Sendwave - Send Money

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Chime Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sendwave - Send Money

4.73 out of 5
49.6K Ratings
4 years ago, OvertheTop25
The Best Thing Since Garri and Peanuts
I recently found myself having to send money abroad and it wasn’t the traditional Western Union or Money Gram type of transaction because it was understood how expensive it was becoming so I was put on to completing these request via a money transfer place but it was located in a area that was no longer easy for me and it be came harder and harder to do and the prices I was charged I felt had no real structure and it just really rubbed the wrong way. I stumbled upon this app over world remit and others like it because it used some keywords AFRICA. I was hesitant and skeptical and its been a year or if not close to it and the easy method of being able to make planned and unplanned transfers from my mobile device is beyond pleasing and easy to do. I am glad i am using the service in terms of reliability, transparency, and the major major incentive ... it’s for FREE !!!! Overall a great experience and I am sharing with everyone I know. I would definitely recommend and continue to use this amazing free service. Where the transactions are real time and you have live support who are professional and courteous. Great app for sure
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11 months ago, Denise Rozell
Sending and responds back on app
Dear, who this may concern You open a account you put your ID your phone number all your address information and they go over your account they send you text messages you call them back and reread one response. I got a re-OK to resend it then I sent another smaller amount with the same card and then they tell me to call them again then they decide to close the account and then they ask you to call them. You can’t call them because they closed your account. There’s no way I’m making any contact with it. on this app so send wave. I’m very happy this app does not compare to Money Gram at all when it comes to getting a refund or anything they charge you pretty much more than half the amount to give you back. I haven’t even got that and I had someone add a card to my account and I’m pretty sure that’s what made them close the account but in the meantime, they block my number four I can’t make contact with them. This is where I read the app really bad. It does not compare to Money Gram. Money Gram services is a much better service and has been in business. Much better time. They take the phone calls from over the phone to send money. They take it through the app as well and you could do any corrections on the phone or the app on MoneyGram and you can use the landline not just a cell phone this app completely blocks you from making a call to resolve your problem. I will never recommend this app to nobody.
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6 years ago, Anna Hogan 1944
Love WAVE!
I don’t know where these negative reviews are coming from; I have had the opposite experience with Wave. I’ve used it for over a year almost daily sending money to both Kenya and Uganda from the USA. I’ve never had a problem and the Customer Service is Awesome. The company is limited in the countries they serve, but for me, it works! People complaining that we provide personal and financial information need to realize that this money transfer system is highly regulated. Like a bank they are accountable and with money laundering, fraud and terrorism in these African countries, we can’t be too careful and neither can they. I want a company that handles my money to be thorough and abiding by all international and federal guidelines. I feel like WAVE is my Partner in helping me do the things I want to do in the lives of my loved ones in East Africa. I’ve saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You can keep Western Union or Money Gram. Their fees are outrageous! Sometimes I wonder if some of the negative comments are being posted by competitors.
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7 months ago, Eknor221
On November 2nd, 2023 I sent money through Sendwave to my Nigerian bank account. Tget overpaid into my account, I called them same day and told them of the overpayment, and asked where I should send the extra payment to, the representative said he’d open a ticket and they’d go in the account to withdraw the overpaid amount that I didn’t need to do anything. Then on November 7th, I saw that my account had a negative balance. I called the bank and they said Sendwave had called them and put a block on my account for an amount more than the total they paid in! I then called Sendwave and asked why they’re withdrawing from my account more money than they paid in, and the bank will charge me a fee for the negative balance. The representative, Ram again said he’d open a ticket and someone from their back office would email me when the issue is resolved. They have no sense of urgency to try and resolve this issue which is entirely their fault, or care about the inconvenience they’re causing me. So right now they’ve taken out more money from my account than what they paid in, my balance is negative which means the bank will charge a fee, which Sendwave should be responsible for. I’m thinking this is a scam where they deliberately overpaid and then go in and take out more money than the total payment.
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5 years ago, Seuss.C
Wave doesn’t actually transfer to Ghana?
I transfer money to Kenya and Nigeria with little to no problems. There are a few delays with the transfers sometimes but the money definitely gets to my friends. Now my huge problem is that I have family and friends in Ghana that I can not send money to. When I plug in all their information and hit “next” to send the money, instead of it asking me to verify my password, I get an error message that reads something along the lines that Ghana isn’t officially a country that Wave transfers to and that it was some sort of BETA Testing version. Can you clear that up and help me understand because when I finally found Wave the main reason I downloaded it was because of an advertisement I saw about sending money to Ghana without fees. Please let me know if that isn’t a valid error message and how to resolve it or if it truly was apart of the BETA version of the app, then when will we eventually be able to transfer funds to ppl Ghana? Also I believe places like Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and Cameroon should be added 🤗 Hope we can see an expansion with the country selections very soon.
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5 months ago, wmevans
Very compassionate company
Sadly my fiancé died in her way to the Rio de Janeiro airport to come here to the USA . She died before getting to the airport in a taxi . She has 3 children I loved dearly . Now they are all alone . With the 18 year old daughter to care for the other younger ones . I was in a crisis and needed a company to be human instead of corporate . I told “SENDWAVE” my situation and had to get the money back to Rio to bury my beloved . They understood my predicament and helped me as a new customer get $1500 to her kids . I am all they have and it is no easy task to get the kids here . I am grateful to Sendwave for helping me . I will not use any other company and haven’t to care for my unadopted children . I use Sendwave many times in the short few months I have began caring for the kids . Not a single problem have I had using this company . I have used several companies in the past . Not anymore ! I found the one reliable company I will stay with and the rates are great ! Sincerely , Bill
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5 years ago, walter739
#1 Best Money Transfer App Of All
I’ve been with Wave for a long time and they are by far better than any app of it’s kind. I rely on Wave to help and and send money to love ones in Africa, particularly to Ghana. When it comes to sending money to Ghana, no one in my opinion is better or even comes close. I have tried others before but in the end they have shown they are not the best. Trust me, I know from experience, Wave is the best for sending money to countries especially in west Africa. No one is better. I never have any problems and if I need help with something they are always open and there 24 hours a day. There is always someone to speak to that can help. If it was possible, I would give Wave more than a 5-Star rating. I depend on Wave for my love ones in Ghana and would not be able to help them if not for Wave. Thank you Wave for being there for me so I can be there for my love ones in Ghana! I give you 2 thumbs up! 😊👍👍
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11 months ago, elNina728
They are using well known personalities in Philippine Showbiz to promote their platform in sending money but what they are saying not true. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! It is NOT EASY to send money to your love ones using this remittance company. You understand the Policy but if you inquire more about it cause it does not make any sense they will not get back to you anymore. They ask for govt issued id of the recipient and when you provide one they will tell you it is not a valid id thats it! (Senior ID in the philippines is one of the valid govt issued ID listed that you can use in lieu of PhilID especially for seniors). If you question them and inquire what can be used aside from Senior ID as i actualy provide them a copy of the list of valid id in the philippines expect no response anymore. Be more knowledgable Sendwave on each countries you are serving business with. You dont reply with your just Reply template. I just hope this well known personalities stop promoting this kind of remittance comp.. Just go with Western Union or Remitly it is a legit one.
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4 years ago, Lovetateach
Ok, I’ve had this app for almost two years. I’ve had no major issues with it so far - that is, until I traveled to Ghana and was using it here. After a few transactions, I was told to contact customer service. They apparently wanted to verify that it was me making the transactions. I sent an email which bounced back. Eventually I called - two separate times. The second time, I was on hold for about half an hour. I told them on both occasions that I would be in the country until February. I’m still getting those messages every three transactions or so asking me to call. It has been really frustrating! There has to be another way to verify that it’s me! Ugh! Sendwave, please fix this! I agree with another reviewer who said an option for labeling each transaction would be very helpful. Could you please add that feature? And add another way to verify that the account owner is using the app? I understand it’s for the sake of security, but goodness me, this is overkill.
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5 years ago, Gorrety Pam
Being there for my family couldn’t get any easier
I can’t think of any money transfer service as efficient and convenient as wave. Wave made my life so easy and my family can trust that I will be there for them whenever they need my financial assistance even if it’s 3am in the morning. And better still, they do not have to deal with the long cues, and cashiers having bad days. The customer service is exceptional, keeping me posted about the status of my transactions and following through till the funds are successfully transferred. IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!! My only recommendation is to extend the service to other countries especially African countries where people have a strong family ties and are often financially obligated to assist other family members or extended relatives. I have a couple of friends who would love to use wave but do not have the services in their respective countries.
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1 year ago, EvolveFiRE
Best Rates and money transfer speed!
I love the app for is ease of use, excellent exchange rates, and it has no fees. Sendwave makes money by offering a slightly lower rate of exchange than the current market rate, but compared to other services like WorldRemit and Remitly, after the fees, Sendwave beats them both. Also, your money gets there in less than a minute, 98% of the time! Sometimes there is a delay but Sendwave’s customer service team is fast and reliable. Some negative things: the 24/7 chat support is lacking and needs work. Sometimes no response for hours or none at all via the app. After sending to multiple contacts and saving them within the app, the app deletes them and you have to re-enter them again, address and everything. This seems to be an issue with the new updates. It didn’t happen before!
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4 years ago, MKinyua
Great App, Lacking simple key feature
When it comes to sending money abroad (I send from USA to Kenya) wave is as simple, convenient, and quick as it comes. It does its core function very well. However, when it comes to reports and record-keeping, I find it to be unacceptably below average. You will get a list of all transactions ever made... and that’s it. That’s where it stops. I would like to be able to tell how much I sent by month, by receipient, etc. In Kenya I used Safaricom’s M-Ledger app and the reports it could generate were incredibly detailed and varied. Even if Wave doesn’t incorporate all this, they should at least make it possible to export the transactions as a .csv file that I can the use in Excel. So until they fix that, I have to write down each transaction on a piece of paper, group by month/recipient, then add them up. I hope they see this and work on it, because it is holding back a fantastic app. It has really made a difference in our lives, but they have the potential to do more
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1 year ago, Sonny Cos
Error in Adding New Recipient
Getting “Unexpected Error” whenever adding a new recipient. I had this last month and tried their text customer service option but unfortunately it didn’t help so I used XOOM instead to send the money. I got the same problem now, but now I called the customer service, the gentleman who helped me is courteous but the solution was “we are having a system problem right now with phone users, but if you will be patient I can assure you that we are doing everything right now to fix the problem” I understand his situation but SendWave with all the hype from your ads, the service really is bad. Patience is hard to get by when sending needed help/cash to someone, besides competition is hard in cash apps these days. For now I am not recommending this app sorry.
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2 years ago, Josh_Tru
Careful, might not deliver your money
I made 3 separate transactions to the same recipient on separate weeks and the money never got delivered. I decided to follow it up by calling Sendwave to resolve this. Every time I called, they would tell me they will investigate the issue that I should send the bank statement of the recipient. Me wanting to get the issue resolved, ask the recipient for their bank statement, bundle it up with all the confirmation file for those transactions and sent it to Sendwave. It’s been up to 2 months as of this writing and Sendwave can’t give me an answer of what happened with the transactions none issue me a refund. Talking with their customer service was terrible. Every time I called to get a resolution, I would have to repeat everything all over. It’s like they never kept record of what’s going on or should I say they never investigated it. This was my fav app when it comes to sending money. I even recommended it to others, but not delivering 3 transactions is enough to stop using their service and recommend something else.
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9 months ago, John of Ipolo
SENDWAVE IS BEST SYSTEM I KNOW TO SEND MONEY BECAUSE IT TRUE TRUE SYSTEM! Many ways of sending money around the world exist. They different ways promise many things but come short of fulfilling the money sender and sometimes the receiver too. Sendwave is so totally different! The charge to send money to loved ones is so low and affordable. What more, and how I love this, is the fact that Sendwave gives the beneficiary the same amount you send them! So the honest or true system gives the true value to the beneficiaries. I thank God I found Sendwave! I will always use Sendwave to reach out to the needy out there, relatives, friends and others when by God’s grace I have something to share with them to the glory of God!
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8 months ago, hkubvg
App very suspicious
I sent money yesterday, and it didn’t go through because they needed to verify my identity. They asked for a driver's license or document. I sent my driver's license and waited a day because they said it would take a day. After a day, it didn't go through, so I contacted the app's help section, and it only told me to call a number and I called it. It took around 30 minutes of waiting, and then the person who answered it asked for the 6 first numbers and 4 last of my credit card, my address, my email, and which driveway was near my home. After all this, he said I would need to wait 24 to 48 hours for the money to transfer, so I asked it to be canceled, and he said it would take the same time to cancel, which is very strange. I told them if they didn't cancel, I would contact my bank, so they did cancel it, but I won't do business again with this company. Also, they don't even allow you to delete your data inside the app, they tell you to call a number. This app is such a pain
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4 months ago, Bad experienced…
Terrible experienced with Sendwave / Gcash
Beware!!! Do not store your debit card. They use celebrities for advertisement but they won’t help your concern . They pay a lot of money to actors but can’t even help the customers. I’ve been using remitly and WU for 8 years without issue . So I tried sendwave, sent money to my sister within 10 hours yeah I’ve been hacked and scam and stole my money. The worst thing ? I called customer service the agent repeatedly ask if I want a reversal, WTH, here I am having anxiety requesting to block the transaction but customer service just keep repeating the questions if I want a reversal!!! Of course it was sent to Gcash account that I don’t even know!!! They won’t help you . Every time I see this commercial Boy abunda etc I hate it.!!!They want to help actors and pay money. But not us the client . I called the bank and sendwave for help next thing I know there’s different caller from sendwave acting like they’ll help but they make me more confused and out. Glad Wells Fargo helped me but not the sendwave /gcash !!!😠😠😠
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12 months ago, mirkat
Sketchy, hard to cancel!!
I downloaded this app to send funds to a friend, because Worldremit randomly cancelled my account and it seemed well-reviewed. I created an account and tried to initiate a transfer, but then it demanded more identity verification - specifically, wanted me to upload my US driver’s license. I looked up the company named in the app as doing that security/identity work and they had very low trust ratings and rumors that they sell info to third parties. Absolutely not! I tried to cancel the transfer AND delete my account. I couldn’t do either. The transfer eventually timed out and was cancelled internally but when you click “Delete my account” in the app it says, “Due to regulatory reasons we cannot complete this request” and gives you a phone number you have to call. Naturally I’m now ten minutes into hold music, trying to get through and demand that they delete my account. DO NOT download this app and give it your info unless you truly have no choice. Does not pass the sniff test!!
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4 months ago, jonmonpas
Don’t trust this app
I sent money to my family thru this app via gcash and they took the money in my bank account but the transaction says PROCESSING, like wth!! It’s been 5 days already and my transaction is still on process. I called the customer service but all they could say was “sorry for that” blah blah… bottomline they won’t help you resolve the problem. They gave me an option to cancel my transaction but i have to wait for at least 24 hours to cancel and 7-10 days waiting before they give my money back, so there’s no sense cancelling the transaction if they can’t give my money back immediately right!!! This app is NOT good for EMERGENCY, . Don’t get fool with those well-known artist who endorse this app bcoz they don’t know the problem that the customers encountered! They only want their talent fee and so on…After this incidence, I decided to wait for my transaction to go thru before i delete this app. Better for me to go back to the old app that I used to send money either REMITLY, WESTERN UNION and WORLD REMIT.
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10 months ago, cookieboo 503
NO don’t I would not recommend this app
If I can I will give this app no star at all I feel like this app is scanning people s moneySo I had made an account to send money to a family and after I sent it said that it need to be review and they need to speak to me I called the number and they had told me my account has been deactivate and they took my money and won’t respond back to me ever since I will be follow up with my bank to stop this transaction and get my money back since send wave wants to take the money and customer service isn’t helping at all to resolve this problem I am disappointed in the app I wouldn’t recommend this app because they will let you make the account and after you send the money they deactivated it and your money is gone. Send wave you need to do a better job at customer service and responding to the emails . Don’t use this app I’m really frustrated at the moment because Sendwave won’t get back to me about my money
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2 months ago, Kenny Onwu
Worst Ever-Review
I’ve been using SENDWAVE for close to 3 years now following introduction by a friend and things were ok. Customer service then was awesoeme. For the past month I’ve made close to six transfers and they were or cancelled for what they termed “technical issues”. I called their then “awesome’ customer service like 7 times, spoke with different people and none could give me a clue to my transactions not being delivered. The last person I spoke with promised me it would be resolved, I should log off, delete the app, re- download app and re-log on but none of these helped. I feel frustrated that I felt lied to by 7 different customer service agents that had no clue to my problem. I rated them 5 initially but as a result of my recent situation I rate them 1. I got a new better transfer agent now and I’m moving forward. If you’re doing business with an establishment and you encounter a glitch with no one to assist it doesn’t worth keeping the company.
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9 months ago, abdithebeast
Account locked!!
Hi just be aware that, it doesn’t matter what happened if you disagree with Sendwave before you could be heard your account is locked and that means you can’t be able to call them! I made a transaction of 100$ and since they needed more information which I was not ready to provide, they claimed they reversed the transaction and until today I haven’t received my money back. Mind you I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years sending thousands of dollars through them. I have tried multiple times to send email to their dispute department with no reply! My question is why??? Why do you have to block someone who supported you through this years instead of trying to resolve the issue?? I wish I read reviews before , coz I now read several reviews like mine!! Be better Sendwave, don’t be scared to solve issues. I just wanted to know why I haven’t received my money back??? Is that too much to ask Sendwave???
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2 years ago, BibleLover2002
Worked great once
I have a friend in Ghana I’ve tried to send money to from the US twice. The first time worked great, and now a couple months later, I was going to send a little something again. Only this time it kept giving me an error that said their system had an error to please try again later. After days of this same report, I contacted customer support and the answer I received was a long detailed instructions of how I can be my own service technician to fix their processing issue. I had already rebooted my phone & had deleted & reinstalled the app before I ever contacted them because I’m aware of how phones work. However, to still be offered no solution other than doing this plus redoing my banking info which hasn’t changed, they had no solution. If the app worked and they would support it if it didn’t, I’d give them 5 stars. So far I see a lack of desire to have a quality app or customer service.
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8 months ago, midnightrealm
Have a transaction in limbo for 2 days. Says it was only going to take 1 day to verify my ID. So after 2 days I called. My wait time said 3 minutes. It’s been over 20. Useless customer service. Update: FINALLY got ahold of them after 4 different attempts and 5 days later. They wanted me to verify my name and it was weird they wanted me to verify my middle name. They ask a LOT of questions about your transactions and want to know every detail on why you are sending money. They asked why I added 3 CC to my account. I told them because each one was being declined. Then they wanted me to read off my CC information for “verification” I told them that didn’t make any sense. I typed it in and I shouldn’t have to tell you all my information over the phone. Then I was going to read just the one card that I had waiting on the pending transaction and they told me I had to read off all 3 cards to them. Also didn’t make sense. I told them I deleted the other cards off my account and I don’t understand why I need to read it to them. They only respond with “it’s our policy”. These people are scammers. I don’t think they can see all my CC info when I put it into the system. So when you are forced to call them then they want you to give all your info over the phone. So they can have it to use. DO NOT USE THIS APP! DELETE IT NOW!
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3 years ago, Sunshine21$56
Account issues
Earlier in March i did a transition but unfortunately it went to the wrong number. I got in touch with the MTN company in Liberia and they help me blocked the number from taking the money and told me that i should reach out to Sendwave and let them know. I did that by sending them an email with the information from the MTN company and sendwaves said they have to reach out to the company them selves. That it will take almost a month for them to get back to me. I said ok I waited 3 weeks no update came from them, I tried calling it got sent to a automatic system. I waited 1 month when I call to get information about it they said the money has already been taking out. That they can’t do anything about. I explain to them and still nothing. So i called my bank and filed a dispute Now send wave want me to pay them back instead….. Now Sendwave block me when i try to call the Sendwave support team the call won’t connect…
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5 months ago, Ed Sluznis
Feels like a scam for personal information
I had been using Remitly. No problems at all. Sendwave was recommended, it is better. so I tried it. I set it up sent five dollars to the Philippines to make sure she received it. Everything went OK so then I sent $200. My account was put on hold. I had to upload my identification and other information. My account remained on hold. I called Sendwave the gal proceeded to ask me a whole bunch of questions of who the recipient was, if I had ever met her, if I have ever been to the Philippines? upon asking these questions, they needed a picture of my passport and proof that I had been to the Philippines. when I did not upload my passport, they canceled the transaction. It makes me very nervous of how much information they are requesting. after my transaction was canceled. I went to Remitly and sent $200 and that was completed in about 15 seconds. I would highly recommend them over Sendwave.
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1 year ago, MarPH07
This money transfer service is like a SCAM! BE AWERE!! I’ve been seeing an add for this service by local Philippine Celebrities that’s way I thought of giving it a try. However, the transfer I made is still pending asking me to upload an my ID saying to go to the menu but it doesn’t give me an option anywhere to upload it. I contact all sort of Customer service via Chat, email and phone nothing resolved the matter. My chats and emails has been not answered I started contacting them on a Saturday and it has been Tuesday and still no response. I decided to contact them via phone which I talked to someone to ask them to cancel the transfer she said she’s going to escalate it and I will get an email within 24hrs that the transaction has been canceled it has been 24 hrs and no email, transfer is still pending. I need that money to be send to the Philippines ASAP but Sendwave decided to take the money and just hold it.
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3 years ago, SPharmT
It’s a No for me
I was needing to send money from the US to Nigeria to a friend of mine and he suggested send wave because his brother who is also my friend / old neighbor uses it to send money back home to him. He trusted it and I wanted to make sure I sent his money the most secure way possible. I set up my account and downloaded the app to send him the money. The transfer went through, but I simultaneously received a text saying there was an issue and I needed to call send wave so I did. Well they called me on the other line so I answered and spoke to a man who told me my account would be closed. I asked why? And was told they look at a lot of things. I explained how I knew my friend and his brother, gave names, verified my identity with address and card and still was unable to find out why my account couldn’t “clear”. Horrible system when you upload all of the proper information and verbally confirm and your account is still closed.
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2 years ago, goldie 6789
Do not download this app ever!
I was very happy when I can across this app to send money to my family in west africa. I understand that Sendwave needs to be on alert due to the possibility of scammers getting a hold of accounts, but this is making it VERY difficult for HONEST people to use the app. My account was suspended and they required me to provide proof and some personal information which I did. After answering their 1000 questions regarding my personal life they still denied me from sending money. This is extremely frustrating! I want to caution anyone who is thinking about downloading this app- they will collect all your personal information and STILL not allow you to use the app. And their customer service is useless- they tell you one thing and you get emailed something else. At this point I cannot even guarantee that all the personal information they collected from me is secure. DO NOT DOWNLOAD- they are SCAMMERS!
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8 months ago, jen😊😊😊😊
Fast and Reliable
Im using a different online app method for the last 6 years but recently every time i send money it takes a while before recive it to recipint and so many tech issue. Until I've heard about SENDWAVE abd give it a try, so as soon i sent it it says delivered right away, so this is may 5th time using it. and it so reliable. especially if its emergency. The only thing that I hope they can add one day is be able to use credit card in case no funds available for debit and can use alternative. Only that but other than that my biggest thing to the rapid transfer which is I was really Impressed. Thank you Sendwave!
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4 months ago, Cheche J
More than 48 hours delayed!
I have been using this app for more than a couple of times and it’s been so convenient to send money but the last transaction was very very disappointing! No due notice or email update that there has been a technical issue for Gcash while my family awaits for the money the same day they needed it. Had to call the next day 2x to follow up and Sunday only to find out there’s still no definite answer to WHEN is the money going to be successfully delivered? I have been more than patient but it’s just so frustrating to be offered an option to cancel the transaction and do another one after 48 hours of waiting, really?! How about you think of the wait time and trust we invested the past 48 hours! You have got to improve your customer service because it is really frustrating to talk to your reps! Very poor customer service with no help at all!
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7 months ago, Jimauson
Poor Customer Service
Sandwave is not reliable, sent money and it has been pending to be delivered for the last 24hrs. I called customer service number and someone from India answered the phone and there was a lot of noise from background as if she was on flea market. I could not hear and I kept asking her to go to a quet place but she declined and dropped the call. I called multiple times but there is no customer services, it took about 30minutes for each to answer the call, and they wont cancell the transaction and they will transfer the call from one person to another with no help and they will drop the call. Now my money is still pending and I cant do anything about it. I requrstes to speak with the Supervisor but they wont help and kept saying they are the middle men..It is a nightmare, In my opinion, there are better ways of sending money to loved one. You can use other app like western union
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5 years ago, Okoa kipimo
I send money to both mobile and bank accounts supported by this app. I use KCB, it deposit money instantly, mobile money transfer is also instant unless MPESA is down in Kenya. Perfect and yes if you don’t like it, stick with your Western Union and Money gram. At least any Kenyan would love this great app! And yes, of course money is a sensitive issue in any developed countries as a result of money laundering etc especially in developing countries and failure to meet the companies requirements to be able to send money means someone is hiding something meaning you shouldn’t even be trying to use the app. The company is 100% genuine for real people.
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1 year ago, 126749
Terrible app. Don’t trust at all
Wouldn’t trust this app. After first transaction the app refuses to open and continuously crashes. Sent an email in to their support and never received a reply. This was in the beginning of March of 2023 so it’s been just about 3 weeks with no reply. Now constantly checking my bank account to ensure nothing is debited. Going to call my and set up a flag to bar any future transaction with this company as well. Also just to note. There has been three updates since this issue and none addressed the app crashing. Edit about a week after writing this review. Receive d a typical cookie cutter response on original review. But today received a request by email for a survey to complete regarding the “support” I received for my ticket item. No one from Sendwave has contacted me or resolved my issue. If 0 stars were an option I would select it
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6 years ago, BartonL63
Stay Away!!!
I should have paid more attention to the negative reviews. I opened an account, gave them my social security number, driver’s license number, debit card information, and lastly a picture of my driver’s license. Tried to send a small transaction to Ghana (around $10). Someone who I have sent money to before through WesternUnion. Displayed message read that they needed to verify my information and it would take less than an hour, several hours later got phone call in the middle of the night while I was sound asleep followed by text message that they needed to speak to me by phone. Called them back, after a lengthy hold I followed directions where it said I could hang up and they would call me back. Another hour or two passes and I get a text message, not a phone call as mentioned, that they couldn’t open an account for me. No reason was given. Very suspicious company.
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5 months ago, primer34
According to their policy you can cancel a transaction that is made within 30 minutes. On December 25 I send $100 to my cousin not knowing she lost her. So I try to call sendwave they said my account is disabled but chat them up in the app. I chat them in the app. The representative told it will take 30 days no guarantee of refund. They will try their best before who ever have her phone doesn’t pick up the money. From them every 6 days I get a message, we are working hard on getting your money back. We will update you if anything changes. Suddenly no more messages were being send after about 20 days. Yesterday, I needed to send money out of emergency. I told myself to give a second tried. Send the money and it hasn’t been delivered and can’t call them or chat them up on the app. Not recommended to anyone
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2 years ago, tears of upset
Not happy
This was the first time using the app, I called this morning to ask some questions so it wouldn’t be any problems, after I put my information in and sent the money my fiancé who lives in Nigeria went to pick it up and was told that the confirmation number was wrong, I called customer service and found out that they stopped it from being sent because I hadn’t been to his country yet so I couldn’t send anything over there, I explained that I knew him for two years and that he went to Dubai where we vacationed there for two weeks, multiple times and we were getting married soon . I never had a chance to send the money, I do understand that their are scammers, but scammers are everywhere now especially here in the United States. I just was not satisfied with the service that I got today.
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1 month ago, bebe92006
This App has exceeded my expectations
I have been a long time user of this app. Started using it in 2019. Never got a chance to review it. I must say I have never had any issues with this app. In the past when they only used to do dollar transactions, I never had issues getting money to my siblings back in Nigeria. Now that they are doing direct transfers to the bank accounts where recipient gets naira, they are still doing a great job with delivery. I have made about 5 naira transactions and my recipients at home received the alerts almost immediately or within 10minutes. Transactions now are also free. Their rates may not be favorable to all but I use this for my emergency transfers where I don’t really need to consider the exchange rate at the time. So for the convenience and reliability, it’s top notch. I have used other apps where I had some issues but Sendwave remains superior. Please don’t walk run and download this app. I love it!!!
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3 years ago, dhramns
Needs upgrade
Wave have been doing well,but y’all needs an update on account recovery and information,was trying to login and the verification was to enter my CVV for the last card I had on the account,I haven’t used wave in a month and I lost the card and there’s no means of reaching wave to talk to anyone about it, how is there an app without customer communication option or help option right from the sign in page,y’all needs to upgrade and do better,now I can’t login to my account and I had to come put a review to get answers to an issue on the app🙄
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2 years ago, sw2177
I have been using Sendwave for months and have been pleased but recently i sent a transfer and it did not go thru. Even though it was pending in my bank account. After my family member went to pick up the transfer and was told it was not completed. I contacted sendwave support and they informed me that they will need pics of my Passport, this is in addition to all the other personal and bank information i provided when i opened the account. I do like having a no fee service, but the amount of personal information i am giving out, i am not comfortable with. We live in a world of Company Internet Hacking that goes on every day. So i may have to go somewhere else.
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1 year ago,
Good App Bad Customer Support
I tried but my ID verification is still pending for more than 4 days. I tried calling but their stupid answering machine says my account is canceled and hangs up. I sent an email but nothing was done. They still give the same phone no. I am not using their service anymore. Ever! ------ I got a response to call them on the same no. or else my transfer will be canceled (lol). Prior to this, I emailed 2X to cancel my account and transfer but they didn't answer my emails instead I got this. Ridiculous! Worst customer service ever! I tried supporting them since they were a startup but with this kind of unreliable service they looked like not legitimate. Sorry, you lost a new customer and will not get a recommendation. I got my money and back to using the old reliable Paypal.
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1 year ago, G.Mens
Account Blocked without any information
Sendwave has been really feasible for me to send money to my family. Surprisingly I as told my account as under review while trying to sent money. Days after I got this “ We are reaching out to regretfully inform you that our review of your account yielded an unsatisfactory result, leading to the immediate and permanent closure of your Sendwave account. If you have a pending transfer with Sendwave, the transfer will not be completed, and your money will be refunded to your bank account. Please note, refunds usually process within 3-5 business days but in rare cases may take longer.”. They refused to state why.. I don’t care they can block me for all I care but tell me why… isn’t Sendwave was meant to sent money??!!!! Or is there a limitation?!! You can’t just trust Sendwave!!
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2 years ago, WatchinHawk
This app is a total SCAM !!! Beware of this app ! Never ever give your informations like government issues ID’s , social security, drivers license… NEVER NEVER NVER !!! The only app that ask for these informations to send money overseas! RED FLAG! They will entice you with NO FEE transactions, reasonable conversation rate , after you have sent few transactions without any issues, they suddenly will CLOSED your account and asked to VERIFY it with them by sending them your INFORMATIONS… Once you succumb to their personal agenda, they will disappear on you, your money will not get through to where you sent it .. issues upon will happen ! They will continue to ask your personal informations until they get to your personal BANK ACCOUNT. So, to save you from heartaches and problems … NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR INFORMATIONS TO THIS APP !!!! Never !!!!
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3 years ago, Khayer mohammed
Bad experience
One of wars apps. I have very bad experience with this transaction is my first time I use this apps. I send him money over a week in Bangladesh still my family don’t receive money,! I called customer service they told me is already delivery but they don’t understand they don’t receive money just the show me One number but he’s not work. I’ll tell customer service please cancel this transaction they told me I have to bring my brothers bank statement and give it to them I don’t know why I have to give them a Bank statement if they don’t know how to solve the problem why doing the business this scamming the people. Supposed to be there have to contact with the bank why bank give to money I think they don’t know anything about that there’s Deculus. I recommend everyone don’t use the apps.
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1 year ago, CHOFL
Really gone downhill in Service!
I’ve been with Wave for over 8 years. We are a nonprofit In USA—and have school in Kenya where we help the poorest of poor children from Mathare slums. This has been great way to send money and we were even paying our 47 staff members via Wave. Also sending money for construction and other needs. Our limits per day and per month had been raised to fit our needs. We have furnished all necessary documents—even the Form990 that we file yearly with IRS. In past when there was issues such as lowering our limits—I could call and talk to someone in compliance. But now it’s email only and one has to talk to some young inexperienced person in call center. Recently my limits were changed in middle of payroll. I’ve called 4 times —and my account was finally restored but limits were like beginning individual. $999 per day instead of $2,999 per day—more importantly my monthly to $3,000 per month—from $30,000. What a joke! And they think this is okay. Wave maybe growing but for us that were there from beginning—this is sad! We will now go the banking way! For those using beware! Disappointed beyond belief.
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1 year ago, LDMercury
Unsatisfied after using sendwave for 2 months . And never again.
Sendwave not a good apps at all. Too much hassle if you made mistakes on transactions. There is no way u can cancel or edit it. You have to call costumer service first, which makes more hassle and more complicated. Their explanation are different from one each other statements. And they we’re blaming the bank why releasing the money. and they don't even help you to resolve the problem. they even refuse to communicate the bank, which means it cost too much more hassle. if the sender made mistakes, then the sender screwed, me and my bank tried to do a trio call, but when my bank tried to talked to them, they didn't even explain on their behalf. but if i talked to them , they talk to me a lot of bla2. you guys should do better than this. I hate loosing my money, you guys telling us that you want to protect our bank account. in fact you don't. so never again. until you fixed the problem of your apps. make the people easy to do the business. not by talking a bull explanations okay?! thank you for the unhappy 2 months i had with you sendwave 👎👎👎
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4 years ago, ikem chude
I m Over impressed
I m over impressed with this App. I m a New York based Movie practitioner and Send wave has been GOD sent. I had used various means of money transfer back home to support friends & family, and also for projects, but since I found Sendwave through Adeola’s keeping it real program. I have never used any other means. Sendwave is smooth, no delay, secured, no fees, the best rate & their customer support system is the best in any sense. I m Super cool with this app and I keep sharing with my friends & family who have nothing but good experiences from Sendwave. I love Sendwave. Please never drop the standard
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1 week ago, Kojo Doe
I sent money to Ghana using this app. Four days the app was still showing transfer PROCESSING, something that was supposed to be instant money transfer. I tried to talk to customer service, each time I’m routed to some reps in India who read the same script for me. I still cannot get my money as I write this review. I just called an attorney for possible legal action against them. Probably, they take other people’s money but I wont let them take my money no matter how small they think it is. Meanwhile their own policy says that once the money you transfer is not delivered into recipient’s mobile wallet, you can call them for refund. So we will see how this play out. My attorney wants me to wait for 10 days before they receive a letter from him.
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6 years ago, shanrob2
Horrible customer service
This app is trash. The people behind it need to care more about their customers they service in the United States. It makes no sense that I can’t even send a dollar without it being considered scam or raises question I was only simply trying to make sure the app was legit but I got banned from even sending through the app because I sent a dollar more than one time yea I’m upset because this was easy and my boyfriend in Ghana could use the money for anything now I am forced to use western union or money gram which I never liked using. I don’t recommend this app because the people behind it are not understanding and will put the account under review for stupid stuff. Looks like money gram or western union is the way to go at least they care more about their customers.
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3 years ago, Rgalva22
I signed up then sent money an then it didn’t go through because I needed to verify again my account When I already signed up with my information And then they told me that I have to have met the person to send money across seas Which is some of the dumbest crap I’ve ever heardBecause the whole point of the app is to be able to send money across seasI didn’t know they’re gonna start asking me what my relationship is and all other stuff to the person haha hilariousAnd now I got a wait 1 to 3 days for my money back on my card Bec they took my money off but it didn’t go through to who I was sending it too... just annoying is all it was glad they got my information now just to make me wait for my own money....
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