Send Anywhere - File Transfer

4.7 (53.3K)
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Rakuten Symphony Korea, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Send Anywhere - File Transfer

4.74 out of 5
53.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Akiel
Excellent App, but needs encryption
I am pro member. I use this app a lot and one thing I love is the frequent updates which shows that the developers are constantly working to make a fantastic app even much better. I gave it 4 Stars for now because there is a few features I’ll like too see added eg. End-to-end encryptions, the ability to password protect files sent and a way to see when the files sent is being downloaded i.e. if I share a link I’ll like to see how many times it was downloaded, if it’s actively being downloaded etc. For me it’s all about security and how the developer handles or guarantees privacy. I read through and did not see any mention of that. Forgive me if I missed it. Otherwise, great app and hoping to see those requested features in future updates.
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1 year ago, The1standonlygodkill
Flakey at best
It works for the most part, when it works, but tends to not only freeze up app but also my iPad. Very troubling as to not knowing if it will mess anything up on my tablet. It seems slower than I recall on previous devices. Most recently it wouldn’t let me delete several pictures i had already transferred, even after trying three times. This was immediately preceding the freeze up. Update. This app works really well when it works, but it flakes out and does all sorts of weird crap. I can’t even find my pictures on my computer. It says it’s in the subsystem or something which isn’t helpful, because it doesn’t give you any sense of direction. I want to like this app but it gives me nothing but grief. Just trying to transfer pictures from my p.o.s. Pixel to my p.c. Isn’t exactly smooth. I detect no files at all when looking in my computer, yet it shows that I’ve transferred at least 4 gb of data. So where is it. I have pretty much everything enabled in the app and it shows all of the photos while in send anywhere app but they’re not on my computer. It’s as if it doesn’t exist
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1 year ago, discreet shark on YT
Why don’t more people use this app?
This is by far the best app I have to send files, it’s so easy! If you sign in on multiple devices the devices are remembered, so you don’t need a key to send the files. It’s also really fast and you can send unlimited files ALL FOR FREE! And the ad’s aren’t annoying at all really, it’s like three seconds so there’s no need to complain about that, my only complaint is that when sending files to my computer, the files are scattered around the “downloads” section in file explorer. So maybe make it so that there’s a separate folder for sendanywhere when receiving files to your desktop. Other than that this app is great!
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6 months ago, Tacopilot
Wow- app that actually transfers large files quickly to a PC
My home internet speed is beyond slow, when I want to download a video game or an update the whole house’s internet is going to be down for several days. I started taking my iPad to the library to download things faster but then could not get them to transfer to my PC. I tried many apps, some would crash, some wanted to upload them to the cloud and then back down etc etc. This is the first one I found that worked. I took away one star because I tried to sign up through google authentication and that wasted an hour of my life in a bootstrap loop error with the authentication app. Eventually I used my email address and created a password and here I am transferring 400mb files in seconds.
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4 years ago, Bon Tomps
I was going nuts trying to transfer data from one device to another! I’m not very tech savvy and I feel embarrassed asking for help. After I googled my questions, a tech site recommended this app. But, after all my searches, installs, uninstalls, I was skeptical. But, here we go again! Well, Send Anywhere....All I can say is...WOW, WOW, WOW! You are FREAKIN’ AWESOME! It’s instructions for downloading and using it is so simple and easy to follow! They are laid out in such a simplistic way that even a child can follow them! Everything I wanted and needed transferred is complete! All with the touch of a few keystrokes! I love ya and I’m gonna go on Facebook and post my recommendations for you to my friends and family! THANK YOU, SEND ANYWHERE DEVELOPERS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!!!
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6 years ago, CharlyneF
Hands down, the best.
Okay, so I’m not the type to write reviews, but this App deserves it 100%. I tried everything- EVERYTHING. I got a new IPad and I wanted to send all my dear videos from IPod to Ipad. iCloud sucked, for some reason I couldn’t message them to myself (which I’ve done before for other things), I tried a couple of different Transfer Apps and this one hands down is the best. It was simple, easy, and FAST. I have crappy internet service, so when I saw this App work like the speed of light I was impressed. It’s also fast with MULTIPLE sends. I did all videos. 10-12 and was just as fast as sending one. You want to transfer photos, videos, etc? GET. THIS. APP.
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4 years ago, hjdnsbdkdkv
Amazing! But theres a problem...
I’ve been using this app for about 3 months now. It was amazing!! I could send recordings of my computer screen straight to my phone’s camera roll. But just yesterday, I decided to install IOS 14. After that, it sent to the actual app. I could see the video through the app but it wasn’t in my camera roll. The main reason I downloaded this app was to send recordings to my phone so that I could edit those videos on my phone. I don’t know why its doing this. Maybe it has to do with a new update? Please tell me whats going on! I absolutely LOVE THIS APP!!! And I can’t find another one like it.
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1 year ago, Simplyfit01
Need answers! Update
Sent the lower review and got a response from the developer that I shouldn’t have deleted the app. Which is not true, because even though I deleted the app and reinstalled it, my pictures were still there but my music library was all gone😣🤷‍♀️ I lost everything before I deleted it, so I thought reinstalling it would reboot it. And every app says it will delete all info, but they never do… Don’t see why yours would be any different. I sent an email and left a review a few weeks back, NO ANSWER FROM THE DEVELOPER. I deleted the app and reinstalled it because a lot of my music and all my playlists disappeared and that’s what they told a previous person to do when that happened to them. Now ALL MY MUSIC is gone, nothing left.! I had about 1200 songs in a file. Going to find another similar app.
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3 years ago, KelboXtyFaze
Omg this app is 5 rating! I was downloading so many other transfer apps going crazy about it and none of them worked I thought it was because I took my sims card from my old phone and put it into this one and I Thought I couldn’t transfer it without my old phone having a sims card but no! It was because the other apps just sucked! But when I tried Sendanywhere IT WAS SO SIMPLE AND EASY! My photos transferred in like not even 2 seconds! This is a awesome app and I will definitely share it with my loved ones that are having trouble transferring there photos!
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3 years ago, Muno11
Works pretty well but wish it offered more
This does pretty much what you ask it to. It gets the job done, moves photos on a mass transfer. Apple for some reason makes this amazingly hard on non Apple units. But I wish it offered some more functionality. If you are doing a really really large transfer/back up. Ability to have the app set up the transfer file in the background. Can’t even answer a text or play a game or something. The app has to be front and centered for the entire time…this basically makes you have to restart all over if you exit the app no matter if it’s for 5 seconds.
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2 years ago, gvandd
Best cross platform solution
Sending photos and videos from my iPhone and iPad to my Google Pixel 3a XL which is one of the few models that can still upload photos and videos to Google Photos free unlimited. Signed into the Send Anywhere cloud account on all devices and have Send Anywhere Google Photos album set to auto backup on the Pixel, so I can share photos and videos to Pixel from any device and have them auto upload to my Google Photos account free unlimited. Removed ads for a cheap one-time purchase on both platforms was a no brainer.
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5 years ago, khinao
I love your new update
Thank you so much to update your new music player. It now is more professional . I love it. It is easier to find my songs title Before I didn't know where my playlist because sometimes I send a new song , but I have no idea where I can find it and it was not follow anphabet order. It was really hard to find recently added. I really hate apple's devices because of one thing ( everything else is acceptable)that is not easy to add a new song. Every time you must connect it with laptop to add a song. Now everything is much easier with your app. Thank you
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4 years ago, Matt97!
Great idea
This app is awesome for sharing full resolution photos/videos to non-Apple devices and between devices in general! For example, when at work I sometimes need to take screenshots/screen recordings of an app on my i-Phone that I need to share to my work computer. If I try to email those videos or photos (my work won’t let me download iTunes to transfer my videos/photos), they commonly get descaled, but with SendAnywhere, I can receive full resolution files right from the browser (and you don’t need to download anything on your computer to receive them).
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5 years ago, Zoooah
Together with its windows and website version, this app is real helpful! Don't need to spend time waiting for cloud synchronizing, just p2p transmission. If you’re looking for some direct transmitting tools, sendanywhere is the best choice. Also there might be a little issue here. I use its embedded music player to hear some songs, but when I choose the shuffle mode, it seems that my headphone(Sony MDR-1000x) couldn’t let the music go back to previous one via back swiping(forward swiping is well-functioning). So hope you guys could fix this bug and make this app better.
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3 years ago, FartSlayer2000
Very good
I don’t rate apps often, this may even be my first one ever, but this app helped me so much that I had to help them in some way as well. There’s no paywall or anything, you can just straight up bring videos and pictures from device to device and I really wish I knew about the app sooner, as it would have taken a lot less time. This totally sounds fake but this is a genuinely good app especially for if you are a youtuber for example, I really appreciate it, thank you developers of this app.
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1 year ago, Stpalligrl
It has to go now
I found this app a few years ago and after trying a few others this one was the only one that worked. Back then it worked perfectly…every time I used it. I hadn’t needed to use it for a few months….the one photo I wanted to send suddenly came with a price…Amazon ads and others popping up freezing the app and if I wanted to continue using it the ads were forcing me to click on the pop ups, redirecting me….etc…another app bites the dust. RIP
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3 years ago, A guy who downloads stuff
The best large file transfer service! And it’s Free!
I work in an interior design firm and a lot of the files I deal with can get ridiculously huge. With this app on my iPhone or my Mac at home I can transfer up to 10gb for free and without the unreasonably slow transfer speeds of the their paid competitors. I rarely write reviews but I would definitely recommend this app over Dropbox or any of the other popular ones currently on the market. Free and efficient, what else can you ask for?!
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6 years ago, wildwillis789
Absolutely the most user friendly app EVER!!
Ive used so many different apps for this kinda thing and nothing has ever been so easy and honestly so fast!! Id highly recommend this for transferring videos, contacts, pictures and so much more i got all my friends and fam now using it. This app is faster then the machine at at&t that does this exact same thing. I love it. And i know you will all love it too! Stop wasting your time and download this app! It saves you hours of time!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys you built this app to perfection!!!!!
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2 months ago, Kliz42
Ads are overlapping during transfer
I usually don’t mind ads. But they now get in the way of the screen being fully covered up and no way to exit after the ad. N once you click it to close the window in the ad. It instantly takes you to the App Store or website. That needs to stop doing that. N taking away my freedom of watching and clicking close after the ad. Rather then take me to get whatever it is advertising to me.
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7 years ago, Fishie4u
Such a gem!
I am so glad that I stumbled upon this App! I was looking for an easy way to transfer photos and videos to and from my phone to my computer without using the crappy iTunes software. After trying countless apps that ultimately had a catch in them to fork over cash for added features, I finally found this one and it works brilliantly...and no hidden nickel and diming! It is so reliable and so easy to use that I would consider supporting this App. Try it, promise you won’t be disappointed!
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1 year ago, T B Labowski
Great app
I I have been using this for years and years and it is one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded because it does exactly what it supposed to do with enough flexibility to get what I want done. The only thing is I wish there was a way to delete it from the sender once the transfer is complete otherwise great app good going guys just wish it gave me the ability to delete the files after sending them to help me stay organized
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6 years ago, aliayahmb
I used to love this app up until a few days ago. It would work perfectly until one the app froze so now every time I go into the app it freezes. I the have to continuously go in and out of it until I can get to my files. When my phone screen turns off and I turn it back I can no longer the the app back open and my music stops. I then have to do this entire process over again.
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2 months ago, DJ KINGDOM DECIPLE
Videos & Pictures
This is a very fast and easy way to send videos and pictures wirelessly from phone to computer it’s called (Send Anywhere) and the good thing about this program on my computer the browser receives it from the app on my phone this is muah 💋 sweet sweet sweet. The “Send Anywhere” app get it down it on your phone and search for it on Google or any browser good luck
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1 month ago, IdkWhatToPut137
Must have for windows users.
If you have an iPhone and a Windows computer and you need to transfer stuff between them Send Anywhere is the easiest way to do that! transfer speeds can vary depending on how fast your local network is and the HDD in your computer but again by far the most convenient way to transfer files over wi-Fi and cellular network.
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6 years ago, JT20Ten
5-STAR REVIEW from a tough critic!
I have an IPhone 7 with IOS 11.1.2 Practically all of my transfers are done from my IPhone to my Windows PC. PC is 64-Bit Windows 7 PRO’s....Transfers iPhone pictures super problems or stalls even with 1GB+ Transfers! ALSO can convert HEIC files (which are higher quality but use less file space) to JPEG’s so my Windows PC can read them!! TIPS: Always use the transfer key for the receiving device or file transfer seems slightly slower. Using the saved destination options at the prompt seems to result in delayed transfers. CON’s...honestly NONE! Haven’t encountered one single problem yet. I’ve used this APP a few weeks now and I’m definitely not an easily impressed critic but this app delivers on every level for all of my current IPhone & Windows needs!
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7 years ago, Efficient Diva
Send Anywhere is AMAZING!
Talk about technology advancing. Send anywhere is amazing. No hassle or problems using it. I am able to send photos and videos of any size to computers or other phones by using their apps. You don't even have to be in the same room to send. If they put a price tag on this app I'd buy it because it just takes away all stress for sending image files!! Thank you Send Anywhere App!
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6 years ago, Jeff’sPersonalApple
Great way to transfer files
The app is as fast as any web-based app and can easily transfer files across platforms to any device I’ve tried. It is a handy and easy tool for those who share files of any type with others. I really like that it preserves the meta-data on photos. This is much better than emailing photos when you need creation dates to remain true to the photo.
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8 months ago, sammy✦
Great app for file transfers
I've been using this app for almost a year now I think, and it's definitely the best app I've seen for file transfers. I make a lot of image edits and things, so transferring them from my phone to my computer and vice versa is important. SendAnywhere is consistently quick, reliable, and easy to use. Highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Kejdindskjdjf
I wanted to send 1000 pictures from one phone to another and it kept freezing at 3 percent. Then I only sent the photos from the month of December, then once it had sent, I checked the other photos to send from other months, and all my photos were deleted! The month of December only had about 50 photos, so all the other photos were wiped out! And there is no way I can see them again! They are not in my recently deleted, and they are not in my files! They are all gone with no warning, or anything! Unfair Bummer.
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1 month ago, choo choo gone
Worked well, while it did
I’ve used this app for years to transfer files with friends and to get files from my phone to and from my computer. And it worked great. Now the app is buggy and it has to many ads. I tried using it to transfer a few videos from my computer to my phone to upload to my social and my send anywhere on my phone just closes before the transfer completes. Then when you try to open the app to try again, it just closes before it completely opens. I’m looking for a new app to use.
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4 years ago, C&C Travel
Reliable and simple
We started using this app about 2yrs ago between devices of different platforms. It is quicker and more reliable than other device-included methods (i.e. airdrop) at times. If you have a solid internet connection is works great - if it’s glitchy blame the internet not the app! Highly recommended for batch transfers and large files like video.
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6 years ago, Gjdkrjskdntifjdksisndjdjjdnens
Best Transfer App!
This app is very useful, it works in every situation I've ever used it for! I use it to send files from my phone to a computer at school using their website, and vice versa, and I also use it as an alternative to iTunes to transfer pictures because it is way simpler. You can also send using links and I prefer this to Dropbox. I love this app!
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6 years ago, Hejennerieooff
Best of all file sharing apps
Better than onedrive, google drive, etc. It quickly transfers files within minutes. I managed to send 10gb worth of videos in half an hour, thousands of photos in a minutes. I downloaded it on all my devices, including my computer. Fully recommend this to everyone.
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5 years ago, Dot Badfinger
A real life saver
Can't text 5+ minute videos, don't want or have a USB, then this app is for you. I can receive large videos at school by calling my parents and having them drag the items into the app. If you have any desire to quickly and easily get large videos/pictures etc. from device to device get this.
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6 years ago, Mmmakoa
My new video transfer app
I do all video productions on my phone so when I need to send a video to a client via mobile devise then I’m rest assured knowing that I have this convenient app. I used to use we transfer mobile but after their update everything became less intuitive and video transfers took longer.. Glad I discovered this one!!
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3 years ago, user6508763828
Not Bad but needs work
This is a great app, but it takes forever to transfer! I am currently transferring almost 2,000 photos but it takes way too long, it will take a whole day and every time I close the app while it’s transferring, it resets and i cant get back to it, and my phone heats up badly even 3 minutes in transferring! I wish that it wouldn’t take long to transfer almost 2 thousand pictures
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3 months ago, punkinpun
Very handy and quick
I have been using this app for some years and really like it. The transfer is always quick and smooth. It is even faster than Bluetooth file transfer. In addition, if the file is a photo, it will preserve the EXIF info of the photo.
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1 year ago, SameMe_426f3200ffh
What else more than excellent? I've been tried many other apps, NONE of them are like this one. Does allow to copy a big amount of data at once (transferred 0.7 Gb at once) with no problem, maybe works with much more... I do recommend it to anyone, forget about all the others.
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2 years ago, Occasional movie guy
One of the Best Productivity Apps Period!
I use this app almost every single day to transfer files between my iPhone, tablet and desktop computers and then to third parties without loss of quality. It never breaks and always gets the job done. This is easily one of the best apps I've ever used for work performance.
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3 years ago, Barb's Macbook
Totally Awesome!
I use this app every day too transfer files back and forthg from my PC, iPhone and iMac and it is so fast at transferring my files. It sure does make things alot easier for me and I would recommend this to anyone. You can transfer any type of file you wish. Give it a try and you will love it.
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3 years ago, Chris66$
4K at 60 FPS does not play
All videos work fine until you try to play a 4K at 60 FPS video. Plays perfect on my iPhone but not within the send anywhere app, I was hoping to send those videos to family members and have them download the send anywhere app as well, hoping the developers can get this format to work as well.
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4 years ago, benCowles
Frustrating to say the least
Can’t find received files in iOS. >send feedback=“unable to send email. please check your email account settings”> account overview screen shows my email. > send feedback=“unable to send email. please check your email account settings”> repeat... where are my files??? Tried moving from “files” tab to somewhere on my iPhone and there is no file structure, just “destination” and “send” above, no clue, no direction, so I just hit send ...“Some files cannot be moved. Two file manager apps find nothing
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4 years ago, zoebelqverne
Great app!
Hello, I love this app but there’s a problem I’ve been getting these couple of days, like it tells me that I need to delete apps and files because my storage is full, but my storage is not even full. Do you know the problem with that? But others than that it’s a great app. Please send back when you can!
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3 years ago, Summeryeah
Unable to receive files any more
This used to be one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately the app became more and more bloated in size and less usable. Now I can no longer receive any file: the file can be uploaded quickly, but even if the files shows up on the receiving device, I’m never able to receive the file no matter how small the file is. As soon as I click on “receive”, a turning circle shows up and never stops turning until I close the app.
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12 months ago, Nicolas Pic
Keeps crashing after the latest update
It was previously a good app for temporary file-transfer. But I’m unable to open this app at the latest version. It crashes immediately every time it’s launched. Re-installation doesn’t solve the problem. Users of iOS 13.6 should avoid the newest version.
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2 years ago, Alexx830
You have to stop workflow
It doesn’t make sense to me that you have to completely stop everything that you are doing so this app can run. Why can it not upload or download running in the background like everything else on the planet does?
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5 years ago, MzBoNNiie
Unappreciated Information
I don’t appreciate the old news from my local city coming across my screen...I was transferring some files and a mug shot of a person I know personally pops up on my screen...clearly I assumed it was current news...but after panicking and calling a few people I discovered it was #OldNews 😡
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6 years ago, rswein
Simplest app to transfer picture
I had searched for an app to be able to easily transfer pictures between devices. Send Anywhere is seamless and takes seconds. Best app I have used in a long time. Ads are not annoying and it definitely lives up to its promises. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Roger inspeter
It’s even better than Dropbox
Why hasn’t this been rewarded for a huge difference around the world in different country’s that’s made such a big change in tech-the world industry;Happy Customer!! I want to say-thank you-so much!!! Thank you for making this application. Would be great if you’d recommended it
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2 years ago, Arakan7383
Playlists were deleted
I’ve been using this app for years with no issues until today. When I went into the app, all of my playlists had been deleted. This isn’t that big of an issue since I have a list of my songs stored elsewhere but if my songs had been deleted, this review would’ve been 1 star. What caused my playlists to be deleted?
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