SeniorMatch® - Dating Over 50

4.5 (1.2K)
84.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
威 赵
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SeniorMatch® - Dating Over 50

4.5 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
4 years ago, jimmyce
So far very good
I’ve been on 2 other dating sites for 3 years. This one so far is exactly what I want. ( so far ). Those who have problems need to learn Ins and outs of these programs, no program will be 100 %. Others will change your preferences in order to make it look like more in your distance selection. Etc. while I have only been here for a week, I’ve already made contact with a few possibilities. I don’t expect Cinderella to pop up out of my screen. It takes searching, working and putting time into this.
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3 years ago, UpsetFed
Scammers fest
I’ve been on other dating apps and this is the worse. In only a week or less I have been approached by fake people asking for email and phone numbers. The numbers they gave me have been verified and they don’t exist. Beyond that, you specify within which distance (say within 20 miles) and I got nothing from even the state I live in but plenty of winks from other states in the US, Europe and elsewhere. One woman wrote me that she was ready to relocate anywhere! In a week I have seen no change whatsoever in the list of people found near me, you can’t remove those who are not of your interest, it’s unclear how to make them favorites… horrible app in terms of usability. Last and most important, I want to cancel my subscription within the week and I can’t possibly find a way to contact these people. I cannot believe Apple is allowing this app to be in their store, stay away from it!!!
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2 years ago, butterfly 444
Save your money, save yourself!
This site is crawling with scammers and creeps! Most of the men are scary to say the least. Extremely unattractive. The ones that look okay and have decent, articulate profile are scammers. I think they have writers for their profiles. Most likely a woman. They say so nicely everything a woman wants to hear. When you message them and they message back, they cannot spell, have no punctuation and ask for your email or phone number. Their objective is to get personal information and take you on a hurtful, dark ride. Be CAREFUL! Do not use this site. The possibility of being scammed is on every site, but this one is absolutely the worst. The matches are from everywhere EXCEPT your area. Read the red flags. Please save yourself from the creeps on this site.
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1 year ago, Figi days
Worst picture verification process ever
This was my worst experience using a dating app. I understand that most of the dating apps use a form of photo verification to make sure that there are real people on the site. However, this app requires that you take an impromptu picture and they use it as your main profile picture. They said this is only used while they verify the photo. Now I have a photo that I do not want as my main profile photo and I am not able to remove it. I am only able to remove the photos that I uploaded later. No other dating app I know of requires that your impromptu photo verification is used as your primary photo. I sent a message to the Support team and got zero help.
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4 years ago, Loyd Schuricht
Good experience
So far I have had a very good experience. The customer service responded quickly and had a good attitude. The app is super outstanding and easy to register. I can only recommend the app to all seniors, here you meet super nice friends.
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3 years ago, biscuitflyer
But some of us just want new friends
Not all Seniors I hope are looking for a date. Isn’t there anything available for people who just want to look for new friends ? Find others with similar interests that live nearby? I recently had to relocate for affordability reasons - I’m a good 4-5 hours from my long time home. I would love to find new potential friends in my new city. But all these apps regardless of claims are all aimed at dating. But some of us just want to find some new friends.
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6 months ago, Herb Homebody
Not worth my money
Too small of a community, the few matches I had the first day I upgraded were the same ones I ended with a later. I found it strange to receive all the same exact messages from each one of them. Still, all 3 messages I returned went unanswered, as if they were just working online and I was the target market. I now can’t even message anyone as the app crashes every time I try. Emailed customer service and they won’t refund. 1 star is one too many.
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4 years ago, MeetFew
The app itself crashes frequently when attempting to scroll through potential matches. While you think that when you pay for a subscription that you get their service but no, to see more people they want you to pay still more to ‘boost’ your exposure. Deceptive. There either aren’t a lot of people using the app or they hide a lot wanting more money via ‘boost’. I would try some other service before SMM.
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4 years ago, Strangeblossom
Horrible app!
Just signed up for this app! So disappointed, you can’t filter out the profiles with no picture when browsing! And when you try to scroll through the multitude of no picture profiles to get to the ones with pics, it constantly lags and freezes. No alternative website to view either! Don’t waste your money!!!! I’ve messaged them about a refund , will let you know how that goes!
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4 years ago, mauriceRichmond
This is the first site that i have seen with out fake profiles because you will not see fake picture. Everyone must take the picture straight before uploading.
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1 year ago, Annoyed and Irritable
Small population of people - not worth the cost
Overall, the site is okay (though a little difficult to find options) and it does a decent job of removing scammers. I’m only rating it one star because the population of subscribers in my area is small and I’m in the major metropolitan city of Boston. The cost per month isn’t justifiable due to the small amount of profiles to view. Wouldn’t recommend.
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5 years ago, davejff19
Interesting but keeps logging me out
It’s really interesting but it keeps logging me out for some reason I don’t know,please admin I will like to pay for upgrade if only you guys would make my account stay active
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5 years ago, Juaquina Egar
Very nice service
This is the app I downloaded through Facebook. I asked a lot of questions, and I got answers. This makes me feel good. I hope to finde more friends at here.
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4 years ago, scalaw
I don’t recommend it
It’s expensive to join—there’s not much you can do without paying the monthly fee. Then there were only three women in my area and age range. Even those had little information and one pic. Btw, my area is fairly large and my age range was 50-60 years. Their customer service was friendly, but inept. I’m going to delete the app and my account.
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4 years ago, POLayDkat50
Can’t sign up
I downloaded this app and tried to join via Facebook and it kept saying Facebook login cancelled. Then I tried with my Apple ID and it told me my email address is already in use 🤷🏽‍♀️ yet I haven’t been successful in joining so how can that be??? I want whatever information of mine it took while I was trying to join to be removed IMMEDIATELY!!! I don’t trust all these error messages I’m receiving.
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4 years ago, would like to delete
After more than 24 hours, my profile pictures still are not approved. The email inquiry I sent to admin has not been answered. I would simply delete my pictures and my profile but the app does not allow me to delete my pictures. I’ve ‘hidden’ my profile and am hoping my pictures won’t be used by the app.
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3 years ago, Aquabird
I’d love to be able to rate this app but my account was suspended before I even started. The reason? I don’t know? I’ve contacted support with no response. Please be aware when you sign up for this app you have to take your pic. No big deal right? Only this becomes your profile and you cannot change it until it is “approved”.
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4 years ago, Viance Everard
good way to find older women
I have tried other senior dating apps and why I choose this senior meetme app? It is because its unique features and it owns lots of older singles who are decent.
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4 years ago, Dasir Bukac
Hope find a nice older girl
If you are a older single. You should definitely use this senior dating app. This senior tinder meetme app is much better than other free dating apps.
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4 years ago, zen_gypsy
It’s a scam
I just signed up for the three month trial so I could get access to “all” their seniors. 90% of them have no photos or information. I have people “winking” at me from across the country. What’s the point? I’m looking for singles close by. Look at the names on all the the positive reviews. SO FAKE! They went out of their way to make these people unbelievable. I want my money back!
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4 years ago, Nona Hansie
I like this yubo dating app
It is not like other dating apps and meetme apps. This senior meetme app is only for 50+ singles. It is private and no other people would know it unless she/he is also handsome.
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5 years ago, Hulin Slowley
You can find friends quickly and create mature dating profiles to find like minded people to chat with. I like it!
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4 years ago, BAMAGIRL243
Senior Meet Me
I gave this site two stars because most of the time it will not show the photo or their profile of the person that has messaged you. I think there is a bug that can be fixed and then I probably would change my rating.
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5 years ago, Myeshia Olive
Easy & simple
Senior Meet Me is easy to use and friendly to senior singles. Finally we have hookup apps for people at ourtime
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6 months ago, Expect perfection
Wasted money and time
Mostly fake accounts, with no profile photo liked you or wink at you, when you try to reply it said “the user is unavailable now”, happened more frequently just before your premium subscription is about to expire, coincident ? Unlikely!
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3 years ago, Davidkingsss
I got suspended after they took my $70
Please i’m 40, and need a real relationship, and i came on here paid 3 months plan, you charged my $70 and i texted about 15 women, got no response, all for me to check back my account was suspended 😢😢😢 please i need a refund, or my account unlocked back
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5 years ago, Vitamin Cie
Every single profile was ONE ethnicity and NOT mine nor the ones I filtered for!
I rebooted my phone after the first few hours, and since that every single profile that came up for my “matches” were one ethicity. Every. Single. One. I also lost the ability to filter for my desired ethnicities. I specifically joined so I could browse over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I got the voicemail and couldn’t even leave a message because the box was full. Wrote 4 emails. Nothing. So in other words, no live support on weekends!! Absolutely unacceptable. ** I WANT A REFUND **
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4 years ago, CapricornAstronomer
Another app like all the rest
Communication features behind pay wall, not many members, browser lags. Clearly another wannabe dating app that has no positive upside at all. If you are contemplating downloading it and using it as free, don’t waste your time. Have to pay and from what I saw, it’s not worth paying.
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3 years ago, Just2Dazzling
Doesn’t work on iPad
This app doesn’t work on an iPad and is therefore useless to me. I don’t like typing out information on a tiny iPhone keyboard. Also, you are forced to take an unflattering selfie of yourself for your bio pic, can’t upload a nicer or more flattering picture.
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5 years ago, Germon Donnellan
Daniel from CA
I like a sense of humor, caring,compassionate, and laid back someone who likes to talk and go out to dinner and just spend time together
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5 years ago, Chauncy Ickovitz
Efficient app
I reported the scammer and got quick responce from the support team.
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3 months ago, jjjaaaccccc
Impossible to cancel!
Don’t sign up for this app. It’s impossible to cancel. Plus, I live in Indianapolis and I always have tons of interested matches states away. Over and over. Never anyone in my state. Most of the profiles are fake.
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4 years ago, chrisherb
Account suspended
I’ve registered on this site and I also paid $34 for my monthly subscription unfortunately I was logged out, why on earth would this happen to me Honestly I need a refund of my payment that if I can’t get my account fixed
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5 years ago, Chucklehead 64
I finally gave up after getting 7 names rejected — not even able to get started. Then went back, reloaded app, finally succeeded with user name (5 more names). Not only that, but the profile entry process is absolutely HORRENDOUS. I am glad I at least didn’t give you pinheads any of my money!!!
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3 years ago, cokipoint
This is Ridiculous. It says this and that are free but it is not. I tried to cancel and it didn’t let me cancel. Would not send me an confirm email. I would not refer this website to a single soul. Horrible website!
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3 years ago, Vahidovsky
Mostly all of the pictures are fake people the settings don’t work right like when you set the age from to any age it dose not show the right ages. I was on it for not even 15 hours and had to delete the app. Not worth paying dime to this scammers.
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2 years ago, Byte314
Not worth it - need more for my area
The price they want for this app is way too much. The few people in my area doesn’t justify the cost to use this app. Don’t waste your time with the app if you’re in Portland, OR
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5 years ago, KatatonickKat
> This site is a joke. I can send a message but they can't read it unless I upgraded? I bet they have to upgrade, too. Right? Every message sent to me is from a 'disabled' profile. I can't interact at all here? What is the purpose of this site then?
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5 years ago, luckyvic
Not worth the money
No matter how I fix the settings I get responses from people that don’t live in my state. Wish I did not sign up. Compared to other apps it is a waste of time and money for me. Contacted customer services to get assistance and they did nothing. ☹️
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4 years ago, GeorgeBFL
Suspended immediately with no notice
I tried signing up and my account was immediately suspended with no way to contact them. As someone who has used many dating apps, this looked interesting, but not to be treated this way.
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4 years ago, michael0073
I don’t get responded but it’s a nice place to get a life partner
Thank you for this site
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4 years ago, Corine Piwall
love this ourtime dating app
Excellent ourtime dating app for people looking for senior dating. I have met a older woman who reallycares me on this tinder for seniors.
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4 years ago, greg650
It so exiting here on this app but I can’t message
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4 years ago, Pushba
All fake profiles
This mobile app tries to spy on you by using your microphone when they are trying to take a picture of you. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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5 years ago, mirrraa
Scam Scam scam
Yea I logged in when I downloaded n was pending me to use the app later which I used the premium charge for a month 34$ after which i wanted to log in again said I was suspended with no reason so ridiculous
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4 years ago, cheusi
Useless app.
All the reviews you read are fake. Totally useless app that won’t allow you to change anything unless you upgrade to premium membership. Totally fake.
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4 years ago, jbehren
Fake users, fake reviews
Notice how all the reviewers have seemingly made-up names and use poorly translated text? Looks like a fake app, with all the “reviews” done by a click farm outside the US. Don’t waste your time or money.
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4 years ago, ttiger2004
Terrible App
Major bugs...tried to scroll...freezes up. Describe yourself, headline and looking for in a man in 10 letters. Really? Won’t use again.
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3 years ago, LauraByTheSea
Although the ap works well , the quality of people on this site is seriously low. Ugh
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1 year ago, remark68
Getting feedback from all over the country but nothing in Florida. Feel scammed.
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