SELCO Community Credit Union

4.8 (3.5K)
33.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
SELCO Community Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SELCO Community Credit Union

4.77 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
2 years ago, boight
Very nice 2022 update to the app
I did the upgrade to the new version right away to match with my iPhone 14 pro upgrade. I can’t believe how fast and secure it seems. The guided upgrade process was so easy and SELCO kept on me to make sure everything is secure. The included credit score app not only shows my current credit score, but also provides detailed assistance and helpful guides to increase my score. I found myself having a goal to prepare for loans and plan how to do future purchases. I’d give an extra star to SELCO if I could.
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1 year ago, ufo1bigfoot1
Bad website
I’ve had SELCO for about 7 years and most of the time it’s been great much preferred over a bank. But it seems like it’s gone down hill this last year. They just recently “upgraded” the app and it’s way worse then the original one they had. It’s almost like they want you to overdraw money out of your account. When you look in the app at your balance most the time it’s showing your balance as if nothing has pulled out and then when you actually go into your account it’s like 50 to 100 dollars less than what it said before. Very sneaky way of doing it. I think the app makes it harder for people, plus it takes forever to get a hold of anyone through the phone. Pretty frustrated might be shopping around for a more convenient credit Union hard enough keeping track of your money when the app makes things very difficult. Oh and also now when a payment is pending in your account it doesn’t even pull it out right away. It takes a day or two. The last app calculated all the funds including when payments were pending. Very disappointing app.
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1 year ago, Cons private man
The New Update
I have been a Selco Member since I was 16 or 17. There has been a lot of development of their organization, the app has shown a lot of that evolution. I’m also a member of some other banks. OCCU, CITI, and NWCU. Compared, this is a great and easy to use app. I appreciate that they don’t skip out on the details or the ability to organize your memos and transactions easily. They also make it very easy to pay off your bills or to move money around to different accounts or institutions. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago, The Head23
Great credit union
From the moment I joined Selco, I’ve experienced nothing but courteous, and efficient financial help. I traveled to Europe in 2017, and never experienced a glitch when purchasing anything. I’ve had car loans, home equity loan, always done quickly and at an interest rate comparable anywhere in the industry. I like too, that they moved into the forefront of digital banking, face recognition, early on. Highly recommended.
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6 months ago, Thomas D Willie
Your new online banking system
I still cannot figure out your new online banking system. And the way you guys went about the whole thing. I truly wanted to come after you and sue you for all the emotional distress. You severely messed up my personal account and my business account. if it wasn’t so difficult to move my business account, and at that time, it was two businesses I would have left. But I just stopped all the online banking, paying and am now doing it out of my own checking account. If you wish to discuss this with me, you have my name and number. Thomas D Willie.
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2 years ago, Jayd Wegley
This is the absolute worst update I have seen in my 23 years. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous version. I loved being able to see my account balances in the quick view instead of having to waste my time logging in only to have to continue digging further & clicking on the account to see the available balance. I am truly disgusted with the color scheme & honestly everything else. This makes me sick & want to transfer to a bank with an easier to use mobile app. Oh & the update made me change my password which is also very very frustrating & inconvenient.
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2 years ago, Orbrit
Fully featured and modern security
The app mirrors the webpage, is fully customizable, and has modern security controls (Google Authenticator and Push Notifications). I can link my external accounts and have access to all my financial information on one place! I like the credit score feature also. Used to have to use a separate app/service for that.
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1 year ago, Kgom18
No mobile check deposit
Ever since the new app came out, I no longer have the ability to deposit a check through the app. It’s advertised in the images on the App Store but it is definitely not there. The pictures show that there is a “deposit” button on the bottom tool bar. I only have “accounts”, “transfer”, and “pay”. Mobile deposit is a function that I liked using on the old app as it saved me a trip to the bank. Hoping there is an update soon that will fix this glitch.
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2 years ago, Yesenia297
Love the refresh!
I love the Selco app refresh. It’s so much easier to navigate between all of my accounts and rather than having to log out and log back in to access them it’s all on one screen. The transfer feature is so easy to use and I love the Spanish capability. Thank you, Selco for making this so easy to use!
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2 years ago, Megster V
Love the improved mobile app!!
Love the new look and upgraded features! Selco has been behind the times with their digital banking and they finally caught up. Change is always hard but I think this change in great. People rate the app based on frustration with change but the app function is amazing!
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1 year ago, msluckey1
I usually enjoy the app a lot, but today I'm having trouble with a deposit. Can't tell if my check went through. It's usually awesome, I don't have to go to the bank to make deposits anymore which is great! First time having issue today.
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1 year ago, Quark222
Note as good as the last version
The app works well except for the check deposit function. There is no auto amount detection and it “detects” numerous errors on the checks that need to be overridden. I’m addition the check photo process always takes a lot of the surrounding area instead of auto cropping just the check.
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2 years ago, itsdeniid
Great Update
Loving this update! The new interface is easy to use and the multi accounts in one makes it super easy for one quick log in to check all my accounts. Thanks for this great upgrade.
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2 years ago, Heidibird200199
I have to pull up the menu to log out?!
This update is not intuitive and I am frustrated with just trying to figure out where things are but having to search for the logout button and finding it’s tiny little self after clicking the menu is just frustrating. I should always be able to log out from the home page or the dash board.
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2 years ago, Managing CEO
This appears to be the coming trend in most functional apps, sacrifice ease of use and financial clarity for fad based design trends. The old app was significantly more functional and, more importantly, clear. This may be of little importance on a Insta/Tik Tok platform but, hugely important where banking is concerned. Simply because app designers and marketing teams easily tire of the functionality of a tool doesn’t mean the rest of us using it as a vital daily tool do.
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2 years ago, nerdles88
I tried to deposit a check and the screen went black which never happened before the update. Now I can’t do anything on the app.
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1 year ago, bob29036
Trash! the old app was way better
The new update is garbage i can no long transfer money in between accounts because the update is buggy and the mobile deposit feature keeps on freezing oh and good luck getting ahold of anyone on the phone it’s been over a 20 minute wait on hold lately so I have had to just drive the 30 minutes in to the closest branch to accomplish my basic banking needs
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1 year ago, Karensley
SELCO new app
It took me a little bit to get use to the new format of the app, but since I use it everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, I have become accustomed to the changes and really like it.
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2 months ago, Maliqueb
Pretty good only one thing that’s annoying
Apps pretty simple and gives you plenty of controls of your account but for what ever reason it won’t allow me to do a picture deposit. It comes up as a black screen
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1 month ago, ChrisBchickenthe3rd
Worth it
Easy, convenient, friendly, not much to say other than it’s worth any other bank! Would trust even during the Great Depression! 5 stars :)
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6 months ago, dtedavid
SELCO review
I’ve been a satisfied SELCO member for over forty years. I love their banking App, find it easy to navigate, has never let me down and if I ever need help with anything their staff is always friendly and helpful.
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6 months ago, Watermelon 100
Customer Service
Always friendly, whether in-person or on the phone. Requests always addressed. Thank you, Michael
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2 years ago, zehcnas2
User friendly
Easy to use and set up. Huge improvement from previous version
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1 year ago, Richie 2103
More needed
Should have the ability to cancel your card immediately in the event, it is lost or slowly a holiday also should have the phone number for contacting the bank directly at the push of a button
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2 years ago, Rogjgcff
What an upgrade!
So clean, more services and functionality! I love that I can make a principal payment myself and see my kids accounts on my dashboard.
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1 year ago, BAF#21
Best bank
Been a long time customer and no complaints. Customer service is always attentive and helpful.
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2 years ago, lilllly212256
Love the new app!
Thank you for the new app! The functionality is fabulous and it looks great. It’s an adjustment but now that I have used it a bit I am impressed!!
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2 years ago, Stymee1267532
This rollout is horrible. I’ve been working with tech support for two days now. I can log in just fine with the website but my same password does not work with the app! Now deposits are not posting. What is going on?!?! I’m ready to close my accounts and move to a more reliable institution! This is ridiculous!!
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6 months ago, Optimus Prime!
Easy to use
The app has been easy to use with little to no issues with what I do within the app.
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3 weeks ago, Congo tom 7
Fast an accurate
Selco is fast accurate and precise in all their online transactions. Really impressive to see such state of the art technology. I am happy camper.
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1 month ago, Willma1970
Easy to use
You can almost do everything on the App and easy to use.
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11 months ago, game no gud
Too complicated
Might work for a CPA but too complicated for me. Was not able to link paypal credit card But some is ok.
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1 year ago, Anonymous1394
Easy to use
Easy to use. Love the features to turn your card on and off.
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1 month ago, N-CB
Wonderful App
The Selco App is so easy to use. Everything is there at you fingertips! I’ve used the Selco App for years and I couldn’t be happier.
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3 months ago, Nick Arnold 777
Best banking
SELCO has a real good online banking app And is a good bank I’d recommend it over all other banks cause of the online banking app which is supper
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1 year ago, wooley62
Great service
We’ve been loyal members for 41 years! Fantastic customer service always, a variety of loan options and programs. SELCO is the best!
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1 year ago, Herr Doktor
it works
the branch personnel understand any functions you do not. Worth using
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4 weeks ago, Annna bananna
Just keeps getting better!
Thanks SELCO for all the continual improvements!
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1 month ago, zeke voltage
Pretty ok
Randomly knocked my credit down 10 points for no reason apparently. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app.
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2 years ago, skiinggranny
Not happy
The mobile deposits on the new app and website are horrible. I have had to delete and reinstall several times, per the SELCO rep I talked to. 5 days and my mobile deposits still aren’t showing up anywhere. So now I need to call again or go to a branch.
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1 year ago, NeverUseWishApp
Best credit union.
SELCO has always met my financial needs, thank you.
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1 month ago, What’s up folks?
Special characters needed
The memo section of your bill pay does not allow for ANY special characters! Why? Can’t even do $$ signs.
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2 years ago, CheeseBeer
Cannot use VPN
Why can’t I log in until I turn my VPN off?
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1 year ago, arodriguez2106
Great service
SELCO has been nothing short of great!!!
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1 year ago, sfk;ljsddfkjl
Doesn’t Work Overseas
If you frequently travel overseas, then this is not the app and possibly not the bank for you. After the most recent update, the app will not work internationally.
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2 years ago, Allenemyz
Access Denied
I’ve been trying to log in for the past week with the new update, however, all it says is access denied. This has not been a good update so far…
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1 year ago, ArtistSteve
Long wait..
I was on hold for 29+ minutes to authorize a payment of $10 to Netflicks. Why no direct # to my branch?
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6 months ago, Daddy G's Account
Pimpim ain’t easy but hoin’ is even harder!
Pimps up hos down!
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1 year ago, Kismetann
Great bank
I can always depend on SELCO Credit Union.
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5 months ago, consta1202
Bad app
I can’t transfer from my business account to the personal ones.... why?????
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