayed on the phone with me, after she explained the process to me to make sure I was able to finish the deposit! She went above and beyond to help me, I have very poor IT skills!
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8 months ago, Ambler45793579
Recent updates like moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic
“Moved some things around” is not what this abysmal mobile app needed. Newest update limits ability to see transactions to past 30 days only. How was that determined to be a good idea?! This app and online banking in general is the single biggest (and most-frequent) pain point in being a Seattle CU member. Whomever at Seattle CU has been in charge of managing development of online banking needs to be shown the door. Then start again from the ground up.
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7 years ago, Mystic bug
Was an easy access before now it’s so complicated , not so easy to access & check your balance!!! This so annoying😡😡😡 Trying opening on the app but it keeps on going back to same page!!!
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3 years ago, BuggyDougie
Seattle credit union. App
This app is terrific. I can do all of my banking here. Pay my bills and money to family. (not) but if I did I could. Check my credit card balance. Move money back-and-forth. It’s awesome The only app better is the Starbucks. Had to give it up I was spending too much money.
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4 years ago, Lesa Ellis
House payment
When transferring from checking to mortgage payment, you no longer see the date and amount due. I had to go back to checking to find the regular mortgage amount and then return to transfer money. It could be listed right there under regular mtg payment option.
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4 years ago, ItsMaco
Stupid Ap!!show my nameWith things with covid this thing does not help anybody buying a house!
Just downloaded, created account profile. Made login but not asked for pw! Went to login and no option to reset!?!?! Waste of time! Getting tired of this bank to be honest.... on thin red line
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5 years ago, cinemarama
Great performance and easy to use
Seattle Credit Union has improved this app a lot! It’s fast, has a much cleaner design, and improved security. Simple to navigate and the new features make it equal to big banks. It feels good to support a local credit union without sacrificing functionality.
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6 years ago, MiguelAMunoz
Everything was working very well.
Up to a week ago, I was able to review my account, deposit checks, etc. Now, I cannot even access to the home page. It freezes once I enter my credentials. When will this be fixed??
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4 years ago, JPForbes
Love SCU
Seattle Credit Union, continues to be my favorite banking institution based on their highly available way of serving customers both in person and online. The online deposit app makes it very easy for me to conduct any financial transactions.
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3 years ago, MS@717
Functional but barely
Honestly it feels like every time I use this app it has issues. Today I see a check cleared and can’t view the check. It offers me the option but doesn’t work. Setting up Zelle to pay someone- impossible to locate the steps without calling the bank assistance. The micro deposits never happened. Can I transfer between internal accounts, yes. Anything more it’s really glitchy. Not a good app at all.
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4 years ago, dawnseattle
All time access
There is nothing I can not do to access my accounts anytime of day. I do not get around easily. I can deposit, transfer between accounts, deposit. Check my visa, pay bills. A great app.
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5 years ago, Knob and tube exile
Great for a credit union
The Seattle Credit Union app is definitely a reason to bank with SCU over other credit unions. The recent addition of Touch ID for iOS is a great bonus. There’s some great fintech around these days, and it’s hard for a local CU to keep up. This app works well and offers a lot—most of the features of bigger players.
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4 years ago, Darcy rates things
Slow and buggy this morning AGAIN
This app really is the worst. Could barely login this morning, kept telling me my credentials were wrong. They were not—restarting the app fixed the issue (and it was not user error in typing the password—I use face recognition to login). Then when I went to the “move money” page, it was empty and would not load after multiple tries. Bring back the old app!! Was simple and not bugged to hell like this one.
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3 years ago, Romasu122
Money transfer
It could be best if your dystem will always be as ptompt ad today Dimetimes it is so fiffecult specially if we are uding zelle, manager of some bank brances does not know how yo redolve problem Also it is so fiffivult to grt thru a bank dysff to tslk to, calls are not bring sndwered modt pf the timr
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8 months ago, scafire_jesse
They took away landscape on iPad!?
This app has always been barely adequate. It’s slow and clunky and always feels like it’s about to fly apart. The user interface has never been good, but with the most recent update they removed landscape mode from the iPad version. Why would you do that? I get it for a phone, but pretty much every iPad case and stand defaults to landscape.
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4 years ago, MustLoveTrump
Decent app, lacking modern features
This app is ok, but would be much better if it had some modern features other banking apps use like a budget calculator, or spending tracker to categorize purchases. The mobile check deposit also seems a little slow to process funds. Overall not a bad banking app.
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5 years ago, 12345-9
I am frustrated that there is little to no info available on the SMCU site about my Visa card I have thru the Credit Union. I shouldn’t have to go to the Visa site to see info about transactions etc. Otherwise I like the web site as it allows me to see what is going in with my other accounts.
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4 years ago, JazzyPnay
Slower and more confusing app than previous
The new app update seems slower to load. Have had glitches in it shutting down a lot when trying to make remote deposits or moving money. And it doesn’t make sense why they enlarged “current balance” instead of “available balance”— I believe more people will mistake having $ not actually in account because the bigger number is actually not the one available.
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5 years ago, member of 12 years
Convenient but poor accuracy
The site runs slow and has been very “glitchy” most recently. Also, when depositing checks through the app my husbands checks have been suspended for up to a full 7 business days, leaving us without funds. Which I find unacceptable but the branch said there was “nothing they could do”
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5 years ago, 1984g
Great Bank All Around
The app is super easy to use and has a good visual appeal. The check deposit option was a bit tricky to find but other than that the menu is very clear and makes it easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, worst online
It’s the worst app.
Every time I log on to have the access to my accounts, it gets stuck & unable to do any banking!! I can’t even log off or anything!! Please fix this system, it’s worthless online banking system I have ever encountered!!
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7 years ago, kita76
Latest update won’t even let me login... the app opens only to tell me to get the latest update. So annoying. I used to only bank with SMCU but now I just use it for savings because it has gotten so ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Qwilli
Seattle CU
I love this app! Able to track all my funds and acocunts, transfer money between accounts, make my loan and CC payments. Only reason I give this app 4 stars is one reason; I can not see my purchases/transactions on my credit card. I have to wait until I receive my paper statement to see my history, which I think is important to be rectified for sake of the members. Fix that and it's ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hands down!
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4 years ago, Bingtensity
I only see our savings during the deposits process ....I am not offered a checking deposit selection, Ian I not doing it correctly?
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5 years ago, Crush Unit
The app is better than ok.
However I do have several ideas. Here are a couple of them. The message board needs improvement. The flow for reading, delegating, storing, and sending messages is cumbersome. I suggest removing screen to screen prompts, and develop one screen software with pop up or drop down choices. Rather than going back and forth. I do enjoy some of the home screen elements. There are several other opportunities for flow and display refinement. Feel free to contact me with follow up questions and concerns. Thank you for considering my input. Have a Blessed day. Mr. St. Germain
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9 months ago, Genuine 2FA/MFA
URGENT: Security needs improving to GENUINE 2FA/MFA.
They offer two step via sms and call it 2FA. Thats incorrect. Kindly Introduce Authenticator app now pls! Pls your vulnerable to sim swap attacks. Everyone in IT knows this. Cost what it cost pls do this now! Compromising email and sim will reek havoc. Seriously IT security woukd you bank at your place of employment? Where the security to your Microsoft Office app is superior to the account that stores your day to day livelihood. I reported this multiple times. Lastly if the cost or delay if difficult. AT LEAST INTRODUCE A REAL TIME NOTIFICATION VIA PUSH/EMAIL& TEXT. Each time we login. That way we can action the event if your sms/email is compromised and two step fails to safeguard our funds. Thank you
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5 years ago, hss69
App always forgets my credentials
Although a good app overall, the "remember me" toggle switch doesn't actually remember. I always have to close out of the app, look up my password in another app, reopen then try again.
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5 years ago, tellmeyou
Great when it works, but often fails. Sometimes when it tells me it failed, the check gets deposited anyway which is confusing. The app often says it “timed out” when I haven’t been on very long and have NOT been inactive at all. But then it will work again, and those times keep me trying.
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