4.1 (125)
35.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Octro, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seep

4.06 out of 5
125 Ratings
4 years ago, sg185033
Bug should be fixed
Its a good game but please fix the last bug as mentioned in last comment where it allows partner to make an house based on his partner’s unknown card.
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4 years ago, Super-vaibs
Great Game, but it can’t handle so many users
I enjoyed playing Seep, and this game is awesome that I can play it with my seep buddies even if they are in different cities. This game served me well during the initial days of lockdown, but it appears that a lot more people are playing the game and the IT infrastructure can’t handle all the load. It has been 4 days and I can’t get into the game. I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work.
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4 years ago, Satinderbir
Some issues
My game is stuck at “Joining Active Game”. I reboot my phone, deleted and reinstalled, but things are same because game look for IMEI number, it still says “Joining Active Game”. Also feedback by user “Yamla Dhillon” is correct. Player should not be allowed card to house made by opponent, because u dont know if you partner has that card.
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4 years ago, sanhu81
First seep should be the number get picked not 50 points it’s not fair game
I love playing seep we use to playing this game at home almost every day and there should be more chat options
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5 years ago, Yamla dhillon
Good but needs some corrections
Some problems need to be fixed .. like if the opponent team made a house and you have that card & you don’t know if your partner has one , still game would let you add that card to that house .. that’s not fair
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3 years ago, BrownBoySingh
App not starting
App loads but no longer starting a game after recent update
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2 years ago, Mp singhz
Computer plays biased
When there is someone playing with you and he is down in the ranking then computer helps him to make you loose the game. It starts giving you those cards which one will make you loose the games. Deleting this app today.
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1 year ago, Rick Mohar
Awesome Game
Members are using chat to hint their team partner like “this is my house” which tells them it’s my final house. Would welcome better UI Please add more chat messages like “You are not contributing”
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4 years ago, Major08889
Reward reduced
4 seeps with 98 additional points, vs 52 points... rewarded only $19k points, which is very less
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5 years ago, Jjnrvjk
Nice Game but have some Bugs
There are couple of bugs which basically break the Seep rules apart from that love it!!
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8 months ago, Ghotra's rules
Need some to fix
Hi guys you need to fix when you press play again it’s goes blank and cut the money and middle of the game it’s got stuck even the network is full too and sign out again and again please fix it
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4 years ago, 2AbIA
Need to improve
1. Please make more comfortable sometime hard to collect number to your box 2. Hard to bid sometime get stuck 3. Need little more time to BID 4. Sometime if there is open 3 cards hard to collect and make house need improvement 5. If you can make option for FaceTime video with 4 players on/off optional It is very good and never you get bored game just need to improve more comfort thanks
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2 weeks ago, aarushi29
Provide an option to control how much we bet
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9 months ago, PreetV
Built to loose chips quickly
Don’t pay for the chips, you’ll lose them fast
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4 years ago, funkiedun
The game starts playing on its own and start taking points without the game even starting.. I have lost a lot of coins. Also, the randomization of the numbers are weird one gets all spades/diamonds
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11 years ago, Mukss
Nicely Created
The game is created nicely considering all the scenarios but the only drawback is: it doesn't work without internet. So if you don't have data service in an area you can't play this game. I would recommend creating a version where users can play this game even in an area where you don't have data reception.
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2 years ago, SJ_511
It’s good till you play with actual people but most of the time you are playing the bot.
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2 years ago, dara transport
Very good ply seep , just need to fex some issue
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4 years ago, A.obs
Extremely poor performance
Hangs most of the time. Can’t take actions on it. Cards come out as blank.
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4 years ago, dasson1
Seep Rule Error
Opponent has the power to make house even if he doesn’t have the card! That’s against seep rules!!
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6 years ago, jasminder173637384894
App not working
Not sure if it has to do with the new iOS 12.0.1 update.
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4 years ago, kedarrj
Login issues
It doesn’t let me login fb
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4 years ago, paliesingh
Worst app
Very bad aap. Dont download. Can’t play with friends.
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11 years ago, Singh_772
Sweep Problem
Lets start with problem: 2 players- Player A & Player B So lets say that Player A gives Player B seep. Meaning Player A gets 50 pts extra. So, Player A had 20 pts and Player B had 30pts. When Player A gave Player B seep, Player A added 50 pts onto the 20 pts and got 70 pts. Fine, now Player B gave seep to Player A. That would mean that Player A's 70 pts would go back down to 20 pts. That's not what happens though. Instead, Player A's 70 pts stay 70 and Player B gets 80 pts. Player B adds 50 pts to the 30 pts he alredy had before and gets 80 pts. That is wrong. That's not how the sweep is. Now,when Player B had given Player A seep,Player A's 70 pts he got,from the 50 pts seep he had given before,should've gone back down to 20 pts that he had before. That's not how it is though. Player A's 70 pts stay 70 pts and Player B gets 80 pts. That's the problem with this Sweep App. They need to fix this.
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11 years ago, nspunia
Awesome app with.....
Still space for improve strategy and adding capability to play with random four players online will beat Facebook in Indian Subcontinent and this app will go viral. Me and friends are loving every bit of it. Sweep good for sound understanding of strategy it's a Chess of card games.
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12 years ago, Gii a
Best game ever
I love sweep. And now that the game is available on iPhone/iPad - takes me back to my childhood years. Can play with my mom back in India. Thank you developers. You should make the game a paid one - I would not mind paying for this.
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11 years ago, Sunnz316
Pretty good seep game needs to add 4 player mode
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10 years ago, ShawnVerma
Would be better with 4 player compatibility
When I play sweep in real life, I generally play with three other players, and do teams of 2 vs. 2. It would be great if this app had that compatibility. Developer, any plans to incorporate 4-player games into this app? Aside from that, it's fun! Nicely done.
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11 years ago, KK-MIX
Excellent Learning App
I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn Sweep.
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10 years ago, Seep_fan
Getting an error
I was so excited to see this app but I cannot get it to work. I'm keep getting this error: Error occurred while retrieving games list. Please help.
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3 years ago, Amit Champ
Auto robots play very bad
When there are players with 27500 score, I am assuming they are robot players. If they have 2 cards like K of hearts and K is spade, the program let them use card with no points and keeping the card with points for later. This is a flaw in the game. Overall an awesome app otherwise.
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11 years ago, Bhinda Kang
What a app:)
I love this game
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3 months ago, 27500 r Dummy Players
Chutyio fix the 27500
Bhosdi kee fix 27500 player. Your coding needs to be correct.chutyio fix the dummy players
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4 years ago, guddi saini
It keeps on correcting my moves and giving seep. Why can’t I play my own game
Guddi saini. You.sre not fixing bugs. It purposely gives seep. Takes over good moves
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